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Verizon - Heartless fascist incompetence, Chapter 2
Posted by on
RURAL, WEST VIRGINIA -- OK, well, you will have to read my first post entitled 'heartless fascist incompetence' by fascismsux to fully understand where I'm coming from here , but , I'll try to condense it somewhat.

Basically, I had residential phone service installed in mid-to-late September 07, by Verizon.

I've had continuous phone service ever since , though I have yet to receive a bill or statement or anything. ( I was told today that they are sending me a statement )

It's been on my 2-do list to call them 'AGAIN' (geesh) and try to make sense of the situation , as impossible as that seems and as painful as it is to communicate with them.

I finally did that, (called them ) today. What prompted me to submit myself to this ? You might ask.

Well, a telemarketing call did.

Its rare for my phone to ring, because, If I'm awake and not working or gone I'm usually on the internet , so , dial-up rules my phone line.
And I also don't give- 'MY NUMBER'- MY #' -MY TELEPHONE NUMBER'- out, except for business type necessities.

I am on the federal do not call list, as well.

So , I let this mornings telemarketing call ramble on until there was an option to opt-out of being called or for the chance to talk to a human and tell them that I am on the 'do not call list, why are you calling me ?

So, at the end of the call, they gave an option to push a button and be put on their 'do not call list'. I pushed the button , and 'MY NUMBER ?' was spoken back to me along with the assurance that it had been removed from their call list.

well this is a good thing huh? Except that the # that they gave as being my # isn't MY NUMBER, is it?

Well, its not the # that has been assigned to me and thus its not the same # that I give to people who I do want to call me back but who never do call back. Wonder why?

I thought maybe it was just an error on part of that particular telemarketer , but for curiosity -sake I went to my neighbors and 'called' MY #', the one that was assigned to me when I installed phone service. The phone just rang and rang, my answering machine would not pick up, so I left the neighbors phone ringing off the hook and went home to see if my phone was ringing. It wasn't!

So, I went back to the neighbors, dialed the # that the telemarketer said was MY # and sure enough, MY ANSWERING MACHINE ' picked up the call and I left myself a' goddammit 'sort of message.

So, basically what I'm saying here is that VERIZON CHANGED MY TELEPHONE # AND NEVER BOTHERED TO TELL ME. Apparently, the # that I now have belongs to the house down the street that has been abandoned for about 6 years.

This company, corporation, demonic entity, or whatever the hell it really is, truly is INSANE . What's next? GOD ONLY KNOWS?
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fascismsux on 01/26/2008:
Can anyone tell me how this might work?
So Verizon changed or allowed to be changed the number that must be dialed to make a connection to my telephone , but somehow , during this , My dial-up internet service (my ISP is not Verizon)still works, even though as far as my ISP is concerned the telephone that they are now sending packets to is not the same residence as it was previous to the number being changed somehow .
Meaning , normally , if one had an ISP and had given the ISP their telephone number to which they were to send internet packets , and then that number were changed without notification to the ISP- shouldn't the ISP service then be naturally interrupted ?
BvF7734 on 01/26/2008:
When it comes to dialup, the ISP doesn't care what number you are assigned by the phone cimpany. All that matters is that you can dial out to any number or more importantly that your modem can dial up to their modem and open a communication line. Their bank of modems doesn't ask your computer what number it is or anything like that. In fact, my in-laws for the longest time only had one phone line but for some reason there was a second active phone number in the house that no one knew about. We used that for dial up service for several years. Finally it went away and we all chipped in for a second line.

