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Just Another Faceless Verizon Victim
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I don't even know where to start with my depraved journey with Verizon, so I will tell the sordid story the best I can. On or around Feb 7th, 2008, a man who worked for Verizon knocked on our door and convinced us to get the bundle package (cable, internet, phone). We were quoted the approximate monthly amount we would be charged after the initial three month breakdown of extra boxes and installation in other rooms (around $170.00).

Let's just see if it's the amount they quoted (if I am still with them, which is looking very doubtful as of late). I asked him if we would be eligible for the free TV and he said he "didn't know," and gave me a number to call to see if we were eligible. We decided to have the installer come on February 21. The door sales rep gave me his cell phone number in case we had any questions and he was on his merry way to recruit other unlucky poor souls in the neighborhood to sign up with Verizon.

Two days later (Feb 9th), I called this man and asked him if I could have a copy of what we ordered. He could not provide that and said we would get a copy when the installer came. On this same day, Verizon people already marked their "territory" with the blue flags around our property where they were going to dig. In the meantime, I called and asked if I would get the free TV and the person I talked to said "yes." The big day comes (Feb 21) and the man installed everything. Took him about four hours I guess.

Sure enough, we got a "copy" that was yellow, but didn't say what we ordered. Just a bunch of numbers, abbreviations, and initials that only a tech could read or understand. The installer did point out to us what channels we got on the paper guide he gave us, but there was no breakdown of prices for anything. He also informed us he only lived two blocks from us. We were neighbors. How about that. So anyway, he left.

Ever since he walked out that door it has been downhill. For starters, he left the light on in the attic (we knew this because we could see it through an air vent in the ceiling in the garage that was made into a bedroom). We called him and left a note on his door about the light in the attic and he never responded to us, even though he was two blocks away.

Next day we had to call Verizon to send someone out to go up in the attic to turn the light off. This was a Sunday. A tech came on Monday to turn the light off. Then I had trouble logging on the internet and couldn't understand why. The installer set the Z adapter up wrong where we have to hit the Z icon (for the adapter), let it come up and then right-click to exit the Z icon! Then we can log on.

It took me many hours over the night to figure that out after countless calls to Verizon's tech support's confusing web of menus and automated operators. Finally the third human tech guy I talked to told me the installer set the adapter up wrong. So I have to exit out the Z icon every time I log on to the internet. Okay, so I can finally get online now. Everything was going great for a bit until our first billing cycle. They never sent us a statement for Feb of what we owed for the first month's usage!

I called and told them and they said we should be getting one any day, and they gave me the website so I could see the bill online. In the meantime, while I am on the phone with them, I was offered several sales pitches. One was for spyware, another was for the "refer a friend" program. I told them I already had free spyware and said I didn't know anyone to recommend Verizon to.

After I hung up, I try to log on to the Verizon site to view my bill, but first I have to "register," but before I could, the site informed me I would be getting a call "within 30 minutes" to get a temporary number to log on with. Two hours passed -- they never called. At the two-hour mark, it was 6:00 p.m. Next day comes, they never called, so I called them about 2:00 p.m. same day, and tell them nobody called me with a temp number. Woman gave me a number to call to get my temp number, along with all the pathetic sales pitches that come along with the call, then I was finally able to log on to my account.

Well, the paper bill statement never came, so I had to go online a print out a statement of what I owed and mailed it with check to the billing address I verified with the CSR and that was also the address on the Verizon "send payments to" account site. I mailed the check in with a letter stating that I would like a paper bill next billing cycle. I went online a few days later to see if they received it. It showed they did indeed receive it. So far, so good.

The second billing cycle comes -- still no paper billing statement. I called them again and told them I never received a paper bill for March. The male rep said I should have and told me that he sees THAT I HAVE NOT SIGNED UP FOR ONLINE BILLING so I SHOULD HAVE GOT A PAPER BILL, verified my address and assured me that I would get a paper bill in a few days. In the meantime, he is trying to sell me some package. He said I could "get HBO for two cents more." I said "okay." Then he said I would lose Cinemax though, so I said I didn't want it then.

