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Billing Fraud
By -

1 VERIZON WAY, BASKING RIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- Over a period of time we have lost phone service due to unmaintained Verizon equipment on three occasions. In each case we were without service for 5 days and received no credit on our bill. The problems were in the Junction Boxes located every 50 to 100 yards along the street. They were bent, had their covers missing and wires hanging down on the ground. When the service tech was asked why he did not repair the boxes, he stated that company policy was to do no more than required to get me back in service as they wanted everybody to switch to FiOS which was not yet available (It's now available but at a higher cost).

On another occasion an underground transformer/junction exploded causing an estimated 2 to 3 square mile area to lose phone service for from 4 to 14 days. We were without service for 11 days and they gave us $2.00 credit on a $30.00+ bill.

Then a little over a year ago I called Verizon at the number that appears on their bills to see what I could do about long distance service (My 91 year old mother had made a long distance call which AT&T charged us $25.00 for). After a number of "if this, punch this number" type transfers, I found myself talking to a sales representative. I explained the problem and mentioned that I would be needing cable service shortly as our residence will only be able to receive 2 TV channels (at most) by antenna from the new HD transmissions.

He suggested a combined package that would include TV, Phone & Internet for $69.95 plus $5.00 for a second converter box plus taxes and government fees. He stated that there would be a $200.00 equipment deposit that would be returned via a $5.00 per month credit on my bill. I agreed to this.

My first bill was over $130.00. I tried complaining and was given the run around. I filed a complaint with the FCC and received a letter from them stating that Verizon would be correcting the problem and the FCC was closing the case. Also, when I received my next bank statement, the equipment deposit had been removed from my bank account by DirecTV though I have never authorized Verizon to give my personal bank information to DirecTV.

Shortly thereafter, I received a call from a Verizon representative that said the person who sold me the service was not a Verizon employee but an outside source Verizon uses to sell services. The representative agreed to correct the problem. The next bill was lower but still not correct. Over a period of months and several phone calls and e-mails, the bill finally came close to the agreed amount but was still higher than it should have been by a few dollars.

Nine or Ten months ago my bill went up $15.00. I assumed it was the DirecTV fee increase. And though it was earlier than I expected the increase, I paid it. When I examined my bill more closely a couple months ago, I found 14.95 charges for something called Streaming Flix on my last 2 bills (A service that no one in our household would be interested in).

I contacted a Verizon supervisor who, when I offered to sue Holly Hess, Ivan Seidenberg CEO/Chairman of the Board (who resides at ** with his wife ** a large contributor to George Bush's Presidential Campaigns), Tom Tauke, Suleirman Hessami & Verizon's President Virginia Ruesterholz (who resides at **), agreed to remove those charges and prevent it from occurring again.

Afterwards, I examined all my bills for the last 10 months, I found 6 more months that I had been charged for that service. I have been unable to get anyone at Verizon to discuss the problem nor do they respond to faxes or e-mails. In searching 'Streaming Flix' on the internet, I find hundreds if not thousands with this complaint.

They also have billed me $2.50 per month for late fees, the last two months. even though I mail the payment within 5 days of receiving it. Their bills are dated about the 19th of the month but I don't receive them till the first week of the following month. Therefore, I do not know if the fees are because I have deducted the illegal charges from my bill or if they actually consider the payments late.

And finally: My latest bill includes a $5.00 charge for something called TV. I just discovered that Ivan Seidenberg has been replaced as CEO by Lowell McAdam, which might account for Seidenberg's failure to respond to E-Mails or Faxes. I expect to have Lowell's residence address shortly.

My Nightmare Experience With Verizon Telephone
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I rarely become angry. As a matter of fact, I'm probably one of the most even-tempered people you will ever meet. Today, however, I was so mistreated and abused by a monopoly telephone company, that my anger almost overcame my ability to think rationally. It all started quite innocently. We're moving our Marina del Rey store to a new location on April 1. I was in the new store measuring and planning where to put things such as shelves, etc.

I needed to call the Department of Water and Power, the Gas Company, the security alarm company, the electrician, the painter, rubbish collection, and numerous others. My only means of communication was my Verizon cell phone, which only had two bars (indicating the battery was getting low). I decided to call the telephone company to have a phone put in the new store immediately since I was spending so much time there.... This was the beginning of a horrible nightmare.

