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Don't buy a Volvo unless you are made of money
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I purchased an XC90 five years ago....I thought it would be my dream car. It has been my financial nightmare. Huge car payments every month. Just this month I paid off my 5 year loan. During this five years I have been hit with repairs for a cracked steering column and so many other miscellaneous problems I can't even list them all. Each time I have been hit with yearly costs of at least 2 ro never fails. Today the car was needed its 100K tune up...that alone coast 1200 dollars...and then on top of that other major repairs needed and a new for Christmas I paid Volvo 2700 in repairs...this car self destructs each year...with exorbitant repairs...I have lights that have gone out on the radio panel which can't be repaired without removing the entire convenient...for VOLVO!!! They make their cars so that when they break, and they do, you will pay through the nose. I will NEVER EVER get another Volvo. Don't be misled by their safety features...theirs are NO BETTER than any other car...and in fact my doors don't even automatically lock when the car is much for safety....I have never been more disappointed in this car and I have been repeatedly taken to the cleaners for repairs...Their product is shoddy and when you do need repairs, you will pay five times as much....if you care about money, don't buy a Volvo...if you care about safety....go get a car with the exact same features that will be reasonable to repair....there is no reason to buy a me on that....
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trmn8r on 12/17/2009:
You know, most of your complaint was under your control. YOU agreed to the payments, YOU knew you would be using their service (evidently you don't do your own work). These are bills you should have planned for when you bought the car.

Yes, Volvo dash lights require removing the dash - that has been true back to 1993 at least. Not a mystery, if you had researched Volvo's before you purchased. Did the manual state the doors would lock automatically? If not, this isn't Volvo's fault. I hate those auto-locking doors.
Anonymous on 12/17/2009:
Thanks, I'll stick with my Volkswagen.
Anonymous on 12/17/2009:
Honda, here. Love my car. I'm not sure a luxury class car maker like Volvo should be using a sparkly teen vampire to advertise anyway.
Critical_level2 on 12/17/2009:
I have to agree with the others, you decided to buy it. IF it was that bad, you should have taken the loss and gotten rid of it years ago, it would have saved money between the repairs and high payments. Plus at 100K miles, there is a bunch of wear and tear on any vehicle. Things do wear out on vehicles at some point. My suggestion is to find a local shop to do the work, IT would cost far less than the dealer.
dan gordon on 12/18/2009:
I've been a Volvo owner for yrs. There are specific things that inherently go wrong with certain models. I don't know where you live but most places there is one very good independent Volvo mechanic. When you find someone you can trust you can avoid a lot of frustration. I love mine but yes maintenance expenses can be a lot.
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
You've had it five years and now youre complaining about problems? seems to me like you had plenty of time to sell it if it was that much of a nightmare....critical said. 100K miles is a lot of miles. When you buy a used car, you take a chance. Sometimes you luck out and get a supercar that lasts forever with little or no mechanical issues, and other times, you get a monster that breaks down every other month. Its a gamble.
JR in Orlando on 12/18/2009:
The great thing is that when problems with your Volvo cause you so much frustration that you reach the point you accelerate rapidly toward the nearest bridge abutment, your Volvo will save you in the resulting crash from more serious injury. I guess its a risk/reward issue.
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VORXC90s... GORGEOUS Nightmares!
Posted by on
MARYLAND -- I've figured out the details of my "Volvo reliability" experience since my purchase late in March, 2006....

*Total 7800 miles (ignoring mileage when I took deliveries, repair mileage, etc.).
*I get an average of 1,560 miles between dead battery no-starts.
*To date, I have 18 days loss-of-use due to my no-starts.

ONE lemon?? No, first one was replaced by Volvo. My 2nd one is currently sitting at the dealership.

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User Replies:
bigbangerik on 11/03/2006:
that's nuts, I was just looking at volvos today! I guess ill go with a saab or a BMW if I want to feel fancy and german.
thanks for the advice.
bethanybreeze on 11/04/2006:
Just to let you know, bigbangerik, Volvo's biggest problem is NOT the vehicles themselves, but the servicing of them. The techs (even the "special" ones from NJ) are clueless, and LOVE randomly replacing stuff that doesn't need replacing! The financial waste of hours and parts has got to be ASTRONOMICAL to Volvo while the bill's on them (under warranty), but they don't seem to care. When that warranty runs out and things still aren't fixed, or a new problem develops, LOOK OUT CAR OWNER, because then all those random repair attempts are on YOU!
My story used to be incredibly frustrating to me... now it's incredibly funny and fascinating, as I sit here patiently awaiting my upcoming no-start number 2 later today or tomorrow. LEMON status, here we come!
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