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No Dial Tone on phone for one week
Posted by Benny312 on 12/28/2008
NEW JERSEY -- I am not sure if I can briefly express how dissatisfied and frustrated I am with Verizon in general and specifically the "customer service" representative they hire to deal with the public. Our house phone became disabled on 12/24/08 (yes..that's xmas eve!). By xmas night I was receiving all kinds of calls from relatives all over the country worrying why they couldn't get through on our house phone! (nice to have a cell phone back-up, but then the minutes get used up fast). I called the 26th of Dec. to be told that the problem would be fixed that morning. We cancelled medical appts. to be here for the service man who never showed up. I called again to be told it was an "area prblem" and the phone would be fixed by Sat. night. I called again Saturday night and then they said Monday morning the latest. I called this morning and now it's Tuesday!!! Now, I am scheduled to go out of town today and want to take my cell phone, leaving my other family members home with NO PHONE SERVICE for days!

Did I mention that I HATE VERIZON???? We had problems with them last year. Static on the line, that took a total of FOUR APPTS. with FOUR different servicemen before the last one asked us if any of the others had actually climbed the telephone pole outside? Yep....there was the problem!!! So props to the last guy....but the first 3 were a waste of time and whatever money they get paid.

I HATE VERIZON!!!! Two months ago, we had a 90 year old family member move and it took TWO WEEKS to get her a phone hook up. Apparently Verizon service people don't like to get out of their trucks to ring a doorbell. So they called from the truck, but guess what? The new number she was assigned never rang inside her apt. because IT WAS NEVER HOOKED UP - so they left!!! Two weeks later, they finally came back.

Did I help you all understand why I HATE VERIZON???

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Bad Customer Service / Termination Fees
Posted by DRyan on 09/06/2006
WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND -- My wife and I visited a Verizon retail store in June to find out when our account was able to be cancelled. The employee told us Aug. 30, 2006. We waited to cancel.

I opened a Cingular account (same phone #) on August 30th, and when I called Verizon afterwards to cancel our FamilyShare plan, I was then informed that I would be charged an early termination fee, $175 per phone ($350). Now I am told that we weren't able to cancel until October 30th. By now, my phone number was already ported over to Cingular.

I was repeatedly told by customer service "I'm not sure why they told you that" (referring to the WRONG cancellation date). Yet, I was given no assistance in resolving this matter at all. After being told a supervisor was available to speak with me, later I was told there were none. When asked, I received no answer about when/where a supervisor could be reached.

I was fully aware of the cancellation date we received from the Verizon employee, and based on that information we waited to open a Cingular account. I'm not sure why we were told Aug. 30th either, but I find it very troubling that a company such as Verizon would ignore
such a concern from a loyal customer. I guess customer service figured I was leaving Verizon anyway, why not? What proof do I have??

So now I'm going to be stuck with a bill totalling over $350 for two phones and service that will not be used because of a Verizon miscommunication. I must say I may never buy through Verizon Wireless again, and I will most likely encourage those I know to do the same.

Are the termination fees in my case worth all that to a large corporation who values customers?
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Posted by phoneguy1055 on 2006-09-18:
Um....you left the company. You're no longer a customer in their eyes. Why would they value you anymore? As far as you beeing told the wrong date, that's a shame. So do yourself a favor and look at the expiration dates of the original copy that you were given when you signed up. You should still have it. If that contract says Aug. 30th, then you have a leg to stand on. If not, then tough cookies
Posted by WENDYBLUE on 2006-09-24:
Verizon Wireless has 2 contract end dates... The first, Oct 30th would refer to the date you can leave Verizon Wireless without the early termination fee. This is based on when your contract ends with your current calling plan.
The second contract end date, Aug 30th is the date you can get an equipment upgrade of a phone at discount which will put you into a contact with Verizon again. They allow you to get this upgrade at 22 months of the 24 months contract which always causes confusion about which is the contract end date.
Nowadays if you agree to an offer with a promotion like free extra minutes or change your price plan with less than a year left, it will extend the contract that you can leave the company without the early termination fee. So the original date you had when your originally signed up won't matter.
You might consider going back to verizon wireless and finish out your 2 months of the contract if they will let you. They will refund your early termination fee . this may be possible.
Posted by I hate Verizon on 2006-10-09:
I am having awful problems and going to cancel VZ this week (but first checking all these sites to see what I need to be aware of)...In July 2006, VZ began to pro-rate early termination fees. I rang tonight to find out details and was told it was for customers who had already lasted 50% or so with VZ and their contract (I am at the three month mark and going insane so I don't qualify)...but it sounds like you were near your end date so you shouldn't have to pay the full $175.

