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Company got paid and never did the work
Posted by Extremely annoyed on 09/17/2007
ALABAMA -- As many other consumers I feel that I have been scammed by VendSmart. After I was referred to this company by Dyna Pulse, and after doing some research, I decided to sign an agreement with Vendsmart for the location of my vending machines in Burlington, Ontario.

It's difficult to describe how "pushy" David Addison was the first times that I spoke with him over the phone in order to get the deposit of US $ 1,000.00, stating that he had a locator in my area and that in order to get him do the work for me right away he needed the deposit ASAP. I even took time off work to have the money for the deposit wired to him. He must have called me at least 8 times in a couple of days. And as soon as he got the money, that was it, I didn't hear back from him, until I contacted him inquiring about the work as per the contract. He came up with a series of excuses to justify his not contacting me and not getting started with the work.

I patiently waited for a few more weeks, during which he didn't return my calls nor my emails. When I finally got fed up with unfulfilled promises, I sent him an e-mail which I called "prior to legal action", demanding that he immediately reimbursed me the money I had sent plus the accrued interest. He came up with other childish excuses and that 45 days hadn't passed and that he would send someone else do the job for me.

Over three weeks ago, somebody by the name of Carl contacted me on behalf of Vendsmart, he said he would locate, finally, my machines, he said he'd be in my area within 5 days. That, of course, never happened. I got a call from this person, Carl, stating that Vendsmart might be involved in a fraud and that he was no longer working with Vendsmart.

My question is, where is the accountability of these companies which freely operate scamming people.

At this particular point I'm still waiting for a refund of the money that was sent in good faith for a job that was never even started.

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-17:
Anybody have a URL for this VendSmart con man? I am curious now and would like to check out this character. I find lot's of complaints but no real company behind the scam?
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-09-17:
I caught a Vendmart rep it what appears to be a lie on the other complaint. No open communication, missed promised dates with no notice, an already shaky industry known to warehouse scams, rebuttals that don't add up.. I'm not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about this Vendmart.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-18:
Sounds like you got ripped off just like several other people.
Posted by bud9612 on 2007-09-18:
He actually think that I am stupid and naive enough to post an apology letter and he expect me to trust him to send me back my money as a reward dream on David
Posted by VendSmart on 2007-09-19:
ESTHER, Ron Wear has been trying to contact you at 905-592-xxx7 (x'd out for privacy) for a while - his number is 818-951-9775.

I'm no longer going to participate in a gossip board that absolutely has not credibility. Anyone can post anything and - GUESS WHAT? It becomes a witch hunt - the big bad business is always wrong and the consumer is always the poor victim that has been wronged. Not going to feed the monkey anymore. If you want resolution Ron Wear is a real live person that is assigned to take care of any lagging Canadian accounts. As a company we are not perfect, however, - if we where a scam then there would be thousands of complaints on legit sites like the BBB & ATTORNEY GENERAL... We do our best and do not have time to waste on non-sense and a website that is open to absolutely any posting from anyone on anything with no proof.



Posted by CoffeeMagic on 2007-09-22:
This is for Dave. He's helped me tremendously after APS never completed my job. Dave took 3 weeks longer than agreed on but I didn't trash him. When my locator got here the job was done well and even though it wasn't perfect I will use him again.

Shame on you cowards. I will post this everywhere I can and if somebody wants to call me DO SO 'cause I'm real as they get!

JEANNIE - 812-962-3964
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Lost my deposit
Posted by Bud9612 on 09/04/2007
LASALLE, CALIFORNIA -- VendSmart is a vending machine placement company and I was dealing with David Addison to have a team of locators sent to my city to have my machines set up.
By sending him a $1584 deposit he guarantied me that he would have a team in place by Monday of the coming week and I was going to get a call from Don offer the weekend.
My friend who also sent him $1738 deposit got the same deal as me.

For 4 days I tried to reach David but he ignored my calls and never returned any of them. I nerver got a call until the Monday evening, it was from Don who said they were having some problems and that they would be starting the contract on Wednesday and he would be calling me Tuesday night to arrange a meeting.

A friend was able to reach David by tricking him she was a new customer, she was told the team was already in town and we would getting a call shortly, it never happened.

I sent David a nasty email asking him to refund our deposits or we would expose him as a scammer, 2 days later I received a call from a guy called Carl who said he was a professional locator out fo California claiming that David had called him and asked him to drop everything and take over our 2 contracts. By the time Carl called me David had already agreed to refund us our deposit so we told Carl the deal was off David never followed through with the refund so me and my friend have lost our deposits.

