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Sent me someone else's mail
Posted by Camm444 on 05/01/2013
I have done a change of address over 3 weeks ago and have spoken with people 6 different times. And what do I get, someone else's mail with my forwarding address attached to it. Its like they don't care, they're just being lazy.

They need to be fired if that's how they treat people.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-05-01:
The USPS needs someone with a resume like Lee Iacocca's. 120 days later the USPS would be headed in the right direction.

“When the product is right, you don't have to be a great marketer.”
― Lee Iacocca
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-05-01:
Well said Old Timer, well said.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2013-05-01:
What the USPS needs is a break, they, like many government employees, go to work every morning wondering if they have a job or if they might be furloughed. They have too much stress put on them to expect them to perform at peak performance. If you get someone else's mail, just put it back in the box and raise the flag.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-05-01:
I get other people's mail in my mailbox a few times a year. Sometimes it's even addressed to my house. In that case, I write it "return to sender." If it was the wrong address, I do what MDS suggests and my mail lady just picks it up the next day. Slightly inconvenient, but not worth raising my blood pressure over.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-05-02:
Several times a week I get my neighbors mail or mail with my house number but a different address. This happens with great frequency which is disturbing. Are my neighbors also getting my mail? What about CC bills, utility bills, 401K statements, IRA's etc. Who's reading this? Sure mistakes happen but the Post Office needs to get their act together.
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Package travels 1,150 miles in wrong direction!
Posted by Flysforfun on 04/30/2013
I mailed a package from Lindsborg, Kansas to California on April 22nd 2013 to the correct address. The package went East 385 miles {not West} to DES MOINES, IA 50395 Depart USPS Sort Facility where it sat for 3 or 4 days. Then it was sent 190 miles to Kansas City. Once at Kansas City it was sent 190 miles back to DES MOINES, IA 50395 ! After traveling 1,150 east of Lindsborg, Kansas it was sent to California. Today is April 30th and the package has still not been delivered! This is not the first time I have experienced this kind of problem with the USPS. I am just 1 person, just think of the other 300,000,000 + people in the US alone who have most likely experienced just 1 experience like this? And Congress shrugs of the USPS loss of $25,000,000 per day. YES, the USPS is losing 25 MILLION dollars each and every day!

Here is the tracking # 9449009699939823591381

Have a look at 6the path of this item!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-04-30:
What kind of delivery is it (Express, Priority, etc)?

Agreed that the indicated path of travel is suspect.
Posted by Judy Duvall on 2013-08-01:
I sent a box from Smithfield, Ky. to my daughter in Ft. Collins, CO. on July 18th, 2013. It arrived at DesMoines, Iowa sort facility on July 20th....Not to be seen since, no tracking updates, no response from the complaint center, It has been 15 days and no one is doing anything to find my package which I paid almost $25 to send!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!
Posted by Sean on 2013-10-25:
what is it with Des Moines? I sent a package to Cali, it made it there and two days later was in Iowa and has now been "processed" 5 times and nobody can tell me why or where it is. Typical government run operation! everyone has their head up their but and knows nothing!
Posted by michelle on 2013-12-29:
I sent a package from ohio to new mexico it was to be delivered dec 24th. last updated departing des moine iowa on dec 21st. no more updates and not delivered 8 days later...
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Click-N-Ship: Painful!
Posted by Spazzkat on 03/11/2013
ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- The USPS "Click-N-Ship" service is promoted as being easy and simple to use. It IS easy until you try printing out a label. This online service is an unfriendly user. After all the time I've spent online just trying to print a shipping label, I could have made a trip to the post office. They take all your shipping info (AND your money), and then, good luck trying to print out the label. I tried for two hours to get my label to print. I even switched browsers, and went in from different directions. Nothing helped! But wouldn't you know, they got my money right away, and I got NO shipping label. Something else with Click-N-Ship happened a few months ago. I was just trying to get an estimate, and they charged me before I was given a chance to agree to anything. There was no "YES", no "Complete transaction", nothing to click on. It just went through and charged directly to my account. I had to wait weeks for a refund. The USPS website appears to be user-friendly, but is, in fact, just an unfriendly user. Difficult to navigate and it loops you into areas you don't want to be in. I now use FedEx and UPS as much as possible.

