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Crappy Customer Warranty Service
Posted by Nikkiweston777 on 02/01/2012
FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- I originally purchased my furniture from Sterling (who's been great from day 1). Within a few months, the chaise and lounge cushion has sunk in. So I called the warranty customer service for repair. The lady told me that there were only 2 days available for service (Monday or Thursday) that was but couldn't give me a time, stating the technician will call me a few days before. I never recived a call . The day that the technician was suppose to arrive, it was well into the afternoon and I had to call to find out what was going on which they told me to call Sterling who had to call them to ask the same question about my service.

When a replacement set came, someone left a message on Monday (1-30-12). stating that a technician will come out sometime this week. Call me crazy but I'm suppose to take the whole week off of work and wait for a technician?? I called and the repair customer service couldn't find my order, gave me a few more numbers to call which routed back to Falls Church. I got fed up and called Sterling office for help since they've helped me out before. The Sterling office had to call them and find out for me what day they are suppose to come out.

The Sterling office was able to find out what day and didn't know the time. I was randomly scheduled for Wednesday by Value City. So if I didn't call, I would never know when the technician was coming and on top of that, it wasn't at customer convenience. (Pretty much - be there sucker because I told you so or you stuff isn't going to be fixed.)

Sterling couldn't reschedule for me so they gave me the invoice number so I can call Falls Church back and set something up that would work for me. I tried to call and was told that there was only one representative available and she was soooo busy that she will contact me back (this was at 4pm). Guess what? No surprise that I haven't received a call, going on day 2.

Seriously, I would think VCF would want to work with the customer's schedule instead of basically saying "thank you for buying from us but you will be treated like crap afterwards and we don't care about your working schedule. You either be there when we tell you or you are SOL."

I never had a bad experience before and always tell people that it was worth it. I guess it was only in Michigan (they rock) because it's definitely not here in Virginia.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-02-03:
You could drop Value City an e-mail via http://www.vcf.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/contactus_10155_-1_10052 to let them know you are dissatisfied with their repair service and that you are spreading the word about the problems you've encountered.
Posted by Value City Furniture on 2012-02-06:
I am very sorry you are going through this and want to help. Please email us at vcf.facebookfans@vcf.com. We will begin to work with you to resolve this issue ASAP.
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Lost table
Posted by Janette.sellman on 01/30/2012
ESSEX, MARYLAND -- I bought a whole livingroom set and 2 wooden tables for my basement. When ALL the furniture was delivered (except one of the wooden tables)and set up. I asked about the second table that was paid for. They said the people in the store couldn't find it. I wanted to take 2 of them at the time of order, but they wouldn't let me. Now I am missing a table and they don't sell them any more. They can't find one anywhere. They had to have sold the table I already paid for to someone else. Next time I'm taking what ever it is right off the showroom floor before they have time to sell to another person.
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Posted by Value City Furniture on 2012-01-31:
I am so sorry that happened and definitely want to help. I work for Value City Furniture and manage their social channels. Please email me at vcf.facebookfans@vcf.com. I will get your information to our corporate customer service team asap. Thanks again!
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Complete lack of Customer Service & questionable billing practices
Posted by 7pinblues on 05/06/2011
FLORENCE, KENTUCKY -- Spend almost $5,000 on 3/27/11, asked about 12 months same as cash and told yes so I put $3,000 in cash down w/balance 12 months same as cash. Told set would be delivered 4/20/11. Most of the set was delivered on 4/20, but missing parts and mattress cover which I paid extra for. I called right away and was told they had to check with the driver. Received call back, couldn't reach driver but, had a mattress cover that I could come and get. I was told they would follow up on the shelves. A week later someone called to verify that we were waiting for the shelves. When I called again on April 29 I was told to call Customer Service at the Tri-County Ohio store. I did, after being bounced around and on hold more for a while, I hung up & called the store that I purchased from and told them to call customer service at Tri-County & find out what was going on and call me back which they did and was put on hold AGAIN, then told that the Customer Service Manager was going to investigate but would be out Monday and that I would receive a call on Tuesday, May 3rd which came and went with no call. I called AGAIN on May 5th, I guess an unhappy customer still doesn't warrant a manager's time.. After a few minutes customer Service gets back on the phone to tell me that they ordered the shelves and they would be delivered and installed on MAY 27th, 2 months after purchase! I told them I didn't need the shelves installed and was asked if I wanted to pick them up then. Are you kidding me! I've already had to go back 3 times for various reasons having to do with this purchase. At this point, I think the customer service manager should deliver personally. If that's not enough, I gave $3,000 as the down payment and they verified my VCF Credit Card for the 12mos same as cash and charged me the entire amount right then. I called next day & told them to either give me 13 months same as cash for balance or take if off card because it would be a month before I took possession of any product. Then I receive a bill with minimum payment AND reflected a higher interest rate than it should've been based on when my account was opened. These rates were defined on the receipt. When calling customer service about the 12 months same as cash and why the minimum payment, I was told the salesperson must have misunderstood! Then I asked about the interest rate and they had no response at all. Since I will pay if off before then I didn't push the issue. I'm so disgusted with VCF! When advertising, in addition to stating they cut out the middle man, they should also disclose that they've cut out customer service also.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-07:
There are a number of complaints about this company here and on other sites similar to yours. The customer service at many of their locations seems to be extremely poor. Thanks for your warning.
Posted by Beth on 2012-09-13:
Value City customer service is retarded. They wouldn't talk to me about when bill is due or how much, since Im not my spouse, my spouse calls them and they note the account that they can talk to me. I call them back to get info (to pay bill) and they still wont give me any info. like how much the minumum balance is or anything. bunch of idiots. Call husband back and told him i spoke with Amber and he said thats the same girl he spoke with yesterday that was supposed to note the account.
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Cheap Furniture plus insurance plan is scam
Posted by Katiedog on 05/04/2011
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- My mother bought a recliner that was broke down within two months. She is 89 years old so it was not abused. She bought the insurance and they refused to abide by that as well.