I also was able to find out that VendSmart is associated with Jim Ellis who was the man behind Vending Dream which has dozens of rip-off reports on another site

Lasalle, Quebec
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Posted by ThinLazyAmerican on 2007-09-04:
Well, call the mounties and track him down eh?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-04:
What kind of research did you do on this character before giving him your money? Unfortunately, and as you found out the hard way, there are scammers of all sorts and you should not give anyone your money until you have done a background check and found them to be legitimate.
Have you contacted anyone at VendSmart directly? the toll free # is 800-714-8126

Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-09-04:
Despite their promises, individual investors are not getting rich on vending machines. The main reason is that all the prime location are tied up in long term agreements with the big vending machine operators.
Posted by ThinLazyAmerican on 2007-09-04:
Background checks?? LOL, that's just naive.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-05:
This is why i stay out of Canada.
Posted by VendSmart on 2007-09-05:
I'm very disappointed in you Peter and Tammy
Amazing guys... Really amazing. The total wait time you have incurred has been about 10 business days.. give or take? Wow... I didn't realize it was life or death that you where located 3 DAYS after your deposit was made.

Also, there was no smoke and mirrors. We had some reps that where unable to stay in the area due to personal reasons that is kept confidential for their privacy. Carl immediately contacted you (after a 2 day wait) and wasted no time getting projects back on track.

Oh - a quick note. The only thing we share in common with Vending Dreams is that we own their old phone system (bought in an auction). So we still share one of their phone numbers (that had been turned off for 2 years). Before you start taking mis-information from competitors that have over 100 BBB complaints I'd be a little less impulsive.

And yes, Peter, you did eagerly do your best to talk Carl into working for you direct. This is called theft of intellectual property and 'conscious fraud.' Also, don't forget slander as well.. Tammy demanded a refund on Wednesday afternoon and by Sunday a Rip Off Report was filed by you. Let me past the last email conversation I had with Tammy below:

tammy wrote:
Hey David,

They say no news is good news....but coming from you it is only bad news. I have'nt receved any fax from you, so I am forced to rune your
vendsmartplacement name as best I can on the internet. I can only hope than someday, a nutcase individuel will physicaly catch up with you and help you celebrate your financial success...I don't beleive in hell after life, so I can only wish for hell in your life.


Tammy, the wire did not go through today due to short hours on the Canada side. It is dissapointing that you have re-acted in such a shallow manner to every challenge that you have encountered. Such as the HUGE challenge of waiting a few hours until I was able to check everything out.

Also, Pierre told my representative to come and start anyway and he would contract him directly. My rep, being honest and understanding laws recorded this conversation for me. Please note this, in your contract, is listed as 'conscious fraud.' My partner, who is an attorney, will have significant problems with this matter and the email you just sent.

In the email you admitted to 'slander' and I will keep this email handy. Once your refund has finally been processed then civil matters may be of concern to you.

Do not threaten, slander, or harass. You are prohibited from 'making deals' with my reps per the contract. Let Pierre know as well - 'conscious fraud' and 'theft of intellectual property' are issues we've dealt with in the past successfully.

So, it is apparent the Slander is the latest route you have chosen to take after failing to steal my locator. Once again let's all keep this in perspective - YOU DEMANDED A REFUND that I was not legally required to issue since you had waited a whole 8 business days at the point - AND while doing so told my locator to work for you directly - AND when the refund didn't show up on MONDAY (a US holiday) - and don't forget FRIDAY was a Canadian holiday - you are eagerly posting mis-information on the internet.....


Posted by Tamarra on 2007-09-06:
I was also scamed by Vendsmart.
To Vendsmart: The last lie you told me on the phone was that you were waiting for conformation of the wire transfert to refound my deposit($1783.00 US) and then you BLOCKED my phone number from being able to contact Vendsmart's companie line.I guess you never did a wire transfert before at the bank because as long as your bank is open, you give them the money, they fill out the paper and you leave.The rest is out of your hands.You dont wait for confirmation and you can NOT cancel the transaction.I told you the week before I didn't trust you anymore.That I would like proof that you were an honest companie by sending me back some of my deposit.You threaten to cancel my contract instead.That you didn't need customers like me asking for proof.The following wednesday I accepted your offer to cancel.Then you played the (I need to consult my partner, who doesn't a phone line or voicemail),dragged it until friday and then BLOCKED my phone line and never called me back...

