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Verizon Customer Service Is Full of Liars
By -

I have a new Samsung phone which is junk. This phone is 4 months old and has had problems for more than 3 months. Beware of Verizon and their smoke and mirrors. They have a 30 day New Replacement lie they tell you when you order the new phone. I had the phone for 3 weeks and called the Verizon customer service liar hotline. They quickly shuffle you to the Technical liar department. Then you get a phony quick troubleshooting process and they tell you the phone is fine now. By the time you use it a little you are past the 30 day new replacement period. Then you are only able to get a certified pre-owned junk phone when it quits working again.

The pre-owned phone worked for 2 days and then you are at their mercy for another one that will not last longer than a week. The first pre-owned junk replacement worked 30 seconds and would not power up a second time. The second pre-owned junk powered up and the screen froze up. Verizon must have employees that can't make it in customer service so they put them in the repair department. This is both sad and scary. I have called the incompetent idiots 17 times in 3 days. The reason it took 3 days is I can only spend 4 hours a night with this nonsense and still get my work done. I finally got someone that was able to get their shoes on the right feet.

This girl checked notes and found the previous 2 calls gave me information that was lies. I thanked this girl for telling me the truth, and she assured me she would find the supervisor necessary to get the issue resolved. This very intelligent girl took a number from another line (it's AT&T) since this Verizon phone won't work. She promised to call me in 3 to 5 days after talking with the right supervisor. I either found a very rare competent representative or another liar. We will see in 4 or 5 days. My point is if you get one of the many many idiots Verizon staffs their customer service with, politely tell them they are not capable of taking care of your issue and hang up.

Call back and try another one of Verizon's in house gerbils. Like me you may need to call 17 times but keep with it and don't put up with their stupidity. Load up their phone lines with calls, don't give up or Verizon wins. You will find someone that will get your issue resolved if you are persistent. You don't have to take their nonsense. Don't waste your time with writing or sending emails to the President or Vice President. They only forward them to the executive response team who has the IQ of a cheese sandwich (personality too).

I have been a Verizon customer for over 10 years and have experienced these problems only in the last couple years. A year ago I had 5 lines with Verizon. I have 3 lines now and will more than likely cancel another one in 5 days. AT&T has ported 2 of my lines out to their service, and they even reimbursed me for my early termination fees. If Verizon doesn't wake up and take care of their customers somebody else will.

Horrible, hellish customer service - customer service is a JOKE, Verizon is fired!
By -

About a year ago, probably as a result of a lightning storm, my phone began to behave oddly - I could dial out, but the call would never go anywhere, and no one could dial in. I've been a Verizon customer for well over 15 years, and had paid for internal wire maintenance, never thinking I would need it.

So began the hellish odyssey to get some *gasp* actual technical service from this bloated corporation that can spend thousands and butcher uncounted trees mailing me dozens and dozens of unwanted glossy brochures for their ** FiOS (as well as dig up my TINY front yard and leave a dinner-plate sized manhole cover for the neighborhood FiOS install, all done by people who couldn't speak a word of English).

Over the course of about a year, I tried several times to work the morass of the multi-layered, go through a billion menus, system that protects Verizon from having to actually FIX anything. Let's see, there was the time I got through to someone and they told me to check the lines with a corded phone, and call back in 24 hours (of course the lines are dead, doesn't matter what kind of phone you use). Then having run the gauntlet of menus again, some person told me "I would have to go out and check the box...." What box? And why am I checking it? I'm not a phone technician.

How about the times I sat through endless menus, being routed from one department to another - and stuck on hold for minutes at a time at my expense, so either some elevator music was playing or there would be some clicks and I would get cut off.

I've been able to rely on a cell, but with aging parents I decided the situation was ridiculous and grimly decided to tackle the issue again. So 2 weeks ago, after doing the phone gauntlet and having to listen to a spiel about FIOS, I was informed it would be 2 WEEKS before I could get an appointment. (The fact that it takes so long to get an appointment with Verizon has been a huge problem, as my job requires travel and I have to work within certain time windows). But I was PROMISED, that by Friday the 16th I'd have my phone back - I just had to be there between 8-5! Nice-NOT. So I took the day off to sit around and wait for Verizon.

