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Faulty Furniture - They Do Not Stand Behind Warranty
Posted by Hmbumbaugh on 06/07/2013
HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND -- Five months ago we purchased a leather dual recliner at Value City Furniture. A few weeks ago, we noticed the leather peeling in the headrest area of the left side. We called Value City and was told it was a warranty issue. We called the warranty company and was told it was a manufacture issue and we were to call Value City. We called back to Value City and they sent out a service tech to look at it. He covered it with something and said that "this will probably not fix the problem". He also said that this has happened before. He said that if this doesn't work, call and we will make it right.

A couple weeks later I rubbed my finger over the area and the coating started to peel off. I called Value City and told them that what was done did not take care of the issue. The manager said they could not replace it without a cost. I questioned that, because we had it only 5 months. He said we need to call the warranty company again. I did and was told that since Value City sent out their tech, that the warranty company would not cover it. I told her I only did what she told me to do. She would not listen to me - only kept repeating that the warrantly was not good. I ask for a refund on what we paid for the warranty. She said we needed to call Value City to discuss that. I got tired of going back and forth.

We realize that the warranty company and Value City have no intention of honoring their warranty or standing behind any faulty piece of furniture. We are sorry we ever bought anything at Value City and will never do it again.
Read Company Response
Company Response on 06/07/2013:
We are so sorry to hear about your issue. Please give our customer service team a call at 1-888-751-8553. They'll be able to look into this for you. We're here to help. Thank you!
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Posted by Value City Furniture on 2013-06-07:
Hello there,
We are so sorry to hear about your recent issue. Please give our corporate customer service team a call at 1-888-751-8553. They'll be able to look into this for you. We're here to help. Thank you!
Posted by Heather on 2013-07-08:
I bought a $2000 leather sectional and it peeled due to manufacturer defect. I have read hundreds of complaints online about the same issue. I have spoken with a leather repair guy and he says it's unfixable!!!! VCF owes me a new sectional.
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Customer Service? I Apologize
Posted by Daverambert on 04/11/2013
OHIO -- Would you like a couch? Don't go to Value City. Would you like customer service? Don't go to Value City. Do you want to have nothing but problems after you have place an order? Or do you want to wait for a product to be back ordered continually. If so you want to go to Value City. That is exactly what you will get, and after days, weeks and months of frustration you know what you get? I apologize for the inconvenience. I'm sorry to. That after the dissatisfaction I have received repeatedly I will never step foot in your store again,. and be sure to tell everyone who will listen the horrible service I received. I too work in a customer driven industry usually 2 or more homes a day, people like to talk so I plan to talk about this in every home I go into. NOT TO MENTION DAILY POST ON SOCIAL MEDIA SITES. I am usually pretty even tempered but this is unbelievable to me. they don't care about there customers. or the inconvenience they give to you. DAVE R.
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Bed warranties
Posted by Ttosh on 03/19/2013
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- We purchased two twin bed mattresses from Value City Furniture and the sales representative NEGLECTED to tell us that YES we had a sleep comfort warranty, but they won't credit us for the purchase - just in store credits. That changes EVERYTHING when you are pricing mattresses!!! Would not have bought from this store if we knew this - other stores we shopped DO NOT do this!!! The bed worked for my husband, but not for me. Unfortunately we bought the most expensive bed they had and now are STUCK with the beds. In store credit is of no value as we will NEVER be going back. They are recommending that we start all over and try to find a bed that works for both of us. Truth is - that's what we tried to do originally - the whole reason we got split twin beds so we could have choices. We do not want a 13" mattress beside an 11" mattress - would look terrible.

