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Cancel Vonage the Easy Way
Posted by JK007 on 08/24/2009
After reading the horror stories on the web, I admit I was ready to go toe to toe with Vonage to get my account cancelled. However, a little upfront work on your end and it is as easy as pie. I thought I would share my cancellation story and provide you with some steps to take to make sure you don't get screwed out of your hard earned money.

So, I signed up for Vonage in Jan 2009. Honestly, I can't complain about the service, never really had any issues. However, because there are much cheaper services out there, I decided to cancel Vonage today. What I thought was going to be an uphill battle, literally took my 10 minutes to do and have the email confirmation proving I am no longer a customer. Anyone looking to cancel, this is what I advise you to do.

1. Get into your on-line Vonage account and change your billing and shipping address to something fictitious. Also, I would advise that if you are using a debit card, you also change the billing to a credit card so you can dispute the charges if need be in the future. Once this is done, save your changes.

2. Call 888-288-7435 (this is the # you need). After 4 rings, no hold time I got a live person.

3. I informed the person that I am moving out of the country and the service is no longer needed. They will go through their pitch to try and retain you, I simply told them that I was transferred overseas and my company picks up my phone bill for free.

4. I am then hit with the $39.99 cancellation fee and then a $79.99 rebate return fee for their equipment. While I told the representative that I will agree to the $39.99 cancellation fee, I do not agree to the $79.99 return rebate fee. I simply stated that when I called Vonage to sign up for the service, I RECORDED the initial call and have a copy of it. I emphasized that I verified not once, but twice, that there would be no charge other than the $39.99 cancellation fee, the $79.99 fee is unacceptable and I am not trying to be difficult, but I have a recorded phone conversation and again, verified twice that this was the only fee. I was then put on hold and told that they needed to speak with a supervisor...

5. After holding for a few minutes, the representative came back on the phone, apologized for any inconvenience and then stated that I will not be charged the $79.99. I then asked how much my account would be billed and when that billing would take place. He confirmed the $39.99 and said that the charges would occur today.

Now, I mentioned to change your debit card info to a credit card # through their Account Management system, this is so you can dispute the charges SHOULD they try to charge you more than what was just discussed (in this case $39.99)...

6. Before the call was finished, I asked for the reps name and employee ID # that handled my call. He gave both to me without any issues. I then asked for him to confirm the email address I have on file and send me an email confirming this has been cancelled. I also stated I would like another email confirming the final charge of $39.99 on my Visa. Within minutes, I had both sent to me.

So, for those of you who are having trouble or thinking of cancelling, I would certainly try this approach. I probably wouldn't recommend Vonage to anyone, not because their service is bad but between the Class Action Lawsuits and extreme difficulties many have had cancelling (with the exception of myself), I don't know if I would really like to put anyone through that. Besides, this company is losing money left and right and there are cheaper, better alternatives IMO...

Best of Luck!

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Posted by madconsumer on 2009-08-24:
so really what you are telling people to do is LIE.

"I informed the person that I am moving out of the country and the service is no longer needed."
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-24:
I'd rather lie to them than get scammed for months on end for monthly charges I shouldn't be getting.
Posted by clutzycook on 2009-08-24:
is that lie going to hurt anyone? No. If it doesn't affect the fate of nations and helps you get out of a contract with a pain in the you-know-what company, more power to 'em.
Posted by JK007 on 2009-08-25:
Yes, lie. Why not? Why be held against your will locked into a contract that wasn't even a contract to begin with? I was never told about a cancellation fee or another $80 return fee, so I was lied to when I signed up.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-25:
I think telling people how to lie is a poor way to go about getting your way. Not helpful, sorry.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-25:
"I was never told about a cancellation fee or another $80 return fee, so I was lied to when I signed up."