Guess what? By 4:00 I was on my cell, completely furious, running the gauntlet of menus. It was ungodly, shifted from department to department, at one point ending up talking to some guy from Frontier's phone company? That had nothing to do with the situation. It was so bad my cell battery actually drained and I went to a neighbor's.

After running the menu obstacle course AGAIN, finally a woman admitted that I was scheduled for the 16th, but some fool at Verizon also had me down for tech work on the 19th. But she seemed to be trying to fix the situation, she PROMISED, that she would call me on my cell to rectify the situation. That she would call by 3:45 TODAY. (Of course, these people are buffered by menus so you can't call them back directly, or even know who you are talking to.)

Well, gee, guess my little bit of business after all the years isn't worth it to Verizon, because apparently I wasn't worth contacting today. So I had to push off a colleague who needed me to do something, lost a day of work = money, lost uncounted cell phone minutes = money, had massive stress, been forced to listen to dozens of minutes of screechy static, clicks, elevator music, and put through this crap by a multi-billion dollar company who had no problem taking my money and stuffs the mailbox with glossy expensive junk mail and crapped up my tiny lawn, but can't be bothered worry about customer SERVICE.

Do they seriously expect me to switch from good old cable TV to a company who can't even send out a guy to check phone wires? I LIKE my cable TV. I don't want to be stuck without a cable TV for a year. So the hell with you, Verizon, Comcast at least works 7 days a week and while I'm not happy about the rising costs, I haven't had a problem with customer service - Comcast even came on a Sunday to switch me to digital.

And I'll be telling the BBB as well, as I spent years paying for wire maintenance, and then you get jerked around when you actually need it, as though Verizon were doing you a favor. You'd think with so many people dropping their landlines Verizon would be falling over itself re customer service, but I guess Verizon has decided that part of the business isn't worth concerning itself with.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

I have not had my phone working since Monday July 12th, I called Verizon to schedule a repair and was told the problem was outside and a representative would come out on Thursday (once again my issue started on Monday).

On Thursday I get a phone call from the Verizon Rep who asks if I'm home, where I proceed to tell him that my problem is outside why would I need to be home. I come home from work that night and surprise, surprise the phone isn't working. I call Verizon again, and they tell me that another representative has to come out to finish the job and they would be out on Friday and we would be the 2nd job on the tech's list.

Well, surprise, surprise, I get a phone call from someone at the house, from their cell phone, telling me the house phone isn't working yet. I once again, call Verizon and I'm told that a technician will be out by 9:00 pm (this call was placed at 4:15 pm).

I get home from work and call Verizon at 6:05 pm to check the status on the technician and once again I am told he will be here by 9:00 pm. By 7:30 there was still no technician, I call Verizon again and once again I am told a technician will be out by 9:00. At 9:01 pm I call Verizon again, I get 1 representative who tells me that the technician will be out tomorrow (the 16th) by 2:30 pm. I ask why didn't the technician come out today like I've been told all day and he didn't have an answer.

I ask to speak to a supervisor, he puts me on hold, comes back on the line and tells me the supervisor's line is busy and he can't transfer me to anyone, I ask to be placed on hold and he said he can not place me on hold. I again ask (in a loud tone by this time) to speak to a supervisor and the representative stated he can not get me a supervisor and he could not keep me on hold because he had to answer other calls, I told him how could he answer other calls if he's not done with my call, he said he couldn't help me and I should call back. I told him I would not hang up and if he wanted to answer his other calls he would have to hang up. He hung up on me.

I then call Verizon again (by this time at 9:50) and get another representative, I immediately ask to speak to a supervisor, she places me on hold and tells me the line is busy, when I ask to be placed on hold I get the same response as the gentleman before me, they can not place me on hold. She asked for my account information (which I repeated for the 5th time today) and she said the technician noted at 6:30 pm that he would not be able to make it to my home to fix my phone, I asked why no one told me on the multiple previous phone calls I had placed and she didn't know the answer.

I have not had a land line in my house all week and have been treated like crap by the customer service representatives. In a time where there are multiple phone companies someone can move to, this company should be concerned about their customer service representatives and how they treat their clients. When a customer is told a technician is coming, the technician should come.

Not everyone in my household has a cell phone and we have a senior citizen who is not in the best of health, if he had to call 911 at all this week, he would have had to wave someone down to get their attention, if he would be able to walk. At this point I am sick and tired of Verizon and am looking to move onto another company.

