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ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- My Dalmatian Lucky has been seen by VCA Lake Otis Pet Hospital, for over 5 years. They have misdiagnosed her gradual Kidney failure numerous times even after I asked them to look into some tell-tale symptoms that I felt might be important.(She would become lethargic and her breath would smell of ammonia) After many expensive tests their final diagnosis was "she had cushing's Disease", and that this was causing the symptoms that I was questioning. The Vet prescribed some pills for this disease. Much later a new Veterinarian came on board they said she never had Cushing's Disease and could not figure out why this diagnosis was ever made. After her last Senior Wellness Exam 03/18/10 (never was done) and several weeks after the tests were supposed to be back they (the staff) had given 5 different excuses why the test results never came back 1)It Just takes time, 2)their not back yet be patience, 3)oops we just found them apparently they were never sent, 4)We sent them again but they still haven't come back, and finally 5)Were very sorry but the lab lost them and you will have to bring Lucky back in so we can take a blood sample. After waiting again for the results of the new blood test, Another new Veterinarian, told us Lucky had E-Coli and we needed to come get some medicine to cure it. During all of this time I had a very serious family emergency that I had to keep postponing so with the final diagnosis I left for Seattle. My husband had been administering the E-Coli drugs to Lucky for a few days when the VCA called and told him to pick up some pills that had to be given to Lucky right away It was fortunate that He called me before he was to add them to her diet. These new pills that were supposed to be administered right away were actually double of the same pills my husband had been given her for E-Coli. He would of doubled up with no questions asked believing they knew what they were doing, I made him return them to VCA. If He had given them to her we would have over-dosed her because of their mistake again. Lucky became lethargic again on the 17Th of June and because I could not trust VCA we took her to Diamond Animal Hospital, on 2545 Tudor Rd where after 30 minutes they knew Lucky's kidneys were failing. She died early in the morning of the 19Th of June from Kidney failure. If I knew where to go for malpractice with animals I would do so immediately. Animal Dr's, like Human Dr's, have taken the same route "Don't question us or the medicine we prescribe, we have the training you don't"
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azspots on 06/22/2010:
Most states have a Veternary Board, something akin to a State Medical Board. I turned a Vet in here in Arizona and his license was revoked. Do it, for the memory of your sweet dog. I am sorry for your loss.

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VCA not a good animal hospital
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LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I am so devastated I can hardly go on. So if you have any information on bloat I need any thing I can find. I have already got a new vet.

This is a story about my 2 year old Irish setter I need you to tell me how I find a vet that listens to us show dog people. right now I feel like I will never go to a vet again.

Check with the Better Business Bureau they gave them an (F).

This was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me in my 30+years in dogs. I have bred, trained, shown for 30 years. This is unacceptable to me.

My dog died because they did not acted fast enough.

Beaubriars Heart Of Meadow Run --Beau he was starting his show career.
Ch. Beaubrairs Christmas Snow X Ch. Beaubrairs Electrifying, JH

Friday on March 23 at 9:15 I came home from work let my dogs out to potty,
I fed them and left them in the crates for a little while.

Beau (pic above) started crying funny. I went out to get him brought him in the house he was acting really funny. He was crying like he was in pain. At 10:PM he was in my van in route to the VCA Lakewood emergency clinic. I called ahead to let them know I was on my way. I got there signed in told her I think he may be bloating; I know there is no time to wait. Dr. Perry was the only vet there I waited 10 min for him to come see me he took him back x-rayed him said there was gas in his stomach.He said he will give him some Ace so he can relax while he was x-raying him , I told him he would be OK without it, he gave it to him any way and he said he gave him some morphine for the pain. He said we have no surgeon, and I had to go to another hospital ,then I had to wait for the bill, the x-rays’, the files I told him time is of the essence here but I was locked in and could even get out till I paid the bill. At which time I think he could have tubed him and may have saved his life.

He told me to go the All Care 24 care in Fountain Valley, again I waited. They took Beau in back said they would call me in the morning and would watch him over night. Well needless to say they called I at 5:30 AM to say he needed surgery and it would be $8000 up front, and that there would only be a %30 chance of him making it. I new at that point it was to late, he would either die on the table or be toxic from waiting to long. So I had to put him to sleep.

Now this is a show dog you can tell, he was just not off the street. I wonder why none of these vets acted faster than they did??? Do they not know about bloat? They had plenty of time to save him but they didn't even try.