Then he tried to sell me spyware. I said I already had spyware. Then he wanted me to get some box to record movies from the TV. I told him I didn't want to buy anything and that I already had a DVD recorder. Then he said something to the effect, 'But you don't even know what I am offering you yet." So I was forced to listen, and then I told him I don't watch those many shows. And he had the gall to say, "Then why do you have a DVD recorder?!" Can you believe it?!!

I just ignored him then he told me about the "refer a friend program." I never answered him back. To make a long story short, I finally got off the phone with this clown, and he again assured me I would get a paper bill in the mail in the next few days. A paper bill never came. Had to go online again and print out a makeshift statement with a check for said amount and mailed it in. This was on April 10th.

On April 18, I go online and it showed that the check hasn't been posted yet. I called them yet again and asked them why the check had not been posted for the second billing cycle, and they had no record of receiving my check. The rep did some research and sent an email somewhere to see where my check was and he said they would get back with me in a few days (yeah, right).

In the meantime, while he is doing his research, this rep started his sales pitches ad nausea yet again. I told him I don't want to buy anything, I just want a PAPER BILL OF MY STATEMENT SENT TO MY HOUSE. He then informs me I HAVE SIGNED UP FOR "ONLINE BILLING" and that is why I haven't received a statement!(?) I told him I NEVER signed up for online billing! He said it must have been a "mistake" and I would have to call this number he gave me to cancel it.

In the meantime, I asked him about why I haven't received any form to get the free TV and he told me I got 10.2 bandwidth instead of the faster one and I wasn't eligible for the free TV. I told him everyone told me I would get the TV, except for the one guy that said he "didn't know." The phone rep also gave me a phone number for more info on the free TV in case I had any more questions. Finally the call ended after one last reminder about the "refer a friend" program.

After that call ended, I called the number he gave me to cancel the online billing I never asked for or signed up for in the first place. I was waiting on the phone for 22 minutes. Finally a lady comes on and I tell her I want to cancel the online billing and receive a paper bill, and she puts that info in the computer for me and before she hangs up, she informs me that "I will no longer be able to view my account online." WTF? Regardless of whether I do the paper billing or the online billing I should be able to see my account! That is what the Verizon FAQS page says! What are they doing? Am I being punished for wanting a paper bill?!

So this early morning (April 21st) I get online to see what others are saying about Verizon and I stumble across this site and read all the depraved stories of what Verizon has done to other poor souls and realize I am not alone. Eager to tell my own story, I decide to register on here, which I do, but first as you know, I have to go to the site in the confirmation email my3cents sends me. I log on to my Verizon (ICK!) email account, and lo' and behold, what first strikes my attention is an email from Verizon, that says something in the subject line about my upgraded internet speed?!!!

I open it up and it is a confirmation (with confirmation number) about ordering the faster internet speed (the 21.5 bandwidth). And they are thanking me for "my order" and it stated that it goes into effect April 21, 2008! I NEVER ORDERED AN UPGRADE TO A FASTER INTERNET SPEED!!! I am so mad I don't know what action to take next. I am going to call them this morning in about four hours from now and cancel the service I never ordered, which isn't fair!

I will keep everyone updated on what happens next! Oh, and a word of advice for those of you that are trying to get through to a person: When the automated operator asks for your phone number, keep saying "OPERATOR" and you will get connected to someone right away.

As a side note, my next door neighbors have this huge cable sticking out from their garage all the way across their driveway and into the beginning of our yard. It literally looks like a "rainbow!" A sure mark Verizon has been there. I wish I would have stayed with Bright House.

I don't know what Verizon is going to pull next and I don't know what to do. I am only on a pension and I am afraid they will start robbing me like they have so many others. If I cancel before they resolve the check issue, they may stick it to me worse.

My hands are tied at this point. I don't know how those people sleep at night. But I do know one thing: What comes around goes around! If anyone wants to contact me, my email is ** at Maybe we can put our heads together and figure something out to stop this injustice! Good luck to all of you!

Misinformed, Misled, and then Backstabbed.
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- We began our Verizon service in May after signing a 6 month lease at our apartment. Our customer representative told us if we moved we could just transfer service at no cost. Just call and it would be moved. So we agreed to a two year commitment: $99.99 for Basic TV Bundle, with internet (15/5) and phone. Perks included free DVR Box for 12 mo, a "Standard Definition Set Top Box free for as long as you remain a customer," and a $200 gift card. We were told by our local representative that the channel NESN National was included with this package.

