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The most PATHETIC customer service I have experienced
Posted by Pig Roaster on 07/04/2010
I have been a Verizon customer since they acquired Air Touch Cellular in 2000. I was an Air Touch customer for 3 years before that. At first I was impressed with Verizon's customer service, but in the past 3 years I have had the WORST experiences with the people I call in customer service. The issues are so simple, but Verizon's customer service operates on a 3 call minimum. I have to call at least 3 times before I am able to get someone smart enough to dress themselves. I sent a complaint letter to the VP of customer service, and he is too busy hiding from irate customers to reply to the letter. He just sends it to the "make this guy go away" department (The Executive Response Team). These people in the Executive Response Team are the engineers of the stupid train.

I wanted to upgrade using their new every two offer. I talked to the customer service representative on the phone, and he said he needed a credit card for a phone that was at no cost for me. I ask why he needed my credit card for an upgrade that was free, and he fumbled for words and said it was for Identification purposes. I told him I have been a customer for 10 years and why did they need my Identification. I hung up on this rocket scientist. The next call was with another representative equally as dumb, but she did tell me that she needed a credit card because of a past due balance of $27.84. My bill for 4 lines is around $200 a month and I haven't a clue where this $27.84 number came from. The real interesting part is I have been on auto pay for 5 years, and there is no way to have a past due balance when they tap my checking account each month (auto pay). I was so angry at this stupid bunch I should have canceled all 4 lines that instant.

I was contacted by the Executive Response Team after sending the VP a letter regarding this issue. This idiot that called me did nothing but offer excuses and apologies. It turns out it was Verizon's mistake (which I knew) and they did absolutely NOTHING but give me apologies and excuses. I terminated one of my lines instantly. Now here I am with a similar problem with one of my JUNK LG phones that neither LG or Verizon will do anything about. The phone is 6 months old and the screen is froze up and will do nothing. I guess it is time to give another line to AT&T.

A few months ago Verizon boasted having over 70 million customers. I just checked on line and they have just short of 67 million customers now. Where do you think over 3 million customers went in just a few months???? Every day at each of Verizon's customer service call centers they must have a big dump truck full of stupid delivered. Some customer service reps get more than others, but most of it goes to the Executive Response team!!! BEWARE!!! Keep track and document your communications with these people. It is terrible you need to do this, but trust me it is necessary. I give them money each month and they should meet my needs and take care of my business without me needing to keep a constant watch on them. I pay them to supply a network and customer service. One out of two is not acceptable.

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Posted by goduke on 2010-07-04:
Interesting. I had the exact same experience with AT&T
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2010-07-04:
Excellent review. I am glad you did not succumb to their stupidity. Credit card for a free phone? Stupid was the only word for it! I hate it when I run into a customer service representatives that do not have two connected brain cells. It seems to be the norm today. Exceptions do exist but they are getting to be a rare breed.
Posted by bostonjoe on 2010-07-06:
the stupid train ahahahahahah great review man hahahahha I was rolling. I had an issue with t-mobile and ya know what i did. Searched on google for the ceo's email and sent it to him. I got a call back withing minutes and was asked what i wanted...I said i would like there newest most expensive phone , and it was in the mail the next day.
Posted by KoolHandStu on 2010-07-07:
Excellent review and quite accurate. I use Verizon for my business and the annual sales spiel began. They are always wanting to upgrade your business plan. I am quite particular in my business needs and needed no other frills. The twice weekly barrage of calls and letters from Verizon began about 2 months before the end of the current year's plan. I was clear and concise in all of my responses and replies that I did not want or need any additional frills or options several times. Guess what, I might have been speaking to a deaf and dumb wall. Despite my instructions, they totally ignored all that I had told them and upgraded the business plan I had as well as a significant increase in costs. Fortunately my executive staff assistant had documented each and every communication with Verizon, time, date and staff's first name as they decline to offer a surname for security reasons. No wonder they need security they totally ignore the customer's wants and needs. If I were to do business like Verizon, I would be out of business rather quickly. No wonder they lost 3 million customers.
Posted by DCes86 on 2010-08-09:
I hate verizion and none of there employees speak english there either out of mexico or india and there all bunch of tards. took them 2 months to hook up internet service at my home.
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Verizon Bills A Month Ahead?
Posted by Bathory on 06/24/2009
In April of 2009, we signed up for wireless internet service with Verizon. We paid $79.99 for the wireless device in April. In May, we paid $113.28 for the monthly bill (the first bill) that included the activation fee and other charges. Our contract was for unlimited (which, in Verizon-speak, is capped at 5GB per month) at $59.99 a month. In June, we received a bill for $65.06, which was due June 15th. I was a few days late on the bill and called the number on the Verizon bill to pay it. The operator that I spoke to said that the total bill was "$135.12". I asked him to explain what the additional charge was for, and he said that we were a month behind. A month behind? We began service on April 20th. We paid our first bill in May of $113.28. Our paper bill, due June 15th, clearly stated a due amount of $65.06. Where is the "month behind"? After getting the runaround from several people, it was kindly explained to us that we have already been billed for July as well.

