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Not Ready For Prime Time
By -

SOUTHINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- I live in Central Connecticut where AT&T's U-verse product is being rolled out. I had it installed at the beginning of September, replacing Cox Cable. Attraction: it was $30 a month cheaper. I ordered the premium internet service and the "U200" television channel package. When it works, the picture is pretty good. Internet service is also good.

However, since its been installed: I've had massive "pixelation"- picture distortion in little blocks most evenings. Called seven times. Tech's out three times. Lots of apologies and blame on everything from "we're far from their pole box" to weather. Apparently can't be fixed. DVR is not smart like TiVo or the one supplied by Cox Cable. It will not record a show that runs over a 1/2 hour or one-hour block by a few minutes. It chops it off (how does Hitchcock's movie, "Vertigo" end anyway?)

They do "software updates" during the hours you want to watch television. When that happens, the screen goes blank and you must reboot the boxes. That takes 5-10 minutes. Will only record one hi-def channel at a time. Call AT&T and you have to fight your way through an IVR system that doesn't really know about U-verse. It wants your AT&T phone number in order to proceed. If you don't have one, it only wants to connect you to someone who can get you an AT&T phone number. U-verse's solution? When the IVR answers, yell, "U-verse, U-verse, U-verse", over and over again.

They send you an email after every time you call for support. But they never ask or solicited for your opinion as to your satisfaction. That's the old AT&T I remember- they just don't really care. Their pay-per-view movies don't ever seem to change. That might be the nature of the beast, however. On the plus side...the installation guys were awesome. Knew what they were doing and did it. Just dumped U-verse to return to Cox (and a higher cost), U-verse is not ready for prime time.

Beware of AT&T U-Verse!
By -

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- I, like many others long-suffering financially abused cable subscribers, decided to end the misery and embrace my right to free choice. Out of all the options available to me, AT&T U-verse seemed like the logical choice since I was already getting my telephone and my internet DSL services from them and they were quite satisfactory. Boy...I really went for the greasy pig when I started using my "logic."

U-verse promised higher quality fiber optic state of the art TV viewing and faster internet but after three weeks of usage, those claims have proven as real as Alice in Wonderland! To begin with, the internet runs about 30% slower and occasionally gets stuck, like frozen. I did not notice any substantial image or sound improvement on my TV and searching for channels that go from 02 to the 5000s is not pleasant. I bought the 200 channel package and they are spread all over. (Consulting over and over again the much-cluttered booklet with the channel list is not pleasant either.)

Sometimes when you dial a channel from your remote all you get is a frozen picture. You have to go back and forward for 3 to 5 minutes before you get the image to "move"...that NEVER happened with cable. In short, keep away from U-VERSE. I'm planning to cancel as soon as the rebate and initial billing come through. I have no idea where to go next since anything with a dish is out of the question due to where I live. If anybody has a suggestion, it'll be greatly appreciated.

Better Than DISH Network
By -

I've had U-verse TV for less than a week now, and it has been working great as far as picture quality and sound. However the picture has gone out twice while watching programming (screen turned black as if the TV shut off), I had to change the channel to get away from it. When I went back, it was a frozen image and then it finally fixed itself. Other than that it's the finest picture I've seen, the HD is AWESOME. I hope the problem gets worked out soon.

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