No wonder they're losing money! I feel sorry for the carriers, as they are overworked (I have a carrier friend), but much could be accomplished if they would only get their website straight. CALLING ALL GEEKS! Their site needs a SERIOUS makeover!

And here's one for a laugh: Three different times I have gone to the USPS website and tried to have my mail held while I was on vacation. The first time, even though there was a "resume" date, I had to contact the local post office and remind them to deliver my old mail; the second time, they completely lost ALL of my mail (they claimed I had not received any mail at all during that period); the third time, they ignored the online request and squashed 2-1/2 weeks of mail into my tiny mailbox. When I called to ask about it, I was told I needed to go to the local post office to make sure they got the message!!! OK, so what is the point of online services if you have to go to the post office anyway??? I am SOOOOO disgusted with these guys.
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Posted by Victoria on 2014-02-03:
I tried several times to print shipping label without any success. This new "easier" way is so out of it! Nothing works!!! Their chat offers help but chat is not available, at least not to me. My address book is gone, all names deleted by USPS, shipping history (where I can track my shipments) also gone. They don't seem to have anybody working on this new system that has an IQ higher than 55.
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Wrongfully seized express package
Posted by Larry459714 on 11/29/2012
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I recently moved to San Diego around a month ago and it has been hard to find work. Talking with friends from where I moved from they all decided to chip in and send me some cash. Along with the cash a good friend of mine included a motherboard and processor for my broke down computer. He sent both together in an express box thinking that would be the fastest and cheapest way to get me what I needed and in time.
Leave it to the post office to seize the package claiming the money was intended to purchase medical marijuana. WHAT??
How they made this decision I am not certain. I have never even mailed an envelope from San Diego since I have been here. All the information on the box was accurate for both the sender and myself so no flags there. Still they seized the package and it has been two days now and no communication since. Both myself and my friend who mailed the package have tried to get a hold of the inspector. Left multiple voicemail messages; none of them returned.
I have already filed a complaint with the inspector general and am looking on the internet for anywhere else I can express my disgust. So apparently it seems to be legal for an employee of the postal service to just assume something and that is all that is required to seize your personal belongings.
It is not illegal to send any amount of cash through the post office as long as its intent is legal. Also the burden is on the post office to prove otherwise which so far they have not. In the mean time I am out the money and belongings sent in the package and every friend who contributed is also out their money and that is what angers me the most. My friends cared enough to get together and send me some cash to help me out and this is what they get for being kind.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-11-29:
Let us know how this turns out.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-11-29:
It's not illegal, but it isn't a great idea either. They should have sent you a check and then insured everything.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-11-29:
My mom taught me not to send cash in the mail over 40 years ago, and she was right. Moms are always right. Mom was right due to the risk.

However, the question of legality is different. It *is* illegal to send cash *if* the cash is to be used for purposes such as buying illegal drugs, laundering, etc. So, my guess is you need to wait for an investigation to be complete.

It would be interesting to know the law regarding probable cause or whatever allows them to seize such packages. Good luck.
Posted by Vinnie11 on 2012-11-30:
So curious to know how this turns out. Did he stuff the Express envelope at the Post Office or did he already have an envelope at home?
Posted by MissLeopard83 on 2012-11-30:
Always send money by PayPal or money order so it is insured. Cash can easily be stolen, which I'm betting is the case here. Someone in the post office is being greedy.
Posted by copper_works_ on 2012-11-30:
If it was express, it was probably going on a plane and x-rayed. The electronic items probably raised a red flag, the page was opened and the cash was held, yep, I can see something like that happening.
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Mail Is Not Being Deliver to the Correct Address
Posted by Porchiachaldien on 08/10/2012
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- We have been receiving other streets' mail, we have not been getting packages delivered to our apartments and we have to call the postal service and complain.

