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Customer service is a joke!
Posted by on
I recently purchased a Slider Sonic from Virgin Mobile. The following is the email correspondence. This would be laughable if it wasn't so common.

Original mail sent by me to VM:

I recently purchased the Kyocera Slider Sonic for my son's b-day (today). Nowhere on your site does it state that the usb cable or the memory card are not included. In fact it states just the opposite in the user's manual and the help that are posted on your site. I must say that this is misleading and aggravating at best. Possibly fraudulent.

The cable is difficult to obtain elsewhere and both the cable and card should be supplied or the purchase price of each should be credited to my account since it was stated to be included with the phone.

Thank you,

Response that I received:

>>> "" Wednesday, October 17, 2007 1:04 PM >>>

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your email -- and for giving us the opportunity to answer your question. We're here to help.

To answer your question: the features of the Slider Sonic have changed; the Transflash expandable memory and USB Cable are no longer included. Sorry for that!

You can place an order for the memory card from one of our retail outlets located nearby to your place or you can also buy it online from any third party website which is selling the Slider Sonic compatible
memory card.

Hope this email was helpful. If you have any other questions or would like more info, please feel free to call us at 1-888-322-1122 (or *VM on your Virgin Mobile phone). We'll be delighted to assist you.

Virgin Mobile At Your Service

Email 2 from me:

Your response is not acceptable. I have already received a flippant, could not care less, what do you want me to do about it, response from the girl that I spoke with yesterday when I finally got through the
phone menu to a live person. I realize (now) that the features of the Slider Sonic have changed and that the Transflash expandable memory and USB Cable are no longer included. My point being that you do not disclose this anywhere on your site or at the time of purchase and that I would not have bought the phone had I known this.

This was purchased as a gift. I ran around Monday evening looking for some place to purchase either the card and/or cable. No one (Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc) carries these items nor could they direct me to someplace that did. I had to give the child a gift, which he was unable to use most of the features on. He was most disappointed and I was extremely aggravated.

If you are going to direct an unhappy customer to a third party vendor or other location you had best be specific about where and sure that the item is available for purchase. I also did a Google search and was
unable to find any place that offered the items. There were several sites that had Sandisk cards but did not specifically state that they were for use in the phone. Nowhere could I find the cable for sale.
Kyocera does not even offer them for sale at their online store.

I have always recommended Virgin Mobile upon hearing that someone was looking for a new provider but you have dropped the ball on this one. I hope that you can provide a more satisfactory reply to this mail.


Dumb response # 2:

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your email -- and for giving us the opportunity to answer your question. We're here to help.

My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused and if this was not fully explained to you. Your feedback is very valuable to us and we welcome it. Our service is built around the likes and needs of our
customers; we're always looking for ways to give you more of what you want. We are quite flexible and are constantly looking for ways to improve, so we appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

We will be happy to pass along your feedback to the concerned department.

Further, the Transflash memory card for Slider Sonic is readily available at almost all the stores who sells our products. You can check with Best Buy, Target, WallMart etc.

Alternatively, you can contact the phone manufacturer too any information on this.

If you have any other questions or would like more info, please feel free to call us at 1-888-322-1122 (or *vm on your Virgin Mobile phone). We'll be delighted to assist you.

Virgin Mobile At Your Service

My last attempt to get an intelligent response:

Obviously no one is taking the time to actually read what I have written or you're just trying to frustrate me into giving up.

The Transflash Memory Card is NOT readily available at almost all the stores that sell your products. If it were I would have purchased one. As I have already stated, I have already been to Walmart, Best Buy,
Etc. They have stated that they do not carry these products.

I have also checked the Kyocera on-line store.

You have actually done nothing to resolve my problem.

Apologies for my inconvenience are not sufficient.

So that there is no further confusion let me spell out for you what the options are at this point.
Please respond with one of the following:

1. You will provide to me both the card and the cable at no additional charge.
2. You will credit the account with the purchase price of these items.

