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Awful Service
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I have had voip.com for a couple of years and never had to call for service. My service was interrupted this week. I have spent several hours on hold just waiting to talk to a human being because they have an old email address for me that is no longer in service. I finally connected with someone 2 nights ago that said my service would be reconnected in about 20 minutes. Two days later and still no service. Tried again tonight to contact them after an hour and a half on hold finally left a message in their general mailbox saying call us back or refund our money. I will update this review if we ever get a call back. I only hope the new owners will respond and help us with this problem. Check back for updates.
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Works great
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I've had Voip.com for a couple months now and have been impressed. The techs actually know what they are talking about. Its very handy the way I can set up the call forwarding to ring my office, then my home, then my cell since I can't afford to miss certain important calls. The quality rivals that of the previous landline service we were using at about triple the price of what I'm paying now. I did try it out at home first before switching at my business as well, which isn't too large at the moment so we only had a couple numbers. With the cloned line I've got four people able to be on the phone at the same time with my two numbers. Couldn't be happier with the way its working out.

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Poorly Managed Finances; Inadequate Service
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I signed up with voip.com under a "1st 30 days free - money back guaranty". The first adapter I received from them was apparently faulty; after spending about 6 hours on the phone with tech support for voip.com, and my ISP's tech support, it was determined that it was faulty and had to be replaced. It took them nearly a month to get a replacement unit sent to me. They sent me a bill and charged my credit card before I even received the second adapter. They did refund this amount when I contacted them and pointed out that I had not had service yet! After I finally received the 2nd adapter, the quality phone service was not so good, but serviceable for my needs (considering that you get what you pay for). I decided to add an "800 number" to my account so that family members could call us when they want. voip.com charged almost $16.00 to add this number which, again, I did not think was unreasonable.

The first charge was declined (my bad, but I corrected it immediately). They sent the charge through 2 more times, and both times the charge went through.
voip.com replied to my post on their forum that the second charge was a "pre-authorization hold" only and would not go through as a transaction. After 3 days, the hold that was appearing on my statement turned into a completed transaction. While I don't think they are trying to cheat me, it's obvious to me that their right hand doesn't know what their left is doing, and they do NOT have a good system in place for managing its finances. Even after I sent them a copy of my statements and correspondence from my bank which stated specifically that both charges were completed transactions, and that the second charge was not a "credit card hold", they have not agreed to refund the second charge. I am cutting my losses and will not proceed with service from this company. I cannot afford this kind of mistake from them again.

voip.com does have a forum where you can review their customer's posts regarding problems they are having, including billing and service problems. That is the method that I used to contact them regarding the both of my issues, after my 1st telephone contact regarding the adapter. Their telephone tech support, I strongly suspect, is outsourced.

I would strongly suggest you take advantage of reviewing customer posts prior to committing to their service.
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Thumbs Up
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Set up is pretty simple and only takes a couple minutes. Nobody has been able to tell that I'm on a VOIP line instead of a landline. They don't outsource any of their support so you'll always get someone in the US you can talk to. Its your choice to sign a contract or not, so you have options, all of which are reasonably priced. I have no regrets with going with this service!
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Alain on 03/28/2011:
Nice to hear you're getting good service. I think I'll stick with a backup land line for a bit longer, though.
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Happy Customer
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I’m thankful that I came into the service after they were bought out and have new people running it. Sounds like it was kind of a nightmare before. Can’t beat their yearly $99.95 price though and it has worked steadily and clearly since I purchased it a couple months ago.

It came with some features my previous provider did not like the call block list and the free extra line so all around I’m happy with it!
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Voip.com will give you nothing but nightmare. I took money from my credit card multiple times the same month. Very bad voice quality. They charge one minute for overseas calls even if the call doesn't go through. They told me I have to since I dialed the number, it does not have to go through. Their customer service is almost non-existing and very rude. Call quality is very bad. Lately I'm getting calls from strangers saying that I made the calls.