Excuse me? Is this not June 24th? There hasn't even been any useage for July. Why are they billing us a month ahead?

No one could explain, and the manager at the physical Verizon store said they 'shouldn't have made you pay the additional amount'. But, they did.

We immediately canceled this contract, and will be happy to pay the cancellation fee of $160.00 just to get rid of them and their deceptive billing.

DO NOT sign up with Verizon.
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Posted by les on 2009-06-26:
Verizon only cares about you before you are their customer, after you sign that contract you are no longer a concern to them! crappy customer Service! They will go down in flames one day! customer service should be #1
Posted by lyn886 on 2009-08-08:
actually, with any wireless carrier you pay a month in advance. kinda like paying rent. if u look at the dates on the bill theyll show a month in advance. when u cancle your service the month in advance come back in and all you pay is the etf and any additional charges such as overages or downloads done.
Posted by dave on 2013-02-21:
you pay your verizon bill a month behind-if your due date is feb 16, that is for the period ending jan 16
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Verizon Security Suite Rip-Off
Posted by Totellthetruth on 12/12/2008
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Are ISP's allowed to be deceitful in their billing practices? I am getting sick and tired of being taken advantage of by ISP's. I was following up for a friend of mine regarding the Verizon DSL Security Suite.

When he originally signed up for Verizon DSL, he was told that in order to protect his computer he could sign up for the Verizon Security Suite for an additional $4.99 per month. He did and has been paying a total of $21.99 per month which includes the Verizon Security Suite.

A notice from Verizon was received on November 22, 2008 via email that the current Verizon Security Suite would no longer be supported and that he would need to get another Security Suite if he would like to protect his computer. They did not say anything else.

To follow-up on this, I called Verizon to find out what was going on. They told me that there was an upgraded 'NEW' Security Suite that may be purchased for $5.99 per month additional to the monthly DSL fee. With that said, I un-installed the then Verizon Security Suite that day (11/22/08) and opted to install one from another vendor.

I have been trying to get in contact with the billing department of Verizon which has been an abominable experience. Email address for the billing department has been a bogus one. Emailed, emailed and emailed! The many, many emails to Verizon kept coming back as 'MAIL DAEMON' as none deliverable.

I then finally contacted Verizon via the Verizon Billing Number on the Verizon bill. I reached a customer support representative named Puppa in India of which there was no resolve, as there was a connection and language barrier. Before closing our more than frustrating telephone conversation, he did say that he would email me his resolution to the matter. I never received an email from him.

I have finally reached someone at Verizon in their Customer Support Division. I told her that we wanted a credit of $4.99 as this is what we were paying and we were charged by Verizon to maintain the Security Suite.

