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Virgin Atlantic Airways
747 Belden Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06850
203 750 2000 (ph)
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Tired of Being Treated Like Cattle? So Many Airline Complaints, but Not as Many for Virgin!
By -

I was just browsing the airline reviews and saw nothing but complaints. With the exception being that I did not see one review for Virgin Airlines. So, instead of a negative, I felt it was time people heard of an airline that provides consistently clean, comfortable, enjoyable travel.

I have flown all of Virgin's US airlines including Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America and V Australia. Each trip has been pleasant and enjoyable. When was the last time you could really say that about air travel? My only complaint is that when I changed a flight I was not given the difference back on my credit card. I was issued an airline credit. Well it had an expiration date. I am a firm believer that credits should not expire. I hate to give up this "secret" but check them out next time you need to fly. You will be glad you did! And don't forget, they are starting space travel via Virgin Galactic in just a few months!

Terrible Customer Service
By -

While on our way to Heathrow Airport, we were stuck in traffic for 2 and half hours because of an accident and me and my wife were 7 minutes late before the baggage closing time which I found later as being 60 minutes prior to the actual flight time. They refused to do anything at all. We requested to let us fly without our baggage and they still refused. We were directed to the booking section where the representative told me that there was a 200 pound change fee per person but had no seats until the 26th of October.

She suggested us to come to the airport every morning and stand by just in case someone doesn'€™t show up or buy a one way ticket for the next day for $1500 each. We were basically stranded at the airport. We basically were forced to take a United Airline flight back for $1200 the same day. What kind of airline is this? Are they trying to make money off of people who had no control over the situation at all? I will never fly Virgin Atlantic again.

They Just Don't Care about Medical Emergencies
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I purchased 3 tickets that cost around $1,500, and had a serious medical emergency that prevented us from taking the trip. I canceled two weeks in advance, and requested a refund. The refund was denied. I was unable to use the credit due to this ongoing health condition, and because I rarely fly. They were unwilling to refund even after I faxed in a note from my partner's doctor. (I have since faxed in other verification of several other hospital stays.)

During one communication with Guest Services customer service rep, I was told that the credit expired in August, when, in fact, most of it expired one month earlier. This led to most of my credit expiring. I have asked for an extension on the credit, so I could try to sell the credit to a third party at a discount. (I wish I could use the credit for flights, but, I'm just not in a situation where we could do that.) So far, the request has been denied and I'm losing hope.

I think Virgin America is being unfair -- I cancelled on time, and did not preclude their re-selling the seats. I think the policies are unreasonable and the staff and management are being inflexible and inhumane in this situation. Virgin America is profiting $1,500, getting my money without rendering any service. I feel robbed. If this situation is resolved, I'll post a followup or remove this review.

Lousy Airline
By -

It began when, a week before our flight, we received an email from Virgin saying our seating had been changed and the new seats would separate all 3 of us. We had booked the seats 6 weeks before. When we arrived at check in, they put us all together - on the same row as the toilets, and in those noisy European aircraft, that meant we got no sleep.

It continued with harassment like, after wrapping the minuscule blanket around my legs because as usual the staff set the temp for themselves, not the customers, and it was cold, I was told to take the blanket off for take off. On the way back, we were ordered to open the shade, despite the sun being directly in our eyes, for take off. I have flown for over 50 years, and NEVER run into this sort of hassle.

But the worst was yet to come. I had booked all 3 tickets at the same time. Our 18 year old grandson was going back before us, and we took him to Heathrow, where we had arrived - only to find that Virgin had changed airports on us without any notice. They had switched him to Gatwick! Unbelievable. When I asked to get him on the first available flight, they said they could not do it, as it was our fault. I asked for a supervisor, and got this very aggressive skinhead, who was extremely rude and confrontational. Going to another agent, we were able to list him on stand-by - they refused to get him on the first plane sending him First Class, despite it being entirely their fault.

He eventually got on a flight EIGHT HOURS LATER! This is the worst airline I have flown in over 50 years, AND HELL WILL FREEZE OVER BEFORE I FLY VIRGIN AGAIN!!! BE WARNED!

Avoid Virgin Atlantic
By -

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- On Feb 15th 2007, my wife and son and my parents were supposed to be traveling on Virgin Atlantic flight from Newark to Delhi with a stop in London. When we got there and went through the boarding process all was well. After about a 2 hr delay the flight took off and there was smoke coming out of one of the wings and the plane was redirected to JFK. When the passengers were asked to get off the plane at JFK they were all confused and no one was helpful to them and told them what to do next.