Verizon Has NO Intelligent Customer Service
By -

My contract had expired about 18 months. I had very good service the last 3 years and loved my Razor. My daughters were with Verizon so I stayed. In Jan 2010 I decided to stop in the mall near my daughter and check out the new phones. I found one I thought I could work with and learn texting. The next few months I was having problems so I called Verizon. They were SORRY I was having drop calls. They sent me another phone. NOT a new one, but one someone else turned in. A REFURBISHED one, someone else's problem. Well as long as it would work OK. Then I still had drop calls, doing nothing, sitting still, talking with someone else on Verizon.

The voice activated would repeat over and over. Well guess what they sent me another phone. Now this is my 3 phone. This one the battery would not stay charged. I was still getting drop calls and they told me they were working in my area about that. They wanted to send me another phone and I said NOOOO. They thought a new battery would work. So they sent an extended battery. Great, would not fit my cover and I had to prop my arm up to talk it was so heavy. After a trip I took I called again about the drop calls. This time they want to send me a Samsung and get me off the LG. OK whatever. The phone I get was the worse phone I had ever seen.

When you open it it had nothing but numbers. I AM TOO old to count to do my texting. When I called back in the supervisor told me that was the only thing they could send me and that was their policy. I say another Samsung looked similar to the LG but they would not even consider working with me to get me a working phone. How dare a phone company tell me this is the phone I am getting and this is the policy. After going home I decided to call one more time before contacting the BBB, attorney etc. I did find a supervisor who apologize about all the problems I have had.

There famous words, "You have been with us for a very long time and we don't want to lose you." so he was going to send out this Samsung Reality. Great. I received the phone today (7-12). Looks nice, similar to the LG. I proceeded to figure the phone out, got the battery looking to where it goes and have no clue. I look in the box and no manual. Oh this is great. Got a new phone have no idea how to use it. I called Verizon again... I asked about the manual... I was told I had to call the company to see if they would send me a manual or I had to go on the internet to get instructions. WOW WHAT A COMPANY.

I asked for a supervisor in Arizona and I was told this is their policy since it is a refurbished phone... Great I have another phone with someone else's problem which is my problem trying to figure out the phone. I guess it will sit here along with the other Samsung until they contact me. I now have 3 phones in my possession, 2 in boxes and the one I am trying to use. I know once I get out of this contract I will not go back and I hope I can get my 2 daughters to move also. I think they stand out on the street corner and ask people, "Would you like a job." It takes no education to be customer service with Verizon.

Customer Service does not provide any valid service
By -

I went into store to get my phone serviced on Friday of last week. They did a hard reboot. I literally walked out the door with the phone and it started messing up again. I went back inside and it was almost closing. She said I needed a new phone. She wrote my information down and told me due to the holiday, I could not get it till Wed. I ended up on Sat morning reconnecting my old Blackberry long enough to get the phone delivered.

I had someone at the house to receive the phone Wed. About lunch time when no one showed I called to get tracking number. The lady on the phone said that the girl that was supposed to order it, did not update my account with any information after the hard reboot. I spent 40 minutes on the phone with the lady yesterday talking about how she so wanted to make it all right so she would send me one overnight delivery by 10:30 today "with no charge" to me since it was their mistake.

I asked for a tracking number and she gave me an order number. I again asked for tracking number and she told me all she could do was give me an order number. I finally accepted her promise and hung up. Today after the phone did not arrive after 10:30 I called to get a tracking number again.

The gentleman told me my phone had not been shipped. It had not even been approved until today. I told them I needed a reliable phone because daddy having cancer and I need to be able to be reached. I asked him to just let me go to a store and exchange due to the misrepresentation from Verizon on when I would receive a phone. I was then referred to a supervisor. The supervisor said it was being shipped today. I will by the time it is done have asked someone to sit at my house 3 days for a phone that at this point has not even been issued a tracking number.

I asked to fill it as an insurance claim and have Asurion just send one courier to me today. I was then informed that my phone does not have insurance and that it cannot be added now unless it is open enrollment. I had mentioned it being a possible insurance claim to everyone along the way and until the supervisor today, was not even informed I did not have the insurance. I then asked since they have "Lied" to me 2 times about having a phone shipped, the least they could do would be to allow me to add insurance on my phones.

