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DO NOT buy from this company!
By -

TROY, MICHIGAN, MICHIGAN -- My husband and I recently purchased an in-home water filtration system from Vitasalus/Equinox Products, a company whose website promises complete satisfaction or your money back for up to 6 months. The website even goes so far as to claim they will send you the return labels to offset shipping costs if returning the product should become necessary!

We selected the EQ300 due to the description the company provided about the system's capabilities. Our well water, which we had tested, is high in sediment, odor and iron; only some of the impurities the company claimed would be removed by the EQ300.

The system DOES NOT work. After two months,when we tried to get the company to send us the return labels so we could ship the product back for a full refund, not only were we treated rudely and unprofessionally, but we were told it was OUR FAULT that the system did not purify our water. The company claims that the system failed because we bought the wrong one.

Please do not fall victim to this company's unethical business practices and false advertising. Their purchase invoice says "Thank your for your order! God Bless!!" I guess they know when they ship it to you the product will only work by the grace of God because we are now out $725 dollars and we still have the same horrible water we had to begin with.

Today is Friday, Sept 29th and I am adding the following information to my review:

My name is Lorraine Moore and I submitted a complaint against Vitasalus/Equinox
Products last week regarding their refusal to honor their 100% satisfaction guarantee
of a full refund within 6 months. When I emailed the company with a list of six
sites at which I had lodged complaints, I received a threatening, accusatory email
in response. Below is a portion of it. The VP of the company refers to my emails
as fake and claims that I am defaming their company by demanding a refund for and complaining about a
product they themselves have guaranteed. I was hoping to somehow attach it to my
original complaint so that people can see the way Vitasalus does business:

"If you persist in barraging us with fake e-mails (which have all been
documented) and causing our company any further harm, we will ask our
attorney(s) to take all necessary legal action against you and Mr. Moore.
We will file for injunctive relief against any further actions that cause
damage and defamation and we will take you to federal court which is $25,000
Sincerely, Robert Cloutier, VP
Vitasalus Inc.

Defending the Vitasalus Premium EQ-300 Rhino
By -

I indeed would recommend the EQ 300 Rino to anyone!!
Our water was cloudy,smelled, and rust stains in kitchen sink and bath room fixtures. NOT water one would want to drink. I have had my
Rino installed for a year now. Water is clear now, no smell, no bad taste. My wife loves the way our dishes come out of the dish washer
and loves our "new water" when she washes her hair. I loved the simplicity of installing it. A BIG plus is when you compare the price with systems that address the same water properties, and it takes up less space.
It was a pleasure doing business with a Christian oriented company,....... people you can trust.
Robert W. Schlegel

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2 reviews & complaints.
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1409-H Allen Drive
Troy, MI 48083
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