Great customer service - "Sorry, we know you tried to get two twins to resolve two different sleep issues (2 twins/King), but pick another one and yes, you won't get your money back so you can just buy more furniture here. Not a good way to Win customers!!!! Why would anyone buy beds here when the sleep warranty doesn't help resolve the money differences in the end. Your purchase price is FINAL!
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Don't bother with warranty - they won't pay
Posted by D2d on 10/22/2012
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Since we had full leather damage coverage, we called in the damage we noted on the sofa. After 2+ weeks, a representative from the warranty company came out (he was as rude in person as he was on the phone). You could tell that his sole purpose was to try to find a way to NOT pay for the damage. He told us nothing.. but low and behold.. 3-4 weeks MORE (a total of almost 8 weeks later) we got a letter saying it was denied. There was only one spot peeling and the rest of the sofa was well kept but still they denied.

Never again will VCF see any of my business. Absolutely atrocious!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-23:
There are lots of complaints online about the Value City leather and fabric protection plans - they sound like a waste of money, and the fact people are trying to make claims makes me wonder about the initial quality of the product.
Posted by Value City Furniture on 2012-10-26:
I'm so sorry that this is the experience you've had. We hope that you are satisfied with the resolution that was reached between you and our customer service team. If you need futher assistance, please email us at vcf.facebookfans@vcf.com. Thank you!
Posted by ML on 2012-12-10:
This comment is for vcf rep attending this blog. I am in a similiar situation. we recently filed a claim in nov 2012, regarding a tear/rip we noticed on my sofa. warranty company dispatched a rep to inspect the damages. after a few days when we called in to check on the status of our claim, we were told that our claim was denied because of accumulation of damaages. we were so surprised, especially because we called immediately after we noticed the tear. about a year ago, we had called for slight cracks we had noticed on our sofa, then too they had denied saying that it is not covered in the warranty. Now they are saying that this is accumulating. they didn't repair our sofa in the first place and are now blaming it on us. We are going to the harassment of calling them everyday to see if someone will listen to us especially since we did our part of reporting to them each time something was noticed. But they keep turning us down. VCF is the last place to shop for us.
Posted by vic on 2013-05-20:
I just went through this with my leather set. I called over 3 months ago to put in a claim for my couch..let them know that the leather was pealing in several areas. It took 2 weeks for someone to take a look at it and it was confirmed that it would be taken care of. I was just told after calling them that basically I am out of luck because they no longer make this set so they can not fix it ..But they are willing to give me $80 toward a new couch...I can not afford to buy a new couch... how do I tell my wife that we will not have a couch here in the near future.. I will never deal with VCF again...I am very upset a disappointed in the quality of the furniture and the customer service....
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Worst Experience EVER!
Posted by Juancuervo82 on 05/14/2012
LAKEWOOD, NEW JERSEY -- I am writing this letter as a warning to all prospective buyers, hoping my advice will save you from the headache my girlfriend and I have been dealing with since we went with Value City for a simple furniture order.

In early February I went to Value City to purchase a desk, dresser, and chest. As I walked through the doors I knew EXACTLY what I was looking for. When I was first approached by the salesman, I was ready with the make, model, and color of the furniture my girlfriend and I had searched for and finally found on the Value City website. The purchase was quick and easy for both myself AND the salesman, or so I thought. On the receipt there was a printed “estimated delivery date” which I was told by the salesman would be the scheduled date of delivery.

After taking off of work for the scheduled date, I was surprised to find that this was NOT the date the furniture would be coming and in fact they only delivered to our town on CERTAIN days of the week. This meant that I would have to take off yet again for the actual DELIVERY date. This date didn't come until several weeks later in mid January. Upon delivery my girlfriend greeted the men who were there to deliver the 3 pieces of furniture but stayed out of the way. After signing off on the delivery sheet she entered the bedroom to find that her first pieces of bedroom furniture in their new house WERE NOT the furniture pieces that they had ordered at all, and in addition to it being the wrong furniture the desk delivered was cracked! By this time, the men had already pulled out and were driving down the street leading to a bigger headache that is still taking place in mid May.