The companies think that we are lying and doesn't care because of the area we live in. So, all the neighbors have complained and nothing is being done about it. Check your log.

What I am going to do with all respect is to call the news' channel and let them bring you proof that your mail carrier is not giving us our mail. If I involve the news in it, then you will look into it.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-08-11:
Some listings that may help you: KABC-TV, (818) 863-7777; CBS, (818) 655-2000; KTLA, (323) 460-5500; NBC, http://www.nbclosangeles.com
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-08-11:
Sounds like you may be living on a 'training' route. When we had a lot of mis-delivered mail, I reported it to the post office and that's what they told me, we lived on a training route.
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Inconsistent mail delivery
Posted by RAAKU on 07/12/2012
BERTRAM TX -- First, I'd like to say that I have already talked with the gal behind the counter at the Bertram, TX post office. Subject discussed with the lack of
receiving some mail. Of course, the response was if I get one company's mail then there's nothing wrong with their delivery service. It's the companies. Really.
Verizon mail is inconsistent in delivery.
Allstate mail in inconsistent but one important piece of mail which lead to a collection issue was not delivered. As a matter of fact 2-3 pieces of this type of mail never got to me.
Settlement Notice was sent in January and not received which was a shock. They sent three notices and I finally got the one sent 7-3-12.
Doctor has been sending bills since last Oct '11 and I've not received one statement. Went to collections.

So, if I have this correctly, at least four companies are wrong. Not the post office. The companies whom I've verified have my correct mailing address.

What's scary is that I don't know why other important mail is not getting to me.

I know the counter gals at the post office have no authority to do anything. They didn't offer one solution. They probably don't know how to check into undeliverable mail. Oh, and while I was there I found out they've been holding a package for me. Not notice in my mail box.

This is not customer service. There is no responsibility on their part. They cannot be fired to the best of my knowledge. I take the brunt of their lack of competence.
Kath Long
ps: They don't deserve 1 star rating.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-12:
The comment that the "type" of mail shouldn't matter rings true, because that makes sense. Is there a chance someone has stolen select pieces of your mail?

I've never had any issue with the Post Office losing or not delivering mail. I can't imagine what solution the PO could come up with, if only you and none of your neighbors has this same problem.
Posted by Get a Post Office box that might help! on 2012-07-12:
Remember how Newman wouldn't deliever important pieces of mail out of spite?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-07-12:
When you control the mail, you control information!
Posted by frak on 2012-07-12:
Skip talking to the people at the counter and conact the USPS in a more formal manner:


Other sources to contact:

USPS Consumer Advocate
475 L'Enfant Plaza SW
Washington DC 20260-2200

Patrick R. Donahoe
Postmaster General
475 L'Enfant Plaza SW
Washington DC 20260-0010

You have to send actual mail to these two addresses.

As far as your doctor goes, since you never received a single invoice, maybe they had the wrong address. You should talk with them about that AND ask them to withdraw the collections action (which would mean you need to pay them in full).
Posted by ok4now on 2012-07-13:
Snail mail is getting worse and the Post Office doesn't seem to care. I don't get my mail until after 4:00 pm, now I know why. Everyday I take my dog for a walk in the afternoon and have observed the mail carriers truck parked in a secluded spot. He is taking a nap!! Also I frequently get my neighbors mail addressed for delivery several blocks away. Apparently the mail carrier only looks at the house numbers but not the street address.

