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Value City Rights The Wrong
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- As a good faith gesture, I am writing this as a follow-up regarding my previous post about the Value City Furniture store located at 9527 South Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28273. After posting my previous complaint, I also sent a copy to Value City Furniture via their "contact us" link provided on their website. I received a phone call later that day from **, (sp?) the General Manager over the Pineville Value City Furniture location. Mr. ** explained how he understood my situation, and voiced his own frustrations with how my whole experience with Value City Furniture had transpired.

He apologized for the way customer service had dealt with my account (or lack thereof), and assured me that my sofa would be delivered between 9:30-12:30 on 10/27/10, the next morning. Mr. ** thanked me for voicing my frustrations via their company website, which he said in turn, allowed him to have an opportunity to make things right with the customer; which in this instance was me. He assured me that I would be taken care of, that I would be compensated for the inconvenience, and that he would call back to follow-up with me to discuss the parameters of my compensation.

I must admit, after the track record I had with Value City Furniture keeping their word, I was somewhat skeptical as I hung up the phone. At 9:15 the next morning, Value City Furniture was placing my new sofa in my living room. Earlier this evening, I received a follow-up call from Mr. **, asking if I was satisfied with my new sofa. He explained that he was keeping his word, since he had told me that he'€™d call. Mr. ** admitted all of the errors that had snowballed into this train wreck of events, and agreed that this entire situation could have been avoided simply by providing some information.

He told me that the day I purchased this sofa, I should have been told how the delivery process worked, and that it would be a few weeks before I could expect my sofa. Then I would have had the option to either wait or go ahead with my purchase, but either way, I would have been informed. Mr. ** added that I should have been accommodated when I called asking for a temporary fix; anything, to keep me from sitting on the floor for 34 days. Understanding that they are not in the rental business, and explaining that what happened to me was a very rare occurrence.

He said his company still should have taken the extra steps in ensuring my comfort while I waited. On behalf of Value City Furniture, Mr. ** has done his best to try to win back not only my trust, but my faith in his business. He did as he promised and he made things right. He compensated me well for my inconvenience, exceeding my expectations completely. It was a pleasure speaking with a man of his status that actually cared about the feelings and experiences of his company's€™ customers. He possessed a very pleasant and accommodating demeanor, of which I am grateful.

However unfortunate the events that led to our phone conversations, I am thankful that he was willing to right the wrong I felt his company had made. Mr. ** assured me that these events will lead to more in-depth training of his Value City Furniture employees, and this time there is no skepticism in my mind regarding his intentions. I fully believe that he will take the steps necessary to better his employees and the relationships they exhibit with their customers.

When Did Customer Service Become Too Much?
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- On 9/22/10, I purchased a bedroom suite and couch from Value City Furniture located at 9527 South Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28273. I was told by the service associate that I purchased these items through that everything would be delivered the afternoon of 10/09/10. On 10/07/10, Value City Furniture called to confirm my delivery date for the 9th, they also informed me that the Hunter Bronze Sofa - SKU: 1334948 that I had bought had not been delivered from their warehouse yet, and that it would be 10/19/10 before I would receive my sofa.

I spoke with the manager of the store who assured me that it would be delivered no later than the 19th, and that his hands were tied as far as providing anything to keep me from having to sit on the floor of my new home. He did reduce the delivery fee 50%, and told me to call if I had any further questions. When asked if I could pick out another sofa and have them meet the already paid price, again his hands were tied. So, basically my only options were either sit on the floor and wait for my sofa, or cancel my order and be refunded. I opted to wait the additional 10 days... Big mistake.

On 10/18/10, I received yet another call delaying my 19th delivery to now take place on 10/23/10. On 10/21/10, I had not heard anything from Value City about my delivery, so I called to confirm my delivery date for the 23rd, and was told that there was no record in the computer system for a delivery to be made on the 23rd, that it was showing 11/06/10!! The lady I spoke with told me that she didn't understand why it was showing 11/6, when there was a delivery date available for 10/27/10. So she rescheduled me for the 27th.

Here it is 10/26/10, and they still do not have any idea as to when I will receive my sofa. I am extremely livid with Value City Furniture, and will NEVER again purchase anything from their company. I have a sofa that has been bought and paid for, and yet I'm still sitting on the floor 34 days after I originally purchased it, with no information as to when my sofa will be delivered. I have been put off 4 times, and feel I am getting the run around from this company instead of any answers.

Now I see firsthand why some of the Value City Furniture stores nationwide have closed their doors. In today's economic situation, and as desperate as companies are for people to purchase from them, logically one would deduce that as a customer you would be treated with better customer service than what Value City Furniture has provided. I have been led on and lied to for over a month now, and this is the proverbial last straw.