3. You will provide instructions on how to return the phone for a full credit of the purchase price.

If you are not authorized to make this decision please have a supervisor or manager contact me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx, Monday - Friday, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Thank you,

Dumb response #3:

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your email... and for giving us the opportunity to answer your question. We're here to help.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

The new Slidersonic does not come with a USB cable or a Sandisk memory card.

The USB cable and Sandisk memory card can be purchased from a retail store, and you can inquire with them about the pricing for the card. Please inform them that you would like to use the card with a Slidersonic phone for Virgin Mobile USA.

For more information on our phone models and accessories, please access the below mentioned link on our website. You can also browse through the Help section on our website for more information on frequently asked question.;

You can check the availability of a retailer in a particular area on our website; by entering the address, or at least a Zip Code or City/State, at the following link on our website. Please check out with the store to ensure that they have the products you are looking for.

If you feel your situation is not resolved, please give us a call at the below mentioned number, so we can work to clear this up for you.

If you have any other questions or would like more info, please feel free to call us at 1-888-322-1122 (or *VM on your Virgin Mobile phone). We'll be delighted to assist you. Hey, they don't call us Virgin Mobile At Your Service for nothing.

Virgin Mobile At Your Service

At this point I again braved their stupid Phone IVR where the Menu voice sounds like it's laughing at you trying to get a live person on the line. Once I did get a live person on the line, she (Adrienne) put me on terminal hold only to come back on the line stating that the USB cable was available for purchase on the web site as an accessory. This was said in a tone meant to make me feel stupid. Needless to say the cable was not not on the site when I originally purchased the phone. They still have not told me exactly which card is needed. I intend to maintain the service with Virgin Mobile only long enough for my son to enjoy the novelty of having his own phone then both of our accounts will be cancelled. I'll be posting this complaint anywhere that it's relevant.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/19/2007:
Where has good customer service gone ?
Good luck.
familytravel on 10/19/2007:
I've had Virgin Mobile for the past year, and I appreciate you posting this on the site. I've had very good telephone customer service conversation, but I too have had lousy luck with e-mail communication. You are very right, they don't even read the actual e-mail! I think they just skim for the subject and write the standard style back. Good luck!
familytravel on 10/19/2007:
I just had an idea. Try contacting Sprint--I believe they own Virgin Mobile. They have helped me out in various situations before.
bigboxworker on 10/19/2007:
You couldn't buy the memory card anywhere??? Most cell phones do not use proprietary memory cards =S
phoneguy1055 on 10/20/2007:
Transflash memory card = microSD. It says microSD/transflash on all of the SanDisk packages, and yes, you can buy them almost anywhere. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Radio Shack...I think Radio Shack has a 1gig card for $19.99
CrazyRedHead on 10/20/2007:
Try 'calling' the manufacture of the phone, since they made the phone they may know where to find the accessories. If you use an aftermarket accessory on the phone you can void the warranty, per the manufacture.
WILDANNIE on 06/08/2008:
Good God you actually got a live person. I find that astounding. I cannot get by that MORON STUPID ROBOT SIMONE, All I tried to do was switch phones which I have done in the past with no problem. Not this time. Website says call customer service HA HA HA - God couldn't get through to them. I also had a top up card - no place to top up - they want you to buy top up on site or use a check or cc. I am really getting disgusted with this bunch and their LACK of customer service.
MzDLBrand on 08/18/2009:
Virgin Mobile is horrible!
rebelron on 02/16/2012:
Customer service???? What a joke. I myself am switching carriers. VM is a rip-off. Cannot find a card for my phone either. Did find a USB cord, with about 10 different ends for it, believe I got at Dollar General of all places.
barb nlscot on 06/18/2013:
Hi , I have been trying to receive help and support in regards to my mbl. service/phone for the very least of , three months (OR MORE) . now !!!! I have "countless " emails and correspondance(s) that I have sent / given to their service customers dept. and anywhere else I have searched and found , in order to send them another request for assistance(s) ! As of the 1st of June I had my mbl. number changed, because things were going from bad to worse ! I WAS and STILL AM , "DESPERATE" to get assistances with the issues , I AM HAVING !!
I have dealt with V. M. for "many" yrs. ,BUT THIS IS THE " Worst" I have ever encountered !!!!! They have become a BIG JOKE !!!!
I to am going to switch mbl. carriers !! As well as , sending in a report to the Better Business Bureau !
Enough is and can be ENOUGH !!!
How dare they treat their customers with the same responses (when customer(s) having sent V.M. an email) over and over , saying "nothing" different than what they had sent , just hrs. before !!!
They hsave chosen this, ongoing procedure(s) , to keep distant any sorts of their having to contact what , of course , must be their customers , needs for help and support !!!
It is their , nothing more , than " A BIG RUN AROUND !!! " That's what this company is and obviously has decided to do and to work their company !!!
I am personally , "" SO DONE "" with Virgin Mobile and what services they may or may not continue to have .
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Suspended Service
Posted by on
I am very angry at the fact that, I don't have a phone, due to someone making fraudulent charges on my account by the name of [snip]. I have filed this matter with my bank. So, Virgin Mobile suspends my cell- phone service for someone else's wrong doing. I am pissed that, I'm without service as a result of someone using my bank card to retrieve minutes or what have you. I need to have this suspension lifted, within the hour. I can't afford to wait days for this matter to be resolved.