A little bit of regulation for all these shysters would be useful.
Posted by elee on 2007-11-02:
I had the same experience as DRyan.

With me, as I was opting out of my contract, I had asked the customer service rep at a Verizon Retail store (on 6th Ave and 42nd) whether there was anything I needed to do to avoid paying an early termination BEFORE I terminate my contract with them. I didn't know there were two different termination dats. They said no. They charged me what was supposed to be the final settlement amount - a prorated bill and sent me off.

A week later, I saw that I was charged a termination fee. I called the Verizon phone customer service to make sure that I didn't need to pay anything. Same response: No don't worry, the records probably didn't get updated yet.

Two months later, Verizon called me at work and told me that they wanted to charge me another $250 dollars for the final month and the termination. I had forgotten about the whole thing, believing what the second Verizon customer service rep had told me. I spoke with customer service agent, who agreed she thought I was right, who spoke with her boss but ultimately I was responsible for a termination charge.

It seems to me that they are systematically charging all former clients that fall prey to this "phone upgrade offer" even those that explicity ask whether there are implications for terminating early.

I can't imagine that this is an isolated incident. This seems like Verizon's revenge to departing customers because some Verizon executive decided that they could get away it.

Isn't it a role of government to police these types of practices? More relevantly, can it? I could not afford the time to fight this so I paid their extortion amount - since I expect this could affect my credit. Still, I expect hundreds of others will get hit by this. I guess this is reality of an individual consumer.

The thing gained is that I re-learned that I have to know who I'm doing business with. For my pain, I've concluded that Verizon is not an ethical business entity. Did somebody at Verizon decide this was a good idea? Did Verizon extract value from me through organized deception? I think so.

It makes me angry that the only justice that I can probably obtain is to refrain from ever giving them more of my money and campaigning within my social circles.

If Verizon decides that it isn't going to deal on fair terms and extorts financial penalities under threat of greater financial penalities (ie. credit) - does it really belong in business?

It probably won't happen, but for this Christmas, I'll be wishing for a loss of marketshare for Verizon.

On the otherhand, I always laughed at Business Ethics courses in business school. Perhaps this is karma.

Doesn't change my wish.
Posted by AnotherUnhappyVerizonCustomer on 2008-09-07:
This is still going on. Please be careful.
RE: $175 Charge for ETF for 4 Old Phones
On 6-21-08, I went to Costco & changed my phone plan from Verizon to AT&T. Six month earlier, I checked with Verizon as to when I could change. I also checked this information at Costco that day & was given the same information. The next month I was charged $700 for ETFs. Apparently, I was given phone upgrade date & not contract end date. Two of my phones ended in 9 day and the other two phones ended in 63 days. I would have waited had I been given this information. Even with Congress getting involved, Verizon believes in the "don't ask, don't tell" approach. Apparently, I asked the wrong question. This even includes the software that the Costco phone broker could view. I've offered to pay a proration, but Verizon Wireless says no. This industry needs to be regulated by standard business reporting--i.e., all end dates provided, written and spoken, need to include contract end dates with a definition of what a contract end date.