I am going to demand a refund, purchase a sofa from another company, broadcast this complaint on every website I can find, contact the BBB and make a complaint, as well as send this complaint to Value City Furniture's Corporate Headquarters, and the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's Office of the State of North Carolina. I hope anyone deciding to purchase from Value City Furniture has better luck with this company than I have had. As for me, I'll take my business elsewhere.

Resolution Update 11/13/2010:

This issue has been resolved. Value City Furniture has issued a refund and it has been received. All matters concerning this thread have been resolved.

I Have Had a Great Experience With Them!
By -

GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- I wasn't particularly set on any specific store, so my roommate and I spent an entire Saturday driving around to a number of different furniture stores trying to decide what to buy with the money I got for Christmas to buy a sofa after my poor futon fell apart. My mom bought a sofa from VCF in 2004 that I love and sleep on every time I visit her (once a month or so) - very comfy and she got it for a great deal, but they don't have it anymore; so I figured we'd try it even if I didn't really want to buy anything there. The first place we went was the VCF in Glen Burnie, MD, where in the window they had the Matera sofa in red.

I had seen it online and thought it was ugly, but my roommate and I loved it immediately when we saw it in person and sat on it. We went to several different stores, but found ourselves comparing everything to the Matera sofa and knowing it all came up short. I really wanted a chocolate brown because everything in my apartment is pink and/or mahogany, but the brown was a sort of gross color so we decided that we loved how beautiful the blue was, a sort of light blue-grey that will not hide anything.

So we returned, and I bought the Matera with the fabric protection (I know, it's generally stupid to buy the fabric protection, but microfiber scares me since I've been known to fall asleep with glasses of red wine... I figured I'd do my best to be careful but I'd at least try to protect my "investment"). I couldn't really afford the $100 for delivery (with a $400 sofa, that would be 25% of the price!). I was upset when they told me I couldn't pick it until Friday because it wasn't available, though it was available in other colors sooner or I could go to another store 25 or so miles away.

I don't have a car and was borrowing a truck from a friend to pick it up and save the money, so I wanted to go to the closest location because I knew he was already doing me a huge favor. Friday was my birthday and I was having a party that night, so I was very concerned about getting it as soon as possible. They told me that pickup wasn't until 12, but I could potentially pick it up a little earlier if I called and it was ready. It turned out that with all of the other errands I had to run, I didn't make it there until around 12:30.

They called me around 10 to remind me I could come and pick up my sofa (do people actually forget that their sofas are in? I thought that was pretty funny). Anyway, got there and there were 3 people standing outside chatting. They honestly could NOT have been more helpful. It's true, I was a single female picking up a sofa by myself, but those guys were fabulous. They brought it out, tied down the back gate of the truck, and really did everything to make sure I was comfortable driving it and that all was secure. I felt so guilty immediately afterwards, realizing that in all of my nervousness about driving the truck with the sofa I had forgotten to tip them.

The only hitch I had in the whole experience was my arrival back at the house. I mentioned that I was a single female picking it up... I was also a single female bringing my new couch home. As previously mentioned, I had a party that night and got home with about 4 hours left before I had to drive my friend's truck back... so I was in a bit of a time crunch. Long story short, I backed the truck in, had the sofa almost into my city apartment (into the door, but not through). I pushed and pushed, but nothing. I tried to wedge it for about half an hour, turning it in different directions) with no luck.

All of a sudden, a neighbor appeared to help me, and it had been stuck on a doorjamb - I couldn't have fixed that by myself because of the basic physics of that. Either way, he helped push it through. I have to say, to Value City's credit, that there was not a scratch on the sofa. It was very securely wrapped, and it turned out just fine. All I had to do (just as they told me in the store) was screw on the legs; very easily done by myself and it was nice and easy to move all alone.

Anyway, I'm sitting on my new sofa now. I've had it a few weeks, and it is insanely comfortable. That first night, I slept on it with someone and we both woke up feeling good. It's comfortable to sleep on and to sit on. I'm taking a weekend-long exam right now (hence the long review) and everything about this sofa has been awesome. I can't speak to its longevity just yet, but at least in the short term it is AMAZING. Granted, anything would have been an improvement over what I had, but this sofa is literally everything I was looking for.

I am not the kind of person who reviews things, but I think VCF has gotten some unfairly bad reviews (although most of them are incoherent; I think mine is long but hopefully coherent. I just wanted to be clear about the fact that at every point things have gone well for me with them). My experiences have been (and for several years been!) positive. I'll happily come back and update this if I have problems. It really bugged me that I couldn't find any reviews when I was shopping so I'd really like to share the positive and negative experiences I have!

