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Verizon Continues Billing of Cancelled Insurance Then Harasses Consumer
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Verizon Wireless, Office of Executive Relations
PO Box 553
Warrendale, PA 15086

Dear Christopher:

I am in receipt of your letter dated March 7. As you are well aware, I made repeated attempts by post to have Asurion insurance removed from my account, beginning in November 2011 and continuing until March 2012. Asurion confirmed the cancellation immediately. Nevertheless, Verizon continued to charge my account.

In my repeated correspondence I specifically said I would not accept phone calls from you. There are numerous reasons for this policy: 1.) I will not waste time on redundant phone calls, i. e., the nature of the problem was very clear in my post; 2.) Verizon’s website plainly states that customer service can, in fact, be handled by post; 3.) Verizon failed to cancel the insurance, therefore, the only resolution is a revised bill. Merely discussing the problem on the phone is unacceptable.

Most companies do not require a phone call to confirm such modifications—offering more efficient resolution by chat or by email—thus eliminating redundant phone calls, voice mails and return phone calls. I absolutely cannot abide a company that puts its own preferred method of communication above the customer’s specific instructions. Christopher, I will not return your call, and then wait on a phone line for 10 minutes or longer to instruct you of requirements for my account—when I have already mailed you the instructions.

You disregarded those instructions, harassing my elderly mother by calling her line numerous times. You then called my disabled daughter’s line several times, leaving forceful messages. You upset my young daughter so much that she begged me to “tell the angry man to stop calling.” Ultimately, I received an email stating that the account had been correctly credited as per my November 2011 instructions—a simple and effective communication. Nevertheless, Christopher, you continued this harassment in a petulant letter complaining that I “hung up” on you.

Christopher, I am more than a little dismayed by your behavior—particularly in light of your chosen field. Furthermore, your insistence on blaming me for your inability to service the customer is reprehensible. Your letter states: “…any delay in accomplishing this modification to your account was because that we were unable to speak with you directly…” Christopher, suffice it to say I am not convinced that this almost five-month delay in meeting the customer’s needs was, in fact, my fault.

It appears that you, as Coordinator of Verizon Wireless’ Office of Executive Relations care little for the customer’s needs. What I needed, was for the insurance to be cancelled/credited with as little intrusion into my life as possible. Quite simply, Christopher, your job is to be the solution, not the problem. You, as a representative of Verizon, made an absolute nuisance of yourself.

I am a long-time Verizon customer. Nevertheless, the moment my contract expires, I will switch all three of my lines to AT&T. In the meantime, I will inform everyone I know personally and through social media, that Verizon Wireless’ Office of Executive Relations is disrespectful to its customers—to the point of harassment.

I am sending this letter, along with a copy of your missive, to the Verizon Human Resources Department. I urge the Human Resources department to maintain this letter as a testament to your obvious inability to offer customer service in any capacity.

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tnchuck100 on 2012-03-11:
Were the letters sent certified mail/return receipt requested?

Strange thing about these kinds of "notifications".
If you notify a company of something the law requires you to prove the company received it. To do that you must send it certified mail/return receipt requested.

However, the law will allow a corporation to send you something via US Mail pre-sort standard (bulk rate) and consider that legal notification whether you receive it or not. That ain't right. But that's the way it is.

Very well written letter. Good luck.
Nohandle on 2012-03-11:
Nicely written informative and you spelled out what had transpired. Chuck is correct, for some idiotic reason we must *prove* we contacted a company; yet, they can continually state they were unaware of our intentions. Better still, inform you it will be handled and do nothing except perhaps get a cup of coffee.

