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Don't buy a Volvo unless you are made of money
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I purchased an XC90 five years ago....I thought it would be my dream car. It has been my financial nightmare. Huge car payments every month. Just this month I paid off my 5 year loan. During this five years I have been hit with repairs for a cracked steering column and so many other miscellaneous problems I can't even list them all. Each time I have been hit with yearly costs of at least 2 ro never fails. Today the car was needed its 100K tune up...that alone coast 1200 dollars...and then on top of that other major repairs needed and a new for Christmas I paid Volvo 2700 in repairs...this car self destructs each year...with exorbitant repairs...I have lights that have gone out on the radio panel which can't be repaired without removing the entire convenient...for VOLVO!!! They make their cars so that when they break, and they do, you will pay through the nose. I will NEVER EVER get another Volvo. Don't be misled by their safety features...theirs are NO BETTER than any other car...and in fact my doors don't even automatically lock when the car is much for safety....I have never been more disappointed in this car and I have been repeatedly taken to the cleaners for repairs...Their product is shoddy and when you do need repairs, you will pay five times as much....if you care about money, don't buy a Volvo...if you care about safety....go get a car with the exact same features that will be reasonable to repair....there is no reason to buy a me on that....
VORXC90s... GORGEOUS Nightmares!
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MARYLAND -- I've figured out the details of my "Volvo reliability" experience since my purchase late in March, 2006....

*Total 7800 miles (ignoring mileage when I took deliveries, repair mileage, etc.).
*I get an average of 1,560 miles between dead battery no-starts.
*To date, I have 18 days loss-of-use due to my no-starts.

ONE lemon?? No, first one was replaced by Volvo. My 2nd one is currently sitting at the dealership.

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