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FCC and NC Atty General complaint against Verizon Wireless
By -

The following is an active complaint with the NC Atty General and the FCC regarding Verizon Wireless deliberately crippling the connectivity of customers who elected to stay on Alltel data plans. This would mostly affect people in fringe areas (though advertised as full coverage areas) An update to this complaint is that Verizon is retaliating by removing credits that we had been given because of previous service failures. Please spread this information around, especially to any Verizon customers you know who may be having connectivity problems. It COULD be deliberate.

FTC complaint # 25257585 NCDOJ Complaint # 5407 FCC complaint 10-C00194123

This may need a technical person to understand the details.

Verizon Wireless bought Alltel and the Alltel customers could remain on Alltel plans. Verizon is now deliberately crippling the connectivity of smart phones that are on the Alltel plan instead of the more expensive Verizon plan.

We came over to Verizon Wireless when they purchased Alltel. We were/are on a data plan with one "smartphone" and the rest regular phones.

I was expecting to get better phone reception once the transition was done to merge Alltel etc. Instead I found that my phone (the smartphone) would not work well as a phone. I was advised that the smartphones don't get as good of reception (why don't they advertise that, eh?)

I have endured months of poor phone service and have gone through several phone changes (which meant wasting hundreds of dollars in accessories that I had purchased for my original smart phone).

The event that prompted me to change phones and lose my investment in accessories was an event where my wife was desperately trying to call me because our grandson was bleeding and it would not stop. My son was with me and she was able to call him to contact me, but what if he had not been there? (I thought).

For months we would be in the same car and she would be unable to call me but his phone would work just fine (same plan but his is not a data phone).

Verizon tech support suggested going to another brand of phone and one on the Verizon system so that I could get a "hybrid" PRL (preferred roaming list) so that I could get phone reception. After several more phone swaps and wasted time I was finally advised of the cause.

Verizon Wireless is deliberately crippling the smart phones which are on an Alltel plan instead of the more expensive Verizon plan. This is only the smart phones that are being crippled. My phone has a PRL of 40059 which deliberately limits my connectivity even though I am in the advertised full coverage area. You can imagine my anger at discovering that all these months Verizon had been deliberately crippling my connectivity to try to get me to move to their more expensive plan. The Verizon plan data PRL starts with a 6

I believe that their actions may well be criminal as they are discriminating against former Alltel data phone customers.

It was a tech support manager who revealed this to me because they are very frustrated in trying to give support to people whose phones are being deliberately disabled by a crippled PRL.

This deliberate crippling of smartphones that are still on Alltel plans could cause public safety issues such as the incident when my grandson was bleeding. Imagine when I discovered that my phones failures and poor reception was a DELIBERATE marketing strategy by Verizon.

Update 2/17/2010 I was contacted by one Karen Milbrodt from the Verizon Wireless President's office stating that because I was on an Alltel plan that I was not entitled to the same connectivity that I would have if I was on a Verizon plan. She basically confirmed my allegations. Also she advised me that I was not entitled to the credits that had been applied to my account by an earlier customer service manager and that they were going to remove the credits. I had been concerned about this retaliation by Verizon Wireless.

If you are a smart phone customer who is on an Alltel plan with Verizon wireless and you are having connectivity problems please note the complaint numbers at the beginning.

Steve Winter

Verizon Nightmare
By -

MUSCATINE, IOWA -- Verizon, unbelievable is the first word that comes to mind related to the
experience...the nightmare, that dealing with
Verizon has been for myself.

After pursuing the endless calls to their Customer Service, Verizon and their
inability to provide Broadband service.
Here is some of the things that's going on.

I have 2 broadband wireless cards. Unfortunately I can't walk away from
them. I'm out in the county were there is not any
other service around. I got the 1st one and it worked great so I got a 2nd one
for my kids. Things were going good until
the speed started going down. I started calling their Customer Service
for slow service. Until it was slower then
And this is what they told me, on an unlimited plan, that after a year
they slow me down to dial up speed becase I went
over 5 GB. Customer Service told me I went over my limit. I said I
have an unlimited plan. She said
yes I have the unlimited plan BUT I went over my limit so they slowed me
down. Then I said, Did you understand what I just
told you?" She said yes. I then asked her what plan do I have, she said
again I have the unlimited plan. I Said OK,
then why did you slow me down. She said becase I went over my
limit. Verizon must Only Hire The Absolute Dumbest
People. How can you deal with ridiculous Customer Service when they don't
understand what's they're talking about.

