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Harassing Phone Calls, Balance of Loan Not Going Down, Refinance!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
THORNTON -- Do not take a loan out with Vanderbilt mortgage!
I have a had loan with Oakwood, then Vanderbilt for 12yrs, the balance of the loan is going nowhere after 12yrs. I get paid on the 5th and I have told this to the rude customer service reps at Vanderbilt for years, yet they still keep calling numerous times also calling in under unknown numbers and sometimes not even leaving a message. There calls are harassing! I don't understand why we as manufactured homes owners are treated differently when trying to refinance our homes. We go to work, pay or bill and put our pants on the same way as every other mortgage paying American but we can refinance. I'm so sick of hearing the president says to refinance has he every tried refinancing a manufactured home?
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trmn8r on 06/18/2012:
Loan balances change in very predictable ways, depending on whatever the terms of the loan (interest rate, kind of amortization, etc) are. If you have documented a discrepancy, there should be some agency like an attorney general or something to alert. You would have to demonstrate exactly how it fails to match the amortization and payments, however.

Refinancing isn't a "given". When you take out a loan, you agree to whatever the terms are. *If* you can refinance, great. Good luck.

Susan on 06/18/2012:
You state that you get paid on the 5th of the month and have been telling this to the rude customer service reps for years. What is the due date for your payment on the contract you signed? If it is before the 5th then you have been paying late for years and racking up add'l interest and late fees that is most likely the reason you are receiving collection calls and the balance on your loan is not decreasing.
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Unprofessional Company
Posted on
My husband and I bought our home from Clayton Homes, AKA Vanderbilt Mortgage, in October 2008. Since that time, we have paid a lot into our home, our issue with them is that they are extremely rude, almost to the point of making demands and threats, of foreclosing, taking our home. We have been behind on our payments, and we know that we owe the payments to them. However we have tried hard to stay up to date. We had to file chapter 13, about a year ago, in an attempt to save our home. We made a decision to drop our chapter 13, and pay Vanderbilt, around $7000 on our loan, in one large payment. Our tax refund paid them. Well everything went good for a while, and they raised our payments. What was a fixed rate, they changed to an adjustable rate. which raised our payment from $805 to around $1000. so we had to spend $1295 to hire a legal firm who does loan modifications. Well Vanderbilt did agree to a 6 month modification, but we have had a hard time with the payments, as of now, we are one month behind. Needless to say, they are being demanding and hateful again, as the 6 months ends soon. I know they are entitled to their money, but they need to realize that folks are having money problems in this modern age. They need to be more helpful in finding workable solutions with their customers, and do less complaining.
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Worst Mortgage Company Out There: Vanderbilt Mortgage
Posted by on
MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Vanderbilt Mortgage truly has the worst customer service possible. I agree with the other complaints listed. They call and harass you even if your payment is one day late; even though, the statement says you have 10 days. I paid my loan on time for almost 10 years, but when I suffered a lay off during the recession my payment got behind. Every company I owed, even the company who had my auto loan, has been more than helpful and understanding. Vanderbilt representatives, Jennifer Blosser, Sherry Harrison, and Kate Barker are all poor excuses for customer service and management.

I totally understand that they have a job to do; however, they really seem to enjoy getting an attitude and voicing smart remarks. I can see now from reading all the other complaints that they do this with everyone. At one point in time, I really wondered if it was just me. They call and make threats, they lie about being able to assist you if possible, and they lie about what legal action they can take at what time in order to scare you. This has been the worst experience ever. Before my layoff, I had never gotten behind on bills so I didn't know what to do or how to handle it. Needless to say, Vanderbilt made it unbearable.
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Alain on 08/29/2010:
Contact the Tennessee Consumer Affairs Division via or call (615) 741-4737 or (800) 342-8385 and see if they can help you with this.
lYNNETTE on 11/24/2011:
how can we who are in financial trouble get help to fight Vanderbilt Mortgage? They are verbally abusive ,condensending,and threating.
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The worst mortgage company
Posted by on
MARYVILLE,, TENNESSEE -- I just had to respond to your other reviews... This is the worst company we have ever had to deal with. They get there monthly note, but when you have trouble and call them for extensions or help of any kind you are told in many was they can't help you. My husband was laid off in Jan. and we have kept up with the notes but when we had trouble and calle for a extension we was told no, This company has called us when a note was due, 2 days after and would continue to call everyday 3 to 4 times a day. They have gone as far as finding our home and locating our neighbor and calling him and asking him to give us a message. I have been yelled at by them, called a liar, told that they didn't care about our problems, just pay it or get out. After a major hurricane hit us(Katrina) and almost took our mobile home this comapny sit on our insurance money and gave us what they thought we needed as we needed to repair our home. Didn't matter that we was living in the yard in a tent. Not once did they ever ask if we needed help or was there anything they could do....There only concern was there payment. They call and they call and they call... There has to be something that can be done to companies like this one. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY< YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DO......
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User Replies:
Eloise on 07/08/2009:
I'm sorry but there is just something 'off' about this review.