VOIP rep told me that they can't do anything about it. I am going to report the matter to BBB. Stay away from them.
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dwight01 on 04/07/2008:
Everything Babu707 said is 100% true. This is one horrible company. My service NEVER worked - never! Money back? Forget about it! Talk to somebody who speaks English? Forget about it! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!
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Horrible Company
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INDIAN HARBOUR BEACH, FLORIDA -- Like so many other former SunRocket customers, I was happy with their service until they went out of business. I then tried VOIP.COM based on false internet recommendations, and what I got was a temporary number with an area code not available locally, no ability to receive calls, only make them, no success in porting my original home number (worked great while with SunRocket) over to VOIP.COM even after 40 days from the request, extremely poor customer service (sounds like they are in Singapore after I finally get someone after almost an hour on hold). No email address to contact them and the web site provides no means for opening trouble ticket. I have contacted my credit card company to see what can be done. I

n the meantime, I will send the cheap Grandstream HandyTone-286 device they finally sent me (requires that you already have a router) well after they had billed me. I would highly discourage anyone from getting involved with this company.


As a follow up, it gets even worse. When I cancelled the account for lack of service, rather than offering to refund any of my original charge for one year of service, they had the audacity to charge my credit card for yet an additional charge (with no explanation). Fortunately, I was already in contact with my credit card company and they blocked the additional charge while looking into the original charge complaint I lodged with them over this company.
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Vinz on 01/03/2008:
I experienced exactly the same thing...good thing I filed for charge back with my credit card and didn't wait for them to refund my account.
dwight01 on 04/07/2008:
It's all true, folks. This is an unbelievably horrible company. Stay away from them. They are totally incompetent, and just plain unable to provide telephone service. How they remain in business, I guess, is because people like don't do their research before signing up.
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Unlimited Calling
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I switched to Internet phone about six months ago. After some research I found only one company that offered a local phone number for me here in Oregon and that was VOIP.com. I signed up for their Residential Unlimited Monthly account that advertises unlimited calling.

I had trouble at the beginning because I had a wireless router and VOIP.com was unwilling or unable to help me set everything up. I contacted Netgear, the manufacturer of my wireless router, and they were able to help me and even helped with the router supplied by VOIP.com. VOIP.com did credit me for one months service after I wrote up what I did to get things working and submitted it to them so they could use it.

Things have been working quite well and other than an occasional dropped call and garble no problems. However a month ago I received an email from VOIP.com stating that it appeared I was using the phone for business and they were going to change my account to a business account that, of course, would cost more money. After communicating with them I determined their evaluation was based only on the amount of usage. It seems my unlimited calling account has a limit.

I will grant you we use the phone a lot. We had a student living with us and she spent a lot of time on the phone with her boyfriend. My wife will spend hours on the phone talking to family and during the month in question we had several medical challenges within the family. Also, we participate in a Bible study conference call every Sunday evening for an hour. The total came to about 2500 minutes during the month in question.

I called VOIP.com and talked to Karen Clinger. I was told that my calling was excessive and that there is some kind of usage limit that triggers a change to a more expensive account. I told her that for VOIP.com to advertise and sell a service as unlimited and then to have some kind of an arbitrary limit was unethical and deceptive.

As a result of my phone call, I am still on the Residential Unlimited Monthly plan but I'm on trial. If my usage exceeds some arbitrary limit, I was never told what that limit was, I would have my account changed to a more expensive account.

I'm writing this to warn others that while I've had no trouble with the service, there is a limit in VOIP.com's Residential Unlimited Calling plan.

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tnchuck100 on 12/30/2006:
Read your contract. Look for ways they may get out of it. Watch out for the phrase "... we may change the terms of this contract at our discreation any time for any reason...". Companies are slick with that one. If it really states "no limit" advise them if they change it you will sue for breach of contract.
Anonymous on 12/30/2006:
Try to cut back on your phone usage a bit, and threaten to go to another company.
Philbert on 12/30/2006:
I'm not objecting to VOIP.com charging me more. They have every right to charge what they want just as I have the right to choose another provider.

What I am objecting to is that they advertise unlimited calling when in fact there is a limit. Why not call it the 1500 minute plan or whatever. People are used to that with their cellular phone, just don't advertise unlimited calling when it is not.
Anonymous on 12/30/2006:
I hear ya. I have Vonage and haven't experienced such problems.
Anonymous on 12/31/2006:
Yeah, you got a good point Philbert it used to be called faults advertising.
Philbert on 01/01/2007:
Hi JayD,

I'm aware of the service plan. My whole point here is that the plan that VOIP.com advertises as unlimited is in fact limited. VOIP.com has every right to charge whatever they want in any way they want just as I have the right to move on but to advertise as unlimited when it is not is deceptive advertising.

