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Malfunction, misinformation and my headache
By -

Back in March of 2010 I noticed that my data usage for my internet service with Verizon was not properly updating. It was supposed to show me my estimated usage about twice a day and it hadn't updated in about 3 days. I called and spoke to a representative who informed me that I needed to update something (I don't exactly recall), he had me type in something in the VZ Access Manager fields and then my internet screen began flashing wildly.

He stated this was "normal" and that it was "updating" and we hung up. I immediately called back and spoke to another technician who confirmed this was not normal and determined the problem was the VZ Access software and she would FedEx a disk to me.

In the meantime she did establish a temporary connection to the internet so I could continue to have access. The disk was sent to another address in another state and I did not receive until the following week. When I did get the disk I called again and spoke to another technician and representative who informed me that the disk was outdated and of no use and that the problem was my Windows Vista! I was told that a number of Verizon customers were having internet problems with Verizon because of compatibility issues with Vista and Verizon's software.

I asked what to do and the technician coyly stated that he could not advise me on anything but Verizon software and repeatedly stated that customers with Windows 7 software were not having this problem, but was very careful not to overtly tell me to buy Windows 7 to correct the problem. It was heavily insinuated that people with Vista were having problems but those with Windows 7 were not.

I purchased Windows 7. After downloading it, I again called Verizon to help me reinstall the VZ Access Manager software and was told, "VZ ACCESS MANAGER IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS 7 AND VISTA." I was furious and demanded a supervisor and after an hour or so with her eventually got a technician who was unable to reinstall my VZ Access Manager for the internet with Verizon.

Frustrated, I uninstalled Windows 7 and reinstalled Vista and AGAIN called Verizon. This would be my 14th person, counting representatives, technicians and supervisors. I spoke to a technician who informed me that there are no compatibility issues with VZ Access and either Vista or Windows 7. On the VZ Access Manager website is software that can be downloaded to facilitate correction in any potential incompatibilities with Verizon updates and any software, not just Vista and Windows 7. She was able to completely resolve my problem in about an hour to an hour and a half and I was able to use the internet with no issues.

I called 14 Verizon employees, hours of phone time that spanned about a month and the purchase of software that I really did not need on the insinuation of one of the Verizon representatives. All solved by one competent individual in one phone call.

It doesn't end there. I did file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and did get some satisfaction in that Verizon did adjust my bill for that period down to. 91. Yes, 91 cents was all I had to pay for the month for my troubles. They couldn't bring themselves to just zero out the month, by God. I paid them their 91 cents.

Now, I am again having the same problem. My USB modem with Verizon is not correctly updating my usage and I just received a text stating that I was close to going over my monthly limit. I called Verizon and spoke to a representative who did not know my correct usage either. She too was seeing what I was seeing and could not answer my question as to why this was happening again. Her answer was to send me on to a technician.

I said, "no", I want the one that fixed this problem last time, transfer me to her. The representative said that this was "impossible" as she didn't have that technician's information or phone number (but she did admit she had her last name-but I never asked for nor did she give it to me). I asked why she couldn't just email that technician and have her call me and help me with this problem again and again she said this was "impossible".

I asked if the representative and the technician both worked for Verizon and she said "yes" but in different cities. I said that shouldn't prevent communication as many companies have multiple locations and can communicate between them. Then it all came out and I started to understand.

Verizon contracts with different call centers in different cities. The technician that helped me and was so competent works for an independent call center in Chandler AZ. The representative I was speaking with works for another call center company/contractor in the state of Washington. This is why Verizon is falling apart. They have competing contractors for their business with only their interest at heart and not the service of the customer.

They cannot work together because it is in their best interest to service as many Verizon customers as possible to keep their contract, therefore there will be no referral or attempt to connect me. I was advised that I could email Verizon corporate headquarters asking for the technician in Chandler AZ to help me, but that seems very unlikely.

I do not have it in me to go through another 14 incompetent and insecure bunch of poorly trained call center staff and loose more hours and experience more frustration. In a way I do feel sorry for the call center staff as I am sure they are given very little in the way of proper training and are probably only given checklists and Q&A cards to go through with customers.

Ultimately I blame Verizon for its poor choices and poor treatment of it's staff. As far as my modem problem goes, I guess I will have to "wing it" from here on out and continue to contest bills on the basis of poorly maintained software on their part. I never had this problem in the past.

"Poor" Customer Service
By -

I became an Alltel customer in early 2004. I was very happy with their service, and generally didn't have any complaints. If something went wrong with my phone, they fixed it. If there was a mistake on my bill, they fixed it. I loved Alltel because when I was "roaming" off of the Alltel network, I frequently had coverage on Verizon's networks (or so the phone would tell me when I neglected to dial a necessary area code while traveling), without paying the big Verizon price tag.

I became a Verizon customer last fall (Aug 2009-ish), and I will be sending a formal letter of complaint to the BBB and to the FCC tomorrow. I never wanted to be a Verizon customer, and I doubt I ever will be in the future. I'm over Verizon- I can't stand them. We (me and my four other phone lines) are totally sick of Verizon's "poor" customer service model.