She said she could not find any billing for the Security Suite. I told her, Verizon did or does not break-out the charges just for the reason that they can keep it on the bill, not give a credit and that we wanted a credit.

What these companies are doing to get money from their customers is an atrocity and I'm tired of it! I have kept copies of these email errors and responses from Verizon if anyone would like to view them.

No one at Verizon will admit that there IS a fee for their Security Suite. However, if you speak to their customers, this is a fact.
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Early termination fee due to Verizon's breach
Posted by Merful on 08/21/2007
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- My son, a college student, recently moved into an apartment off-campus and contracted with Verizon for their Freedom Essentials package offering phone, TV (through Direct TV) and internet at a discounted rate for all 3 services. He was contacted by Verizon and Direct TV to install phone service and TV service within about a week (Direct TV even moved up their install date by 5 days to get it in even faster than anticipated). He was also told that equipment would be shipped for DSL after the phone line was installed. Just 2 days after installation he was notified by Verizon that they could not provide him with DSL...that there were too many people in his area that had it already. Now the discount on his other 2 services would be lessened and he would have to get internet elsewhere at a higher rate. As his finances were limited, he was forced to cancel and opt for Comcast Triple Play which was installed with no problem. Now Direct TV is charging an early termination fee of $150.00. Let's not even get started about Direct TV, whose customer service consists of many robotic humans saying... "I'm sorry, you owe the money". They have even gone so far as to send it to collection after only 2 months.

We feel ultimately this is Verizon's responsibility as they initiated installation of the service without knowing whether they could in fact deliver all services in the package. I have spoken to supervisor after supervisor. One tells me they will reimburse us for the termination fee, only to have the next supervisor overturn the decision and never let us know. The last telephone call, I was told that I could talk to that person's supervisor and they would call me within 24-48 hours. It's been a week and a half. I've tried the local TV news stations, and am in the process of filing the myriads of paperwork for the attorney general and the public service commission.

No one seems either surprised, or cares to help. Someone has to stop this company from lying about the service they can provide and then letting the poor consumer foot the bill for their mistakes.
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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-08-21:
It's probably buried in the small print. You are out of luck. When I went to college I didn't have TV and it was wonderful.
Posted by Dior4Me on 2007-08-22:
I had the same problem and it was Verizon. They didn't tell the company I was going to (a similar setup) certain information and they continued my service with a phone # that was disconnected. It was resolved somehow, don't remember. I won, though. They had no right to continue to charge me. I was actually given wrong information and advice by the company I went to. It was one of those mixups and I believe it occurs because ONE PERSON should be handling an account, not a dozen customer service people. There are problems because some customer service people are sharp and some do nothing or don't know what to do. Therefore, the notes on the computer screen for that account could be vague or non-existent. You notice how you can ask for the name of a customer service rep and when you call again they will say....."she doesn't work in our building". Could be the "building" is an apartment house in the middle of Podunk. You have to see this for what it is. Outsourcing is OK if the people have communication with each other - but I have seen this many times - and they do not have this communication; no knowledge of names, legal issues, how to behave, etc. I wish they could bring back the days when one person handled say, 100 accounts. It can be done since there could be no activity on over half of them in a good week. It's more time efficient if you have people who know what they are doing.
The marketplace has become very cold and impersonal and there are more problems than ever.
Posted by voiceoff on 2007-08-23:
The minute the order was taken Verizon should have said no triple play was possible at that address as DSL was overloaded there..
Go do the paperwork and you will help the others who are less able to do so.
Posted by Maidred on 2007-11-28:
In September 2007 Verizon offered a package deal through verizon for just $15.00 extra dollars a month. We have never been billed for the $15.00 dollars. Instead we are being billed for $62.94 extra for Direct TV. We have contacted both Verizon and Direct Tv to get this matter cleared up and ther are now saying there is no record of the offer. My advice to everyone is don't fall for there offers.
Posted by RammaaJ on 2008-11-14:
I was lied too by verizon AND direct TV. Shady business's
I did NOT sign the paper for a 2 year agreement. If they report me to the credit agency I will sue the crap out of them. I am getting rid of Direct TV on Sat. Getting Comcast Back. after 3 months of crappy TV and what triple play? LIARS LIARS LIARS. VERIZON AND DIRECT TV SHAME ON YOU.
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Posted by Kventuro on 08/15/2005
What a horror these people are. HORROR! Never again will I ever have anything to do with this company. I never thought I would be one of those fire breathing complainers but after my dealings with this company, I am one now!!!