I have and infant in my care, I need my phone sooner than later. I have paid for to months of service on 02/10/11, in the sum of $122.92. I think that I should have access to my phone.

I don't see why I have to suffer for some else's mishap.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/11/2011:
I seriously doubt having an infant in your care is going to expedite you gaining service to your Virgin Mobile phone. If it's that important to you, go out and buy a cheap prepaid phone in the meantime.
PepperElf on 02/11/2011:
not to mention....

if you have a case against this person for "hacking" your credit... are you allowed to post his full name like that?
DebtorBasher on 02/11/2011:
I'm not understanding...What kind of fraudulent charges did they make on your cellphone account? I can see if someone used your phone and used up your minutes, but what would they have done that would cause your account to be suspended? They may have suspended your account until they investigate to prevent further activity on it...can you give more details?

I've always felt a cellphone should be used for a backup or extra phone while you're out...but never as the ONLY phone used to communicate, especially as you say, you have children and rely on that phone for an emergency if needed. People should always have a landland, no matter what...just my opinion.
FlitteringFirefly on 02/11/2011:
Just remember, you can call 911 from any phone. As long as it turns on, you can call 911. You can even plug a phone in to your wall at home and call 911 even if you don't have home phone service.
Anonymous on 02/11/2011:
Great advice Flittering...I'm not sure that everyone knows that. In addition, federal law mandates that ALL cell phones are able to dial 911 as long as they can pick up a signal. I keep a spare in my glove box for that very reason.
PepperElf on 02/11/2011:
Flittering - that's only valid if your states requires the landline carrier to maintain a "soft tone" for 911 calls. And as of 2009 only 24 states have that requirement.
(AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, HI, ID, IA, MA, MN, MT, NY, ND, OH, OK, PA, SD, UT, VT, WA, WY)

Though I do like the idea. I don't think anyone should be cut off from 911 access. And I also know (from a PFB review actually) that if someone calls 911 on a cell, sometimes the carrier will block other 911 calls from that immediate area.
FlitteringFirefly on 02/11/2011:
I know it's not required in MS where I live, but we sure do get plenty of 911 calls from landlines where there is no landline service. I work as a EMS dispatcher and see phone numbers beginning with 911- all the time that aren't cell phones.
PepperElf on 02/11/2011:
I'm glad the carriers are providing it then. cos I think that should be a federal requirement myself.

