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Mortgage fraud
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MARYVILLE, FLORIDA -- I have a complaint against Vanderbilt Bank. I have the payments drafted biweekly. I receive a statement every month. With that statement comes a coupon where I can send in an extra payment. On this coupon, it says “Your account will automatically draft as agreed. Please use this form to make an additional payment by mail if desired.” I used this form to make an additional payment. They used this additional payment as a customer payment instead of an additional payment and did not draft out the normal payment. When I asked about this, customer service said that it had to be more or less than the actual payment for the coupon to work. This was done on 20 NOV 2009. The second time I used it, the same thing happened. Only I put in over double the amount of the drafted payment. This time I was told by customer service that it had to be under the amount of the drafted payment. This was done on 24 DEC 2009. When I asked them to fix it, they said it was too late and could not fix it. So I tried again being under the amount of the drafted payment. I was $4.89 dollars shy of the drafted payment to make sure that it was not used as a customer payment. Vanderbilt still used it as a customer payment and did not take out the drafted payment as they were supposed to. They added on negative $4.98 dollars to make it work. This was on 27 DEC 2010. When I asked about what happened, customer service got me in contact with the accountant. I asked the accountant what happened and she asked me if I had put for PBO only on the check. I said no because it had said that the coupon took care of that. She laughed at me and told me to put PBO on the check. I asked her to correct this problem. This is how she corrected it. She took the next draft payment and took it off and used it all for the Principle balance. She however did not draft out the payment to replace it. This left me short two payments. She did not remove the negative $4.98 as I hsd asked. This raised up the amount of interest that I owed. It also took away from my escrow, making it where there would not be enough to pay the insurance. I asked how I could make extra payments. I was told that I had to go online and get a special coupon, print it out and use it to make extra payments. The side effects of the extra payments was that it messed up the schedule of the drafted payments. The payments was every two weeks on a Wednesday. Then it changed to Thursday, then it changed to Friday. I never knew when the next draft would take place. I got mad and went to the BBB. I made my case and BBB accepted my case and contacted Vanderbilt. That got their attention. All of the things that customer service said that could not be fixed was fixed. I used the new coupons with no trouble until 22 JUN 2012. They did it again. They used the extra payment as a customer payment and did not draft out the regular payment as they were supposed to. When I asked why, I was told because it was too close to the draft date and it cancelled out the draft. The funny thing is that the first draft was taken out on 20 JUN 2012 and they received my extra payment on 22 JUN 2012. It does not matter what date the extra payment is posted or when the next draft payment is due, this should not happen. When I asked customer service to correct this, she suggested that I use a phone check. The phone check has a $10.00 fee attached to it. I told her no. When I told her that I was going to call her manager, she found a way to fix the problem fast. If I cannot use the coupon sent to me every month and I cannot use the coupon from online, then how can I make extra payments? I was also sent an amortization. I cannot pay off the interest either by regular payment or by extra payments. I will even pay interest on my last payment. Is this legal? I was told by a customer service member that there was no magic way for me to make extra payments. I have tried BBB, CCA, HUD, and other organizations, but to no avail. Vanderbilt will not respond to them or to me. The main question is this, the coupon that is sent with the statement is misleading. The coupon says it is to be used to make additional payments, but when used, it is not accepted as that way. There is nothing on the statement or the coupon that says not to use this coupon or how to make additional payments. Why, then, send this coupon with the statement? Why not send the other coupon that I was told to use? The other coupon is more specific. It has on it ***PBO*** in bold print. But when used it was still used for customer payment instead of extra payment. No matter what I do, I am lied to by the customer service personnel. They try very hard for me not to put the extra payment on the Principle Balance.
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Alain on 08/08/2012:
You can make an official complaint about this bank's practices via
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Posted by on
MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I wish someone would have told me about these people. They are rude mean nasyt ppl. My house payment is 13days late. I call to tell them I was going to make my payment next Friday. They told me to go get the money from family r friends. They also told me 2 go and pawn some items out my house 2 get the money. They ask me what other bills I have. Who pay my bills? Are those bills behind 2? I told them I had 2 pay my light bill. She told me that I was not responsible. I should have made my house payment frist. She said I need the house to have lights. They ask me personal question. I ask them is my house in forecloser already. They keep avoiding my question. By telling me I'm putting my problems on other ppl and that I don't know how to handle my business. I also ask them is that how they talk to ppl. I only call to make payment arrangements and they made me feel like I was the lows thing on this earth. These ppl talk to me as if I was a dog. Something really need to be done about this company. I'm still shock how these ppl actionly talk to me. Some of the things I rather not put on here cause when I think about it it brings tears to my eyes. They said some mean rude nasty things to me. :-( I can't believe they told me to go and reapply for disability for my child. I have been out of work for 3yrs due 2 my child being ill and going through multiple surgery. He told me I should have been back to work 2yrs ago. They ask you personal question you give them the answer and they give you smart remarks. I hope no one else go through what I went through with theses ppl. I'm deeply hurt by all of this.
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Alain on 10/29/2011:
Give Blount County Family Assistance a call at 981-2350. They can direct you to someone that can help you work out this problem.
At Your Service on 10/30/2011:
Really good response Alain.