I called to cancel my phone and internet service on April 29th, due to the fact that I was moving out of state the following month. The disconnect was arranged for May 23. On June 6th I receive a bill for a month of service - for the period AFTER I had the service disconnected. I had the unsavory and futile experience of calling the billing department, as indicated on the phone bill. I was transferred to FOUR different people! Having to start at square one each time!! Hello, what is the problem here? Except gross incompetence! I finally spoke with a Mr. Roberts who appeared to have somewhat of a clue. He indicated that I missed the billing cycle by one day and to ignore the bill. That I would receive a final bill the following billing cycle. Right. In actuality I am being repeatedly billed for the SAME erroneous period! Get your act together Verizon! Because you seriously SUCK!

To add insult to injury, I also had an equally bad experience terminating my Verizon Wireless service. As I was cancelling during the penality period but it was for a covered reason, moving out of coverage area, I was told to submit a copy of my lease to Houston to have the $175 penalty fee waived. It took THREE submissions for them to FINALLY remove the charge! It was an obxious attempt to try to make me grow tired of dealing with this hassle so that they could bill me for this $175. Guess again. Meanwhile, in my one year history, I never paid one bill late. I persevered and after 3 months, FINALLY was credited this amount.

Never have I had such horrible experiences with telecommunication companies. Steer clear of Verizon. They will sweet talk you in the beginning but their billing practices and customer service are a total DIService! As well as a slap in the face to conscientious, timely paying customers. BUYER BEWARE!
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Posted by avenger on 2005-08-31:
verizon csr's are all in house while their tech support is outsourced. tech support usually knows what to do but unfortunately their hands are tied due to the suits at Verizon setting policy. the best thing one can do is to NEVER become involved with verizon in ANY capacity. My personal complaint with them is for cell phone service or lack thereof but I know about their DSL, how it works (which, if the Verizon genius's would leave it alone MIGHT be pretty good) and now the new verizon/yahoo fiasco. Just remember...people with college degrees and certification thought of these methods, technology, and policies for people who mostly treat their computers like some kind of interractive T.V. and just wanna shop on ebay.