I wish I could think of a clean adjective to describe their customer service model other than "poor," but nothing comes to mind. I did not choose to be a Verizon customer, and among other things, I think it's complete bunk that I still have to pay $150+ PER LINE (5 lines, you do the math!!) to get out of our contract.

From the start, my Alltel phone had issues on Verizon's network. I would miss calls, messages, text messages, etc., and the phone had absolutely no record of missing those calls. How do I know this? I would compare phones with my mother, when my phone failed to ring when she called me. The call would be registered in her phone, but not mine. We are on the same family plan; there is really no reason why this should be happening.

So, I upgraded to a Verizon phone. Two of my brothers (also on the same plan) were having similar issues, so we all upgraded at once. Two of us got a Blackberry Storm, because of a buy-one-get-one offer. This was mid-September 2009.

My experience up to that point with BOGO offers on cell phones had been that the phone model on sale was usually on sale due to overstocks, a new model coming out soon, etc. But not Verizon! How do I know this? Read on. The first 30 days of this phone were fine- no issues. From time to time it was VERY slow, which I assumed was a Blackberry issue, and since I really didn't know much about Blackberry phones, I assumed that the lack of knowledge and expertise on my part was to blame.

My brother, who had the identical Blackberry Storm, complained about the same issues, but he'd had other Blackberry models before this one, and just wasn't a fan of the Blackberry, but wanted the PDA functions. And, the phone was buy-one-get-one, which was in our budget. So, we tried to learn to deal with it.

After the first month (which is significant to Verizon, because if you don't trade in your phone during the first 30 days, you're stuck with it for two years, until you are eligible for another upgrade... a policy VERY different from Alltel's policies, which would have been nice of Verizon to explain, but they failed to do so at any time during the merger), our phones started consistently crashing, freezing, failing to register calls, etc. (remember, this is why we upgraded from our previous phones, with which we had been very happy!).

At 34 days into the new phone, I sat next to a lawyer at a friend's wedding. We both had a Blackberry Storm. We spent about 30 minutes talking about how slow the phone was to open ANY application, how it constantly needed attention in order to work (period), and generally what we disliked about the phone.

I really don't recall any shared positive points to the phone from that conversation. It is through this lawyer that I learned about Verizon's 30-day return policy. Yes, the phones will be replaced with a refurbished model if they break (without mistreatment on your part), but after 30 days, you're stuck with it for 2 years. I figure at that point, that I just need to live with that junk phone, and just regularly install updates from Blackberry.

By February 2010, I was still carrying the phone with me when I left the house, but primarily used our home business line for any and all calls. I had visited several Verizon stores in an effort to fix the "bugs" in the phone, but each and every time, I was told that there wasn't a THING the "customer service associates" were able to do for me to fix the problem. I needed to call a 1-800 number to speak with Verizon directly. Those calls ended in frustration and promises to myself to cancel our contract the first chance I got (without paying $1000 to cancel the contract).

Mid-April 2010, I had installed the promised Blackberry firmware update, and yet STILL had problems receiving phone calls, placing phone calls... basically using any type of function within the device that required a connection to the Verizon network. The device's camera, media player, calendar, internal applications all work just fine.

However, the actual phone functions... don't. I visited a Verizon store (still conditioned by the excellent customer service model at Alltel), and was told AGAIN to call the 800 number. This has happened to me in multiple Verizon stores both in Arizona AND Virginia.

After making another call to that crap phone number, I received a refurbished device, followed all the set-up and activation instructions. For about a week, the device worked as it should. Meanwhile, my brother's phone was a buggy as it ever had been.

I should spell out quite clearly here the reactions from various "customer service representatives" that I have received in dealing with his crap phone. Essentially what I've gotten during an in-person visit to a Verizon retail store is a brief look of frustration from the Verizon employee, and a patronizing speech about how they can't do anything about the problem, the problem is with Blackberry, etc., etc.

During my calls to the 800 number, I have been quite clear about the problems with the phone, and that I have NEVER been a satisfied Verizon customer. The response has been fairly similar, except there's usually an added line: 'I know exactly what you're talking about, and I'm sorry you've had those issues. How many times have you had the phone replaced?' (Something along those lines).

I work in customer service. Because I work in customer service, I know that it really does not take much to have a successful customer service department. HOWEVER, if you are looking for a failed customer service model, go sign a contract with Verizon. If you work in customer service, you shouldn't EVER have to ask "how many" times a product has been replaced.

This afternoon (5/4/10), my brother called me (from another phone), to tell me that his phone had completely died (screen froze while he was listening to music on headphones, and the headphone jack seemed to die at the same time, because although he hadn't unplugged the headphones, his music started playing through the phone's speaker), and despite trying to turn it off (which he couldn't do), and removing the battery, the phone was dead.

Plugging it into a computer via USB cable didn't resurrect the phone, and charging it for 12 hours didn't work, either. At that point, he slammed the phone on the floor, cracked the screen, and then he was able to turn it back on. Go figure.

He had gone to a Verizon store, but they refused to help him with anything- wouldn't even tell him the amount of our current months' bill. (We pay about $250 per month for our current contract. The least Verizon could do is fix their own mistakes).