Moral of the story is your ISP doesn't care if you are at home or your work dialing in or at my house or the whitehouse. Only thing that matters is that you are able to dial up to their service and connect stably. Good luck with your issues though!!
fascismsux on 01/26/2008:
BvF7734-- yea - I see your point - thanks
Shows just how computer savvy I aint , HUH?
BvF7734 on 01/27/2008:
LOL! It's all good. Some people are techno mages and others are ignorant to the magic involved.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." --Arthur C. Clarke

"Any technology, no matter how basic, is magic to those who do not understand it." --Unknown Author

All that matters is that you get your phone service squared away. Good luck!!
fascismsux on 01/28/2008:
guess what ? - Verizon actually sent out a technician today (like they said they would ) =WOW
And I now have my original number back . Will this be only temporary ? I don't know .I guess I'll have to check periodically to be assured that they haven't changed my # again .
The guy that did the repair today seems like a good and reasonably skilled fellow . He did have to make corrections in 2 different locations . so , I feel sure that the person who disturbed my phone service knew full well that he did and just didn't care . It follows that he understands that Verizon doesn't give a damn if he screws up a customers service and leaves it that way , he apparently , as well,has no pride in his job .
I still have not received a bill or statement from Verizon after roundabouts 4 months of service.
You would think that they wouldn't have the gall to bill me for a period of having all of my incoming calls misdirected by their own doing . but god only knows what is next ? Verizon = what a shame !
BvF7734 on 01/29/2008:
Glad you got the situation taken care for the most part!! Definitely... They F'ed you once for messing your service up to the wrong address, keep an eye on it so it don't happen again. Stay on them about the bill... They may have a wrong address in the system... Sprint did that to me for a few months with bill after my most recent renewal...
fascismsux on 01/31/2008:
still no bill , no statement - no clue about exactly how Verizon wants to try to screw me next-
Last week - I spoke with Mrs. Trout and Japonika at
Verizon . They were both seemingly helpful and pleasant.
They did manage to schedule a technician who came promptly 3 days later .
Considerable time was spent making sure that they had my correct mailing address . They didn't have it at that time , according to them ? They also didn't have the correct # that they had changed my # to. Mrs Trout assured me that she was sending me a statement . But No ! Just another Verizon LIE.
fascismsux on 03/02/2008:
finally on 3-01-08 - a bill has come ! Was that soooooo hard Verizon ? I guess it was ! What will they due to me next ? stay tuned .
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Bad Service
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- It's been several months in trying to get my messages! Verizon is holding my telephone messages hostage!! My doctors, friends, family tell me that they leave messages and I am unable to receive them. I used to have an answering machine that took my messages. I was assured to get those messages. Since Verizon has been involved with my phone, I have not received one message. People tell me to delete/empty my mailbox because my mailbox is full; I can't even access my mailbox!

Five (5 ) different representatives give me some number to dial, and then the system does not recognize my telephone number...uuugh!! I'm really frustrated and need some help!! I'm so disappointed in the Verizon service that I thought was so efficient.
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User Replies:
Alain on 03/22/2013:
See if you can get Verizon to send a tech out to fix the problem. If they refuse or can't fix it, you may want to consider using another phone company.
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Ridiculous Charges
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MONROVIA, CALIFORNIA -- We switched from Time Warner cable over to direct TV with a Verizon bundle package. From the very beginning there were problems setting up the Verizon portion. Several disconnects, installation difficulties, lost phone number etc... Before switching I advised what services we would need including the fact that we call overseas often. They advised that the plan they had would work for us with unlimited long distance calling.

After a week with no Internet as they failed to send us the modem that was promised, my wife made five calls to her family in Australia. The next day we received a message that our phone was blocked due to excessive charges. We called and they said that we owed them 271.00 for the five phone calls at nearly $5.00 per minute. Verizon stated that we had long distance but no "world plan". We added this immediately and disputed the charges as these calls would have never been made at these rates by us.