Posted by no complaint department on 2012-09-24:
They have no complaint department, I wonder why? Their associates can hang up on you and give you an attitude and there's nothing you can do. They've been around how long but still the same attitude this whole time. The supervisor are not any better. You ask to speak to one and they don't speak to you any better!!!
Posted by Mlong on 2013-06-13:
I added a phone to my plan for my wife . My first question what will this cost. We are on a buget and we need to watch what we spend . The lady told us it would be $80 at the most . She was not even close .try 125 and she just got a phone . Not smart one! Called them and said I can't afford that and got to bad you're in a contract . Thanks verizon .so I said turn it off well that we be 170 sir . As postal thoughts ran though my mind.i said do it and return my bill to the way it was.if they screw this up they will not get another red cent from me f up
My credit been there before still fumin from this. I say stick it to them cause they would and have done it to us . I've had the company for 10 years and always paid there bill and I ask for help out of a jam and get this . I'll be gone when my plan is up. Thanks for the heads up on the ETF
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A Den of Thieves
Posted by Bryan285 on 03/09/2013
SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- The following is a letter I am sending to the main office of Verizon Wireless which explains my ongoing problem with them. One thing not mentioned in this letter is their bait & switch scams they employ against unsuspecting consumers and I think it is high time for a class action suit against these despots.

Letter to Verizon;
I am contacting you to issue a complaint and a demand for damages due to business loss caused by a service interruption which began on 02/07/2013 and has not been resolved to date. I run a home based business providing federal contracting guidance, training and mentoring to Veteran, Service Disabled Veteran, Hub Zone, Minority, Native American and Women owned firms.

I contacted your customer service technical support early Thursday morning, 3/ /2013 to report a problem with our wireless Jet-Pak Hot Spot and they determined that my Jet Pak unit was defective or malfunctioning. At Verizon’s store representatives direction I traveled into Santa Rosa, California to the Verizon store where I purchased the unit. I was told that the card for the unit was defective and they replaced it. I tested it in the store before I departed and it worked, however I told the store representative that I reside in an area where Verizon promises at least 3G and a strong signal and I have had neither. Upon returning home the unit still would not operate properly. It would find a signal and on and off but when I could get online the speed was so slow I could not read e-mail, perform my business required internet searches or other internet related business needs.

The next day I returned to the store again at the direction of Verizon’s store representative who said he would provide a new unit. When I arrived I was now told that Verizon was working on towers in my area and that there would be intermittent service for 1 week and “intermittent service” turned out to be almost zero service which has caused damages to my business. My promised Verizon service has not been sufficient to perform my required daily work and as a result I have lost many hours of productivity and most likely customers that I cannot replace.

I pay Verizon a large monthly fee for this service and I have a right to expect it to function as promised. I was also never called, e-mailed, or contacted in any manner about service interruptions. Had you contacted me I would have been able to possibly make arrangements to mitigate the extensive damage and hardship this has placed on my small business but unfortunately you did not make any attempt to do so. I have attached a list of damages/losses which I trust can be settled without litigation. If not, I am fully prepared to do so as I have clients that will represent my business pro bono.

For a period of (5 ) days I was unable to perform my required daily research, communication, and business development activities. I average $7,000.00 per month in my business working 20 days. The 5 days I was not able to operate has cost my business $1,750.00, please see the attached invoice. If payment has not been made to my firm within thirty business days, or you do not respond within 30 days I will file suit, and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
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Posted by leet60 on 2013-03-09:
I am not a proponent of Verizon or any wireless carrier. I can attest to the fact that any coverage representation made is dependent on many factors including terrain, interference from man made structures including your home or office. Almost every wireless carrier considers coverage "adequate" if you receive any signal at all in the area and has caveats in their agreement regarding interference by terrain or structures.

Additionally, I question the wisdom of operating your business solely with a wireless connection, unless there is no alternative for wired service.