I know when I lived in va I don't think it was offered, although thankfully I didn't have to test that
spiderman2 on 02/11/2011:
People had infants for years with no cell phones. Have you filed a police report for fraud?
PepperElf on 02/11/2011:
I'm still wondering... since the OP has posted the hacker's FULL NAME here... is this man someone she knew personally?

I mean... I didn't think the cell company would just give her the man's full name - usually cos that information is considered private. Unless of course she already knew who he was.

ticia232 on 02/11/2011:
Exactly PE. The company would NEVER release the full name of whom made the charges.
Also they filed the false charges with their bank. Why would they file it with their bank if it's the charges on their phone? Did they let someone use their card and they overdrafted the account so much that the OP couldn't pay the bill?
PepperElf on 02/11/2011:
that's a good possibility there.
PepperElf on 02/15/2011:
wow I'm somewhat still surprised the guy's full name is there still.
Anonymous on 02/15/2011:
Yeah PepperElf the hacker Mike Jones from parts unknown should worry somebody will track him down from this review. Admin needs to get right on that.
madconsumer on 02/15/2011:
to the poster, try getting one of the pre-paid phones. this way you have3 a phone until this is cleared up.

I am Glad the FULL NAME was posted. lets others know who to lookout for!
PepperElf on 02/15/2011:
hey rules are rules
and they do specify to not use personal data
madconsumer on 02/15/2011:
many reviews state full names. there is currently one other review active with a full name listed.
PepperElf on 02/15/2011:
yes. I question that one too.

and if you notice many reviews end up with the "snip - no names please" replacing the full names.

people are allowed to post their own personal information. they're not supposed to post someone else's personal information
t_lover14 on 01/12/2012:
I am angry how this whole process going on do your end of the bargain tired of being jerked around feel disrespected I need my phone
Kim on 02/28/2012:
I am so angry at Virgin Mobile's incompetence. For 18 months, despite my account being on autopay, every three months I get threatening emails and messages that my phone has been turned off. All I ever get is a run around from their so called customer service about why this happening and they never fix it. Go with any other service, seriously.
yolanda negron on 01/27/2014:
My cell phone was not working. I call virgin moblie. And they sen m e a replacement one.They reactivatived. My phone and now they suepend myphone cause theydidnot recievethe damage onejust got it two weeks pleasei need my phone in service..
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Posted by on
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User Replies:
Anthony richardson on 06/05/2013:
My name is Anthony Richardson and I am writing this because Virgin Mobile said I had fraud in my account when several supervisors from Virgin Mobile gave us ugrades but, Virgin Mobile said that they didn't give free phones and the fact that I have been having issues with the phone so I was granted 40.00 dollars for my discount on a new phone I didn't take it because I wasn't supposed to pay for it. So the Tech support guy he suspended my phone called me on my homeboy phone and he ordered the phone now a supervisor the next day authorized the order but yesterday my ordered was cancelled do I look like I work for Virgin Mobile and the compensation is for all the trouble I have with the phone overheating phones are not good. So now I got to suffer because of the tech support
Michael gayent on 08/06/2013:
My accounts were suspended cuz I transferred money from one to the other I was never warned that I couldn't do that... how do I get it unsuspended?
natasha on 08/10/2013:
well they did the same too me and they
suspend the cell phone because of the fraud I did not put my in the cell and I can not use my cell no more so what all do
gloria on 09/16/2013:
theyn suspend my phone due to ihad to many criedt but why would they give it to me and suspend now thas is crazy
debra wymer on 01/03/2014:
I had a bad experince with virgen I called for a replacement phone after getting it I had problems with it I orderd a nother phone and they cancled it saying someone used my address sevral times and the cannot send me any replacements so I'm done with them now I'm through t moble and loveing it
Shaunte Taylor on 02/10/2014:
Virgin mobile is a rip off. I was hacked out of my account. I was told It would be resolved in 10 to 14 days and it's been 34 days with no reply. I continue to pay my bill at authorize pay stations and still got ripped off. The reps always say it's the fraud division that has a lock on the account .I am out of 2 months of paid service.
Crystal on 02/20/2014:
my account was suspended I was waiting for a replacement phone that I call for back in December never received the phone my phone has been mess up totally scene January and and was not able to use my phone I was told to wait for my replacement phone to come in before I can get the minutes on my phone, that was in January I was told to wait two week for my phone to get her they have an investigation to go through on the phone that was the first part of January because I didn't get my replacement phone, then when I call back the 16 of January I was told the same thing I was told to wait two week for my phone to get her they have an investigation to go through on the phone, I don't know to many people that would add money on a phone that they don't have, so I call back on January 23 2014 phone my phone there was no replacement phone I was told to wait two week for my phone to get her they have an investigation to go through on the phone, I told them what happen to the first on and they to me that the person never did a investigation so I have to wait another two week I ask them. I find out that my account is suspended that is why they couldn't do anything (7--)9560177 I'm am an uphappy customer that was giving the round around by Virgin Mobile and now my phone is suspended because I was told to wait about my payment, an me asking I'm I going to have to go through any trouble them assuring me that everything will be taking care of I want have to go through and problem, yeah right what a slap in the face this is and now I got wait again, I sent and email before and never got a responds back.
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Double Charged Me And Said It Was My Fault
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FORT WALTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- I renewed my account today and was DOUBLE CHARGED. I had no idea VIRGINMOBILE did this to me till I got to the grocery store where I was told I didn't have enough money to get what I needed!!!!! I then had to put back food and other stuff. Then I rushed home to check my bank account and saw that VIRGINMOBILEUSA had double charged me. I called them and was told IT WAS MY FAULT~!! I was furious!!!!! I told them to refund my money and told them my bank account could go into a MINUS because of THEIR ERROR and they just kept saying it was MY FAULT and it could take up to 7 days to credit to my account!!!


