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Verizon Wireless Huntsville, Alabama: Customer Support Chain of Command Should Be Fired.
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Rating: 1/51

MASSACHUSETTS -- The Customer Support center in Huntsville is unbelievably unprofessional and trained at one thing... don't do anything and push fake to do's on the customer until they waste so much time they will give up. Verizon shows a total disrespect for their customer's time. They don't do work they can be proud of so they all stay unidentifiable. They use first names only so if your name is John or Susie you are all set cause no one can prove anything in court.

Had a simple problem. Made an online credit card payment online early. Verizon wireless did not credit to the account. They insisted I had never even logged onto the site. I had a printout and offered to scan and send it to them. They said they did not have e-mail (so much for honesty) and I said "No problem, I will fax it then." I use a online service when I am traveling. Have no problems with it and I am in finance. They said they didn't get it. I said I would send again. I had two confirms.

They said their fax doesn't become available for over an hour often. I said, did someone have a clue that they need another one? Eric (3rd level person or so represented said) "Oh you have to understand we are a communications company so you can't expect us to be able to communicate promptly." I gasped in disbelieve... too big to expect to be competent. Communications companies can't be expected to communicate.

His problem was I worked for megalithic companies... IBM, State Street, Morgan Stanley and had been involved in the second largest telephone company in the country. So I said "Get up and walk to the fax and check." (1 1/2 hours for a simple resolution request). Their other choice was for me to drive to an office and start the whole ridiculous process over again.

Judge ** where are you now? Break the guys too big to do their job up again. No they wanted to promise to call me back... With no telephone numbers and no last names how would that work with a busy customer who is not going to wait by their phone, make other calls and likely have the message go to phone mail??? Either the team is dense or they really don't want anyone to be able to resolve problems or have equal footing with the company. They want you to get so frustrated that you will not want to spend 1 1/2 hours in an illogical diversionary tactic that any customer with a half of a brain can see through.

Did they forget being a utility company means they are supposed to serve the community base? FCC get on this? Hire secret shoppers and get rid of this practice. Mandate that that they have "code" first and last names for all their employees filed with the FCC for lawsuits. Not hard to fix if you want to limit abuses of power.

I paid them again last night not knowing if they had been hacked, not wanting to be considered late when their system confirmed I had actually paid early. If their computer program logs are obviously false, what does that mean and why is it programmed like that? Who is minding the chicken coup? The fox pointing in both directions who is part of a band called Verizon Wireless and the 3 Denials? PS... not a single call attempt from them.

$900 in Charges After Repeated Attempts to Avoid Them
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Rating: 2/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- First I would like to mention that at age of 37, this is the first time I am resorting to posting a negative online review. Second, I would like to mention that none of the following can be held against Verizon representatives who have been professional and polite in every one of the conversations I've had with them over last several months. Unfortunately whatever policies they have been instructed to follow resulted in an astronomical bill despite independent efforts by me and my wife to avoid the charges.

Prior to leaving for an international trip, I contact Verizon to enable an appropriate plan that would allow me to make calls while abroad. I was told these would be $0.30 or something close to this figure (0.32-0.37). I also requested to have data access available and was quoted correct usage fees. Independently (and without me knowing) my wife called Verizon to make sure international charges were sound and correct plan was in place.

In addition to this, I brought with me and used another international phone from another provider that I have been using for past 7 years while traveling (one that I know from experience has a reasonable minute rate) to minimize Verizon usage and avoid any surprises. With an assumption that minute rate with Verizon would be somewhere in the $0.30-$0.40 neighborhood, I did spend about 2 hours of talk time over a course of 3-4 weeks.

I came back to find that the rate I was charged was actually $2.29 per minute. I was also charged for "International Value Plan", Roaming Minutes, and non-essential Verizon texts (only few of which actually appeared on the phone). I was also charged $200 for data usage, which was my mistake because I left the phone connected to laptop and automatic updates ran without me knowing. The net result was a $900 bill.

Verizon representative claimed that a text was sent to me (internationally) advising me of the minute rate, which was NOT the case. How is it that 2 educated people with very clear intent to avoid these charges, call Verizon, explain to two different Verizon representative the intended use of the phone and are still charged absurd fees? Why was mention of the minute rate specifically avoided by both representatives when destination country and travel dates were discussed?

After speaking with representatives, I was offered an option to establish a repayment plan. I decided to take this route since, unfortunately, I am still under contract for one year and switching carriers with a $500 phone would not make sense financially. After being transferred to a representative, I made a $300 payment and requested that the remainder of the balance be added to future 2-3 monthly payments. The representative had no issue accepting my payment. One week later I received an automated message from Verizon, requesting immediate payment for $500+ to prevent service interruption. I run a small business and had no other option but to comply.