incompitent indeed (verizon corporate, that is)
Posted by moviefan2020 on 2005-11-08:
The same thing happened to me. I switched from DSL to FIOS, removed a second phone line, and had the DSL wire connections physically removed from my house. I got billed for the DSL for 5 additional months. I got a bill, called to have the charges removed, got a bill, called to have the charges removed ... 5 times. Now they have sent my bill to collection. I am going to write to the big guys at Verizon to complain and am looking for a good name - if anyone knows who I should send this to - please let me know.
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very poor service - buyer beware
Posted by K2swoofie on 06/13/2004
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- I moved from Santa Fe NM to Sarasota FL. In advance of my move and before I re-upped my contract, I asked if I could transfer my account. The response was "no problem, no charge". I HAD great reception in NM other than the expected dead zones in remote areas and the mountains. I expected I would receive comparable service when moving to a metropolitan area. Boy was I fooled. Unfortunately, when I changed my service to Sarasota I realized that I was in an area of several blocks that was "problematic" as stated by a Verizon technician. He tried to tweak my phone to pick up service from other towers, but to no avail. Verizon's response was, we're sorry but too bad. They don' guarantee service in any specific area within their network - even if you have moved. If I knew what I knew now I would have never re-upped my contract before I moved. I guess I was stupid to believe that going from a remote area to a metropolitan area that I would at least get equal service. I will probably pay their $175 disconnect fee because my main use of my phone was in my home. As it stands now, EVERY call I make within or around my homes gets dropped. The FCC needs to require that, in the least, cell phone providers put pertinent parts of their contracts in bold print or on a list that you sign off on. And when you move, there should be a period of time when you can cancel your contract just like when you start your contract. Now that I have read all the small print, basically, they have no responsibility to provide you service in any given area, no responsibility for a customer receiving bad or misleading information from their representatives, and little responsibility to credit you for dropped calls. Incidentally, while talking to Verizon customer service the call was dropped two times. Of course the rep called me back and said he was sorry but unfortunately there was nothing he could do.
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Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-06-14:
Try going into a local Verizon store (if there is one) and see if the manager can help. This same thing happened to my sister with Cingular Wireless, and they waived the fees because she moved to an area with no service. Perhaps all you need is a new phone with upgrades, the store reps can help with that.
Posted by justUNbelievable on 2004-06-15:
My advice is DO BUSINESS WITH ANYONE BUT VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Not following the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Posted by on 10/21/2003
ILLINOIS -- I owe verizon some money, however I lost my job and was unable to pay. They turned me over to a collection agency that divulged my bill to my spouse which I was not married when the bill took place. According to the Fair Collections Practices Act of 1996 they can not divulge any information to anyone except the person who incurred the bill. They Alliance One is using bullying, harrassment, degrading the people with how they collect. They are the worst agency I have ever spoke to. I now have a job, but I am not going to pay until I get an apology from them regarding how they do their collection practices.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-21:
you owe them money! you should be apologizing to the company for making them hire a bill collector. Plus, if you don't pay your bill they will ruin your credit, so it's only to your benefit to pay the bill.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-23:
Sounds to me like you just don't wnat to pay your bill and you are using this as a feeble excuse not to pay.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-26:
Your complaint is with the third party agaency not Verizon. My 3 cents... Pay Verizon and sue the agancy for the FDCPA violation. By the way, the section of the FDCPA that you are referrencing pre-dates 1996.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-26:
I need a new keyboard ......
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-07:
this is in regards to your statement on the person that owes Verizon. My son also lost his job and was unable to pay and it was turned over
to National Enterprise Collections. They have called 90 times and insulted members of my family that have nothing to do with this situation. They
are snotty from the very start and we have to hang
up because they are impossible to talk to. Verizon
needs to be aware of this harrasment. My son has
offered to make payments to the collection agency
but they refused. They want half or nothing. They won't accept a payment by mail. They want your personal checking account or credit card no.
My son won't give it out because no one trusts these people because of their behavior. My husband has high blood pressure and I have a heart condition and this company won't stop harrasing my home. I pay my bills, and have
told them to stop calling and to send it in the
mail and they start insulting me and my family.
I need to find out what my rights are. Can you
recomend a lawyer? Or should I just change my Phone no. It is this company. Other bill collectors are working payments out with my son.
Why can't Verison?
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-09:
They Alliance One is using bullying, harrassment, degrading the people with how they collect. They are the worst agency I have ever spoke to. I now have a job, but I am not going to pay until I get an apology from them regarding how they do their collection practices.

You are not likely to get any apology out of them or any collecton agency. They have no such word in their corporate dictionaries.

You need to learn how to deal with them effectively and desicively instead of being on the
defensive. I would suggest that you send an email to course1@autobotinfo.com and after a day or so you will start to get 10 free lessons on how to deal with such people in such a way that you win instead of them. This course is a real eye opener and teaches you how to take control of such situations. Its free too. Don't cost a dime.