I asked to talk to a supervisor and that got me NOWHERE. They then gave me to FINANCIAL and that lady was worse than any of them. She was very CONDESCENDING and could have cared less.

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User Replies:
Obsfucation on 03/27/2013:
Just call your bank and ask them to delete the duplicate hold. It will disappear all by itself in a day or two anyway.
I love my son on 03/27/2013:
I'm curious as to why they said it was your fault? There is some information missing from the complaint somewhere..
Slimjim on 03/27/2013:
If this was a payment submitted online, then generally they are not touched by humans per se, but automatically sent to the bank electronically for draft. If you had inadvertently submitted twice, the both payments would go to the bank for withdrawal. Where the problem may be, is that they did go to the bank and would have to clear before one could be credited back. That could take up to 7 days for it to clear on their end. If that's the case, they should really have a decent web interaction that helps block that from happening, such as a second payment can't be made by a customer within an hour of another, or the like. This is only relative if that's what happened, as I guessing since you didn't go into root cause of their position.
Obsfucation on 03/27/2013:
Actually Jim, there is no credit back. When submitted, what gets sent to the bank is a notice (of sorts) that a transaction is coming. The bank sets aside enough money to cover the transaction. When that happens, a timer starts running. It might be as short as one day, or as long as five, each bank makes their own choice. If no actual transaction comes in when the timer runs out, the hold gets eliminated and the funds become available again.
I am sure they throw out that 7 day number to cover themselves with banks who have five day holds, which could go over a weekend. What you will most commonly find is that the hold drops in 3 days.
When this double hold happens, if you call your bank, they can see that the items are duplicates, coming from the same place for the same amount, two seconds apart. Usually they will agree to manually eliminate one of the holds, freeing up funds.
As others have said before, debit cards and internet purchases are a dangerous combination.
Duayne on 10/25/2013:
They have done this to me several times. A few times, when I tried topping up from my phone, I would get a message indicating there was a problem with the transaction, and to try again. The first time this happened, I tried four times to make it work, then gave up. Upon checking my bank statement online when I got home that day, I discovered that there were four separate charges from VMUSA. They apologized all over themselves for the "inconvenience" in their best Hindu-American English, and reversed the charges. I just got off the phone with them again
shaw.enough60 on 11/11/2013:
I try to put in my order in online I must a put it wronge so I call it in VM spoken to customer service rep. Mr. Niki explain to him what happen he said I will put your order I waited a few days later went on line and out my order was cancel.
jaime on 11/15/2013:
this has happened to me on two occasions with my bill and both times they blamed it first on me saying I must have paid it twice (yeah right) and then blame it on my they double charged me for a new phone that my husband ordered. their customer service is crap.
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Posted by on
I purchased Virgin Mobiles MC760 thumb drive. They claim you get 800kb per second. This is untrue. My average download rate is 2.5 kb per second and my upload speed is averaging. 5 kb per second. This is way slower then dial up.
I paid for the unlimited and because the speeds are so slow I haven't even come close to using it.