After checking the web, I have come across many similar stories and I find it unfortunate that Verizon chooses to conduct their business in this fashion, and that it has failed spectacularly to set fee expectations, and neglected to deliver on a promised fee arrangement. I would NOT recommend Verizon to anyone.

Verizon Doesn't Care About Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

APPLETON, WISCONSIN -- I had been a cell phone customer of Airfire for years and loved my new phone. They are going out of business and I needed to find a new carrier. I am retired, so my son suggested I go on his plan with Verizon. My son told me he loved the phone service with Verizon but hated dealing with the stores or their customer service. I soon found out WHY!!! When we went to the store to pick out a phone, the representative told us my phone could not be used as it was incompatible with their service.

I had a nice Samsung phone and they sold similar ones in their store but not my phone. When I asked the representative why, he just said; “It's not.” We were talked down to the entire time we were there. I picked out 2 different phones that I liked. The representative said one was good but the other one they had a lot of complaints about. So, I picked out the one that he recommended. He went to get the phone and came back and said they were out of stock and I would have to wait a week or 10 days for the phone to come in.

I did need to switch service right away to keep my same number so I went with the more expensive phone. (I wonder if they were told to get rid of the phone that had all the complaints.) When I asked the representative if he could check with other stores to see if they had the phone I preferred, he said he knew they were out also, in our area but I could drive the 40 miles to another city that might have them. I can tell you that the customer service with Airfire was awesome and Verizon should hire some of their people that were laid off.

I completed the online survey for Verizon about my experience and gave them a zero which prompted a message that a manager would give me a call to find out why. No phone call yet, either they don't care or they are dealing with so many complaints it takes a while. In my opinion, I don't think they care. By the way, I did call the customer service number from Samsung and asked them why their phones were not compatible. They told me I should go with a different carrier because my phone was compatible. Surprise, surprise.

Surprise: Terrible customer service encounters
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Rating: 1/51

In July, we bought 2 LG G4 phones from Verizon. From the start (hindsight, unfortunately) one of them never worked well. It continued to degrade until it basically stopped working. It will not connect to a cell or to data. Verizon told us after repeated calls, that they would replace the NEW phone with a USED phone. We told them the defect was there from the start, but they will not budge. Verizon really does not care about its customers. They are very good at repeating policy. We were told many times, "The system will not allow us to..." Verizon customer support people cannot override "the system." We were told many times, "If it were in the first 14 days..."

Well, the defect was there from the start. We're just not tech savvy enough to have detected the defect that early. With hindsight, we know that we were seeing this problem from the very start in July: more dropped calls, longer time to charge (compared to our other NEW LG G4). At this point, we will never deal with Verizon, we will switch our THREE phone lines as soon as we can. Verizon would rather lose three accounts than simply switch out this very new phone.

Terrible and Incompetent
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Rating: 1/51

HOMETOWN, CONNECTICUT -- Avoid Verizon if you can if you do not want to waste 30 minutes of your life getting frustrated every time you call. We have been Verizon wireless customers for many years and customer service and the billing dept gets worse each year. Last year they continually billed me monthly for 4 months for international service that I specifically told them was only needed for 1 week. Every 3 weeks I would call and complain to have it removed. They said it would be done and it never was. After hours on the phone and months later the int'l plan was cancelled.

This summer same thing - requested the plan for 12 days for one phone, was billed for 2 phones and was billed to me from July to October. Called each month to request cancel and change plan- finally got smart and wrote down customer service names. First call was Dalanda and next month Roberta. Roberta told me Dalanda had not written any info down about my previous phone call with her and did not know what I was talking about.

After 35 minutes on phone Roberta hung up on me, I was transferred to someone else and then Roberta called me back! Under contract with 1 phone till May 2017 but will try to see if new wireless company will buy out contract. I am so over Verizon - terrible customer service!!!

Great Coverage But Non-Existent Service
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Rating: 1/51

New phones were ordered from Verizon under their new plan that charges a monthly fee. The old phones were returned as requested, however, Verizon has not credited all the phones. We are still being charged $299.00 for a phone that Verizon admitted was returned, however, to this date has refused to change their bill to reflect same.

Several chat sessions have been made with Verizon and on each one they apologize and promise to rectify the error. They never do. Further, they promise to check back with me to ensure the problem is solved. They never do. While Verizon may have good coverage, they have the worse customer service of any company I have dealt with. I feel the only way to handle this problem is by filing a Small Claims action.

Verizon Doesn't Honor Their "Promotions"
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Rating: 1/51

I currently have 5 phones on a plan with Verizon and have been a loyal customer for over 5 years. I received a card in the mail today that allowed me to increase my data plan from 4 GB to 8 GB at no additional charge. I immediately call the Verizon number on the card and spoke with a representative. They informed me that the promotion had just ended yesterday. I told her that I just received the card today, how could the promotion already be over? She stated that the promotion has been going on for a couple of weeks and that my mail service must be slow.