You never did think to ask if there was a cancellation fee? Don't assume that you're going to be told everything when you sign up for something. If all else fails... ask questions. If they don't tell you there's one and *then* they charge you one, they lied. And the "asking questions" just doesn't apply to Vonage, should apply to anything and everything you sign up for.
Posted by JK007 on 2009-08-25:
Posted by JK007 on 2009-08-25:
You don't understand. I called a Vonage rep and acted like I was a new customer interested in signing up (before I cancelled my existing account). I recorded the call. I asked the rep twice about the cancellation fee and was told about the $39.99... I asked if that was the only charge if I cancel within a year and they said Yes. Not once, but twice. So, while a do appreciate the moral lecture about lying, you can see it works both ways. I simply beat them at their own game. If they aren't going to be honest with me, what choice do I have?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-25:
I choose not to be dishonest no matter how shady the company is. Vonage tried to screw me over, and lost. I understand why you did what you did. It is simply not the way that I choose to conduct business.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-25:
No, I completely understand why you did it, but I just don't think its honest.

You did indeed beat them at their own game..I think it is dishonest for them not to be upfront about THEIR crappy company policies, but as my mama says, two wrong don't make a right.
Posted by connie on 2011-12-14:
I have been doublely screwed over. I signed up for a bundle package. The phone through Vonage and the internet service through Earthlink. Called to transfer service on Nov. 28th. Vonage said the phone would not be transferred until Dec. 11th. (no problem or so I though) Dec.5 (Monday) I tried to hook up the internet. Wouldn't work. Called Earthlink. They said the techs there couldn't find the problem- someone would call me tomorrow. Tuesday- no called- I called that evening. No one could help- I needed to call back Wednesday. Called Wed. After almost an hour. They were going to send someone to the house on Thurs.(between 9am to 8pm) The problem was in the lines coming into the house. Thurs.I was home all day. no one came. 8:15pm I called- no tech had the time- they will be get Friday. Friday came. Interne worked BUT phone wouldn't. They had disconnected the phone to connect internet. Called Earthlink. Tech stated for 50 minutes"We no send tech to home". Finally transferred. The admitted they did this but now its the phone companies problem. Called old phone company because Vonage was no in service yet, they came out the next day- FIXED. Tuesday I find out I can make outgoing calls but calls can't come in. Call Vonage. They can't fix this for 3-5 days- no techs in area. Wednesday. No phone service at all.
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Vonage Phone Service Ripoff
Posted by Arcy on 09/14/2007
So you want to switch to Vonage "The Indian Company". I initiated a change to Vonage on 9/9/07( They were open 24/7 right)!

1) The order was wrong. OK I'll deal with that.
2) Switched main # from Verizon to Vonage.
3) On phone with Customer service/tech support in India for 2.5 hours with no result.
4) My line one switched from Verizon to Vonage does not work and no one can tell me how to hook it up.
5) I have 2 line jack from Verizon and Vonage doesn't know how to hook up the one line without
cancelling out the other. Oh yes can you get a tech service person for installation for a week.
6) I am now paying for a non existent phone service plus $50.00 for a Vonage modem that won't hook up so my main# will work.
7) Vonage was supposed to call me back last night to see if I could figure it out. That is not my responsibility.
They never called in spite of 2 other available numbers.

Beware Vonage is totally incompetent, un reliable
but has no problem taking your money.
8) Oh yes try and get a RGA # to return the unit and cancel the account. The phone call goes dead.

FCC you had better get on this.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-14:
They outsource their CSR and IT to India, but they are not an Indian company.

Good info regarding their bad service. I vote very helpful.
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Dissatisfied Customer
Posted by EricB2 on 04/03/2006
HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY -- [Name removed] (employee #22412) is a customer service “manager” at Vonage who reports directly to the office of the CEO (wow). This customer service office is located at Vonage Corporate 23 Main Street Holmdel, NJ 07733. One would think my call to this employee regarding my dissatisfaction over broken promises (ex. my issue has been escalated, I'll receive an email confirmation, your home security system will not be affected), unfulfilled services, inability to transfer my phone line, yada, yada, yada would bear some weight.


Like a well trained dog, this employee's response to my request to cancel (despite the numerous previous calls to customer service for updates and resolution) was met with a regurgitated reply “You have exceeded the 30 day return policy and will be charged a $40 cancellation fee and $80 for the router”. No exceptions to the policy!

