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Customer Service Call Center
Posted by Nick.england09 on 08/05/2013
INDIANA -- I've been a Verizon Wireless customer for almost 9 years (the longest commitment I've made to any company in my life). And I was calling their customer service center to clear up a small issue to upgrade my phone now that I'm out of contract.

The first representative I spoke to HUNG UP ON ME when I didn't immediately give my account number (which I have never had to provide before). I called back immediately to report this worker and the next representative put me on hold to "go get a supervisor" after about ten minutes she came back on the line saying all supervisors were busy, so I waited even longer. After another twenty minutes she came back on and said they were still busy and asked me to hold a little longer. Finally I said forget it and hung up. I will be switching to AT&T, Verizon will receive no more of my money!

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Getting Screwed Left and Right.
Posted by Nakedasajbird22 on 07/24/2013
MELBOURNE, FLORIDA -- First, I was promised a certain price on my monthly bill that slowly but surely is rising every month and has been since I signed up. The salesman lied straight to my face knowing I wouldn't be able to pay what was to come my way just for the sake of his paycheck.

While trying to dispute these bogus charges each and every month they have turned my service off completely several times which in turn charges $17 per line in reconnect fees, how they get away with this on a regular basis I will never know. My fiance recently was laid off from his job and we were put on a 'special' payment plan to keep the service on so he is able to look for another job. We woke up this morning with no service and when I called customer service this payment plan I've been on doesn't exist and I have to pay almost the entire balance to get it reconnected plus of course that $17 per line reconnection charge.

Every time I speak to a Verizon employee the story is completely different and not one of them have any idea what they're talking about its like they just tell you the first thing that pops into their little heads. I'm sure everyone else who has written a review understands but this is ridiculous all I want is decent service for the price they advertise. How they have gotten away with so much I don't know but I wish I could fix it. All I can say is I will forever boycott Verizon and their products the second my contract has expired and I will tell anyone who will listen to never do business with these people. 'Big business' at its finest.
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Gone Way Downhill!!
Posted by Rox5 on 07/11/2013
UNION, SOUTH CAROLINA -- After upgrading to a new phone that would never stay connected to the internet, they ruled a Motorola software issue after calling in for weeks...sent me a "certified" replacement. It was as bad as the first or worse. (hello I paid for a new phone here). Second phone was also ruled Motorola software issue again. I was offered a different type phone but I would have to pay for the battery and door. I refused to pay since I lost money already on an otter box case for the first phone. Having to buy a battery and door told me it would be another used phone. They agreed to send a different Android which cost me $$$ on another protective case. This phone would not even power down. It locked up and wouldn't stay connected to internet as well. I called back and they offered to send yet another phone like the one I had but first wanted to mail a new Sim card. The sim card didn't correct any problems.

I finally agreed to try the same junky phone again..not to my surprise....the connection issues were the same. They forced through some type update and no change. When I pay the upgrade price for a new phone I expect a new phone replacement. I was told it was because I waited past a certain date to send it back...Welllll, who's fault was that??? Not mine, since every time I called they put me on with tech support who never could fix the problem. I now have almost $300 in phones and cases but a phone that half works....and wasted countless hours of my time going through trouble shooting over and over and over only to get the same results as I got from the first call. I pay for internet on a phone which totals more than my home internet on two lines and I can't even surf the Web without dropping signal...hot spots are the same..tired and fed up with crappy pricey phones. GET IT RIGHT VERIZON WIRELESS AND STOP WITH THE RIP OFFS!!!!
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The worst manager and experience at a store I ever had
Posted by Yneme on 07/05/2013
OXNARD, CALIFORNIA -- I went into the Oxnard Verizon Wireless store and met the worst store manager ever. He was rude and has no compassion for his fellow man. I am a disabled person and he was rude and mad the associate helping Mr struggle with a return for two hours. If that wasn't bad enough he had the nerve to ask her for a tablet and to pull up a specific page after she had been struggling for almost two hours when he was not more than two feet from the counter to do it himself. Just plain lazy and downright rude.

On the was out my hands were full and this manager decides he shouldn't help a disabled person when he was no more than five feet from the door. Well my shoelace got stuck on the door stop and I almost fell. If it wasn't for my cane I would have fallen. The manager made no attempt to help me free myself. I was stuck waiting until a different associate came to my assistance. The manager never thought he should Check on me. I went in the next day to fill out an incident report but was in too much pain to stay and fill one out. The girl I talked to said she called her district manager and she could call me and take the report over the phone.

