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They Have No Clue
By -

MARYLAND -- Recently I had called Verizon to request my phone service and internet service to be split. I wanted DSL service to continue and phone service to be disconnected. This is called Dry loop service, which according to the tech guys and their website they offer in my area no less. I was transferred around for 45 minutes and then told that I was on the line with the right person to help me with my issue. I was given all kinds of bogus information about what they offered and how convenient it would be. I was told fees and asked for my credit card information for billing and everything that would be more convenient for them, and offer me, the customer nothing.

I was told I was in good hands. I was apologized to for being transferred all over and thanked sooo much for being a continued customer. About a week later my internet service was involuntarily interrupted. Why? I'm still being told there was a technical issue. However, the real issue was not technical at all. Instead it was clearly a lack of intelligence, lack of training and severe cases of pathological liars on the prowl. I have been back and forth with these morons for two weeks using neighbors' phones and payphones to try to rectify the situation. I am still waiting for my service to be restored.

I have talked to at least 3 people a day and been on the phone in total for no less than 1 hour and 15 minutes each time. I was even told to stay in my home one day from 8 am to 5 pm to wait for a technician that of course never showed up. When I called to find out what exactly the issue was and why I never saw anyone, I was again put on hold. Everybody that has to relate to the public talks with an accent that no one can understand and all they really do is repeat themselves and ask the same questions different ways. Like "hello" no I do not have a number that you can contact me back at, because you dumb ** you cut the phone off.

You obviously don't have to be a rocket scientist or have any knowledge of your duties to work there. Then I was so frustrated and tired to talking to people who really were not getting it. I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager and Mr. **, yeah that was the name of the one I spoke to. He was just as dense and more of a liar than the rest. I was told that since I didn't have phone service anymore and no other way except email to get to me, he would contact me via email within 24 hours letting me know the status of the decision to expedite my service date. Guess what, it never happened, no email, no service.

What are they doing. I tell you what they are trying to cover their own ** by stalling until the 15th of September, when Fios comes to my area. Why because the dry loop. They were offering cannot be done until then. Did they tell me that, NO! Did anyone fess us and say “Well Ms. if you want this service it cannot be up and running until mid September”, NO! So here I am a single work at home month who has lost income each and every day that my service has been down. Am I being offered any type of compensation, NO! Did anyone say “Well here is an alternative until, because we messed up”, NO!!

So let's recap... I was promised a service two and a half weeks ago that I never got. I was given the run around, lied to, transferred profusely from sales to tech support to customer service, spoke to managers, technicians, superior clucks and some dumb ** and still have no internet and no phone service. 'Verizon' the main telecommunication service provider in the North Eastern United States.

A major cellphone provider and internet service provider especially here in Maryland. They obviously hire whoever walks in the door and train them to give misinformation and no compensation. They do not have to take responsibility for anything that they do but I guarantee you, when that bill comes guess who has to be responsible enough to pay it and on-time at that. Had I been properly informed the first time I would never had cut off my phone service or changed my internet service until the proper date that it would be available in my area. How simple could that be.

Thanks Verizon for showing me just how lackadaisical, irresponsible and fluent in the world of dumb ** you really are. One thing I know for sure, when the bill is due, I will stall you for about 2 1/2 weeks and let's see how you appreciate that.

Verizon Has The Worst Customer Service
By -

LOCKPORT, NEW YORK -- On 7 Aug 08, I cancelled my Verizon DSL service for multiple reasons, the primary one was that I had problems with the line and their customer service was lousy. The following week I migrated my home phone number to a cell phone service, and disconnected my Verizon home phone. On 21 Aug 08, I received an automated call from Verizon, at my work (against my specific request that they not use that number), telling me there was some problem with the disconnect and to call a specific number.

I called the number, spent 10 endless minutes in voicemail hell, and then was connected to a customer service agent. This agent spent another 5 minutes quizzing me regarding my account (asking for the same information I had just been prompted to punch into the voicemail system for apparently no reason), and then told me I had reached the wrong office and would need to call another number. I refused and asked to speak to a supervisor. After several more minutes arguing with the service agent, she finally agreed to connect me to a supervisor. After another 10 minutes on hold a Miss NAME REMOVED got on the line.

