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SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA -- Anyone even thinking about getting a loan from this company please beware of them. Do lots of research on this company! I did my research, but I did it too late. I have met 12 families in my city that had loans through Vanderbilt and all 12 families have lost their homes! We are the 13th family within 6 months in our city. We bought our home in 2005 and were told our payments were $770. By Jan. 2007 our payments had risen to $912.00.

The only thing I could get from the company is "insurance is going up". We had a private insurance and I contacted our insurance probably about 50 times and I was told every time no premiums have gone up. It actually went down $25. Now figure that out? We lost $35,000 to this company. Don't let them steal your money. I am trying to get the word out and maybe one day Vanderbilt will stop this. Please feel free to email me or even give me a call.

Vanderbilt doesn't make any sense???
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I have been dealing with Vanderbilt Mortgage Company ever since they were bought out from my old company. My old company would send me a monthly statement. In the 4 years with Vanderbilt, never once have they sent me a statement. The only way I know what my balance is, is if I call and talk to one of their employees. They will tell me my balance, but how do I know it's accurate?

I want something on paper. Something doesn't seem right to me. They act like it's normal to not give a receipt when payment is made. I look at that monthly statement as a receipt, since it shows my last payment on it. Or even a monthly due bill with an updated balance would help. But they don't send that either. I get nothing.

Seriously, if I needed to show proof to anyone that I had an account with Vanderbilt, I wouldn't even have it on hand. I hate that my old company sold to them. I never made an agreement with Vanderbilt. My agreement was with my old company. I never would've made an agreement with this Vanderbilt place. I liked the old company's policies. The finance rates, late fees and regular monthly statements.

With Vanderbilt, I have no idea what fees are being added in because I have no paper trail. I just trust some operator on the phone. Is this legal for them to deny me a monthly statement? Or do I need to just keep trusting what an operator tells me? Right now, I make most of my payments via Western Union. I don't trust them with my debit card number. I can save my Western Union receipts but it doesn't tell me much.

Mortgage Payments
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MONCKS CORNER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Vanderbilt Mortgage representatives are a joke! They are the most rude people you would ever want to talk to. For years since they took over the Oakwood contract on my home, they have been a real pain in the you know what! They will harass you to no end. If you are one day late on the payment, they are on you like bloodhounds.

The original contract on my home had only my husband's name on it, and they would not even talk to me about anything, unless it was trying to get a payment. That's when they don't care who they are talking to as long as they're getting their money, but God forbid if you ask them a question, they tell you "your name's not on the contract" and they can't talk to you.

They have harassed me to the point that I disconnected my home telephone and they still called me on my cell phone even though they can't talk to me because my name is not on the contract. There again any means to get their money, and get this, we are not delinquent on our payments. Stay away from these people!

Customer Service
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My Husband and I have separated and have been trying for 10 months just to get my name off of the loan so I can purchase a home for myself. No one has ever called us back or even bothered working on our account. We have been told it was lost, and to send in all the information again, then the person handling the account went on medical leave, then we were told another agent was handling it and for 4 weeks now he has never bothered returning not one message we have left him. I call and leave him a message every day too. Do not deal with this company!!!

Unprofessional Company

My husband and I bought our home from Clayton Homes, AKA Vanderbilt Mortgage, in October 2008. Since that time, we have paid a lot into our home. Our issue with them is that they are extremely rude, almost to the point of making demands and threats of foreclosing taking our home. We have been behind on our payments, and we know that we owe the payments to them. However we have tried hard to stay up to date. We had to file chapter 13 about a year ago in an attempt to save our home. We made a decision to drop our chapter 13 and pay Vanderbilt, around $7000 on our loan, in one large payment. Our tax refund paid them. Well everything went good for a while and they raised our payments.

What was a fixed rate they changed to an adjustable rate which raised our payment from $805 to around $1000. So we had to spend $1295 to hire a legal firm who does loan modifications. Well Vanderbilt did agree to a 6 month modification, but we have had a hard time with the payments. As of now we are one month behind. Needless to say, they are being demanding and hateful again as the 6 months ends soon. I know they are entitled to their money but they need to realize that folks are having money problems in this modern age. They need to be more helpful in finding workable solutions with their customers, and do less complaining.

Vanderbilt Mortgage Company Does Not Care
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KODAK, TENNESSEE -- Our mortgage was bought by Vanderbilt. We are 1 month behind. They call us 3 to 6 times a day. We have set a date to make a payment and they still call. We have been denied deferment. We had a gentleman set up payments to where we can send extra for 4 months and a lady said he's not in this department and can't do that. They have not offered other options.

They have suggested to have a yard sale, go to a church for help, cancel our internet/phone/TV package, and to cancel cell phone service. I need my cell phone for my job, I'm on call and I pay most of my bills over the internet. I'd like to know what kind of people harass you for being 1 month behind and make such suggestions.

They have tried to tell us that we have been behind since Dec, 2008 but payment history shows and bank statements that we made Dec, Jan and Feb payments. These people will say and do anything to get their money. Don't do business with Vanderbilt Mortgage Company. I will never again.

Someone Close This Company Down
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STATESVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- This has got to be the rudest company that ever existed. After a down payment of $40,000.00 and paying on the loan since 2001 illness struck our family. There is no reasoning with these people and every time I call I am put off to someone worse than the next. They will not return calls but can certainly call with threats and make you feel lower than the ground you walk on. All this for a month and a half behind. They will not work with you...they are impossible! How they can get away with this kind of business practices is beyond me. Because of these heartless people we are going to be on the street and all they can do is laugh.

Leaving the House
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NEWPORT, MICHIGAN -- I am looking for help.

My husband and I bought a manufactured home 9 yrs ago, we paid 80,000 for it. Our intentions were to gain equity to move it on our own land.
We tried and it didn't appraise out so we placed it up for sale, it was not our intentions to live in a manufactured park...we wanted a home and equity!

NOW we have found a home, and no one to buy the current manufactured home. We want to move in, but cannot afford 2 mortgages, even though the bank says we can. We plan to leave it up for sale until something can be done.

IF we leave it, and let the bank take it back, does anyone know what the repercussions would be?? Has anyone left a home, and what has happened??
I live in MI where home sales are on the decline, and manufactured homes are being repossessed so selling on your own, or through a realtor is almost impossible. I would really like some help here.

Vanderbilt says they can not help us until the home is in repo status, well that doesn't really help us now does it>?? we need to know if this is a good move, moving into a new home, and leaving current one, or if it will bite us in the butt in years down the road??

Customer service sucks
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NEW YORK -- When my husband called vanderbilt tov tell them he was out of work due to an injury and ws waiting for a compensation check and would be late they were unbelieveably rude to him. The woman he was talking to told him that was too bad he had to make the payment on time regardless of his injuries or whatever the problem was. (Now he had to call all the companies he pays bills to and not one of them acted like vanderbilt.)This woman told him he had to get her supervisor on the phone and when he came on he was even more rude than she was. This so called supervisor could have cared less and acted like it was his own personal money. This mortgage was originally with Chase Manhattan and when they sold their mobile home financing division it was bought by vanderbilt. To make a long story short if you exoect at least half way decent customer service then do not do bisness with vanderbilt. I work am a telephone customer service rep for a nationwide bank and if we ever treated even our nastiest customers the ay vabderbilt treats all of theirs we would be fired on the spot.

Vanderbilt Mortgage is HORRIBLE
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KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I agree with all of you, Vanderbilt has to be the worst mortgage company ever. They harass you and also I was supposed to be on a fixed rate and they raised my payments $100 last year. I really hate this company. Everything you can think of bad to say about this company is true. I Hate them.

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