That was June 8. This is how little respect this store manager has for the disabled. He shouldn't even be a manager. I am still waiting for them to take the report after multiple complaints. Verizon Wireless also changed my contract to limited data without disclosing this to me prior to the contract change. I feel this is totally illegal. I have complained about this but all they do is give me the run around and corporate double talk. They want everyone off the unlimited data plan and will do anything they have to to change it without disclosing the change to their customers. I am very disappointed with Verizon Wireless for cheating me out of my data plan. You should be ashamed of taking advantage of disabled people. How sad.

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-05:
These days do the litigious nature of our society, often time store employees won't help disabled people open doors or help them across the parking lot and so on, unless the person explicitly asks for help. It does seem uncaring and uncompassionate, but companies have been sued and have lost millions to people falling down or getting injured whilst an employee is trying to help.

It sucks, but I understand why companies have these policies.
Posted by Susan on 2013-07-05:
I'm confused - is your major complaint that they are taking advantage of your disability because they haven't called you after your incident in the store or that they took away your unlimited data plan?
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7 Years and Counting
Posted by Semsvols1 on 07/03/2013
I've been a customer of Verizon wireless for over 7 years now. If you deal with a company, any company, for very long you will most likely have some sort of challenge. I've had several with Verizon but they always seem to do the right thing in the end. Recently, I moved to another state and out of the entire state of Florida, I move to the tiny 100 yard sliver of land that has spotty service. I called customer service and they opened a service ticket to have it checked out. Within a few days I got a call from the technician and he confirmed that I lived just between two towers where they didn't quite overlap. He informed me that because of this I had the option of cancelling my contract without penalty. Because they have always treated me right, I decided I could live with the weak signal. We recently upgraded a phone on our plan and somehow the insurance got dropped from the account in the process. The new phone was dropped and the screen broke . I called to file an insurance claim, and discovered the mistake. After not getting anywhere with the first representative, I asked for a supervisor. I explained the issue and though he couldn't add the insurance as the phone was already damaged, he worked hard to resolve the problem. He ended up changing the upgrade date on another phone that was within a few months of being eligible. And instead of making me buy the new phone through them, I was able to shop around and get the best price. This is just one example of how they have kept my business.

It would be nice to have the representatives resolve all the issues, but when I get a hold of the right person,, they do make it right. If you have an issue, be persistent and reasonable and they will do whatever they can to fix it.
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Deceptive Practices-Verizon "No Hassle" 14 Day Return Policy
Posted by Attyrod on 07/03/2013
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Verizon should be ashamed!

Didn't need a smart phone. Purchased a basic Samsung Briteside phone from Costco for $59.00 ($99.00 at Verizon) and the $35.00 activation fee. Unfortunately, the phone was a piece of garbage (if you hit the number 2, the number 7 would appear on the screen, sales ads on the phone would begin randomly, etc.) Had it for 6 days and decided to return it to Costco. No problems with the return to Costco and no problems with the refund. However, I decided to get a smartphone and wanted an iPhone so I went to the Verizon dealer (Costco doesn't sell the iPhone). Went to Verizon intending to only pay an additional $40.00 plus tax for the iPhone pursuant to Verizon's "No Hassle" 14 Day Return Policy right? No way.

Verizon, with their "No Hassle" 14 Day Return Policy told me that I would have to pay the $35.00 Activation Fee for a second time as well as a $$30.00 Upgrade Fee because I returned the first phone and wanted a new phone and a $30.00 Restocking Fee for the returned phone. You have got to be kidding! Pay an additional $95.00 for a defective phone returned 6 days after the purchase? After much haggling and threatening, I finally got the Upgrade Fee waived and I convinced them that the phone line was still active so a second Activation Fee was a joke. I had to pay the Restocking Fee upfront and the Verizon representative agreed to reimburse it on my bill. (According to Verizon, there is no way to override this fee and Costco doesn't charge a Restocking Fee.)

