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Deceptive Practices - Verizon "No Hassle" 14-Day Return Policy
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Verizon should be ashamed! Didn't need a smart phone. Purchased a basic Samsung Brightside phone from Costco for $59.00 ($99.00 at Verizon) and the $35.00 activation fee. Unfortunately, the phone was a piece of garbage (if you hit the number 2, the number 7 would appear on the screen, sales ads on the phone would begin randomly, etc). Had it for 6 days and decided to return it to Costco.

No problems with the return to Costco and no problems with the refund. However, I decided to get a smartphone and wanted an iPhone so I went to the Verizon dealer (Costco doesn't sell the iPhone). Went to Verizon intending to only pay an additional $40.00 plus tax for the iPhone pursuant to Verizon's "No Hassle" 14-Day Return Policy right? No way.

Verizon, with their "No Hassle" 14 Day Return Policy told me that I would have to pay the $35.00 activation fee for a second time as well as a $$30.00 upgrade fee because I returned the first phone and wanted a new phone, and a $30.00 re-stocking fee for the returned phone. You have got to be kidding! Pay an additional $95.00 for a defective phone returned 6 days after the purchase?

After much haggling and threatening, I finally got the upgrade fee waived and I convinced them that the phone line was still active so a second activation fee was a joke. I had to pay the re-stocking fee upfront and the Verizon representative agreed to reimburse it on my bill. (According to Verizon, there is no way to override this fee and Costco doesn't charge a re-stocking fee.) The Verizon "No Hassle" 14-Day Return Policy is a huge hassle. Purchase your phone from Costco if possible and threaten to cancel your contract if they don't waive these outrageous fees!

Signed Contract Under False Information
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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- Not feeling good about Verizon Wireless right now. I was out of contract and decided to look into new plans and new phones. I asked one of their dealers about Pay As You Go to save some money. He told me they didn't offer Pay As You Go there so I was going to go somewhere else. However, he told me that the Pay As You Go plan would charge me $1 a day per phone and that I would be better off staying with my current plan. So, I signed a new contract. I found out a month later what he told me was false and that Pay As You Go only charged the $1 on days I actually used the phone. So, I called Verizon and got the runaround.

So, after about a month went by, I got mad and filed a BBB report on them. I got a call today from them and this person said I am in a valid contract and they will not release me from it so I can go to Pay As You Go, even though I contend the contract is not valid because I signed under false pretenses. They say they have no proof he told me this. I said they could call him and they said yes, the salesman could call them but they had a valid contract signed by me. I just had to get this off my chest. All they care about is their money, not the customer.

Problem With Texting Bill.
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MUSKEGON, MICHIGAN -- My Verizon Bill for the month of August came and it was $480.20! After several conversations with Verizon employees (all of whom aren't "authorized" to do much) I am still not able to get my point across. I signed up for unlimited talk and text on both of my phones because I have my 13 year old grandson on one phone. I explained when this phone became his (formally his moms now deceased) that I didn't want any problems with large bills because he IS 13 and I don't want to worry about his usage.

Well as it turns out the unlimited doesn't mean what it says, it means Verizon to Verizon. WHY on the bill are there 2 listing for messaging one is Unlimited M2M text and the other is Text, Picture & Video -- we do have a data block. As it turns out my grandson exceeded the limit by quite a bit (according to them). Verizon is also saying why am I complaining now when this has been the way the account has been for a long time. Obviously I wouldn't be calling them for the 1st time if there wasn't a problem!

I have explained to 3 different operators that the phone was my daughters when she passed away my grandson took it over so there wouldn't have been a problem for the first months of the plan. The other issue is if Verizon would have given me the plan I asked for in the first place there wouldn't be a problem now. They even went so far as to contact the store to see if they could verify what I was telling them--no one that was employed there when I signed up for the plan is at that store. So Verizon says it is not a Verizon problem.