While the FCC will take your complaint, and may investigate, they are not likely to involve themselves in the matter of your purported financial loss.
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Poor Customer Service on Defective Phones
Posted by Sdraper9 on 12/04/2012
ST. PERTERSBURG, FLORIDA -- I was given this phone last year for being a valued customer for over 20 years. I started having problems with the phone prior to expiration of warranty. Called Verizon and spoke to Joshua and he advised me to call a specific number, tell them he told me to call and explain to them that the phone is barely out of warranty, and the problems I am having. These are the keyboard would double the letters, the keys would stick, took several times to try and dial a number and had many dropped calls. My clients, due to this being my business phone, would have to call my home because they weren't able to reach me on the cell phone. Verizon checked the phone, told me it was the phone. Called Tech Support @ Verizon. They advised a replacement phone of the same kind and brand would be sent out overnight delivery for the next day. With as many times as I have called, Zach said he would give me a 20.00 credit for inconvenience.

I received the replacement phone the next day. Verizon programed the phone and it had more problems than the other one. When I tried to dial a number, it hung up, when someone would call, it hung up. After three days of trying to get the phone to work, I called Verizon again. They advised they would send me a different type of phone, the LG Cosmos II which would be ready to be programed, and It would be sent out overnight delivery. The phone came in without the back of the phone, a battery or charger. I recontacted Verizon explained the situation. They sent the battery and charger, but no back to the phone so I couldn't even get that one connected. It's been 3 weeks and many phone calls to Verizon. The back of the phone was suppose to be here Saturday. it didn't come. Recontacted Verizon again, they advised it would be here Monday, now it is Monday and not here yet. I continued to tell them this is a business phone and I need it. Excuses continued to come, advising this time the back of the phone will arrive before 3:00 on Tuesday 12/4/12. I am waiting to see. When they send replacement phones, they are re-furbished. I told the representative tonight I wanted a new phone. She said she can't help me there. By now, I am very aggravated. I do believe Verizon should give me a free, non-re-furbished phone of my choice. They need to do something for a customer that has been a valued one for that many years.

So everyone, be ware of the refurbished phones. Asurion, is their current cell phone insurance company and they send out re-furbished phones for Verizon
There is a cell phone insurance company out there that will send you a new phone when you purchase their insurance and file a claim. Verizon Tech Support tells me there is no such thing. I reminded her that it was a local representative and Technician at the Verizon Store in Pinellas Park is the one that provided the information to me.

Three weeks now, and still no decent phone. The service used to be good, that is why I stayed with them so long, now it has changed drastically. With as much as we have to pay for service, and always a contract with Verizon, they should be more accommodating to their customers needs.

Angry Customer

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Posted by leet60 on 2012-12-04:
It is standard practice for mobile carriers to replace defective phones with refurbished models. It is not uncommon for the phones to be sent without the back or battery, and the representatives are responsible for ensuring that they inquire if one is needed - customers with an existing phone model are typically told to keep the back and battery to use on the replacement. I did gather from your post this happened with a different model and sounds as if the customer service representative did not specify what was needed in the order.

I would suggest, that as a primary business phone, you have a landline. Mobile service, and situations such as this are not reliable enough to use as a primary contact for your business.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-04:
Ultimately I don't think I can see taking the position of replacing the phone with a NEW phone, as it sounds like replacing the phone from the beginning was actually a compromise. It wasn't something they had to do as the phone was just 'out of warranty.'

With that said, however, it would seem to me they should have sent out a replacement that was complete and you shouldn't need to attempt to piecemeal a phone together.
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Return Policy, Unreasonable
Posted by Audetjd34 on 12/28/2011
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Recently I had to go to a local Verizon Wireless store to get fast replacement of my phone which suddenly failed completely.

While at the store I was strongly urged to try some accessories. I took the ones I honestly thought I would need or really find to be critically useful.

Once home, for various reasons, I unfortunately found that the accessories were not appropriate and I could not use them. The accessories items had not taken out of their packaging.

Now being a traveling worker, my time is very limited to follow-up on anything and take time to return to the store.

Once I finally made it back to the store, it was after 14 days later. The wording of the return policy was not clear and I honestly thought it only applied to the phone devices, which are expensive electronic devices that once used should indeed be treated with a strict return policy.