tired of vanderbilt on 07/09/2009:
please by all ,means ask any questions you may want to ask.....OFF... what might that mean...
Eloise on 07/09/2009:
I'm having a hard time believing that they contacted your neighbor. Why would your neighbors do that?

"this comapny sit on our insurance money and gave us what they thought we needed as we needed to repair our home."
Are they your insurance company too? If not what did you think they should have done? I really don't think they are their to hold your hand.

In regards to the phone calls I completely agree this number of calls is overboard. In today's economic climate it maybe hard for the company to extend payments. (With so many people out of work and needing/wanting extensions too)
The company might be in financial need just as you are.
Anonymous on 07/09/2009:
I think you are being harassed unmercifully by this company. I'm not even sure if that's legal. I'm sure someone on this site may. Many years ago, my husband and I knew we were going to be late on a mortgage payment. We called the bank and they were more than happy to help us out, by temporarily decreasing our payments. It was in another downturn period of time. I am sure the company is hurting, but they aren't going to accomplish anything by getting you out of your home when no one is buying anyway. Our bank told us that they would rather work something out than us lose our mortgage. We did work it out in a couple months time and eventually paid the thing off. When people are reasonable, nothing is impossible.

As for bothering your neighbors, I've heard of companies doing this to track down people, but it's usually collection agencies.

Keep trying to talk to someone at the company to see if they will 1/2 your paments for a few months. They do, however, sound like an uncaring bunch according to the other reviews.
BokiBean on 07/09/2009:
Eloise, it wasn't until the various really bad hurricanes hit down here that people found out that the insurance provided on their mobile homes and manufactured homes was just horrible.

One of my girlfriend's children had similar problems with Vanderbilt.

For an example, my house was hit by trees and we had an insurance check in hand within the week..her kids fought with their insurance for months and months over a measly $4k and ended up having to do most of the work themselves. And their place was unbelievably damaged, including roof, walls, carpeting, etc.

It was just another hard lesson learned in the wake of the hurricanes. Mobile home insurance generally blows and there are limited options when you look for alternatives.

Vanderbilt is one of the bad ones (Greentree is another)..there are complaints up and down the net about these companies...
Eloise on 07/09/2009:
Is Vanderbilt a mortgage company or an insurance company or both?

I'v found that insurance coverage is only as good as your policy. I know a great number of people didn't have flood insurance yet expected the company to pay for the water damage.
Anonymous on 07/09/2009:
Eloise, I am pretty sure it is just a mortgage company.
BokiBean on 07/09/2009:
Its both, just like Greentree is..

Yeah that flood insurance thing has really hit some people hard down here. We have flood insurance, we had to have it because of where our house is located right on the bayou in low country, but anyone in hurricane country should have it, if you ask me. Our's is $400 bucks a year or something.

The problem with mobile home insurance is that there are so few companies that actually deal in it. Options are extremely limited.

The couple I'm talking friend's son and his wife, had no flood damage..just wind and trees and still had to fight tooth and nail with this company. Luckily, he is really handy at construction!
Anonymous on 07/09/2009:
So much for my knowledge, lol.
BokiBean on 07/09/2009:
kia, you might be correct..frankly, I was talking out of the top of my head without doing any background checking. ;)

Looking now, Vanderbilt might be the mortgage, and they work through HomeFirstAgency Inc. for insurance.

