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Tech Support and Customer Service Is the Worse
By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I bought Vonage and the only good thing good was that it arrived in the mail in a timely manner. When I open it up, I followed the instructions which seem simple. However, when I got to step 6 it said that it should provide instructions on the LCD screen to complete the process. No instructions displayed. I next called Vonage. The fist tech guy was rude and unhelpful. The 2nd guy was incompetent even though he was polite. The 2nd guy had me working on something for over an hour but it was obvious he did not know what he was doing.

The 3rd guy told me that the device must be broken since there was no LCD display (why didn't the 2nd guy come to that conclusion instead of wasting my time). The 3rd guy said he was going to send me a replacement and a label to return the defective product at no charge. I soon get an email telling me different information and I had to pay for shipping back the defective device they sent me. I called a 4th person and they told me they apologized for the misunderstanding and they would help. They spoke to me for 20 minutes, I hang up and get another email with different information than what we discussed on the phone.

I call a 5th person, explain my situation and wanted to cancel my service. I'm transferred to a 6th person who tries to convince me that he could help me (it is starting to be as difficult to cancel Vonage as it was cancel AOL during their prime or remember when you joined one of those CD clubs or book clubs and how hard it was to cancel -- that is Vonage but worse). I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold for 30 minutes and finally was cut off. I started this whole adventure over 5 hours ago. The salesman said I would be up and running with Vonage in 5 minutes -- yea right.

I finally canceled and was charged some kind of cancellation fee but they told me it would be refunded once they received the device...we'll see. I never had such a nightmare of service and tech support. Talking to a supervisor is a joke (they just transfer you to another call center employee who is pretending to be a supervisor). All this and I never got Vonage hooked up. It has to be one the worse customer service and tech support experiences I have had in my 54 years on this earth.

Don't buy even if things do work right at first. You are bound to eventually have a problem and you'll be ripped off with unnecessary charges and lose at least a year of your life talking to them and trying to understand the emails which contradict what you were told on the phone. Of course if you like getting the runaround, tons of contradictory emails with spam thrown on top, than Vonage is for you.

Vonage Is A Fraud Company
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- On September 2008, I called Vonage for getting a VOIP phone service at my apartment. I was talking to one of Vonage customer representative and during our conversation, I very specifically told him not to send me any modem for this new connection because I have couple of personal modems which I wanted to use.

The representative told me that he will not send any modem but a Vonage technical person would call me next day to verify the modem that I have to see whether it would work with their connection. I agreed to that and I gave my credit card number and other details, immediately the phone line got disconnected. I waited for few minutes expecting the customer service person would call me back to complete the transaction but he did not.

Since this happened late evening, I called Vonage next day to know the status; they said that the account is created and a modem has been shipped to my address. Totally I could not accept this because in spite of me telling them not to send modem they had sent. So, I told Vonage rep. that I do not want the account and requested them to cancel the account.

The representative told me that since the modem is already shipped they cannot close my account; only option is that he would contact UPS and interrupt the shipping and route it back to their address. They mentioned that as soon as the modem comes back I need to call them to cancel the account.

Even this I could not accept because they sending me the modem is not what I wanted on the first place. Anyway, there was no other option so I agreed and I got the UPS Tracking number from that Vonage representative.

I waited for 10 days and I called Vonage again and they said that the shipment has almost come and they need to make an entry somewhere. This time, the representative told me that the account will automatically close moment the modem return entry is made. Then I felt that I am relieved from this problem.

But still I called again in another 3 days to check; this time the representative was not willing to close the account rather he was asking me why am I closing the account and he started offering me 3 month free option etc. I did not agree to anything and I told them to close. Finally, the representative agreed to close the account. All this happened within 30 days of my first calling for the service.

In couple of months, I saw that they had charged me for Vonage usage of $34; with the great shock, I called them. This time they said that the account is not closed and it is active that is why I got the charges in the credit card. I explained them all that happened and this person said he will close the account immediately but he will charge me $93 as cancellation fee. I felt that Vonage has purposely cheated me and they all work together to do this.

I told the representative not to close the account and disconnected the phone call with him; the reason I said this is I do not want to be charged $93 rather I wanted to call credit card company and explain them the situation. Just because Vonage has my credit card number, they do all injustice.

I called Vonage again to get the account number and other details; this time I spoke to a customer representative named “Roxanne”. I explained all that happened from the beginning to Roxanne and she said that Vonage should not charge me anything because the account was already cancelled and she would update my account with all the details and make credit to my credit card; she also mentioned that my credit would be reflected in the following month.

