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Double Charged Me And Said It Was My Fault
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- I renewed my account today and was DOUBLE CHARGED. I had no idea VIRGIN MOBILE did this to me till I got to the grocery store where I was told I didn't have enough money to get what I needed!!! I then had to put back food and other stuff. Then I rushed home to check my bank account and saw that VIRGIN MOBILE USA had double charged me. I called them and was told IT WAS MY FAULT!! I was furious!!! I told them to refund my money and told them my bank account could go into a MINUS because of THEIR ERROR and they just kept saying it was MY FAULT and it could take up to 7 days to credit to my account!!!

FURIOUS IS NOT ENOUGH TO SAY HOW MAD I WAS. I asked to talk to a supervisor and that got me NOWHERE. They then gave me to FINANCIAL and that lady was worse than any of them. She was very CONDESCENDING and could have cared less. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED.

Suspended Service
By -

I am very angry at the fact that I don't have a phone, due to someone making fraudulent charges on my account by the name of **. I have filed this matter with my bank. So, Virgin Mobile suspends my cellphone service for someone else's wrongdoing. I am pissed that, I'm without service as a result of someone using my bank card to retrieve minutes or what have you. I need to have this suspension lifted, within the hour.

I can't afford to wait days for this matter to be resolved. I have and infant in my care, I need my phone sooner than later. I have paid for to months of service on 02/10/11, in the sum of $122.92. I think that I should have access to my phone. I don't see why I have to suffer for some else's mishap.

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I had paid $54.19 on Oct/09/09. On Oct 21, 2009 they suspended my acct and said that it was not paid and that the credit card was fraudulently use at which time they said that I had to write to fraud alert@virginmobileusa.Com which I did 77 times and they never answered. I sent them copies of the bank statement that proves that they were paid. They never activated the phone. Today is Nov 21, 2009 and I called them and now they are asking me for proof of purchase for which I bought the phone directly from them and they shipped the phone to me in 2 days.

I have requested that they reimburse me the money they have stolen from me and I have no answer. All efforts that I have made have been fruitless. I have asked them also for the cost of the phone cause I cannot use it so what would I want it for.

Great Customer Service!
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Rating: 5/51

WARREN, NEW JERSEY -- I recently decided to dump my previous prepaid provider and get a smartphone plan. I researched heavily and discovered that Virgin Mobile not only offered the best service in my area but they had really low priced plans. However, I'd heard mixed reviews about customer service - which is true about any provider. I decided to give them a shot and I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone brand new on Amazon. When I got it, I needed to port the number from my old provider before starting service. I went online to the VM website and followed all the steps, but my phone still wouldn't work.

I called the customer service line and spoke to Christine, a service rep, and told her the problems I was experiencing. She looked into my account and discovered that the wrong account number for my previous provider was put in. She immediately called my previous provider and started a 3-way conference call. I was able to port my number afterward and the phone worked in less than 10 minutes! I was very impressed with the level of service and professionalism that Virgin Mobile showed. I've had no problems with my phone and I love the service plans they provide. Thanks.

By -

I purchased Virgin Mobiles MC760 thumb drive. They claim you get 800 kb per second. This is untrue. My average download rate is 2.5 kb per second and my upload speed is averaging. 5 kb per second. This is way slower than dial up. I paid for the unlimited and because the speeds are so slow I haven't even come close to using it. I called their customer service to try to find out what the problem was. First they tried to say that I was not getting a good signal I knew this was not true.

So when I told them that was not true they used the excuse that it is because I am using Ubuntu Linux so I tried it on a few Windows machines, I was getting a good signal but it was still very slow. Then they tried to tell me that it was a hardware problem on my computer I proceeded to tell them that I tried it on a bunch of different computers and had the same problem. I also told them I did a loop back test and my hardware was communicating fine with the thumb drive.

I Googled the problem and have found that there are many people having the same problem. I feel Virgin Mobile is being deceptive about the speed and quality of their product. I am surprised someone hasn't filed a class action lawsuit. I have not been able to make any money off the net because the connection is too slow to use Ebay or Craigslist.

Virgin mobile over charging credit and bank accounts for monthly services
By -

I have 2 Virgin Mobile cell phones I bought from my sister n law, when she had them she used her credit card to pay the monthly service, Virgin Mobile repeatedly over charged her bank account for monthly services that we never received!!! Virgin Mobile has suspended the service to both phones and we can't use them because of virgin mobiles screw up!!!

I went on the Virgin Mobile site and there's a complaint from October 2009 of the same thing happening to that person as what I just explained... so now I have $200.00 worth of Virgin Mobile cell phones that my kids can not use now due to VIRGIN MOBILE USA ABUSING CUSTOMERS ACCOUNTS... INSTEAD OF THEM FIXING THE PROBLEM THAT THEY CAUSED!!! I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau to make a report as well... wow thanks Virgin Mobile for screwing over your customers, obviously that's what you do best!!!!

Took money
By -

On 11/12/2010, at 2:02 pm Virgin Mobile debit $63.60, and at 2:06 pm debit another $63.60, and at 2:10 pm they also debit another 63.60$ all in the same day, I've spoken to customer service about the situation and they told me that they didn't have a record of debiting my money. My credit card company faxed Virgin Mobile a copy of the statement, and it has been now a month later and I have called numerous times and they continue to not resolve this issue. I would like for my hard earned money $127.20 to be placed back on my credit card.

Customer service is a joke!
By -

I recently purchased the Kyocera Slider Sonic for my son's b-day (today). Nowhere on your site does it state that the usb cable or the memory card are not included. In fact it states just the opposite in the user's manual and the help that are posted on your site. I must say that this is misleading and aggravating at best. Possibly fraudulent.
The cable is difficult to obtain elsewhere and both the cable and card should be supplied or the purchase price of each should be credited to my account since it was stated to be included with the phone.

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Rating: 2/51

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- Tried to send Virgin Mobile an email but couldn't get on their website to try to solve a problem with fraud. I sent them all the information they asked for. The CS representative told me a week later that it would take seven to ten days to work through the information and come up with an answer. I will say later what happened.

Minutes Scam
By -

I have a $40 plus on their service. I still have a balance with the phone, but then they're saying I don't have enough money to complete my call. Top up or lose my balance and phone number... If that isn't a scam then what other words can describe that?

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