Beyond that, I'm too lazy, and ignorant to look anything else up. I HATE insurance.. :D
Eloise on 07/09/2009:
So do I Boki, but I do love retail!
BokiBean on 07/09/2009:
LOL I'm so glad you and others do!

If I had to work retail, I'd crawl across the counter to get at some of the more stupid customers..god bless you! :D
tired of vanderbilt on 07/09/2009:
Vanderbilt is only a mortgage company, they finance mobile homes.. when you have a mortgage company and your home is damaged the check from your insurance company to repair the damages is made out to you and your mortgage company. the check is turned over to your mortgage company and Vanderbilt in return only alllows you so much of that money at a time and only when they feel you need more to do repairs. I know this is the way they do it .. they done it to us after Katrina. Eloise, the only thing my neighbor done was walk next door to my home, gave me the message and number to call and it was VANDERBILT MORTGAGE when I returned the call. I'm not asking anyone to hold my hand , and didn't get into the reasons on here for a extension.. My husband had a heart attack and then was laid off from work... I didn't consider that asking for a extension was a form of holding my hand. The only reason I came on here was to see if I was the only person having a problem with this company.. and if anything could be done about the way they are treating people..
BokiBean on 07/09/2009:
Thanks for coming back to clarify that, tired. So sorry about your husband and troubles..
tired of vanderbilt on 07/09/2009:
Eloise, Why is it hard for you to believe that a mortgage company called my neighbor to get in touch with me? What reason would I have to lie? This is a mortgage company that is rude, inconsiderate, and has only one thing on there minds, MONEY...
tired of vanderbilt on 07/09/2009:
Thank you Bokibean...Life will get better, Thank you
BokiBean on 07/09/2009:
I think calling your neighbor is even legal for them to do as long as they don't talk to them about the debt itself. DB would know more..

And you and I both know that there are families living in mobile homes and then there is trailer trash..and I imagine that Vanderbilt has dealt with much trash. Not to excuse them..

You need to familiarize yourself with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as a consumer and know your rights. Then if Vanderbilt steps outside of the law, you will be prepared to deal with them.

There are great sites online designed to help consumers know their rights.
tired of vanderbilt on 07/09/2009:
I agree and that is what I'm doing today.. spending it locating that information...I just have a hard time understanding why so many people in this company is so rude and heartless, I guess after they have you sign on the dotted line you belong to them... One person being nice to another no longer comes into play for them, the REAL person comes out in them.
Eloise on 07/09/2009:
Boki, Sorry I don't work in retail, I'm a SAHM. Although I used to work for Disney. I just enjoy shopping.
paulie on 02/29/2012:
Chase mortgage sold my mortgage to vanderbilt.Never had a problem with chase....but many with vanderbilt. They tried to change my payment due date and some other stuff, but I sent them a copy of my original mortgage agreement and they had to put things back.
After eight years I noticed my payoff balance wasn't right. I tried and tried to get answers but no one would help.
After ten years, the house was falling apart and I decided to file chapter 7- I had a lot of medical bills, but I included mortgage.
I made payments another six months. A storm came and damaged the house and my insurance paid me 8000 for damage repair. Vanderbilt couldn't touch the money since my loan was void now.
I quit making payments after that and it took seven months for them to start foreclosure. I managed to save 13,000 dollars up in this time and ended up buying a house a year later.
I am happy the way- I tore the inside of that house to pieces and I cut the beams under the house in 12 different places. The house couldn't be removed and they had to demolish it :-)
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Rude Heartless Enterprise
Posted by on
TENNESSEE -- We purchased a mobile home back in '01 through Chase Manhattan (very wonderful people there)unfortunately our loan was sold to Vanderbilt and the nightmares have begun. I have encountered wonderful and helpful customer service reps, however......their Supervisors, and upper management could use lessons and have empathy while one is going through personal crisis such as losing a job or becoming disabled. Vanderbilt does not care about you or anything other than that payment. We are in a bad economic time and since I have lost my job and have become disabled Vanderbilt does not want to hear that. In the past with chase you could actually skip a months payment and add it to the loan(in case you couldn't pay it that month)but you could only do it once a year......Vanderbilt won't even consider it. This company is the worse group I've ever had to deal with. Not even the government is this bad(and we all know about that)

If you are looking into purchasing a home or refinancing.....DON'T DO IT WITH THIS COMPANY.