He said I can only do it in open enrollment. I asked when open enrollment was. He said "I don't know." I asked how I can be notified of open enrollment and he said he did not know. I asked how they informed customers and he said maybe a flier. I am paperless so how do I find out. He said he had no idea. So I can enroll for insurance during open enrollment but there is no way of me ever finding out when that is? So I think I will call the Customer service line everyday for the next 2 years to see if that day is open enrollment and ask to speak to a supervisor to find out.

I will burn up so much dollars in your customer service hours you will pay for the cost of my phone over and over again. This is ridiculous. Still no phone, no tracking number, no insurance and one highly pissed customer. "Priceless." Actually $320 per line if I choose to cancel contract. Right now I will tell every person I know to not use Verizon!

I can't believe this is happening.
By -

CALIFORNIA -- Where to begin?? We have never been satisfied with our DSL service. The second router sent to us by Verizon did not work any better than the first two. Then one day our land line and DSL went out after a heavy rain storm. We were without service almost two weeks. We had Internet, home phone, and my wife's cell phone all on one bill. One day we get a bill that is way bigger than all the previous ones.

After many phone calls and being put on hold, my wife is told she went over her minutes. She asked for a printout of her calls. Verizon promised to send one but never did. She finally became so frustrated she cancelled her cell phone and paid the early cancellation fee. DSL still not working very well. We have to reboot the router every time we go to use the Internet. I was calling and complaining fairly frequently. One day we get a bill that now has a new charge of six dollars. I call to ask about the new charge and am told that since we don't use enough long distance on our home phone, we must pay a "VLD Shortfall Charge."

The customer service representative convinced me to sign up for FiOS phone and internet. I took a vacation day from work to get the job done. I get home late the night before the service is to be installed, so I do not see that someone had already done some work in our backyard. In the morning I walk out to the backyard and see a black cable running from service pole to our garage and from the garage to our house. I can literally reach up and grab the FiOS cable with my hand. It is only seven feet off the ground. Definitely not to code, not to mention that I was told we would be notified before anyone tried to come into our backyard due to our two dogs.

I immediately called Verizon and was told their technician would take care of the problem. When he arrived, he told me there was nothing he could do about the FiOS line that was hanging so low. He suggested I dig a trench and reschedule for installation. I told him to pull the ** wire down. Then one day I get a call asking me if I plan to go through with the FiOS installation. I tell the lady the story and tell her absolutely not. She says "so you don't want the FIOS?" And I say "correct." Then this morning my wife calls me at work to tell me our phone service has been disconnected.

I call Verizon and they tell me that I cancelled phone service, and that is why it was disconnected. They are not able to tell me when I cancelled the service. I tell them if it is not turned on by this evening I will cancel for sure. They promise it will be turned on by 5 pm. Of course it was not turned on. I call to ask when they plan to turn it on. I am told the office that handles this service is now closed and I will have to call tomorrow. I will pay more for less, but we are getting rid of Verizon.

Bad Customer Service
By -

On May 20, 2010, I ordered Verizon high-speed internet. The following day a message was left on my voice mail that a technician needed to install a line and that was scheduled for May 27th between eight o'clock and noon and I needed to be there. I took the day off work for the installation.

On Thursday, May 27th I waited until nearly noon and no one showed up. I called customer service to inquire as to when the technician would arrive. I was told that you don't send a technician to install the DSL. After asking repeatedly why I was told someone would come to my house, the customer service representative finally keyed my number into his computer and told me that someone had to connect the line at the box and that had already been done. He told me at least three more times that you don't send a technician to install the DSL; instead you send the installation kit.

When I asked where the installation kit was, he transferred me to another department. I was transferred three additional times, each time I had to provide my phone number, sometimes to someone who couldn't understand or speak English very well. After fifty minutes, someone finally was able to determine that the installation kit had not been sent. I repeatedly heard the word “sorry” but none of the sorry people was willing to make any additional effort to remedy the situation, specifically, send the modem via overnight courier as I requested. As a result, I didn't have internet service that I needed over the long holiday weekend.

On Tuesday, June 1, 2010 I called customer service to verify the modem had been sent. After thirty minutes on hold, the call was disconnected and I had to start over. I called back and explained that I had just been talking to someone and had been disconnected and asked if she could determine who I had been talking to. She was able to determine who I had talked to but wasn't able to transfer me to him. This person seemed competent and found a UPS tracking number which indicated the modem was to be delivered later in the day. She gave me the tracking number and we hung up.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the package arrived. However, there was no modem in the package, just a quick start guide and the Verizon online terms of service document- two pieces of paper. I called customer service yet again. The first person I talked to was outraged and of course I heard “sorry” again but, of course, he couldn't help me. He transferred me to technical support where I went through the second maze of button pushing before I could talk to a person.