Let me give you the scenario: I called 411 information for the number of Verizon telephone. The operator said, "the number is..." And then connected me.... Then came a series of recorded questions requiring me to say something or press keys. I followed the instructions implicitly and finally received a recorded message stating that all service personnel were busy and my call would be answered in the order it was received. So far this was all a little annoying, but understandable.

The announcement repeated itself every minute or so for about 5 minutes and then announced that this was the last announcement and I would hear music until a service attendant was available. For almost 20 minutes I listened to that annoying music on my cell phone and finally hung up. I called back about 15 minutes later and went through the same procedure until after 16 minutes a man came on the line. I gave our local phone number **. After looking our account up he said, "Oh, you are a key business account. Let me give you a direct number before I connect you".

He gave me the number: (800) 606-8855, and it started ringing, and ringing until finally their automatic system picked it up and asked all the same questions over again while I pressed keys in response. Finally announcing, "all of our service personnel are busy helping others. Your call will be answered in the order it was received". Then, that same music for several minutes interrupted by another announcement every few minutes until finally a human being answered. I explained what I wanted and he quickly responded -- "let me connect you to the department that handles that".

More music, more announcements until finally a very pleasant female voice came on, "Can I help you?" Oh, I thought to myself, I'm finally getting service. After giving her all the information I had previously given to several people before she looked up our account and said, "Oh, I see you are a key business account. Let me give you their direct number before I connect you. The number is: (800) 606-8855". Whoa, I said, "that's the number I just called and he connected me to you!" She responded, "Hmm. Let me call them and find out why they referred you to me". Once again, that annoying music for several minutes.

She came back every few minutes apologizing for keeping me waiting. This went on for almost 18 minutes until I finally hung up. This time, furious, I dialed 1-(800) 606-8855 and kept pressing 0 until I finally got a human. She asked me what state I was in and I whimpered, California. She then asked me the city and street address. I said, **. After several seconds she said, "Is that East Washington Blvd. or West Washington Blvd.?" "WEST", I replied. "We only service up to 13100 numbers, you must be in another phone company district. You can try calling AT&T. We can provide you with your same phone number forwarded to AT&T for $16.85 per month".

After I hung up, I went to the motel right next door to the east and inquired who their phone service provider was. Verizon was the reply. Then I visited the sport memorabilia store next door to the west and asked the same question. Verizon was the reply. The busy day had slipped away from me and I accomplished nothing because of the damned inefficiency of VERIZON telephone company.

When the California Public Utilities Commission regulated the phone companies they were so customer service-oriented that it was a pleasure to deal with them. Now that they have a MONOPOLY and we customers have no where else to turn. They have become too powerful. Apparently Customer Service takes a back seat to the BOTTOM LINE on their financial statement. They have become abusive.

Verizon's Incompetence Amazes Me
By -

Due to our family never being home and the constant static in our phone line that had been present from day one, we decided to cancel our $90 a month residential Verizon line and strictly use cell phones I also would like to point out that the $90 wasn't the original amount we had agreed to when we got the service.... The cost seemed to jump from $40+, to $50+, then up to $90 in a year, with no rhyme or reason. Our Verizon statements were paperless, and our monthly payment was automatically debited from our checking account.

In December of 2008, I cancelled our service. The rep, of course, tried to sell me a $20 'emergency' land line, and after repeatedly telling him no, he cancelled our account. Since it was auto debit, I assumed Verizon would deduct the final amount due and that would be the end of it, like MOST ethical companies do and have done for me in the past. I was told no different and had no reason to believe otherwise.

Today, June 10, 2009, I received a letter in the mail. It was from an attorney that Verizon uses to collect their debt, stating that I owed $34.38. Until today, I have received NO request for any type of payment from Verizon - no postal mail, no email, no calls on my cell, and they do have my cell number - NOTHING.

I hadn't the slightest idea that I owed them anything until today. The only thing I ever receive from them are emails trying to sell me their 'money saving' products, blah, blah... One would think that if they can send spam referencing your old account, they can let you know you have a balance due. And why would they be trying to drum business from a residential account owner who supposedly owes them money? Needless to say, I was irate.

I immediately called the attorney and expressed my displeasure over the entire issue, and did my best to keep my cool. The representative was very courteous and upon reviewing just much time had elapsed - 6 months - before Verizon decided to inform me that I owed them money, completely understood why I was fuming.

