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Do NOT get a Visa Rush Card, customer service very rude!
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Well a month ago I checked this card out and thought I was signing up for a prepaid card (I should've read all the instructions to this, I realize there's a fee blah blah blah but I never gave them access to my social security disability info, how they decided to just up and take it out of my social security and NOT add it to my card is beyond me, now my 700 dollars is in cyberspace. I called an agent to talk to them and said they can not do anything about it, their system is not working.) Well, I will be going to my state office and reversing my ssdi direct deposit back to my old banking, they took it on themselves to help themselves, not sure how they got my info without me typing it in perhaps when I agreed, they authorized it without really going into detail. Hopefully rushcard will send the money back to state and state can help me get those funds back. I admit, I didn't read all the fine print or how they would use my social security info...I just thought "hey prepaid card, I need it right now because I lost my debit card".... That was my error. HOWEVER, how the agent talked to me was just downright rude, would not help me, yelled at me, and pretty much laughed in my face saying that I wasn't listening to her she could not get into the system and that she could not help. Some customer service. When I asked if I could cancel, she could not help. I had to wait a half hour and it was horrible. My aunt is luckily going to help me cover the 700 bucks they took out now I have to go to state so my checks do not overdraft, but they took my money and didn't even add it to my card, THAT'S WHERE IM MAD. I can go to state and change my direct deposit info, not a problem but now this company knows my information and that was stupid on my part. I was naive, thinking it was not direct deposit....this card is a rip off, I read all the terms now, after I got my card, and its like 24 bucks a month to keep it activated. Its pathetic! I knew there was a fee but not that much. IF the funds were on there, I would not be so mad, but since my state sent the funds to the card, I called them and they confirmed this, I have a reason to be angry. Please do NOT make the same mistake as I did, I admit I was wrong... ai thought I was signing up for a prepaid, not direct deposit. So warning if people think it's just an easy card to get, NOT SO. It will take your direct deposit immediately after you agree with signing up for a card... Do not trust this site with your social security info.
Resolution Update 01/03/2012:
Well i contacted them and they are going to return money to state within 3-5 days, i will check back then and see if they make promise of it. So far, still going to be investigated. I hope nobody ever signs up for these things without reading more of the fine print or double checking if you clicked something (or opted into something), that you do not want to be apart of. I swear i did not opt in but maybe there was a box i accidently clicked, i dont remember it but either way they got my social and used it to their advantage!
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Cwazychicken on 01/03/2012:
Called back a half hour later, same response to call back in a half hour. I will be taking this to state and this will NEVER happen again, lesson learned for me! So before anyone says that its my fault, oh I know it is. Now I want to know where my money is if state put it on the card and its not on my card.....I will definitely get this taken care of today...even if I get charged this month and have to use the card for a month, they will never see my deposit again!
Cwazychicken on 01/03/2012:
Lovely now can't get to the website because it seems they blocked my email. I am just upset because all my bills have to be paid..Luckily it won't happen again but I feel I'm going to be out of 700 bucks. Hopefully reporting it stolen will help because it kind of was, since its not on the card....Usually I'm smarter than this. Just irritating as I have several bills coming out this week....I feel like such a fool.
MRM on 01/03/2012:
That is insane in the membrane!
Cwazychicken on 01/03/2012:
Yea it is, its my cwazy moment that's for sure. If it was for only 50 bucks I would suck it up for my mistake. Oh I let the one girl have it. The last guy wasn't so rude. But the first one just would not let me get a word in I was like "please let me talk".
MRM on 01/03/2012:
With regards to paying your bills, couldn't you have paid your bills online, to keep it simple? All you need is a check routing number to pay your bills online.
Cwazychicken on 01/03/2012:
Tried to call again, unable to get through..Lovely.

Yes I pay all my bills online and some by check. However rent is check only, And my ssdi usually went to my bank but did not do so this month it went to the rush card and they are not posting that I have it. So that's where the problem lies. . Its not the bills that are getting me, its the money not being able to be available for me to spend. Their website didn't have it down as even receiving it, it was direct...Its more of an issue of why aren't they helping me out with this problem than the problem itself. I understand its my fault, I should've NEVER applied for this card. I just was sick of my bank at the time and wanted an alternative because my bank fees kind of stink and I wanted a prepaid card that could deposit my money so I could close the bank. Now I'm regretting ever doing so. Luckily I never closed my bank!
MRM on 01/03/2012:
I hope the company will listen to your help and refund your money.
Cwazychicken on 01/03/2012:
Thanks! Oh I'm sure state will take care of it. I will give them my bank account info and switch it so it never happens again and report it to them stolen so they can trace it and try to get it back. They can do that after 1pm today *in an hour* so will run down there and get that taken care of. Then the next step will be getting a refund and paying my aunt back when I receive that. Am happy my aunt was there to help me or I would've bounced a lot with bills coming in....With a 1 and a half year old, being sick all week (both of us), its been hectic and this stress is just what I do not need.
