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Expired warranty/what next?
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RESEDA, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased my Vivitek 51 HDTV from H. S.N...after the warranty expired I had to replace two lamps @ OVER $200.00 EACH...NOW the colorwheel needs to be replaced @ $340.00 or more..the colorwheel was once available for $ in order to have a working t. v one must purchase the color wheel, case/box/unit for over $300.00. The t. v was expensive, and now with THE COSTS of the lamps, and colorwheel it's getting to be a losing battle. WORST OF ALL THE PARTS AREN'T EASILY AVAILABLE..I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A VIVITEK PRODUCT, NOR WILL I TRUST H. S.N.
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Anonymous on 02/01/2011:
If I were you, I would fix it, and sell it ASAP. Sounds like its going to be a money pit.
Obsfucation on 02/01/2011:
I agree with the Prince. It's not likely to get any better, and the technology for the large TVs is light years ahead of this technology. You probably won't break even, but it might be time to cut your losses and run.
trmn8r on 02/01/2011:
Yep, either move it to the curb or fix it and sell. It probably isn't worth much money, and it may be wise to just trash it and cut your losses. You may find an unwary buyer, but would you feel good about saddling someone else with a tv with an incurable disease?

A newer tv should be more reliable. Key words "should be".
Anonymous on 02/01/2011:
Consider donating it to a local trade school.
Weedwhacked on 02/01/2011:
Get rid of it. It seems like it will cost you more than its worth in the long run.
danny54 on 02/01/2011:
While I agree with the other posters, I'm curious as to how this is HSN's fault. Sounds to my like a product just went bad. I don't think HSN has any control over that unless a lot of the Vivitek products they sell break down, in which case they should consider not selling them.
madconsumer on 02/01/2011:
this is not HSN's issues. it is the manufacturers issues.
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Warranty nightmare
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KENTUCKY -- On January 14, 2006 I purchased a Vivitek 51 in DLP HDTV from HSN. Ten weeks later the lamp was not working- no picture or sound. Vivitek refused to honor the 6 month warranty backed by HSN saying there is no such thing. Although HSN has reassured me there is. It is 6 weeks later and I still do not have a replacemnt lamp and now have a 51 inch, $2400.00 black hole in my den.
Consequently after several weeks of calling, Vivitek called and said there is a 6 month warranty however they say now I must send them the new replacement form. They promised to e-mail to me within 24 hours- that was 6 days ago. It will take up to 4 weeks to receive the new lamp.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 05/29/2006:
It might be worth calling HSN to see if you can enlist their help with this. I would think the manufacturer doesn't want to lose that avenue for selling their products and might be more responsive to HSN. It's worth a call.
sonny one on 02/07/2007:
Integrated Automated International is the company that is responsible for the repairs to Vivitek electronics. I found them on the internet and after 6 months of trying to get satisfaction through Vivitek my tv was fixed in less than one week.
remco on 08/24/2007:
as re the Vivitek nightmare I hope your problem was resolved. I am having similar difficulties on a Vivitek 56 inch which has been out of service for 3 weeks. I am still under warranty (for whatever good that does). my bulb has not burned out , however, I appear to have a problem with the power supply and or control module which in my instance does not allow you to get picture or sound either by using the remote or when working manually.
When I checked this site and other Vivitek blogs it is apparent to me that the tv is not reliable and service on it is a nightmare.Vivitek uses a company (3rd party) called decision 1 to service its warranty . This company is usually out to lunch, As an example I was supposed to have a repairman come today (after waiting 2 weeks for an appointment) to fix the tv. I waited until 4:45 pm no one had shown up. I called back Vivitek tech support who also gave me decision 1's phone number.they eventually called me to tell me that the part had not arrived yet. of course my next question was to ask...why schedule me for an appointment.? called back tech support Vivitek) , lots of excuses but no results. when I did speak to the "decision 1" tech he acted as if ...well what could he do he was busy and didn't get a chance to call me to tell me he wouldn't be coming ...maybe Monday....

you indicated you had a six month on the bulb...consider yourself lucky....HSN is much better than shop NBC who just collects your money and never want to hear from you again. Vivitek claims for the 56 inch I have, the bulb warranty is only 3 months which I have passed at this point.

as I see it (and after doing more thorough research) I would never buy or any other of the products they sell under the viscom trade name let alone purchase a tv, off the tv again. Even if the tv was a reliable one (which apparently it is not) the tv is only as good as the warranty.

Jim Skelton and the happy clan at shop NBC no better. If a guy like me can dig up info on the computer on a product they sell and the overwhelming evidence suggests the mabufacturer provides poor service they shouldn't be selling the tv on air in the first place.
cdlang on 09/08/2007:
I have the same problem with Vivitek tv.I had 2 that did not work.but the collections are calling 3-6 a credit score is low because I won't pay for the is in my house just sitting here.I have made numerous calls I get the run around.the credit card company from shopnbc stated that was not there problem.everybody I talked to Vivitek shopnbc now there is another company calling me stated shopnbc sold me the tv but I owe someone else.I had a warranty but they don't back their agreement why should I.I never got my 200 dollar rebate cause the tv did not come when promised the 1st tv lasted 7 days the replacementment lasted 5 months but it had a year warranty.the free dvd player did not work either.what do I do with this big tv just sitting hear.shopnbc/Vivitek will not and has not helped.the collection state I am supposed to pay for it even if it don't seems like this is one big scam with different companies involved none taking responsibility this has been 2 years now.hours and hours on phone to handle this.hours and hours researching on internet about thses complaints.talked with 2 lawyers niether could help due to not experienced with consumer law.what do I do iam so tired from all this run around and sick with worry.please help if anyone knows where to get help.I have tried shopnbc,Vivitek
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