She stated that in her dealings with Verizon, once you cancel your account, they do not deduct any more funds from your checking account. News to me. That would've been great info to have had the representative been kind enough to share. I believe that saying this representative was incompetent would be an understatement. How on earth would I have known there was an amount due, and what the amount was?

I guess I was supposed to pull a figure out of my rear end. Ready to spit nails at this point, I continued to maintain my composure, as it wasn't her fault that Verizon had royally screwed up, and she herself admitted that what Verizon did was unacceptable. I paid the balance due prior to ending the call, because I just wanted it done with. Obviously, if I was paying $90 a month, auto debit, certainly the $35 balance wouldn't have been a problem had the idiots let me know that it was due. I work for the US Treasury, and can lose my job over a collection or judgment - they do not take that lightly. I am held at a very high standard in regards to financial obligations.

Verizon put my career at risk, along with my integrity and credit score, when they made this error. I'm almost afraid to pull my credit report, after reading the numerous blogs and complaints about Verizon's lack of professionalism, not to mention this blunder. To send me nothing - NOTHING - alerting me that I had a balance due is poor customer service and very unprofessional.

It infuriates me that they can send me emails referencing my old account and making offers and bribes to come back. I have two words for Verizon - HELL NO. If I ever need a second line, it'll be with Vonage. I actually considered switching my cell over to Verizon once my Sprint contract ran out. Monkeys will fly out of my behind before that happens. They continue to operate in this unethical and unprofessional manner because they have no real competition, and know they will get away with it. The way my account was handled was just WRONG – period. There's no other way to put it. IT WAS WRONG.

Poor Customer Service
By -

WYLIE, TEXAS -- While visiting a Verizon Wireless store on 4/19/11, I was told about a Verizon box that you can connect to your home phone to make the home phone act as a wireless number. I was told this would save us about $20 to $30 each month. They ported my number at the store and said the change would take place automatically in a couple of days. When the number became wireless, it shut down our home security system so I went back to the store on 4/28, returned the box, and was told the number would be ported back to our home phone and service would be restored in about 2 weeks.

After waiting 14 business days, I called Verizon and was told that sometimes porting a number back takes a little more time, so I gave them more time. On May 19th I called in again and was told that a service tech would need to come out to get the phone number working. That was scheduled for May 24th but no one showed up. When I called in again I was told I was not verified so they just rescheduled the appointment for June instead of calling me. I explained that I was verified when I called in the first time and wanted the appt. rescheduled for as soon as possible. I was then hung up on.

I called in several times over the next week, explained the problem in detail each time and finally was able to set the appointment up for 6/10. They did say that I did not have permission to port the number from "my wireless company" and needed to get that verified. I explained (several times) that "my wireless company" is Verizon Wireless and finally we called Verizon Wireless and received their verification with the Verizon representative on the phone.

At that time, I told the representative that if there was any reason the service tech was not going to show up I expected them to call me because I had already taken time off from work. No call, no service tech on 6/10. When I called in, I was told once again that I wasn't granted permission from "my wireless company" and we had to once again call Verizon Wireless and get the exact same information.

At that time, I stated that I will most likely need to find another provider for our wireless phones and home TV, phone and internet service. After saying that, I was guaranteed there would be a tech at my house on 6/11. The tech did show up and tried to get the service to work but was unable to. When the Verizon representative called me she said that it was not possible to make the number a landline. I explained (for about the hundredth time) that the number was originally a landline and she said that all they needed to do was to get with the engineering department and that she would do that and get back to me.

At this time, I still have no home phone service since April 22nd. I have been on the phone with Verizon at this time for more than 10 hours and have heard their message that you can take care of all your wireless and home internet, TV, and phone needs with one phone call many times. At this point I have given up on having a home phone and now am going to have to call in to argue the charges because I have been charged for the Verizon Home Connect box since April 19th. I would not recommend Verizon to anyone.

Horrible Service
By -

On Wednesday, April 28th, 2010, I contacted Verizon about getting their land line telephone service for my home. I should start out by saying that I do not like Verizon at all as I had a bad experience with their cell phone service back in 2002 and I forever swore off Verizon. The only reason I am going through them now is because unfortunately they are the only land line service provider where I live and I need it to get an internet connection.

Anyway, I signed up with the lady I spoke with over the phone which I will say she was very nice and even helped me with getting a cheaper monthly cost. She told me that service is guaranteed to be turned on by 6pm on April 29th (the next day). I said fine and that was it. 5pm came the next day and I still have no service. I contacted them and after being transferred to 3 different people I was told that it will not be on until the next day (April 30th) because of some technical issues.