I called their customer service to try to find out what the problem was. First they tried to say that I was not getting a good signal I knew this was not true. So when I told them that was not true they used the excuse that it is because I am using Ubuntu Linux so I tried it on a few Windows machines, I was getting a good signal but it was still very slow. Then they tried to tell me that it was a hardware problem on my computer I proceeded to tell them that I tried it on a bunch of different computers and had the same problem. I also told them I did a loop back test and my hardware was communicating fine with the thumb drive.

I Googled the problem and have found that there are many people having the same problem. I feel Virgin Mobile is being deceptive about the speed and quality of their product. I am surprised someone hasn't filed a class action lawsuit. I have not been able to make any money off the net because the connection is too slow to use Ebay or Craigslist.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/27/2011:
That's the one knock I hear about virgin. Seems odd to me since they're a sprint product and sprint doesn't have those problems. I wonder if it's intentional as to keep it a step below their premium contract offerings.

Good review.
MRM on 04/28/2011:
As stated on their website, Virgin Mobile reserves the right, without notice, to temporarily limit throughput speeds when monthly data usage exceeds 2.5GB.
MRM on 04/28/2011:
I only use Broadband2Go when I'm going on a week vacation or as a internet backup when theres a power outage at my house.
GroundhogKiller on 04/30/2011:
I wouldn't mind if Virgin Mobile limited my bandwidth once in a while but I haven't been above 2.5 kb per second yet.
GroundhogKiller on 04/30/2011:
MRM you apparently didn't read all of my post or you would have noticed that I never exceeded my limit. It has been slow from the start. I have tried different times of the day thinking it may be bottle necks from too many user etc. It made no difference. I even tried using it in the middle of the night and it was still very slow.
madconsumer on 04/30/2011:
great review.

very helpful.

I just added a data package to my mobile telephone. $10 for unlimited use. I can use it as an air card for my computer. we will see if it really is unlimted.
GroundhogKiller on 09/07/2011:
Well I still haven't found an alternative to broadband2go and it is even slower now then before. I cannot download anything Virgin Mobile apparently blocks downloading. I am slower now my Internet speed is 4 kb per second. I have been checking into a service called Full Service Network. I am going to check them out next week. This broadband2go has to go. I would rather have dial up.
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Virgin mobile over charging credit and bank accounts for monthly services
Posted by on
I have 2 Virgin Mobile cell phones I bought from my sister n law, when she had them she used her credit card to pay the monthly service, Virgin Mobile repeatedly over charged her bank account for monthly services that we never received !!! Virgin Mobile has suspended the service to both phones and we can't use them because of virgin mobiles screw up!!!!!! I went on the Virgin Mobile site and there's a complaint from October 2009 of the same thing happening to that person as what I just explained... so now I have $200.00 worth of Virgin Mobile cell phones that my kids can not use now due to VIRGIN MOBILE USA ABUSING CUSTOMERS ACCOUNTS...INSTEAD OF THEM FIXING THE PROBLEM THAT THEY CAUSED!!!