This happened on a Saturday night 2-21-2009 and had to call this
1-888-483-7200 Monday to get my braodband back.
When I called them, they slowed me down becase I used over my limit. OOH KNOW
my 2nd Customer Service Experience From Hell.
They told me in my contract if I go over 5GB THEY CAN SLOW ME DOWN. I told
them when I got my broadband I did not sign any
contract. I have never seen one. All they wanted was my credit card. Sign the credit
receipt and I was in and out of the door in about
9 or 10 mins. Then I asked if they were making the rules up as they go along. Then
I said my usage was under 3 GB when I looked,
not even close to 5. They said this was just to let me know if I go over my
5GB on my unlimited plan they will slow me down.
Unbelievable is the first word that comes to mind related to the
experience...the nightmare, that dealing with Verizon
has been for myself a start of a Nightmare.

After pursuing the endless calls to their Customer Service, Verizon and their
inability to provide Broadband service. It has
been going down hill for over a year. Most of the time it is slower than
dialup. When we first got it, we were downloading
at 1200 to 1500 down loads. Some nights it been. 0 to 29 to. 0 then 122 then
.0 and sits there until the page times out.
I have reported my complaint over 30 times about how my internet service has been
unreliable, slow speed or times out. Or it switchs from
broadband access to National access.

There has been times of no-problem-service, and times of no service. I have
done online tech chats. All of them run the
same diagnostic. I got to the point were I was telling them on what I did
before they asked. They put in a work order
to have the tower check and they would call me back. I never got a call back.
After two week of dialup speed I called them back,
and to my frustration they said the work order was closed by the The field
service tech. Could not find anything wrong.
I ask if I could talk to the field service tech and was told no. They don't
talk to us. So I opened a new work order for
slow service. I'm paying their high monthly fees for a service I do not

and their best saying is waive there early termination fee. Because they
CANNOT keep their end by giving me broadband service.
With some common sense and decency to return my money and maybe offer an
I pay my bill each month if I don't, do you think they would not turn me over
for there money.
Just Another Faceless Verizon Victim here.

Gee whiz-- The only good thing I have to say about my experience with
is that, I had their cell phone service, it works fine. But heaven forbid if
you have any
issues where you have to deal with an actual person or have a problem
Am sick over the way Verizon has treated me. I have reported my complaint
with the BBB and FTC and I hope
all frustrated Verizon customers do the same.
We need to tell these big Companies that us consumers deserve true customer
service representatives
There to big to deal with the little person they think there god and can do
what they want to do.
And paying their high monthly fees for a service we do not get

Verizon's Customer Service
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- My husband and I purchased phones in January 2005. At that time we thought we were getting a good deal for what we needed. The customer service received at that time was excellent.

The problem with the phones were immediate.
My husband and I had the same identical problem. While talking on the phone, the phone would cut off. This is very aggravating and annoying.
We made several contacts by phone and in person with Verizon to resolve the problem. It was not until November 2006 that Verizon replaced the LG 3200 with new LG 3200 phones. However, the problem with both phones continued.

I did not want to go through this problem in 2006. My husband and I went to the Green Hills location again, and went through all the problems we were experiencing with the phones. I informed Sharon that it was suggested when I contacted the 1-800-921-0204 that it was probably the phone. I had done all that they had ask of us to do and the phone was still cutting off.

Then Sharon pull out two white boxes and each contained a phone (LG 3300) without backs. She begin asking employees if they had phones that would fit the back for one of the LG 3300 and no one did. She continued looking and finally found what she needed and gave us the phones. We were shocked because both phones were scratched up.

I explain to her that we were dissatisfied with the service and wanted new phones. She became angry with me raising her voice and told me that she was doing me a favor. I explain to her that I was a customer, who has not raised my voice and only wanted the service that I was paying each month. I further stated to Sharon that we had stood by our end of the bargain but feel that Verizon had not stood up to there end of the deal.

I requested to see a supervisor or manager and after explaining the problem he gave us new LG 3300 to replace the LG 3200. However, we forgot to bring the charger for the phone. The charger that was given to us at the time was an old charger and did not work with the LG3300. Sharon explain that once we brought in the old chargers that she would replace them with new chargers.