I waited till 12pm on the 30th and contacted them again because I still had no service. I again was transferred to 3 different people all of which couldn't tell me what was going on. Finally, the third guy told me someone would be coming out to my house by 4pm to figure it out. 4:30 came and still no service. I called again and was told that no one is coming out because they are handling it in their service center and this guy had no idea why the last guy told me someone was coming out.

At this point, I got very frustrated and starting questioning this guy about what was going on. He actually yelled over me (I wasn't yelling) and told me I have wait until Monday. I hung up on him. Throughout the weekend I still had no service so when Monday came, I called again. I again was sent to 3 different people.

This time I asked to speak to a supervisor but I was told no supervisor was in the office (it was 2:30pm!). I got sent to someone else who actually agreed with me that what was happening is ridiculous. He scheduled a repair guy to come out the next day (May 4th) to take a look. The repair guy came and now I have service (6 days after I was "guaranteed" it would be on).

Straight up, it is my personal opinion that Verizon is a horrible company and if I had a choice, I would not be going through them. I would also NOT recommend Verizon (for any service) to anybody. It is also my opinion that not all, but a majority of their employees in the call center are very rude and not helpful at all. None of them could tell me what the problem was and offered no help to me at all. If you have an option, go somewhere else!

Rotten Customer Service Call Center -- Fabulous Field Service
By -

BROADWAY, VIRGINIA -- Tell me how it happens? Your phone isn't working, there's been a storm, you're patient. Three days after the storm, you spend 30 minutes attempting to get to a human. The first human, the kind one, verifies that you do indeed have trouble with their service AND it is their problem. "I'll have to transfer you to so and so; they'll assist you, setting up a service appointment". Lovely young woman.

Next I get the CSR from hell. Not only was he rude, he totally disregarded the 45 minutes I had already spent getting to someone to help me troubleshoot my "no service" call. He would not schedule a repair until I took a corded phone to the demarcation point - which I had a difficult time opening (he offered no assistance) but told me he was not ALLOWED to remain on the line while I attempted to open the phone box. I would have to call back. He didn't care that I couldn't get to a human without going through all this again-- that wasn't his problem.

I asked for his supervisor -- he told me he had no supervisor! WHAT -- you have a bunch of people in a call center with no one minding the store!!!!! I managed to keep him on the line while I jiggled and prodded the box to open it... Just like the first KIND CSR had said -- I had no dial tone and it was Verizon's problem. I was forced to wait until the following Monday to get my phone service restored -- it had already been out almost a week!

The CSR did not apologize for his rudeness, nor did he care about our lack of service. Rude, through and through, basically Verizon would get there when they got there. Sometime between 8 AM and 5 PM -- Verizon would prefer someone would be at the house... yeah right! I can afford to spend a day waiting for the phone company... I don't think so!

I don't mind being understanding, but that man has no business working in Customer Service. HOWEVER, on the flip side, the first CSR was great, apologized for the inconvenience, etc. The field service tech was great! He had the problem fixed early Monday morning. Called me on my cell phone, verifying the line was again up and running. He was kind and courteous. So not like the second customer service rep I was forced to deal with. I told him about my call center experience -- he said he's heard it all before... and apologized for my experience.

I've had the same experience with their DSL service, too. But of course, the representatives were NOT American and barely spoke English, let alone understand it. Verizon is right up there with Comcast. Both Comcast and Verizon's field personnel are fantastic. Courteous and kind. Their phone centers need some work. If their stock tanks, I don't think I'll be shedding a tear. The good reps will always be able to find work. They know how to do their job...

Get to a human faster -- get to a kind, courteous human when you get to one AND one that won't belittle you and make you feel like an idiot. Why is it necessary to REPEAT over and over what the issue is -- they have computers, why don't they read what's on our records? They always ask if they can access your record... So happy they don't work for me. They would be called unemployed if they did. My customers come FIRST!

Fraudulent Trade Practices
By -

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- I purchased via promotional with Verizon a package that would give me a HDTV 2/1/2008. They told me I would receive in 6-8 weeks. When I did not I called their promotional dept. After being on hold for almost 2 hours I was told they had no record of the order. Finally they found my order and told me I did not qualify, then called me back and said I did qualify and would get a TV in 6-8 weeks again. A few days later they left it on my voice mail. Once again I did not qualify.