Come to find out, it wasn't. It is only included in the Ultimate Package which costs $40 more per month. After hours of speaking with customer service representative (about 7 hours over the course of 3 days) a supervisor in retention named ** said it was ridiculous for us to pay $40 extra for just one channel so she said she would give us 2 recurring Valued Customer $20/12 mo credits to offset the price difference. She also said this would expire after a year but to call back and we could renew it for year two and she would be sure to note this in our account.

We also chose to add HBO to our account for the current promo price of $9.99. Our monthly bill is typically $117 after the credits. The second $20 dollar credit was never made recurring so we literally called every month to have our bill adjusted. The employees said they saw the note in our account, made the adjustment and all claimed they would manually adjust this moving forward, though no one ever did.

When time to move came, we called and asked for a transfer of service. However, we were then informed that moving is the equivalent of terminating our contract, that we would have to renegotiate our package and that any discounts or credits would not transfer. We were offered the new "great deal" for the ultimate package for $159.99 a month. The HBO offer was no longer available but they could give us a premium channel bundle for $15 bringing out new total to $175/month for the first year.

This new Bundle was priced at $119. However, unlike our current package equipment was not free for the first year. But the employee kept saying he was beating our current price because the Ultimate package we were receiving was priced at $139, but that didn't take into account our $40 dollar credit we had on the original account.

So because we were moving, we could no longer keep our current service, which is the most absurd policy I have ever heard, and furthermore our only option would be to pay $40 more per month. They said that our bad customer service issues were linked to our first account, but because this was a new account they could not transfer the Value Customer credit because of the new great deal we were receiving.

We were then told we never should have received the credits we had been receiving because it was against company policy for those to be given out and that if our account were ever to be audited, there would be problems. The supervisor for retention then told me my choices were to cancel with Verizon completely or pay for the new package price. That he could not honor the prices I had been paying.

So even though if we move, we keep the same account number, and don't need to pay a termination fee, we have somehow broken the terms of our current contract and are forced into new pricing and are expected to act as if all of our terrible experiences were only with our past account and not with the terrible policies and the different story we got from every employee every time we called.

Oh yeah and that (and I quote) "Standard Definition Set Top Box free for as long as you remain a customer" that is printed on an invoice directly from Verizon? We are now told we have to pay a $5.99/mo rental fee for that. I told them I had in writing on a bill this statement and that it would hold up in any court. The supervisor then told me that Verizon has a great legal team who would have made sure that whatever was printed on my invoice was only applicable at our current address.

Yup. Great customer service. They messed up. Finally fixed it, and then in one swift kick to the groin decided take back their shred of decency and then, hey, force us into a new bundle and charge more money. Great customer service is ensuring that customers remain loyal, are treated with respect, and are shown value. Apparently Verizon's only concern is money, and how much they can rob you on these hidden technicalities.

Verizon - TV/Internet/Phone service
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Rating: 1/51

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- We have switched our TV/Internet/Phone service to Verizon 4/15/2013, since we did not like the service so we switched back to Optimum on 5/2/2013. On that day we have returned all Verizon equipment back to their store nearby. The clerk told us they are only responsible for equipment, we have to call Verizon to cancel the service. So we did as told!

A few days later, I received a full bill so I called the customer services to explain to them I have switched to another company, and is waiting for my final bill. They told me the bill was generated automatically, there is no way they can do it sooner. I just have to wait for the next billing cycle to see the adjustment. About two weeks later, I received another bill - next month bill so I called again. They told me I have to wait for the next billing cycle. There is nothing they can do until the credit was credit back to my account. Sounds reasonable - you have to give people time to resolve the problem, so I wait again.

Then I received an e-mail about my account and bill. At this time I feel a little uncomfortable for owing people money so I called again. This time I got a gentleman, he was very nice. He told me the bill will be adjusted soon, and I don't even have to call again, they will send the corrected bill to me within a week to 10 days. He told me because I had cancelled my account within 30 days I will not be billed for early termination fees. I thank him and thinking about the bill will be coming soon. I don't have to worry about I still owe Verizon money.