In a panic, my girlfriend called the store to tell them what had happened. They told her all they could do was schedule another day when THEY deliver to our town and have the furniture picked up then. The next date they had available was 2 weeks later and in the meantime we were supposed to keep the furniture in our house. The damaged desk would have to be photographed at different angles and then e-mailed to someone in the warehouse to see if it could be fixed BEFORE they would even think about replacing it. We were both extremely upset about how everything had been handled which led us to take a drive out to the store where the furniture had originally been purchased to see if something could be done.

Not only did we walk around aimlessly waiting to be helped but when we finally told the salesgirl what had happened the only help she offered up was a phone number of someone WE could call to see if something could be done with scheduling since the store had NOTHING to do with scheduling deliveries. Before leaving the store my girlfriend thought it would be smart to call, and good thing because the number given to us was incorrect! When asking AGAIN we were given another wrong number by the same salesgirl! It wasn't until WE FOUND the second Value City salesperson that we were given the correct number, who, after calling told us there was nothing they could do.

The only option we had was to wait for the warehouse to respond to our e-mail with the pictures we had taken and sent ourselves of the damaged desk. After a week they decided that the entire desk would have to be replaced and that we would receive a phone call when the new desk would be in. We finally got the call we had been waiting for the last week of March that the desk would arrive on Saturday March 31st! We were ecstatic, finally we would be able to get the house in order and put our office room together which we had been wanting to do since February! However, we were both shocked to find that we received 2 calls from Value City that Friday. One call was from the store that we had purchased the furniture confirming our Saturday delivery. Another call was from the warehouse stating that the delivery would be delayed yet again because our NEW desk that was supposed to be delivered was DAMAGED. Confused, I called the Value City store in Lakewood, NJ and explained the 2 telephone calls we had received. Not only did the girl who answered continue to tell me the desk was definitely coming the next day but it wasn’t until she decided to “double check” that she found that it was in fact going to be delayed but she didn’t know why.

This is still not the worst part of our experience with Value City in Lakewood, NJ. The second week of April, my girlfriend received a phone call that our other NEW desk was in, AGAIN! Not expecting much due to our previous let downs she tried to schedule a new delivery date with the woman on the phone. Since we both had already taken off work numerous times for Value City, we could not be home and wait for a delivery that may or may not happen due to the lack of communication between the store and warehouse. I began to tell her what we had been through with the company and mid sentence I was cut off by the woman on the phone who said, “Listen, we only deliver to your town on Saturday. The next Saturday delivery date we have is May 19, 2012.” I processed this quietly to myself on the other end of the phone, feeling defeated and let down yet again but at a loss for what to do or say next. I responded by saying, “Well, I guess that is my only option.” To this the woman quickly replied, “Yes, May 19th will be your delivery date- have a great day!”

It is now mid May and we are without a new desk. We are hopeful that it will come this Saturday but are bracing ourselves for the worst. I have never in my life experienced such poor customer service and lack of not only competence but unwillingness to help. We explored every option to seek assistance and or guidance after our terrible experience- visiting the store, trying to contact a manager (who never returned our calls), contacting the warehouse, and, trying to reach the corporate office. All of these outlets were unresponsive. The reason for this letter is to warn anyone who is thinking of purchasing anything from Value City.

My girlfriend and I both work in an industry where consumers are regarded with the utmost respect and for a company that stops at nothing to do what it takes to be sure our customers are satisfied. It is extremely disheartening to know that there will be Value City customers in the future who will have to endure the same unnecessary experience we have.

I strongly believe that in order to succeed in business there most be open communication, with a willingness to help along with a strong sense of urgency. Value City of Lakewood, NJ STRONGLY lacks all of these qualities. It is with great hope that this letter will force Value City to step back and re-evaluate how their store is run to help create a smoother process in the future. After all, in this tough economy people want to get to the most for their hard earned money, and we all should.

Juan Cuervo
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-14:
I don't understand how your g-friend didn't notice that the delivery driver was bringing in the wrong furniture? When he was setting it up in the room. how did she not notice?
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-05-14:
I agree with Reneh2, when your girlfriend signed off on the delivery sheet, that indicated acceptance of the furniture. All the problems since then, originated with her failure to observe that the furniture set up was not the furniture ordered. If she had said something then, the delivery company could have taken it back that day, and you would receive the right product within a few weeks.

