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Took the survey and didn't get credit
Posted by Jbekka on 08/09/2007
I took several surveys and I took the Privacy Matters 123 survey and they never credited me with taking it. I sent my credit card bill and I have sent several emails but they keep reviewing and do nothing about it. With this last survey I would have been owed a $50.00 check. This is definitely unethical and uncondoned business practice.

I am very upset. Don't do Vindale Research!

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Posted by Sparticus on 2007-08-09:
These pay-for-taking-survey companies are definitely a bit shady. I have tried a few in the past and never got what was suppose to be sent to me, whether it be a gift certificate or cash.

Thanks for the warning/heads-up on this one.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-08-10:
Never heard of this outfit. I'm signed up with several survey sites. Right now I'm waiting for $50 I requested from one last week. I know I'll get it because I have in the past. Beware of the sites that give you pages of 'offers' you have to go through. Just click out of these.
Posted by geather-c on 2007-08-11:
go to www.surveycop.com there you can find customer satisfaction results with most survey companies.There is one or two I do now as most are promices,promices but one has sent american express cards with $20 & $10 the other has paid me by checks the total thus far this year is around $250.00. I got a check from them wed for $34.00 and have over $35.00 to be posted in the next two weeks.most give points or promices of chances to win prizes,YEA! right. they get the money you get the BULL.
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Vindale Research Is A Scam Don't Waste Your Time
Posted by Sprocket on 10/28/2010
I have been doing surveys for them for approx months Hundreds of them all taking at least 30 min. They have not paid anything not one cent and every survey wants your credit card # and you have to become a member of every company. They are surveying (whats wrong with this picture ???) YES its a SCAM.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-28:
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-28:
I'd call that cc company and get a new card number pronto if I were you. Do it now, reply later.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-28:
All of those places that you have to sign up for, and click on a bunch of advertisements ARE scams. Any website that wants your credit card number is a scam. Unless you are truely buying something.
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Beware they say you can make money but I lost plenty
Posted by Purplelady on 11/16/2010
I was looking for making money from home doing surveys. I trusted this site and I know so many times I heard on the TV news not to give my debit/bank account number out. But their scam was you were to get a free product and that you only had to pay for shipping and handling. Before you receive the free product they were charging my card for months of the free product. At first I couldn't figure out why my bank account was overdrawn. I had to go over all the debits with the bank and fill out paperwork that I did not authorize the regular charges, I did agree to the shipping and handling charges and the bank was very nice to refund my overdraft fees. It was a real headache and I don't think I made any money from Vindale just extra expenses. I did learn a lesson to check out any company before giving my bank number out. I hope this helps other people who are in my situation describe to make some money to help ends meet.
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