After re-explaining my issues to her (apparently my 10 minutes on hold was not used to communicate anything to her, and the notes taken by the 1st agent were not available to her), she agreed to contact the DSL Billing department. She contacted them and had an extended conversation with a Mr. NAME REMOVED of DSL Billing. I was on hold for another 15 to 20 minutes. At the end, they were unable to resolve my issue that day and requested that I allow them to call me back the next day. Mr. NAME REMOVED committed to calling me at 1:00 PM the following day with a resolution.

I agreed, and asked Miss NAME REMOVED for a call back number for her in case Mr. NAME REMOVED failed to call me back. This entire process took an hour. On 22 Aug 08, Mr. NAME REMOVED failed to call me back. At 3:45 I called the number given to me by Miss NAME REMOVED – 890-1550. This number placed me back into a call center (She intentionally and knowingly deceived me by giving me a number she knew I would not be able to reach her on). There I was told by several employees that it was against company policy to connect me to a supervisor. I called several times, because I kept being disconnected.

The employees were unbelievably rude and argumentative. In particular a Miss NAME REMOVED was extremely rude (and given the typically poor treatment received from customer service agents at Verizon, for me to single her out is a particular honor to her skill at pissing off the customer.) Finally, I called the 1-800 number from the phone book, and after another frustrating 15 minutes, was connected to a Miss NAME REMOVED at CSSC.

She took some information from me and put me on hold. I was mysteriously placed back in voicemail, had to go through the entire process again, and then was connected to a Mr. NAME REMOVED at DSL Billing. Mr. NAME REMOVED did not have any previous information collected at great length from the previous agents, and needed the entire story again before he would assist me. He then connected me to a supervisor – Miss NAME REMOVED – Online Billing – reference number – 203068396. Miss NAME REMOVED could not explain to me how I ended up in Online Billing when I had requested DSL Billing by voicemail.

She did not know, and could not contact Mr. NAME REMOVED, Miss NAME REMOVED, or Miss NAME REMOVED. She was able to resolve the cancellation issue, but was unable to offer me the second month rebate promised to me on a previous service call that I had not received. When I asked her if she did not feel the 2 hours I had spent on the phone trying to resolve Verizon's error was sufficient aggravation to warrant a rebate as an apology, she told me she was not authorized, and there was nothing further she could do.

She was completely unconcerned that I was upset. I asked her if there was another level the call could be escalated to. The answer was "no." Apparently there is no one in the company above minimum wage who is willing to speak with the customers directly.

It is clear when calling Verizon that their service agents have a standard playbook of problems and resolutions that they are unable or unwilling to deviate from. If your specific problem is not covered in the playbook they send you on an endless round of other numbers in the company. No information from previous phone calls is ever available to the latest agent reached, and the whole process must be done again. There is no accountability for the service the agents provide because they cannot be identified.

They'll give you their name, but without fail the next agent you reach does not know who they are, or where they work, and the new agent does not feel obligated in the least to address any wrong information or misdirection caused by the previous agent. If you push hard enough, the typical response is a disconnect. I can only surmise that this is a policy designed to discourage customer complaints.

If your problem is in the playbook, they have one standard, poorly fitting, solution for all customers. It is made clear that the solution is a take it or leave it option. There is absolutely no escalation process. The agents make it quite clear that if you are still dissatisfied, that's just too bad. I really cannot articulate loudly and clearly enough what a poor, rude, and thoroughly aggravating and dissatisfying experience Verizon Customer Service is. Their service is poorly operated, overpriced, and comes with the worst service outside and Airline that you are ever likely to encounter.

Paying For What Again?
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I am very upset about the non service I receive and point out that their so called technicians are clearly working against the company and the customer. I've tried to get through the line, when my connection was down at night waiting 1/2 hour on the phone to be hanged up on. This happened 3 times, was never able to get through the supposedly 24/7 help line at night. The other times I just don't want to waste my evening on the phone so I just ask my neighbors to share their signal.

So I've called in the morning, when I can get someone on the phone to be told that they cannot help me because at this moment my connection is working. I try to send emails to online support and get bogus generic answers in return. I'€™m quite familiar with computers and networking, I've tried everything mentioned on their website to fix the issue and it's STILL not working and NO ONE can help me???