The Verizon "No Hassle" 14 Day Return Policy is a huge hassle. Purchase your phone from Costco, if possible and threaten to cancel your contract if they don't waive these outrageous fees!
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Posted by Aa on 2013-07-04:
Dispute it with your credit card. Phone was defective and of course you have to deal with near minimum store employees who have a real fu attitude towards customers
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Verizon Is The Worst!!
Posted by Strick77478 on 06/06/2013
KERRVILLE, TEXAS -- Verizon in Kerrville, Texas. Worst experience I have ever had with any company! Rude, lies, I was so frustrated in the office I said "Jesus Christ!" A salesman, who was not even helping me popped his little head over the partition and glared at me and said, "Don't take the Lord's name in vain!" His supervisor was the one helping me and heard and saw it all. I asked if she was going to reprimand him and she said "No". Ended up costing us over $200.00 and we only kept the service for less than a week! Anybody dealing with Verizon is a fool! Wish I could give it a minus 1,000.
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Posted by Josh on 2013-06-07:
It is not ok for you to blasphem Gods name. Just speak politely and without cuss words and you will always get further with your concerns.
Posted by bcd on 2013-06-08:
What were the lies?
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Verizon Wireless Gives Erroneous Guidance and Customer Pays For It
Posted by Brendadonlin on 04/30/2013
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- During my husband's last deployment, we exercised his right to suspend his service on his cell phone and then, toward the end of his deployment, decided to use his orders to cancel the remaining 3 months on his contract. When I called in to see who to fax his orders to, I was told there was no longer a contract on his line. Thinking there must be some mistake, I asked two more times for the customer service representative to verify this, as I thought he indeed had a couple months left. She repeatedly told me his contract was fulfilled and there was no need to send in a copy of his orders.

With this guidance, we decided to just port his number to a no-contract carrier. Of course, the information I was given was wrong, and when we received a bill for $180 the next month, I called in to argue the point. Five months later, I have called in at least 7 times, and every call has ended with the promise that customer service manager will call me back. I never received a single call back from anyone, and each time I called in I was told that the last person I spoke to was mistaken when they promised me someone would call me back. Tired of dealing with idiots, I sent in the payment today, in the form of eleven separate checks, each for a different amount. Childish, I know, but I enclosed a note with my payments that they have wasted so much of my time and offered such awful customer service that I thought I could waste a couple minutes of their time before saying goodbye forever.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-04-30:
VZ's customer service sadly isn't the best, and your experience is a prime example. As an investor (and customer) in VZ it is embarrassing.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-04-30:
You never should have paid them. Period. The exact same thing happened to my oldest son(currently with the 1st Armored in Afghanistan) but with Sprint. After what happened to him with Sprint, the whole family went with a different carrier as soon as we could. However, when cell phone carriers lie to you and you are in the right, you need to write a letter to them explaining your side, etc. and advising them or their erroneous advice and then do not pay their charges. Let the thing go to collections. Any hit can be taken care of by a letter of explanation to the credit bureau explaining why the "hit" is totally without basis. Plus, any hit is of little consequence. My son has suffered no ill effects from his experience with Sprint. Good luck. Tell your husband to "keep five yards."
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Mknight1 on 04/11/2013
MINNESOTA -- A replacement phone was dropped off at a neighbors house which they never brought to me. It took Verizon 4 MONTHS to give me the $650 credit! FedEx confirmed 3.5 months ago that they delivered to an incorrect address and it took me 8 hours of being on the phone with 4 different reps and 4 supervisors to get my credit 4 months later! They are the worst company EVER!!!!! My 5 contracts are up this month and I am going to Sprint!
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Verizon Has Zero Customer Loyalty
Posted by Wwwaddell on 03/25/2013
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- I've been a Verizon Customer from day one when the company was formed. I've loved it and have recommended them for years. I've always been able to keep my current phone plan and price and still get upgrades to my phone every couple years.

In Oct of 2012, that all changed!

Now if I want to keep my unlimited data plan (which they quit offering) I have to purchase my phones at the full retail overprice or from 3rd parties. I am only eligible for upgrade pricing if I choose one of their more expensive and less data for the money plans.

Verizon has zero customer loyalty and I highly recommend that you do not signup with this company any longer. Both Sprint and T-Mobile still have fair priced unlimited data plans and still allow long time customers to keep their old plans and pricing while still receiving upgrade and free phone pricing.

Yes the other companies don't have as good a network coverage, but unless you spend most of your time traveling in the mountains or deep desert, you'll rarely be out of coverage and you will save a fortune over Verizon's higher priced limited data plans.
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Posted by Dukemom on 2013-03-25:
Sprint and T-Mobile data speeds are painfully slow. You get what you pay for.
Posted by saj80 on 2013-03-25:
I agree with this post; my most recent phones for the Verizon network have been purchased from ebay. My contracts is up mid-May, and I will be switching carriers (US Cellular). If I have to go to a tiered data plan, it will be with another carrier, not Verizon, who I have been with since they bought out Alltel in our area.
Posted by I love my son on 2013-03-25:
Ive had tmobile for many years...My data speed is fast..I have never had any issues with coverage or support when ive called them..I use a good amount of data each month..its unlimited date at 4g until i use so much then it does go to 2g but no additional charges...I down load a lot and use Pandora every day..
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