I called phone number to the Verizon store that he had visited (someone from that store called me, but I missed the call while at the doctor's office), but they were closed for the day (my brother is on the east coast, I am on the west coast). Angry, I called that crap 800 number, and told the girl with whom I spoke what the situation was, and apologized if it seemed like I was directing my anger at her personally.

I informed her that I was already going to submit a formal complaint to the FCC, but that if Verizon couldn't resolve this issue (in other words, replace our phones with a different model) by the end of tomorrow's business day (5/5/10), I would be canceling our contract, no matter what the cost, and finding another provider.

She was very nice, and tried to be helpful, although my experience on the phone tonight was the same as others. She told me that Verizon HAS KNOWN about Blackberry issues for several months, and that "Blackberry is working on it." However, even though my brother had cracked the screen when he threw it on the floor in frustration, they were willing to replace his phone for free, as it had already died on him. Silver lining?

My question to her (being in customer service for an international sales company), was: "Why is Verizon carrying a product that they know is faulty?" She didn't know. I wasn't surprised at all, seeing as I was talking with Verizon. I explained that if Verizon knew this product was faulty, they shouldn't be selling it. Or at the very least, they should be providing a disclaimer to customers.

Now, from a business standpoint, continuing to sell a faulty product doesn't make any sense. If Verizon stopped carrying ALL Blackberry models until Blackberry had fixed the issues, I'll bet those bugs would be fixed in a week's time. Loyal blackberry users don't refer to their phones as "crackberry" without reason! I suppose, anyway.

As of tonight, there is no resolution to this problem. There wasn't a supervisor or manager available earlier this evening that I could speak with; apparently they had all gone home for the day. That begs another question- why doesn't Verizon have ANY managers available during normal call center hours - 7am-10pm, CST??? I called about 7:30pm, CST. There should have been a manager able to take my call.

I am anticipating a large charge on my credit card tomorrow in order to get out of my Verizon contract, as well as a search for a new cell phone provider. At this point, I don't care if I end up with a pre-paid phone, as long as the phone actually works!! I know several former Alltel customers who have already paid to get out of their contracts because of their "disappointment" with Verizon's customer service.

I anticipate to count myself amongst them tomorrow evening, because unless Verizon pulls some miracle hat trick tomorrow, we will be GONE. I will be faxing my complaints to the FCC, BBB, and Verizon tomorrow, whenever I get a break during my workday. There is simply no reasonable explanation for Verizon allowing this problem to continue as it has. Inexcusable.

Never had a problem
By -

I recently had to make several phone calls to Verizon over a period of a few days. The first time I called, it was to release a cell phone on my family plan, so that the user could get off of my plan, and start his own, under his own bill. I called later that evening to ask about upgrade info. I was due for an early upgrade, but my "every two" is not due until July.

I was confused about the pricing for the early upgrade, as I knew it was to be higher. The man I spoke with put me on hold for a bit, and then came back and told me that he found a loophole to allow me to get not only the "every two" pricing, but also to get the internet discount (I couldn't do the upgrade on the net, since I wasn't fully eligible yet). He saved me about $170 in getting the phone that I wanted.

I called again today to A) Change my last name on my account, B) make sure that my soon to be ex husband had indeed really taken has phone off of my account, C) Change the ship to address on my phone, because I forgot to tell the guy from last night to send it to my work.

All three phone calls were handled in an efficient, friendly manner. I have had Verizon for several years now, and I have received nothing but the best of service. When my husband couldn't stand his phone, but wasn't eligible for an upgrade, the manager at our local store let him use mine. When my husband broke the new phone 6 months later, they gave me a new one for free, despite the fact it didn't have insurance, because we were in a tough spot (our son was in the hospital).

All too often on review sites, a company is only reviewed when the service is bad. All companies will have their bad moments. It's bound to happen. But, I work in customer service, and I know that no news is good news. My company is in advertising products, and we ship 200 orders a day. Maybe there is an issue with 2 or 3 orders a week, but from the feedback, you'd think that we can't get it right. Out of 67 million subscribers, Verizon is bound to upset a few thousand.

I can see in many of the reviews that I have read that as the review goes on, the typing gets less accurate, and the grammar gets worse. Reviewers are getting more upset even as they type. In my customer service experience, that is how calls go as well. Someone is not happy about something, or is confused. They start off in a foul mood, and they only get worse from there.

If you have ever been a CSR on a call loop, then I am willing to wager that you do not have as many negative experiences with any company's customer service, as those who have not. For those who are reading this review, and are angry at Verizon's customer service reps, ask yourselves these questions:

Were you crabby to the representative when they got on the phone? Try starting with "I hope you can help me", rather than "you screwed up". (I'm constantly waiving charges and giving better pricing at my job when someone calls and says, "I totally misquoted my customer, can you help" rather than "I want better pricing"... Those guys get zip from me!).

Were you overly excited about your issue when you tried to explain it? If you are in freak out mode over your bill, the CSR is probably having a hard time figuring out what you're trying to say. Take a deep breath, and don't be snotty if they can't understand you while you're talking a mile a minute.

Were you rude or demeaning to the representative the last time you called? When you are nasty to a CSR that's going to be noted in your account. When you get a different person, they're going to have seen that note, and they'll be on the defensive, and less likely to help you. Did you act like the error was the reps personal screw-up? CSR's hate that. It will make them prejudice against you from the start.