I am not willing to pay for a service that works only sporadically especially not at the inflated rate I had to pay for my first month. It's kind of like going to a restaurant ordering a steak and only half a steak comes out of the kitchen but we're still going to make you pay for the whole steak... Unheard of.

Now that'€™s memorable: I have a problem with my Verizon high speed internet and I receive "live chat" answers about Verizon One... good job people. Or wait, am I communicating to a computer I thought I was chatting "€œlive with a technician" as falsely advertised on their website as usual. I've already restarted modem, checked the cables and plugs, every day I've got to do it about 10 times.

I just spoke to another technician who couldn't help me on the phone. Right now, my connection is fine. Later on today, the modem is going to blink red, then go completely dead until sometimes when it'™s going to come back up. It'€™s of a GREAT inconvenience, especially when trying to upload files on FTP or watch a movie online for example. I try to watch a Netflix movie online and it tells me my connection has stopped, or that my connection is too slow to watch a movie. Am I not paying for high speed internet?? And this happens EVERY NIGHT because EVERY NIGHT I still hope that something miraculous is going to happen like a working internet connection for instance.

I have been extremely disappointed with Verizon service so far, interesting how the advertised price is only $24.99/month but I've just paid a bill for 120 dollars for my first month of "€œhigh speed internet"€ which is high in price but very low in internet and competent service. I have had to ask to use my neighbors signal at night for a month now because my connection stops. And the person on the phone told me he/she couldn'€™t help me??? What am I paying for then.

So far my 3G phone has had better signal in the evenings than your supposedly high speed internet. I have had high speed internet in the past through Comcast for about 8 years and NEVER NEVER had a problem. Once in a while I would lose signal but not 10 TIMES A DAY. Very unfortunately I had to switch to Verizon because I moved.

Also thank you Verizon for jacking up my phone bill with the extra 40 minutes wait on the line to get through someone else, after which I finally decided to hang up, OBVIOUSLY I was not the only one having problems. Please someone be a real technician and not paid to waste my time. Thank you.

PS: By the way, to the amazingly competent technician who swore to me that my connection was working fine: since I've been writing this letter, my connection stopped twice already had to reboot modem and router. So I am starting a log of these interruption of service. Maybe next time you will believe what the customer tells you.

Incompetent Technical Support and Inferior DSL Service
By -

EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY -- I wanted to drop Verizon wireless because I had retired and I am living on a fixed income. I couldn't afford it any longer. They told me I had to pay a surcharge because I was dropping it before my two-year contract was up. First of all they never notified me that the first two years were up before extending my contract for another two years. I told the girl that I'll pay the surcharge just to get my trio turned off. She told me if I got rid of my other amenities and kept my phone function until August of the same year they would wave the two-hundred-fifty-dollar surcharge and disconnect my phone.

I called back in August and asked to have my wireless phone turned off. They said I had to pay the surcharge and additional interest that accumulated, which came to three-hundred-twenty-dollars. After having several lengthy conversations with accounting representatives and their superiors I saw I was getting nowhere fast. I paid them what they asked over a period of time just to get rid of them.

My second run-in with Verizon was over my DSL connection going to my home PCs. I have been having problems with intermittent signal loss for over three-years. This problem had become more frequent this past six-months. It has cost me four-thousand-dollars in that period of time. I have an on-line business and my daughter almost lost her job because of Verizon'€™s poor service. She works on-line. Their technical support in India was of no help over this period of time. They had only black and white scripted answers for my problem and none of them worked.

Calling them sometimes several times a week over this six-month period and getting the same choreographed answers was driving me wild. I then demanded to have them send a technician to my home and troubleshoot my problem. Again, after calling everybody within Verizon they finally agreed to send one. After two visits to my home he finally called a support group in Canada. They found I had a good carrier signal but the BOD-rate at which it was being sent was weak. They corrected it at the mainframe of Verizon's local office. It was alright for a week. Then it started again.

In passing, and by chance, I happened upon a person that used to work for Verizon. He told me that my problem stemmed from too many subscribers utilizing an antiquated hard wire system. For short, they were transmitting over our telephone lines, and at peak times during the day certain subscribers would be bumped. I told him I thought Verizon upgraded to fiber-optic system; at least that was what they led me to believe. He told me they misled me, and that they had no plans to upgrade my area because of the location of the utility poles in East Orange, New Jersey. The expense would be too great for undependable subscribers in my area.