Well, my waiting has come to a big surprise today. I have received not only the full bill, but plus an early termination fees. Of course I called again, and this time the customer service lady had a totally different tune. She told me she looked at my account, my phone was canceled on 5/24 (?) so the early termination fees will not be waived. What amazed me is every time I called they always ask for my permission to look at my account, and from the conversation I have with different reps. I was wondering if they are looking at the same account?

Some representative would tell me they see my account had been canceled on 5/2/13; some told me I don't have to worry about early termination fees as I have follow their instruction to cancel within 30 days. But, today must be my unlucky day as I have encountered a representative who I was not able to communicate at all. She kept telling me what she wanted to say instead of listening to my problem and resolve the problem for me.

I told her that many companies have phone recording system, it shouldn't be hard to find the phone conversations I had with other reps. But, she just wouldn't listen to me. Her attitude makes me wonder if a big company like Verizon has to trick their customer and make money this way? It's really a simple issue for every party, why Verizon has to make it so complicated? I really believe only customers are happy you will have a good business. I know I will never do business with Verizon ever again.

No Service in Mexico
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Rating: 1/51

SAN DIEGO/MEXICO, CALIFORNIA -- I did finally speak to ** but that's not the whole story. As he said I have had service with them since ‘99 and have always had reception here in Mexico (**). The problem is that I'm not able to make, receive calls, or even access my voice mail with a land line. I get a busy signal and so does every one else that tries to call me. When I'm at the above address, the call just cuts off.

So I'm basically stranded within a 3 block radius from this address. Again a very populated area with the second busiest intersection in Tijuana within 3 blocks. Now I explained to him that I also have a Telcel number here in Mexico and I have no problems using at this address and never had a problem. It's **. If you dialed both the US cell and the Mexican cell only the Mexican cell will work if I'm at the above address.

The funny thing that I have informed them that I have been able (on about 6 different occasions) to make maximum of 3 calls when I first arrive at the above address, mostly just two calls but right after the 2nd or 3rd call everything dies. No making call, no receiving calls, and no access to voice mail even if the call is coming from the US. The call just disconnects or people get a busy signal.

Like ** said he offered me to do their work for them by having me contact Telcel myself to file a network trouble ticket. So I said “so you want me to do the work for you?” and he replied that all he was offering was information (phone number for Telcel) for me to fix the problem with Telcel which to me is the same thing.

I'm sure Verizon does not care that I recently lost my job. Since I had no fault for the loss of employment maybe I can give them my old boss' number and they can try to collect their payment from him since communication has been affected with my income source, though no fault of my own, and I have done all I could from my side so maybe they should deal with my old boss for their monthly payment, because it sounds to me like they want me to fix this problem for them.

If I fix theirs maybe they can fix mine. I pay my phone bill on time and have done so for the past 11 years. I have nothing to do with Telcel. Verizon is the one that contracted with them. They need to fix this problem themselves. I think it's only fair, but since I'm not a giant corporation with all kinds of lawyers and money to burn, who out there could care what ** thinks?

** may consider this case closed but I don't. I have been missing calls from potential employers again because my voice mail does not work when I'm in Mexico at the above address and I have to leave this area in order to be able to make a call. So where do I go from here? If anyone else has this problem I would like to hear about it, maybe something can be done. Please contact me **.

I Do Not Think Anyone At Verizon Listens, Tells The Truth Or Has A Brain
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Rating: 1/51

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA -- We switched to Verizon about 4 years ago, I should have known they had issues when it took them several months to figure out we had a bundle; and it took them 3 days to install and screw up our yard, our bills and our service. We got separate bills for the longest time and no bundle discount. Every time I called (monthly) because every month we were overcharged; not sure how but every six months or so they tied us to a new stinkier contract!

I bill 38.00 per hour, I spent more time trying to get my service and bill straight then I did on some clients! It always just made matters worse! We moved recently and downsized family and home; we had 2 HD and 2 non HD boxes, FiOS super-speed Internet and phone (should have been 190.00 Mo) I received bills for every amount above that. I actually only had 5 correct bills in 2.5 yrs; upon moving I requested no HD, mid range Internet and basic phone; we only had one HD capable TV, didn't need wireless and took off unpublished at 3.50 Mo.