I've worked as a CSR a long time. In every industry, when something goes wrong, people have the same attitudes when they talk to a CSR. And it's because we're human. We want someone to hear our problems, and identify with it. We want to vent, and we want someone to take responsibility.

Because the CSR is the first line of contact in any major company, they take the most anger, frustration, and insult. It's the name of the game. Trust me, if you're mean, you will be insulted beyond your ability to comprehend, behind your back, as soon as the call is done. If your ears are burying after a heated CSR call, there's a reason why.

I am only saying all of this folks because I see the reviews that are left, and a lot of it seems to be about "bad customer service" because they didn't get the answer they want, when they wanted, with everything free for the inconvenience of having to call. I could just as well post this under any company's profile. I'm choosing Verizon because I've had excellent service for several years, and I have 6 or 7 friends that can say the same thing.

All companies will screw up. Until robots run the planet, all companies will be subject to human error. So your bill is wrong. Don't go in all gung-ho, and believe it or not, usually your problem will be handled right away, and will be taken care of. Verizon screwed my bill up about 6 months ago.

I called, asked for assistance, and it was credited on the next month's bill. I simply talked to them the way that I would want a customer calling my job to speak to me, and lo and behold, I got what I wanted. I didn't expect an extra credit due to the inconvenience, and I didn't treat the representative like it was their personal fault.

Worst Internet Service I Have Ever Experienced
By -

NEW JERSEY -- This letter is in response to the poor service I received when I was a Verizon Wireless customer from September 2008-2009. For the first 8 or so months of service, the internet service was okay. There were some instances in which the internet was not working or extremely slow, but the issue was able to be resolved through a phone call to Technical Support. This 30-45 minute phone call was an inconvenience, but I was glad the issue was able to be resolved nonetheless.

From the period of July 3rd, 2009 to August 24th, 2009, a technician had to come to my home on four separate occasions to fix my internet. This occurred two weeks in a row, on July 3 and July 10th. On the second visit, the technician recommended that the internet speed be lowered from 7.1 Mbps to 3 Mbps. He said that the connectivity issue stemmed from the distance from Verizon's server and my apartment and that lowering the speed would actually make the internet go faster.

I called Verizon to make this change and was offered a lower monthly rate, but I would only get the lower monthly rate IF I signed another 12 month contract. I declined, saying that I had already experienced poor service and did not want to continue this service any longer than I already had to. This lower rate also irritated me, because when I had first signed up for service, the Verizon employee encouraged me to take the higher speed.

Basically, Verizon had been profiting from selling me a higher speed at a higher price when I would have had better service if I would have taken the lower speed that presented less of a profit for Verizon. Furthermore, it was in my opinion that I be given this lower rate because my internet was at a lower speed and because of the many problems I have experienced.

My next internet service outage was from July 29 to August 2. I called Verizon Technical Support as soon as I was aware of the problem, but the problem was not fixed until 5 days later. They said that a technician would be sent Thursday afternoon, which I had to take off work to wait for. The technician never came and the issue was not resolved until the following Sunday. This created an extreme inconvenience, as relied on having internet access at my apartment. I did pay Verizon $35 a month to have to drive over to the public library to use the internet for 30 minutes between the hours of 10 A.M. and 5 P.M.

I also was without internet from August 21 to 24. I called on Friday when I became aware of the issue. They were not able fix the problem over the phone. The Support Technician said that they would be able to send out a technician on Monday. I requested a technician for Saturday, stating that I work full-time and could not take off work. The individual on the phone said that technicians do not work on Saturday.

I told that they did indeed work on Saturdays, as one had come to my apartment on a Saturday. She said that one “might” be able to come on Saturday but that she could not guarantee this. I told that I wanted this issue addressed, especially considering that this was the 4th technician that had to come to my apartment in the past 8 weeks. My internet was not fixed until the following Monday.

While I was able to get a small service credit for the time I was without internet, this amount did not compare with the time and inconvenience caused by the lack of internet. Every time a technician had to be called, I had to take off of work. I should not have to take off the greater part of 4 days within 8 weeks because my internet is not working. Furthermore, each time I had to call technical support, the call was at least 45 minutes long (half of this time was spent on hold).

I also did not approve of Verizon's billing practices. When I initially received the modem, these charges were taken out of my checking account. I did not realize that this automatically authorized Verizon to take the monthly bill out of my account automatically every month. I never signed anything giving Verizon the authority to do so. The first month I had service, I called to request a paper bill.

The only bill at that time was an e-mail that I received the day the money was taken out of my account. Even though I requested a paper bill and an e-mail with earlier notice of the billing, I did not receive either. The only paper communication I ever received from Verizon my very last bill stating that my balance was zero.

When I had signed up for internet service, I understood it was a 12 month contract. Ironically, Verizon told me I had to call right before my 12 month service was up to end my service. I also asked for a letter stating that my service with Verizon had ended. She stated that Verizon does not provide paper billing and could only provide me with a confirmation number.