“But”, I explained, “every time I’ve contacted your customer care center, I was told it would take just a little more time to switch my line over…”we expedited it!” Had I been told that Vonage was unable to transfer my line, I would have cancelled the service within the terms of your policy”

Sorry, he replied…no exceptions!

As the conversation progressed, I became increasingly agitated. I demanded to talk to someone higher…his manager, perhaps? Sorry, there is no one higher than me.

Great, if you have no superior to discuss the matter with, you must have the ability to make exceptions to the return policy due to your company’s inability to provide me the service I was promised.

Nope sorry, the policy came down from the CEO, no exceptions.

Well this went back and forth as you can imagine; they are very well coached and scripted agents. It’s like playing a shell game to try to get answers. The only sliver of information I was able obtain was the name of the CEO (Michael Snyder…no phone number of course).

Unsatisfied with this limited information, I did a little digging on my own. Below are several of the corporate officer names and titles. Each (except Michael Snyder) has voicemail accessible from the automated corporate directory at:



Corporate Fax: 732.834.0189
So far I have left voicemail for all officers except Mike Snyder…I emailed him at mike.snyder@corp.vonage.com, but I'll get his number too!

The bottom line is that Vonage misrepresents the service that they are capable of providing and strings you along until your 30 day cancellation window has closed. You contact customer service which allows no recourse nor the ability to escalate your issue.

The facts that (1.)they are in the process of going public, therefore cannot risk loss of revenue; (2.) have most likely exceeded their marketing budget ($200 per subscriber of apx. 1.4M active subscribers); and (3.) had to replace their CEO (Jeffrey Citron) prior to going public due to fraud charges stemming from his days as a day-trader with Datek Online in the mid-90s (settled by Citron personally paying $22.5 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission), probably have something to do with their current business practices. Jeffrey Citron remains chairman of the board and retains 41% interest in Vonage.

In response to Ponie's comment, it may be out of your comfort zone to escalate matters to a "C" level officer of a company, but in my experience as a corporate manager, the lack of consideration and service that Vonage has illustrated would never be tolerated in my company. That being said, I feel perfectly just in raising the issue to the CEO (who I'm told is the architect of the "no exception" policy) when offered no alternate solution. I'm sorry you don't feel important enough based on principal.

Hope this information can help YOU!

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Posted by VonageSucks1 on 2006-04-04:
I just went thorugh this myself. Send an e-mail to the ceo and his secretary. They will forward it to the 'Executive Response Team' and my problem was solved within a day. Contacts:

Executive Response Team
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST

jeffrey.citron@vonage.com - CEO
paula.pangilinan@vonage.com - CEO's Exec. Secretary
Giselle - (732)333-5110 - Member of ERT

Posted by miketech on 2006-04-04:
It seems to me you couldn't get a number. Were you within your 30 days when you finally did get a number? Or have you had your number for less than 30 days. I would count the contract starts when you get service. I was thinking of vonage until I was clearing spyware off a laptop one day and a Vonage ad popped up. I'm not going to do business with a comapny that supports spyware.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-04-04:
The OP issue is in regards to transfer of an existing phone number to Vonage. It is a very common problem and 80% of the complaints for all VoIP companies are due to this issue. As well as trying to get the number back should you deside to leave. Many people report that is can take months to get their phone number transfered.
Posted by chemman on 2006-04-04:
As far as porting your number to a new phone service, most time it is not the fault of the company the # is being transferred to. A friend that worked in the phone industry once told me that when your new company, in this case Vonage, receives your port request they submit it to the original phone company holding that number and at that point the timeline is out of their hands, he also said the phone companies sometimes drag their feet a bit when transferring the # so that the customer gets upset and blames the new service, thereby making the old company look better and possibly get the customer back. This is just what I was told by a former employee so take it with a grain of salt.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-04-04:
I think their commercials are cute. However, I would never presume my 'importance' to be able to contact a company's CEO directly.
Posted by Baxter1905 on 2006-04-15:
After 3 months of nothing but problems, I decided to cancel Vonage service. Naively, since starting service with Vonage went perfectly, I expected that canceling service would also go smoothly. Well, ever see the commercial with all the chimps sitting around, smoking cigars and partying while looking at an upside down sales chart? A guy comes in, flips the chart over (which then correctly shows sales dropping like a rock) but the chimps look at it and continue to party. I suspect this is really a live feed into a Vonage senior management meeting