I was promised $123. Per month, my first bill was 285.00! The install guy came, hooked the two HD boxes to two TV's one of which was not HD compatible, he hooked one reg box to a TV, took a black box (later found out I owned the black ones), left the old router and left a worthless bus card with phone numbers we could reach! As everyone well knows that has Verizon you are advanced billed, guess what you are advanced billed again if you change.

I never asked for any movie channels ever and after every long drawn out phone call - get a credit and bill me again! My second bill that should have been 123 was 5 pages long and after doing the debits and credits I was still charged for HBO and Cinemax, billed for HD boxes at a higher rate than when we had HD and they added Disney!

My husband and I are in our 50's and 60's we really don't watch Disney much! We then get a bill for equipment not returned, called again, we get a shipment by UPS of little transmitters; guy comes out hooks them up says he won't take any equip with him because it will "get lost". My husband drives 45 min's 2 weeks ago to turn in equip; we now have sucky TV, stinky Internet which is higher than the supposedly great FiOS, and we are now being billed for the two stinky boxes, 2 HD boxes and 2 basics (we own 3 TVs one HD but we don't care - never saw a difference).

I have been blown off by rude customer service reps. I have been made to believe we finally have it straight - and been lied to so many times I can't count! When do I get to back charge for the hours and frustration caused by them? When do I get the bill I was promised 2 or 3 weeks before we even moved? When will Verizon figure out that 2 people are entering the same billing info and no one knows what the home actually contains?

Also, don't splice a "yes" into “do you want to renew your contract?" I know that the reason they ask if they can access your account is to get you to say yes to something. Then when you fight the renewed contract, the part where your conversation may be recorded comes into play and you hear your "yes". If I live long enough to get past that contract Verizon will no longer be in any of my numerous family member's homes.

My daughters just bought homes and went with three different companies to avoid Verizon as they (professional people with numerous degrees) have tried to help us correct this and threw their hands up! It's impossible, my husband wanted to go face to face with a rep, can't happen in VA, there are no customer service locations in VA that you can discuss your account face to face with a human being! I hate Verizon.

Horrific customer service/overcharges
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Verizon has the worst customer service I have ever seen. It started when I called for to get a land line and internet service. First, they told me I needed to be available for an entire day for hookup. They never set foot on my property but threw a switch somewhere so I lost a day of work for no reason. Then, they grossly overcharged me. My first bill was for $239.92 for the lowest level phone and internet package they have. Took me more than an hour on the phone to get some of the charges credited.

Then, I decided I wanted a wireless modem. So I contacted them again and again spent about an hour on the phone, mostly on hold to tell them I wanted to exchange my modem for a wireless. It took two calls to get a return label for the one I had and needed to return. Another hour on the phone. I returned the modem, which cost $69.98, they not give me credit for it. Called several times and they acknowledged over the phone that they had received the modem and credit would be issued.

So I wrote them a letter and sent it with my payment and proof of delivery of the modem. I never got a response. Then, I was charged $46.49 by an ILD Teleservice. Another call with at least another hour on hold. They agreed to credit it. I also talked again about not getting credit for the modem. So they double credited the $46.49 on the SAME bill and still didn't credit the modem. So there was a net difference of $23.49. I wrote them another letter and mailed it with my payment. No response. So I have short paid my bill every month since and they have never asked why.

In May when my contract was up, I called to cancel service. They said my contract wasn't up til the end of the month and it would cost me $16.00 to cancel early. I said OK and asked them to send me a label to return the wireless modem. They sent me a box to return a DVR which I have never had. Also, I got an email telling me it would cost me $165 to cancel my service. So I called again and asked them when they showed my contract was up. I knew it was sometime in May. They said June 25. So I told them not to cancel it. Then about a week later I got an email telling me my internet would be canceled by week's end unless I called them and told them otherwise.

I looked up my records and called them. My records showed my contract was up May 25th. So this person agreed and I told them to cancel my service on the last day of my contact and to send me a label for the wireless. The person told me that a label would automatically be sent to me. A month later I called because I still did not have a label and was told if I'd had the equipment for a year, I would not need to return it. Then I got a bill for $31.11 and have not paid it and they turned it over to a collection agency. I have filed a complaint with the FCC and also on

Verizon - Full of Incompetence
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TEXAS -- I called Verizon up to see if I could save a little money and make a slight change to our business account. I was told I could add on TV service, upgrade internet, and change our phone lines so we wouldn't have to dial 9 to place a call and that would save us a little on our monthly bill. When the technician came out to look at our internet he informed us they wouldn't be able to do anything with the internet as it would interfere with our current internet and would have to be turned off in order to change it. We decided to cancel the order, but still asked if we could change our phone lines.

