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Unsatisfactory time-frame for completion of work.
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CASTRO VALLEY -- After a fire in our house nearly 15 months ago, we are still no where near being able to reside in our house. After promises of a new move-in date almost every month since November, I can no longer stand it. The last move-in date we received was May 1st. We are promised that things will be happening, the last being our cabinets being installed on the 4th, and after it taking two weeks additional time to just tape and texture my house, the cabinets are not being installed today. My husband was just told to meet someone at the house to pick out texture type and after leaving work, no one was at the house. Not surprising. We no longer are receiving rent money. We are out $6,000.00 for rent so far out of our pocket. All of our household goods/furniture, etc. was taken away at the end of February. My husband and I are depressed with us being lied to time and time again - with no true end in sight. We do not recommend this company.
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poppapia on 05/04/2007:
First, have you notified your insurance company of this, and, second, it may be time for some legal action. Have you paid the contractor all the money owed, or have you withheld some until work is completed? If you have withheld any or all of the funds, it may be easier to find another contractor to finish the job.
Anonymous on 05/04/2007:
I agree with poppapia and it is good advice.
Skye on 05/04/2007:
Excellent advice from poppapia. Sorry you had a fire, glad nobody got hurt.
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