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Vespa, not a good buy
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
In 1966 I bought a 200 cc Vespa scooter new that had 33,000 miles on it when I sold it. 'cause of my faith in Vespa I bought a super 300 but had severe problems from the start. Now they have an unannounced recall for the fuel pump and I have been told by phone that I must take the scooter 900 miles to Baton Rouge for repairs. The scooter will not start after riding until the engine cools down ...over an hour so your stuck.

Vespa probably has the worst warranty there is. One year or 625 miles. The chrome trim appears to be nothing more than tinfoil, and the air cleaner is a two hour job to remove. To remove the fuel pump it's necessary to detach the luggage carrier and the rear shock absorbers. Replacing the pump is an all day job, and I still have not found a suitable workshop manual to make my own repairs ( I'm a degreed ME).
I have offered to replace the pump myself but Vespa refuses even after I offered to buy a pump and have the cash returned after I return the defective one. And these pumps cost well into the hundreds to have replaced.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 08/02/2012:
Looking at the Vespa dealer locator, I can't understand why it would take 900 miles to get to a dealer. Where are you located?
Whiteduck on 08/02/2012:
That's sad to hear. Vespa is pretty much considered the top of the line when it comes to scooters, although the Japanese makes have made inroads.

Thanks for the heads up.
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Vespa? Avoid
Posted by on
NEW YORK, N.Y. -- Having owned a 200cc Vespa for 18 years and only having to occasionally replace a cable I had no qualms about spending aver $5000 on a new Vespa. within 600 miles it wouldn't start when warm so I checked with Vespa headquarters and was told I'd have to take the scooter 900 miles to Baton Rouge for warranty work ..they explained to me the fuel pump was going bad. I asked hem to send me one and they refused. At the same time, Ford recalled some vehicles with faulty fuel pumps. I finally found a dealer 100 miles away who rplaced the pump under warranty.

I used a GPS to check speedometer accuracy and at 55 the speedometer shows 62.
The gas gauge warning light comes on after using less than one gallon of a 2.5 gallon tank and reads half a tank. When the gauge is pegged empty there is still about a gallon in he never know where you stand re gas.

But the 'chrome' is all plastic and just hitting decoration with a light hose pressure the stuff
bends and breaks

with America quality consistently rising it's a disappoint to find a really respected name like
Vespa going down hill..or did I just get a lemon?
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User Replies:
Whiteduck on 07/08/2011:
Sounds like it's mostly just the little stuff other than the fuel pump and they want to fix that under warranty. The other stuff is just modern. Plastic replaces steel for weight. Makes the new stuff more efficient than the old stuff, but not as durable. As for the gauges, none are accurate anymore and on my Ducati it even says in the manual that it will read 8% fast. I'm sure they say for safety reasons, but I'd be more inclined to think that it gets to the end of the warranty mileage faster that way.

In any case, Vespa makes good stuff and you probably won't find any any better.
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Getting in warranty vehicle repair
Posted by on
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- Three weeks before my years warranty was to expire my scooter refused to start when engine was warm. I tried finding a dealer for repairs, no luck. I called every number Vespa listed and all were robot numbers. I finally found online a number originating in NYC, the Vespa headquarters I believe, and for the first time encountered a human who after hearing my problem told me The closest repair facility was 900 miles away in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. and I had only two days left on my warranty. I'm from Illinois. the Vespa representative was adamant about my taking the scooter to Louisiana for in warranty repair. new cost for the scooter last September was over$6000.
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User Replies:
Skye on 09/17/2010:
This place is the only authorized Vespa repair and location in Illinois. All I did was google Vespa warranty repair locations in Illinois, and it came up. Contact them and explain your situation.

Scooter Service
As the only authorized Vespa and Piaggio service facility in Chicago, Motoworks Chicago is ready to handle all of your service needs. We have factory trained, certified Vespa technicians on staff, and use OEM Vespa and Piaggio parts. With over 16 million units sold worldwide since 1946, Vespa has developed quite a reputation for durability and reliability. It's no surprise that we also provide the best support when it comes time to service and maintain your Vespa throughout its lifetime. Motoworks Chicago are trained scooter specialists – We are there for you when it comes time for service, maintenance, or if you simply want to customize your Vespa with our broad selection of genuine Vespa accessories.
Glen on 08/02/2012:
The point is, why should a buyer travel 400 miles round trip to have warranty work done. You wouldn't buy a ford and have this onus built in to the purchase
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