After a lot of confusion they were told to go back to Newark (at their own expense) and talk to the crew at that airport. When they got there no one seemed to know what to do. They were told that they will be put on another plane in the evening and given hotel rooms for that time. That evening when the passengers went back to the airport they were again sent back to the hotel. After all said and done most of the passengers got to travel almost 48 hrs after scheduled departure.

Meanwhile Virgin Atlantic personnel handed out letters to all the passengers which clearly states that Virgin will provide them with a round trip ticket equal to that day's trip or a full refund. I have been trying to get the refund from them for the last 5 months and I have been communicating with them through email and fax. I have sent in all the information they need and they are not willing to honor the letter. Last thing I got from them was a form to fill out for lost tickets, after trying to explain to them that that form does not and will not help me in this case they have stopped responding to any of my emails.

I am entitled to full refund of 4 tickets and I expect to be compensated for all the trouble my family had to go through because of them and the domestic flights that we lost. What can I do to get help in this matter? Please advise me. Thank You.

Customer Service!
By -

On August 19th I traveled from Dubai to London and then London to JFK. On arrival at JFK (3 1/2 hours late) one of my pieces of luggage was missing. I was told that it had not been loaded in London and it would come the following day. I was supposed to transfer to an American Airlines flight to Toronto but due to the late arrival I missed that flight and was put in a hotel for the night. I traveled on to Toronto on the afternoon of August 20th. On the 21st I called Virgin at JFK to ask about my bag. Nobody was able to help me and there was no record of the file number I was given. Over the next week I continued calling several times a day with the same response. My call was constantly forwarded to various Virgin personnel, none of whom were able to give me any answers. I finally called the VP of Swissport baggage handling services to see if they could help me. He told me my bag had been at JFK since August 20th but he could not understand why it had not been forwarded. He arranged for it to be shipped to Toronto by FedEx the following day which it was, although Canada Customs would not release it so I had to rent a car to drive to Toronto airport and pick the bag up myself. After receiving my "lost" bag (12 days late!!) and unpacking it, my digital camera was missing!

I then returned to Dubai via the same routing on September 21st with an eleven hour layover at Heathrow. On arrival at Dubai the following day both pieces of my luggage did not arrive! They came in the following day and were delivered to me at home.

I have sent several letters to Virgin Atlantic over the last six weeks, including to the Director of Customer Services. I have incurred a lot of expense in the form of many long distance phone calls, car rental and had to replace my digital camera. A month ago I submitted a claim form to Virgin Atlantic (London) but have yet to hear a response from them. There has been no offer of any kind of compensation for my losses. In fact I have had NO response from anyone at Virgin Atlantic since this whole episode began on August 19th!!!!!!!!

Avoid Virgin Atlantic if you are elderly or non-white
By -

Virgin Atlantic staff repeatedly failed to provide wheelchair to a non-white elderly gentlemen at SFO and London-Heathrow while other passengers were readily transported by wheelchair when requested. Avoid Virgin Atlantic if you are elderly and non-white. Virgin Atlantic or the company that manages the wheelchair requests for them are racists.

Virgin Atlantic Is A Thieving Organization
By -

I meant to transfer 94,000 American Express points to Virgin America and I accidentally transferred them to Virgin Atlantic instead. The fine folks at American Express tried for ten days but the thieves at Virgin Atlantic WOULD NOT RETURN the points! I will NEVER fly Virgin Atlantic and I will tell everyone I know not to either. I will, however, be a loyal (Platinum Level) American Express Member as long as I live.

Ain't no love at LAX
By -

I'd rather walk than fly Virgin Atlantic.

The ticketing staff at LAX are officious and obnoxious. If they can make your circumstances worse, they will go out of their way to do so.

Take Air New Zealand - they have staff who actually want to help you....

Do Not Fly This Airline
By -

This was one of the worst carriers I have ever flown with (I have been to Europe 5 times). The seats are very uncomfortable and cramped. They lost our luggage for 2 days. We were told we could spend $100 (GBP 50) each for "essentials". We submitted our documentation for reimbursement and 6 months later - we still have not received a check. They are very unhelpful. Coming home, the Virgin Atlantic flight was late so we missed our connecting flight.

They were unhelpful. We waiting 10 hours in the airport for another flight and had to argue with the airline to be placed on it. I will try not to fly with them ever again.

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