My sister bought a love seat and chair which the cushions were totally done for within one month. Again the insurance was paid for with no results.

This company is horrible and their products are cheap and do not last more than one month.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-05:
Value City is a bargain furniture store. Sometimes it's better to pay a bit more to get a better product.
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Value City Furniture Warranty Fraud / Scam
Posted by Eastgate Michael on 02/04/2011
CINCINNATI, OH -- Value City Furniture
Store # 80
650 Eastgate Dr. S Suite A
Cincinnati, OH 45245

I purchased a kitchen table and chair set from the Value City Store next to Dick's Sporting Goods in the Eastgate shopping center. While I was checking out with my items, the sales representative suggested that I should purchase the extended warranty. He stated, “Seeing that you have children, you will want this warranty. It covers any damage they may do and protects your furniture up to three years. You can rest assured that you will have new furniture in three years.” I purchased the warranty for the extra $69.99 for the table and an additional $69.99 for the chairs. I left the store with the confidence that my $1000 plus purchase was protected.
Nine months later, we had a Christmas party for our daughters and several of their friends from our neighborhood attended. We let the girls make crafts, color and draw pictures on the table in our kitchen. After the party we noticed that the table had been damaged by some of the crafting we had allowed the girls to do. Some of the notable damage included, words had transfer through the paper the girls were writing on and had gone through the polyurethane coating into the wood below, a long scratch and some paint drops on the finish. The girls ranged in age from seven years old to twelve years old. These girls are not heavy handed men with a degree in construction, they are simply children.
I contacted Value City Furniture at the Eastgate location and was informed that they do not handle the warranty claims. They gave me the phone number for the Sharonville store and instructed me to file my claim with them. I called the store and they took down my information. They informed me they would send someone out to inspect the damage and to determine if they would repair it or replace it. I received a phone call and was given a date and time the inspector would be out. The inspector arrived to inspect the table and continually commented on the condition of the table and chair set, argued that the chairs didn’t belong to the set, although they were the chairs from my receipt, and was otherwise very rude and obnoxious.
A week after the inspector came out I received a phone call from Value City they stated that they had decided not to honor the warranty as the damage was to “extreme” and violated the terms of the warranty. When I purchased the warranty I was given a pamphlet stating what would be covered and how to file a claim. Value City claims that the pamphlet is not the legal document containing the specifics of the warranty and that the actual warranty documentation, which was not furnished to me, contained stipulations pertaining to excessive damage. I asked to speak to the manager, who informed me that this claim would be returned to the Eastgate store and that they had the option of honoring the claim. I called the Eastgate store several days later and they gave me the same exact response I received from the Sharonville store. I asked that they at least review the claim and consider that I have spent several thousand dollars at their store over the past few years. I was passed to a manager who informed me they would not reconsider this claim and were cancelling the warranty on all of the furniture citing excessive damage.

