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Dodge buyers beware!
Posted by Mollycat on 12/30/2009
MCMURRAY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I recently went to Vasko Dodge to have my daughters 2008 Avenger serviced. I was informed by the co-owner/service person that since The car was purchased from another Dodge dealer that he was not interested in even looking at this car. This car has a 5 star Dodge warranty, was purchased in the Spring of 2009, He told me to take it back to where we purchased it to have it fixed because he would not make any money from fixing it. For him to even look at it, he wanted to charge us a service fee even though the car has a bumper to bumper warranty still in effect. This person was rude, obnoxious, and arrogant. I have already contacted Dodge about this dealership, as well as the PA State Attorneys office. How Vasko stays in business is beyond me, if you are considering buying a dodge, for your own sake please go somewhere else. Do not reward this dealership and their rude behavior with your business.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-30:
Hmmmmm... would this be the mother of the OP, who's sister did something like that today, as well?

Posted by Slimjim on 2009-12-30:
You're wasting time with the PA attorney general. There is no law saying they have to service your car, even in fact, if you bought it from them. Dodge may have an issue with it though. I know when I was in the appliance biz, we wouldn't do warranty work if we didn't sell it. Car dealers tend to be more networked though, and the manufacturer (Dodge) may have demands that a dealer service the product regardless.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2009-12-30:
Was your vehicle purchased from a Dodge dealer that was closed last spring by Chrysler? (Chrysler closed almost 800 dealerships while they were in bankruptcy last spring.) If so, other Dodge or Chrysler/Jeep dealerships should be obligated to repair/service the vehicle if it is still under a warranty or service contract. If Vasko still refuses to repair your daughter's car, try the dealership where the car was originally purchased (if it is still in business as a Dodge dealership) or try another Chrysler or Dodge dealership.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2009-12-30:
Good info Slim!
Posted by ChryslerCraig on 2011-11-15:
All Dodge dealers have a franchise obligation to service cars that are under warranty from their franchised brand. Im fact, any Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, or Dodge owner can go to any franchised dealer for warranty. They can lose their franchise for not honoring the franchise warranty!

Posted by sharon s. on 2013-08-01:
I had the exact same experience with a $40,000 dodge truck I purchased at another dealership. It was warranty work and they told me to take it back to the dealer I bought it from. I too called Dodge corporate and was informed that although they encourage all dealerships to honor dodge warranties, each dealership is privately owned and the decision to honor warranty work ultimately up to them.
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Rude and Aggressive Service
Posted by Tommyboy15367 on 01/27/2008
MCMURRAY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I visited Vasko Dodge in McMurray, PA despite my neighbors offering mixed reviews. After meeting with the owner (he works there), I left without buying a new car. The salesman was very nice but the owner was obnoxious, argumentative and just plain rude. I left and purchased elsewhere. I can only imagine what it would be like to have an issue.