Again shockingly, instead of credit, I happen to see that Vonage has charged me $93. Now I do not have any respect with Vonage and I cannot call them again. Until this time I would have spent many hours each time talking to them and of no use; they have determined to cheat me. I do not have a phone number that was provided by Vonage nor I never made use of their service by any means but I was charged this amount.

Misleading and Fraudulent
By -

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- On 11/16/08 I ordered Vonage over the telephone. They told me the device was free but they took $14.99 from my account. They told me I could hook up more than one line. They assured me I could keep my current telephone number.

After 4 days, I received the device. A week later I telephoned them to make sure the installation was correct, because the device did not work. I learned from the technician that the other phone lines in the house did not work, because they all have to be hooked to the device. In order for this to happen, a technician would have to come out and wire the telephone lines through the walls.

The device worked for about a week and then an error code popped up. When I called Vonage I was told it must be the internet carrier and they could not help me. After a week and a half of no usage, I telephone Vonage and asked them to cancel my service. They told me I exceeded the 30 day trial and I could not cancel without paying a cancellation fee.

I called Vonage and informed them I tried to cancel they phone service with my previous phone carrier. But in order to cancel the phone they had to cancel the internet. Vonage gave me a telephone number to call for a stand alone internet service. After 120 minutes of cell phone minutes, I was not able to speak with anyone. I called Vonage to cancel. They told me they gave me a month free till 2/14/09 but they were not able to cancel the service for me and I would have to call back.

Then the power went out and I learned so did the phone service. I was not able to summons help (medical, fire or police). I felt this was critical and it was imperative in the event of an emergency. They never transferred the 911 calls because they had entered the wrong email address. I then learned they never sent me any of the contact and authorization information they should have sent me.

I tried again to call the internet carrier. They told me to call and again I was unsuccessful reaching anyone. I called Vonage and told them to cancel the service. The representative informed me it would cost me $35.00 and to send the device back in the original package. She told me I would have to call another number for the address to send the device back to.

I called Vonage back and they told me they would take $89.00 from my account and to keep the device because now I was over the 30 day. I informed them I never was given 30 days, because they started the 30 days before the device was even mailed and that is misleading.

Vonage is committing fraud and misleading customers by claiming the device is free (but charge you $14.99); keep your existing number (neglected to send authorization forms to transfer the number). I was not able to cancel my old number without losing my internet (Vonage refers you to a company of their choice). Misleading trial date (30 days begin while the order is in their warehouse). After you go through many attempts to disconnect, your time has expired and they claim they can remove the disconnection fee directly from your personal account without your authorization.

They were unable to transfer my previous number (which they claim they can do). After several attempts to request to disconnect, they told me they were not able to do it and call back. Overall experience horrible, and no resolution in sight, the service is still not disconnected.

How Do They Stay In Business?
By -

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA -- On Friday, July 11th 2008 around 4:15 PM I called Vonage for more information about their service. They said they can get me 2 months free and free activation. They also told me that I could keep my same phone number. I said I need to think about it for the night. She said that the extra month deal is only available to random callers. But, she said she can lock in the promotion. She told me that I could think about it and she would call me the next day. I said great and gave her my name and phone number. She said that she would call me at the same time the next day.

On Saturday, July 11th I waited patiently by the phone and never received a phone call. At around 6:30 PM I decided to call them and explain the situation. I gave them my name and phone number and they said it looks like they were going to offer you 2 months free. I said yes, that is correct. She said, OK I can give you that deal. I decided to get the V-Portal for only $20 with shipping because of the extra features. She had a thick accent. I told her my name about 100 times and she of course got it wrong. I called them back immediately and they apologized and corrected the name.

On Sunday, July 12th I received an e-mail that said in order to continue to port my number I would have to drop DSL from my phone line. I decided on AT&T standalone DSL, also known as AT&T direct DSL for only $4 more than I am paying now.

On Monday, July 13th I called AT&T to switch my internet to standalone, but they warned me if I did that Vonage would no longer be able to port my number because the line would be inactive. They also told me that I would not be able to keep my current number. I was on the phone bouncing back and forth to AT&T and Vonage for 5 hours. Vonage told me to tell AT&T to separate the DSL line and the Landline. I called AT&T and told them that and they said the only option I have would be to cancel my DSL and after the number was ported call AT&T back and ask them for standalone DSL. This means I would have no internet and phone for 5 days.