The other solution would be to see if you could take the furniture back to the warehouse yourself, in order to expedite getting the right furniture--and pick up the correct furniture at that time. Sometimes, it is easier to do things yourself, then rely on the delivery companies.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-14:
When we had furniture delivered (different Co) I noticed a scratch on the table as soon as the delivery guys bought it in. They took it right back and bought me a new one the same day.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-14:
My, you certainly have been through an ordeal.
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Biggest rip off
Posted by Tqnguyen1965 on 04/27/2012
GREEN BROOK, NEW JERSEY -- We signed the contract and paid in full for a set of power reclining sofas. A day later we were contacted by the sales person saying the price was only for manual reclining and that power recline would be $309 more. We had to cancel the contract because they were not willing to "eat the loss". I looked these people up on Better Business Bureau and they had an awful rating! I should have done that in the first place and saved myself the heart ache. The manager actually said to me that I was threatening him when I said I would post my experience on-line. I don't do threats. I just hope this posting helps other people/consumers.
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Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2012-04-27:
Very helpful review. It seems like you handled this very well and I agree that you didn't threaten him, you just said what you were going to do (which you did do as seen with the post here).
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-04-27:
What was the total price on the contract for the set of power reclining sofas? If the price was too good to be true a $309.00 loss might have honestly put them in the red on your particular sale. Agreed, the salesperson royally messed up. If the price quoted you would have made them *break even* with no profit whatsoever that's one thing. Add another $309.00 and a business person would have had to ask himself if it was worth $309.00 to his business to keep a customer happy.

I was not privy to the actual conversation between you and the manager so I don't know what was said. He might have taken it as a threat and you took it as a promise because you didn't get the signed contract price. AND, don't pay much attention to BBB. If you belong and pay your membership fees nothing, to my knowledge, is ever mentioned in a derogatory manner. They lost their credibility many years ago because of that practice.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2012-04-27:
NoHandle, I've tried to look at complaints made at the BBB website, but I can only see that complaints have been made against certain companies, but not the actual complain.

I'm going to be filing one (and on Angie's list as well) against a company soon. I wanted to see if others experienced what I did based on the complaints on the BBB.
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-04-27:
Drag up a chair and let us chat Steve. I don't personally have anything against BBB but a rep wanting our company to sign on a membership, somewhat costly, boasted he could tell me anything about a company. Fine, I gave him the name of a well known local company and he ran a search. His results were absolutely pristine and this was with BBB. Thank you, but no. Everyone in this area was fed up with the company. They had sent complaints to BBB since they knew the company was a member. Nothing appeared of an unfavorable nature. Wonder why?

You guessed it. That same company owed my company a sizeable amount. Promise after promise for payment which had gone on for months and all we wanted was to be paid. Our calls were ignored after a while and nothing but a answering machine. We learned our lesson and after nearly a year were paid. They even took a 2% prompt pay discount. Talk about nerve.

Nope, I don't give any value to BBB. If you are a member nothing is shared of an unfavorable nature. Do what you wish with that information.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-04-27:
The BBB *can* be useful when a company *isn't* a member. I have had them resolve complaints for me against multiple companies and I recovered several hundreds of dollars.

I do agree that is companies are members of the BBB, they somehow earn crystal clean ratings even though they have hundreds of complaints. Therefore, when I see "A" or "A+" I pretty much throw it out as useless information. When I see "C-" or "F" that is a completely different matter.

As to this complaint, it sounds like the salesperson made a mistake. I don't see why the store should "eat the loss" though.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2012-04-27:
NoHandle, I appreciate the information. When they came in for their sales pitch, they said there was only 1 complaint against them (unresolved) on the BBB and explained the circumstances (making it sounds like a foolish complaint). My complaint against this company would make it 2 complaints, and I feel mine is legit.