Needless to say I dropped their DSL service also and went to a cable company for my high-speed needs. I could kick myself for not switching sooner. Cable internet is much faster and reliable. In so many word, it appears Verizon only cares about their bottom line when it comes to customer support and reliable service and to hell with customer satisfaction when it comes to the inter cities. At least that is the way it appears to me.

I hope Verizon read this and do something to correct these problems. One suggestion would be for their Canadian team to train their East Indian team and their Indian team realize they are dealing with US Americans, not The English. Our headsets are quite different. Thank you for publishing my complaints.

Theft by Large Corporations
By -

So I just got off the phone with the wonderful people at Verizon Online Billing Center (800) 567-6789. The reason I had called was I received a bill dated 10 months after my service began, informing me my 12 month introductory rate period was over and I was now being switched to their regular rate.

The reason this happened is, a year ago, I decided to take advantage of Verizon's $14.95 per mo. introductory rate on DSL. When I called to enroll, they told me I could only take advantage of the deal if I had Verizon phone service as well, so I went with a package of DSL and Verizon landline service, and cancelled my former phone service with Cox.

The problem began when Verizon never came out to hook up the phone line (required for DSL service). They were however, efficient at billing me promptly from the time I initially requested service. I had to repeatedly call to eventually get someone to actually come out and connect a Verizon phone line (I was told more than once someone would come out, but no one did); it was two months later when someone finally came to my house and connected service.

This entire two months I had been emailing people left and right from Verizon's "customer service" site, and phoned several customer service reps, trying to explain that I'm being billed for Verizon DSL and phone service, but no one has come and hooked it up yet.

Each of these emails either explained they couldn't help, or told me I had to call the billing dept. who would refer me to someone else, and so forth in an endless chain of explaining to me that my contract had begun, and that I was therefore obligated to pay.

Each phone rep gave me the same run-around, explaining there was nothing they could do for me, and ignored my explaining that I shouldn't have to pay for service that wasn't provided, and that I should be billed from the date my service began rather than the from day they began my service-less "contract," by repeating phrases over and over, such as "our records show your service began 2 months ago, sir," often in increasingly rude and berating tones.

When I finally got someone to come out and connect service, I cancelled my previous phone service with another company (Cox). Eight days later Verizon disconnected my phone service. That's right, I received only eight days of phone service before Verizon, disregarding of all my emails and phone calls regarding their billing error, disconnected my service.

So then I needed to get my phone service back. I called and reached a rep who steadfastly refused to even acknowledge the situation, even when I asked her if she thought it made sense that I was disconnected after only eight days of service. And, after--in no uncertain terms--letting me know she was no longer interested in taking my call. And after being asked if I could speak to someone else and explaining to me that "there is no one else," told me she could not help me if I couldn't give her my account number.

(I had called from work--remember my phone was deliberately disconnected which was the primary reason I was calling--and I didn't have my account number at the time nor did I remember it)--This, she decided, was her out--her means of getting rid of me. I told her I'd give her any other identifying information she wanted, but she repeatedly explained to me they weren't allowed to give out any information without an account number (which was false as I'll explain later) and kept repeating that, thinking it would end my call.

I tried to explain to her that I wasn't asking for any information--I didn't need any information--I just wanted someone at Verizon to have the decency to look into it and restore my phone service. I didn't even need to be the customer in question for them to look up the records on that customer, recognize the discrepancy between when I was billed and the date my service began, and amend it. The part about needing an account number was a not true, because every time I called a representative, the first thing they asked for was my "phone number or account number, please," and my phone number often sufficed.

To this day my phone delivers a very fuzzy service which Verizon blames on my residence despite my previous service (with Cox) being loud and clear, through the same wiring at my house. That fact still did not deter Verizon reps from blaming my home's wiring.

For some reason, after 11-12 of these encounters, I eventually reached a reasonable rep on the phone who credited my account for 2 months. I was so impressed that I asked to speak to her manager so I could give her a verbal commendation, and her manager told me they take such accolades into account at employee reviews. Still, after that experience it became obvious to me that Verizon had surrounded itself with layers of protection from its customers, especially the ones it was blatantly and arrogantly stealing money from, in the name of "service."