They denied the dispute and say we owe, because they said they sent an e-mail explaining coverage. This e-mail among the 50 others I received during that week relating to what was going on with our telephone and lack of Internet service must have been overlooked. I will cancel Verizon as soon as I can get out of this contract and will never use any of their products again. They have the worst customer service that I have ever received and it is laughable that you call a phone company and the line is full of static and the calls keep dropping.
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Nohandle on 05/21/2012:
Sir, did you add the *World Plan* after your wife had made the calls and you discovered how expensive the calls were? I don't expect any company would cover charges after the fact and I'm no defender of any cable, internet, or telephone service because I’m pretty much fed up with them all.
robridingbike on 05/21/2012:
We looked into that plan also. They said it would cost 99$ a month. After talking to my neighbor, I found out he had it and the bill was never under 150$ ! Qe changed our minds n went with a prepaid cell instead
robridingbike on 05/21/2012:
We looked into that plan also. They said it would cost 99$ a month. After talking to my neighbor, I found out he had it and the bill was never under 150$ ! We changed our minds n went with a prepaid cell instead
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Incredible unfair charges
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I had an international calling plan of 300 minutes for $15.
The morning before switching from Verizon to Charter, I called to Spain.
They charge the two calls as out of the plan. Actually I never got an explanation.
The charges that should be included in the 300 minutes plan I had were $109.72 for 26 minutes, which come to the rate of $4.22 per minute.
Wow! Have you ever paid such a phone rate?
I called twice, I wrote three letters. Worthless! They don’t listen at all. Instead, they sent me to a Collection agency.
Are they Suckers, Thieves, Stupid?
Does anybody how to fight them without spending more money that they charge?

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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 03/10/2012:
Typically charges of this nature are not reported in real time. There may be several days delay before the billing information is received by Verizon. In all likelihood in this case by the time Verizon got the billing information for this call you were already off the plan. Delayed billing for some calls is spelled out in your service agreement.

Whenever you terminate subscription services with any company it is advisable that all transactions have cleared before the termination date.

One day between the last potentially expensive call and the termination date is cutting it too close.
jan trujillo on 03/25/2012:
I have a similar problem. My husband, son and myself are on Verizon's Mexico Calling plan and the family calling plan. We have 700 minutes a month to share and have never exceeded the allowance. We spend 6 month's in Mexico and 6 month's in the USA. We have had the Mexico plan for 3 years and were very happy. This year the service has been terrible. I have called several times to report that we have trouble calling out and receiving incoming calls. They say they do not quarantee the service in other countries, although we pay a monthly fee for the service. Our bill was $70 more this time so I called to question it.(I could not get through to them because every time I put my 10 digit cell number which they require I received a fast busy signal. I probably tried 20 times with no luck on two separate days. I finally got through by pressing the button for sales. Anyway, they said we went over our 700 minutes and something about calls made during the previous billing period were carried over to this bill because the overseas company is slow to bill. I said first of all, there is no way we went over our limit as we only call Verizon to Verizon and our calls are short except for lenghly calls to report the poor service we are having, where we can not call out or receive calls. They said that when we are out of the US we are charged for Verizon to Verizon calls although I had been told they do not count towards usuage the last call I made to report the problem. I also said since they do not carry over unused minutes it seems unfair that they carry over used minutes. She was not helpful so I asked to speak to a supervisor who was also not helpful. I could not believe the attitude they had and when I told him what if I cancel the service. He said each line (we have 3)would cost $145 each because we are on a 2 yr contract. I was so angry. Only a few times in my life have I had such bad service and one was with AT and T another telecommunication company. I asked him to read me the notes from my previous calls to report the problem and he said the CPNI laws do not allow him to read me the notes. I said how do I know if you are noted the account accurately and he said I have no way to verify what he notes.
It would be so funny if it were not so sad. I feel sorry for the previous person as the amount they billed her was much more.
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Worst. Company. Ever.
Posted by on
OMG! My entire review could be a string of profanity and it still wouldn't reflect how much I hate Verizon.

I called them a month ago to check pricing on TV service (JUST a price check) - and the sales weasel initiated a work order to port over the TV! I immediately contacted him to cancel the work order, but he said he couldn't, and that the work order needed to stay active in order to give me the price he quoted.

I decided to port my phone to Cox because the deal they offered was much better ($40/mo cheaper!) That's when Verizon somehow morphed into a vindictive ex-lover.

For 2 weeks, I played phone round-robin every day - first getting a call from Cox that Verizon would not release the line to them because of this sales weasel's "price quote work order," then calling Verizon to try to get them to cancel it. First they denied the work order existed, then they assured me it was canceled, then they denied it was ever a work order.

Then two days ago, they "accidentally" disconnected my line. Cox can only port it over if it's an active line.