I've already had major heartburn over the fact that my Verizon plan is not nearly as good as AT&T or T-Mobile plans (even with 5 phones on our plan) but to offer me a small token of loyalty appreciation and then rescind the offer is too much. Verizon really doesn't give a crap about its customers. It's time to look elsewhere.

Best Tech Support Ever Had
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Rating: 5/51

I received a warranty replacement phone, requested on Friday and it was delivered on Monday morning as promised. That is excellent timeline and had some bugs to work out with phone. I called tech support and was connected to a very knowledgeable and professional tech, his name was Stevyn, Stevyn with a y, apologize if name spelling is wrong.

Anyways, we as the consumer always dread the tech support part but as a former site director for a call center over 300 employees, this young man took me, the consumer from upset not mad, as I understand the process. But this gentleman took the time to go into my phone and correct all the issues - as we use to say: 'one and done'. He actually made it a pleasure to make the call. He was very professional, kind and understanding and made sure all of my issues were resolved in such a pleasant and awesome manner, that I feel he deserves some recognition as a true tech supporter.

I have been with Verizon when they were formally Alltel and I will also say Verizon has the best coverage hands up in the United States. If I were still a site director as now retired, this young man could work for me anytime. He defines the "true" in true customer service. I hope Verizon takes a moment to recognize this man's work and talent.
Kudos to an excellent young man's dedication to his job and demeanor to his customers. I will close with a job well done again - one and done. Thank you sir for your help! A customer here for life!

Verizon Is Anti-Military
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Rating: 1/51

LEESVILLE, LOUISIANA -- Verizon is obviously anti-military. My story, as I am learning is just one of many horror stories the military has faced upon dealing with Verizon. How frustrating that our soldiers work so hard to fight for our country, to be forced to deal with businesses that have no appreciation for them whatsoever. We are really shocked at how we have been treated throughout this whole ordeal. We have been Verizon customers since before they were Verizon (back when they were still Alltel).

I had always enjoyed my services with them and as a result extended my services with them to include home phone and cable when we lived in an area that provided such. We had always had our account set up for automatic payment because we were aware of the amount and found this feature to be convenient. In the 11 years with our service with them, we were never late on any bill.

In early August 2013, we were stationed in Fort Polk, Louisiana. Upon our arrival with our 3 children one of which was our 2 month preemie, we quickly realized our wireless service did not work in this area. On August 5th, 2013, I contacted Verizon and ask what were my options. They explained that they were aware of the situation in our area and had no problem releasing us from our contract with no early termination fees (ETF), due to the circumstances.

The representative even explained how to port my number over to another carrier, so that my number of 11 years wouldn't have to change. I was very happy with the outcome and even surprised with how helpful they were. The representative I spoke with, even sent his Verizon email, claiming should I have "any" problems, to contact him and he would make sure they were resolved. We received no further correspondence from Verizon.

On September 7th, 2013, Verizon deducted $561 out of my account. We called them immediately, I was told there were no notes of our being military and that I had canceled my contract therefore was subject to early termination fees. Over the course of the following two weeks, I spoke to around 10-15 different representatives. I was required to send in military documentation and address confirmation, I had to fax, forward, call etc. During those 1st two weeks I spent more than 20 hours on the phone with Verizon, sometimes on hold, sometimes dealing with representatives that had no interest in helping resolve the situation.

I spoke to one representative that told me point blank, it was my own fault for not stopping the automatic payment, and didn't I get a bill. I explained that after my number was ported over to a local carrier, Verizon closed my account therefore rendering me unable to access my online billing account, therefore I had no idea this would happen. I also ask him, if I had stopped automatic billing how would that have stopped Verizon from claiming I owed something, that I obviously do not.

One representative refused to listen to me speak and would even claim that she couldn't hear me when I spoke, but her line miraculously cleared whenever she wanted to speak. I tried contacting the original representative, the one that had left the email. After almost a full week, he finally wrote back with some excuse about being on vacation and that he would forward to his supervisor. Finally, after weeks of phone calls, I was told they had verified that in fact I was military and lived in a location without service, therefore they would refund my money in 4-6 weeks!

I explained to them this simply wasn't acceptable, they had taken our housing payment. We had just moved to the area and while awaiting housing had to live in a motel for a month and a half with three children, our account was dangerously low, when Verizon cleaned us out. We were scheduled to move into our home September 10th. We were forced to sell some of our household goods to make ends meet, while we awaited the return of "our" money from Verizon.

