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Bad magento extension by
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123 SE HANCOCK ST, FLORIDA -- Our company was looking for a year/make/model extension for our magento store when we stumbled upon Vehicle Fits; we contacted the company and spoke with a gentleman by the name of Josh. We explained to Josh that we have had some problems with purchasing magento extensions in the past and were a little weary about purchasing another extension that may not work properly. Josh assured us that this would not be the case with his software and even offered to remove his refund policy for us and he would refund us our money if we were not happy with his software.

After we purchased the software everything seemed to be moving along just fine, he offered to install his software and had to make about 4 updates to get it up and running. There were a few bugs here and there like misspellings, some all capital letters, some lower case, doubles of makes models, wrong vehicle to bolt pattern and a few other minor issues but he assured us once again that they would be sorted out. He said a buddy of his was working on that for him and it would be fixed within a few days. This never happened and nothing was fixed. We also noticed that our page load times were horrible with the extension installed and we were told it was a cache issue and we needed to clear our cache more often. We were also told he was going to custom program the module to suit our needs better with a year make model choice for both wheel and vehicle sides and that never happened either. The load time issue is caused by a hog of java scripting poorly written and not optimized at all, if you view his test sites you will notice load times are horrible.

Our server suffered a failure last week and we had to recover it from our data center, after getting the server back and going through the data base we discovered if we removed his entries from our SQL data base our problem was fixed and our sites would function as they should and with the entries added back to the database our sites would fail to load. Clearly his software were the cause here, magento functioned perfectly without his module entries. We contacted him and informed him that we were not happy with his product and that it still needed some tweaking and we would like a refund, we were told he would issue a refund if we were not happy with his software. He asked if he could have the chance to try to fix it and was simply told NO, our server was down for a few hours and that costs our company money and we could not afford to have any down time in the future due to his software failing. Josh was now looking for every possible way to get out of giving us our refund and looking for a way to make it our fault his software failed when that didn't work he started in with immature name calling and vulgar remarks.

No refund has been issued at this point and we are having our legal team contact him this week. We would just like to give everyone else a heads up to stay away from this company and let you know how our experience with Josh and turned out.

We decided to give Josh a chance to complete the module as agreed and prove to us that his module was not at fault for our magento store failure, he installed the basic module on a test site and then disappeared. He is no longer responding to our emails and we are still locked out of updates. We never received a refund and now we are stuck with a none working magento module and lost out on $700. He claims we are no longer allowed to receive updates or download the software we paid for due to that fact we posted our complaints on these message boards.
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Vehicle Fits on 12/10/2010:
This customer reported that his server crashed and refused to allow us to investigate his "request for refund". For this reason his refund was denied, this prompted him to threaten to sue and spread defamation, which was met with a response of ending his updates & support.
trmn8r on 12/10/2010:
It sounds like the OP threatened legal action, and later attempted to negotiate a resolution directly.

I can't remember threatening legal action if I didn't intend to move forward with it. If fact I did so only once, which is just about to be resolved favorably (after lots of $$$ spent on an attorney).
Slimjim on 12/10/2010:
Josh/Vehicle Fits, Did you in fact, make this statement to him before he bought-
Josh assured us that this would not be the case with his software and even offered to remove his refund policy for us and "he would refund us our money if we were not happy with his software."

If you did, then you breached your verbal agreement that was made contingent on the sale. The product isn't working for the customer, and I believe if the story holds water, you were allowed enough ample time to address it. If you told this customer you would refund if he wasn't happy, then you need to do that. Otherwise, you deserve any and all bad press you receive.
Vehicle Fits on 02/05/2011:
Slimjim, thanks for your comments. The agreement was if there were any issues, I would either fix or refund them. He complained his page was slow, I told him we should try the latest version of my software to see if its an issue and he refused to give it a try.

The agreement implied it was at my discretion whether the issue would be fixed or refunded. He claimed there was an issue, but refused to re-create the issue for me on his server (and it was not happening on any of my demo sites).

I honor all valid claims. This customer went out of his way to prevent me from investigating his claim.
Vehicle Fits on 02/05/2011:
Here's the timeline

1 - installed module for customer

2 - 3 months go by, customer even calls & says its working great

3 - suddenly I get an email "why are you ignoring us" This caught me off guard, as the last I heard from them they were happy.

4 - responded, he submitted his claim of a slow page load.

5 - I asked for his server details so I can go replicate

6 - he refused to provide

7 - he sent emails/calls over a subsequent 3-4 week period, spread reviews all over the web, claiming he wants $700. Working software would not satisfy him, he just had to have his $700 back. Email support was ended with the client & his update's cut off at this time.
Vehicle Fits on 02/05/2011:
8 - Client realized the ramifications of losing access, and decided to give me access to a "test" server.

9 - I installed my module on this test server.

10 - client deleted the data he had put into the "original" site, (this was his choice to hose his own data). He did however have a .csv file with the data.

11 - I agreed I would work on adding a way to import the data from his csv file (this is me going above & beyond). I told him to wait at least a week.

12 - before the week was up he had followed up 3-4x by email, which I was too busy to respond too right away. He started posting more complaint threads online so I told him to "forget it", go find another company.
Vehicle Fits on 02/05/2011:

Same customer.
Vehicle Fits on 02/05/2011:
Furthermore my decisions were not made easily. This customer was an ongoing problem for months, to the point that it was consuming hours a day responding to complaint threads that he would post, wait a while & delete & re-post, so that I had to keep replying to clear my name. He was spamming comments my youtube videos, etc. The decision to cut a customer off is not something that is done easily, in this case I had basically no choice, as I cannot neglect the other 200 customers to cater to this individual's antics. I'm sure the rest of my customers can appreciate this.
SWO LLC on 02/12/2011:
We were going to take legal action but he knows as well as we do, that it would cost us more than its worth to try to get $700 back from him.
It's a win win for Josh and look at this guy, he makes it look like we refused to accept any help from him even after we realized he was not going to make good on his refund policy. If we are not going to get a refund he at least owes us the complete software and data package we paid for even if we throw it in the garbage after we get it!
No software no refund = scam!
MVP on 06/13/2013:
I completely agree, the company is the worst, absolutely no communication, product has lots of bugs. Don't give them a dime, even now the software is open source, do not give this guy Josh a dime, he wil screw you like he did me and looks like many others, I have almost $1000 invested with him (before it went open source) I was supposed to get a year of support, I can't even get in touch with the guy, it has been 1 1/2 months since I have talked to him, he was supposed to fix the seo and upgrade to the newest version that weekend....well it has been 6 weekends and I can't get any response. For those that are having as many problems as me, his cell number...aka the only way to get any kind of response is 772-924-4299.
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