I had my plan changed with the first person I talked with so there will be no more problems and was supposed to receive some type of adjustment on my next bill didn't happen. I also explained I would be paying the corrected amount over time because coming up with that amount of money at one time is difficult. One of the phones was shut off for late payment -- fees were charged to turn it back on PLUS late fees.

WE WILL BE LOOKING AT OTHER CARRIERS or pay as you go phones that offer unlimited to everyone not just in a system. This appears that I may be able to save $40 to $50 a month for the same service. Why should I or anyone else pay a company for service when they are not providing what you have requested. Big company or not it is my money and I expect honesty and good customer service.

Taken to the bank by Verizon
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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I took my daughter to upgrade an old phone we let her use for the past year. She had been saving for 5 months to get a new phone. When we arrived we found the phone she had been saving for and found out that she did not have enough money because Verizon now charges a $30 upgrade fee for the pleasure of extending a contract for 2 years. I have only been a customer for over 10 years and pay a bill every month to Verizon in excess of $200. We took the $30 Verizon we appreciate your business charge and purchased the phone. Then the real surprise happened.

We left and went to Costco and just by chance we walked past their mobile phone sales and viewed the same exact phone for $49 with the same upgrade for 2 years same program, not more than 5 minutes before we had been at a Verizon company store and paid $150 with a $50 mail in rebate. I returned to the Verizon store to ask if they honored prices from other stores selling their same products and the service person told me I could return for $35 re-stock fee but there is nothing she can do. Then she told me that Costco will not activate the phone or place the battery in the phone like they did. I told her for $100 charge I could figure out how to activate a phone.

Unless Verizon makes this right I will never buy another phone from Verizon and will look to move my accounts to another carrier. I did not know I needed to scour all of the Verizon competition to make sure I was getting the best deal. I would expect that a company I have been sending a check to for over 10 years would have my best interest at heart but they do not. Congratulations Verizon I have shared always shared how I love Verizon and the service provided. No longer will those words come out of my mouth.

Their mistake = My problem
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CASPER, WYOMING -- After being a loyal customer in good standing with Verizon wireless for over 10 years, I had to leave the United States to work in Costa Rica and Mexico. So, on December 29th I went into my local Verizon wireless store to cancel my service. After discussing and working with the Verizon representative for over 20 minutes on cancelling my account, all that we came down to was the early termination fee (ETF).

She said that in certain cases, when a person is leaving the United States for job-related issues, Verizon will waive the ETF, and that I should call customer service when I left the store to see if they would. I thanked her for the advice, not looking forward to paying the $160 they wanted for leaving 5 months early.

Upon leaving the store, I called customer service, and was pretty quickly (and fairly rudely) told that under no circumstances would my ETF be waived. I was pretty upset (especially when I did the math on how much I had paid Verizon as a customer over the past 10 years!), but I accepted it for what it was.

Fast forward to March, when I started receiving emails from Verizon about my account. They wanted to know why I hadn't paid my bill for January and February?! It turns out that my account had never been cancelled when I was at the store on December 29th, and even though not a single call or text had been sent from my account, they still wanted my monthly fee! I spent hours on the phone trying to work it all out, to finally be told in the end that I was responsible for January and February, but they would end my account now, and there would be nothing else needed between us. So, I'm now over $300 for Jan and Feb, but I was done with Verizon.

Until today... when I found that I had still MORE charges on my Verizon account! They want another $290 on my closed account! After haggling with them for another hour, they agreed to 'do me a favor' and drop $130 off my bill (letting me know that they were REALLY going above and beyond in customer service), and that I only owed them a final $160 to close out my account.

However, I'm going to do everything that I possibly can to never give Verizon another DIME of my money. They have had enough! (For the record, Verizon admits that they have records of me talking about cancelling my service on the 29th, both in person and with customer service and in person, but they say that it must be my fault that the service wasn't cancelled, that I changed my mind, but that was never entered into the records somehow!)