I then figured it is not even worth it. I called Vonage up and said I want to cancel my service. I also said that I have not received an e-mail yet saying my box has shipped out. They said that I would have to wait for the box to come and then return it. I said "Who is going to pay for shipping to return it." They said "You." I said "You never told me that my internet/phone would be down for 5 days." I asked for a supervisor and they said no "I am a pro at this." Then she hung up on me.

I called them back and was placed on hold for 20 minutes and they said when UPS comes to deliver the box, just refuse delivery to avoid paying to ship it back. Then, she said to call them back to freeze the account after you reject the delivery. Hopefully, they do not charge me to cancel it. I am going to keep a close eye on my credit card bill. Vonage may look good from their advertisements, but when you have to deal with their customer service. It is not even worth it.

UPDATE: Monday, July 21st. I got a call from Vonage today about 20 minutes after I rejected my package from UPS. The guy I spoke to was American and he wanted to know if my box was working correctly. I told him I am canceling service. He was actually a really nice guy. He said that AT&T pulls this kind of stuff all the time. We talked for about 5 minutes how AT&T won't let you switch. I am not really blaming Vonage now, I am blaming AT&T. I just hope I get my $20 back.

Resolution Update 08/08/2008:

Successfully Canceled. I haven't been billed(so far). Still keeping an eye on the credit card bill.

Cancellation Thief
By -

Believe all reviews on Vonage cancellation policy. I was a customer for 4 years and tried to get a refund of 1/2 year on a prepaid plan that I canceled. They refused without hesitation.

They Tried Not to Let Me Leave
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Rating: 2/51

HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY -- I've been a fairly well satisfied Vonage customer for 7 years. I have had trouble with intermittent poor line quality, but it has never been clear whether this is a problem with my ISP. I've often found that the quality of customer service is poor, but I've not had a lot of reason to call them except to make changes in my service.

However, when, after porting out my phone number and making sure it worked on the new phone service, I called Vonage to cancel my service, they made it very difficult to cancel service, gave me a very hard time, and tried not to cancel my service. This was month to month service; I did not have a contract, and I did not expect a partial refund for cancelling in mid month. I actually cancelled the day before the month ended.

You can't just cancel service online. I called customer service. First I got someone who insisted that my number hadn't been ported out. I checked to make sure the port was complete and the phone number working correctly on my new phone service before trying again. Then I learned that while all other Vonage customer service is available 24/7, you have to call between certain hours and talk to a special office to cancel service.

Then when I called back, the customer service person insisted I tell her why I want to cancel service before she would transfer me, and I had to shout at her four times that I don't have to tell her anything, transfer me, and she actually transferred me when I told her I'd changed my payment method to a card with insufficient money available for Vonage to get their hands on it. When she put me through, a Chinese guy kept demanding to know why I was cancelling my service, and insisting that I had to do "cooperation" with him before he would cancel my service.

I had to shout at him six times that I don't have to tell him anything, I don't have to cooperate with him, cancel my service, NOW. He finally cancelled my service when I told him that I changed my payment method to a card with no funds available, and Vonage won't be able to get any more money from me, ever. The whole experience was completely outrageous, and at this moment, I can't recommend anything about Vonage to anybody.

Vonage - Fraud Company
By -

I am having real issues with the company advertisement and customer service. Summarizing the case, Vonage signed me with false and misleading advertisement of unlimited international calling. After a while, their usage department sent an email saying that I need to check my minutes as my usage was more than permissible usage which is 3000 mins. I tried to search everywhere this 3000 in their original contract but could not find and they also fail to explain where is it mentioned on their website. They just told that they have sole right to change the usage minutes.

One fine day, my plan has been upgraded to double the original plan and I have been told that if I check my usage minutes for two months then I can switch back to my original world plan. To avoid all the hassle of new connection, I continued with Vonage and bring my minutes to 2800 for continuous two months. After that I contacted Vonage again to change my plan. Customer service doesn't have any authority to change the plans.

After 4th customer service call, some sane representative told me directly that they can't do anything and I need to respond to email that I got from usage management department. They don't have any phone no. I replied to Vonage usage department email, asking them to revert my plan to original plan. I have got a quick reply that my plan can't be reverted back because their normal usage average is 1500 minutes and my usage is still 2800 and I need to wait for another two months and bring my usage to average limit.

This is heights of dissipating misleading information and false advertising. You can't compare unlimited minutes with 1500 minutes a month. And if 1500 minutes is the limit then that should have been told the first time. They impart incomplete and wrong information.