I went back into the store and confirmed again that I should be getting the TV. The salesperson said he would have his manager call me; that was two weeks ago. I went online and found that I am not the only person complaining.

At signing also I was told that if I signed on for premium I would get the TV. They said it would cost me $10 a month additional but I could downgrade as soon as I got the TV. In other words $30 for a HDTV. Sounded great! What I got was not premium, but I am paying more than they told me I would pay and I cannot downgrade because when they bound everything they say now I am bound for 2 yrs. Verizon is fraudulently advertising.

Also be careful, their product is interfering with the frequency of your garage doors. How about the door opening without human hands at 3am in the morning!!!! How about the door opener which once functioned about 75 feet from the door will not open without getting out of your car and searching for a signal 1 foot away from the door itself. Believe it or not, after calling them and receiving the following:

First, phone technician saying he never heard of such a thing and hung up on me. Second, phone technician heard of the problem and tried to change the frequency via the web on my computer. It did not solve the problem.
Third, phone technician said he would send someone out the next day. I waited and he never showed. Fourth, phone technician (manager this time) sent someone out. He changed out the unit in the garage but it worked long enough for him to get down the street. Fifth phone technician (manager this time also) sent someone out. He moved the unit away from the overhead door unit to another wall and wrapped it in foil. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!

Verizon - Heartless Fascist Incompetence, Chapter 2
By -

RURAL, WEST VIRGINIA -- OK, well, you will have to read my first post entitled 'heartless fascist incompetence' by fascismsux to fully understand where I'm coming from here. But, I'll try to condense it somewhat. Basically, I had residential phone service installed in mid-to-late September 07, by Verizon. I've had continuous phone service ever since, though I have yet to receive a bill or statement or anything (I was told today that they are sending me a statement).

It's been on my to-do list to call them 'AGAIN' (geesh) and try to make sense of the situation, as impossible as that seems and as painful as it is to communicate with them. I finally did that (called them) today. What prompted me to submit myself to this? You might ask. Well, a telemarketing call did.

It's rare for my phone to ring, because, If I'm awake and not working or gone I'm usually on the internet. So, dial-up rules my phone line. And I also don't give - 'MY NUMBER'- MY #' - MY TELEPHONE NUMBER' - out, except for business type necessities. I am on the federal do not call list, as well. So, I let this morning's telemarketing call ramble on until there was an option to opt-out of being called or for the chance to talk to a human and tell them that I am on the 'do not call list', why are you calling me?

So, at the end of the call, they gave an option to push a button and be put on their 'do not call list'. I pushed the button, and 'MY NUMBER?' was spoken back to me along with the assurance that it had been removed from their call list. Well this is a good thing, huh? Except that the # that they gave as being my # isn't MY NUMBER, is it? Well, its not the # that has been assigned to me and thus it's not the same # that I give to people who I do want to call me back but who never do call back. Wonder why?

I thought maybe it was just an error on part of that particular telemarketer, but for curiosity-sake I went to my neighbors and 'called MY #', the one that was assigned to me when I installed phone service. The phone just rang and rang, my answering machine would not pick up. So I left the neighbor's phone ringing off the hook and went home to see if my phone was ringing. It wasn't!

So, I went back to the neighbors, dialed the # that the telemarketer said was MY # and sure enough, MY ANSWERING MACHINE picked up the call and I left myself a 'goddammit' sort of message. So, basically what I'm saying here is that VERIZON CHANGED MY TELEPHONE # AND NEVER BOTHERED TO TELL ME. Apparently, the # that I now have belongs to the house down the street that has been abandoned for about 6 years. This company, corporation, demonic entity, or whatever the hell it really is, truly is INSANE. What's next? GOD ONLY KNOWS?

Heartless fascist incompentancy
By -

RURAL, WEST VIRGINIA -- To begin with, about a year ago, my disabled mother tried to conversate with a Verizon representative as to how to lower her monthly phone bill and this naturally resulted in her next monthly bill being inflated about 600%.
The problem here was that because my poor mother didn't know the number (at that very moment of conversing with the rep) of the ISP that her son uses for dial-up, that she was subsequently charged exorbitant rates for the following month's ISP calls (yeah, they were local).

Her bill was usually something like $70.00 per month, it jumped to approximately $450.00. She lives on a fixed income of about $700.00 a month plus $10.00 a month of food stamps. The Nazis at Verizon wouldn't give her any refund, but after she gave them the ISP number the overcharging stopped.