Verizon Changing My Service Through Best Buy Without Me Knowing It...
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Here is my story... I went into Best Buy because they gave me 50.00 off a 4s. At the time I had and have an unlimited plan on all of my phones. The Best Buy representative killed my unlimited plan on that phone without my knowledge. Even after I asked him to make sure my plan does not change. My plan is designed to roll over to the new phones (which it has so many times in the past)...

This did not happen. I got my 1st bill which was higher than normal, but I did not think anything of it because the first bill is normally higher when I switch in the middle of the billing cycle. When my next bill came in, it was still $25.00 higher. I called Verizon after much debate they said "No problem, I will send it to our loyalty department and have them switch it back." They declined that request saying it was after the 15 day window (really?). Well guess what, how would I have known it was 15 days?

Do they really think I wanted to change my plan to the more expensive plan. Also the original guy told me he would call me back... He didn't. I call back and speak with a supervisor, same story, only she said normally they just automatically decline these and promised that she would call them personally and call me back. Well they declined it again and guess what, she never called me back. I called back again today and he said "I will dispute it again and put more information in there and tell them to please help me as I have been with them since '08" -- he should have added that BEST BUY SCREWED THIS UP, NOT ME.

I am sure the response will be the same. Going on 5 years with Verizon... 4 phones... And this is the treatment I get. I was told when I left T-Mobile years ago that their service is way better than Verizon. Until now I have not found this to be the case. Verizon has always been accommodating. This is just ridiculous how they are doing this to me. It may take me 2 years to transfer my service to another carrier, but that is what I will do. All for $25.00 a month Verizon... I guess it is worth it to them to lose me.

I am thinking as Verizon gets bigger more of these "policy" decision will be made with no customer focus. I love Verizon and it kills me to write this... They need to seriously reconsider their Vendors in the future (not to mention their policy) and put the human touch back into their service. Anyone reading this will automatically know that this is NOT the right thing for the customer. I would love to be the first person to respond back on this site about how Verizon did the right thing... It is an easy fix and would restore my faith in them as a company once again.

Defective devices and lies
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WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND -- Went under contract 3/26/12. I also have another account with them and have been a customer since 2000. Purchase a Stratosphere cell phone. Had to bring it back after 14 days. It was defected. Ernest the store manager stated it was a lemon and said he could give me another one new same phone but if I wanted to go to a different phone I would have to pay a 35.00 re stock fee.

I disputed this in the store w/ him because it was defected and asked why I should pay for a defect phone... He refused to waive the fee so I got another Stratosphere and 5 days later after being unable to talk on the phone I call tech support. They called the store. Said they could hear it and asked Ernest to waive the fee for me to get another phone. He said no!!! So tech support said they would waive it. Well initially on the 26th of March 2012 Ernest himself called billing and asked what they could do for me with the other fee of 35.00 for activation seeing I have been a customer for 12 years.

My husband was with me and Ernest got off the phone and said to me and my husband that they will waive the 35.00 activation fee. Never happened. They are trying to charge me 185.00 which included the 2 fees of 35.00. I have been to this store on Bald Hill road 7 times for problems w/2 defected phones. Got a different phone in which the battery is defected. It's a Lucid and they are mailing me a new battery for this 3rd phone since 3/26/12 to date 4/24/12. This is what I have been through in less than 1 month. They have lied. Tried charging me fee's that I shouldn't be accountable for.

I have tried to reach a supervisor. Waited on the phone for 20 minutes only to be disconnected. Have employee's ID #'s names 3 times to the store for defected phones they sold me and each time waited on and it took them 4 hrs. to set up each. On all 3 occasions 4 hrs. each time. That's a total of 12 hrs. Not to say 15 hrs. on the phone w/ them for these charges to be removed from a bill in which I haven't even received and phones 3 of them defected in less than 4 weeks. They have lied repeatedly and I consider this to be a breach of contract on their part but they want to charge me 350.00 to terminate this contract.