They told us they would be able to do it and it would be between 24 and 48 hours. They never showed, so I called up there to see what the problem was and found out they had cancelled the whole order. I was a little irritated, but went ahead and made another order. After about a week, we get a call from one of our customers saying they tried to leave a message for us about a $15,000 job, but it wouldn't go to our voicemail and that it was lucky they had our personal cellphone numbers or they wouldn't have been able to reach us. Who knows how many jobs we missed due to Verizon's mistakes.

I call up to Verizon to see what the issue is and am told that we don't have a voice mailbox and they would have to build a new one for us. They then went on to say their Tech Support department is no longer able to construct them due to way too many mistakes and someone would be contacting me by the end of the day. We were able to get our mailbox up and running again, but they failed to tell us they also changed the number and passcode to access it. Finally, after talking to at least 3 different people, we were able to access our mailbox again.

Another week goes by and the owner of the company calls to leave us a message, but informs us that the line he called goes to a voice mailbox from 8 years ago. After unsuccessfully trying to access the mailbox, I have to call Verizon yet again. They tell me it is because of a "line hunt" issue and that they would correct the issue within 24 hours.

Two weeks later and I had to call AGAIN to resolve the issue. When Tech Support finally picks up, they ask if I'm sure I even have service with them because they don't see it on my account. I tell her "Yes of course I have phone service with y'all, I've been dealing with the same issue for the last couple of months," to which she replies "Oh yes I see that now, the first call was placed October 12th, corrected on November 4th, and again on November 17th, is this correct?" so I explain what has been going on and she transfers me to their Billing department. I'm then told they don't need to set anything up and it is a Tech issue, so I'm again transferred.

The rude employee "helping" me asks to put me on hold so she can research my account and see if she can find the issue. When she THINKS I'm on hold I hear "OH honey I love that color shirt on you, did your wife pick it out? *unintelligible reply* How is the dog situation? *reply* AND she made you get rid of the cat?! *reply*" she then mumbles something, giggles and says "Yea, I don't even think she (referring to me) knows she's even on hold *laughs*" and then comes back on the phone and politely says "Thank you for holding ma'am, I'll be transferring you to someone who will be able to help you with the issue," and sends me back to the Billing department.

Thankfully, she sends me to the only intelligent employee who apologizes sincerely after I explain to her what has been happening to me and tells me she won't be transferring me anymore and that she will call Tech Support herself to resolve it. Unfortunately, they can't help her and she has to transfer me, but stays on the line to make sure they answer. Finally they pick up and after having to explain my situation again, the non-English speaking "expert" runs a test on the WRONG line and says there is no issue and that someone would have to physically come out to check the phone.

The person they were sending out calls an hour later to verify the order and our address, so I decide to explain my situation and the problem is corrected in under 15 minutes over the phone. I haven't had any more problems today, but I'm sure we will have to contact them again in the very near future.

Verizon Wireless--Worst Customer Service Ever
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What started as a call to cancel my MiFi Wireless Broadband service quickly turned into the most rude, inconsiderate, brash conversation I've ever had with customer service anywhere. Long story short--I purchased the MiFi in November 2010 (of course, on the 2yr agreement that is practically a requirement if you want to be able to afford any type of wireless device), was unable to get it to work on my iPad (don't think it's possible without another fee), and as a result haven't used the MiFi at ALL in four months.

I decided to cancel (why pay for a service I don't use?) and called Verizon's customer service. To be completely fair, I did not try to troubleshoot the MiFi with Verizon. However at this point, I've been 4 months without it so I decided to cancel an unused service. When I called to cancel, I did inquire about a possible waiver on the $160 early termination fee since I haven't used the service at all, therefore no cost or work on Verizon's part. I asked to speak with a supervisor when told the fee would still apply. Not once throughout this whole experience did anyone inquire how I felt about the MiFi service, or noted my 10 year loyalty to Alltel/Verizon.

