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Doesn't Care About The Customer
By -

MARYVILLE,, TENNESSEE -- My husband and I have been with Vanderbilt since 2003. At first we're satisfied with Vanderbilt. We made our payments on time each and every month never late or nothing. Alright, then my husband's father passed away. We had to cover the funeral expenses. Then my husband hurts his back and off from work over 2 months then I had two small children, therefore not able to work full time anymore.

Alright, since things are getting a little tougher my husband and I thought we would save a little extra money by transferring from a biweekly payment to a monthly payment. My husband calls and speaks to one lady at Vanderbilt. She said that would be fine and our payments would not go over $800.00. After that we get a letter in the mail our mortgage payments are over $800.00. Alright, then later they go up to $900.00, then come down to $700.00 by decreasing and rewriting the insurance on the home.

At the end, our mobile home notes go back up to $800.00. And now, my husband and I are 2 months past due, and we don't know what to do. No one that we know is refinancing mobile homes, and if you are not living in a mansion lenders really do not want to talk with you. We have tried to talk with Vanderbilt on several occasions about a loan modification, extension of payment, or a forbearance. They do not want to work with us. All Vanderbilt does is call every other day and demand the money. Then they tell us if we don't have the money in the office by a certain day they are going to foreclose on the home.

They threaten to foreclose on the home even if we are just 5 or 6 days late. This company is unrealistic. They need to care for the customers and not just money. Everyone is having trouble some times due to the economy and other situations in their lives. Companies like Vanderbilt they do not care at all. As of right now my husband and I don't really know what to do. We like our place but we are constantly struggling to make ends meet and plus pay the mortgage note. We just need help but no one to turn to. We have been told that we can file a lawsuit against Vanderbilt for going up our notes due to us having a fixed rate. We haven't decided yet.

Bloodhounds at work!
By -

MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Please read all reviews on this site and other sites and stay away from them. Our nightmare started in 2007 when we purchased a home from them. They are the most rude people I have ever come into contact with. Back in 2008 I lost my job twice due to a layoff and on the VMF website they do have a section that is called "Foreclosure prevention" so we asked for a deferment and a loan modification due to my financial situation which were denied yet we were asked to pay more each month to get caught up again.

I went from about $3000 per month to 1150 per month as income and the mortgage is $1190 per month. So go figure how I would be able to pay more? I do not want to go through a foreclosure yet these people do not help you out at all. Anyway I was able to get caught up and pay the monies that were owed. Now I did find work yet my income is less than half from what I was making and I had some major bills to pay.

So I asked them to just defer 1 month and of course the answer was NO and I had gotten rude remarks to the extent that my home should be more important than any medical or car issues. Yet if I don't have a car I can not get to work and won't be able to pay anything. I was told to go and find the money somehow to go borrow it.

Just very rude and unprofessional. I know a few people in my neighborhood that have not made payments for close to 1 year on their homes and I don not want to go that route at all but these animals at VMF are driving me crazy. They need to be stopped and they need to be willing to help people out

Vanderbilt Mortgage Needs to Have a Class Action Lawsuit Against Them!
By -

My husband and I purchased a mobile home 4 years ago. Little did we know that this company was so unprofessional. I work for Bank of America short sales and I know how all the modifications and deed in lieu and foreclosure process works. These people are the rudest people you will ever come in contact with. You never hear them emphasize with you when you tell them the trouble you are having.

I called them today to see about a modifications. The representative told me that they did not send us a letter offering any type of assistance and told me I was lying. I then faxed the letter to her and then called her back. Her response was...she never got it! Imagine that! Well needless to say I have the letter and I am going to pursue this to the highest I can get.

They need a class action lawsuit brought against them and I'm just the one to get it started! ** from VMF hung up on me when I called back for the 3rd time. Said he didn't have time for games. Not sure of what games I was playing when I was trying to get help on my mortgage. My home where my children lay their heads at night. Maybe ** doesn't have kids just a dog that he keeps tied up out back. Who's with me?

By -

I was introduced to Vanderbilt by default after my father passed away and I was the executor of his estate. He had financed a mobile home through this company many years ago. A year after my father's death and after 2 people were turned down to assume the loan, something had to be done. My Dad's money had depleted and Vanderbilt suggested to “surrender” the mobile home. After some time, there was no other option. I made sure that I would not be held liable for anything and that the land was not attached to the loan.

Two days after the voluntary surrender papers were signed, I found someone who wanted to buy the mobile home along with the 3 ½ acres it was sitting on. I contacted Vanderbilt to have this paper retracted, in which they informed me that it was too late. In the meantime, this person applied to assume the loan with Vanderbilt. Needless to say, he was denied as well. Plan B was to get a loan through a local bank. The banker informed Vanderbilt that the loan was being processed and that it was just a matter of time. 2-3 weeks in the loan process, I get a phone call from someone who was in the negotiating process to buy the mobile home in a “private” sale. That transaction was complete the next day.

To make a long story short, it has come to my attention that Vanderbilt had put a lien on my father's land a month after his death. I received NO notice of this lien. After talking with a couple of lawyers and some investigating, we found out that this “wonderful” company sold my father's mobile home for 11,000 in the so-called “private” sale and is suing the estate for the remainder (well over $10,000). There definitely has been some underhanded stuff going on here. They took advantage of a death went about it all wrong.