Yes, 2500 minutes is a lot however it works out to be a little less than an hour and a half a day. Not much when you consider you have a teenager in the house that likes to talk to her boyfriend. Then on top of that we had two family members with medical situations.

Please understand also I'm very pleased with the service I've had from these folks. It's just their advertising I have a problem with.
voip.com sucks on 01/08/2007:
I used to be with voip.com and I changed for the same reason they said unlimited but it wasn't they later told me I was being switched because I used more than 1800 mins a month. I wrote them back asking where this 1800 mins a month was listed in there policy because I have a teenage daughter who likes the phone. They just said they reserve the right to change any customers account at any time which I was already aware of because all company's reserve the right to change your account at any time but I really thought unlimited meant unlimted. So I looked up the word and it did not say 1800 min's a month but what do I know. I did later email every company that offered a local number in my area and found that 1800 mins is lower than any company that services my area and I found ecr.com was the best choice for me they responded fast and the monthly usage that my family has is within there unlimted plan. I did find a couple company's that didn't go by minutes the monitored your calling pattern to determine whether they thought it was a business account or not if they would have had a local number I would have choose them because all my calls are to the same numbers.
dashey on 11/19/2007:
It is good to here that I am not the only person out there that would like to let people know that Viop.com is not an ethical company and need to be shut down. On their own website they have a forum were members posted there problems. This is a good place to check out; to get your own idea of how the company is being run. I personally was a customer for a year and had so many problems I was just thankful to move on to another phone company. My problem at first was over not having service for half the time and being charge for a full month service. This continued for four months and finally a customer service person told me that they would credit my account $91.80 and send me out a new router to fix my problem. Well I thought everything was kool, she gave me a tracking number and said I should receive it in a two days. Well two days came and left and I called customer service for days and weeks trying to reach a manager finally I just wanted to cancle my account and move on, so I told customer service to cancle my account. Customer service told me how to go about cancling my account and said that that was the only way to cancle my account. After viewing the site I called customer service back and told them that I was not going to give them more money to close my account and that it is wrong to charge someone for services that did not work properly. Good thing for me my year contract was up the next day and then it was free to cancle my account. I finally spoke with a Lisa Johnson on 10/25/07 and she told me that my 91.80 would be credit to my card in 3 to 5 days for 4 months of bad services. I have not received this refund and now when I call the same number there is no more option to talk to a live customer service. I am telling everyone my experience, because Viop.com is not a company to get mixed up with.
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Posted by on
OJAI, CALIFORNIA -- It would be impossible to have a service any worse that this. Everything that can go wrong does. Customer service is nothing but excuses for bad service. Any money they take they keep. You cannot remove your credit card # until the year is up. It is like doing business with a collection agency!
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Sparticus on 02/17/2008:
Though it seems to be hit or miss with folk on this board, I am a happy Vonage customer. The phone service is pretty good... and cheap!
Anonymous on 02/17/2008:
Vonage it’s a world sometimes correct the rest as to the fact that it doesn’t work? It does, you just have to be in the world apart from the rest of the world.
dwight01 on 04/07/2008:
EVERY thing ccdhair said is exactly true, and mirrors my own experience. Why I did not do sufficient research beforehand is my own dumb fault, but VOIP.COM has got to be the number 1 worst company I have ever dealt with. Their service NEVER worked (outgoing calls worked a few days, then quit, but incoming calls never worked - went right to voice mail. You can't talk to them on the phone 99% of the time, and if you do, its in India and it must be one of the cheapest Indian call centers, because the background noise is cacophonous, and the people's English is, well, its not really English.
Ccdhair is also right about getting your money back. They have a 30 day money back guarantee, you say? HAH! The 30 day clock starts running the day they SHIP the adapter to you. By the time you get it, and by the time your number is ported over from your prior carrier, guess what? The 30 days are up. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.
Happy Camper NOT on 07/12/2008:
VOIP.COM provides the worst Internet telephone service! I also am having a time getting my money back. The website initially had no place to cancel service and the wait on the telephone is usually over an hour. They never did provide me with the proper equipment for the service, I had to jerryrig my old providers equipment to get theirs to work! Don't fall for their sales pitch!
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