However the accessories I had purchased were still in their original packaging, untouched. The store refused any return nor did they even allow store credit.

This is very unusual, since not only is the time frame for the return policy very short and applicable to unopened and non electronic items, but almost every other retailer allows at least store credit for late returned items.

With this kind of non-sense, I believe I will never or at least avoid at all costs from purchasing any items from a Verizon store, especially when there are many alternatives available both at stores and online.
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Posted by ChuhBaca on 2011-12-28:
Sounds like the Verizon store has a very unfriendly policy. The worst part is, the carrier stores sell these branded accessories at a premium! You can find the same type of accessories drastically cheaper at department stores, online, or eBay.
Posted by NorthWoodsBilly on 2012-01-25:
I'd also add that the quality of accessories found at Verizon stores is not topnotch. I bought a $45 car charger for my Samsung phone, it failed in less than a year. While on the road, stopped at another V-store and bought a replacement, which was completely different from the original charger. I asked about the difference, and was told that they stock whatever is available at the time. So, if they happen to have a large stock of defective parts on hand, that's what you get until the stock runs out. Of course, there's no 1-year warranty on these items.

Also had a hands-free set fail after a few months. Verizon store manager all but laughed in my face when I suggested a free replacement. Top dollar for cheap Chinese goods - that's what you get at a V-store.

BTW, found a custom leather case for my phone on eBay, much better quality than what Verizon offers. 10 bucks less, including shipping. Go elsewhere for accessories.
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Corporate store or not?
Posted by Bogie134 on 01/06/2011
ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- A little over a year ago, I purchased a smart phone (HTC Droid Eris). Turns out not as smart as other phones. LOL. I have two complaints.

1. I purchased the phone new from Verizon. Shortly after buying the phone I found that the phone did not function well. Getting to the Internet was unreal. It takes a very long time for pages to load. I usually get tired of waiting and end up using my lap top. I also had a problem with calls. Pulling up previously dialed calls or missed calls and using this to return calls takes so long I end up hitting the call button twice so I call the same person twice. When checking voice mail, the phone goes black and normally when you move the phone the key pad SHOULD pop back up so that you can make number choices for those automated phones. Well, my phone stayed black-the only way to get the screen to turn back on was to hit the red phone, which I am sure you know disconnects the call and you get to start all over. I called CS and told them of all the problems I was having and they said they were going to send me a "new phone". A few days later I got a box with part of a phone in it. It was not new - it was refurbished. I called CS and the person apologized that the first agent was supposed to tell me that it would be a refurbished phone. They also told me that there was nothing they could do because the phone was discontinued! I can understand why but when you purchase a phone and get a 2 year contract you would think the phone would work for the length of the contract. I contacted CS several times and a girl finally told me that if I turn the volume up or down on the side of the phone that the phone will light back up so I can use the key pad. Well, at least that helped a little. It is still a hassel. I feel as if I've been screwed! I purchased a new phone, ended up with a frustrating, poor functioning USED phone.

My second complaint. At the time of purchase I was told that I had to carry the data plan for at least one year even though my contract was for 2 years. Well, since the Internet is so sluggish I decided to cancel the Internet and just have the phone and text messaging on the phone. Well, CS told me that since I have a smart phone that the data package is required in order to keep the phone on my plan. I could have the data plan lowered from unlimited mb usage at $30 per month to 150mb at a rate of $15.00 per month. He said that I had already used 500mb and I advised him that it was probably from me putting the phone down when I would get frustrated for having to wait so long for pages to load. The CS representative I spoke to was apologetic and told me that the store I purchased my phone from was not a "corporate" store and that they had misinformed me regarding the data package requirement. He said that the way I would know that the store was not corporate is that under the Verizon logo there should be the real name of the company.