For this reason I pay all of my bills electronically over the computer. Like clockwork they are posted in 48 hours. No snail mail delays or wrong addresses.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-07-13:
The internet indicates Betram, Texas is a town of about 1,300 people. The Op does not say whether the mail does not get to his house, or if it is a post office box. Some suggestions:

a) Lots of times in rural areas, mail boxes at houses and locations are more difficult to find. Get a p.o. box if you do not have one.

b) Perhaps giving the full 9 digit zip code to the people that you deal with would help.

c) Consider having the mail sent to where you work if that is feasible.
Posted by blackcloud925 on 2012-07-13:
Guess Ive been lucky in west knoxville, tennessee.In all these years I only had one water bill that did not arrive and never has. My mailboxes are clearly marked and so are my properties with the green reflective address signs that you get at wallmart for around. 18 dollars. whirlpool washing machines? not so lucky. wtw4950wx1 top loader, ITS JUNK!!!!!!!!!
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Poor And Unacceptable Service
Posted by Simo on 05/05/2012
GAP,PA. -- Once again after nearly 10 years of regrettably moving to Lancaster, PA. My V.F.W. Newsletter came torn and enclosed in a postal envelope expressing their apologies and forgiveness. Something that's been going on most of the last 10 years with the exception of 5 or 6 times. The post master always has an excuse ! I am tired of excuses and just want my mail *** undamaged.*** Being this is a government agency, I guess I can't expect any better ! Question : why do stupid, incompetent postal workers make more than members of our military ? Thank God our military sets higher standards than the postal service. Wish the U.S.P.S. Would just go away !
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-05-05:
Why do you compare our Military with the US Postal Service?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-05:
Why the criticism of the intelligence and incompetence of the workers?

What if the cause of this is a sorting machine that is out of sorts?
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-05:
Let me get this straight; you want thousands of people to lose their jobs and benefits because your mail has been delivered torn and ripped?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-05:
That is an interesting comparison. I can see soldiers in hardened US Mail trucks, and mail-persons wielding M-16s.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-05-05:
Postal Employee: "May I help you?"
Simo: "Yeah, I'd like to cancel my mail."
Postal Employee: "Certainly. How long would you like us to hold it?"
Simo: "Oh, no, no. I don't think you get me. I want out, permanently."
Postal Employee: "What about your bills?"
Simo: "The bank can pay 'em."
Postal Employee: "The bank. What about your cards and letters?"
Simo: "E-mail, telephones, fax machines. Fedex, telex, telegrams, holograms."
Postal Employee: "All right, it's true! Of course nobody needs mail. What do you think, you're so clever for figuring that out? But you don't know the half of what goes on here. So just walk away, Simo. I beg of you."
Supervisor: "Is everything all right here, Postal Employee?"
Postal Employee: "Yes, sir, I believe everything is all squared away. Isn't it, Mr. Simo?"
Simo: "Oh, yeah. As long as I stop getting mail!"

Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-05:
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-05-05:
Yes, Simo is the person who wrote this complaint.
Posted by copper_works_ on 2012-05-05:
If it is happening all the time, maybe the VFW needs to use better quality paper to print the newsletter on.
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-05-05:
Question here Simo. If the newsletter has always been delivered damaged the past 10 years, with only 5-6 exceptions, is there a possibility it's the newsletter itself that is causing the problem? Too thin or that sort of thing. Is all of your mail delivered damaged or just the newsletter?
Posted by pepperelf @ hotmail.com z0rz on 2012-05-06:
I'd suggest talking to your postmaster.

Personally I never actually read my VFW newsletters but you have every right to read yours if you want.

Although nohandle does have a good point - they are usually thin, just a page or two folded into 3rds.

You might also want to consider asking your VFW rep for replacements or about obtaining pfd versions.
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USPS Employees unaware of IMM or USPS.com allows
Posted by Jcgg on 03/12/2012
CALIFORNIA -- Postal employees will not accept boxes that are eligible for international flat rate delivery. Such as large video box code: 01096L.