When I called Vonage to cancel I received a service cancellation #. Naturally, I thought I was well on my way to being done with this service. The next month I received a notice that they couldn’t bill my credit card for service. ??? Turns out my amex card was renewed and the card numbers at Vonage were invalid. Here it was 3 weeks after service is cancelled and they are trying to bill me. I call into customer care, they apologized, told me to keep the router/adapter and that since I had so many issues during my last 3 months of service, including the current mess, they would waive the termination charge. Nothing happened. The account was still active, they still tried to bill me and all I could reach was their overseas customer care support who transferred me back into the same queue I was in when the overseas customer care support answered. Burn me once shame on you, twice, shame on me – I wasn’t about to go into the loop again!

I sent emails into public relations and Jeffrey Citron in order to get their attention. This is when I "met" C. S. – the “customer service rep that reports to the CEO" (yeah, right). C.S. called and made a big deal out of waving the monthly charges that were erroneously billed after I cancelled service. However, C.S. told me “it’s too bad that I don’t have the name of the person who told me that they were waiving the termination charge. Vonage just doesn’t do that!” The termination charge is still unresolved. Fortunately, they can’t direct bill me.

Luckily, I had the presence of mind to wait until my telephone number at Vonage was transferred back to my local telco before I canceled the Vonage service. I’m back at the mothership now (ATT/SBC – Chicago suburbs) and it turns out that national and local unlimited service from them is only $20 per month more then Vonage. Additionally, I went to ATT DSL Pro (now that I have a phone line) and cut my cable modem bill in half (not counting the 3 months free service and $50 gift card). Yep, it’s 3mbps vs. 6mbps but given the contention that most servers are experiencing I really see no practical difference between the two. (For the Vonage shills out there, I don't work for the ATT or any telco.)

Also, for those that want to port their phone number from one service provider to another, you must go to the new provider and let them do it. I did this when I went to Vonage and also when I came back to ATT. It worked perfectly both times.

And Ponie (polish for misses), a good polish women is not a doormat. Where did you get your subservient attitude? Are you a beaten down Vonage employee?

Posted by VonageSucks1 on 2006-04-17:
I just went through their horriable service myself. I tried to get my number ported to Vonage. After 30 calls to customer support and everytime them telling me they will get back to me in 24 - 48 hours I finally sent an e-mail to the ceo and his secretary. They will forward it to the 'Executive Response Team' and my problem was solved within a day. Contacts:

Executive Response Team
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST

jeffrey.citron@vonage.com - CEO
paula.pangilinan@vonage.com - CEO's Exec. Secretary
Posted by Dirtydave on 2006-04-18:
I guess I must be one of the lucky ones. I have had Vonage for over a year. I have had no issues what so ever. On the few occasions I called customer support they answered quickly and resolved my problem. In any case it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a standard phone line.
Posted by string on 2006-07-25:
i had the same experience. cancelled on the 30th day and the rep. decided to put a hold on the acct. so i could call back and resign up. this put me past the 30 days as far as they were concerned. i battled with them for several days and finally got someone that took the time to look at everything and gave me a credit back for everything. even the billing dept., BE CAREFUL!! they were willing to put a hold on acct also but the man said beg for it. BEG FOR IT? he said say pretty please with sugar on it. i was apalled and told him i was contacting corp. over it. i called the corp. office and got a mess. back which i returned but no one ever called me back. no here it is july, (was cancelled and settled in april i thought) and they hit my card for more money. they say they gave me too much money back, (which they didnt give me enough but decided to cut my loses and be done with them). my bank put a stop payment and when it finally hits we're filing a fraud complaint on them. it does no good like you said to contact customer service. takes an average of 20-30 min. to even talk to someone and then they're idiots to start with. no one knows anything. and that applies up the line. got newsflash for them. they're messing with the wrong okie here.
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How Vonage Ruined My Life
Posted by on 04/30/2006
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- Vonage ruined my life, I am a disabled person in need of a good working telephone service for life sustaining support. Vonage called my home, and convinced me that I would save money. I had Comcast VoIP that worked perfectly before the big switch. They are manipulating from the very beginning, first they charged my credit card (Beware of any service who charges because the don't do paper billing)a activation fee which was never disclosed, and other fees I was not aware of. Then they sent a email saying welcome, here is your "virtual" phone no. till your home no. is transferred, and here are the Terms Of Service you are bound to. Since when does somebody agree to something then given the terms afterwards, and say your bound to them. I'm not going to repeat what you all can read about their lousy service, what I am going to do is advise you that they will do whatever it takes to get your money, all before you realize it. They are scam artists, and what most people don't know is they are not governed by the FCC except for two things, 1. Your Local Number Portability, and 2. Providing 911 service. Now my line never worked properly, so how could I call for emergency service if it doesn't work. Also, they offer a 30 day guarantee which they will do whatever it takes to extend you beyond that period with transfer delays, delays in troubleshooting their service, blame your ISP and play the blame game with your original provider, anything. How do I know this, well I maybe a disabled person, but I have a degree in Electrical Engineering (I also have a FCC License in Amateur Radio), I am someone they did not fool. I will be filing a lawsuit against Vonage, they caused me, and my family both physical, and mental abuse over a 5 week period with their promises to fix their lousy service and their lousy third party carriers. They fail to disclose many things, even when I cancelled the service, they think its perfectly acceptable to steal your money by telling it's a recovery fee for their phone adapter when you want to send it back, and a termination fee for subscribing to a non working line. I have filed complaints with the FCC, FTC, New Jersey BBB, and plenty more to come, even if it takes me to testify before a Senate, or Congressional Committee to stop these scrupulous thieves. Vonage is deceptive, and could care less who you are, it's all based on deception. My only purpose now is to for warn you people are even thinking of switching to Vonage, just get smart and search the internet about these complaints, they are all the internet. Maybe the CEO Mr. Jeffrey Citron needs to be taken to court again, just like when he was ordered to pay back millions for Exchange and Internet Fraud. You change change the spots on a leopard. I stopped them from further charging my credit card, I closed the account, filed a dispute, all for services not rendered, and I will get it back, every penny plus for ruining 5 weeks of my and my families life, rest assured Vonage, what comes around goes around.