Furthermore, when I called to end my service, the woman asked why I was discontinuing my service and tried to discourage me from ending my internet service (even after I explained to her that I had to have a technician come to my apartment four times in eight weeks). This is just another example of Verizon's aggressive business tactics.

I was very glad once my 12 months of service with Verizon ended. In all of my life I have never experienced such poor internet and customer service. Through my experience I became very aware of Verizon's prime focus on profit margins and lack of focus on providing quality internet and customer service. I will never again use Verizon internet and will be spreading the message to everyone I know, including the Better Business Bureau and other consumer advocacy groups. I urge you to reconsider the way you treat your customers and the “quality” of service you provide.

A Vile Company
By -

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY -- I've been fighting with Verizon for years with no luck. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities is as useless, and since I have ended service, the response from them and the BBB is that I am no longer a customer. Aren't they observant?

As with many other customers with perpetual problems, I am in a rural area. Verizon does not service the area properly and lies. Most of the techs have been decent, and have clued me in on how awful the company is, but I have grown to distrust them too.
The phone goes bad when it rains. They send someone out for a temporary fix. Then it happens all over again. I started asking for credits, but on the last bill they charged me 91 dollars for service. I refused service, but they claimed they performed it and that the problem is in the house. The 91 dollars is a diagnosis.

Everyone knows the problems are on the lines, but they persist on lying like sociopaths. They charged me before for work not performed and credited it, but this time I got an argument. The tech who came on June 4th told me he didn't want to hear my complaint because he was union. He was told to leave the property. He would not. He was told to leave by the police, and I cancelled my service shortly afterwards.

This 91 dollars is not for service. It is for spite. The obtuse nature of their service is alarming. It's no wonder the number one complaint to Consumer Affairs in NJ was about telecommunications. It actually rained this spring. Here is a copy of a complaint I sent to the BPU:

The phone service has been inadequate and criminal. Customers are expected to pay in full each month, no matter the quality of that service, unless you complain to the BBB and specifically request reimbursement. The "customer service" of Verizon has been designed to filter problems, rather than address them.

The company is prepared to leave certain customers "without" in order to create a facade of adequacy. They are not willing to invest in quality for all customers in a problem area. The problems are related to moisture. The nature of repair in the area is designed to hide the problem, and substantial fixes would require regular maintenance or line replacement within a certain area.

It is possible to give specific dates for poor or non-existent service, and examples can be provided, but considering the above mentioned strategies for "maintenance", it is adequate to say that any period of moisture is a service problem for any number of residences in the area.

June 1 and counting, 2009. May 5, 8, 9, 2009. March 29, 2009. October 24, 2007. June 12 and 25, 2007. November 28-30, 2006. October 8, 2006. September 1, 27, 28, 2006. June 25, 2006. May 27 and 28, 2006. This is just a small example of affected service. It is difficult to find the time to keep up with Verizon's chicanery. It can be stated with accuracy that precipitation inevitably affects service.

An attitude of acceptable sub-par service in rural areas is rendered by representatives of the company. The rural excuse is utterly demeaning. Having lived in other rural and wet regions of the United States, a stark contrast can be made to this pathetically provincial excuse. Thirty minutes from Wilmington, 1.25 hours, from Philadelphia, two hours from NYC and 2.5 hours from D.C. accentuates the importance of the area and does not negate or delineate in any way shape or form its rural character. It is ridiculous that such an area receives sub-par service.

The problem is related to the age of the lines and the corporation's unwillingness to maintain the important necessities of infrastructure. Their actions are an assault on the public trust. Verizon's business practices are the result of economic bigotry. It is well known that Verizon is slow and unresponsive to areas of lower income in the inner city and countryside and is surreptitiously unwilling to provide its obligations of service, although the fees are the same whether you live in a wealthy or poor area.

Company policy is maintained to prevent complaints rather than address them. A 1-800 number is provided in order to filter complaints away from the BPU and only temporary fixes are made. There is evidence of collusion between government entities and Verizon.

Complaints to the FCC and the BPU are not taken seriously and are rerouted to an undecipherable maze of government bureaucracies. Legal complaints require a $25.00 fee that will be lost in legal oblivion. Verizon has been given rights in New Jersey and metropolitan Philadelphia without providing adequate service for existing operations. Local political units are often unresponsive and supportive of Verizon. The FCC refers complaints to the BPU, yet renders it powerless.

Alternate services are available but impractical. Cellular service, air phones, and satellites provide adequate service in the area. However, these services are cheaper to maintain than traditional service yet are more expensive and unaffordable for consumers. FIOS is a wish and concrete attainability is a mirage. Its installation has created its own issues evidenced by an entire page dedicated to problems at the consumer affairs web site.

Verizon's hierarchy requires an unnecessary and costly chain of command that requires a home inspection first, leading to the inevitable repair of faulty outside lines causing: Pressure on representatives to make faulty home diagnostics in the name of “sales”. Wasted time and resources that can be contributed to real fixes. An April 4th, 2009 bill showing charges for service of 100 dollars for services refused inside the home exemplifying gross incompetence, unbridled corporate avarice and arrogance.

It is the 21'st century. Water proofing is not magical but an every day reality, however, not a part of Verizon's maintenance. Enrollment in the combined billing options for land and cell use led to convoluted and incorrectly executed billing agreements exemplifying gross incompetence.

