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Vanderbilt Mortgage
500 Alcoa Trail
Maryville, TN 37804
865-380-3000 (ph)
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Vanderbilt Mortgage and liaison American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- This is a WARNING to any and everyone that is considering starting any transacting business with Vanderbilt Mortgage. If you purchase a home with them and use American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida for your homeowner's insurance company... they will never, ever help you with damages to your home. I mean NOTHING is covered under their so called plans. They are such rip-offs!!!

I have been paying anywhere from $340-$450 every year for the insurance and I started in 1997. I have damage to my master bathroom, and my main bath, and I've never used the insurance and they denied me both claims. Also my water heater went out a couple of years ago... They wouldn't cover that either. They left me in a holy mess.

First of all to be living in a mobile home is for people like myself that don't make a lot of money. I feel like they try to act like they want to help you, and then pull you in don't tell you everything at the time of purchase which is why you should make sure you do all of your research before dealing with them altogether. I did read the information given to me by them but I am just going to be honest. I didn't understand how the insurance worked. Please be careful when dealing with these folks, they are heartless big time!!!

Vanderbilt Mortgage Company Does Not Care
By -

KODAK, TENNESSEE -- Our mortgage was bought by Vanderbilt. We are 1 month behind. They call us 3 to 6 times a day. We have set a date to make a payment and they still call. We have been denied deferment. We had a gentleman set up payments to where we can send extra for 4 months and a lady said he's not in this department and can't do that. They have not offered other options.

They have suggested to have a yard sale, go to a church for help, cancel our internet/phone/TV package, and to cancel cell phone service. I need my cell phone for my job, I'm on call and I pay most of my bills over the internet. I'd like to know what kind of people harass you for being 1 month behind and make such suggestions.

They have tried to tell us that we have been behind since Dec, 2008 but payment history shows and bank statements that we made Dec, Jan and Feb payments. These people will say and do anything to get their money. Don't do business with Vanderbilt Mortgage Company. I will never again.

Someone Close This Company Down
By -

STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- This has got to be the rudest company that ever existed. After a down payment of $40,000.00 and paying on the loan since 2001 illness struck our family. There is no reasoning with these people and every time I call I am put off to someone worse than the next. They will not return calls but can certainly call with threats and make you feel lower than the ground you walk on. All this for a month and a half behind. They will not work with you...they are impossible! How they can get away with this kind of business practices is beyond me. Because of these heartless people we are going to be on the street and all they can do is laugh.

Rude Heartless Enterprise
By -

TENNESSEE -- We purchased a mobile home back in '01 through Chase Manhattan (very wonderful people there) unfortunately our loan was sold to Vanderbilt and the nightmares have begun. I have encountered wonderful and helpful customer service reps, however... their Supervisors, and upper management could use lessons and have empathy while one is going through personal crisis such as losing a job or becoming disabled. Vanderbilt does not care about you or anything other than that payment.

We are in a bad economic time and since I have lost my job and have become disabled Vanderbilt does not want to hear that. In the past with Chase you could actually skip a month's payment and add it to the loan (in case you couldn't pay it that month) but you could only do it once a year. Vanderbilt won't even consider it. This company is the worse group I've ever had to deal with. Not even the government is this bad (and we all know about that). If you are looking into purchasing a home or refinancing, DON'T DO IT WITH THIS COMPANY.

We're thinking of turning the home back over to Vanderbilt and walking away but we were informed that if we did and they couldn't sell it we were still responsible for the difference, so I let the person know that "well we have no choice than to file bankruptcy," and to our amazement there was a dead silence...did they hang up? We don't know. It's companies like this that make one feel like the only choice we have is to file bankruptcy or die so they can get paid off with our insurance money. This is truly a sad company.

By -

SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA -- Anyone even thinking about getting a loan from this company please beware of them. Do lots of research on this company! I did my research, but I did it too late. I have met 12 families in my city that had loans through Vanderbilt and all 12 families have lost their homes! We are the 13th family within 6 months in our city. We bought our home in 2005 and were told our payments were $770. By Jan. 2007 our payments had risen to $912.00.

The only thing I could get from the company is "insurance is going up". We had a private insurance and I contacted our insurance probably about 50 times and I was told every time no premiums have gone up. It actually went down $25. Now figure that out? We lost $35,000 to this company. Don't let them steal your money. I am trying to get the word out and maybe one day Vanderbilt will stop this. Please feel free to email me or even give me a call.