I called the better business bureau of Alabama and Vendsmart did NOT EXIST.You say the companie exist for 7 years?Funny how that answer came out of your mouth since Vendingdreams was created 7 years ago and in 2005 they had 58 complaints in the previous 12 months at the BBB.Do you know how many people don't make a complaint when they get scamed because they are embarrassed or other reasons. And you say that Vendsmart (who was created by JIM ELLIS) bought Vending Dreams's pnone landline (a companie that was accused of scamming so many people and more, also created by JIM ELLIS) whitch has the same adress as JIM ELLIS. Well I think that says a lot on it's own.

I think you are Jim Ellis.I noticed quite fast but to late that you are the only person that we can ever reach by calling Vendsmart, no matter what extention we try at your "headquarters", no secretary, no other salesperson, no receptionist...Your sitting in your house and taking peoples money, it's that simple.Somehow you even get the companies who sell the machines to give out your telepnone number. That's how we got caught. Everyone out there beware...And JIM ELLIS also created VENDTRUST.
Posted by VendSmart on 2007-09-07:
Once again Pierre & Tammy (listed as Tamarra) you are addressed in my letter as well. Tammy - look at your letter that I pasted in my response in the section response labeled VendSmart. Just to note Pierre and Tammy are parnters in crime and have tried to scam my company for thousands.

And, genius, VendSmart has nothing to do with VendingDreams - the address is NOT the same (actually about 50 miles away) - We bought their phone system and one of their unused domains (they had over 20 of them). As far as VendTrust - call them before you slander yet another company as they probably bought a domain as well.
Posted by Cursed on 2007-09-14:
Pierre and Tamara have not tried to scam you for anything. They only want the deposit back they sent to you in good faith for you placing the vending machines. The list of people you have not serviced as per your contract is growing and we will find others! Please do NOT use Vendsmart services. They have yet to complete any jobs promised! Please do not trust David Addison or Jim Ellis. Jim Ellis is listed as the Organisation name behind vendsmartplacement....so I would say they share more than a phone system.
Posted by bud9612 on 2007-09-15:
You are right the list is growing I have spoken with 4 others clients of David who got taken by him in the last 4 months so he has been had it for a while
Posted by VendSmart on 2007-09-15:
Posted by TommyVend on 2007-09-15:
That's funny because Bill, one of my partners, and myself have had no trouble getting our machines located. Smells like Tammy&Perry are trying to stir up a big stink...

Good luck in your witch hunt Tammy and Perry! I'm sticking with Vendsmart because I'M HAPPY!
Posted by CindyVendy2 on 2007-09-15:
This is tooooooooo funny...... Tammy and Petey are back again! Hey... I'm a customer of Dave and guess what? I'M REAL HAPPY and I know many other people that are. Sorry but I'm not going to break out the tissues for ya!!!

Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-09-16:
there's a couple of lawyers somewhere that are going to make money off this
Posted by bud9612 on 2007-09-16:
Tommyvend Cindyvend how original
Why would somebody be happy with a company and spend time searching the internet to find dirt on that company that they are sooooooo happy with??? it like going to the casino and expecting not to find any gamblers
Posted by Jenks35 on 2007-09-16:
I am not sure what happened with the people in Quebec, but they have nothing to lose by giving VendSmart another chance.

I went into the whole thing very skeptical because of all the things I've heard, but I decided to give VendSmart a shot.

I'm very glad I did. I spoke with David Addison who was very professional and courteous. He told me that i would hear from my locator once the deposit was received. I made my deposit, and within 24 hrs of it being received i got a call from my locator. THREE days later he was meeting with me at my home to start the locating process. I was able to go with him and see my locations and talk with the contacts. It went very smoothly.

I'm glad I hired VendSmart for my machine locations, and I would definitely call them for my next locating job. Keep up the good work guys!

Kate Jenkins
Macon, GA
Posted by VendSmart on 2007-09-16:
Thanks for the good comments... I let my customers know what's going on with Spammy and Piere so they could, when the had time, post their own comments.

Nobody's perfect on the "timeframe" but that doesn't make them scammers.
Posted by bud9612 on 2007-09-16:
We all got the same phone call after 3 days and no one showed up even after 120 days this is way past the timeframe
Posted by VendSmart on 2007-09-16:
Actually bud9612 your wait time was at 9 days before you started slamming the board within 2 days of threatening to do if a refund was not received. Of course this was the same time you asked my locator to work for you behind my back (which he recorded) and at that point the refund was halted. If you had managed to wait a whole extra 24-48 hours and not try to steal my locator (concious fraud voids your contract - read it) then you would of had a refund.

Your total wait time has not been 120 days - 9 days when you demanded a refund and assumed you where being "ripped off" and 30 days now since the contract was sent. I am willing to resolve this either by refund or job completion - which, yes, at this point will take about 1-2 more weeks.