I went through a similar situation (not Verizon) with my landline telephone. No harassing calls but surprise charges each month tacked on. Hour upon hour trying to get it straight and then by golly new charges added the following month. I finally decided to heck with it, paid an inflated bill I didn't owe, and switched my landline over to Comcast because I already had an account with them. I didn't want to, but felt that was my only option. My time was worth something.
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Absolutely Intolerable To Work With The Customer
Posted by on
HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA -- This company is getting away with absolute greed and feel it is very acceptable to provide poor customer service to anyone! I have had it!!! Anyone reading this review should know that the fcc has a solution to their blatent ignorance to persons with disabilities. Section 255 addresses all issues they are in violation of when I dealt them for over 4-months. I currently have files a complaint with consumer complaint bureau; federal communication commission; and the Americans with disability. Section 255 from the fcc shows that they have broken many violations toward myself, and I know I am not alone. It is time that we stand up to these cell phone companies and stop the crimes they are committing to the public. The banks were scrutinized for "nikle-and-dimeing" the public to death. Why do these cell phone providers feel and are treated as though they are untouchable. I am tired of Bing dumped on. Join in if you feel the same.

I will give you additional information. I purchased a prepay phone (samsung Intensity II) in October 2011. This phone became my biggest nightmare and so did Verizon Wireless. 1) they e-mail me that they have taken $50 directly out of my account . . . my bank tells me they are taking $53+ out of my banking account. 2) The phone would not store contacts/scrambled all information within the phone/web access was not entirely available, there is more. Verizon store continued to replace the samsung at least 3-times because they could see it was not working properly. Each time the phone was replaced, the last issues (web, contacts, etc.) continued! To make it worse, each replaced phone BROUGHT ITS OWN DIFFERENT PROBLEMS. 3) Verizon customer support told me to take the phone to Hickory, NC on US-70 SE store location to have the phone SHOCKED. I did that and when the tech shocked the phone, it DID NOT REGISTER. I went home to await a shipment of the same phone, and one week later I went back to Hickory to pick it up. Phone was again defective. Again I returned to the store, they wanted to give me ANOTHER PHONE!! 4) I reset, with customer service guiding me, the phone 5-times to factory specs. Still no good. SAME FRICKING problems multiplied. 5) I tried to reach Verizon to place a complaint. Good luck with that. I called customer service and wanted the corporate phone number. Their response was "it is unusual that no one has the coporate telephone number, only the address. I HAVE PHONE NUMBERS WHERE THEY TRIED TO CONTACT ME, LEFT A MESSAGE. I DIALED THE SAME NUMBER BACK . . SAME DAY . . PHONE IS DISCONNECTED. FINDING THESE PEOPLE IS LIKE RUNNING AFTER YOUR OWN TAIL, FOR GOD SAKE. I WILL BE COMPOSING A MORE DETAILED LETTER TO THE FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION (FCC) AND THEY HAVE INSTRUCTED ME EXACTLY WHAT HAS HAPPENED. The details are so confusing (only because Version makes it that way) it is hard to quickly update you via this site, for now. I will post my letter so that anyone interested can get the entire story, sequentially. I have 30-pages of day-to-day notes that I must compile into a time-line. I have all names, phone numbers, responses. I locked the limited calls I received from Verizon on my phone, this will come in handy. Pull up the FCC Article 255 via Their violations toward me are very specific to me and may be to some of you reading this. The end result that Verizon Wireless decided was to replace my phone (a band new Intensity II) with a refurbished (LG Vn 250). Not comporable in so many ways! They shoved the phone in my hand (LITERALLY), RUDELY TOLD me to leave the store and never gave me the owners manual, the correct charging cord for this phone . . . not even a box! I am not one of their priority customers because I am a prepay customer. They have my money when I bought the phone AND if I do not pay the $50 (oopps . . .the $53), big deal. THey want to sell the better phones ranging from $400 - $700, 2-year contracts, all the bells and whistles they can shove down the customers throat, and all cell phone companies will charge you an outrageous monthly fee with, as you know, HUGE CANCELLATION FEES FOR EARLY TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACT. If you do not comply, you are sent to collections. Again, there was a tremendous amount of focus and energy put into crucifying the Banks, WHY DO THE WIRELESS COMPANIES HAS PRIVILIDGES TO RIP OFF THE PUBLIC IN ANY WAY THEY PLEASE! As this situation continues to evolve, I hope you will continue to read my updates. Washington, DC needs to receive your input if you are experiencing any problems, or compliments.
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User Replies:

Dukemom on 2011-12-31:
Exactly what are they doing, or not doing? Really not enough info to know.
trmn8r on 2011-12-31:
I don't understand what the issue is, but I can tell you are upset...
At Your Service on 2012-01-01:
Hopefully the moderators won't start deleting comments again, but I agree with the others. This complaint doesn't offer the details needed to know what it is all about.
jktshff1 on 2012-01-01:
"It is time that we stand up to these cell phone companies and stop the crimes they are committing to the public"
I'm with the others. Just what is the problem and what specific laws are they breaking?
Anonymous on 2012-01-01:
This review has me scratching my head too. Is the Samsung phone the issue? Are you having billing problems, or issues with the coverage in your area?
trmn8r on 2012-01-01:
Section 255 is here:

My guess is the OP alleges that Verizon hasn't done something to make the phone/service accessible to persons with certain diabilities.

The remedy is to file a complaint with the FCC, which it sounds like they have done. It would be interesting to know exactly what the issue is that the OP is facing.
terir1043 on 2012-01-02:
My guess is overall they are not helpful... I have experienced the same thing with Verizon wireless..They do not want to help you with your old phone issues, they want you to purchase a new phone and will do everything in their power to lie and deceive you into purchasing a new phone.. Of course then you are stuck with a two year contract..

If a better deal comes out you lose... Its only for new customers... You would think they would want to keep their old customers happy.No the case with them.. They figure you stuck in a contract.. They are terrible I've had so many bad experiences with their customer service..

I have to yell and scream complain to corporate and they the start to listen.. . But its nuts no one can be nice anymore you have to pull a tantrum in order to get anywhere..
ruthnorman7437 on 2012-01-04:
To all who provided comments . . . please revisit the original posting. I have added additional information at the end and hopefully will help you better understand my frustrations. I apologize for my vagueness, but I do not own a computer, I visit the library, and they only give me limited time to have access to it. Thank you all for your comments. I will continue to answer any questions you may have and most importantly, be as clear as possible. My e-mail address is THANK YOU
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Posted by on
My husband and I are both stationed at ft. Hood Texas, in Killeen. When we arrived here in January from overseas, we walked into a Verizon wireless store to apply for a contract. Our salesman was so pushy trying to force us to buy something we didn't want. I told him I wanted a phone of lesser value due to my work and dropping it consistently,..Our total would be at or around 300 dollars after both phones. The salesman was trying to charge us almost 600 for everything, and said that was the cheapest contract. As I began to walk out, he all of a sudden somehow had it lowered to 300 by bringing out the phone I originally wanted that was 100 bucks....So he lied to me telling me the phone I had was the 100 dollar one.. That's the first complaint. A few months later my husband deployed so I walked into the store and just happened to see the same salesperson. I wanted to get an international plan so I could talk to my husband, only to get rude remarks, quote " well what do you want your bill ta be" while he was rolling his eyes after I wanted to freeze a line due to my husbands deployment. I was so angry and upset by his rude remarks and eye rolling I left. The guy was also rude to the fact I could barely climb on the high stool to set because I'm 7 months pregnant..I noticed customers who got a contract had the doors opened for them when they left,..I didn't, with a baby, pregnant and an arm full of things. When I returned upon a 3rd time, to cancel my contract because of the poor customer service and rudeness, I waited two hours to be seen as did others, we were being passed up,..I'm sure it had to do with the fact we were holding military orders in our hands and you could see the seal on it that gave it away. I guess since it was no sale for any of the salespeople we just got passed up, a lot of people were leaving. I was told the lady didn't know how to cancel a line and to come back....Even more upset,..I came back another day and finally found the "corporate store" to cancel my contract after being pointed in every direction, saying its this store or no go to this one... Today I called customer service to pay a bill on a cancelled line..And a representative named Sabrina was soo rude, she told me she could not understand what I was saying told me a number to call and hung up... I speak perfect English, she seemed to have a problem with English, it was obvious this person was not educated due to the slang she was using while being so rude, basically blowing me off. I am now with AT&T. I have never had such a problem with anyone as I have with this company,...It seems that Verizon has an overall problem with attitude and rudeness.. Verizon needs to get there act together and start firing people,..I find it funny every in my company, which is about 200 or so has had or known someone whose had the same issues I've had with these people.