-Value City Furniture has subsequently replaced the table and honored their warranty.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-02-04:
Warranties just seem to be a complete waste these days. No one wants to honor them after they get your money.

You should have been give a copy of the official warranty at the time of purchase, and not just a pamphlet. I can understand why you thought the pamphlet was enough. I think this is very deceptive.

P.S. I love the way the inspector tried to make it look like you were dishonest about the chairs. That was your first clue that they had no intention of honoring the warranty.
Posted by Inat on 2011-02-04:
not all warranties are a waste - I had my entire house recarpeted by stainmaster warranty b/c of a coffee stain that could not be removed :)I really think it comes down to a case-by-case scenario - i think that if my carpet was completely WRECKED they may have used an "Excessive damage" clause. I know value city and to be honest, my first thought would be that their warranty is a scam :)
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Awful Customer Service
Posted by Anj s on 01/29/2011
NOVI, MICHIGAN -- I ordered a bedroom set in December 2010. The first time that they came to deliver in their two hour window they were late.. and of course one of the pieces that was delivered was broken. Had to set up another two hour window which they were late again and then came with the incorrect furniture and I had to set up another two hour window. AGAIN they were late and this time by over two hours. I had to reschedule AGAIN and really you would think that I wouldn't be surprised but they were late again and this time by over three hours...and they are still not here. I have to say by far the WORST customer service place I have ever dealt with.. I WOULD STRONGLY SUGGEST NEVER BUYING ANYTHING FROM HERE!!! They have poor customer service and their employees do nothing. IT has been the worst experience I have ever had dealing with any company.
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Horrible Customer Service!!!!
Posted by Lackofvalue on 12/27/2010
MONROEVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I ordered living room and bed room furniture more than 3 weeks ago. It has been six installments so far and yet few of the products needs to be delivered. On top of that couple of pieces of furniture were damaged and needed to be sent back. Now I realized that our box of springs were given to someone else by mistake and we won't have them for couple of weeks. This is a complete joke!!! They have no idea what need to be delivered when and you get different responses every day. I am thoroughly disgusted with their customer service and am done with them forever. It is a shame!!!
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Posted by Skye on 2010-12-27:
What kind of responses are they giving you?
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Complete Failure of Service
Posted by WR0504 on 12/07/2010
ST. LOUSI, MISSOURI -- I am in the process of replacing an entire house full of furniture because of a fire loss. Between me and my girlfriend, we have seven children in need of new mattresses and beds.
I initially visited the Chippewa store on November 11, 2010 to purchase a minimum of three mattresses and possibly two sets of bunk beds. My girlfriend had been assured by Tracy [sales associate], the evening before that the mattresses were in-stock AND available. They were not. I was advised that it would take at least a week for the mattresses to arrive.
I purchased a set of twin bunk beds and placed an order [including deposit] for a full-over-full set of bunk beds. When I was told that the ordered set wouldn’t arrive until November 30, I offered to PAY FULL PRICE for the display model, as we REALLY needed beds for our children. Tracy supposedly spoke with a manager who told her that the display model wasn’t for sale.
On November 29, a message was left stating that our bunk beds would be available for pick up the next day. They were not. I stopped by the Chippewa store on November 30, and I told that our bunk beds might be arriving on December 2. I noticed that the display set was no longer in the store. REALLY?!? When I asked about the ‘missing’ display set, I was told it had been sold and given a lame story about moving merchandise around the floor. No other displays had been moved or even rearranged since my visit on November 11.
After two lengthy phone conversations with Kirk [manager], he informed me that our bunk beds were dropped off at the distribution center. I offered to pick them up there. He then said they weren’t at the distribution center. And it was going to be December 19 before the beds would be available. I will be cancelling this order.
Both my girlfriend and I had repeatedly expressed the urgency of our situation. We are not simply window shopping, we are buying and will continue to buy. Everything needs to be replaced, but beds were the first priority. At this point, we have had mattresses on the floor for weeks and have been shifting children from room to room to accommodate our lack of bed frames.
In this economy, I find it truly disturbing that any company would exhibit such little concern for customer satisfaction.
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Posted by Stephanie on 2014-03-07:
Be glad you didn't get your kid's beds there. I bought bunk beds only to find out they were discontinued because they were defective and dangerous. My kids built-on stairs broke twice on their beds and when they needed to be replaced a third time was when they finally had to come clean because they had no parts to give me. They are buying the beds back from me at full price and I am never shopping there again. If anyone reading this bought bunk beds between 2012 - 2014 you'd better call and see if what you have has been recalled and discontinued. The defects on my bed could have caused serious bodily injury to my children.
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No wonder why it's called "value" city furniture.
Posted by Ami18 on 11/11/2010
WARREN, UTICA, MICHIGAN -- We purchased a set of living room furniture, coffee and end tables, as well as a kitchen table and bench from two of the value city stores in MI. When we first purchased our living room set our sales person told us that the only sofa left was the one on display. We told her we did not want that sofa and instantly we were not going to purchase the set. Within 2 minutes she came back to tell us that she "found" a brand new one and that if we wanted the set, all 3 pieces would be new. We were a little skeptical because she happened to find a “new” sofa. We decided to go with the set and also purchased a NEW coffee table. When the delivery came our sofa was not delivered with the other items and the "new" coffee table we ordered was damaged in all 4 corners. I immediately called VCF and I asked for another table to be sent. They said they no longer carried the table and they would send a repair person out to fix the table.