The representative then asked if I wanted to cancel today or wait til the 10th at the end of my billing cycle. Since she advised it would be prorated it cancelled today, but the full payment if I waited til April 10. I of course said to cancel today. She then came back and told me that she couldn't cancel me today and I would have to wait until the 10th. Since I had yet to speak with a supervisor who could explain everything to me, the representative advised that one would call me back 'within a few minutes'. 30 minutes and no phone call later, I did call back on my own.

This is where the truly awful customer service came in. Raymond advised me (again, not acknowledging my long customer history or asking why I wanted to cancel) that "you've been told on numerous occasions, the fee still stands because you signed a contract, even if you didn't use the service." Numerous occasions? I just called a half hour ago?

At this point, I'm still angry about the fee but I get it -- I signed the contract that everyone HAS to sign. The contract that can be altered for extenuating circumstances, but that is apparently NEVER strayed from in the Verizon world. He then told me that he would have to call me back in an hour to complete my termination. I advised that I had already waited and been talked down to and just wanted to get it over with.

After passing me to yet another supervisor, who I told that I was so upset with the condescension and rudeness that the $160 fee didn't even matter anymore, I was told "Well what do you want? Because it sounds like you're just trying to get a discount"!!! I advised that I thought customer service's role was to help upset customers -- to which the response was 'why would we help a customer that wants to leave?'

Wow. Again, I thought that was the point of customer service? Being so frustrated that my voice was shaking, I asked what Verizon's Twitter account was because I would definitely be sharing this experience with other consumers. I can't believe I'm actually typing these words, but the supervisor actually said "if you're really in social media, you should be able to Google that yourself". When asked who I could report the AWFUL customer service to, I was told to send an email online. So that's what I'll do.

One more note -- I was also told that Verizon doesn't have a customer retention department. Interesting. I'm paying the $160, and whether or not some sort of waiver could have been applied for a service I didn't use but still paid $120 for over a 4 month period.

I have never dealt with anyone so terrible in customer service that wasn't willing to at least address the concerns, much less actually say those phrases to a customer. Verizon's training department could easily use my recorded calls as 'what NOT to say to an upset customer'. This is one customer who has completely lost her trust in a company I'm currently stuck with on cell service unless I want to go through that awful trial again.

Customer Service Does Not Exist At Verizon
By -

First of all, my apologies for bothering with such a trivial issue but nevertheless, a most important issue from a customer's perspective. It just so happened to be that on Monday, February 14th I came home from work and saw the Verizon bill. My wife usually pays this but for some reason I was inclined to review the bill. After reviewing the bill, I noticed that we were being incorrectly charged for total of (7) TV boxes which did not make sense seeing we only have had (6) boxes installed since switching our provider a few years ago.

I then proceeded to check previous bills and noticed that we have been overcharged (and have paid every bill) for one EXTRA STANDARD STB Box @ $5.99 for the past (14) months. As a matter of fact, the last time we were properly charged was in Oct/Nov of 2009. So, eventually this led to phone call to Verizon to get a credit on my account and more importantly stop the nonsense of paying for something we never had or received. I do agree that I should have checked by bill sometime sooner but I not only entrusted my wife to handle but also entrusted Verizon enough not think about having to check my bills for overcharges.

I proceeded to call Verizon and started with the Billing Dept; spoke with a person who had told me they could not help and only tech service can help, went to tech service who said they have nothing to do with billing and sent me back to billing. At this point I decided to start asking more questions and trying to get names and numbers of people I spoke with AND more importantly, get to a Manager and/or someone that could help.

Now in billing once again, I spoke with a person by the name of "Clay'€" who would not give me their last name, location, or clock number for reference. He told me that "He cannot and will not help me, that I just need to pay my bill and that he cannot remove anything because tech service did not okay it." He then proceeded to send me back to tech services, in which I spoke to a woman by the name of Deva who seemed to take somewhat of an initiative and call billing and get them on the line to explain the situation before disconnecting with me.

I was okay with this until Deva hung up and I was left once again with a billing representative named Amanda (clock # **-not sure if this is real or not, in Chicago area I believe) who started to argue with me and calling me a liar about what boxes I had in my home. She kept saying I had seven boxes. I only have six. She sounded like she was reading from a list of numbers but did not and would not offer to run some sort of check on my lines which would most certainly resolve the issue.