I have heard bad things about the owner and way he operates but had to see for myself. Now I did..
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Posted by old fart on 2008-01-28:
Jay D.. the message was "stay away from Vasco dodge"
BTW... your comment didn't register on the page... register
Posted by mydogbozo on 2008-01-31:
HMMMMM....This reminds me years ago of the former BEAL GMC in Baltimore, Md. I used to hear these true stories, from a friend of mine who was the service manager there. The owner there was obnoxious (HARVEY BEAL) and he and his sons would get into physical altercations, right in the middle of the showroom. Oneday, the father BEAL (lol) grabbed ahold of one of his sons, placing him in a headlock and rammed him (while running in this headlock) into the side of a brand new S-15 Jimmy truck on the showroom floor. The son's head was busted real bad and had to be taken to the hospital. The old man just shrugged it off. he shortly thereafter lost his franchise from General Motors for fraud. We used to call this place in the car business "The Wild Wild West".
Posted by 1Cherry on 2008-03-19:
I couldn't dissagree with you more. These folks have been my dealer and my fathers dealer for years. This is the friendliest place I have ever been. When I wanted to buy a New Jeep and they only sold New Dodge they still allowed my to buy it somewhere else and bring it back to them for service. I try not to go anywhere else.
Posted by blitney on 2008-10-02:
i recently bought a car at vasko dodge in mcmurray pa. they treated me ok but after i bought the car that they promised me they wld make it perfect, things went wrong. the car wld have never made it through inspection. parking lites and turn signals were out. i took it back for them to fix and they didnt bother puting the seal on. water got in and it had to b fixed again. that isnt the worst. i was ran off the road late at nite to find that my horn didnt work. they also said they changed all the oils. they never did. they seemed to care when i bought the car but afterward i was treaked like scum. i bought a 3 year warrently but it was pointless cuz no one wants to fix anythinhg right!
Posted by workingmomof 3 on 2008-10-02:
I have had good experience with Vasko Dodge. My van was loosing oil and the service manager (one of the Vasko brothers)worked with me to establish a powertrain warranty claim with Chrysler. His technicians took the whole engine apart to find the problem and correct it. I would definitely buy from them again.
Posted by mmaabb on 2009-02-24:
This is the worst dealership I have ever dealt with. Rude service and I echo the other comments regarding this dealership's lack of want or desire to make warranty repairs. The best thing that could happen is for Vasko to realize he has no business running a dealership and for him to sell his dealership to South Hills Chrysler as this dealership truly understands customer service.
Posted by mollycat on 2010-01-18:
every deale ship is friendly when you are handing over "the green" and purchasing a vehicle. It is when you have a problem that you see their true colors. This dealership and the owners should be ashamed of how they treat their customers.
Posted by johnnyneedles@gmail.com on 2011-12-12:
Stay away from this place!!! CREEP JOINT!!!
Posted by Pat Magroin on 2012-10-25:
These people will wasted my time and will waste your time too, check the reviews that are available and avoid at at all costs.
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Now I Understand Why Someone Drove Threw The Place....
Posted by Johnnyneedles on 12/12/2011
Now I understand why someone drove threw the building from frustration... I took my Grand Caravan there for warranty work. It was through a 3rd party coverage. They pretty much did everything that needed done with the warranty companies approval. I asked them after they were done to inspect the vehicle. They agreed. I get a call saying that the back brakes, & rotors were bad. I just replaced the pads a month ago with ceramic pads, so I knew the likelihood of this was B. S. I called them on it. They changed their story, & said it was the rotors. I asked how much, they said it would be $500.00 for the job! I told them to forget it, so I did the work myself. I took it back thinking everything would be good. I told them the work they required was completed. They went to check it. I could hear the impact gun from the waiting room of the shop. It sounded like it was set very high, & I heard someone scream "DAMN!" The representative at the service desk came out with my lug nut in hand. Within the lug nut was the lug stem that holds the tire on. He said this snapped off, & we can't inspect it. I was shocked to say the least! They broke it, & refused to fix it for me. I asked how many ft pounds the impact gun set, he said they did not use an impact gun. I told him I heard it. He changed his story & said they have their gun's calibrated. He then told me it would be around $110.00 to fix the lug stem! I told him I will do it & bring it back. I purchased the parts for a little over $4.00 to fix it. I got the vehicle home, & went to take the tire off. My air gun just sat there beating the against the lug nuts. I got my torque wrench out, & set it. The lug nuts were on over 200lbs of torque!!! I took the van back after all of this, & finally got it inspected. If you take your vehicle to this dealer may GOD HELP YOU! I would not do any type of out of warranty work here. Terrible service, & bad liars!
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Posted by Skye on 2011-12-12:
Did it solve anything for the person that drove through that building?

Thanks for sharing your story and maybe saving someone a BIG headache down the road!
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-13:
Driving though the building may sound extreme, but it is possible that in doing so you would send a message that you a minivan owner who isn't to be trifled with.

