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Complain of Verizon customer Service
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HILLSBOROUGH, NEW JERSEY -- I order Verizon bundle (TV, Internet, Phone) for 99.99 with rebate of Laptop. The TV and Phone connect in next few days but internet is intentionally about one month later. After many times of calling to complain about internet, customer service modified my initial order and later (after 2 months of service) I figured out the new order dropped my give-away laptop. I feel Verizon is cheating on customers to not provide all services at the same time and all reps always want to sign you with new order to get their credit of sales. Every time you called to complain the service, you expect to spend 2 - 3 hours. They switch you many different reps and nobody could explain their bill. Yes, they have technology to make the noise on voice transmission when I was on hold waiting for the reps come over for help when I was on the phone too long (3 hours) with customer service. I am thinking to cut service and do business with another company even I have to pay the fine.

Lesson: You need to ask in writing the service you ordered to save your time.

Scammed By Verizon
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NEW JERSEY -- The triple play package that Verizon offers is a rip off they tell you its a certain price but when the bill comes its double the amount not to mention you get your TV through Direct TV an what they also fail to mention is that if you decide to cancel their crappy service you have to pay a cancellation fee from Verizon of $150.

But here's the kicker you also have to pay a cancellation fee from Direct TV of 20 dollars a day for whatever is left on the contract with Verizon and since we only had the service for 2 months it is $400.00 to cancel.

Cost Me Tens Of Thousands Extra - Seriously
By -

BERMUDA DUNES, CALIFORNIA -- We moved from CA to NJ. We had FiOS in both states.

Verizon CA failed to deliver our last bill (or it arrived after we moved and mysteriously wasn't forwarded with the rest of our mail).

We are now applying for a home loan. The bank tells us my wife's credit score is low because of this manufactured late payment report arising from Verizon CA.

The bank has raised our interest rate, on a 30-year fixed loan, by half a percentage point in reliance on credit scores from three agencies, all showing this alleged late payment to Verizon.

Verizon CA told me over the phone that the situation will last for seven years. They freely admit the account was paid in full.

Yes, this is happening to us so I am biased. But please notice that this particular Verizon service failure is of the size and scale that can do serious harm to the economy (we may not buy now).

If you're thinking of making any lifetime investments or that your credit score is safe, stay far, far away from Verizon. We are proof.

Triple Freedom is Really a Triple Scam
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I ordered Triple Freedom for an advertised price of $99.99 and it was advertised to come in one convenient bill.

I just received the phone portion of the bill, and there is nothing about the TV or internet portion of the bill. So I called and my first month's bill for everything is $227.00. The customer service representative that I was able to talk to after waiting on an automated phone for an hour informed me that the extra $127.00 was for taxes and surcharges.

So in the end, please understand if you get triple freedom, it will be expensive and you will not have it in one bill, plus Verizon will over charge you.

Think twice about triple freedom.


Verizon Bundles Are Great
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SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- Verizon is an absolutely amazing company! My family and I have had them for years and the prices are very competitive. I read all of these reviews about people not being happy with their services, however I have had the Triple Bundle with phone, internet, and Direct TV for about 3 years now and have not had a problem with anything! My first bill that I ever got from them was kind of high, however, the representative did tell me it would be that way because of my bill date or something. The following month was exactly what they told me $99 plus tax and for the next couple of years it was the same way. While my neighbors with Comcast were experiencing ridiculous increases in their Triple Bundles, I was enjoying the $99 dollar price with Verizon.

Their employees are committed to letting us know the latest promotions. The people that are complaining are just not asking enough questions or listening. Maybe if they would take the time to listen, they would understand and be happy.

Verizon Bundle Deal Scam
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CONVOY, OHIO -- Verizon bundles is one hell of a scam. We made our first mistake by ordering the bundled deal on line. Even though we were accepted and approved for the triple deal of phone service, high speed internet and direct TV for the price of $117.00 A month, once the phone was connected we were told, we could not get high speed internet. After many calls to Verizon and to direct TV, we are still waiting, after two months, for the phone and the direct TV to be bundled. After all the extra fees, we are paying a ridiculus price for both the phone and TV. This is an outright scam. Once you agree to a bundled price, Verizon totally ignores the deal and charges you what ever they want. Direct TV does too, our one year agreement has now become a two year agreement. I hold both companies responsible, but feel that Verizon is the one offering the bundle and should hold up their end of the deal.

If we are not bundled by the next month, I will consider the contract void and look for another phone company even if I must go cellular. I will also contact the attorney generals' office.

Verizon Is Sneaky With Their Bundles...
By -

HELENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- Verizon is by far the worst telephone company I have ever dealt with. I HAVE SPENT OVER 10 HRS ON PHONE TRYING TO RESOLVE CONNECTION ERRORS. they must manually feed the cables through the lines. Slowness, incompetence, tormenting the customer and making stupid errors best describe Verizon. NOW, VERIZON WANTS TO HARASS ME AGAIN. I signed up for a bundle offered online for under $110 with first DSL internet month free, and $200 American Express gift card .
The bundle includes DSL service including free wireless router, Verizon freedom essentials and DirecTV-Choice Extras plus DVR/HD DVR.

A FEW DAYS AFTER SERVICE IS WORKING, THEY send me an email INDICATING that my plan has changed & I will now be billed for A TRIPLE FREEDOM PLAN for additional $31.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Triple Freedom FRAUD
By -

TOBYHANNA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I just wanted to let other consumer know that if Verizon calls and tells you they can save you money hurry up and HANG UP because its a LIE!!!! They told me with the FREEDOM PACKAGE that my bill would be $109.00 a month well I received a bill today and its $214.55... And then they tell me it doesn't include the internet !!!!!! And then if I am to cancel it would cost me $375.00 not $200.00 like I was told on October 1,2007. It changed on October 17,2007 that to cancel the service it will now cost me $375.00... I was told that it doesn't matter what I was told on 10/01/2007... SO now do I take my chances and cancel and go back to Blue Ridge Cable (which I NEVER had a problem with) or do I stay with this TRIPLE package????? I feel in the long run I will save money by canceling VERIZON!!! Even if I do only PAY them $1.00 a month.. for the next 375 months..... at least I don't have them any more....

I can't believe I was sucked into this FRAUDULENT PLAN!!!!! I am not saving money now I am paying more...I feel the representative that sold me this PACKAGE!!! Should be held liable!!!! she MISREPRESENTED her company (well did they train her that way??) and now I have to decide what I am going to do ???

PS that $109.00 also was supposed to include the FOOTBALL ticket.

Triple Freedom - Triple Frustration!
By -

NEW JERSEY -- I had the horror of ordering the Verizon Triple Freedom Plan (phone-internet-Direct TV) for my home. According to the advertisements, I was supposed to receive one bill for all three services (approximately $108 per month with taxes). Well, I have received, in one month, separate bills for Direct TV and Verizon. I was advised by both companies NOT to pay those bills, as they would be consolidated to one bill. Now I am receiving shutoff notices from both companies. I've only had the account for six weeks and I truly regret switching from Optimum online! Oh, and not only am I receiving separate bills, I am also being charged full price as if they were separately ordered! So, my total charges are nearly $350! Now, I'm being told that they only way that my bills can be consolidated is if I pay the full amount of both bills, and THEN, in a few billing cycles, my bills should be consolidated. WTF???? Has anyone else had this experience?

Where can the little old residential consumer find RECOURSE????

$89.99 Verizon Bundle Is $149.83
By -

I have had Verizon installed on June 10th 2011. It was supposed to be for $89.99 And I am getting billed for $149.83 For the first month and $133.86 For the second month. Bs, you get a good deal from Verizon.


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