As unfortunate as your circumstances may be, I would always get the mortgage payment in on time.

I really hope everything works out okay for your family.
claiborne on 02/10/2012:
They can't do foreclosure LEGALLY until you miss a couple pmts to be exact look on your closing papers. I'm sorry they treated you this way...don't take it personally bc they do it to EVERYONE. don't worry about them if you are not more than a month behind.
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Vanderbilt Mortgage needs to have a class action lawsuit against them!
Posted by on
My husband and I purchased a mobile home 4 years ago. Little did we know that this company was so unprofessional. I work for Bank of America short sales and I know how all the modifications and deed in lieu and foreclosure process works. These people are the rudest people you will ever come in contact with. You never hear them emphasize with you when you tell them the trouble you are having. I called them today to see about a modifications. The representative told me that they did not send us a letter offering any type of assistance and told me I was lying. I then faxed the letter to her and then called her back. Her response was...she never got it! Imagine that! Well needless to say I have the letter and I am going to pursue this to the highest I can get. They need a class action lawsuit brought against them and I'm just the one to get it started! Dave from VMF hung up on me when I called back for the 3rd time. Said he didn't have time for games. Not sure of what games I was playing when I was trying to get help on my mortgage. My home where my children lay there heads at night. Maybe Dave doesn't have kids just a dog that he keeps tied up out back. Whos with me?
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trmn8r on 06/13/2011:
What would be the basis of this class action lawsuit?