Don't put up with such treatment. Abuse by 3rd party debt collectors is against the law.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-11:
I'm always amused by people who don't pay their debts and then whine when they are being pressed to pay their debts.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-30:
The best thing anyone can do for himself or herself, which has been bitten by Verizon Wireless . Is to file a complaint with your State Attorney General.
The more complaints that are filed with the Attorney Generals the quicker something will be done.
Also, insist that the Attorney Generals force the FCC to reopen their 1998 Verizon Vapor Ware Audit of more that $153 billion dollars of unauditable commercial property! See: (www.newnetwork.com, www.forbes.com
FCC allows Verizon and other cellular phone companies to raise their rates base on the property cost.
Good Luck
Posted by famx on 2006-01-24:
I have closed account with Verizon 6 months. After I closed maybe one month or after I have received a bill for equipment which I never purchased. I called Verizon and they keep on inisiting that it is a valid charge. After 2 months of me calling they finally agree that they have made a mistake and promise me to credit those charges. To my suprise one month passes by and I get a bill from Allied Interstate collection agency. I call agency to find out what is going on and they telling me that Verizon put me to collection. So at this point I call Verizon and ask them what happend and why the charges are still there. They say oh that my name should have never been contacted to collection agency and once another Verizon mistake. The are assuring me that that they will take care of them problem and call Allied Interstate to fix it. I call collection agency just to confirm that they were contacted. At this point I am happy that this taken care....but then wait another month passes by I get another bill from Verizon with late charges...once again I keep on calling Verizon and say it is a mistake. Another 2 months passes by and I get another letter from collection agency but this time it is a different one. I call new agency up and explain situation they ask for my phnoe number and harassing phones begin. Once again I call Verizon and ask what hell is going on at this point....and they say they working on they have to get approval from mengar due to high amount. I say to them I been calling about this problem for the past 6 months and speaking with supervisors managers and getting the same response.
Finally I get a letter from after alomst 7 months that they made mistake and thats all.

No apology or anything.

Can I sue them now....and what are my options?
Posted by jcrockstar on 2006-08-02:
I started work for a Third party Collections firm a month ago. I wish to keep the name of the place anonymous. We handle Verizon accounts. We could not do our jobs without taking an FDCPA test. It came out before 1996. Losing a job, does not stop collection efforts. Disputes and showing financial hardship does. From my brief experience with Verizon accounts, I have to say that they aren't always right. They are not always wrong either. I recived a letter this weekend, stating I owed an XY amount(that's something I just made up). I was sure I owed the Y, which was my final bill. The X amount, was on an old bill. It says, X amount is being referred to legal action. I guess that Verizon feels they are not responsible to keep people posted, of the process that X amount takes(my opinion here). So they simply added my final bill(Y) and amount sent for legal action(X), and came up with XY. Now I was very angry at first stating I did not owe this. Turns out, yep.NOW. The FDCPA was created to protect the consumer, as well as the collections agency. If a collections agency violates this, it's like shooting one's self in the foot. Violations are $1000 per violation. If someone violated it, and their bill was $1000, you could sue, pay the bill and put the rest in your pocket. On the other hand, people that just want to ring up service and not pay for it, could do it, yet not every collections agency, violates the act. The one I work for has a great record. We do not harass, we provide facts, and suggestions, and help. We are not a paymnet arrangement agency, we do so as a courtesy for people who don't ignore their debts for too long. If a collections agency, is collecting for their own product, the rules governing the FDCPA do not always apply. Paying the original creditor usually slows things down, they have to look up old accounts, so they say. Hope this helped some.
Posted by jcrockstar on 2006-08-02:
I also wanted to add, it is not against the law to discuss info with a spouse, only in MA, where we would need permission.
Posted by voiceoff on 2007-04-04:
Sadly, too many collection agencies are willing to set aside all forms of human decency in dealing with people owing a debt. Since when did losing a job become a reason to be treated without courtesy?
I understand the need to collect on debts but some of this debt is due to high interest rates and that needs changing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-18:
Cut off your nose to spite your face. They will not apologize for expecting you to pay what you owe. Stop being a dead beat and pay your bill, even if it is $5 a month.
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Verizon Wireless / 'Texas Minute Bank' reserve minutes
Posted by on 08/10/2002
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- In January of 2001, Verizon offered free phones to their customers if they signed a two-year contract. At this time, I opted for their "Texas Minute Bank" reserve minutes plan, which allowed any unused minutes to be "banked" and used at a later date. The monthly plan included 400 bankable minutes and since January 2001, I had accumulated approximately 3,000 banked minutes.