Verizon has no respect for private property. I have had representatives come in the house for five years. This stopped when false charges appeared on a bill. Some representatives understand the issue and do not insist on entrance but others do. It has been consistently fixed in the past on the outdoor lines, but now the game is to insist on entrance. This is a gross violation of property rights.

This is a safety issue. I have missed phone calls from the police, doctors and hospitals. This is an issue where apology and reimbursement cannot be commensurate with the frustration Verizon has caused. Because of no phone service since June 2, 2009, and growing corporate intransigence, I have cancelled all phone service. Closing was met with the usual arguments that Verizon customer service presents its customers, and it took me two phone calls to complete, costing me more time with this savagely unfair and morally bankrupt corporation.

In conclusion, there is no excuse for the service Verizon gives and there is no acceptable apology. The only adequate outcome would be admission of guilt and a more than temporary fix. I seek financial restitution for those affected by Verizon's incompetence, waived court costs and to inform government entities of another situation where they have failed to protect the citizenry from corporate malfeasance resulting in the detriment of our infrastructure."

Just Another Faceless Verizon Victim
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I don't even know where to start with my depraved journey with Verizon, so I will tell the sordid story the best I can. On or around Feb 7th, 2008, a man who worked for Verizon knocked on our door and convinced us to get the bundle package (cable, internet, phone). We were quoted the approximate monthly amount we would be charged after the initial three month breakdown of extra boxes and installation in other rooms (around $170.00). Let's just see if it's the amount they quoted (if I am still with them, which is looking very doubtful as of late). I asked him if we would be eligible for the free TV and he said he "didn't know," and gave me a number to call to see if we were eligible. We decided to have the installer come on February 21. The door sales rep gave me his cell phone number in case we had any questions and he was on his merry way to recruit other unlucky poor souls in the neighborhood to sign up with Verizon.
Two days later (Feb 9th), I called this man and asked him if I could have a copy of what we ordered. He could not provide that and said we would get a copy when the installer came.

On this same day, Verizon people already marked their "territory" with the blue flags around our property where they were going to dig. In the meantime, I called and asked if I would get the free TV and the person I talked to said "yes." The big day comes (Feb 21) and the man installed everything. Took him about four hours I guess. Sure enough, we got a "copy" that was yellow, but didn't say what we ordered. Just a bunch of numbers, abbreviations, and initials that only a tech could read or understand. The installer did point out to us what channels we got on the paper guide he gave us, but there was no breakdown of prices for anything. He also informed us he only lived two blocks from us. We were neighbors. How about that. So anyway, he left. Ever since he walked out that door it has been downhill. For starters, he left the light on in the attic (we knew this because we could see it through an air vent in the ceiling in the garage that was made into a bedroom). We called him and left a note on his door about the light in the attic and he never responded to us, even though he was two blocks away.

Next day we had to call Verizon to send someone out to go up in the attic to turn the light off. This was a Sunday. A tech came on Monday to turn the light off. Then I had trouble logging on the internet and couldn't understand why. The installer set the Z adapter up wrong where we have to hit the Z icon (for the adapter), let it come up and then right-click to exit the Z icon! Then we can log on. It took me many hours over the night to figure that out after countless calls to Verizon's tech support's confusing web of menus and automated operators. Finally the third human tech guy I talked to told me the installer set the adapter up wrong. So I have to exit out the Z icon every time I log on to the internet. Okay, so I can finally get online now. Everything was going great for a bit until our first billing cycle. They never sent us a statement for Feb of what we owed for the first month's usage! I called and told them and they said we should be getting one any day, and they gave me the website so I could see the bill online. In the meantime, while I am on the phone with them, I was offered several sales pitches. One was for spyware, another was for the "refer a friend" program. I told them I already had free spyware and said I didn't know anyone to recommend Verizon to.

After I hung up, I try to log on to the Verizon site to view my bill, but first I have to "register.", but before I could, the site informed me I would be getting a call "within 30 minutes" to get a temporary number to log on with. Two hours passed--they never called. At the two-hour mark, it was 6:00 p.m. Next day comes, they never called, so I called them about 2:00 p.m. same day, and tell them nobody called me with a temp number. Woman gave me a number to call to get my temp number, along with all the pathetic sales pitches that come along with the call, then I was finally able to log on to my account.
Well, the paper bill statement never came, so I had to go online a print out a statement of what I owed and mailed it with check to the billing address I verified with the CSR and that was also the address on the Verizon "send payments to" account site. I mailed the check in with a letter stating that I would like a paper bill next billing cycle. I went online a few days later to see if they received it.

It showed they did indeed receive it. So far, so good. The second billing cycle comes--still no paper billing statement. I called them again and told them I never received a paper bill for March. The male rep said I should have and told me that he sees THAT I HAVE NOT SIGNED UP FOR ONLINE BILLING so I SHOULD HAVE GOT A PAPER BILL, verified my address and assured me that I would get a paper bill in a few days. In the meantime, he is trying to sell me some package. He said I could "get HBO for two cents more." I said "okay." Then he said I would lose Cinemax though, so I said I didn't want it then. Then he tried to sell me spyware. I said I already had spyware. Then he wanted me to get some box to record movies from the TV. I told him I didn't want to buy anything and that I already had a DVD recorder. Then he said something to the effect, 'But you don't even know what I am offering you yet." So I was forced to listen, and then I told him I don't watch those many shows. And he had the gall to say, "Then why do you have a DVD recorder?! Can you believe it?!!