In closing, I highly recommend to steer clear of Vanderbilt Mortgage. If you look at the other reviews, you will find that they have very poor customer service. I found that to be the case with me as well. You will NEVER talk with the same person twice. There is no form of communication among the CSR's, so you have to explain the situation each time you call. They are incompetent, rude, threatening, and just beyond ethical.

Harassing Phone Calls, Balance of Loan Not Going Down, Refinance!!!
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Rating: 1/51

THORNTON -- Do not take a loan out with Vanderbilt mortgage! I have a had loan with Oakwood, then Vanderbilt for 12 yrs. The balance of the loan is going nowhere after 12 yrs. I get paid on the 5th and I have told this to the rude customer service reps at Vanderbilt for years, yet they still keep calling numerous times also calling in under unknown numbers and sometimes not even leaving a message.

Their calls are harassing! I don't understand why we as manufactured homes owners are treated differently when trying to refinance our homes. We go to work, pay our bill, and put our pants on the same way as every other mortgage paying American but we can refinance. I'm so sick of hearing the president saying to refinance. Has he ever tried refinancing a manufactured home?

Rude Account Representatives At VMF

TENNESSEE -- I received a call from a representative named ** who didn't say "Please call Vanderbilt"; he said, "I EXPECT you to call Vanderbilt Mortgage." He called 10 minutes later and asked for me. He asked me why my payment was late. I told him I would send it out at the end of the week. He demanded to know why it wasn't in on the 1st. I said I had other things to take care of. He demanded to know what I had to pay before the mortgage and I said it was none of his business, and I told him that I had already called and left a note with someone else saying when it would be paid.

He started yelling at me and then he put someone else on, who said, "Your mortgage is due on the 1st, not after. We don't give grace periods," which is funny, because I've always paid between the 1st and the 10th without any problems from them. I told them that if I was past the 15th, there'd be a late charge. She said, "Just because we don't charge a late fee until then doesn't mean there's a grace period."

She started to threaten me with, "You'd better have it in by the 1st of the month from now on or else." She was so rude and loud that I had to hang up on her. I called back immediately and asked for her supervisor. I told the supervisor that no one has the right to talk to me the way ** and this woman did. I don't know if they thought I was going to meekly give in to that kind of abuse, but if they did, they were sadly mistaken.

Worst Mortgage Company Out There: Vanderbilt Mortgage
By -

MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Vanderbilt Mortgage truly has the worst customer service possible. I agree with the other complaints listed. They call and harass you even if your payment is one day late; even though the statement says you have 10 days. I paid my loan on time for almost 10 years, but when I suffered a lay off during the recession my payment got behind. Every company I owed, even the company who had my auto loan, has been more than helpful and understanding. Vanderbilt representatives, ** are all poor excuses for customer service and management.

I totally understand that they have a job to do; however, they really seem to enjoy getting an attitude and voicing smart remarks. I can see now from reading all the other complaints that they do this with everyone. At one point in time, I really wondered if it was just me. They call and make threats, they lie about being able to assist you if possible, and they lie about what legal action they can take at what time in order to scare you. This has been the worst experience ever. Before my layoff, I had never gotten behind on bills so I didn't know what to do or how to handle it. Needless to say, Vanderbilt made it unbearable.

Vanderbilt Mortgage and liaison American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- This is a WARNING to any and everyone that is considering starting any transacting business with Vanderbilt Mortgage. If you purchase a home with them and use American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida for your homeowner's insurance company... they will never, ever help you with damages to your home. I mean NOTHING is covered under their so called plans. They are such rip-offs!!!

I have been paying anywhere from $340-$450 every year for the insurance and I started in 1997. I have damage to my master bathroom, and my main bath, and I've never used the insurance and they denied me both claims. Also my water heater went out a couple of years ago... They wouldn't cover that either. They left me in a holy mess.

First of all to be living in a mobile home is for people like myself that don't make a lot of money. I feel like they try to act like they want to help you, and then pull you in don't tell you everything at the time of purchase which is why you should make sure you do all of your research before dealing with them altogether. I did read the information given to me by them but I am just going to be honest. I didn't understand how the insurance worked. Please be careful when dealing with these folks, they are heartless big time!!!

The worst mortgage company
By -

MARYVILLE,, TENNESSEE -- I just had to respond to your other reviews... This is the worst company we have ever had to deal with. They get their monthly note, but when you have trouble and call them for extensions or help of any kind you are told in many ways they can't help you. My husband was laid off in Jan. and we have kept up with the notes but when we had trouble and called for an extension we was told no. This company has called us when a note was due, 2 days after and would continue to call everyday 3 to 4 times a day. They have gone as far as finding our home and locating our neighbor and calling him and asking him to give us a message.

I have been yelled at by them, called a liar, told that they didn't care about our problems, just pay it or get out. After a major hurricane hit us (Katrina) and almost took our mobile home this company sat on our insurance money and gave us what they thought we needed as we needed to repair our home. Didn't matter that we was living in the yard in a tent. Not once did they ever ask if we needed help or was there anything they could do... Their only concern was their payment. They call and they call and they call... There has to be something that can be done to companies like this one. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DO.

By -

TENNESSEE -- Vanderbilt mortgage is a big joke. The reps are so rude. They have not once offered to help us in the last 6 yrs. They don't care about anyone falling on hard times unless of course it is one of them. They have been a nightmare to us. Do you know that if you are late but pay before end of month, they tack on the next month before it is actually due? That is how they get you at the 90 day period. I consulted any attorney, this is illegal, I have taken pics of my online statement from VMC website. I am not playing with these people anymore! Fight fire with fire.

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