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FLORIDA -- We have been defrauded twice by VISA on purchases we made under the VISA logo. It appears VISA supports their high-dollar merchants, rather than honor their claims of secure purchases to the public.

We are a small company that deals with fortune 500 companies, law enforcement, and government entities. A recent purchase was charged back 3 times to our account by merchant "Array Solutions." They sold us equipment to be delivered from Germany. We never received it, and called VISA customer service. The sale was credited back to our account.

The merchant then fraudulently claimed we were in possession of the goods. Our account was debited $2,099.00 again. We then traced and gave VISA the US CUSTOMS information that the merchant had picked up the merchandise from American Airlines BOND. Our account was then credited again.

The merchant, still in possession of the goods, made a third claim just before VISA's 6 month cutoff dispute. limit. Even though VISA knew the merchant was in possession of the goods, and even though VISA knew that the merchant committed fraud by stating that our company was in possession of the same goods, VISA charged our account another $2,099.00, and promptly closed the matter, stating "It's too late for any further dispute."

A similar situation happened with a VISA purchase from a merchant called "CORPORATE RAIDER." I should have known that their company name had something to do with their business practices.

WARNING TO ALL WHO DEAL WITH VISA: If you have a high-dollar dispute with a merchant and receive a credit back, CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT.
Great card for people with poor credit
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VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI -- I am really glad I came upon this card. It is very helpful that someone is willing to give me a chance to establish my credit. I have tried all kinds of credit card co. that proclaim they will give you a card even with bad credit to be turned down is a disappointment.

I feel that people with bad credit should stop complaining and be happy that someone out there is willing to take a risk in giving them a second chance.

credit limit increase
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MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- After a couple of years of credit with Capital One, you offered to increase my credit limit by $200, the initial offer was $200. I've had this one of three accounts with Capital One for quite some time. All of the other two accounts have a credit limit of $200 also. I'm sure I've paid on the account in a timely manner more times than not.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

Offer me an adequate increase amount or don't offer anything.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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