Summation: When you are considering entering into a contract with any cellular company...Make sure you are in a "Corporate" store. If they tell you that there is a warranty and replacement on the phone - make them show it to you "IN THE CONTRACT" not a brochure. If they tell you - you can change your plan make them show you where it is stated "IN THE CONTRACT". I spoke to a lawyer and was told that the cell company contracts are virtually iron clad. If you sign on the bottom line, you are stuck with what ever is written "IN THE CONTRACT".

Oh and the CS representative yesterday informed me that I was eligable for a phone upgrade. I thought that maybe this was because of the problems with the phone. Then, I asked if I got an upgraded phone would I have to extend my contract another 2 years. Well of course it was YES. I can't image why I would want to continue this punishment and dealings with Verizon CS...Needless to say, I did not take him up on the upgrade and I will not be renewing my contract with Verizon. I am tired of being on the Sh_t end of the stick so I WILL READ THE NEXT CONTRACT BEFORE SIGNING IT!!!
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Posted by saj80 on 2011-01-06:
I feel your pain. Cell phones very rarely last the entire time of the contracts any more, which is extremely frustrating. My biggest complaint with Verizon is their sales and marketing. When my daughter needed a new phone, and reached her upgrade eligibility date, I took her to a Verizon retail store. We were told that the only phones the stores now stock (which was verified by two other Verizon stores) were smart phones, but they required an additional monthly charge. I reluctantly agreed to let my daughter get one, and it only last six months (the insurance they offer is a joke and a huge ripoff). I then found out that by merely purchasing a Verizon-authorized phone on ebay ($40), I was allowed to decrease my monthly payment since it is now a "regular" cell phone (Motorola RAZR). I feel that the salespersonnel at Verizon are somewhat misleading, and the company itself is not 100% truthful as to what can be done on their plans. Unfortunately, I am stuck in Verizon cell phone hell due to different contract ending dates.
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Verizon Wireless Broadband - No Service
Posted by on 04/03/2007
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I had a Verizon Wireless Broadband card for my laptop computer, and it worked okay when I first got it. (Well, long enough to lock me into the 2 year contract anyway). After paying on this for over a year, (and it seldom worked very well), I gave them 3 chances to "fix" the problem... all along while I was still paying for something I couldn't use. (It would dump me every minute or two, and I was losing valuable work that I was doing on line). After all... THEY NEVER STOP WORKING FOR YOU. What a line of bull. The only thing they work for is emptying your wallet with crappy service. I figured, after 3 strikes of trying to fix this problem... they were out. (They wouldn't even return my phone calls after the 3rd repair attempt). So, I cancelled... and yes, the thieves nailed me for the $175.00 early termination fee, which I had to pay. DON'T USE 'EM. YOU'LL BE SO SORRY THAT YOU DID. THEY LIE AND LIE TO YOU, AND THE LIES NEVER END. And they're not even willing to work with you because their service sucks. (I tried to get a reduced rate on the early termination fee... and of course, the greedy pigs wouldn't hear of it). I'd like to see government step in and put an end to these contracts... but like that's gonna happen. I'm sure the cell phone industry pays the government big bucks to stay out of it.
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Posted by voiceoff on 2007-04-04:
When a customer terminates for a valid reason (such as no service) it does seem unreasonable to charge them for doing so. Is the other choice paying for the non service?
What does the FCC say about that situation? Good to know.
Posted by JD82 on 2007-05-17:
Same situation. I bought the card and it worked well for the first month. Tech support told me my computer slowed down the connection so i bought a new one. Everyone I talked to gave different info and passed the buck to the next department. Now 17 months into my contract my speed is less than 200kbps. Verizon said if I bought a new card for 180.00$ I would get upload speeds up to 800kbps and data speeds over 1.5m. Thats waht they claimed with the first card. If I can't get the original service, why would I want to spend more money with this company. By not giving me service they have broken the contract but I would have to pay an early term. fee to get out. To get the service I have to pay more, to get out I have to pay more, to stay where i'm at without service I have to continue paying. How can a business operate like this and still be around. They use the credit reporting to hold consumers hostage. I guess if i provided the fed. with a few million in tax base I could operate however I wanted too. I suggest that you do not go to verizon for anything. I have gotten excellent service from cingular and t mobile and both companies now offer wireless broadband service. DO NOT GET IN BED WITH VERIZON.
Posted by dlogsdon on 2009-02-23:
Exact same issue with me. As soon as my 30 days were up my service sucked and could not get out of the termination fee.