Naturally, technical support couldn't help me and transferred me to someone else who couldn't help me and he transferred me to a fourth person. Person number four wanted to know how many computers I would be using and what type. When I inquired as to why that mattered she said it was so she could send the right router. I explained that I didn't need a router, I needed a modem. She said she would send one and it would arrive overnight on Wednesday. She provided a UPS tracking number.

When I keyed the number into the tracking site on Wednesday, the response was that it was an invalid number. I called Verizon at approximately 8:05 AM. I asked for confirmation and tracking number of modem sent previous night. I was put on hold for over 90 minutes. The person I talked to couldn't find any record that the modem had been sent. I was transferred to her supervisor who confirmed. After over two hours on the phone the supervisor said she would have the modem sent.

I called Thursday June 3, 2010 again to get a UPS tracking number. After a short wait I was told it looked liked it was cancelled. When I asked what was cancelled she said everything. I asked to be transferred to a manager. I was transferred to a supervisor. When I talked to the supervisor I told her my story and asked if everything was indeed cancelled. She said yes. I said thank you and goodbye. I called Time Warner and they came out two days later and installed the service. They showed up on time and did what they said they would.

At Verizon customer service, no one will give you a last name. There is no way to get back to the person you previously talked to so there is no accountability. All the customer service person has to do is get you off the phone and they never have to deal with you again.

No service no service
By -

MEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS -- Last week I moved next door to the same building. I called to change the Verizon service over. That was on May 7th 2010. Today is June 17th the date I was told my new account would take effect. After having spent countless hours on the phone to so many different parties in Verizon I still don't have service. Now they want to charge me for a tech to come out and check things out here. A Tech has already been here last week and connected my phone line to the box. But it does not deliver internet either.

I continued to call asking for a tech or someone to please turn the service on. No luck at all and all I get is someone in who knows where that speaks a gibberish of what English is supposed to be. I managed to understand some things and it is always the same thing, power down the modem, cycle the modem, check the other side of the wire and plug it in backwards etc. nonsense that one learns the first time around. Well no internet and the people get rude and ask you to wait online and most times I get disconnected.

That would not be so bad if at least they would give me my internet service. It is only one door down and the same building for crying out loud. But nothing is happening. I am at a breaking point and feel like ripping things apart. I just don't know what or to whom to take it out on. Robots that ask stupid details and people that can't talk as good as robots. I've had it with this crap. Two weeks of buying minutes on my cell phone which cost me more than FiOS costs. Why does this happen? How can this continue to happen?

The guy where I moved out of from has just gotten his modem in the mail and hopes to have it running soon on my old line! What do I get? Crap! There has got to be a way to get even for this monstrous behavior of theirs. I used to pay 22 dollars a month for a dry loop, no phone line. Now they are asking 35 dollars and offer less than 1 mega bit per second of data. Before it was 768 kbps. What kind of game is this to them? Is there no respect for American communication anymore.

I want my internet to work and would like to have it do so on time. With so many products being touted by this company and with so many rave self reviews being advertised it would seem like they are somewhat responsible people. In fairness let me say that I've had several good conversations with some reps there but still did not get my internet, even talked to supervisors who swore I was being victimized by Verizon yet here I am with no service. No tech to verify the line and no modem communicating the internet connection. What about their reputation? I don't think that it matters after they get your money. The rest is pot luck.

Terrible customer service
By -

I upgraded my phone in February 2010 and within 2 weeks after getting the LG envy touch, it began to power cycle (turn off and on by itself) and freeze up while charging. I contacted Verizon about the problem and they sent me another phone that did the same exact thing after contacting them again - they have continued to send me the same phone that did the same thing 3 more times. I was told after 3 they would give me a comparable phone in place of the phone I was having problems with.

So after getting my 4th phone that powercycled by itself I called Verizon thinking the problem would get resolved and to my surprise they told me what they promised me just a week ago is not available anymore and my options were to either wait until I have an upgrade, buy a certified like new at a discounted price they would give me another cheap phone that was nothing like the one I had in the first place or they would give me a palm but I had to upgrade my plan to a different plan that was 30 dollars more.