I just ignored him. Then he told me about the "refer a friend program." I never answered him back. To make a long story short, I finally got off the phone with this clown, and he again assured me I would get a paper bill in the mail in the next few days. A paper bill never came. Had to go online again and print out a makeshift statement with a check for said amount and mailed it in. This was on April 10th.

On April 18, I go online and it showed that the check hasn't been posted yet. I called them yet again and asked them why the check had not been posted for the second billing cycle, and they had no record of receiving my check. The rep did some research and sent an email somewhere to see where my check was and he said they would get back with me in a few days (yeah, right). In the meantime, while he is doing his research, this rep started his sales pitches ad nausea yet again. I told him I don't want to buy anything, I just want a PAPER BILL OF MY STATEMENT SENT TO MY HOUSE. He then informs me I HAVE SIGNED UP FOR "ONLINE BILLING" and that is why I haven't received a statement!(?) I told him I NEVER signed up for online billing! He said it must have been a "mistake" and I would have to call this number he gave me to cancel it.

In the meantime, I asked him about why I haven't received any form to get the free TV and he told me I got 10.2 bandwidth instead of the faster one and I wasn't eligible for the free TV. I told him everyone told me I would get the TV, except for the one guy that said he "didn't know." The phone rep also gave me a phone number for more info on the free TV in case I had any more questions. Finally the call ended after one last reminder about the "refer a friend" program. After that call ended, I called the number he gave me to cancel the online billing I never asked for or signed up for in the first place. I was waiting on the phone for 22 minutes. Finally a lady comes on and I tell her I want to cancel the online billing and receive a paper bill, and she puts that info in the computer for me and before she hangs up, she informs me that "I will no longer be able to view my account online." WTF? Regardless of whether I do the paper billing or the online billing I should be able to see my account! That is what the Verizon FAQS page says! What are they doing? Am I being punished for wanting a paper bill?!

So this early morning (April 21th) I get online to see what others are saying about Verizon and I stumble across this site and read all the depraved stories of what Verizon has done to other poor souls and realize I am not alone. Eager to tell my own story, I decide to register on here, which I do, but first as you know, I have to go to the site in the confirmation email my3cents sends me. I log on to my Verizon (ICK!) email account, and lo' and behold, what first strikes my attention is an email from Verizon, that says something in the subject line about my upgraded internet speed?!!!! I open it up and it is a confirmation (with confirmation number) about ordering the faster internet speed (the 21.5 bandwidth). And they are thanking me for "my order" and it stated that it goes into effect April 21, 2008! I NEVER ORDERED AN UPGRADE TO A FASTER INTERNET SPEED!!!!! I am so mad I don't know what action to take next. I am going to call them this morning in about four hours from now and cancel the service I never ordered, which isn't fair!

I will keep everyone updated on what happens next!
Oh, and a word of advice for those of you that are trying to get through to a person: When the automated operator asks for your phone number, keep saying "OPERATOR" and you will get connected to someone right away.

As a side note, my next door neighbors have this huge cable sticking out from their garage all the way across their driveway and into the beginning of our yard. It literally looks like a "rainbow!" A sure mark Verizon has been there.
I wish I would have stayed with Brighthouse. I don't know what Verizon is going to pull next and I don't know what to do. I am only on a pension and I am afraid they will start robbing me like they have so many others. If I cancel before they resolve the check issue, they may stick it to me worse. My hands are tied at this point. I don't know how those people sleep at night. But I do know one thing: What comes around goes around!

If anyone wants to contact me, my email is JSabbot50 at

Maybe we can put our heads together and figure something out to stop this injustice!

Good luck to all of you!

Verizon will not Stop Billing me Even though I paid Their Fee to Stop Service
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I canceled my service in March 2010 and paid $120 to get out of the contract. I asked for a receipt but they said they couldn't give me one. In June I realized they were still billing me so I sent several emails with no response. In July I called again and paid $110 to get out of this contract. Again they refused to give me a confirmation #. Sept 16 2010 I checked my account and realized they were still billing me! This is beginning to feel like criminal intent of theft. I was furious. Spoke to "Patrick" who would not transfer me to a supervisor. He said they are not allowed to transfer for this reason. He said he would cancel the account and I said but I have already done this. What proof do I have that you won't continue to bill me. I kept him on the phone for a while insisting I get a supervisor. I told him I felt sorry for him because he worked for such a badly run company. He said I know and then said hold on let me see what I can do. He came back and someone would call me in 48 hours. No one ever called me. BTW: their fees some months were $300 and I never knew why. This is THEFT. Anyone want to put together a class action? Rule the air is their tag line. close but it should be Rule the customer.