However, for a refund, as I stated before in writing to you after you committed conscious fraud I will need a written letter of apology.

PS: Companies get backed up on projects all the time. Many people have waited longer than Pierre and Tammy in Canada which is a shame since they have been very patient.

Delays aren't reduced by threats, slander, and gossip boards. Delays happen, although I'm sure that you and Tammy have never been behind and have always executed your business to 100% perfection with absolutely everything going perfect as planned. And of course if things didn't go perfectly then I would imagine you would have no trouble being called "scammers."
Posted by bud9612 on 2007-09-17:
David If you would have been honest right from the start with us we had no problem with waiting what we did not appreciate is all the lies you told us which resulted in us losing trust in you and we were right we have 6 clients of yours in Canada that you failed to fullfill your contract one of them have been waiting for 120 days for your locator and you wont even acknowledge her phone calls.
As for stealing your employee that is BS Carl is not your employe I spoke to him 3 days ago, HE called me to find out if you had honor your contract with us and he wasn't surprise that you had not because it wasn't the first time
As far as halting the refund again BS you never went to the bank because you told us the refund had been processed and you were faxing us the proof once you have the proof in your hand it is too late to stop it.
If you really want to resolve this you have the info to wire us our money you do that and I will post a comments to that effect, proof to me that you are trustworthy
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-09-17:
kinda fun watching this
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-17:
I am with jktshff1. This is getting very interesting indeed. This VendSmart character sounds like a real low life working from a $200 a month apartment someplace. Very typical for scammers to try and cloud the issues when the simple issue is refund the money. I agree with Hugh that there are no longer good locations left and these VendSmart scammers are just out to steal money now. I doubt you will ever get him to court as he is probably well hidden behind a telephone somplace.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-09-17:
still sorry someone got burned
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-17:
Jenks35 is a NIC for VendSmart, any fool can see that. Jenks35 post has zero value. What is the web site for the scammers at VendSmart?
Posted by Slimjim on 2007-09-17:
Vendsmart lost me with this.. "Oh - a quick note. The only thing we share in common with Vending Dreams is that we own their old phone system (bought in an auction). So we still share one of their phone numbers (that had been turned off for 2 years).".. First, it is pretty coincidental to own a competitors former phone system, bought at an auction(??) and not have an affiliation. Second, phone numbers are not stored in the hardware or software of a phone system. They are assigned outside of your gear by AT&T or whomever. Phone systems don't come packed with any phone numbers.
Posted by VendSmart on 2007-09-19:
Slim - the phone system was bought at a bankruptcy auction...

ESTHER, Ron Wear has been trying to contact you at 905-592-xxx7 (x'd out for privacy) for a while - his number is 818-951-9775.

I'm no longer going to participate in a gossip board that absolutely has not credibility. Anyone can post anything and - GUESS WHAT? It becomes a witch hunt - the big bad business is always wrong and the consumer is always the poor victim that has been wronged. Not going to feed the monkey anymore. If you want resolution Ron Wear is a real live person that is assigned to take care of any lagging Canadian accounts. As a company we are not perfect, however, - if we where a scam then there would be thousands of complaints on legit sites like the BBB & ATTORNEY GENERAL. We do our best and do not have time to waste on non-sense and a website that is open to absolutely any posting from anyone on anything with no proof.



Posted by bud9612 on 2007-09-20:
David if your are as honest and as good a businessman as you claim your are you will refund me my deposit and for a change you will have to trust me when I say I will issue an apology I am not that stupid and naive to believe that you will be true to your word because you haven't so far
Posted by remo on 2007-10-05:
Another voice in the wilderness... currently waiting in Ottawa for David to come through... have heard the complaints, and am holding out hope, albeit now well beyond the original timeframe quoted. I will update...
Posted by bud9612 on 2007-10-06:
Ron Wear is a real guy just like Don Josh and John but none have ever showed up to do the job so more BS form David.
I also find out that VendSmart Inc is not real it is a shadow company it is not registered in Alabama or any other state. There is a Vendsmart registered company but it as nothing to do with vending machines. I contacted that company and the President was very interested in finding out who was using his company name to rip-off people, So David you should be hearing from his lawyer soon. I also contacted the IRS Birmingham office and I sent them every thing I had on you I guess they will be contacting you too
I know you are not going to send me back my deposit because your just a thief but my $1584 is going to cost you a lot more in the long run. Some os the freelance locators that you have been using are not too happy with you and the bad name you are giving them
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