On July 1, 2002, I received a letter that indicated that their "new billing system does not support 'Texas Minute Bank' reserve minutes. The minutes you do not use each month can no longer be held in reserve on your account. Any reserve minutes remaining on your account as of August 9, 2002 will be removed."

My contract conveniently prevents me from canceling my Verizon wireless service until February 2003 unless, of course, I pay a $150 canceling fee. But they can change their customers' plan ANYTIME.

By signing a contract, the customer is made to think that both the customer AND wireless company are equally obligated. This is not true. The contract protects the wireless company, but not the customer. If companies decide to change their plans on their customers, they should give them the option of being released from their contract without any additional fees. It's only fair.

S Heenan
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-08-13:
I agree. If the terms changed, why should you be obligated to continue?
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-22:
Welcome to the club!
You have a right to complaint about Verizon Wireless this is the way they do business.
You want action on your complaint here. I suggest that you file a complaint with you State Attorney General. Verizon will have file a report with the Attorney General as to how Verizon Wireless handled your complaint.
You should also get your message out to more readers by posting on other websites like my3cents.
www.planetfeedback.com, and www.newnetwork.org.
The more people that are involved in issues like yours. The quicker the Attorney Generals will take action against these companies that deal in deception and faults advertisements.
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Horrible Customer "Non Retention"
Posted by Bigguy1954 on 04/07/2014
WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK -- I am getting sick of calling Verizon to sit on hold for 20+ minutes and spend another 10+ explaining the history only to have a "customer retention" representative waste my time. The bottom line is they do not value their customers because they will not extend "discounts" to match offers from their competitors. Why is Verizon taunting what was a perfectly happy customer? They make it hard instead of easy. They are money hungry and that's it.

If any of you Verizon reps who frequent these forums feel up to the challenge and would like to try and resolve this or if you know a “bundle specialist” that can fix this please let me know. I am not an angry customer who will scream at you over the phone…I am a frustrated customer who would like to continue the service but Verizon is not making it very easy.
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Horrible Experience Trying to Resolve Noise in Line Issue
Posted by Tarallof on 03/17/2014
SOUTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY -- I called to report a noise in the line of my mother's phone. I was told someone would be out in two days. The day before they called to say it would be a week because they were working on poles. That was fine, but the next day the TEC called to say he was on his way. Again, fine. He comes out and says the problem is the cordless phone, which I knew it wasn't because I had unplugged the cordless prior and the noise was still there. Anyway, I did buy a new cordless and lo and behold, still noise. Called back customer service. Woman said she'd run a test and call back in ten min's. Forty min's later I had to call them. I got switched around to five different people, all still telling me it was cordless phone. Over an hour later and demanding to speak to supervisor, I finally got them to agree to come back out. First off, why all the confusion with the scheduling of tecs? Second, why all the frustration dealing with customer service? Years ago I had Verizon and I noticed things being added to my bill that I didn't order. I canceled their service, but long story short, it is the only company in all of my 47 yrs. to put a blemish on my credit report. I despise this company and cannot understand how they are not held accountable by anyone. I couldn't get away with this at my job. It is unfair that the consumer has to be so frustrated and get ripped off at the same time. I told my mother to find another phone company.
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Posted by Paul on 2014-03-17:
Verizon land line service is horrible, because everything is going fiber and wireless. Land line customers are like dinosaurs. To get around that "cordless phone excuse" buy an old touch tone phone, and keep it for power outages and when you need Verizon. Use that to verify the noise is on the line. That garbage where the phone person "checks" your line never works! They always say it is ok, when it isn't.
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