BUT wait!!!! I showed them the IMM (International Mail Manual) exhibit: 232.2b very clearly states that is eligible AND USPS.com click & ship lists such box as FLAT RATE international and allows you to print the shipping label. STILL with all this evidence I talked to at least 7 postal employees and 2 supervisors and to the Santa Ana, CA service center and they had NO CLUE of what I was talking about!!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-03-12:
What specifically did they say when you pointed them to 232.2b? That it did not apply? While they may not have known what you were talking about, they have the responsibility to address whether or not their own regulation applies.
Posted by Albert on 2013-06-09:
This is old but I had the same situation today in NH, they had no idea what this "large video box" is and refused to mail it at flat rate price. Next day I came with printed pages from USPS website, showing all the info what this box is, I took another box to show them etc. no the supervisor at the end concluded "there is no flat rate text on the box, therefore it's not flat rate, usps probably sent you (me) the wrong box or something, no refund" (I asked for the difference between what they charged me and the flat rate). Which was stupid since all boxes/envelops express/priority etc. from USPS have some kind of flat rate shipping charge! I had all the proof, printed their regulations saying I was right, they got their arguments out of thin air! And refused! They made me look like an idiot trying to scam them or something... and in the end they scammed me, no to mentioned, I had to wait 3 weeks for the "large video box" to arrive, not 7-10 days, I waited just because of the cheaper flat rate but instead got still the high price, with delay, great.
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USPS - Its Own Victim
Posted by N01cat24 on 12/22/2011
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I have the misfortune to live in Henrico County, VA just outside Richmond, Va. Of course, in their wisdom, the USPS assigned my community a Richmond Zip Code forcing us to deal with the East End Richmond Post Office, better known because of its plastic shields at the counter and locked areas, the "War Zone".

For 12 years I have suffered and complained to the Post Master General and the local post office by telephone (try to use their online complaint e-mail forms and you will probably find as I do that they do not work - broken links, locked fields, etc.) about: (1) misdelivered mail, i.e. all mail in my cul de sac delivered to my mailbox, my correctly addressed mail delivered to a person in Richmond with a totally different name and zip code, etc. (2)delivery of my mail consistently after 6:30PM (3)packages not delivered requiring me to pay a cab (I do not drive and there is no bus service) to go to the "War Zone".

The excuses they give me are numerous - can't hire enough people because they, "can't find enough employees to pass the legal requirements and drug testing" (actual quote), they are afraid someone will steal the package if they leave it (UPS and FedEx have no such problem and I have never missed receiving a package), my neighborhood is the last on the route, etc.

I have a family in France and right now I am waiting to call a cab to pick up the package they sent. As usual, it was delivered after 6:30PM and although I was home either the carrier did not use the doorbell or simply knocked once and left.

So, I am going to tell my family in Europe to not attempt to send packages and to rely on IM and e-mail for our correspondence.

I will choose the more expensive method of sending my packages by FedEX or UPS. I have already switched to almost exclusively electronic cards and correspondence.

It appears to me that if the Post Office wants to become financially viable they might consider providing decent service.
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Posted by J. Plantaganet Corby on 2011-12-22:
Do you live in a house with a fence? If the gate is closed USPS will not open the gate like all the rest of the carriers do. I have the same problem I have to leave the gate propped open to get delivery from USPS. If I don't get to the gate in time I also have to go pickup my packages. I have no idea why they can't open gates.
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So Sick of the Post Office!
Posted by GreenstarYT on 12/05/2011
Normally I sympathize with those of us with bad jobs. I myself had one until recently, and I'm sure you were all aware of that. I would assume working at the post office is one of those bottom of the barrel, worlds suckiest jobs. However, of all the places I shop/frequent, I have never had more issues with the workers then at the post office. Here is just one example...

I ship a LOT of items. Big items, small items, domestic and international items. It's all for Ebay. I print my own postage at home to save time so all I have to do at the post office is wait in line, and then get my items scanned in. My closest POs do not have a drop bin, you HAVE to wait in line to give them to someone. Until maybe a year ago you just handed them off and hoped they got to their destination. At some point something changed and they added a scan in and printed receipt feature so when you drop off your items the worker scans in each piece and gives you a printed receipt. I LOVE this. I can insure that each of my items gets an arrival scan, and makes me feel good showing my buyers on eBay that their item left my hands and on what day.