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Posted by jfford on 2006-05-01:
I found that Vonage was very difficult to deal with. Especially when I decided to cancel, I had to call their office and leave a message to have someone return my call. I had to call several times and I finally told them I was filing formal complaints I got a call the next day. I then had to answer 20 questions about why I was cancelling. I subsequently discovered that Vonage had not paid for the necessary license to use the a required VoIP patent. They may have by now; you can check it out yourself by using Google to search for details. I will never use Vonage again.
Posted by CobraCat77 on 2006-05-01:
If you knew nothing about Vonage, why didnt you research them before joining their service? I do research on anything I buy that costs more than $75 total.
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2006-05-11:
Vonage is horrible! It takes longer to port a number to or from them than any company! I hate you had to deal with their nonsense, but now maybe you can find a phone company that treats you nicer.
Posted by plangal on 2006-05-25:
If Vonage has ruined your life, it's clear you have bigger problems than phone service. Personally, I've had a perfectly fine experience with it, much better than paying 3x the amount for Verizon, whose service is not 3x better.
Posted by SMat on 2006-06-01:
I had lousy results from them as well. I changed to IConnectHere.com and have had no problms since then.
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Vonage is a RIP-OFF!
Posted by Clearly angry with Vonage on 06/02/2006
I am so furious with Vonage. I signed up for their service on April 23, a few weeks later I recieved their equipment, within that few weeks, I have recieved emails stating that my phone number is in the process of being transferred and their would be approximately 24 hours without phone service, well that ended up being more than three days-my number was transferred before I could get my internet hooked up to dsl, even so, since my number was supposedly being transferred, I wouldn't be able to get hooked up to dsl because Vonage took my dial tone from me. After that, I have been on the phone (my cell phone) complaining to Vonage and Verizon that I need a dial tone to get my dsl hooked up and all I recieved the the run-a-round, kept being put on hold and transferred all over the creation-well, let me tell you.....I had calculated up all of the minutes used on my cell phone with just Vonage and I had figured up that I spent just about 5 hours (most of which was on hold for about an hour each time)trying to get an answer. I went without phone or internet for approximately almost two and a half weeks trying to get somewhere. One would tell me that it is the other one's problem they have to fix it-and visa-versa. Once I thought I was on the right track to victory with getting a dial tone, I would get shot right down and right back to the beginning I go. Any way, I had Cancelled Verizon with no problem whatsoever...Vonage on the other hand, I called them two weeks before the "so-called trial period" and they told me that I had to pay the shipping and handling to send the equipment back to them plus 39.95 "security fee". I told them I was not going to pay because my "trial period" wasn't up and I didn't even use the service because no one would give me a dial tone to use either service. I sent the equipment back to them anyway. A few days later, I see a withdrawal in my account from Vonage.....WHAT!!!!! $27.78 for the monthly fee of service. Just yesterday, I had checked my e-mail, recieved a couple of emails from Vonage Customer Care, my account has been cancelled, please check your account for the remaining balance due....EXCUSE ME!!! The next one is better....."On 5/30/2006 we have successfully processed your charge card for $119.98" I was literally in tears when I saw this. I had filed two complaints with my bank and also one with the Better Business Bureau. The sad part about all of this is that one-I wasn't even able to use their service, and two-I didn't even authorize them to withdraw any money from my account. Now I cannot pay any of my priority bills that are due this week!! Thanks alot Vonage! My account is now in the hole because of them. I should have listened to my gut, it was too good to be true.....
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Posted by chemman on 2006-06-03:
First, let me say that I'm sorry you are having problems with Vonage's billing and CSR, I have their service and like it, it gives me decent service for only $15 a month. But I have to say, part of the fault lies with you here as well. Vonage did not steal your dial tone, you authorized them to port you number over to their service and cancel that number with it's original provider. You knew you needed broadband to use Vonage, so why wait until they switch your number over to try and set up the dsl? Most phone companies require you to keep a phone line to order dsl and did you expect your phone number to work both with your Vonage service and your old land line?
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-06-03:
I have to agree with chemman on this one. They do state in the disclaimer on the sign-up page that high speed internet is required. I think this is a special case where they were not aware you did not have a broadband connection yet. They had no way of knowing your DSL was not active yet.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-03:
Vonage works quite well if you have a fast, reliable internet connect. (tr)
Posted by Clearly angry with Vonage on 2006-06-05:
Yes, I realize I needed to have high speed internet for Vonage, but, they said I would lose my dial tone for approximately 24 hours while they finish transferring my number to their service. I did not have a phone whatsoever for two weeks or more-I recieved an email from Vonage four days later stating that my number has been successfully transferred and while I was to wait for the number to be transferred, I would have my dsl hooked up, but I couldn't because Vonage took my dial tone for a longer period of time than stated. Therefore I could not hook my dsl up to use the Vonage (so-called) service. In the mean time, while calling both Vonage and Verizon, I spent most of my time on the phone with Vonage spending at least four hours on my cell phone, racking up minutes trying to get this thing figured out. And after all of that I decided to cancel, and now they have charged my account $147.76 without my authorization-sorry, to me that is illegal and unethical, and unprofessional.
Posted by spickering on 2006-11-03:
Vonage sucks. Right after we got it, we would get cut off in the middle of a conversation. Then after a few months of that, our phone cuts off when we walk into certain rooms of our house. I have had an aunt and a cousin that have also both had it and they have both cancelled with a lot of problems. And with them continuing to pay even after service was cut off for months. It is absolutely a nightmare and i would not suggest it to anyone. Five dollars would be too much to pay for this servicea a month. I wouldn't suggest it even if it was free!
Posted by justsaynotothieves on 2009-01-24:
Vonage is the WORST! I set up my account in October and they have been billing me for two phone lines ever since. Keep in mind that I only requested one line.