Vanderbilt doesn't make any sense???
By -

I have been dealing with Vanderbilt Mortgage Company ever since they were bought out from my old company. My old company would send me a monthly statement. In the 4 years with Vanderbilt, never once have they sent me a statement. The only way I know what my balance is, is if I call and talk to one of their employees. They will tell me my balance, but how do I know it's accurate?

I want something on paper. Something doesn't seem right to me. They act like it's normal to not give a receipt when payment is made. I look at that monthly statement as a receipt, since it shows my last payment on it. Or even a monthly due bill with an updated balance would help. But they don't send that either. I get nothing.

Seriously, if I needed to show proof to anyone that I had an account with Vanderbilt, I wouldn't even have it on hand. I hate that my old company sold to them. I never made an agreement with Vanderbilt. My agreement was with my old company. I never would've made an agreement with this Vanderbilt place. I liked the old company's policies. The finance rates, late fees and regular monthly statements.

With Vanderbilt, I have no idea what fees are being added in because I have no paper trail. I just trust some operator on the phone. Is this legal for them to deny me a monthly statement? Or do I need to just keep trusting what an operator tells me? Right now, I make most of my payments via Western Union. I don't trust them with my debit card number. I can save my Western Union receipts but it doesn't tell me much.

Mortgage Payments
By -

MONCKS CORNER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Vanderbilt Mortgage representatives are a joke! They are the most rude people you would ever want to talk to. For years since they took over the Oakwood contract on my home, they have been a real pain in the you know what! They will harass you to no end. If you are one day late on the payment, they are on you like bloodhounds.

The original contract on my home had only my husband's name on it, and they would not even talk to me about anything, unless it was trying to get a payment. That's when they don't care who they are talking to as long as they're getting their money, but God forbid if you ask them a question, they tell you "your name's not on the contract" and they can't talk to you.

They have harassed me to the point that I disconnected my home telephone and they still called me on my cell phone even though they can't talk to me because my name is not on the contract. There again any means to get their money, and get this, we are not delinquent on our payments. Stay away from these people!

By -

I was introduced to Vanderbilt by default after my father passed away and I was the executor of his estate. He had financed a mobile home through this company many years ago. A year after my father's death and after 2 people were turned down to assume the loan, something had to be done. My Dad's money had depleted and Vanderbilt suggested to “surrender” the mobile home. After some time, there was no other option. I made sure that I would not be held liable for anything and that the land was not attached to the loan.

Two days after the voluntary surrender papers were signed, I found someone who wanted to buy the mobile home along with the 3 ½ acres it was sitting on. I contacted Vanderbilt to have this paper retracted, in which they informed me that it was too late. In the meantime, this person applied to assume the loan with Vanderbilt. Needless to say, he was denied as well. Plan B was to get a loan through a local bank. The banker informed Vanderbilt that the loan was being processed and that it was just a matter of time. 2-3 weeks in the loan process, I get a phone call from someone who was in the negotiating process to buy the mobile home in a “private” sale. That transaction was complete the next day.

To make a long story short, it has come to my attention that Vanderbilt had put a lien on my father's land a month after his death. I received NO notice of this lien. After talking with a couple of lawyers and some investigating, we found out that this “wonderful” company sold my father's mobile home for 11,000 in the so-called “private” sale and is suing the estate for the remainder (well over $10,000). There definitely has been some underhanded stuff going on here. They took advantage of a death went about it all wrong.

In closing, I highly recommend to steer clear of Vanderbilt Mortgage. If you look at the other reviews, you will find that they have very poor customer service. I found that to be the case with me as well. You will NEVER talk with the same person twice. There is no form of communication among the CSR's, so you have to explain the situation each time you call. They are incompetent, rude, threatening, and just beyond ethical.

Customer Service
By -

My Husband and I have separated and have been trying for 10 months just to get my name off of the loan so I can purchase a home for myself. No one has ever called us back or even bothered working on our account. We have been told it was lost, and to send in all the information again, then the person handling the account went on medical leave, then we were told another agent was handling it and for 4 weeks now he has never bothered returning not one message we have left him. I call and leave him a message every day too. Do not deal with this company!!!

Vanderbilt Mortgage is HORRIBLE
By -

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I agree with all of you Vanderbilt has to be the worst mortgage company ever. They harass you, and also I was supposed to be on a fixed rate and they raised my payments $100 last year. I really hate this company everything you can think of bad to say about this company is true. I Hate them.

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