Awesome Experience at the Fredericksburg Branch Bianca and Managers Are Professional and on Point!
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

VA, VIRGINIA -- My experience at Value City Fredericksburg was good. Bianca and the store's general manager Durran were awesome. Bianca always perform above and beyond to meet the needs of the customer based on my experience. Very professional and effective customer service representative. Great representation for VCF. I am happy with the service at this store!!!

Broken Furniture. Promised but Never Sent a Tech to Fix It
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- All went well till furniture was delivered and set up. Delivery guy said draws were broken and would arrange for a tech to come fix them. 3 appointments later and the Value City tech has never shown up yet a month later. Each time I called Value City for assistance we were given endless circle of phone numbers to call for assistance and rude conversations. After month of furniture still being unfixed and no Value City tech ever calling or showing up for appointments, we called American Express and cancelled payment to Value City.

Faulty Furniture - They Do Not Stand Behind Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND -- Five months ago we purchased a leather dual recliner at Value City Furniture. A few weeks ago, we noticed the leather peeling in the headrest area of the left side. We called Value City and was told it was a warranty issue. We called the warranty company and was told it was a manufacturer issue and we were to call Value City. We called back to Value City and they sent out a service tech to look at it. He covered it with something and said that "this will probably not fix the problem". He also said that this has happened before. He said that "if this doesn't work, call and we will make it right."

A couple weeks later I rubbed my finger over the area and the coating started to peel off. I called Value City and told them that what was done did not take care of the issue. The manager said they could not replace it without a cost. I questioned that, because we had it only 5 months. He said we need to call the warranty company again. I did and was told that since Value City sent out their tech, that the warranty company would not cover it. I told her I only did what she told me to do. She would not listen to me - only kept repeating that the warranty was not good.

I ask for a refund on what we paid for the warranty. She said we needed to call Value City to discuss that. I got tired of going back and forth. We realize that the warranty company and Value City have no intention of honoring their warranty or standing behind any faulty piece of furniture. We are sorry we ever bought anything at Value City and will never do it again.

Company Response 06/07/2013:

We are so sorry to hear about your issue. Please give our customer service team a call at 1-888-751-8553. They'll be able to look into this for you. We're here to help. Thank you!

Value City Furniture - SUCKS!!!!
By -

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- My husband and I bought a sectional from Value City Furniture October 2007. I had the sectional not even a month I noticed the sectional's cushions and cushion covers were not holding up. The cushions and cushion covers looked as if they were old!!!!! I have called the store over the course of a year and a half and they have replaced my cushions and cushion covers four times with the same crappy cushions and same crappy cushion covers. I called the store today to speak with a manager and they now are telling me that since my warranty has expired there is nothing they can do but order us new cushions and cushion covers but my husband and I have to pay for it.

I told the manager this was unacceptable since I tried to get them to take back this furniture in November 2007 and they wouldn't!!!!! Apparently when you buy furniture at VCF you have 7 days to return it if you don't like it. Seven days???? Nothing falls apart in 7 days!!!!! I have gone to the store in person and tried to reason with these people and one of the managers told me that the particular sectional I had purchased was one of the lower end sectionals they sell and I should have gone with the American Signature Collection. I explained to him when I bought the furniture the sales lady told me that the sectional I had bought was one of the higher end sectionals.

The manager disagreed with me and told me the American Signature Collection was the best line of furniture they have. Instead he wanted to replace the cushion and cushion covers which we did again! I've called the headquarters of Value City Furniture and can never get a "live" person to talk to. Apparently the corporate office is too busy to talk to the consumer so they make you leave a message which I have done three times now. You would think the store would want to keep the consumer happy and work with them, however they have just been a pain in the butt!

Now I need to buy another sectional from another store because Value City Furniture WILL NOT stand behind their products.

Still Waiting for Bedroom, Sectional Won't Connect
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Please do not buy from these people. Not only did she get our order wrong after we specifically pointed out and even sat on the bedroom set of choice, but had the nerve to catch a serious attitude with us like we were wrong. She put in a WHITE bedroom set when they weren't even any white ones on display. Then it took 3 weeks to arrive (that's when we noticed it was not the right color). So she offered us to pick out another as if we were going to get that one in a few days... but they all were scheduled for another month!! I was outraged but had no choice but to wait.

We went in August 6 2013, wrong stuff came on the 25th. Then they said it would be here September 20, and I just got a phone call saying October 2!! We spent our money and had sold the bedroom set we had a week before shopping with them thinking we would be OK in no longer than 2 weeks! It's just a disgrace!! The manager did not care AT ALL!! Instead of trying to make it a little better on us for THEIR inconvenience he simply offered our money back and looked and talked to us with no respect, remorse, commonness sense, or even basic manager skills. I would advise no one ever use them!!!