BB Tour Damaged by Ear Sweat
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My Tour 9630 was damaged because when using it to speak to a contact on a hot day my ear and face emitted a small amount of sweat that then seeped into the LCD display. Water as they say is not covered by the warranty and therefore damage caused by sweat from my ear is not covered by my warranty. I seriously and maybe stupidly thought that because you need to bring a phone to your ear to use the phone in those cases when you don't have an ear piece, the phone would be replaced. will not be replaced. What's worse is that BB Customer Service said that if I have a sweat problem that I should use an ear piece. Great advice...and I agree. However, if a phone is damaged during the normal course of its intended use shouldn't it be covered? I didn't go deep see diving off the coast of panama...I used the phone on a hot day.

Verizon Will Ruin Your Credit And Customer Service Is Horrific!
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The customer service reps lie to you to get you off the phone. And have you call another Verizon dept with even crappier people who just add to your frustration. I have been a Verizon customer since they started in Maryland. NEVER paying LATE. EVER. Except when I cancelled the landline. They never sent me a final bill until I received a collection notice. I paid it right away and called Verizon to ensure it did not get on my credit. They said it would not. LIED. It did get on the credit report and dropped my credit score 100 points. For an F-ING $60 paid 2 months late. I called Verizon to have it removed from credit report. First off the ignorant, rude representative named Inez said " I doubt they'll take it off the report once it's on there" in a foul attitude.

I explained about the credit score, how I was an ontime paying customer forever, the past 20 years. I was calling for my husband and I had to give her the exact amount of the last payment to verify security. I was unable to at the time. After all that she said she could not help me anyway I had to call collections and have the security information with me when I called. I called collections 5 minutes later when I found the amount. The next Rep in collections Cecilia was even more foul then Inez.

She said "The customer service representative just told you we could not talk to you about this account". This is what she wrote on my account, that she told me they could not discuss my husband's account. Inez LIED AGAIN. I kept trying to tell her this was not what Inez told me, that she told me to have the information when calling collections. But Cecelia kept stressing the conversation by cutting me off and kept repeating Mam, Mam. Pointless. I ended up just hanging up on her in frustration. She couldn't care less that the previous person flat out lied to me. God only know what she wrote in my transaction with her. That's another thing, you don't know what comments they are putting on your account.

They lie about the conversation on your account.
To get anywhere with this I had to call the credit reporting agency and they filed a dispute. Gladly this representative was polite, correct and informative. The Better Business Bureau will get this report next. This is horrible and so frustrating. These customer service people just take so much joy in slamming the door in your face. Right off the beginning, both were just abrupt, rude and abrasive. They are like Comcast used to be when they were a monopoly. Well Verizon is not a monopoly and I am shopping for a new internet service provider. The problem is that my $30 DSL line a month will not put a dent in their pocket. They will not miss me and they will continue to sabotage their customers because I am just a grain of sand to them. This will happen to you to !!!

The most PATHETIC customer service I have experienced
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I have been a Verizon customer since they acquired Air Touch Cellular in 2000. I was an Air Touch customer for 3 years before that. At first I was impressed with Verizon's customer service, but in the past 3 years I have had the WORST experiences with the people I call in customer service. The issues are so simple, but Verizon's customer service operates on a 3 call minimum. I have to call at least 3 times before I am able to get someone smart enough to dress themselves. I sent a complaint letter to the VP of customer service, and he is too busy hiding from irate customers to reply to the letter. He just sends it to the "make this guy go away" department (The Executive Response Team). These people in the Executive Response Team are the engineers of the stupid train.

I wanted to upgrade using their new every two offer. I talked to the customer service representative on the phone, and he said he needed a credit card for a phone that was at no cost for me. I ask why he needed my credit card for an upgrade that was free, and he fumbled for words and said it was for Identification purposes. I told him I have been a customer for 10 years and why did they need my Identification. I hung up on this rocket scientist. The next call was with another representative equally as dumb, but she did tell me that she needed a credit card because of a past due balance of $27.84. My bill for 4 lines is around $200 a month and I haven't a clue where this $27.84 number came from. The real interesting part is I have been on auto pay for 5 years, and there is no way to have a past due balance when they tap my checking account each month (auto pay). I was so angry at this stupid bunch I should have canceled all 4 lines that instant.

I was contacted by the Executive Response Team after sending the VP a letter regarding this issue. This idiot that called me did nothing but offer excuses and apologies. It turns out it was Verizon's mistake (which I knew) and they did absolutely NOTHING but give me apologies and excuses. I terminated one of my lines instantly. Now here I am with a similar problem with one of my JUNK LG phones that neither LG or Verizon will do anything about. The phone is 6 months old and the screen is froze up and will do nothing. I guess it is time to give another line to AT&T.

A few months ago Verizon boasted having over 70 million customers. I just checked on line and they have just short of 67 million customers now. Where do you think over 3 million customers went in just a few months???? Every day at each of Verizon's customer service call centers they must have a big dump truck full of stupid delivered. Some customer service reps get more than others, but most of it goes to the Executive Response team!!! BEWARE!!! Keep track and document your communications with these people. It is terrible you need to do this, but trust me it is necessary. I give them money each month and they should meet my needs and take care of my business without me needing to keep a constant watch on them. I pay them to supply a network and customer service. One out of two is not acceptable.

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