How has the company wronged you in a manner that would make them liable for damages? Do you have evidence others have experienced the same issue?
clutzycook on 06/14/2011:
Just goes to show you that BOA isn't the only bank around here messing with people and their mods.
Dawn on 02/13/2013:
They did the same to me.. However it took me about 2 weeks to get to the bottom of it. They are crooked and inconsistent. They lack professionalism especially the managers. I spoke with Mike, a manager at least that's what he called himself about 4 times to fix my account. I had to get my lawyer involved and that's when the document they sent to me was honored.
jbow on 11/19/2013:
I would be interested in your class action suit against VMF
goforthdavid88 on 12/31/2013:
I would like to see a class action lawsuit
Kenneth on 02/15/2014:
Back in the year 2000 I decided to buy a mobile home from Clayton mobile homes aka Vanderbilt mortgage.I bought a 16 by 80 home I made my payments on time for 3 years my contract was set up for 212 dollars every 2 weeks for 11 years I got a new job with a car company supplier my check was made by direct deposit like so many people in this economy I live check to check so one week when my mortgage was due my check was supposed to be deposited but it didn't go in until the next day my payment was late guess what happened next. My contract was void due to late payment which automatically put me on a monthly payment of 545 dollars a month for 15 years.In the past years I've been late only two times and they threatened foreclosure and were rude calling people who were my neighbors ,still to this day I have no idea of how they got their numbers.I would be more than happy to assists you in a class action lawsuit, company's like this should not exists in this country.My tax dollars bailed out these banks in their time of need,but in my time of need I get threats and harassment I'm tired of these company's getting away with these practices the government should step in and make things right it was they who took our money to save these sorry excuses for human beings.
Debbie on 07/15/2014:
I am very interested in joining a class action suit with you against vmf. please let me know as they are ripping me off royally!!!!
g e n e v i e v e on 09/14/2014:
Im with u on that...rude they r
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I have had enough of Vanderbilt Mortgage
Posted by on
MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Where do I start with these low life's. Lets see I got a loan for 38,000 on my home 4 years ago. So that means I have been paying 525 a month for 4 maybe 5 years now. Do you know how much they say I owe them still an no its not a interest only loan,38,500 more than the dam loan. That's just for starters, they call as many as 5 to 6 times a day cellphone, work phone, house, an yes even search to see what neighbors were around me, got their numbers an told them to give me a message they called. None of my neighbors are on my list of contacts so they had no right calling them. when you do call them back an actually get a hold of someone, they are the most unprofessional rude, have no idea what they are doing people I have ever talked to. You can call them back the same day an talk to someone else they give you a totally different answer. Here is the best part for many months they have not been applying my money sent to the account, straight to unapplied funds...They even went so far to send me repo papers an gave me a court date to appear to try an save my home. They sent me papers stating that I qualify for help an to call such an such number for assistance. We call an guess what they say they have no programs like that. Well I got the money by using my entire paycheck an my wife's paycheck an borrowed the rest to get it caught up to what they say I owed them. We sent it via USPS certified mail an overnight shipping, they signed for it an never applied the money to the account, still in unapplied funds. Then we finally get a call from somebody that actually knows something an she says that we are currently 3 payments ahead not behind an haven't been behind, has no record of the repo papers that was sent an nobody there has ever seen an account screwed up as much as mine an the worst part nobody knows what 2 do. Besides this they totally destroyed my credit. So all the complaints here I will have you to know that I am suing them for the most I can possibly get from them. I requested the payment history an I have an as well as many other people never seen such a f***ed up mess in all my life. I always thought the more you pay on something the less it costs not my home....I hope they have to change the name from Vanderbilt Mortgage to Williamsen Mortgage the S. O.Bs..Oh another thing they like to hold your money orders to the day after the due date that way they can get late fees on it as well....I have lots of other things I could put down but you get the point..STAY AWAY FROM THESE SORRY S. O.Bs!!!!!!!
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saj80 on 09/21/2010:
Sounds like a negative amortization loan; you need to have your loan documents reviewed by a real estate attorney.
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They Should Have a Legal Suit Against Them
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- This company has no morals or empathy for their clients and should be shut down. They have been harassing me and has even gone as far as calling my neighbors, when I don't even have there number. How embarrassing!

I have talked to them a lot and they call back in three days to ask the same thing over and over. Yes, I have been late but they have always gottne their money. I always pay them by money gram. These people either get paid a lot or they just don't care.

I myself, could not sleep at night knowing I have done that to someone. I sent a money gram and wrote in there, do not call my neighbors they do it anyway. I don't know what law books they are going by but that's harassment and I can get them for that, as anyone else on this page that they are doing this to, can as well.

I had one lady tell me I could not send some money now and then the rest when I get paid. Um...I hate to tell her that's them refusing a payment from me and would not look good in court at all on their part. I think the judge will be a little more understanding to the reason I have been behind since I have been taking care of a dying husband and had to give up my job for a while. He is now in a nursing facilitation, so I can go back to work and having two young kids in the house as well. So, when I go back to work I will have their money before then, we shall see.

I even had one tell me that if I file bankruptcy that I had to include everything. I asked her if she was a lawyer and informed her, yes you can file bankruptcy.

It sounds like they need to either clean house our maybe they need to file bankruptcy themselves.