They Claim "Outstanding" Customer Service, But Need to Get a Handle on BASIC Customer Service
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PENN YAN, NEW YORK -- How does one work with Verizon if there's a problem? And, when isn't there a problem? We went through an awful time trying to get the new lines turned on in our new business location in January. They forgot to put us on the schedule, and we had no service for three days, and no apologies. After that, I got a substantial bill for the "free" service of hooking up the lines (which already existed) at the new location and tried everything to contact a business billing complaint person/department - to no avail. I have emailed, and called and called, and been on hold for what totals hours by now.

After a disconnect notice, I spent nearly thirty minutes on the phone trying to work this out more than ten days ago. I paid the bill portion we agreed with, which I wasn't able to do online - despite all the requests that I go online and pay it. It wouldn't work for a business line. At any rate, I did mail a check, told the woman that it was mailed, and that someone needed to contact me about the balance of the bill, as I disputed it.

They disconnected the lines, even though she assured me they wouldn't, yesterday. I was gone, so had my assistant pay the disputed amount (planning to fight it out later - we cannot be without phone service), and we were assured the phones would be back on within four hours. FOUR HOURS. In five minutes, internet was back, and now, at 1:30 today, more than 24 hours later, there is still no phone service.

My cell is dead from being on it with them all day, on hold or listening to them continually assure me that the lines are fine. They won't even try to call the phone number to hear for themselves that it won't work. Finally I requested a different message, and was told that a "line repair in progress" message would play instead. That was at nine am, and still, it hasn't happened, there has been no technician, and a very busy Friday in the middle of my busy season has been interrupted severely. And they don't care.

The fourth woman I spoke with hung up on me because I didn't need to talk to her "that way" (I am angry, but never used foul or inappropriate language - I was requesting a technician this morning.). I will find a way to leave Verizon. They have been three months of hell, and I don't need or deserve it. Are there any other companies that offer good rates AND customer service?

Absolutely Intolerable To Work With The Customer
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HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA -- This company is getting away with absolute greed and feel it is very acceptable to provide poor customer service to anyone! I have had it!!! Anyone reading this review should know that the FCC has a solution to their blatant ignorance to persons with disabilities. Section 255 addresses all issues they are in violation of when I dealt them for over 4-months. I currently have files a complaint with consumer complaint bureau; federal communication commission; and the Americans with disability. Section 255 from the FCC shows that they have broken many violations toward myself, and I know I am not alone.

It is time that we stand up to these cell phone companies and stop the crimes they are committing to the public. The banks were scrutinized for "nickel-and-diming" the public to death. Why do these cell phone providers feel and are treated as though they are untouchable? I am tired of being dumped on. Join in if you feel the same. I will give you additional information. I purchased a prepay phone (Samsung intensity ii) in October 2011.

This phone became my biggest nightmare and so did Verizon wireless. They e-mail me that they have taken $50 directly out of my account. My bank tells me they are taking $53+ out of my banking account. The phone would not store contacts/scrambled all information within the phone/web access was not entirely available, there is more. Verizon store continued to replace the Samsung at least 3-times because they could see it was not working properly. Each time the phone was replaced, the last issues (web, contacts, etc.) continued! To make it worse, each replaced phone brought its own different problems.

Verizon customer support told me to take the phone to Hickory, NC on US-70 SE store location to have the phone shocked. I did that and when the tech shocked the phone, it did not register. I went home to await a shipment of the same phone, and one week later I went back to hickory to pick it up. Phone was again defective. Again I returned to the store, they wanted to give me another phone! I reset, with customer service guiding me, the phone 5-times to factory specs. Still no good. Same fricking problems multiplied.

I tried to reach Verizon to place a complaint. Good luck with that. I called customer service and wanted the corporate phone number. Their response was, "It is unusual that no one has the corporate telephone number, only the address. I have phone numbers where they tried to contact me, left a message. I dialed the same number back. Same day. Phone is disconnected. Finding these people is like running after your own tail, for god sake.

