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Identity Theft
Posted by Sunset3227 on 01/01/2014
BROOKLYN OR NYC, NEW YORK -- Someone went into a Verizon Wireless Office and opened up an account using my SS #. 2 weeks later I get a bill from Verizon for over 500 dollars. The bill had the wrong address and city, but I got the bill because the zip code and my name was right. I called up the fraud the dept and I sent them a police report and the bills and they immediately shut down the account. After they shut down the account they sent me a new bill for over 2000 dollars for early termination for 4 different phone lines. I called them up and they told me they did not think the police report was sufficient enough. They told me I am responsible for the total bill even though the address and the city don't match up to where I live and they won't give me where the phones were purchased, only saying they think it was either NYC or Brooklyn. Now they put me in collection and Chase has closed down all my credit cards and my credit score has dropped dramatically. This company is disgusting and I have always been with ATT. Any company that does not check for Identification in a store and just let's you open up accounts does not sound right to me. Watch out for Verizon Wireless and there practices.

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After 10 Years and Spending 1000s of Dollars They Messed Up My Credit Over Small Bill While in Dispute by Putting in collections..
Posted by Tashisherpa on 12/30/2013
After 10 years and spending 1000s of dollars with 4-5 lines they messed up my credit over a small bill while in dispute by putting it into collections. I will never be their customer for their shameful act. Way to screw up a good customer. Customer service representative very unhelpful...one of the most expensive phone services with crazy charges..
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Loyalty Has No Rewards
Posted by Billy_hatfield on 12/28/2013
I have been a loyal customer of Verizon Wireless for more than 10 years. Last night I called in to Customer Service to request an early upgrade for a line that was eligible in the next thirty days. The representative placed me on hold and returned saying that she had spoken to a supervisor and the upgrade was approved. She stated I could visit a local Verizon Wireless store to upgrade the phone within 24 hours.

I went to Verizon today waiting thirty minutes for a representative to be available. Picked out the phone and accessories, then learned that the representative only noted the account for a request and not approval for the upgrade. I called Verizon Customer Care again and was told the same thing that the representative only noted that I called to request the upgrade. They stated they needed to review the call from the previous night.

This not only has wasted a lot of my time, but it was embarrassing to have to tell the representative helping that I was not approved when I stated that I was. If you request an upgrade and it is approved, call back and make sure the representative actually did their job and noted your account. The contract is up on February 3rd and will be terminated at that time. Loosing a customer that has been loyal for over 10 years over a thirty day early upgrade period doesn't make sense.
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Verizon Wireless: Useless and Overcharged
Posted by Blackjacksparky on 11/08/2013
I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for over 10 years now. I was overcharged for my account so I decided to pay it in full, and this led me to disconnect my line with them. During the cancellation process I was overcharged and was charged the termination fee. Their excuse was that I was under contract even though I never consented to a new contract. I was on the phone multiple times for over 1.5 hours each phone call trying to figure this out and tell them my side.

I would not recommend Verizon to anyone, especially family members.

So much for them appreciating customer loyalty...they don't care.

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Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-11-09:
I hope you did not pay them a cancellation fee. Verizon, and the others like to zap you with this and other fees as a punishment for leaving them. Never pay a charge just to make it go away. Let them put it into collections. Any "hit" on your credit score will be minimal, if that.
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Spent 1 Hour 19 Minutes Waiting on Phone to Find Out That I Could Not Do What Their Store Personnel Told Me to Contact Them for
Posted by Ram0007 on 09/21/2013
I was told by the store that I could buy their Jet Pac to get 2 g of wireless on the go for $30.00 added to our present bill. Then, when I stood for approximately 45 minutes to an 1 hour, I was told that I could only get it if I was willing to go for 5 g bites for $50.00. Since we will never use more than 2 g bites I do not want to pay an extra $20.00 per month. So, I have been trying other options such as a bundle with Comcast. But, since we already have a bundle with Comcast we cannot qualify for that so tried the pre-pay after holding on our home phone for an hour and 19 minutes tried my cell phone and FINALLY after a considerable length of time all- be- it not as long as the land line I was finally told that my Apple iPad 4 would not support prepay.

