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Value City Furniture
4300 E. 5th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43219
614-221-9200 (ph)
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Nice Salespeople, but don't waste your time!
By -

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- I purchased a complete white, leather sofa set for my living room & a brown sectional for my family room. The first attempt at delivery was the leather set only (the sectional was not available yet). It came with a scratch in the material, so I sent it back. They took it back and said they'd send me a new one.

2nd attempt at delivery: looked like someone made a lazy attempt with a do-it-yourself leather kit. Had a white spot the size of a half-dollar in a totally different shade of white than the rest of the sofa. It was the same exact sofa because I remember where the scratch was on the first one they sent. Pointed it out to the driver and he said, "Wow, that probably shouldn't have even left the warehouse that way." To make that delivery even sweeter, the sectional had an industrial-sized staple in the fabric, which had torn a hole in the material.

I figured 2 days of wasting my time was enough. I sent everything back on the truck and cancelled the entire order. They did offer me a discount to try deliver my order again, but I declined. The salespeople were very nice throughout the entire buying & returning process. I did not get any grief from the store when I went back to the store to get all of my money back.

To wrap it up, do not waste your time and energy in this store. It is not worth it. They do not take care of your items while delivering and/or they are sending stuff that is already defective. The fact that they tried to pass on the leather set as new when it was the same one they had originally delivered is pretty despicable.

Be aware and wherever you shop, check your items as soon as they get off the truck. Don't let them tell you that a "technician" will come and check it out. Refuse the delivery. Doing this saved me a ton of headaches and made my refund much easier. I understand how tedious and time-consuming choosing furniture can be, so that is why I wrote this review. We were so disappointed and had to start the shopping process all over again!

Issue not resolved I was blown off and didn't even realize it
By -

DUBLIN, OHIO -- In late November I purchased a sectional sofa from Value City Furniture in Dublin OH. I specifically asked when I examined the showroom sectional about the seam where the two pieces connected, I was told that they bolt together. I tugged on the two pieces to ensure that this was the case, they were definitely bolted together. We purchased the sectional sofa and arranged for delivery on the following Tuesday. My disabled husband was home when the sectional was delivered. He called me to say that they had dropped it off and did not connect it together.

I called the store to explain that the sofa had not been connected together and was told by the store manager that this particular model was not supposed to be connected. I explained to him that I specifically asked and was assured when I purchased it that it bolted together and even tugged on it to make sure. He explained that on carpet it will not slide. I explained that I have hardwood floors and something that does not bolt together will slide and would not be acceptable and that he would need to have his driver return to pick up the sectional.

He then stated that It's not supposed to bolt together however that doesn't mean that they can't bolt it together (obviously he at this point was saying anything to get me off the phone.). He stated that he would order a connect kit and have a technician call me to connect the two pieces together. That was at the end of November, this is the end of December. I 100% certain that there is no such thing as a connect kit and that he was just trying to get me off the phone.

Don't Waste Your Money!!!
By -

We spent over $1400 on a sectional and ottoman set at VCF and were very disappointed. First of all their slime ball salesman sold us on some stain guard for an extra $150 since I was due to have a baby in 2 days and "kids spill things". Turns out what we paid for there was a tiny bottle of stain remover that sucks. I use Resolve and get better results, and that costs less than $5. Within the first month the seams were ripping, they sent someone out to repair it but they missed some spots.

Right before our warranty expired we called the store to make sure all the stuff wrong with it got fixed before it was too late but they told us it was already too late. The bottom by the arm is torn all the way across, and other seams are ripping too, it looks like crap. When we called them they told us we could bring it in ourselves piece by piece and they "might" be able to fix it depending on the damage. We could have gotten a much better living room set for what we paid there. I just wish I hadn't been ready to pop any second so we could have shopped around. So if you read this PLEASE DON'T SHOP THERE!!!

Very bad customer service
By -

NILES, ILLINOIS -- The worst customer service EVER. I canceled my order. I wouldn't shop there again if they were selling the cure for cancer!!!

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