Illegal Practices by Vonage by False Advertisement on Unlimited Plans
By -

Suddenly after a year of service, I started getting emails from Vonage that my usage of phone is out of normal usage guidelines and that I should limit the outgoing international calls to less than 3000 min/mo. I replied them twice trying to explain them I have unlimited plan. I keep getting canned answers so next day I called Customer Support. Funny thing is the lady on the phone got confused why I I even got the email stating that. Herself and her fellow agents were surprised.

Next minute she talks to her supervisor and changes the story and trying to convince me that I was confused. I also talked to the supervisor but the same story. Vonage people won't even listen. In the end the supervisor says to me rudely that its their Terms of Service, if I don't agree then I should disconnect. My point to VONAGE geniuses is that where in the terms of service does it say that Unlimited=3000 minutes. I agree with terms of service but 3000 minutes limit is nowhere written in that contract.

I have been getting a email or two per day and a stupid voice mail saying the same thing. I got fed up and finally filed a formal complaint against Vonage to FCC. I think all the Vonage customers should do this. It's easy and you can submit form online too. If FCC gets enough complaints, probably they will do something about it. If anybody knows somebody in news industry, they should definitely send this fraud story to media.

To start with its false advertisement and illegal, what Vonage is doing. After all this I get on with their agent online to chat with them, to find out if he will give me disclaimer about "Unlimited". But he didn't. Even after probing him with questions such as "Is unlimited really mean I can talk without any limit to India? Or there is a limit?" and the guy kept saying really its unlimited. As customers or ex-customers of Vonage, we need to make this company sorry for the way they are cheating American people. We deserve better than this!!!

No Speak English
By -

Thinking that having and paying for an expensive landline was redundant, I researched the market and chose Vonage because of the promotion they were offering at the time. After calling and setting up an account, I received my Vonage modem and this is when the troubles began. It does not just plug in and work. After carefully following the instructions that came with the system, it did not work.

I called Vonage customer service and much to my amazement (tongue in cheek) I was connected with a Vonage tech who was going to help me get my Vonage up and running. The downside of this is that he could barely speak English so it was next to impossible to understand his instructions. I kept having to interrupt him and ask him to repeat what he said. "Oh, it take only 10-15 minutes to get working." That was a joke. After two and a half hours, he said it worked.

The next day, I had to call a local computer specialist because my Vonage was not working. It cost me, out of pocket, $80 to find out that all the garbled and unintelligible instructions the Vonage representative gave me were backwards. My local representative got it to work - Lo and Behold - every call I placed or received would cut in and out and I could not hear the person I was talking to and on the other end, the person could not hear me. I called Vonage technical service yet again, and was connected with another tech that did not speak English.

It was at this point, after paying Vonage for equipment, monthly service, a private tech and considerable frustration, that I was done with them. I called to cancel my service and got the run around. It was at this time, I sent emails to Vonage customer service, Vonage supervisors, and any other Vonage personnel I could find email addresses for that I was filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the fraud division of the Attorney General's office in the state I reside.

My account was canceled finally after getting bills for four months that I refused to pay. I suggest that Vonage hire people that speak clear English - Vonage is in the communication business and their employees cannot communicate. I would never recommend Vonage to anyone - even my worst enemy.

Terrible Cancellation Experience
By -

In the early days of VOIP (October 2004), I became a Vonage customer. The sign up process was simple and online. They took my credit card and signed me up then they sent me the modem and it all worked well. Over the years, there have been many new players in this arena and finally last week Comcast offered me a good deal. So I left the Vonage service on for a couple weeks and then logged in to the Vonage Portal to cancel the account. There is no means for canceling online. It requires a call to an Service Rep. But first one must wade through 10 or more minutes of computer generated crap in order to finally get a human on the phone.

Once the person did get on the line, it was another series of the same exact questions prompted by the computer. Again wasting my time. The Representative then lets me know that service will be terminated today and that I will not be refunded for unused service days and that no prorate is provided in the contract. Then states that I should leave it on until the end of the billing period if I want to take full advantage of the prepaid service. While I do not want to waste money, I do not want to wade through the depths of this crappy experience of disconnecting a second time either, something that Vonage is banking on.

The result of my experience is that I will never do business with Vonage again. And I will advise others to stay away as well. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this company with bad customer service and bad business acumen. The deal is not that great any longer anyway. My advice is to check the cancellation requirements for any online tech service to see the ease and fairness at which one can cancel it. You are required to call someone even though you signed up online, be leery!

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