Another thing I would like to add, is just because you wear a suite and tie doesn't mean your job is that successful. I may wear acus everyday to work and combat boots, but what I find funny is I make waaay more than one of these salesman, but I don't act snooty... Like for real go to college. Or, get your ged first, or, start from the beginning learn how to speak English, and read. Verizon, you need to get your act together!!!
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User Replies:

trmn8r on 2011-07-12:
I think if I had been in your shoes, I would have ditched VZ on the first visit when they were not forthcoming with you. I hate dishonesty and pushy salespeople.

You make waaay more than these salespeople, and you aren't snooty. I hear ya.

Jon on 2013-07-29:
We make more than you think and require a degree...Authorized retailers don't...Its a real shame some people don't know how to provide good customer service.
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Resist the temptation of "high speed internet" upgrades offered by Verizon
Posted by on
I work from home and needed to move into a different room, so I contacted Verizon to add a new phone jack and would move my office as soon as it was installed. Verizon has been my phone company and DSL provider for over 8 years and I still had the Westell B90 modem. It was definitely an old model, but I had "no problems" at all until the "upgrade".

It sounded great! My bill would actually be less and my internet speed would be awesome!!!! The CSR on the chat line ordered everything for me and set the appointment for the install. I was excited.

The install was seemless. It turned out to be a friend that works for Verizon that came out and he is great. About an hour later.............that's when my nightmare begins.

The modem arrived and was easy to install. No trouble at all, EXCEPT the CSR failed to inform me that it would take 24-48 hours to "upgrade" and I would not have any internet access. This is a problem because my business relies on my communication via email and also maintaining my customers accounts online. When I contacted "support" is when I found out about the delay, and had I known would not have agreed to the new service.

The next day it got worse. I had to go to an internet cafe to reach tech support because cellular service in my area is horrible and my Verizon wireless card had poor reception. It started with a quick chat with tech support who told me that my service would not start until later that day. The only good thing was that when I returned to my office, the internet worked! Well sort of. My "high speed" was only 1/2 of what I was promised, but I was OK with that. it was much faster than I had, kind of.

So now, I am ready to get on the phone to generate new business and maintain accounts. THEN, the unthinkable phone, which I have been using without any issues is not allowing me to dial out. THEN, the phone rang. It was a customer and it seemed that all would be better EXCEPT the call dropped at about 60 seconds. So I called someone in another office, and the phone worked!!! kind let me talk for 30 seconds, then we could not hear each other.

The great thing with companies like Verizon is that some of them have "live chat" for "tech support". The bad thing is that these people really are not technically savvy and are only referring to charts. THEN when they need to refer you to a "senior technical advisor" it's really just another person who will introduce themselves and transfer you to someone in the department that you need......well sort of. They definitely will transfer you, and about 10-15 minutes later, someone will answer, introduce themselves and ask you to tell them why you are calling......THEN they will tell you that they are not in the department that you need.

As the day ends, I've had 25-30 chats/phone calls and emails with tech support from Verizon and the company that provides the modem. It has been almost 1 week and there is no resolution, no email or correspondence with a "real tech support" person.

My recommendation is to resist the temptation for "high speed internet" even if you will pay less, BECAUSE you will pay more in time, frustration and if you work from a home office you will probabaly lose business.

Hold on, there is a call coming in. I hope that it last more than 30 seconds! I need a sale.