I found this unfair and unreasonable. I said I'll call for the length of my contract every time I had a problem with the phone then and they sent me out a fifth phone that continued to do the same thing. Unhappy I tried something different by sending a email. They responded by apologizing and said to go ahead and try the new phone they sent me and if had the same problem they would take care of it and said try it for a few days which was on a Wednesday June 9th.

They scheduled a call me the next Monday to make sure the phone was working properly and they failed to call me as promised. So I sent them another email asking them to call me and I got a call Tuesday June 15th and seemed to have settled the problem regarding my phone. They said they would send me a different phone but there was a 10 dollar difference in my bill also this month. So when I asked her about that, she said I downloaded 4 ringtones which I did not download and I told her that that wasn't true suddenly the connection was lost.

I didn't get a call back in the next 10 minutes so I sent another email explaining that we were disconnected and would appreciate a call back still so we can finish resolving the problem and a few minutes later I got a email saying the charges were already reversed and my bill had no additional charges that are not billed on a normal basis but my bill was still 10 dollars more than it should have been even after the credit. I believe that she hung up on me and even though I requested a call back she failed to do that to resolve the problem and just sent me a email instead letting me know about my bill and that they sent out the phone I requested.

I feel the whole situation was handled wrong and wouldn't even be writing this review if she would have called me back to finish resolving this instead of just emailing me even after I requested the return call. And I still believe my bill was incorrect and don't understand why she couldn't call me back unless I was hung up on and didn't want to discuss the problem further!

Stuck Sitting Outside a Biker Bar, but It's "Not a Problem" to Verizon
By -

I started renting a friend's house recently. There are only 2 options for internet -- expensive cable internet, or much lower cost Verizon DSL. My friend already had Verizon set up in the house so we figured it would be no problem to simply transfer the service to my name. No dice. He had his phone and internet (which, it's important to point out, was working JUST FINE) disconnected, and I ordered internet. I got a welcome email. But my internet wouldn't work.

I had to plow through their inferno of menu choices to get to somebody who finally told me that of course I had no internet; my turn-on date wasn't for two weeks! Why so long? And why wasn't I told? I spent HOURS on the phone with these people over several days, trying to get an answer as to why it took so bloody long. I rely on my internet for email, blogging, news, watching TV and movies, banking, bill paying, etc. I make all my daytime and international calls online. Sometimes I'd get somebody telling me they were talking to a supervisor who could help me, and then the call would be dropped -- twenty to 40 minutes wasted, time to start over.

All they could tell me was that a line needed to be "installed". WTF? No amount of pointing out that there was NOTHING to install, that there had already been perfectly functional internet service at the house could budge them. ONE woman went so far as, when I spoke to her, tell me that there was "not a problem". I was having to drive to a nearby biker bar and sit in the parking lot piggybacking on their wi-fi to get online. To me, that is a PROBLEM!

A few days later I got an email encouraging me to set up my internet "as soon as possible". I spent a frustrating hour trying, then called Customer Service, and got told that my "service start date" hadn't come yet so I couldn't hook it up. So why taunt me with an email instructing me to fire the darned thing up? "Maybe it was spam." Who the heck would send you a spam telling you that your internet service you ordered is ready?

Several days later I got a postcard instructing me to set up my internet. Again, a fruitless chunk of time, another call to tech support, and more being told it wasn't "installed" yet. Then I got an installation kit in the mail. I tried again. Oops! Spend all that time working on it but it's not "installed" yet at their end. Grrr...

When I bought previously uninhabited acreage and put a mobile home on it, I had to have electric service started. They had to put in a pole and run wires to the house. That took LESS TIME than getting my Verizon service started. "Not a problem". It was bad enough that there was no warning that they'd drag it out for two weeks. It was bad enough they taunted me with multiple instructions to hook up internet that they'd not "installed" yet. But that woman telling me that there was "not a problem" -- that topped it.

As soon as ANYBODY offers DSL in this area, I'm ditching Verizon. The only reason I'm with them at all is that it's not worth the extra $30 a month for me to go with the cable internet purely for the satisfaction of feeling as if I'm telling Verizon to get bent. As if they'd care. If they cared about their DSL customers they'd not have treated me like that in the first place.

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