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Expired warranty/what next?
By -

RESEDA, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased my Vivitek 51 HDTV from H. S.N...after the warranty expired I had to replace two lamps @ OVER $200.00 EACH...NOW the colorwheel needs to be replaced @ $340.00 or more..the colorwheel was once available for $ in order to have a working t. v one must purchase the color wheel, case/box/unit for over $300.00. The t. v was expensive, and now with THE COSTS of the lamps, and colorwheel it's getting to be a losing battle. WORST OF ALL THE PARTS AREN'T EASILY AVAILABLE..I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A VIVITEK PRODUCT, NOR WILL I TRUST H. S.N.

Warranty nightmare
By -

KENTUCKY -- On January 14, 2006 I purchased a Vivitek 51 in DLP HDTV from HSN. Ten weeks later the lamp was not working- no picture or sound. Vivitek refused to honor the 6 month warranty backed by HSN saying there is no such thing. Although HSN has reassured me there is. It is 6 weeks later and I still do not have a replacemnt lamp and now have a 51 inch, $2400.00 black hole in my den.
Consequently after several weeks of calling, Vivitek called and said there is a 6 month warranty however they say now I must send them the new replacement form. They promised to e-mail to me within 24 hours- that was 6 days ago. It will take up to 4 weeks to receive the new lamp.

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