I asked her if she would like to send a Service representative to my house, anything she wanted to check and she told me that if she did that, I would have to pay for a full service call. Unbelievable! Well, she then proceeded to argue with me and said she was going to swing me over to tech services once again and that SHE could not help nor was she going to help me.

This is again unbelievable. I am now spending nearing 1-1/2 hours on the phone trying to resolve a somewhat simple issue, and by the way it was Valentine's Day which now is turning into a "Valentine's Day Massacre with Verizon". My wife is waiting. I once again go back to tech services. Finally get a gentleman by the name of Mike who was helpful in finding a representative in my area (I live in Delaware but the woman who helped me was from New Jersey).

It wasn't until I was warmly accepted by this Representative in New Jersey office that I received somewhat of a resolution of my problem. By the way, if it wasn't for this representative, I would have cancelled my service and never looked back. So please, there is a very important person in New Jersey office by the name of Ellen that should be complimented for the way she handled this problem. She was very passionate about her work and understood the value of a customer. If I had her on my initial call, there would have been quick resolution and you and I would not be talking. She should be commended or rewarded in some way for her professionalism on the way she handled this problem.

Please take the time to personally thank her. Ellen eventually put in a rock ticket (# **) to fix and assured me that my bill will be credited next month (6 months @ $5.99/mo =$35.94 total). Anyway, my final resolution was the 6-months of credit for the box I never had but still am out the other 8-months of overcharges which at this point I was willing to sacrifice just to get off the phone.

Well, thank you for calling and caring about my experience. It was terrible experience with the exception to the last representative "Ellen") that I do not want anyone to go through. I hope you can assure me of some type of corrective action for these people that were so rude. There are enough good people out there that would kill for a job right now so I am sure you can find replacement who care. Thank you.

Verizon Customer Service Is Horrible!!!
By -

I just want to share my WORST NIGHTMARE experiences with Verizon. I am online student and I have recently moved and was seeking for Internet provider. About 3 weeks ago I have ordered Verizon Internet self-installation kit. By the end of my one hour conversation with a representative whom I have provide all my debit card information she thanked me and I remembered that equipment better to be delivered to my work address; that's where I spend the most time of a day. The representative assured me that we don't need to do so because delivery didn't need my signature upon arrival.

They charged my card $20 more than they supposed to. Four days later I found a delivery slip from UPS on my front door and it stated that it's a SECOND attempt and they'll try me tomorrow. However, on a back of the slip I found the area where I could just sign and print my name and UPS will leave the package by my door. I did as directed and called UPS.

A woman answered me and I told her that this is who I am and that I left the slip on my door and it's signed. She didn't even bother to tell me "OK" or something but the next thing I heard was (with horrible attitude) "ANYTHING ELSE I CAN HELP YOU WITH?" I said no since I didn't hear the respond for my first (and only issue). She hanged up the phone. Sure enough I found another slip by the door that it was a FINAL attempt and they sending package to the sender. I called Verizon and spend an hour and a half ordering another kit.

She was friendly, but guess what: one week later I still don't have a package!!! I called Verizon again and do you know what I hear? Take a guess; they never placed my order!!! Placing another order and of course, it's another hour on a phone with them. Please, note that all these hours lasting conversations I'm making from my cell phone, which takes out my minutes.

Finally, next day I receive my package to my work address and thinking that finally I'll have an Internet. Too early for celebration, I guess. I couldn't install it!!! Another hour on a phone with Verizon and they said that they will send a tech within 24-48 hrs. It was on Thursday. Three days later I called them up and I started screaming at them saying that if someone is not going to show up by my door I'll cancel the whole thing and I'll contact the headquarters.

Half an hour later someone knocked on my door and it was a tech from Verizon, who said that my order for technician (that supposed to be here 24-48 hrs later) was never placed and he just picked up the ticket! Holy-moly!!! And this guy who has fixed the Internet for me. ALMOST THREE WEEKS LATER!!! So, I ask you; how this company survives in this economy? I hope you have learned a lesson from this review and will NOT make the same mistake I made! Be careful and go for anything but Verizon!!!

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