So, back to the present, today I called to ask for them to once again amend the discrepancy, since I didn't receive a full year of the agreed-upon introductory rate. And was again shouted down by a rep who, in proper Verizon customer service rep fashion, kept repeating to me when my "contract date" began, no matter how many times I tried to explain to her that even Verizon finally acknowledged my service began two months beyond that contract start date, via their refund.

And she also informed me there was no one else I could talk to, which turned out to be another ridiculous statement because a few minutes later she was putting me through to her manager with the parting words "but you WON'T be getting a credit!"

The manager who then came on the line began repeating the same lines about how their records show my contract began at such-and-such time and that further, I was "already refunded" the amount for two months of no service. I tripped him up in getting him to agree I was only getting 10 months of the twelve months Verizon's offer promised, but of course that was followed by, "but your contract started at such-and-such date, and we can't change that" mantra. I told him "they sure train you people well," and let it go, thus allowing yet another untouchable corporation steal my money. Of course there's a fee for early termination of the account.

From this experience it seems obvious that Verizon has purposefully and painstakingly erected layers of insulation from customers (those trying to prevent Verizon stealing from them anyway.) It's as though they've provided a rat's maze, designed to appear customer-oriented on the outside whereas you can easily go in (Verizon ads show a legion of supporters standing behind a customer, right?), but all the paths only lead back out. It's very difficult to find any genuinely responsive corporate contact information in order to effect any accountability. It seems customers can only reach these insulating layers designed for the one-way flow of money.

Verizon's priorities are revealed by the fact their billing division was extremely prompt, while their service to my residence was nonexistent, for two months. It's obvious to me after dealing with Verizon's email contact points and its customer reps that they're trained to dispense with customers as efficiently as possible, and to not allow any flow of money in any wrong direction, regardless of whether or not the customer has a case. I've read before they're provided incentives to implement this policy, which would explain the emotional and berating kinds of temperaments one can encounter from them.

It's telling how disrespected customers are these days--gone are the days where businesses' keys to success in the marketplace involved the adage of the customer always being right. I really wonder if Verizon would do better in the long run putting resources into providing service instead of these bastions of protection from customers. But I really doubt this isn't happening with their competitors as well.

Banks certainly operate the same way. The more layers of this one-way insulation they have, the more they can bank on percentages of customers not noticing they're being ripped off. Or if they do, another percentage will become frustrated or discouraged in trying to recoup their losses against this customer barricade and give up.

The vast majority of whom probably don't have the time or resources to take legal action for relatively small losses; yet all those losses multiply to amount to a not-so-honorable element of profit for large corporations, who are really being aloud to run amok these days in so many ways. To the point where they're heavily influential in writing their own rules beyond accountability to the general public; they really need to be reined in.

Verizon DSL Is Overpriced and Under Whelming
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Rating: 2/51

BONHAM, TEXAS -- Verizon DSL has recently hiked their prices 10% and halved their speed. Connection speeds drop to a few bytes per second regularly at peak hours. That was not a typo, I said BYTES! You get a lost connection every other week or two that requires you to turn off the modem for three hours. Ridiculous. You might as well go dial up. It's almost the same peak speed, and MUCH more reliable, and a hell of a lot cheaper.

Spam Blocker Does Not Work
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Rating: 3/51

NEW JERSEY -- My Verizon email Inbox Has been jammed with SPAM for several weeks. I have contacted Verizon several times. Either they do not care or they are unable to fix this. For an international corporation they are useless.

Horrible and deteriorating landline and DSL service in my area
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Rating: 2/51

UNION, NEW JERSEY -- I've been a landline customer forever, signed up for cheapest $15/mo 1Mb DSL in August 2011. I've had problems with landline before, mostly very bad static and I could faintly hear my neighbors (we both use corded phones). Static happened on and off, at times for longer than a month. Before I learned from Verizon static was due to stress on faulty wires outside I had to waste hours on the phone doing automated line tests and troubleshooting.

I checked internal phones and wiring and could not find any problems internally. Still hesitated but asked Verizon to send a repair tech. Turned out problem was with the wiring outside. Still get static on the line occasionally. No interference with neighbors.