I now hate Verizon for stealing my money when they provided a poor product and service.
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Absolutely Horrific Customer Service
Posted by Hhbeck5479 on 03/15/2014
TOPEKA, KANSAS -- I have freaking had it with Verizon!!!!!! Friends family, if you have Verizon RUN!!!! 15 years I have been a Verizon customer. 15 freaking years!!!! In the past year I have been lied to, scammed and manipulated. Let me tell you my story. To start, My contract dates back to the altel days of unlimited data. Verizon has been trying to get me to change my plan for two freaking years because they DO NOT want ANYONE on the unlimited data plans any more because that plan is way cheaper and they can charge way more for only 2gigs, 4gigs, 8 gigs etc... So of course I don't want to change my plan and have not but they can't make me change unless I make a change to my plan. Ok so most of you know I am a state of Kansas employee and I have enjoyed an employee discount of 15% for almost 4 years, we'll suddenly out of the blue I get a letter about 6 months ago that says I have to verify I still work for the state, I do so as requested and think all will be gravy. oh no, all of a sudden my discount isn't being applied and I'm calling in every month complaining and every month they are applying my discount. So they use to auto give me my discount now all the sudden because of my old plan I have to call in every month and ask for it. I was pissed but ok whatever, now this month I call to get my discount and they say well, actually because of your old plan we won't be giving you a discount anymore!!! But and here is the kicker, if I change to a different limited plan, they will be more than happy to give me back my discount. Every month the story changes, they say they will call you back, they never do. WE aren't alone in this either.
This company is Horrible and we are DONE!! Spread the word people and god help you if you shill have Verizon cause your time is coming. All they care about is money!! Much love everyone!!

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Worse Customer Service ever Verizon Wireless
Posted by Rob.express.ent on 03/04/2014
MONETT, MISSOURI -- Called Monett Verizon Wireless because I had been on hold with Verizon for 2 hours. Talked to a sales representative in the store. I have to say in 40 years of doing business the gentleman was rude disrespectful and gave me in accurate information. Jonathan told me my order had been canceled not true. I ask to speak to a manager he said he was the manager not true. Jonathan told me the was nothing he could do for me not true. I told him I had been a loyal $200 plus a month customer for 10 years. He basically told me he could careless if I was a customer or not.

Called back spoke with Travis (store manager) same cocky attitude as Jonathan. Now I know where the training comes from. Ask to speak to the district manager. Travis explained that I just want to get Jonathan in trouble. Very non professional. I explained the following my business has and I could share with my captive audience via social media. Travis explain to me I was making threats because I did not get my way. Very strange as we placed a order for new phones and the order was not showing as received. What would I want other then the merchandise I purchased. In addition, the last two purchases I paid full price for both of my phones $600.00 each. I told Travis the call was being recorded then the back peddling began. How does Verizon stay in business treating their customers this way? I still have no district managers name. I think of people who deal with there unprofessional and don't voice it. Let this story be heard.
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Rude Employees
Posted by A.fouts on 01/12/2014
HEATH, OHIO -- I was at the Heath, Ohio Verizon store and have never in my life had worse service. I've usually had good luck with Verizon but the employees were so rude and not helpful in any way. I had just purchased a new iPhone 5s and one of the expensive Zagg screen protector and two days later realized I did not receive the back protector so I took it back in asking for a back they ripped my front screen protector off handed me a new package and that was it. I asked if anyone could put it on for me and they told me "absolutely not no one was qualified to do that" and that they had already gone above and beyond for returning it. When it was their fault in the first place also it was a total lie about no one being qualified to put it on they just did not want to deal with it. Complete disrespect and worst experience ever. Very disappointed.
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