To make matters worse, when I try to cancel the second line the "customer service" agent is unable to access that account because I don't have a PIN. Additionally, I cannot provide the answers to the security questions because I didn't provide these answers to begin with.

If you are not using Vonage, good! Don't!!! You will be sorry! To those of you who are saying Vonage is great, just wait. They deserve a great big raspberry or life behind bars.
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Cheap and reliable service
Posted by Sparticus on 07/31/2005
I switched to Vonage, a internet-based phone service, about 6 months ago. Previously I was paying about $42/month for local phone service with no long distance and no bells and whistles features. To top it off, my local service (SBC) was constantly trying to charge me for local long distance calls, a feature I had requested they turn off every time they tried to charge me.

To make a long story short, I switched over to Vonage and now pay $16/month (after taxes get added in) to use 500 minutes of any time talk (long distance included) as well as all the bells and whistles like caller id, 3-way calling, callback, voicemail, etc. I can now check my voicemail from any web browser or phone, and I can even set up virtual phone numbers for an extra $5/month that allow my to create virtual local numbers in other cities where I have family. This feature is great because I can create a local phone number in New York, and all my friends and family can use that number to call me, and I still have my regular number for local calls in my home city.

The service has been very reliable, and the voice quality has been near perfect. For the price, I would recommend anyone with high-speed internet access give it a try. You can go month to month at the same price and cancel at any time if you don't like it. SBC (or whomever your local phone carrier is) will suring be calling you weekly to try and get you back, so worst case you go back to them with a better deal... =)

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Posted by AML on 2005-08-08:
I agree - we were having some issues with no dial-tone upon moving into our new house, and their support staff went above and beyond in helping us to fix the issue. I've heard various complaints in the past but I have nothing but good things to say.
Posted by RWW on 2006-05-13:

It's good to see that crapage employees also post here.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-07-05:
I think you can see I am not an employee of Vonage by my credentials on this site. I've been a member here for many years... well before Vonage was even a company!
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Posted by SBC on 06/04/2006
LAKE WORTH, FLORIDA -- This company is the pits in terms of customer service. I signed up on Jan 10, 2006 with the understanding that they would port my land line telephone number to Vonage within 5-10 days. After 20 days, I started calling and was repeatedly told that they needed more time. Every call was answered by a pleasant rep who apologized for the lack of progress and assured me that they were putting my transfer on high priority. During this time I was unable to receive any incoming calls. Finally, on April 10th, I told them to name a "drop dead date" by which time THEY would concede that they could not provide the service they promised. They said April 17.

On April 17th, I called and told them I had no choice but to cancel the service. The next day, Vonage charged me $41.12 for canceling the service within one year. Several further contacts with their Customer DISservice manager left me with the option of paying $41.12 to cancel the service or continue to pay $25/month for 9 more months of non-service.

I have filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorneys General of Florida and NJ. If anyone knows of other sounding boards where I can alert others to this disreputable company, I'd be appreciative.
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Posted by tander on 2006-06-05:
I've heard alot about Vonage, and nothing that was said was good!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-05:
No, By signing up, you are held to thier contract and I think that fee would be an early termination penalty. Now thier committing 'breach of contract' if you can prove they would of had you connected within 5-10 days. If so, end of subject, I Wouldn't pay a red dime. You might also be able to make them pay for your disrupted phone service(just a thought). Read your contract very carefully. Now, on April 17 You canceled. Was that your doings? "OR" did they they voluntarily initiate the cancel? On the latter I think you would have to pay the fee. The whole story doesn't look good I sympatize with you but beware of how contracts are worded.
Posted by Dirtydave on 2006-06-05:
I have heard a lot of complaints about Vonage as well. I’m sure many of them must be accurate. I have had Vonage for about two years now, and to be honest, I have found the service to be just fine, and the price is very reasonable compared to a standard phone line.
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2006-06-06:
I too have heard that Vonage is terrible. They're horrible with porting numbers. I say STEER CLEAR!
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-06-06:
We've had them for over a year now. The only problem we had was our modem went bad a few months ago. After the run around from their India customer service reps, I finally figured out I could get a new one for free after rebate from my local Circuit City. The service is OKAY... but since we are only paying $14.99/month, I can't complain.
Posted by WMUstudent on 2006-06-24:
Don't pay it. File a complaint through your credit card company if they billed you. You have 60 days after receiving your bill to do this.
Posted by WMUstudent on 2006-06-24:
Contact Vonage