I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau to make a report as thanks Virgin Mobile for screwin over your customers, obviously that's what you do best!!!!
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User Replies:
Cwazychicken on 04/01/2011:
In the last 5 years I have used VM, I have never had this problem. But I do know if you do not have the funds when your phone is due, they will charge a late fee...they will send back the payment you can not pay and you will have to pay the overcharge. Why were you suspended? I never have been suspended. There has to be more to this, I assume. I hope you can figure out what all went wrong. I don't blame you but maybe Virgin Mobile tried to charge your account, was denied, tried again..maybe change payment methods. I pay by PayPal, no problems whatsoever. Easier to put the exact amount in, or a few dollars extra, so I won't have a problem with my bank. But if you don't have PayPal, then I'm not sure what else to say. I know I have had banks charge me a fee because I used my debit card a little earlier than I should've. They declined it, then resent the charge back to the company, which some companies will keep doing this til they get their money. Never pay with your bank account....I know that is not the best idea because once they have your number, they have your number. I always use PayPal, or debit card when shopping online.
MRM on 04/01/2011:
Do they really charge a late fee? I've never seen that happen while being a customer for 5 years.
Cwazychicken on 04/01/2011:
Well my bank charged me a fee, for returning the check. So technically, was not virgin mobiles fault. I paid the fee. One time I used my debit card and it was declined, they tried again and that's how I got the fee. Apparently my funds were in my bank, but was not yet available on my debit card.
MRM on 04/01/2011:
That's cool. I have the Samsung Intercept, which is Android, and I pay only $25/month with unlimited data and 300 min talk. Awesome!
Cwazychicken on 04/01/2011:
Nice, I want to get an android. My phone is only a piece of crap 10 dollar phone. But it works for emergencies. I had a keyboard phone but lost that years ago lol. Virgin mobile is a pretty good company, I have never been purposely ripped off from them, neither has my family who has also used it. So I find this a bit strange they would charge them and suspend them.
MRM on 04/01/2011:
Theres a $129.99 and a $149.99 Android phones. While the phones are high the $25/month plan will pay for the phone itself. Have you check them out yet on the website?
Claudia Berlin on 10/30/2012:
My Monthly plan is automatically taken out of my bank acc. But on 9/26 they took $35 and 9/26 they took another $35 and 9/27 they took out another $35 out. Now how can I get reimburst back into my acc. the extra $72.34 they took from me
Theodore Acosta on 07/20/2013:
I call customer service because my service was suspensed for accumulated credits, after explaining to them that my teenage daughter and boyfriend had abused my gift to her, they told to contact fraudalerts. Please help me with this matter. We have had this number for a very long and do not want lose it. Thanks.
natasha on 08/07/2013:
they put credits on my cell and had it supensed for faud I did not put the money and some body help me get it back on please my cell number is 8627551571 thank
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Terrible customer service experience (later remedied)
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- An update about resolution of the complaint that appears below:

Following the incident described below, I wrote a letter to the COO of Virgin Mobile USA about the issue. Today I got a call from Erin, the manager I spoke with once before. She remains both nice and helpful. It seems that my complaints have had some effect and that VM policy is not the problem. I had the misfortune of speaking to a customer service rep. with a bad attitude. I'm hoping that the company will make it clear to the reps that they must not abuse the customers. I get the feeling that there will be some effort made to get that message across.

Since Virgin Mobile was responsive in handling my problem, I want to declare them to be back in good graces. My daughter is enjoying her Virgin Mobile phone and I may soon proceed with my original plan to move other cell service to VM.

If you encounter a problem with a bad VM phone rep then just advise them that they would be much better off simply letting you talk to their supervisor than having you make them famous on and escalate the issue to the COO.


Virgin mobile has the absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered. The reps are rude and seem to delight in infuriating customers. My rep, who would identify himself only as "Nathan" refused to provide the information that I was looking for, had a patronizing and insulting attitude, and refused to allow me to speak to his supervisor or to provide any further identification.