Well this perturbed me and, anyway, times are hard here in West Virginia and I couldn't really afford my phone bill either so as punishment and a matter of justice I had my phone disconnected for about 7 months. I called Verizon to have my residential phone service reconnected. I got all the necessary information (I thought), account number, my new number, etc.

They wanted 2 separate checks for the process. One for a deposit of $40.00 and one for an advance payment of $55.00. He (the representative ) gave me the address to which to mail the checks. So, I mailed the checks to that address. After about 2 weeks of not hearing from them or having the checks show up at the bank, I gave them a call. I was told that the address that I mailed those checks to was not the proper address and that the checks would likely never get to the proper dept. I was advised to send 2 more checks using a local Verizon approved payment center which is what I did and my service was reconnected in a week or so, which is typical.

So, about a month later those 'lost in VerizonWorld' checks somehow got cashed. There were insufficient funds in my account so I was charged overdraft fees of $32.00 per check by my bank 'Citibank'. So, because a Verizon 'Nazi' whose job it is to take orders for new phone service wasn't capable of giving the proper address to achieve that end, I am stuck with having paid an extra $40.00 plus an extra $55.00 plus $32.00 free money for Citibank and another $32.00 of free money for Citibank .

I was mis-educated here in Appalachia, but I think that means they should owe me $159.00 counting all these items and an easily understood $95.00 if you do not count the overdraft fees. I've talked to several more Verizon Nazis as a result of this problem. I've been hung up on several times. Each Nazi is seemingly less capable of communicating anything more than mindless corporate gibberish than the last. The last one yelled at me, tried to talk over me and was as belligerent as any fascism-loving slave could be and then she hung up on me.

Last week I spent several hours getting together the relevant information and faxed it to them. I'm not sure what they got or what they think because when I called to find out I got belligerently mistreated and hung-up on. I was told that there was an investigation of the matter (whatever that means) but the Nazis that told me such didn't appear to have adequate information, nor did they want any.

I've been called a conspiracy theorists before. But, to me, it's easier to believe that this bank that is hemorrhaging money in the sub-prime mess and this telecommunications behemoth (they spy on us, ya know) are conspiring to steal money from poor and helpless me and Verizon 'got my poor mom too' , than to believe that the guy whose job it is to sit on his rear-end all day and tell people where to send the money could get that wrong and that nobody at Verizon so far can add $40.00 and $55.00 and not come up with $62.00. Well, maybe the Nazis will eventually send me something, but it's 2 weeks till payday and I don't have that $159.00 to get me through the month, in fact I'm broke and needing groceries NOW!

Verizon Is Doing the Typical Scam of Putting Ridiculous Charges on Customer's Bills and Giving Them Such a Run Around When They Ca
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA PAULA, CALIFORNIA -- My father had a stroke December of 2011. I called Verizon to cancel his residential line and keep Internet only so that we could continue to pay his bills online. I was told that I could only put it on vacation hold for only 9.99. The next month we have a bill for $150 which was even higher than his original bill!

I call again...mind you it takes 20 minutes of holding to talk to a representative (must have a lot of complaints!), this time I'm told that "their notes say" that I called to ask for a customer elite package and to have my father's number unlisted (extra charge) which was total BS! There were also other charges that I have no idea what they meant.

Once I got through to the rep... After talking in circles, she said she was going to fix it for me but couldn't do it until the am because she had a "computer glitch". Lo and behold the next month the charges remained. I call again...wait for 20 - 30 minutes...talked to another rep and she tells me that she will simply reverse the charges for me and give me Internet only. So now we are in May of 2012. You guessed it... the charges aren't gone and Verizon is threatening cancellation!

Once again I have just gotten off the phone with yet another representative after spending 45 minutes with the run around... until she finally agreed to "put a request in to credit" these ridiculous charges. Have I told you all yet that my father's phone has not worked since my original call to them yet they continue to bill him for it!?!? We shall see what happens next month.

Basically to anyone reading this... Verizon is doing the typical scam of putting ridiculous charges on customer's bills and giving them such a runaround when they call to fix it that they think we will just give up and pay the charges. Well Verizon sorry but we are on to you. When I can physically get to my dad's house (I live far away from him) we will be leaving Verizon due to their poor customer service and unethical billing practices. I once held Verizon in high regard that has completely changed now! Later Verizon!

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