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trmn8r on 2011-06-08:
I don't see how I could pay much less for VZ DSL. I pay $14.95/mo.
Simo on 2013-03-02:
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Double Over Billed/The Didn't Cancel All my Services when they said they would w/o Early Termination Fees
Posted by on
ALBUQUERQUE,, NEW MEXICO -- I hade been a Verizon Wireless customer for 10yr and then I moved to a house where Verizon couldn't provide services to me. I called them and they said they would have to do an area research and send a tech out before they could allow an "free early termination". So I said, OK, how long will that take? They told me up to 7 days. So I asked, and what about all this time that I've been without service and the remaining I being charged for that or will I get a credit? She said, they would give me a credit for the time they aren't/weren't able to provide service. So the Field TECH calls me and tells me that it has already been proven that the towers out her where I live intercept each other and they can't provide service and didn't have any idea if or when it would be fixed, and that I am being granted/allowed to terminate my services without being charged ANY Early Termination Fees. So I had to call them back and have them turn off my phones...4 of them. I went over and over my account with the customer service representative that was assisting me. I made it clear that I wanted ALL of my phones turned off! I talked to her extensiveley about what credits should be applied and what shouldn't be charged. She repeated everything back and then still left one of my phones lines turned on while telling me everything was shut off and credited. She also told me that she didn't have access to part of the upcoming bill and I would have to call back and see that everything was credited. I called back a few days later to make sure it was all done correctly and it wasn't. She also told me she wasn't authorized to make those changes, so I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone who is authorized to make the changes and completely understand about all the credits I should be getting. (my bill was up to date when I started this mess..pd in full...and now all of a sudden I owe 500 for a past bill, early termination fees, late fees, and the line they didn't shut off! Now I'm really angry...they didn't close out my account, they double billed me, they charged me for stuff I wasn't supposed to be charged for...they wouldn't have a manager call me back, they sent my bill to a collections agency, I pd 250. that I shouldn't have and then they put my bill back up to over 500.00 when they should've owed me a refund! Now I want to know how I can counter sue them, get my money back and have that bill erased and off of my credit and out of the collection agency. Verizon customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. This is a short version of all the conversations I've had with them. I also asked them to send me the notes and recordings of all the conversations I've had with them and they acted like they didn't understand what I was talking about and said that would take 6 months. I asked them to send me copies of all my bills for the last 9 months and they said it would cost me an ungodly amount for copies of my bills to be sent to me! If anyone has any suggestions on how to handle this situation it would be greatly appreciated.
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User Replies:

BEJ on 2011-05-16:
You can print off copies of past bills online. You would have to set up an online account but that does not require payment information.

Did your take notes of your conversation with the representatives and get their names? That can help sometimes. Also escalate your complaint up the chain of command and see if that helps.
fuggitit on 2011-05-17:
I have found the best way to get their attention is to file complaints with the FCC and your state's Attorney General. You can do this online. You can get the addresses from GOOGLE search. You also will probably get reimbursed for your loses.
carol on 2011-05-19:
call the news station karen hogan always gets involved and the company usually has to pay when they are wrong!!!!
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Worst Customer Experience I Have Ever Had
Posted by on
Since I got my Verizon Wireless service with 2 phones on a family plan, within the first 2 months I went thorugh 5 phones with defects rendering them inoperable.

One of the phones was replaced and the phone it was replaced with was inoperable immediately out of the box. It required immediate replacement again.

Another phone required replacement immediately after purchase.

Automatic payments were made unavailable to me due to "insufficient funds in my account." I checked my account balances the day before, the day of, and the day after the supposed attempt to receive payment by Verizon. Each day there was over $1,000.00 in the account. The monthly bill has always been under $200.00

As such, I am required to do mail in payments, payments via internet or payments via call in.

I never get my statements in time to pay by mail without being late.

Online payments have never worked from the over 6 computers I have tried it from with the 4 cards I have attempted to use, all with positive balances and fully functional.

Paying by phone I spend over an hour a month on average fighting with the horrible automated robot voice just to pay my bill.

Attempting to make a payment via text by dialing #PMT as instructed by an automatic text received from Verizon only results in receiving the same text advising me to make a payment by dialing #PMT.