So once again, I have to call them. After 10 minutes of asking the nice foreign lady to repeat herself because I could barely understand her accent, and having her tell me there was nothing she could do, I asked for a Verizon supervisor. THREE TIMES. Each time, she repeated what she could do. And I asked again. Finally, a supervisor:

"There's nothing we can do except treat you line a new customer. We'll need to set you up in the system again, and run a credit check."

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User Replies:
Anna Molly on 10/05/2011:
"That's when Verizon somehow morphed into a vindictive ex-lover"

Great line..I hate Verizon and Cox equally..

Cox kept raising our rates, so we switched to Verizon. Imagine my surprise to have service for a couple of days, then none for 3 in a row.
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Verizon -- They Are Lying Crooks!
Posted by on
They deceived my mother into telling the third party verifier "yes" to wanting their long distance even though she had a carrier and then charged her $5 per minute for calls to Europe that usually get charged at 2.9 cents per minute. Her bill for the month was $900 rather than the usual $20. She is 80 years old and living on social security but they refuse to even negotiate the charges! I spent hours on the phone with them.

One representative says one thing, the next time the representative has no notes that he ever said it. I am furious, appalled, disgusted. They are liars and will do anything to make a buck. I can't believe they are getting away with their business practices.
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User Replies:
Alain on 03/14/2011:
If your state has some sort of elder care program it may include free legal services in cases such as this. Give your state's attorney generals office a call. You might also give a call to a local TV station about this as they frequently show an interest in companies taking advantage of seniors.
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Rip-Off When Changing Companies
Posted by on
ALBANY, NEW YORK -- Verizon just sucks. I had Comcast change my service to theirs and the representative from Comcast told me I would not have to call Verizon, he would take care of it as soon as he was finished connecting the computer.

I believed him. Well, lo and behold, a month later I got a bill from Verizon for telephone service. Every month I kept getting a bill an it kept going higher even though I was not using any of their services.

Finally, I filed a complaint with the PA PUC. Well, folks, you better know all the laws or forget even doing that. Today they called me and said I should have notified Verizon right away. I replied, so I am supposed to know all the laws about these companies. She said I'm sorry, yeah, right, they sure are sorry. Just pay the bill and that will take care of it.

Folks, I would rather go to jail.

How many other people not aware of the laws within these companies get screwed. Comcast should, by rights, have done what the representative said he was going to do. Apparently, even though he works for the company he doesn't know the laws either. That would have saved me any grief. According to Verizon, my bill is now over 150.00. For what? Absolutely not a thing. My number was changed in April, and I dropped Verizon as my Internet server.

So beware all you newbies, you will get it too if you don't read the laws and remember all of them.

How many other companies have the same rip-off that we do not know about.

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User Replies:
msnanny on 01/04/2011:
So after you received the first bill and then the second, and third you didn't even contact Verizon then?? That's not a law it's just common sense.
MDSasquatch on 01/04/2011:
I switched from Verizon to Comcast; kept the same number, and was also assured that Comcast would take care of the switch. I was then transferred to someone from Verizon who verified my transaction and wala, everything was taken care of
karleebarlee on 01/04/2011:
Personally, even if Comcast said they would take care of it for me I still would have called myself.
Skye on 01/04/2011:
I would also have called myself. I would not rely on Comcast to handle my personal business.