We're thinking of turning the home back over to Vanderbilt and walking away but we were informed that if we did and they couldn't sell it we were still responsible for the difference, so I let the person know that well we have no choice than to file bankruptcy and to our amazement there was a dead silence.....did they hang up? we don't know. It's companies like this that make one feel like the only choice we have is to file bankruptcy or die so they can get paid off with our insurance money. This is truly a sad company.
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User Replies:
TGT101 on 12/04/2008:
This may come as a surprise but banks need to make money in order to survive. It is obvious that when banks don't collect they fall victim to bankruptcy and start the same economic mess you are talking about.
Anonymous on 12/04/2008:
You didn't have disability insurance on the loan?
Joedie on 01/06/2009:
Vanderbilt does not offer Disability Insurance on their loans.
Karen on 02/13/2013:
Vanderbilt Mortgage is a horrible company to do business with. Their customer service reps have bad attitudes. This was my first time being late paying them in 7 yeares, in which I paid before the 15th. They failed to acknowledge my pay history instead they were in attack mode. For an example, they said its my job to pay them by the 1st of every month and I need to do better. I have 8 more years left and I can't wait to be free of them. STAY AWAY FROM VANDERBILT!!!!!!!
christina on 08/28/2013:
they were the same way to my mother today ..wanted to know her income and what she dose with her money ..and wanted to know y I was not working ..and she told them she wanted to talk to somebody else and the lady was the same way ...what can be done ...?????
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Do NOT Use Vanderbilt Mortgage
Posted by on
Due to a move for work we had to find a home quickly. We opted for buying a mobile home and lot so we could get out of the hotel faster. We shopped several sellers and found a home more than 3 hours away through a local sales lot. We were under contract for the purchase of the land and that was to be included in the purchase. We put $10,000 down for the land and home, but when we went in for the closing were told that the lender would only finance the home. When the first draft from our account didn't go through I called the lender, Vanderbilt, and asked why it didn't withdraw I was told there was no account. I called the next month and same thing. I called the next month and really pushed why was there no account and was told that our mortgage had been rejected. At this point we had been living in the home for several months and no problems with the home had been addressed. I called the sales lot and was told the manager had left and they wondered where the home was. We then had some suits from Clayton Homes come out and they offered to do the repairs and ensure that the loan was approved. We should have taken our money and run, but the thought of moving and looking for a home was too much. We signed the new papers, without any credit for the interest they earned on our money for the last 8 months and moved on. Not all repairs were done, but we just let all that slide. I called to tell them that our bank info had changed and not to draft from the other account. They never changed the bank info and drafted from the now closed account and of course it bounced. I had to pay the bank the fees and when I called to find out why I was treated rudely and told that we "stole" the house and now we were trying to defraud them with the bank. Because we were now late they threatened to repo the home and by the way we didn't have insurance (couldn't get it without the repairs) we had to use their insurance. We paid back amount, but I was PO'd about the treatment. We then had a problem and got behind, our bad and we realize that is our fault. Vanderbuilt then called and threatened us with jail for fraud, still from the beginning, and then called all of the people on our block. They also called at outrageous hours and into the night. I wouldn't complain about daily calls or normal dunning calls, they are to be expected when you get behind, but this was WAY beyond that. We filed with the state and the feds about the calls and we hard nothing. My son was supposed to pay the mortgage when we were out of town and he pocketed the money, they wouldn't call us because of the complaint and wouldn't even send us a letter of default. We didn't know until they showed up to repo the home! We paid immediately, and asked to get the direct draft again. They said they would NEVER let us do that again because of our previous fraud (I am REALLY tired of their screw up being used against us). They would allow our employer to send payment to them if we signed that it would be irrevokible. We couldn't do that because at some point this thing will be paid off, we only had a 12 year note and have been paying on it for nearly 4 years. BTW, we have a notice in our closet that the home was NEVER approved for resale and according to law it had not passed any inspection for habitiblity and should not have been sold to us. We have spent thousands making the home livable and getting rid of mold and pet stains and odors. But their methods of doing business makes any normal repairs irritating because we now hate our house.