I have a friend that has been in the renting and selling homes for years and I trust him. I called them from his phone one time and now they think they can keep calling his number. No one gave them permission to do that, so be careful everyone if you use someone's phone, they will call it too. They ask me if this is a good contact number and I said no. Again, they are working themselves up to a lawsuit.... good luck everyone if anyone what's to take them to court I am game for it.
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Nic on 07/01/2014:
It took a little digging online, but I found out: They don't care how they treat people because they are rewarded with a bonus depending upon how much money they bring in within the month. So they call nonstop to harass, lie, degrade, yell, interrupt, ask personal questions, use scare tactics and are rude beyond belief just to get that extra money. I'd rather be polite for free and go to bed knowing I am a good person than treat people the way they do to get a bonus. But, Vanderbilt teaches their employees the opposite and rewards that behavior. Very sad.
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Rude Account Representatives At VMF
Posted on
TENNESSEE -- I received a call from a representative named "Shawn" who didn't say "Please call Vanderbilt"; he said, "I EXPECT you to call Vanderbilt Mortgage." He called 10 minutes later and asked for me. He asked me why my payment was late. I told him I would send it out at the end of the week. He demanded to know why it wasn't in on the 1st. I said I had other things to take care of. He demanded to know what I had to pay before the mortgage and I said it was none of his business, and I told him that I had already called and left a note with someone else saying when it would be paid. He started yelling at me, and then he put someone else on, who said, "Your mortgage is due on the 1st, not after. We don't give grace periods." Which is funny, because I've always paid between the 1st and the 10th without any problems from them. I told them that if I was past the 15th, there'd be a late charge. She said, "Just because we don't charge a late fee until then doesn't mean there's a grace period." She started to threaten me with, "You'd better have it in by the 1st of the month from now on or else." She was so rude and loud that I had to hang up on her. I called back immediately and asked for her supervisor. I told the supervisor that no one has the right to talk to me the way "Shawn" and this woman did.

I don't know if they thought I was going to meekly give in to that kind of abuse, but if they did, they were sadly mistaken.
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Doesn't Care About The Customer
Posted by on
MARYVILLE,, TENNESSEE -- My husband and I have been with Vanderbilt since 2003. At first were satisfied with Vanderbilt, we made our payments on time each and every month never late or nothing. Alright, then my husband's father passed away, we had to cover the funeral expenses, then my husband hurts his back and off from work over 2 months, then I had two small children, therefore not able to work full time anymore. Alright, since things are getting a little tougher my husband and I thought we would save a little extra money by transferring from a biweekly payment to a monthly payment. My husbands call and speaks to one lady at Vanderbilt, she said that would be fine and our payments would not go over $800.00. After that we get a letter in the mail our mortgage payments are over $800.00, alright, then later they go up to $900.00, then come down to $700.00 by decreasing and rewriting the insurance on the home. At the end, our mobile home notes go back up to $800.00. And now, my husband and I are 2 months past due, and we don't know what to do. No one that we know is refinancing mobile homes, and if you are not living in a mansion lenders really do not want to talk with you. We have tried to talk with Vanderbilt on several occasions about a loan modification, extension of payment, or a forbearance. They do not want to work with us. All Vanderbilt does is call every other day and demand the money, then they tell us if we don't have the money in the office by a certain day they are going to foreclose on the home. They threaten to foreclose on the home even if we are just 5 or 6 days late. This company is unrealistic, they need to care for the customers and not just money. Everyone is having troublesome times, due to the economy and other situations in their lives. Companies like Vanderbilt they do not care at all. As of right now, my husband and I don't really know what to do. We like our place but we are constantly struggling to make ends meet and plus pay the mortgage note. We just need help, but no one to turn to. We have been told that we can file a lawsuit against Vanderbilt for going up our notes due to us having a fixed rate. We haven't decided yet.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 12/09/2010:
Unfortunately you signed an agreement (contract) with them and they are not obligated to modify your loan. Times are tough for everyone but the bank didn't cause your hardship. They are also trying to stay out of hardships of their own.
Alain on 12/10/2010:
Mortgage companies are not known for being particularly caring about the problems of their customers when they are having problems. They are more concerned with collecting their money. You probably should have talked to them face to face about this and not tried to do this over the phone. Look in your Yellow Pages or online and find an attorney that will give you a free consultation. They will tell you up front if they can help you or not and how much they will charge if they can be of assistance.
deborah sanders on 04/23/2012:
I am also with Vanderbilt Mortgage company and I agree with every thing that I have read about them. I had one of their representatives call the person that wsa renting our home and said , you are paying them and they are not making the payment's. the only thing is the renter was not paying on time when she paid us we sent in the payment. I say Shut Down Vanderbilt Mortgage Company.
toni scott on 02/20/2014:
Vanderbilt has the worst customer service. they are should be shut down
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Bloodhounds at work!!
Posted by on
MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Please read all reviews on this site and other sites and stay away from them.
Our nightmare started in 2007 when we purchased a home form them. They are the most rude people I have ever come into contact with.
Back in 2008 I lost my job twice due to a layoff and on the VMF website they do have a section that is called "Foreclosure prevention" so we asked for a deferment and a loan modification due to my financial situation. Which were denied yest we were asked to pay more each month to get caught up again. I went form about $3000 per month to 1150 per month as income and the mortgage is $1190 per month, so go figure how I would be able to pay more?? I do not want to go through a foreclosure yet these people do not help you out at all. Anyway I was able to get caught up and pay the monies that were owed. Now I did find work yet my income is less than half from what I was making and I had some major bills to pay. So I asked them to just defer 1 month and of course the answer was NO and I had get rude remarks to the extend that my Home should be more important than any medical or car issues, yet if I don't have a car I can not get to work and won't be able to pay anything. I was told to go and find the money somehow to go borrow it. Just very rude and unprofessional. I know a few people in my neighbor hood that have not made payments for close to 1 year on their homes and I don not want to go that route at all but these Animals at VMF are driving me crazy. They need to be stopped ad they need to be willing to help people out
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/30/2009:
HOW did you get financed for a home that nearly cost HALF your salary? I don't know that there is anything you can do. I am not going to beat you up cause you already know you got a problem.