My husband returned to the store and waited patiently in line. After Sharon finished servicing the person in front of my husband, she got up from the desk and said "I'm going to lunch and left him standing in line."

My husband got in the next line and waited patiently.

I wish that the service that we received when we initially applied for phones were the same when we had problems with the phone. We were very nice and never raised our voice. Sharon became angry because we did not settle for the old pieced up phones that she wanted to give us.

We will not renew our contract.

Dissatisfied Nashville, TN Customer

Nonexistent Service
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Rating: 1/51

We have had difficulties with our internet for more than a year (we live in a large city so one would think we would have good service simply b/c of the density of population). First Verizon gave us a new modem--that didn't really solve the problem but we dealt with it. Then last week, we noticed that our internet was so slow we couldn't download etc.

This week we have spent hours on the phone with Verizon. Hours. They have refused to answer our questions and seem totally clueless about how to resolve this (TOTALLY CLUELESS!); they have repeatedly promised to call us back (never happens). The only thing they did do was push a change in our long distance service on us (we didn't care about our phone line and that was not what we were calling about). We do get callbacks, however, which are automated and which say things like "we are canceling your order." WTF?

Today they told us a tech would come between 8 and 12. We are at home waiting. Suddenly we get one of their usual automated calls "we are canceling your order." When we tried to call Verizon to ask where the tech is and why our order is being canceled, we get customer service reps who just says "we are very sorry." Apparently, the customer service representative has no idea what is happening, can't resolve the problem, can't answer our questions and can't call the tech to figure out where he is and whether he will, indeed, come to our house between 8 and 12 as they promised (they claim they don't have a number for himreally?! Give me a break!).

Over the last week, we have been repeatedly lied to by clueless customer reps. When we ask to speak to a supervisor, the tech support people cut us off (this has happened three times which makes me think it is a tactic they use--not an accident). We can't speak to anyone who can answer our questions. We just have people saying "we are very sorry." And the final kicker… we have been paying for internet service for two years which we have not received (they admit that we have been paying for a very high-speed service which we have not been receiving). So on top of everything else, they are thieves. Flat out.

I wish this were a unique story but when I spoke to a neighbor yesterday, he told us that it took 4 visits from a Verizon tech (and two missed visits--when Verizon claimed they were sending someone out and they did not do so) before Verizon finally resolved their problem. I cannot believe any company with a track record like that can stay in business but apparently they are too big to fail (how much do they get in govt subsidies? and yes, they have moved their tech support out of the US to India--gotta love these idiots).

Lousy Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We tried to get internet service through Verizon because we were going to bundle with our new Verizon landline. Well after 8 weeks of trying to deal with this lousy company they said we don't exist on the map so no internet. Meanwhile my neighbors beside me, and across the road from me have it. But we don't exist for internet. Meanwhile while this was going on they installed a landline phone at our home... but we don't exist. What a laugh (not really).

Everyone I spoke to gave me to another person who didn't know anything about anything. Meanwhile they sent us the internet equipment but we don't exist! So when we finally got told we can't give you internet because we don't exist, they said they would send a return label so we could send their lousy crap back that we didn't need. Well that took 3 months to get and many phone calls from us to ask where the label is. They said, "Don't worry we will hold the bill till we get the equipment back." Well I personally took the equipment to ups. They delivered it and lo and behold Verizon sent my bill to a collections agency.

Much to my surprise (not) I was on the phone with ups. They tracked and found that Verizon received the equipment someone signed for it and now it was a dispute. The collections agency called Verizon and 2 days later Verizon called me to say, "Oops, we got it. It was our mistake." Well their mistakes cause people such grief. The company is way too big to care about the people that make their paychecks. Shame on you Verizon you don't deserve the business of hard working people!

Also I know for a fact that they have big expensive parties for their employees reward them for coming to work when there are super bowl games with expensive gifts. They are wasting their customers money. Let me also say most of Verizon's employees are smart mouths. They speak very rudely when you aren't going along with what they tell you. Go AT&T! Now that's a good company. VERIZON... YOU SUCK!