When first signed up for DSL my speed was around 800Kb. Due to static on the line I could not get 1Mb as advertised and customer service told me anything over 500Kb is acceptable speed and within the range. Line/wires can't handle faster speed. Also DSL disconnected randomly. My new modem was replaced with the same model but disconnect issue was not resolved.

CS never offered to inspect the line out on the street until one day CS person told me I'm paying for 1Mb and no reason why I should get less, sent out a tech, again problem was due to faulty external cable. That was taken care of but within a few days DSL disconnected randomly, but only for a few minutes at a time. Lately I've been getting static again and more frequent and longer disconnects. Extremely annoying.

Does Verizon offers better quality service in larger bandwidth plans and tries to get customers who don't necessarily need more bandwidth to sign up for more expensive plans? This is only a temp setup for me. Will dump Verizon DSL and landline as soon as I move out of this area.

Verizon High-Speed Internet
By -

I have had reliable DSL service at my home office for many years, provided by a small, local internet service provider through lines maintained by Verizon. Last week, however, I made the grave error of signing up for a Verizon high-speed DSL and voice package. The process was a disaster from start to finish, and is emblematic of the problems with a large, bloated corporation with no apparent centralization of responsibility.

First: Verizon seized control of the phone line from my old ISP fully two days before they were scheduled to do so, leaving me with no internet service at all. I rely on the internet as a freelance journalist, and my children use it for homework. Second: When they hooked up the DSL service (at the Central Office) they connected it to a second (fax) line that I had asked Verizon, at the same time that I ordered the DSL, to disconnect. I could not get internet service from this line.

Third: When they hooked the DSL up to the correct phone line, they switched the wire pairs at the Central Office, meaning that I still had no DSL service. This took more than a week to fix. Additionally, I never spoke to the same customer service agent twice, spent more than 5 hours on hold, and on four separate occasions the automated response system gave me telephone "help" numbers that were either disconnected or, as a stern automated voice told me, that I was "not authorized to use."

I finally called my old ISP and asked them to please regain control of the line, but it still took Verizon four days to get it right. Despite my insistence that nothing at my house had changed, they had to send a technician out to test the line, which showed that - as I had told them all along - the problem was with their Central Office switching. Several times, the customer service people tried to sell me on Verizon fiber-optic service (FIOS), but as I pointed out to them, we don't have or want cable or satellite TV, and how can I trust Verizon FiOS service when their DSL service and installation services are so abysmally poor?

In fairness, Verizon offered me a $25 credit for my inconvenience, which just happens to be the cost of reconnecting to my old ISP. It's not nearly enough to compensate for my time or agita, but I accepted it. In the United States we have been making the transition from a manufacturing to a service economy, but if Verizon's services in my case are in any way representative of this new economy, I tremble for our country.

False Advertising
By -

In a nutshell, if you are an existing customer and try to sign up for a Verizon special advertised on the Internet, you will not be given the advertised price. Various reasons are given. When I initially signed up for Verizon home service online and got my first bill it was a higher price. When I called CS, no one knew anything about the price that was advertised on the Internet. Verizon local CS will try to tell you that only Internet services can give you that price but when you call Internet services they can never "find" that advertised special. That has happened to me twice.

I tried again because my contract ended and I don't need a landline, only DSL, but they won't give me any plan with a lower price. The DSL price they offered me was the same price as my bundle with phone and Internet. Unfortunately, AT&T or Time Warner does not service my area. Everyone says Comcast and Charter are worse. My solution is - class action suit. Who would like to join me?

PS: For those of you who have only DSL, you can get free landline service (VOIP) through Google Voice for free calling/texting to US and Canada through your computer. That includes voice mail and ability to receive calls and messages at your mobile phone. You can even receive email notifications to your mobile phone. I use it for my business. Oh, if I could only get rid of Verizon!

PS #2: Regarding quality of service, when they installed my land line they charged me about $80 and left the phone cable sprawling across the kitchen floor. When I asked them to staple it to the wall they said they would charge me extra. On a previous installation I used a private company that ran the phone line entirely across two rooms, did a very meticulous job and charged me $75. Verizon gave me a $30 credit on my first bill but the phone wire is very tackily taped to the kitchen floor and has to be replaced every couple months because the tape picks up dust and dirt.

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