My required data package for my Blackberry does not work. I cannot set up any of my many email addresses to my phone. I also cannot access any of the navigational app features that used to work fine. Internet coverage has gone from irregularly bad to spotty to flat never working.

Troubleshooting processes achieve no result; nothing works after any measure of troubleshooting. Replacing the phone has not worked. Replacement phones are just as nonfunctional.

In the past 6 months of service I have tallied over 15 hours of work on my part just to get one phone that I currently pay over $90 a month for to do what I am paying for it to do.

Staff is rude and places me on hold for well over 15 minutes.

Upon attempting to achieve a result where I do not have to pay for the data package that I cannot use, I was told data packages are mandatory for Blackberry devices. I was also told I needed to go through their troubleshooting process (spend my time working to get my phone to do what I am paying for it to do). I replied that I had done this on numerous occasions to which I was told I had not done it recently enough. I said I had done it plenty and that doing the same thing that didn't work before would not work again. I was informed that there were no notes that I had ever done any troubleshooting (somebody on their end didn't note that I had attempted troubleshooting, so my word that I had meant nothing and this meant I had to do it again). SO which is it? I haven't troubleshot my phone recently enough, or there are no notes indicating that I have ever troubleshot my phone? Ahhhh, kind of got caught up in your own lie there, didn't you Verizon customer "service" supervisor.

My options to date are according the Verizon as follows:

Continue to pay an extra $30 a month for a data package that has never been fully functional, and continue to spend my valuable time to troubleshoot it with people who are only going to tell me to do what I have already done some dozen or more times. The phone will simply never work as advertised.


I can pay a TWO HUNDRED dollar early termination of contract fee to get out of my 2 year agreement with Verizon. Sure, I can see if I simply wish to terminate my contract for no other reason than I just feel like it, I'm obligated to its terms. But I am not receiving the service for which I agreed to the contract. Verizon is not holding up their end of the agreement. Hmmm.


Unknown to Verizon, option #3

I cancel my checking and credit cards that they have on file so that they may never directly debit any of my accounts for what I "owe" them, say nothing to them, continue to use the service and run up an insanely high bill and never pay it, and destroy their worthless phone.
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User Replies:

Alain on 2011-02-28:
You've experienced what Verizon considers customer service. Perhaps settle up with them as quickly as possible (so they can't put you in collections) and find a new provider. Also, you might want to make a complaint via and
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Lets all get Verizon Fios Shut Down for good
Posted by on
In June of 2010 we had Verizon Fios cable and internet installed, and from the beginning it was a nightmare. We had just moved into our apartment here in California and wanted to have friends over for a UFC fight. I had ordered the fight a week prior over the phone and our friends traveled 45 minutes away to watch the fight. After they arrived I turned to the fight channel only to find that they never ordered for me. For some reason I couldn't order from my TV. After hours of debate we finally received a refund. A few days after we ordered an ON Demand movie that wouldn't even play. It was like I put a DVD in the DVD player that my dog had chewed on for hours. I called and like everyone else on here had to wait for several hours (LITERALLY) to get anyone on the phone. I would get hung up on, call back, get hung up on, call back then get someone only to get transferred to the wrong department, then transferred back to the same department that transferred me in the first place. Finally I was able to talk to the right person and was told that it was my internet router and that a new one was in the mail. The new router came and it did not even fix the problem. I called and again and, again waited on hold for several minutes. When I finally got through I asked the customer service representative to schedule an appointment for a technician to come out and fix our problem. I even called the tech that originally came out to install the cable at the number from the business card he provided me 6 times leaving 6 messages. Needless to say they never showed or called me back. I reported Verizon to the Better Business Bureau and received a phone call from the Verizon escalations department but was unable to answer. They left a call back number and I called them back only to get an answer machine. I left several messages and was never called back. My problem has yet to be resolved. Finally fed up I changed services to Time Warner (AMAZING). When I asked the Verizon representative what to do with the equipment the representative said they would send me boxes so that I could send the gear back. After a month passed and still no boxes I went to a Verizon cell phone store in my city and was told that they have a contract with the UPS Store and that I needed to go there to return the gear. On December 23, 2010 at 10:38am I returned the gear. Thinking this was the end of my nightmare I received a gut wrenching bill for $829.40 on January 7, 2011 for the unreturned equipment. I immediately called and guess got it, was put on hold, hung up on, called back, put on hold, hung up on, then called back and finally after 55 minutes was able to talk to a real person. I explained the situation and was told I had no choice but to pay the $830 because the equipment was returned after the 30 day time limit (which was never told to me). Now I'm taking them to small claims court hoping to at least get the $830 bill removed and the negative credit report off my record. I don't understand why this "so called" corporation is still in business. There has to be something we can do to save ourselves and future Verizon victims. If you have any legal advice for me or know how to bring this company to a close please help us by posting on this website. SOMEBODY HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Replies:

trmn8r on 2011-01-08:
VZ's customer service can be a challenge, to say the least. This sounds like one of those cases where everything went wrong. As a stockholder I love VZ. As a customer I am a bit less enthusiastic. I have heard very positive things about Fios, so I was surprised you had trouble. I don't think it will be shutting down soon.
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Verizon's Legendary Terrible Customer Service, Firsthand
Posted by on
NEW YORK, NY -- The following correspondence says it best:

Initial Letter to Verizon.................................
Primary Subject: Billing
Secondary Subject: Payment and Balance Questions

Message Body:
I am furious. I was using my phone to make a payment. It was a new phone and I must have hit the wrong button. I thought I was entering a payment of $xxx. Instead I paid the full balance - which is not due for 15 days. I CANNOT afford to pay that extra $xxx right now. I spoke with a VZ representative that same day, he completed a form and told me it would take 72 hours to process.

I called to check the status today and was told by a representative (she was a moron, in case you care) it can take up to 10 days to process the request. Are you kidding? I have since spoken with a very nice supervisor (the ONLY person out of 3 who seemed to have a clue...he provided excellent customer service,) - and he has said 24-48 hours is the norm.

I am writing to be sure you understand my frustration. Please expedite this request for a refund. I will never make a payment from my phone again. I manage social media for a living and I am controlling the desire to rip VZ on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Friendfeed, StumbleUpon and my blog. I am so mad right now. ANY other company would reverse this within 1 day. It has been 3 days already!!!!! Please deal with this within 24 hours and notify me that it has been resolved.
Angie xxxxxxxx

Verizon's response.....................................

Dear Angie xxxxxxxx,

Good evening! I have reviewed your account and I regret to say that the request submitted was completed today but our treasury department was not able to reverse this payment. My name is Arlene and I’m very sorry to hear that you did not intend to pay the balance in full, but I will be more than happy to provide additional information regarding this.

When a balance is due and the payment covers the balance in full, we are unable to credit back any over payments, unless this results in a credit balance. Since the payment of $xxx covered exactly your account balance, we are unable to reverse it.

Keep in mind that when a payment is made over our automated system, it will ask you to confirm more than once the payment amount you wish to make.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

I am sorry I wasn't able to provide you with a more favorable response in regards to your payment. We appreciate your business and thank you for using Verizon Wireless. Should you have additional questions or feel your concerns are not resolved, please reply to this e-mail.
Verizon Wireless
Customer Service

My final email to Verizon....................................
Dear Verizon Customer "un"Service,

I expected nothing less from Verizon.
Your lousy customer service is legendary - and now I am experiencing it firsthand.
Be sure to check my thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Flickr, and my blog.

Fortunately, consumers can now share your abhorrent behavior with the planet via social media.