Attempt to Up-Sell Turns Into Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I came to the store to have Verizon end the service with the android phone and begin the same phone number and service with the iPhone 4 I had purchased used. I specifically asked if they could transfer the contacts from the android to the iPhone, which they have done for in the past with absolutely no problem. The service agent who greeted me and proceeded to "help" me said I would need to purchase iCloud for an added $2.99 a month in order to have the contacts saved and transferred.

I told him I understood the concept of having a backup for the contacts and that since it was connected to Gmail as well as my own capability to download information on my phone to my MacBook Air laptop I did not want to add even $2.99 to my phone for an application I do not need. His attitude was one of exasperation as he sighed and rolled his eyes with a further explanation why this app was necessary and included saving my pictures should anything happen.

When I was firm about just wanting the phone turned over with contacts to the iPhone, he said I would need to wait for the next available salesperson and immediately I was handed over to a woman who had been standing there the whole time listening to everything and whose attitude was of disinterest of my questions about the contacts being saved.

She was not rude but she was in no way friendly and again tried to sell the iCloud app to me. She proceeded to lead me through the process of typing in the original phone number, soc. sec. identification and then when it came time to see the contacts on the phone, she said to have a technician at the University of Arizona where I work help me to do this. I was amazed! This is the worst customer service I have experienced in years.

I just want to conclude by saying that I went home, YouTubed how to transfer contacts, downloaded a FREE app called Bump and by bumping the android into the iPhone I was able to immediately transfer all my contacts to the iPhone. Verizon might want to find out who was working on Saturday November 16th, 2013 at store #349567 in Tucson AZ on cross streets of Speedway and Campbell at 2pm and have an educational meeting about the effects of poor customer service for Verizon and Apple.

Our family plan is pricey and better service and options are coming out all the time. This whole experience has me looking at my other laptop and phone service options for the upcoming year since my contract ends with Verizon soon.

Verizon Stole, Will Not Put Back Money, Fraudsters, Id Theft, Will Not Help, Don't Care - Left Me 2 & Children Anguished
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Rating: 1/51

FALSOM, CALIFORNIA -- I cannot believe I come across this site. I too hate Verizon wireless and think personally that they are mega rich billionaires' conglomerates, huge big bullies that will step on anyone they can. With all the huge amount of money they got, why they picking on us? I may end up having severe medical issues due to their billing practices. How so very rude and uncaring they are. Accused me of getting phone online and have it sent here to my home like in May or April and we just moved here in August so nope, sorry fellas, not this time. They get by with it over and over. I have read literally thousands of bad stuff and sites on Verizon.

At this point I will join, absolutely. I have already reported them to so many different organizations and agencies, even nationally, every website and protector I can, each I find and come across even the federal government ones. I am single mom and 2 kids and we live off a tiny, mere 643.00 a month. I swear to you and I supposedly opened a bogus Verizon account. Here where we live don't get any reception from anyone at all and there is not even a home phone as no company as we live in the boonies!!!

With 643.00 to pay bills and get by, raising 2 kids alone, sorry but damn, are you stupid Verizon? Why or how logical are you. With that little income I sure going to go out and buy a damn 500 buck iPhone and oh yea don't forget the 160 a month service and all the Apple iPhone things I supposed to have added.

Please!!! I have told them how bad our lives are right now, without a dime at all and my kids and I about to be homeless and without a dime, no food and even hungry. For weeks I have begged them and cried literally and still they accuse me of opening account. No, I don't think so and meantime I am anguished as I have mental illness and super worried about our futures. My poor 2 kids did not and was not able to get not even one solitary pencil to return to school. I hate Verizon!!!

Terrible Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA -- We pay our bill with our debit card, we have done this since we got our phones 4 months ago. The first two payments went through with no trouble but the last two payments have not been processed by them. We have been using the same card at other places and have no trouble, pay all our bills and everything with it. I have called Verizon 4 times in less than a week. Once to make a payment, a payment which I was told by two different people went through. Now we are being told it hasn't gone through and that I never gave them a card number, we had tried a different card this time, one that I again pay bills with and have been using with NO TROUBLE!!

I talked to two different supervisors today, one of which called me a liar and said that neither of the confirmation conversations happened. They do have proof I made arraignments but conveniently they lost the card information! I was told by the first supervisor if I paid yet another $100.00 today (which I don't have) that my service will not be interrupted. I told him I didn't have the money but let me talk to my husband to see what he has to say, who by the way is traveling for work but did this company care? Not at all!!