The PO right by my office has the worst workers. One actually answers her cell phone to take personal calls while helping customers. WTF is that about?! This has happened on more then one occasion, since I'm there every day, I notice these things. It's not just emergencies, it's not just occasionally, it's practically every day. Most of them do what they should and scan my items and hand me a receipt without question. One will ask whether or not I would like the receipt, but still scans the items. The one today, who I have never seen before, was not like the others.

I had more boxes then the window could hold, and as soon as I filled the window he began moving them out of the way. He saw I was still standing there and asked "Yes?". Baffled, I said I had more boxes to pile up, and began to do so. He again cleared them off to the side...and again seeing me still stand there he said "ANY MORE?!" With an audible anger. "No?" I said. He gave me a bug eyed look and raised his hands up in that "then what" pose, to ask why I was still standing there. "I'd like my receipt?". His eyes sank and he began to grumpily scan all my items in and print my receipt. He then held it slightly out of my reach while reading it over. I held my hand up to receive it and he says "It's worthless, you can have it but IT'S WORTHLESS". WTF?! I scowled, grabbed my receipt and said THANKS and walked out.

Um #1 it's NOT worthless. #2 Why question WHY a customer wants their receipt? It signifies he scanned in all my items. #3, How come at every other post office I go to they just scan my items and give me a receipt without asking? That is apparently the standard, one that HE decided he doesn't want to follow. #4 THERE WAS ONE GUY BEHIND ME IN LINE and he actually let me ahead of him for god knows what reason. Human kindness?

Point being, I'm sick of going to the PO. These kind of things happen fairly regularly, and at several different locations. I could make them print postage and delivery confirmation for each and every piece but I try and make their lives easier by printing myself and THIS is the thanks I get? Geeze!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-05:
The employee's behavior was uncalled for. He has no right telling you the receipt is worthless. Obviously it's of worth to you, or you wouldn't have asked for it.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-05:
My local post office has an employee just like that. I can't stand him. So I send my husband when I need something. ;)
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-05:
Seems to me this letter should be against the particular one you had trouble with, since you said that at other PO's you have no issue and they give you a receipt without asking.

My local PO is very small and I like it. Unfortunately I can't get receipts as you describe at all :(
Posted by GreenstarYT on 2011-12-05:
Ven, I'm the one who does the PO trip for my husband AND myself, since we both sell on ebay. The PO is right across the parking garage from my office so I just stop at my car and pick my boxes up and walk on over. I like the receipt because they have to stand there and scan in each package, as opposed to just throwing them aside and I get to HOPE they get scanned in.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-05:
I used to do all the banking/post office errands because they were right near my office, so I don't feel guilty sending my husband now. It's his turn!

Since you go so frequently, I can understand why you need good, fast service and a receipt. Most postal workers are friendly, but there will always be one person with an attitude. I tried avoiding that person at my post office but decided it was easier to just send my husband instead.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-12-06:
there is always ups or fedex.
Posted by Slimjim on 2011-12-06:
Mad has a point. UPS and FedEx are very competitive and used by many Ebay sellers. If you haven't looked into them, it's worth a shot.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-06:
Last time I checked, UPS/FedEx are more expensive for smaller boxes and not as easy to access. UPS shines for midsize to larger parcels, which become prohibitively expensive at USPS. At my local PO, there are several people like the OP that bring in handfuls of boxes to ship. Most of my Ebay purchases come via Priority Mail, and that is what I most use to send.
Posted by Churro on 2011-12-06:
I read where the U.S. postal service plans to prevent bankruptcy by slowing down the mail. As they say at the postal service they lose money on every parcel but they make it in volume. So perhaps this guy is a trend setter because ya know poorer service equals less business which equals less parcel shipments which equals fewer losses. In fact the only way the postal service can be saved it to have no customers whatsoever and there ya go... Your gubment in action.
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