Do I have to go to another carrier to get wireless on the go for the Apple I-Pad when we travel? At this point I just need an answer as I am willing to change wireless anyway after experiencing such poor customer service with Verizon.
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Posted by CU on 2013-09-23:
Have you checked to see if you can use your cell phone as a hot spot? Most new phones can do this, and if memory serves, Verizon allows a month-to-month on this service.
Posted by Jay on 2013-09-23:
DO NOT rely on ANYTHING a Verizon representative tells you over the phone. Especially when it come to on-the-go (WiFi,Hotsopt) capabilities, phones and plans.

Last month these deceptive people led me down the path only to find out they were lying to me about what I was purchasing. Returned the equipment. Got some refund. However, the 8 day fiasco (approx 9 hours on the phone with 15 different clueless, unintelligent customer service representatives) cost me $60.00.
Posted by Jay on 2013-09-23:
CU, your memory may be correct, but if Verizon told you that they lied to you. That is EXACTLY the bill of goods they sold me.....only to later find out they WILL NOT allow Hotspot on month-to-month.
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Watch Out For Surprise Charges!
Posted by Tashakoerner on 08/29/2013
I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for YEARS and I pay my bill on time every month. And what thanks do I get? Surprise charges added to my bill that I must search EVERY bill for and call to have removed. Until now they've removed them, now they refuse to remove $95.94 in charges I did NOT request and can prove I did not use.
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-30:
The OP doesn't say but I feel those charges are placed by non-Verizon vendors. All Verizon is doing is passing along the charges. All the wireless carriers get a portion of the charges so they have little incentive to investigate them. All you need do is tell Verizon to block them.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-30:
The ironic part is that they just lost a class action suit for this very thing:
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Worst Over the Phone Customer Service
Posted by Fschlo1 on 08/24/2013
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I've been with Verizon since early 1990's and never had a problem until now. My husband gets a discount through work so we made him the primary account holder. We were told that nothing would change but the name on the bill.

1. We could not access the original account online because it was terminated but we were not notified of this or of the new account info.
2. I called in to get account info but was refused because I was not an authorized user for this new account.
3. My husband had to call in to get the new account number and re-register.
4. In the meantime, my phone breaks down but my insurance/ warranty does not transfer over to new account (but this was corrected and a replacement phone was sent to me)
5. We were charged a late fee for not paying our new bill on time because a new billing date was also given to us without notice.
6. I continued to check the original account online but no information can be accessed but then I received a bill for the remaining balance for the original account.

I called to get an explanation of what this balance was for and the phone representative told me it was an activation fee. When I asked for further explanation because this number has been active since the 90's, He told me he didn't know how much further to explain it and when I asked to speak to someone else he hung up on me. When I called back, the new representative explained it was a service fee for the remaining bill cycle (not my definition of activation fee).

My gripe is that we were not fully informed of what was going on with the account. If we were fully informed and told what to expect, I would not be questioning how much longer I will stay with Verizon. We had to pull teeth to get them to tell us our new account number and changes. Each call started with, "this did not transfer over with the creation of your new account" I do not plan to renew my contract with them.

Only redeeming factor at this point is that technical support did assist me with replacing my phone when it went down.
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Inept Service Reps - Misleading Policies
Posted by Riacallow on 08/20/2013
VIRGINIA -- Last year, my son wanted to take his phone number from our Family Share plan and get his own contract with Verizon. He was told by a representative in the store that I must come with him to give my permission for his line to be removed from our family share plan. I went with to two different stores. At the first store, they were very quick to prance out the new Samsung phone to him and repeatedly tell him that there was no problem keeping his phone number and getting his own plan.

To my way of thinking, this transaction should have been treated like someone walking in off the street and saying they want to buy a phone and get service for it. When you go to by a phone, the price is always adjusted by the fact that you are going under contract for service.

Well, what ACTUALLY HAPPENED is that the inept representative in the store treated the transaction as a device upgrade. Here's the problem with that. My son's phone was not eligible for an upgrade so instead, they upgraded a third phone that was on my plan (on an inactive flip phone that I was waiting for the contract to expire on). So now, I'm under contract to Verizon until 2014 on a phone number that I don't use with a phone that doesn't exist. Oh, and I'm not sure how they managed THIS one...but my debit card got charged for the Samsung device that my son bought, even though the first inept salesperson swiped HIS card for it.