There are sets of torque "tubes" made that allow for safe and accurate torquing of lug nuts/bolts when using an air wrench. They go between the wrench and the lug nut/bolt.
Posted by johnnyneedles@gmail.com on 2011-12-13:
I have no clue if it solved anything... I am not privy to that info. I just understand how frustrated the guy is/was. Lesson learned, stay away!!!
Posted by Sasha on 2013-02-11:
I understand why someone would drive through the building! lol
Posted by bobby on 2013-04-30:
not one mechanic there uses the torque sockets. i bet not one of them could actually find where the torque tool kit is at.
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Horrible business
Posted by on 03/08/2010
MCMURRAY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I've worked at vasko dodge for a few years and the owners play to be nice but treat their workers horrible and all they are after is money money money and don't care how they treat their workers or customers. I've seen many times the owners screw people out of money to get things done. If you bring a car there to get a scratch removed. The owner who handles service will actually go get a colored sharpie marker and go over the scratch with that instead of getting it fixed right. They take parts of brand new cars to fix customer cars when the part isn't in yet and who wants to buy a new car with aftermarket parts? I just wouldn't advise anybody buying a vehicle there or getting service done if possible. The owners don't deserve to be in business and hope one day when they met the good lord they get what they deserve for taking advantage of people to get a dollar.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-03-08:
Oh oh, were you fired?? You've worked there all this time, and now their business practice is bothering you?

Business's are out to make money. How else do you expect them to be able to pay you your paycheck?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-08:
No i didnt get fired i quit and when you have to work and make money to live you have to deal with how they do business and can only take it for so long!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-08:
Skye.....are you not reading well today? Unless fk edited the comment just above your second one, he/she already said they quit.
Posted by handyman21 on 2010-03-09:
I have delt with that place also and the service people acted like i was bothering them by getting my truck looked at.Very rude people there.
Posted by Skye on 2010-03-09:
Please forgive me, I obviously missed that part.

Thanks Judge!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-03-09:
"They take parts of brand new cars to fix customer cars when the part isn't in yet and who wants to buy a new car with aftermarket parts?"

I bet you nearly every brand new car you buy will have some 'aftermarket' parts on it. And how is it any different them taking a part off a brand new car until a part comes in than making a customer wait on a part? Seems like the customer gets the car fixed faster.

You got fired I take it.
Posted by handyman21 on 2010-03-09:
I wouldnt want a new car with aftermarket parts on it. I'd want it with all the stock parts duh!!
Posted by handyman21 on 2010-03-09:
Read up ladyscot it said they quit!!!
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Excellent Car Dealer! the Place to Buy a New Car!
Posted by Gajski449 on 11/16/2013
MCMURRAY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I recently bought a new Dodge journey from Vasko Dodge. I found the vehicle online and was contacted by the online sales specialist who was actually one of the owners. It was great to get personal service, real email communication, not computer generated responses. The sales staff was very helpful to get me the best deal possible. I didn't have to haggle about the price, they found more rebates and savings than I would have ever guessed. It was an absolutely 'no haggle' deal. I'm am very pleased.
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Great Buying Experience
Posted by Npbgroup on 07/01/2013
MCMURRAY, PENNSYLVANIA -- Traded a 2005 Ram Truck for a new one. The process was flawless. This team was prompt, informative and patient working through the endless option and combinations these trucks have. They found one with everything I wanted. Both timing and pricing were excellent. This was my first experience with this dealership and it was a good one. They were pleasant and all business and did not waste my time - very important.
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Great Experience With Sales and Service
Posted by Mdaly724 on 05/31/2013
Recently bought a certified pre-owned car after an accident totaled my previous one. I found the car online, test drove it a couple days later, and finalized the sale shortly after that. The process was quick and painless. Had another key programmed this past weekend and, again, the people were friendly and it didn't take long. I definitely recommend this Vasko Dodge.
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Super Buying Experience
Posted by Mmdd1 on 05/16/2013
Great sales staff including the owner Bill and salesman Ray. No pressure, great price an all around great buying experience. I would highly recommend this dealership.
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So Disappointed that someone could treat you so terribly.
Posted by Metz273 on 01/25/2013
MCMURRAY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am just informing you of my bad experience there. I have taken my vehicle there numerous times to get fixed......remind you that it isn't even a year old. So I took my car in because it wasn't working properly, needed inspected and also an oil change. The next day I called and asked if it would ready to be picked up....they said they didn't know. The service man(shorter one) said that there was nothing wrong with it and they were doing the inspection (at 1:30). So I was really frustrated because I know my car isn't working right! So I called good old Bill Vasko...he was nice at first and told me he would look into it. He called me back and said he can't fix something that isn't broken and maybe I just don't understand how a heater works..I know that it is supposed to keep you warm :) Then I just wanted to let him know that his service department (the short one) was really really rude to me all 3 times I brought my car in. Bill told me that his department is not rude and it must be something else "ME"

