Visakha Healthcare India Pvt Ltd

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Scammers! Beware of this company! Offering Employment Job Administrative Assistant.
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NEW YORK,, NEW YORK -- I was offered employment with Visakha Healthcare India Pvt Ltd there head office is #14-37-34, 1st. Floor, Krishna Nagar, Visakhapatnam-530002, A. P, India. On the 12/14/2012 I began to start training with this company under the supervisor named Rudd **, which is actually a fake name. I checked out a website under this company business address, as well look into the temporary offices located on 56, East 52nd Street, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10022.

So far it looked good, I was given two interviews, one over the phone the other over Yahoo Messenger. When asked why I could not come into the offices I was told after training I would move into the offices, but needed to be trained first.

The first check that came to pay for my training materials that I needed for the company, a computer and printer was for the amount of 2,530.00. I looked at the check and asked what I should do now; Rudd ** contacted me and instructed that I make two different transactions at two different Western Unions which I was suspicious. I contacted Mr. ** and he told me it was for a vendor that worked with the company. I made these transactions and saved the paperwork. My bank contacted me to tell me of a fake check that did not look right and it was indeed a fake check.

I contacted Mr. ** in a letter stating that if everything comes back as a fraud I will take legal action and that I have all documents and conversations. He assured me that all was good. I was not convinced. He issued out another fake check telling me to open up another bank account and deposit this fake check. I told him I wouldn't went to my bank and contacted their fraud department, immediately they said it was fake, and after verifying that with the bank that it was issued out to which was East West Bank in California.

I went to the local police station filed a report for fraud. It was too late to recall the funds back, since the bad check caused my account to go into a negative. I owe the funds stolen from the bad check that I unknowingly thought was a reputable company but was not, even signed an employment letter. So I see no other choice other to pay back that money of $2,530.00 because of this scam.

I have not been in contact with Mr. ** and the contact number that he gave me to talk on the phone with is actually another woman in Georgia that has also been scammed, as well as other people she says that have applied online for administrative positions and come to find out that the checks issued out to them to pay for materials to work from home is a fraud. There are other scammers beside this Mr. ** who have contacted other people on the Internet, under different names, and how they found my resume was through Washington posts.

I am certain that Mr. ** probably knows that I have forward the information to the local police, which is why he has not contacted me about the second check. I wrote him a letter stating if I found out that this check is a fraud I will take legal action. Mr. ** who I am sure is not working alone, most likely changed his name again and is looking for more victims.

Please spread the word about this company, since there is somebody I have yet to find out who has stolen checks and promising employment by sending out fraudulent checks. I believe it is this Mr. ** since he was insisting I deposited the second check that was also fake into another bank which I did not, and took to my bank and it came back as a fake. I had called the bank where the first check was issued from and told the banker there is someone stealing checks and stealing money, she says that is the company's fault, she can't help me.

So After filing a police report and blocking any activity in my accounts, I have no other choice but to pay back the money that was stolen, seeing how the police still need to contact the Florida police department. After filing a fraud report with the Union I sent the money for, they will be in contact with the police.

Please, please fellow consumers don't fall for this trap like I did, I did my research but it was not enough, what I should have done was ask the bank first when I got the check to see if it was real. The company sounded and checked out good, but somebody in their inner workings was not a good employee, and it is likely this person is not working alone.

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