Live and learn.
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Don't plan on getting help from customer service
Posted by on
WOW I can't believe how bad the customer service is at Verizon. I have a FiOS bundled package and within the past two weeks, I can hear AM radio through my phone. The first of four calls to Verizon went as I assumed. The lady was fairly nice and asked the usual questions regarding cordless phones and potential interference. I said that was not the case since I disconnected all of the cordless phones and the problem was worse on the corded phone. The earliest someone could be here to help was one week away. No time estimate, but I could check on-line. Stayed home on Tuesday and checked their web site to find that the service was changed to Wednesday. Stayed home Wednesday, checked the Internet and the service call did not show up. I called Verizon and spoke to a supervisor. One of the most rude people that I have ever had a conversation with. She used a threatening tone stating a service call would cost $100 if it was in the house and not the box. I was so upset by how rude she was that I told her I was calling a competitor and switching service. After a bit, I calmed down and called them back. During this time, my service had been disconnected completely! Called on my cell phone and got another rude person who said that I would have to wait until Friday. I told her that I could not wait until Friday and if she could not get this fixed today, I would switch service. That is what happened. The last straw was calling to cancel my service with Verizon. During the process of cancelling service, I was put on hold for 15 minutes while another supervisor was being tracked down to authorize my cancellation. Good lord what an ordeal! Brighthouse is coming out this evening to install new service...hopefully with no AM radio. I really feel for those of you forced to deal with Verizon.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 10/27/2010:
I do believe Verizon has bumped Ashley Furniture for the #1 spot in sorry customer service. Congratulations Verizon. I know you are proud!
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The Absolute Worst Company
Posted on
I called to have a regular telephone line installed in my home in order to have a medical monitoring service hooked up to the phone line. The technician came out and ran the line and told me it done but I did not have dial tone because they had to flip a switch at another location in order to get the dial tone but no was there at the time so it could possibly be Monday before this would happen, this was on a Friday. Called to see what the deal was they told me it was a mistake that I would have service that day. Well about 4pm on Friday the technician called me back and told me that they could not flip the switch because the order was placed under FiOS but it was written up as what I ordered and he installed it as such a regular copper line. He told me I had to call back and have them fix the order. Well I tried for hours to get someone to help me explaining the situation over and over to no avail. The last dumb ### I spoke to was supposedly getting me a supervisor but one has yet to come to the line been on hold for over 50 minutes now. No other landline phone companies in my area so I am forced to use them for this service. But I have never in my life experienced such incompetence. This is by far the worst company on the face of the earth. I have FiOS service with them an I have been pretty happy with it up till now. I will cancel this service as soon as my contract is up and go with Comcast. Now I see why they have to lock you into a contract. That have lost a customer and I will tell every one I know and all those I don't know to not patronize this company, if you want to maintain your sanity. Because this is making me insane. I'm still on hold.
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Posted by on
Verizon has advertised that they can be heard anywhere. That may be true for their wireless customers, but the LAN lines are constantly having problems and the internet service has been sketchy, at best, in the midwest. They offer combination packages at a discounted price and then do not honor them, as well as charging for service that is not rendered. My telephone has been down for almost three weeks. I contacted Verizon repair on July 6, and battled with the automated repair system until ultimate frustration set in, as I was getting nowhere, and I hung up. (That is not service). Service was interrupted from May 7 to May 23, as well. I was promised a discount for the interrupted service; however, I never received the promised discount on my telephone bill. Now, once again, the line is down. There is a very loud noise on all of our telephone lines, (which is why the automated repair service could not understand my answers) making it impossible to have a conversation or to be able to hear the other party. Verizon informed us, via the internet, that we needed to take a screwdriver and a telephone out to the NID box and plug the phone in to see if the noise was on the NID. It was on the line at the NID box, indicating the issue is with Verizon, not with our telephones. I attempted to contact Verizon on July 7, via telephone and was told that the wait would be 40 minutes and to use the internet, if possible. I contacted them again, via internet, on July 8, and July 9, without any resolution or response, via internet, that was I promised. My husband called them on July 13th, and we were told they were come out on the July 21st. Today, July 21, 2009, Verizon (automated message) called at 3:40 PM, after waiting all day for the repair person to arrive, to inform me that they will try to come out on July 29th. However, the bill has already arrived for next month, with expectation of 100% payment in full for services that are not being rendered. I intend to disconnect my service with Verizon if there is no fair resolution. It may be a terrible inconvenience, as I live in a more rural area and services are monopolized, giving us little or no choice at all for our communication services. Not only that, we pay more for services than in bigger cities (no broadband) and the service is moderate to poor. It looks to me like Verizon Telephone is sliding all of the way down when a paying customer for several years is treated in this manner.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/21/2009:
Contact your local public utilities commission. They can get results fast.
Anonymous on 07/21/2009:
Only in America would a company use an automated telephone repair system in order to report and get your phone working, LOL. If the dang phone was working you would not need to make the call and you can't make the call if the phone does not work, crazy.
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