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Open letter to Verizon Regarding Phone-Trade Mail-In Program
Posted by Jeff.holmes on 08/16/2013
BLOOMINGTON -- Dear Verizon,

I’m writing this in regard to your Verizon Wireless Trade-In program. I’m also writing this as a largely powerless consumer.

I sent a pristine Apple iPhone 4s to you expecting that the full trade-in value of $143.00 would easily be attainable. It was not.

Shame on me for putting a $500 phone in the mail. What was I thinking?!

I received an email this morning informing me that my phone would not turn on and was only worth $25.

This is my fault for being too trusting. That was foolish. There is absolutely no way for me to protest. You are well within your rights as stated in your agreements. I could get angry and allow myself to fume, but it would be of no benefit to me.

There are seemingly no repercussions for you…

…BUT, I am not without options. I am holding Verizon responsible for this. I still suffer the consequences - as it should be for being foolish - but I will do whatever I can to ensure that you share in them.

The bottom line is that you should not have a mail-in trade-in program for electronic devices that cost hundreds of dollars. That is such an obvious statement, that for this program to exist, it can only mean that Verizon is greedy and has no problem taking advantage of people who experience a moment of foolish trust.

1. You will likely lose a customer.
2. I will broadcast my experience online and off to anyone who can read.
3. You will never regain my trust unless you make this right for me and anyone else who may have had the same experience. Get rid of the mail-in program.

I’m sure this is not a big deal for you – what’s one customer among millions? It is a big deal for me though – not the money – but the principle, and my frustration with myself for being foolish.

Regardless – YOU set me up. You saved $118.00 up-front. What will be the back-end cost to you?

Another irritated customer.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-08-16:
The last phone I sent in, I got $100 for, which was exactly what Verizon told me I was entitled to. I did make sure it was functional before I sent it in, and I charged it up before putting it in the envelope to make sure it would power on when they tested it upon receiving it.

Do you have the option of getting the phone back?
Posted by Kristal on 2013-10-24:
Thank you for writing this open letter. I had the same experience but I was foolish enough to send in 2 iphone 4s's. What a joke and I too will be cancelling 4 lines if this isn't resolved.
Posted by eziggy3 on 2013-11-09:
Same here. iPhone was appraised at $200 and then they tell me it has a ban screen and give me $35
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16 Phones in 4.5 Years
Posted by Cruzkatz on 08/12/2013
FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA -- The following is my tale, based on email written to Verizon ahead of a small claims case I will soon be filing against Verizon, of how I came to be known as “14-phone guy”:

In 4.5 years, Verizon has sent me 16 warranty replacement phones – this does not include upgrades or Asurion replacements. Nearly all of the 16 suffered from data-related issues. Some would freeze when an email came in while others would simply stop loading pages for an extended period. By the end of my first year I had already been through three Blackberries. Over the next three years came 11 Droids. Since January 2013, I have already been through three iPhones with the last, my current, frequently fails to transfer or receive data during most of the day occurring on most days. Throughout all of this, Verizon never offered anything beyond replacing the device – meaning, they never once considered the possibility that there was a problem with their network. 4.5 years and 16 phones later, Verizon just now ordered the FIRST IT ticket on my account. And I find that unreasonable and unacceptable. Plus, the ordeal involving my current phone's dysfunction proved the worse. That story follows:

In December, it was time for my 13th phone. So, after all other OS failed me, or so I believed, I switched to the iPhone – what everyone believed would solve the mystery of my continuously dying phones. However, within one month of my December purchase, my first iPhone stopped charging while all data-based programs began to slow whenever an email was coming in. But Apple replaced it. The next phone would slow to a near crawl for extended periods whenever using data. But Apple replaced it. By the third day of my next and current iPhone, it began simply freezing whenever using data – to the point where most of the workday my phone can only be used for texts and calls - a worsening but nearly identical to my experiences with the majority of my Verizon phones. Specifically, my current phone can take two hours to load my Gmail if at all; lose GPS at any moment - often while in transit; and lose all internet accessibility. This occurs most days, regardless of location - the one absolute is that it is the least reliable anywhere in Manhattan. However, this time Apple refused to replace it explaining that they believe the issue to be in the network. Since Apple identified my carrier as the culprit, I called Verizon. This began the biggest challenge and worst ordeal of all my 16 replacement phones.