The following week they set up delivery of our sofa that never arrived with the first delivery. When they delivered the sofa, it had the wrong feet with it. So again I had to call VCF and have them set up yet ANOTHER delivery date for the correct sofa with the correct feet. Finally on the 3rd delivery everything was right. After that delivery we purchased our kitchen table and bench. When we had that delivered everything looked ok but a few days later I noticed the bench that was delivered was broken. The side of the bench was separating from the top part and supportive frame. I again had to call VCF and have them send a repair person. The repair person came and fixed the bench and I had to call someone to be there when he was because I couldn't take even more time off work with all these deliveries and repairs. When I arrived home I looked at the bench and the repair guy had screwed up through the top of the bench where the cushion was covering. I removed the cushion and saw that the screw was sticking up through the top of the bench under the cushion. I still have yet to call to get this re-repaired, but plan on doing it in the near future.

After having our living room set delivered, we didn't use it for 2 months before we actually moved into our new home. We moved into our home in late July and 4 weeks ago our sofa broke. We called VCF and they sent someone out to repair it. Two weeks after it was repaired, at our housewarming party none the less, it broke again. A week later another repair man came out and looked at it for a few minutes, took some pictures and said that it was not repairable and he had to contact a manager to see what they wanted to do. He said it would take a few weeks for us to hear something. On top of all this, I realized when I got home that day the drawer on the coffee table we purchased was also coming apart.

When I found out the situation, I grew VERY upset and called and spoke with a manager at the Warren MI VCF store. She told me that they no longer carry the sofa and that they can replace the one piece. I told her that was not acceptable and I want a refund for the whole set because I was not going to have mismatched furniture because something that was out of my hands. She agreed to give us an in-store credit for the items. My final problem is that now, 2 weeks later, I am in the same spot because I can't find a set of furniture that I actually like at VCF. The one set we did see is triple the price we paid and I am concerned that if we do purchase something else, it too will break or fall apart. To be honest, I don't even want to spend any more money at VCF because of all the problems we've had. It has been one issue after another and as of right now, we would not recommend anyone to go to VCF because of all the problems we’ve encountered.
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Value City..Third Time Is Not The Charm
Posted by LynAloha on 11/10/2010
GLEN BURNIE, MARYLAND -- I had a first time, very good experience when buying a love seat/sleeper from Value City Furniture. After moving into a brand new home we needed new furniture for a guest room. Our first out of town guests were planning a visit and we looked at 4 local furniture stores, including Value City.