I'm not going to post it here quite yet, since I am getting a lawyer involved. Once everything does get resolved, I may post it here, but will absolutely post on BBB and most importantly, Angie's List.
Posted by Value City Furniture Feedback on 2012-05-01:
I would like to start with saying I am sorry for any inconvenience you have had. I do see that your sale was entered for a Power Sofa and a Manual Loveseat. You were given the manual sofa and manual loveseat Pricing. However for your troubles and our error we will be happy to honor the pricing and reinstate your original sale. Please feel free to email me at Feedback@valuecitynj.com with any questions or concerns. I would also like you to know that the Value City Furnitures in New Jersey are a different company from the other Value City Furniture/department stores that are located in several other states and the BBB reviews that you are reading are for the other company. Once agian if there is anything else I can help you with please feel free to contact us.
Posted by broken furniture on 2013-03-20:
I would like to add that had I gone on line and looked at reviews I wouldnt have bought furniture from Value City. I am in new Jersey and just received my furniture a week ago and the problems have started....They delivered the couch and I tested to make sure it wasn't falling apart (i should have had an inspector here to check it). As I was sitting on couch it felt like I was leaning to one side so I had others check it out without saying anything to them and they said the same thing. So we started checking it out and there were several problems so a technician was sent out and said nothing was wrong and it was up to factory standards. So I had someone with furniture knowledge take a look at it and good thing I did because not only was the couch damaged but it could have burnt down the house because there were two staples going through the power cord which made it past the factory inspector, the installer and the technician. Now I'm stuck with a broken new couch that I didn't even have for a week. I don't want their broken furniture in my house to have person after person to come and check it out I WANT IT OUT.....
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Crappy Customer Warranty Service
Posted by Nikkiweston777 on 02/01/2012
FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- I originally purchased my furniture from Sterling (who's been great from day 1). Within a few months, the chaise and lounge cushion has sunk in. So I called the warranty customer service for repair. The lady told me that there were only 2 days available for service (Monday or Thursday) that was but couldn't give me a time, stating the technician will call me a few days before. I never recived a call . The day that the technician was suppose to arrive, it was well into the afternoon and I had to call to find out what was going on which they told me to call Sterling who had to call them to ask the same question about my service.

When a replacement set came, someone left a message on Monday (1-30-12). stating that a technician will come out sometime this week. Call me crazy but I'm suppose to take the whole week off of work and wait for a technician?? I called and the repair customer service couldn't find my order, gave me a few more numbers to call which routed back to Falls Church. I got fed up and called Sterling office for help since they've helped me out before. The Sterling office had to call them and find out for me what day they are suppose to come out.

The Sterling office was able to find out what day and didn't know the time. I was randomly scheduled for Wednesday by Value City. So if I didn't call, I would never know when the technician was coming and on top of that, it wasn't at customer convenience. (Pretty much - be there sucker because I told you so or you stuff isn't going to be fixed.)

Sterling couldn't reschedule for me so they gave me the invoice number so I can call Falls Church back and set something up that would work for me. I tried to call and was told that there was only one representative available and she was soooo busy that she will contact me back (this was at 4pm). Guess what? No surprise that I haven't received a call, going on day 2.

Seriously, I would think VCF would want to work with the customer's schedule instead of basically saying "thank you for buying from us but you will be treated like crap afterwards and we don't care about your working schedule. You either be there when we tell you or you are SOL."