I called the Virgin Mobile office in CA and managed to speak to a customer service supervisor called "Erin". She was nice. She looked at the plan information on the Virgin Mobile web page that I originally called about and she agreed that it was completely incorrect. She promised to send the correct description of the plan by email. So far she has not sent it. She also heard my complaint about "Nathan" and she seemed genuinely concerned about his refusal to allow me to speak to a supervisor or to identify himself. Erin said that she would have a word with Nathan. If I actually get the promised email then I'll be more confident that perhaps she'll do that part as well.

Until I see some results from my second call, my comments above stand. Virgin Mobile apparently does not have any respect for their customers and they clearly demonstrate that through their rude "customer service".

If you want decent customer service then avoid Virgin Mobile.

Resolution Update 11/24/2007:
Virgin Mobile responded to my complaint and they are working to correct the problem.
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One-Eyed Willie on 11/07/2007:
I think I would like to try out Virgin. Call again it is usually better the second time.
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GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- Tried to send Virgin Mobile an email but couldn't get on their website to try to solve a problem with fraud. I sent them all the information they asked for. The CS representative told me a week later that it would take seven to ten days to work through the information and come up with an answer. I will say later what happened.
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Minutes Scam
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I have a $40 plus on their service, I still have a balance with the phone, but then they're saying I don't have enough money to complete my call. Top up or loose my balance and phone number... If that isn't a scam then what other words can describe that?
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Cwazychicken on 07/25/2011:
Virgin mobile works great for me, I wouldn't know why they would do this unless you were not using the phone for a long period of time and its almost time for it to expire (I believe its 90 days of not topping up, you will lose whatever you have on your phone plus the number). Maybe the 40 dollars went to other charges? Do you use the phone for internet access or do you have a plan that you paid and forgot about? I would go to and contact support.
MissLeopard83 on 07/25/2011:
I only had Virgin for about a week because I was getting sick of my T-Mobile service. I have prepaid, but I don't like the dropped calls and the lost messages. Virgin, in my opinion, is much worse. I don't like that they cancel your account after 3 months if you don't use your phone. I rarely ever make a call unless it's an emergency.
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Took money
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On 11/12/2010, at 2:02pm Virgin Mobile debit 63.60$, and at 2:06 pm debit another 63.60$, and at 2:10pm they also debit another 63.60$ all in the same day, I've spoken to customer service about the situation and they told me that they didn't have a record of debiting my money.

My credit card company faxed Virgin Mobile a copy of the statement, and It has been now a month later and I have called numeris times and they continue to not resolve this issue I would like for my hard earned money 127.20$ To be placed back on my credit card.
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Skye on 12/06/2010:
You need to file a dispute with your credit card. Ask for their dispute department, they will send you a packet of forms for you to fill out, explaining the dispute. They should refund you the money, then go after Virgin Mobile for their error. Why should you be penalized for Virgin Moblile's error. It looks like Virgin Mobile is dragging their feet, in order to have the 60 days pass, when you can no longer dispute the charges.
MRM on 12/06/2010:
This is why I prefer to to use Top Up cards to pay for minutes and if I need to use a credit card, I use a service that will generate pseudo numbers and you can only use that number one time.
Weedwhacked on 12/06/2010:
Now that really sucks. Your bank should be able to reverse the other two charges. I don't know why it would take them so long to figure out that you were charged erroneously.
Skye on 12/06/2010:
Excellent point and advice MRM.

+ 5 million!
MRM on 12/06/2010:
Thank you, thank you very much! And your advice is excellent, as well!
Skye on 12/06/2010:
Thank you. The best we can hope for, is the OP comes back, and reads the comments.
terrence on 01/01/2011:
this company owes me 127.20...they debited an additional 127.20.from credut card and refuse to pay it back...they said there is no record of this transaction in thre I would rate this company poorly....customer service is horrible....this has been a issie sense nov 12.2010.....I will never use them again.....
trmn8r on 01/01/2011:
I hope the OP read the part filing a dispute and about 60 days, since Jan 12 is coming soon.
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