My husband asked me to call them again and see if we could pay the balance in full Friday (this coming Friday) if we could not have service interruption. I was then quoted by the second supervisor that they can't do anything for me unless I pay $127.00 today, what??!! I was just quoted a $100.00 just a few hours earlier. I explained that it wasn't our fault because they had the card information and begged her to work with me because my husband uses this as a work phone. I was pretty much told they don't care.

At my wit's end I asked if there was a recording of the conversation where I paid the $100.00 and gave my card information, her attitude changed and she told me that it wasn't their problem and they can't help me without a payment. I already made a payment!! I was called a liar, told I just wanted free services and quoted two different prices all in one day by this company. Needless to say Verizon has lost a couple customers! I would not recommend this company to anyone. If you are thinking of getting a phone through them don't!

Verizon Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

APPLETON, WISCONSIN -- Been having multiple problems with defective Verizon HTC device. It has been replaced three different times since Nov. 2012. Last replacement was 4/2013 and in July 2013 (last month) the same exact problem has happened again with the same device. This is the third time this has happened with this particular phone.
8/17/2013: Called customer service about the problems yet again. Was told by customer service at 3:00 p.m. on 8/17 that I was eligible for an upgrade. Rather than deal with a fourth defective replacement device from Verizon, I opted to upgrade.

8/17: 6 p.m. - At the store, was told that I was not eligible to upgrade until 1/2014 and was told that this was a "computer error" due to an email that was sent to Verizon customers in April 2013 and that my account had been missed. Called corporate while at the store, spoke to a manager (Sophia) who told me there was nothing more she could do. An error is an error and that for $300.00 she would override the upgrade and would send me a Samsung 4 if I paid the $300.00.

After I told her that this was not an option for me, she told me that there was no comparable phone to mine that Verizon was selling that she could offer me and then said she would send me a free flip phone. A flip phone? I have a smart phone and Verizon offered me a flip phone.

Told them that I did not want a flip phone and then customer service decided that they would offer me a "great" option. I could add a line for $9.99/ month and then get new phone number. So, with that option, I am now paying an extra $9.99/month and getting a new phone number. I don't want a new phone number! I want a decent replacement!

Spent 3 hours, 21 minutes and 22 seconds arguing with them and GOT NO resolution, other than the flip phone option. Have been with Verizon since they bought out Alltel and they have been a thorn in my ass ever since. Happy to say that I broke my contract with them today. Happy to pay the buyout fee instead of being stuck with them jerks any longer!

Verizon Wins for Worst Mobile Provider
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Rating: 1/51

LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA -- I bought a hotspot several months ago to use for internet on my laptop and was assured by the salesperson that when I would run out of megabytes that a screen would automatically pop up and give me the opportunity to charge up my account with credit from my credit card.

Well last month I ran out of bytes and the screen pops up. First it asked for user ID, phone number or e-mail. Next the password. I entered my phone number and it said to enter something else. So I entered my e-mail, then it said to use another option. By now I have only one option to use my ID and then it locked me completely out. To make a long story short, I had to drive 30 miles to get to a service representative to get me back on the internet.

Well I used the service for 3 weeks and I ran out of megabytes and had to charge up account again. The same screen came up and finally got to sign in this time. They give you 2 passwords and 3 ID's... so it is a rubik's cube just to sign in. The page then says that I have no credit card showing in my account. I was fuming mad. I had given them my credit card when I originally bought the unit. Now again I am going through their obstacle course trying to add credit to my account. Again I got nowhere and clicking on every button the page.

They never even give you an option to add a credit card if you want to do that. I could have just re-entered my credit card info but they don't give the option. Such a low life, low mentality, ignorant, uneducated, inconsiderate group of people that seem like they got an education at Ghetto University on 00000000000 Nobrain Trail, Dumbcluck Craphouse. So I had to get in my vehicle and go get some assistance. So I talked to one of their no brain assistants who told me that my credit card info was on their system. But he tries to tell me that I must have been doing something wrong. How could I be doing something wrong when it said that I had no credit card in my account.

So If you want a lot of headaches, I strongly recommend for you to sign up with Verizon Wireless. Their website was constructed by expert ADS (Acquired Deficiency Syndrome) patients or so it seems. You talk about a group of YO Yo's... Big time incompetents.

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