As you can imagine I am just so sad. I have lost a very nice dog at the age of 2 he just about to start his show career. So not only am I out money for the dog but it cost me $800 for dead dog. And the loss of my companion and friend.
Other people have had bloat and saved there dog, I've been a breeder for over 30 years at no time have I ever encounter vets who didn't hurry at this kind of an emergency.

When the breeder was contacted she stated this was appalling and should never have happened. These vets are directly responsible for the death of my dog.

Also A [name removed] took her Irish Setter to McClave Clinic in Reseada , they new and in 20 min had him in surgery, it cost her $1800 and the dog is fine.
This is her web page where you can see my dogs mother and father and his grandfather who is the #3 Irish Setter in the country and won a group 4 at Westminster kennel club this year.

BIS/BSS CH. Saxony's Snow In August

Please do some thing so this does not keep happening, these people think they are above reproach and no one can touch them. I also have run into a few people who I have contacted about these people who have had there animals die from negligence.

Just what is a person to do? We trust them with our animal friends and they let them die.

Meadow Run Irish Setters

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User Replies:
Sarah May on 05/31/2007:
I am very sorry for the loss of your friend. I am not going to pick a fight with someone who is mourning, but I disagree when you say they are directly responsible for the death of your dog, because you had the option of paying for surgery that may have saved his life, but you instead opted to put him down. Also, it is not fair for you to say "Now this is a show dog you can tell ,he was just not off the street. I wonder why none of these vets acted faster than they did??? "
I believe that a dog off the street has just as much a right to life as a show dog.
Again, I'm sorry for your loss.
Anonymous on 05/31/2007:
My wife is a vet tech,and she used to work for a local 24 hour emergency vet hospital.VCA came along and made an offer I guess the owner(lead vet) could not refuse.

They made some really stupid changes,and lost a lot of the good employees that were there for years.They do not care about the welfare of the animal,or the owner.

Sorry for your loss,but I agree with Sarah.
Ponie on 05/31/2007:
Good response, Sarah May. I, too, am sorry for the poster's loss.
spiderman2 on 05/31/2007:
I too am sorry for your loss, but a few things don't make sense to me and the biggest one is
"I've been a breeder for over 30 years at no time have I ever encounter vets who didn't hurry at this kind of an emergency." I could call my vet in the middle of the night when my pet was really ill. If you are a 30 breeder, why didn't you have vet you could depend on instead of some off the street clinic. That seems odd to me, maybe we just had a great vet who cared about all animals, even if they were just mutts or non-show cats?
jktshff1 on 06/01/2007:
Good posts all!
CautiousConsumer on 06/01/2007:
First I must say: Breeders are the cause of the overpopulation and degredation of companion animals everywhere. They treat their animals as property and machines for human use. Just because your dog was a show dog does NOT make him more important than any other dog out there.


My hubs worked for VCA. The one he worked for starved their animals, did not walk them, and the vets were incompetent. He left within a few months. They only care about making money. NEVER go to a VCA - you might as well take your animals to a slaughterhouse.
bigreason on 06/01/2007:
I am still grieving I'm sorry and I'm angry. Every animal deserves a loving home and a good Dr.. I show dogs cause its my hobby, I spend years getting a dog ready for showing. I have no family I didn't bring any kids into the world. I am responsible for my dogs from womb to tomb no matter what they come home if they at 6 months or 12 years.
thank you for your comments.
bigreason on 06/02/2007:
Despite what you think, I do not over populate the world with pup. last litter I had of 4 they all got parvo because of a neighbor who didn't know, I educate the people around me and it cost me $9000 for save all the pups. the Irish setter club from all over the country helped me with my bill. I alway keep 1 or 2 to show I don't breed for the world just my self, I 'm very careful about all the deseases and I test for every thing so people have nice healthy well adjusted kids they can live with. But I Miss my Beau Boy we had a special bond, It may be hard to understand but he was my heart dog.
Starlord on 06/02/2007:
reason, I am not trying to be a smart aleck, and forgive me if I sound like one. When I was a kid on the farm in Indiana, we supplemented our income by breeding and training redbone and blue tick hounds (coon hunting is big in southern Indiana.) We had a regular vet we worked with, and had an emergency vet within a 30-min drive. We had occcasions to use both at various times, but we were never without coverage by a vet we trusted. Being an animal lover, my heart goes out to you for your loss.
bigreason on 06/02/2007:
I just want you all to know you all have been very helpful and that you be vigialant about the vet you use. I NEVER want this to happen to another animal or his owner.
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