So at 4:00 an hour before they close my husband called in to see if it was done...they said the mechanic or someone was out driving my car about 60-100 miles because it was needed for inspection........so @ around 5 my husband got a call and said it wouldn't pass so they had to keep it overnight...So my question is since there is nothing wrong with it why won't it pass State inspection????????????????? Ugh I will never ever ever in my life buy another New or even a Used Car from Vasko Dodge! I will travel to Cranberry to the dealership up there! They treat you with respect and actually care about their customers and not all about the green! and I wish you could out 0 STARS!!!!!! But a salesman there is pretty awesome! He took time to call me from his personal cell and tell me he was sorry that everything was happening and I maybe should take it somewhere else! :)
Read Company Response
Company Response on 02/25/2013:
I personally handled this customer and truly wish her experience was what she wanted. I did not doubt that she was experiencing a concern with her heater. I personally inspected the heater and even videoed the testing. It worked perfectly each time it was here. We are still at a loss as to what was happening. I was never rude to her at any time. I further followed up with her and she indicated that another dealer had changed the clock spring and this repaired the issue with the heater. The clockspring is a component of the air bag system and I am uncertain how the two interact. Their were never any stored faults with the car. I am happy that the other dealer was able to satisfy her. While we try our best with everyone we would be lying to say we are perfect.
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Posted by metz273 on 2013-03-14:
Hi Its me. I see where they wrote a comment from my review. First off, I didn't hear back from them after another dealership fixed my car. and I still have had a few problems with the heater but the new dealership never doubts me. They fixed the clockspring (which they called Chrysler and it has been a problem before) the first time and it worked for about 3 weeks.....so I had to take it back in. No questions asked......they fixed it again....but they said they don't know how long its going to last. They are trying to figure out what is going on with it. Because it is still not working the way it should.
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Posted by Hankins88 on 12/07/2012
RUSSELLVILLE, ARKANSAS -- We have a 2009 Nissan Murano that has 62K miles on it with a Certified used car warranty. The passenger side air bag quit working and the light has been blinking on the dash. We took it to the service department. They reset the light, no parts needed. The cost? $93.31. I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. THAT IS ROBBERY!!! WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO RESETTING A SIMPLE LIGHT FOR FREE, OR AT LEAST UNDER THE WARRANTY WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN $50.00.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-08:
As absurd as it sounds, I had something similar with my vehicle and it is expensive. What you're paying for is the equipment to check everything is still working perfectly, which is of the most importance, and then resetting the light.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-12-08:
You got burned big time. I've had a similar situation where they gouged me. Now I refuse to return unless it's warranty work and no money out of my pocket. Try a reputable local shop that appreciates your business and won't rip you off.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-12-08:
Most car dealerships have a minimum labor charge of 1 hour and this can be up to $100.00 per hour. If a repair takes any portion of the hour in most instances you are still charged the hourly rate plus any applicable taxes. The charge was likely calculated in this manner.

A "certified" used car indication by a dealership (new or used dealership) holds no intrinsic value. In essence, they are certifying little more than the fact it is a used car. Many dealerships will tout multi point checks that were done on the car without specifying what those checks were. They are not necessarily checks to ensure the mechanical condition of the automobile. If you need to buy a used car, always ask the dealer if you can take the car from the lot before purchase to have it throughly checked by an independent, trusted repair shop. If they decline to allow this, walk away.
Posted by Bill Vasko on 2013-05-10:
I monitor this site and cannot explain why I am getting a bad review from Russelville Arkansas about a Nissan Murano. This is truly unfair. We are a family business, in business for 48 years. I cannot understand why this is posted here.
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