Angie xxxxxxxx

P.S. The punctuation, incorrect use of my first and last name in the greeting and your use of words like "treasury dept" tells me one of two things:
You utilize impersonal form letter templates and/or you're not residing in this country and Verizon didn't take the time to train you properly.
Again, fabulous customer service. Unbelievable. Can't wait to post this communication on my blog.
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msnanny on 2010-12-28:
You made the "mistake" in the first place and it's hardly a mistake when you paid the amount that's due. Kick yourself maybe but Verizon did nothing wrong.
trmn8r on 2010-12-28:
I wouldn't be "ripping" VZ or calling anyone derogatory names. I would be the LAST person to defend VZ's customer service, but I don't see anything they did wrong here. It makes sense that if you have a bill due, and you make a payment for the bill, that they won't reverse the payment. They provided a service to you, you paid, and they move along to the next task at hand.
Anonymous on 2010-12-28:
Another person who tries to blame someone else for their mistake. You paid the wrong amount, not Verizon. Next time, pay closer attention
Obsfucation on 2010-12-28:
"she was a moron, in case you care" And yet, she wasn't the one who messed up the original payment.
momsey on 2010-12-28:
This is another case where it would be nice if they did you this favor, but they are not an evil conglomerate for not doing you a favor.
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Absolutely Horrific Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TOPEKA, KANSAS -- I have freaking had it with Verizon!!!!!! Friends family, if you have Verizon RUN!!!! 15 years I have been a Verizon customer. 15 freaking years!!!! In the past year I have been lied to, scammed and manipulated. Let me tell you my story. To start, My contract dates back to the altel days of unlimited data. Verizon has been trying to get me to change my plan for two freaking years because they DO NOT want ANYONE on the unlimited data plans any more because that plan is way cheaper and they can charge way more for only 2gigs, 4gigs, 8 gigs etc... So of course I don't want to change my plan and have not but they can't make me change unless I make a change to my plan. OK so most of you know I am a state of Kansas employee and I have enjoyed an employee discount of 15% for almost 4 years, we'll suddenly out of the blue I get a letter about 6 months ago that says I have to verify I still work for the state, I do so as requested and think all will be gravy. oh no, all of a sudden my discount isn't being applied and I'm calling in every month complaining and every month they are applying my discount. So they used to auto give me my discount now all the sudden because of my old plan I have to call in every month and ask for it. I was pissed but OK whatever, now this month I call to get my discount and they say well, actually because of your old plan we won't be giving you a discount anymore!!! But and here is the kicker, if I change to a different limited plan, they will be more than happy to give me back my discount. Every month the story changes, they say they will call you back, they never do. WE aren't alone in this either.
This company is Horrible and we are DONE!! Spread the word people and god help you if you shill have Verizon cause your time is coming. All they care about is money!! Much love everyone!!
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Worst Over the Phone Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I've been with Verizon since early 1990's and never had a problem until now. My husband gets a discount through work so we made him the primary account holder. We were told that nothing would change but the name on the bill.

1. We could not access the original account online because it was terminated but we were not notified of this or of the new account info.
2. I called in to get account info but was refused because I was not an authorized user for this new account.
3. My husband had to call in to get the new account number and re-register.
4. In the meantime, my phone breaks down but my insurance/ warranty does not transfer over to new account (but this was corrected and a replacement phone was sent to me)
5. We were charged a late fee for not paying our new bill on time because a new billing date was also given to us without notice.
6. I continued to check the original account online but no information can be accessed but then I received a bill for the remaining balance for the original account.

I called to get an explanation of what this balance was for and the phone representative told me it was an activation fee. When I asked for further explanation because this number has been active since the 90's, He told me he didn't know how much further to explain it and when I asked to speak to someone else he hung up on me. When I called back, the new representative explained it was a service fee for the remaining bill cycle (not my definition of activation fee).

My gripe is that we were not fully informed of what was going on with the account. If we were fully informed and told what to expect, I would not be questioning how much longer I will stay with Verizon. We had to pull teeth to get them to tell us our new account number and changes. Each call started with, "this did not transfer over with the creation of your new account" I do not plan to renew my contract with them.

Only redeeming factor at this point is that technical support did assist me with replacing my phone when it went down.
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