We also got a sectional from them which is nice but the piece that connects the two is bent and not holding them evenly. They came out to "fix" it but made it worse! The quality of the furniture is cheap and poorly built. I also purchased the fabric protector but nothing was done to the furniture. So I'm going to see what lies and excuses they have for that is something were to happen to the couch. They have the absolute worst customer service I've seen in my life. We used the Winchester store and everyone seemed mentally challenged! And there was a salesman selling hair weave trying to sell me some! So unprofessional!

Crappy Customer Warranty Service
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Rating: 1/51

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- I originally purchased my furniture from Sterling (who's been great from day 1). Within a few months, the chaise and lounge cushion has sunk in. So I called the warranty customer service for repair. The lady told me that there were only 2 days available for service (Monday or Thursday) that was but couldn't give me a time, stating the technician will call me a few days before. I never received a call. The day that the technician was supposed to arrive, it was well into the afternoon and I had to call to find out what was going on which they told me to call Sterling who had to call them to ask the same question about my service.

When a replacement set came, someone left a message on Monday (1-30-12) stating that a technician will come out sometime this week. Call me crazy but I'm supposed to take the whole week off of work and wait for a technician?? I called and the repair customer service couldn't find my order, gave me a few more numbers to call which routed back to Falls Church. I got fed up and called Sterling office for help since they've helped me out before. The Sterling office had to call them and find out for me what day they are supposed to come out.

The Sterling office was able to find out what day and didn't know the time. I was randomly scheduled for Wednesday by Value City. So if I didn't call, I would never know when the technician was coming and on top of that, it wasn't at customer convenience. (Pretty much - be their sucker because I told you so or your stuff isn't going to be fixed.)

Sterling couldn't reschedule for me so they gave me the invoice number so I can call Falls Church back and set something up that would work for me. I tried to call and was told that there was only one representative available and she was soooo busy that she will contact me back (this was at 4pm). Guess what? No surprise that I haven't received a call, going on day 2.

Seriously, I would think VCF would want to work with the customer's schedule instead of basically saying "thank you for buying from us but you will be treated like crap afterwards and we don't care about your working schedule. You either be there when we tell you or you are SOL." I never had a bad experience before and always tell people that it was worth it. I guess it was only in Michigan (they rock) because it's definitely not here in Virginia.

Complete Lack of Customer Service & Questionable Billing Practices
By -

FLORENCE, KENTUCKY -- Spend almost $5,000 on 3/27/11, asked about 12 months same as cash and told yes, so I put $3,000 in cash down w/ balance 12 months, same as cash. Told set would be delivered 4/20/11. Most of the set was delivered on 4/20, but missing parts and mattress cover which I paid extra for. I called right away and was told they had to check with the driver. Received call back, couldn't reach driver but had a mattress cover that I could come and get. I was told they would follow up on the shelves.

A week later someone called to verify that we were waiting for the shelves. When I called again on April 29 I was told to call Customer Service at the Tri-County Ohio store. I did, after being bounced around and on hold more for a while, I hung up & called the store that I purchased from and told them to call customer service at Tri-County & find out what was going on and call me back, which they did and was put on hold AGAIN. Then told that the Customer Service Manager was going to investigate but would be out Monday and that I would receive a call on Tuesday, May 3rd, which came and went with no call.

I called AGAIN on May 5th, I guess an unhappy customer still doesn't warrant a manager's time. After a few minutes, Customer Service gets back on the phone to tell me that they ordered the shelves and they would be delivered and installed on MAY 27th, 2 months after purchase! I told them I didn't need the shelves installed and was asked if I wanted to pick them up then. Are you kidding me?! I've already had to go back 3 times for various reasons having to do with this purchase.

At this point, I think the customer service manager should deliver personally. If that's not enough, I gave $3,000 as the down payment and they verified my VCF credit card for the 12 mos same as cash and charged me the entire amount right then. I called next day & told them to either give me 13 months same as cash for balance or take if off card because it would be a month before I took possession of any product. Then I receive a bill with minimum payment AND reflected a higher interest rate than it should've been based on when my account was opened. These rates were defined on the receipt.

When calling Customer Service about the 12 months same as cash and why the minimum payment, I was told the salesperson must have misunderstood! Then I asked about the interest rate and they had no response at all. Since I will pay if off before then, I didn't push the issue. I'm so disgusted with VCF! When advertising, in addition to stating they cut out the middle man, they should also disclose that they've cut out customer service also.

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