When I first called, I spoke with one of the few truly amazing workers I have come across during my 100s of hours dealing with Verizon due to their failure to ever truly remedy the situation. This representative was the first and only to take note of how many phones I've been through and the first and only to finally ask, "What's going on here?" He, more importantly, informed me that he was going to write my first IT ticket. THE FIRST! That's right; through 16 phones in 4.5 years, nobody had ever once written an IT ticket. He explained that he was doing so due to a potential problem he identified that would have affected my service across all phones since joining the Verizon network - something related to an inconsistency between my phone’s number and its linked shared secret number (I truly don’t remember but this number was described to me as a sort of identification number that is paired with your cell number and is used whenever roaming as well as by all data-related programs). Just like what I have been experiencing, he explained that texts and calls would not be affected. However, everything else, regardless of devise, OS, etc., could be compromised. What I heard was that Verizon could have prevented this from continuing and instead left me chasing an impossibility (that the problems were in the device) while wasting my time and money. I believe that it is reasonable to assume that if an IT ticket had been issued earlier, or really if any investigative process was launched at all, then I would likely have saved many hours and much frustration. However, at this point, the "ordeal" is just getting warmed up.

The IT ticket was submitted and I was advised that the resolution would take up to 72 hours but that they often call for more info with the first 24. To date I have yet to receive one call on this matter. All info I have gathered myself when calling, which I did each time I found myself carrying a useless smartphone – I called nearly every day. Through the course of those calls, four reps decided to "take on the case" and promised to "call everyday” to update me - one called once to tell me that there was no update. That was on day 13. I never heard from him again. I experienced literally no customer service while living with essentially a flip phone in an iPhone case everywhere in the city and frequently everywhere else.

At day 14, I literally begged for them to “do something.” The only “offer” I received was to buy another phone and line and add it to my account. I could then return it within the first 14 days for a full refund. That was it.

On the 17th day without any contact from customer service, I called and was told that the IT ticket had identified the "cause." I was told that my phone suffered from poor coverage in my home area. Now mind you that I never complained of issues near my home and was very specific when explaining that it is the most problematic in Manhattan. Additionally, of my many Verizon iPhone 5 friends who frequent my apartment, I am the only to complain of accessibility issues. Furthermore, not only was I clear when describing the issue, but when the IT ticket was described by customer reps who I was speaking with at Verizon, it mentioned my home calling area as the problem area and both times I corrected them. I specifically asked that they adjust the IT ticket accordingly. However, this was apparently for naught as the 17-day IT ticket ultimately “investigated” an inaccurate complaint. Meaning, after 17-days, I am left with no resolution or even progress - or even reliable access. My phone continues to struggle even when sitting next to my girlfriend, a Verizon iPhone 5 customer as well. I believe this 17-day - but should have been three day – IT ticket report is an utter fabrication. Flat out. No investigation was conducted.

I then requested that my second ever IT ticket be written and submitted now containing that appropriate location – everywhere but mainly in Manhattan. In the meantime, I am now entering my 22 day since first informing Verizon of the failures of their network to deliver reliable service to my 16th phone. Again, Verizon has done nothing.

The take home message? Clearly, Verizon has failed me. They did not do all they could in order to provide me with access to their reliable network, which caused an absolute loss of time, money, and effort, not to mention an absolute loss of faith in Verizon. I have worked harder then anyone at Verizon to remedy this still unresolved problem while Verizon failed to perform their due diligence in attempting to remedy the situation. I use a failure to perform due diligence here to represent Verizon’s refusal to explore all possibilities especially given the extreme circumstances concerning my case. Instead, the route easiest for each customer service representative was taken and they simply replaced the device instead, which essentially puts the problem back on me and continues to deny me access to the network. I was told that filing a full IT report could take a representative hours to complete. When taking this further, due to Verizon's failure, it is likely that my ability to take full advantage of the network as described in the contract was prevented. This has resulted in numerous difficulties including recently becoming lost on foot for two hours in Baltimore during a heat-wave due to my data connection dropping for two hours all while trying to navigate my way to a destination - in fact, just this past weekend I had to pull over to wait for my GPS to load while driving to Baltimore. Beyond the impact of an unreliable phone, I have dedicated an untold amount of hours both on the phone and in person attempting to remedy the situation all the while Verizon did nothing but were the only ones who held the ability to correct the dysfunction. I was literally wasting my time and it was a result of Verizon’s failure.