These people are RUDE, nasty and threatening. They use illegal collection methods and are just beyond ethical. NEVER use Vanderbilt, it is nothing but problems. We were stupid not to get out when we had a chance, but hopefully our story can prevent someone else from the heartache we have had and will have for the next 8-9 years. They have a terrible customer service record. Stay away from this company, I wish we had.
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Vanderbuilt Mortgage and liaison American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida
Posted by on
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- This is a WARNING to any and everyone that is considering starting any transacting business with Vanderbuilt Mortgage. If you purchase a home with them, and use American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida for your homeowner's insurance company... they will never, ever help you with damages to your home, I mean NOTHING is covered under their so called plans. They are such rip-offs!!! I have been paying anywhere from $340-$450 every year for the insurance, and I started in 1997. I have damage to my master bathroom, and my main bath and I've never used the insurance and they denied me both claims, also my water heater went out a couple of years ago...they wouldn't cover that either. They left me in a holy mess. First of all to be living in a mobile home is for people like myself that don't make a lot of money. I feel like they try to act like they want to help you, and then pull you in don't tell you everything at the time of purchase which is why you should make sure you do all of your research before dealing with them altogether. I did read the information given to me by them, but I am just going to be honest I didn't understand how the insurance worked. Please be careful when dealing with these folks, they are heartless bigtime!!!
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Vanderbilt Mortgage Company Does Not Care
Posted by on
KODAK, TENNESSEE -- Our mortgage was bought by Vanderbilt. We are 1 month behind. They call us 3 to 6 times a day. We have set a date to make a payment and they still call. We have been denied deferment. We had a gentleman set up payments to where we can send extra for 4 months and a lady said he's not in this department and can't do that. They have not offered other options. They have suggested to have a yard sale, go to a church for help, cancel our internet/phone/TV package and to cancel cell phone service. I need my cell phone for my job, I'm on call and I pay most of my bills over the internet. I'd like to know what kind of people harass you for being 1 month behind and make such suggestions. They have tried to tell us that we have been behind since Dec, 2008 but payment history shows and bank statements that we made Dec, Jan and Feb payments.

These people will say and do anything to get their money. Don't do business with Vanderbilt Mortgage Company. I will never again.
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User Replies:
flowergirl25 on 07/10/2011:
They suggested that my husband get a better job and for me to borrow from
trmn8r on 07/10/2011:
If you can't pay the mortgage that you said you would pay, it makes sense that the bank would suggest ways to increase your cash flow. After all, you are not living up to your part of the contract at that point.
Venice09 on 07/10/2011:
Being one month behind in a mortgage payment is a big deal because it's very hard to catch up. Constant telephone calls probably won't help, but making suggestions on how to generate money is not a bad idea. It's better not to wait until you are so far behind that foreclosure is the only option. Banks don't want to foreclose no more than you want to lose your home.

I see this was written back in '09. I hope your finances have improved since then and that you are back on track.
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Posted by on
TENNESSEE -- Vanderbilt mortgage is a big joke. The reps are so rude. They have not once offered to help us in the last 6 yrs. They don't care about anyone falling on hard times. Unless of course it is one of them. They have been a nightmare to us. Do you know that if you are late but pay before end of month, they tack on the next month before it is actually due?? That is how they get you at the 90 day period. I consulted any attorney, this is illegal, I have taken pics of my online statement from VMC website.

I am not playing with these people anymore!! Fight fire with fire.
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Someone Close This Company Down...
Posted by on
STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- This has got to be the rudest company that ever existed. After a down payment of $40,000.00 and paying on the loan since 2001 illness struck our family. There is no reasoning with these people and every time I call I am put off to someone worse than the next. They will not return calls but can certainly call with treats and make you feel lower than the ground you walk on. All this for a month and a half behind. They will not work with you..they are impossible!!

How they can get away with this kind of business practices is beyond me. Because of these heartless people we are going to be on the street and all they can do is laugh.
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