Now today, is November 6th, 2013, we are 3 months into this ordeal with one day shy of being 2 months that Verizon still has our money. To date I have spoken to somewhere between 30-40 representatives and have probably logged more than 100 hours on the telephone, being transferred to representatives, between departments, everyone passing the buck and no real resolution. On October 10th, 2013, Verizon claims to have deposited $500 of the $561 back into my account. They told me to expect it within 24-72 hours, days passed and nothing.

I called again and again, each time I was given a new time when it would magically appear into my account. Once a customer service representative did say that she could see that it had "not" processed because it was not submitted correctly, so I was then transferred back to financial services who claimed they did not see the error and it in fact was in my bank. I have contacted my bank and they have no information and or money from Verizon whatsoever. Finally I was told that it could take 3-15 "business" days to show in my account, because "some banks take longer", therefore making the deadline, November 1st, 2013. No surprises it still isn't there.

I called again on November 1st, 2013, were I was told they had in fact found the mistake in paperwork again, and in fact it had "never" been submitted, but it had been corrected and to expect our money within 24-72 hours. There again, today is November 6th, 2013 and still no money. I have spent yet "another" hour and a half on the phone with Verizon, it has been "escalated" again, now I am being told that I may receive my money in 4-6 weeks once it goes through accounts payable.

I am flabbergasted. I have gotten angry, cried, been patient and a host of other emotions all behind Verizon stealing money that wasn't theirs. We like most American families are trying to make ends meet, our preemie child, requires more financial care than the average baby, for obvious reasons. That situation alone is very stressful on our family, being a military family can be stressful, moving, uprooting our lives and having my husband deploy or being sent out on missions. All of it stressful, yet we have companies such as Verizon who with no care, compassion or gratitude for our situations, treats their customers this way.

Now the holidays are upon us and there is no end in sight as to when we will actually have our own money back. The money my husband spent months away from his family and traveled to foreign lands, to fight for our rights as Americans to be treated fair and justly, and this is the treatment we have received from Verizon.

Years of customer loyalty, and this is the end result. Hopefully, eventually, with God's grace we will have our own money back, but the real loss is the hours spent fighting for what was rightfully ours all along, could have been spent with my baby boy that was born 10 weeks too early and had to spend six of those in neonatal intensive care. That they can never repay.

The sad truth is after sharing my story with other military families, I have learned our story is far from original. Apparently, Verizon has a reputation for not caring for their military families. I will certainly do my part to share our story to hopefully prevent others from dealing with such a terrible company.

A Den of Thieves
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- I am contacting you to issue a complaint and a demand for damages due to business loss caused by a service interruption which began on 02/07/2013 and has not been resolved to date. I run a home based business providing federal contracting guidance, training and mentoring to Veteran, Service Disabled Veteran, Hub Zone, Minority, Native American and Women-owned firms.

I contacted your customer service technical support early Thursday morning, 3/ /2013 to report a problem with our wireless Jet-Pak Hot Spot and they determined that my Jet Pak unit was defective or malfunctioning. At Verizon's store representatives direction I traveled into Santa Rosa, California to the Verizon store where I purchased the unit. I was told that the card for the unit was defective and they replaced it. I tested it in the store before I departed and it worked, however I told the store representative that I reside in an area where Verizon promises at least 3G and a strong signal and I have had neither.

Upon returning home the unit still would not operate properly. It would find a signal and on and off but when I could get online the speed was so slow I could not read e-mail, perform my business required internet searches or other internet related business needs.

The next day I returned to the store again at the direction of Verizon's store representative who said he would provide a new unit. When I arrived I was now told that Verizon was working on towers in my area and that there would be intermittent service for 1 week and “intermittent service” turned out to be almost zero service which has caused damages to my business. My promised Verizon service has not been sufficient to perform my required daily work and as a result I have lost many hours of productivity and most likely customers that I cannot replace.

I pay Verizon a large monthly fee for this service and I have a right to expect it to function as promised. I was also never called, e-mailed, or contacted in any manner about service interruptions. Had you contacted me I would have been able to possibly make arrangements to mitigate the extensive damage and hardship this has placed on my small business but unfortunately you did not make any attempt to do so. I have a list of damages/losses which I trust can be settled without litigation. If not, I am fully prepared to do so as I have clients that will represent my business pro bono.

For a period of (5) days I was unable to perform my required daily research, communication, and business development activities. I average $7,000.00 per month in my business working 20 days. The 5 days I was not able to operate has cost my business $1,750.00, please see the invoice. If payment has not been made to my firm within thirty business days, or you do not respond within 30 days I will file suit, and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. One thing not mentioned in this is their bait & switch scams they employ against unsuspecting consumers and I think it is high time for a class action suit against these despots.

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