I honestly don't know what to tell you....Do you have any equity in your home that you can used to refinance with?
Don't Use Vanderbilt on 08/28/2010:
I totally understand your frustration. Jennifer Bosser suggested to me that I borrow it from my family and even asked me if I could get it from my church! I told her that if I could borrow it from someone that I would have done that. I really wanted to say that if she expected me to go out and prositute for it, that it wasn't going to happen. But that's just how ridiculous they get!
raven2010 on 08/28/2010:
Suggesting sources of income such as family, friends, Church, etc is SOP in a collection situation. Nothing wrong with that at all/
Patchesgirl8 on 06/23/2012:
I have filed a complaint with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. Their rating there is Good with no problems.. PLEASE everyone with complaints send them to the BBB!!!!!!!!!!!! Am considering Bankruptcy.
chinook on 06/02/2013:
I phoned vmf to let them know that I would be sending a check in two days and was informed that my house payment was already in collections and we weren't even a week late. They say that there is no grace period which we had no idea about. We are going to refinance next spring and get away from these vulchers. Then they tell you that there is no late fee until the 15th of the month, Now why is there no grace period when you do not pay a late fee until 2 weeks later go figure.
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Worst People in the World!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TENNESSEE -- My family and I were only 10 days late with a payment first time ever late. We both got called twice a day every day for a week until we made payment then charged double late fee...! They harassed us asking if we can barrow from friend or family, and get a payday loan even! They call from their house n can hear his wife yelling at kids that are screaming!! Really? Why don't you see if you people can barrow some respect and honor!! A 125,000 loan and they trapped us as first time buyers, and we are paying 300,000 back..we are disabled and have a fixed income with two small children. They gave us hope n a dream that came true, but took it all away with the aggressive loan and harassment!
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Cwazychicken on 06/15/2014:
Thats what loans do. They make you pay back double. And if you dont pay on time they harass you and charge more....Sadly this is how everything works when it comes to borrowing money you don't have. Rich can afford it but the poor get in trouble with loans.
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Too Stupid To Function And Heartless
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- My husband and I are purchasing a foreclosed home under Vanderbilt Mortgage. Our loan IS NOT through them but they own the home. We signed an agreement and received a closing date. Fourteen days before we are scheduled to close, my husband and I turned in our 30 day notice to our landlords. We paid for April's full month of rent so we had time to fix a few boo boos the home encountered during our four year NEVER A DAY LATE on rent house. (Holes dug due to our dogs and painting the base boards we nicked with furniture and our toddlers toys.)

Apparently Vanderbilt is too stupid to check their titles to the homes they purchase (God forbid they actually read things) and due to THEIR negligence we have to wait for the title to be fixed. We had a signed contract stating we will be moved in on a certain date but could possibly be 5 days earlier or 5 days later than the listed closing date which was okay with us. However, now we are 8 days past and still no luck with the title being fixed. I thought things were hopeless UNTIL I faxed, emailed, and forwarded texts and the contract to a Real Estate Attorney. Lets just say whether we get that home or another it will be at THEIR expense.

I have never been a "sue happy" person but after being treated like crap this will be extremely gratifying. I also received permission from my attorney to forward all listed above info to our local news stations. Maybe now dealerships will think twice before using these jack wagons for loans!
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