I will be composing a more detailed letter to the federal communications commission (FCC) and they have instructed me exactly what has happened. The details are so confusing (only because Verizon makes it that way). It is hard to quickly update you via this site, for now. I will post my letter so that anyone interested can get the entire story, sequentially. I have 30-pages of day-to-day notes that I must compile into a time-line. I have all names, phone numbers, responses. I locked the limited calls I received from Verizon on my phone. This will come in handy.

Pull up the FCC article 255 via Their violations toward me are very specific to me and may be to some of you reading this. The end result that Verizon wireless decided was to replace my phone (a band new Intensity II) with a refurbished (LG VN 250). Not comparable in so many ways! They shoved the phone in my hand (literally), rudely told me to leave the store and never gave me the owner's manual, the correct charging cord for this phone... Not even a box!

I am not one of their priority customers because I am a prepay customer. They have my money when I bought the phone and if I do not pay the $50 (oopps...The $53), big deal. They want to sell the better phones ranging from $400 - $700, 2-year contracts, all the bells and whistles they can shove down the customers throat, and all cell phone companies will charge you an outrageous monthly fee with, as you know, huge cancellation fees for early termination of the contract.

If you do not comply, you are sent to collections. Again, there was a tremendous amount of focus and energy put into crucifying the banks, why do the wireless companies has privileges to rip off the public in any way they please! As this situation continues to evolve, I hope you will continue to read my updates. Washington, DC needs to receive your input if you are experiencing any problems, or compliments.

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My husband and I are both stationed at Ft. Hood Texas, in Killeen. When we arrived here in January from overseas, we walked into a Verizon wireless store to apply for a contract. Our salesman was so pushy trying to force us to buy something we didn't want. I told him I wanted a phone of lesser value due to my work and dropping it consistently...

Our total would be at or around 300 dollars after both phones. The salesman was trying to charge us almost 600 for everything, and said that was the cheapest contract. As I began to walk out, he all of a sudden somehow had it lowered to 300 by bringing out the phone I originally wanted that was 100 bucks... So he lied to me, telling me the phone I had was the 100 dollar one... That's the first complaint.

A few months later my husband deployed so I walked into the store and just happened to see the same salesperson. I wanted to get an international plan so I could talk to my husband, only to get rude remarks, quote "Well what do you want your bill ta be" while he was rolling his eyes, after I wanted to freeze a line due to my husband's deployment.

I was so angry and upset by his rude remarks and eye rolling I left. The guy was also rude to the fact I could barely climb on the high stool to sit because I'm 7 months pregnant... I noticed customers who got a contract had the doors opened for them when they left, I didn't, with a baby, pregnant and an arm full of things.

When I returned upon a 3rd time to cancel my contract because of the poor customer service and rudeness, I waited two hours to be seen, as did others. We were being passed up... I'm sure it had to do with the fact we were holding military orders in our hands and you could see the seal on it that gave it away.

I guess since it was no sale for any of the salespeople, we just got passed up, a lot of people were leaving. I was told the lady didn't know how to cancel a line and to come back... Even more upset, I came back another day and finally found the "corporate store" to cancel my contract after being pointed in every direction, saying it's this store or no go to this one...

Today I called customer service to pay a bill on a cancelled line and a representative named Sabrina was soo rude, she told me she could not understand what I was saying, told me a number to call and hung up... I speak perfect English, she seemed to have a problem with English, it was obvious this person was not educated due to the slang she was using while being so rude, basically blowing me off.

I am now with AT&T. I have never had such a problem with anyone as I have with this company. It seems that Verizon has an overall problem with attitude and rudeness. Verizon needs to get their act together and start firing people. I find it funny every in my company, which is about 200 or so has had or known someone whose had the same issues I've had with these people.

Another thing I would like to add, is just because you wear a suit and tie doesn't mean your job is that successful. I may wear ACUs everyday to work and combat boots, but what I find funny is I make waaay more than one of these salesman, but I don't act snooty... Like for real, go to college. Or, get your GED first, or, start from the beginning learn how to speak English, and read. Verizon, you need to get your act together!!!

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