I never had a bad experience before and always tell people that it was worth it. I guess it was only in Michigan (they rock) because it's definitely not here in Virginia.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-02-03:
You could drop Value City an e-mail via http://www.vcf.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/contactus_10155_-1_10052 to let them know you are dissatisfied with their repair service and that you are spreading the word about the problems you've encountered.
Posted by Value City Furniture on 2012-02-06:
I am very sorry you are going through this and want to help. Please email us at vcf.facebookfans@vcf.com. We will begin to work with you to resolve this issue ASAP.
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Lost table
Posted by Janette.sellman on 01/30/2012
ESSEX, MARYLAND -- I bought a whole livingroom set and 2 wooden tables for my basement. When ALL the furniture was delivered (except one of the wooden tables)and set up. I asked about the second table that was paid for. They said the people in the store couldn't find it. I wanted to take 2 of them at the time of order, but they wouldn't let me. Now I am missing a table and they don't sell them any more. They can't find one anywhere. They had to have sold the table I already paid for to someone else. Next time I'm taking what ever it is right off the showroom floor before they have time to sell to another person.
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Posted by Value City Furniture on 2012-01-31:
I am so sorry that happened and definitely want to help. I work for Value City Furniture and manage their social channels. Please email me at vcf.facebookfans@vcf.com. I will get your information to our corporate customer service team asap. Thanks again!
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Complete lack of Customer Service & questionable billing practices
Posted by 7pinblues on 05/06/2011
FLORENCE, KENTUCKY -- Spend almost $5,000 on 3/27/11, asked about 12 months same as cash and told yes so I put $3,000 in cash down w/balance 12 months same as cash. Told set would be delivered 4/20/11. Most of the set was delivered on 4/20, but missing parts and mattress cover which I paid extra for. I called right away and was told they had to check with the driver. Received call back, couldn't reach driver but, had a mattress cover that I could come and get. I was told they would follow up on the shelves. A week later someone called to verify that we were waiting for the shelves. When I called again on April 29 I was told to call Customer Service at the Tri-County Ohio store. I did, after being bounced around and on hold more for a while, I hung up & called the store that I purchased from and told them to call customer service at Tri-County & find out what was going on and call me back which they did and was put on hold AGAIN, then told that the Customer Service Manager was going to investigate but would be out Monday and that I would receive a call on Tuesday, May 3rd which came and went with no call. I called AGAIN on May 5th, I guess an unhappy customer still doesn't warrant a manager's time.. After a few minutes customer Service gets back on the phone to tell me that they ordered the shelves and they would be delivered and installed on MAY 27th, 2 months after purchase! I told them I didn't need the shelves installed and was asked if I wanted to pick them up then. Are you kidding me! I've already had to go back 3 times for various reasons having to do with this purchase. At this point, I think the customer service manager should deliver personally. If that's not enough, I gave $3,000 as the down payment and they verified my VCF Credit Card for the 12mos same as cash and charged me the entire amount right then. I called next day & told them to either give me 13 months same as cash for balance or take if off card because it would be a month before I took possession of any product. Then I receive a bill with minimum payment AND reflected a higher interest rate than it should've been based on when my account was opened. These rates were defined on the receipt. When calling customer service about the 12 months same as cash and why the minimum payment, I was told the salesperson must have misunderstood! Then I asked about the interest rate and they had no response at all. Since I will pay if off before then I didn't push the issue. I'm so disgusted with VCF! When advertising, in addition to stating they cut out the middle man, they should also disclose that they've cut out customer service also.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-07:
There are a number of complaints about this company here and on other sites similar to yours. The customer service at many of their locations seems to be extremely poor. Thanks for your warning.
Posted by Beth on 2012-09-13:
Value City customer service is retarded. They wouldn't talk to me about when bill is due or how much, since Im not my spouse, my spouse calls them and they note the account that they can talk to me. I call them back to get info (to pay bill) and they still wont give me any info. like how much the minumum balance is or anything. bunch of idiots. Call husband back and told him i spoke with Amber and he said thats the same girl he spoke with yesterday that was supposed to note the account.
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Cheap Furniture plus insurance plan is scam
Posted by Katiedog on 05/04/2011
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- My mother bought a recliner that was broke down within two months. She is 89 years old so it was not abused. She bought the insurance and they refused to abide by that as well.

My sister bought a love seat and chair which the cushions were totally done for within one month. Again the insurance was paid for with no results.

This company is horrible and their products are cheap and do not last more than one month.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-05:
Value City is a bargain furniture store. Sometimes it's better to pay a bit more to get a better product.
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