Cwazychicken on 01/03/2012:
Well I went to state, turns out after I signed up for a RUSH card, my identity was taken and JP morgan/chase took my social security check! Which I have NEVER signed up for any JP morgan/chase thing in my life! So, be careful when you sign up for anything online. Lesson learned, state is reissuing my check, and a fraud investigation is now going to happen. I guess its going around the country with people breaking into peoples social security (and I must say that's a pretty stupid thing to do because you don't mess with the government). So I have no proof who or where they got my info but I'm 99.9 percent sure it was related to when I signed up for a rushcard as I never signed up for anything else involving social security and that website had my SSDI's info how to contact them, so take it from there. BEWARE of rushcard or anything that you don't know....I got a new debit card from my bank now, sticking with my bank. Even though I'm not always happy with my bank, never had fraud happen with them!. Now to stay tuned and see if I hear anything else about this investigation. I am glad state caught it because they told me nobody is ever supposed to change any info in their system. Only I can do that!
raven2010 on 01/03/2012:
Good grief what a mess. Hope this gets cleaned up for you FAST
Cwazychicken on 01/03/2012:
Yea it was a big mess. State office is looking into it and knows I did nothing wrong. I don't know how this person got into their computers and changed their info but its scary when SSDI is not secure any more! It has now been changed again so hopefully it does not happen again. a hard lesson to learn. If my aunt hadn't helped me, I would've bounced 6 checks today alone and 3 tomorrow! Too much too lose! I will be getting my money in 3 - 5 days so I'm glad I can pay her back too but still, it is awful!
DebtorBasher on 01/03/2012:
Chase!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never deal with Chase, they will screw people every chance they get and make you believe it's what you wanted!!!
Cwazychicken on 01/03/2012:
Yep they do but I got to them. Last guy I talked to I told state was on their tail, so he talked to his supervisor and they were going to send the money back and cancel that account I was not using. (as state is going to send another check) but state is going to keep in contact with me during this investigation. Apparently, they took my funds, put it on a OLD card I had of rush (I had opened one like a year ago when I first moved to my apartment and never received it, forgot I had it, didn't bother checking, again my fault...I'm not completely innocent, but I know I did nothing wrong and swear I did not opt in like they said I did..I would've remembered typing in a routing number with a card a year ago, but I know I didn't...they claim I put the routing number and stuff for them to direct deposit, I did no such thing. And if I had done that, the direct deposit wouldve started then, not this month when I opened this card last month. Seriously, messed up. Well once I told them state was involved, they handled it better. Hopefully state gets their refund, and maybe they can switch how they let people have accounts. Apparently, a person can have 4 accounts with them and they can put money on any one even if its lost, stolen or you never receive it....which is kind of crap in my opinion...stay away from this site or any other prepaid cards....I'm sticking to my debit card and that's final. I went to my bank and changed the debit card so I cannot go over the amount I have.
CowboyFan on 01/04/2012:
This post clearly is informative in showing the need to read and understand everything, when you sign up for an account of whatever nature.
Cwazychicken on 01/05/2012:
Yep I know, again I admit my mistake however, I didn't opt in like they said I did, so they just took it upon themselves to automatically change my info. I did not give them my disability information. I did not request a routing number like they said I did, they took it upon themselves to do that for me. I don't think that is legal to do especially when it comes to state funds. You would think I would have to authorize that or sign something and I did not have to....Luckily, its changed for next month, it will NEVER happen again. Another problem is they let me have up to 4 accounts somehow, they didn't aware me of this.) and put my funds on an old card that got lost and I forgot about. So, I think rushcard should stop confusing people so much by limiting how many accounts a person can have incase one forgets they signed up for it before. Then again, most people do not forget this but I have had a hectic year with my grandma passing that I simply did forget. Oh and they should make you sign a written agreement online, not just make people opt into something they do not want or they should call state first to make sure I authorized the change. State said to me, and I quote, that I'm the only one that can contact them to change any information on my account. So I don't know how these companies are allowed to do it without someones permission. How this went about was sneaky, they got my approval somehow without actually getting my authorization in writing. Now I learned my lesson. So to me, putting my funds on an old card was extremely sneaky way of keeping my funds and if I didn't investigate where my money went, they wouldve had it and kept it (because I know if you don't spend funds in so much time, they take money away, I read that clearly). I hope anyone who has a rushcard and is missing funds can use this information incase it went onto another card. Luckily, rush card IS sending my money back to state, because of this error and maybe they can work on changing a few things about their cards. Who needs 4 accounts? I don't. But never again will I sign up for something like this online. Normally I'm much smarter than this but I let this mistake get to me. I usually do read as much as possible when it comes to terms but I guess I missed something, somehow. Still, from what I've read about chase, I'm staying away from them!! I did not know rush was a chase card. Again, half of it is my fault, and half of it is the way they went about putting my funds onto a card that I no longer possessed.

Also I NEVER got a email saying my funds were in, I never got a email stating I was approved so for them to do this with NO notification is what gets me..
t cape on 04/18/2013:
I have one and they do have sloppy customer service and way more info about how to put money on a card-less about getting cash off it!
however I am wondering how social security was able to send it to the card? you had to do more than check a box-you had to fill out a form,[like a check]-OR give ss your routing and account was not fine print for sure!
even on old card-you gave ss a routing number at some point! how do you forget 4 accounts???
seems to me like you are careless about your money on-line and your lucky it was on an old card of yours!-they cannot do it without more info than a accidentally checked are right that they screwed up and gave you 4 accounts-due to patriot act laws you got to give them some pretty specific info every time! to prove ur identity.did you maybe lose your card and sign up for a new one instead of reporting it lost?
it does sound like when you called them and they accessed their system they should have caught the multiple accounts-sloppy customer service yes/identity theft and stealing? no way!in the end you are responsible for your own money no one else- and FYI you can get your taxes deposited in your regular bank account just as fast!
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