We decided on a queen sized bed, night stand and chest of drawers for a total price of $1540. Not the most we'd ever spent, but certainly a significant amount of money. We bought a new mattress and box spring set a Macy's and it was delivered without incident the day before our first scheduled delivery from Value City.

I was given a three hour time span, right in the middle of the day, which came and went. I had to call the store and was told it would be another hour to two hours. Very inconvenient, especially when considering that our home is less than five miles from the Value City store in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Two very nice delivery men arrived. They unwrapped the furniture from blue padding brought it into my home. First problem was that it was covered with what appeared to be dirt. They explained that it was from the pads and said that a dryer sheet would work to remove the coating from all of the pieces. OK..I can do that. I wanted the furniture and am reasonable. So I have to vacuum my very light colored rugs after..I'm still happy to be getting my new furniture.

They brought in the bed..headboard, foot board and frame..so far, so good. Dirty, but what can I do? Next the large night stand..again..dirty, but in pretty good shape. Next they bring in the very large chest of drawers, across my hardwood floors and upstairs to the guest room. I see very clearly the the back is cracked from one side to the other.

The delivery men reverse the process and reload the broken dresser onto the truck. I called the store and the manager Karen said she would "order another one" and we set up a delivery date for the following week. Another day of rearranging work schedules and waiting for delivery, but there is no other option. Half of a bedroom suite is not what I had in mind.

I am very pleased when the call comes and my three hour span is at least early in the day. The delivery day arrives and this time the dresser is wrapped in plastic, so no blue, dusty film on my white furniture and carpets. Good start!

The very heavy piece is again carried across my hardwood floors, up stairs and into the guest room, where the plastic is unwrapped. A large crack in the front of the chest makes this one unacceptable. You know the routine.

Another one is ordered, another delivery date is set up, again scheduled for early in the day, so all is not lost. So...today I'm up bright and early. Surely this will be the day that my guest room is complete!! My guests are arriving from across the country in just a few days. All will be well.

This time the furniture is wrapped in the blue padding with tape all around it. Under that it is completely wrapped in plastic. The driver (same very nice man from the first delivery) suggests that they unwrap it before taking it into my house and up the stairs. They do that on my driveway. Here stands the very same chest of drawers from the first two deliveries...the cracked back all painted and patched (I hadn't noticed that on the second delivery), the front crack painted over and lots of other dings and rub marks. What happened to the 2 chests that were reordered? It didn't happen. I was sent damaged and not very well repaired furniture being passed off as new..at the same new price I'd paid. The driver is embarrasssed and apologetic.

So..here I sit, at my computer. I'm feeling frustrated, furious, taken advantage of and very unappreciated as a Value City customer. I'm waiting for the store to open so I can talk to yet another manager and try to work this out.

In this economy, I'm amazed at the lack of quality control and customer service. I'm shopping for new family room furniture, but Value City Furniture is off the list. I just should not be this difficult.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-11-11:
Not a very smart move on the part of Value City.
Posted by stefani7 on 2011-01-14:
I'm sure its a little late to respond but I have a difficult time refraining from being heard. Value city is not the best quality although the showroom looks nice and contemporary. But basically, you get what you pay for and unfortunately, as you mentioned in your review, the economy directs many of our decisions when purchasing products. It is widely known that North Carolina is the furniture capital of the U.S., but a well hidden secret that furniture can be viewed, purchased, and delivered from online. Not just any furniture, the finest furniture and the very best brand names for a FRACTION of the cost (too commercially?). I, and many friends have purchased from NC and are all ecstatically happy! Now, the downfall...the deliveries are usually just that...delivered. It is an unwritten rule that the furniture not be taken into the house...liability purposes. But perhaps you can work that out...next time, eh?! Anyway, just a tidbit for you all looking for quality at a value.
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