I was also told that beyond a $52 credit given early in July for the days of compromised connectivity but before the actual filing of the ticket, Verizon will not credit me any amount for any of the days spent investigating the ticket. I was told that Verizon credits for time their network was down – not slow. I explained that email would take hours upon hours to load to which I was told, “…so you’re saying that it would eventually load.” They also informed me that according to their records, my phone had use “a lot of data” during the times I reported. I have no idea how this is possible due to all I’ve described but I do know that the phone would not simply freeze; it would continuously attempt to load a page, refresh mail, or connect to GPS. Perhaps this was the cause. Regardless, no credit was offered. I did call back and try again to which I was offered $10. I denied the offer.

This is simply unacceptable and I will not accept it. Thanks to the ridiculously erroneously-based or flat out bogus IT report, which states that I have "poor coverage" in my home calling area, I am able to leave Verizon with no cancellation fines. However, forgiving the cancellation fee in no way comes close to making up for the time dedicated and lost on this futile effort. It is the futility of this effort and Verizon’s refusal to allow me access to the network by failing to investigate anything beyond the device while I continued to experience significant disruptions – all the while paying full fare – that I believe warrants consideration of the legitimacy of the right of Verizon to keep my payments. I believe they do not and should even owe for the unintended consequence of their intentional refusal to explore instead of replace. Fortunately, this is a quantifiable amount, which I intend to pursue.

I will be filing against Verizon in small claims court. I was informed that I have to advise you of my intent at least 30-days before actually doing so. Please consider this email to be that statement of intent. Additionally, I was told that Verizon cannot inform me of the frequency and duration of my customer service calls without subpoena. Therefore this email also serves as notification of intent to file for a subpoena in 30-days as well. I anticipate learning that I have spent well over 100 hours attempting to deal with this situation. I will be seeking compensation for that time plus reimbursement for money spent for compromised access to the Verizon network and inefficient support in remedying - or even attempting to identify - the cause.

Verizon needs to care about customers in general but should take note of one who has gone through 16 phones in 4.5 years. One for whom Verizon never opened an IT ticket and instead just saddled him with years of difficulties. One who waited 17 days with no contact at all just to be told the results of investigation into the wrong address and that offers no resolution. And one who still lacks reliable access to the network. There is absolutely no justification for this.

If you know how to help, please do. If not, then just voice your displeasure with the monster Verizon and the methods of their madness-inducing customer service whenever and wherever possible.

I am posting this email everywhere I can.

Thank you.
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Posted by cruzkatz on 2013-08-12:
Update from the 14-phone guy! Verizon just explained to me why I lose access to data every time I'm in New York City!!!! But first, some background: that's 14 phones in 4.5 years. Throughout each year, my difficulties worsened eventually resulting in my latest phone (third iPhone since January) regularly losing data and gps outside of the city and all data all day while I'm in the city. Once or twice per day, my phone is able to reload and emails may come in. However, still, 99% of the day in the city I'm holding a flip phone with an iPhone case. So the result of the ticket? Ready?

The reception I've described is... NORMAL!!!!! You see, Verizon wireless has a limited number of towers available for New York City, which they describe as a "difficult area to cover" due to the "tall buildings." Therefore, if any customer is in a high demand area, their phone will slow. Factor in the "tall buildings," which make some areas more difficult to reach than others, and you get what I experience. I asked for them to repeat it and I called back and asked another for the same clarity and the same was repeated. My question: Are you saying that my phone slows to a stand still every time I'm in the city because I'm in high demand areas surrounded by "tall buildings" that are interfering with reception? Answer: YES!!!! So, the take home message? VERIZON DOES NOT GUARANTEE COVERAGE IN NYC AND STATES THAT LOSING ALL ACCESS TO DATA EVERY DAY, ALL DAY, I'M IN THE CITY IS PART OF NORMAL VERIZON NETWORK FUNCTIONING!

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