23 Main Street
Holmdel, NJ 07733

Victor Suarez
Executive Response Team, VONAGE
p: 888.580.4020 f: 732.231.6783
e: vsuarez@vonage.com

Narcissus Martin
Executive Response Team, Vonage
t: 888-580-4020 ext. 31607
e: narcissus.martin@vonage.com

Janel Blackman
Executive Response Team, VONAGE
t: 888-580-4020 ext. 31593
e: janel.blackman@vonage.com

Office of the President, Vonage

Vonage's Staples, Inc. Sales Agent

File a complaint with the FCC

File a complaint with the BBB

File a complaint with the NJ Attorney General's office

File a complaint with your state's Attorney General's office

If you bought your Vonage equipment at a retail store, send their corporate office a fax letting them know of your bad experience. Vonage's bad reputation soils the retail store's name too.

If you're transaction was done online, you can file a complaint with the Internet Fraud Complaint Center at http://ic3.gov.
Posted by paulie59 on 2006-07-29:
please email me maybe enuff of us can get a class action?
Posted by SHAGGMAIN on 2006-08-15:
Posted by lovit on 2006-12-26:
Vonage.com is modern day Mafia except, better prepared to rip off the consumer while skerting the laws of the land. They have ripped me off on the tune of $400 without giving even one day of service. I want to file small claims action against them in California, but they don't want to supply me with their "Agent for service" in California, and Secretary of State's office has no information on them in California, Can anyone please help me?
Posted by halfpaint73 on 2007-02-22:
i'm having problems getting my refund back from vonage i was charged a toatal of $80.00 and some change. they reps are very hard hearing. i called early january to set up service but when i called my local phone service which is sbc they were gonna shut my internet service down and was not corporating with vonage. so when i called vonage back within that hour the same day to cancel everthing and letting them know what sbc had told me the process fees had already went through so i had to call dhl to file a lost claim for a device i never received and they couldn't do because it was vonage's product so i had to call vonage back and go to billing@vonage.com and send a e-mail to get my money back which i havn't received vonage is a rip-off they probably mailed the device to the wrong address. but everything was cancelled within one hour of my phone call the day i called vonage.
Posted by jsguagliardo on 2008-02-28:
Vonage - corrupt policy practices or corporate greed?

Did you know that if you sign up for an unlimited residential account it is NOT unlimited. I was just told by Ernest in the "Usage Department" that the Vonage Policy is to suspend all account that use the service too much.

Isn’t it is illegal to advertise and offer an unlimited residential plan and then suspend service when the resident uses the service too much. This is certainly a matter of principles.

If Vonage offers an unlimited plan they can not suspend service for over usage. I have reviewed your terms of service carefully and am confident that I can prove to a jury of my peers that Vonage is acting unlawfully.

If you have been victimized by Vonage like I have, please contact Robert James Griffiths Esq. His email address is legal@worldlibrary.net. He is investigating a class action law suite on this matter.
Posted by ksgran on 2008-11-21:
Vonage - Don't go there!

My primary complaint against Vonage is that, unlike cell phone companies, they do not tell you you're actually signing a two year contract when you start service. Given their lousy, script-driven offshore customer service (took me three tries to get through to a real person without being disconnected), their lack of transparency in disclosing the $39.99 early termination fee if you fail to stay with them less than two years, and the sketchy line quality I've experienced, I won't be recommending them to anyone else. Push for a deal with your local provider. Vonage and the other VOIPs have let success go to their heads. They're acting just like the cell phone companies now!
Posted by Duck D. on 2008-12-03:
I just signed up with Vonage, and my experience wasn't much better. The same goes for AT&T. THEY BOTH SUCK !!! Oh, Vonage managed to transfer my number allright, but in the process, AT&T cancelled both my phone service and my DSL Internet. So now I am stuck no phone service at all, and not internet, and AT&T says they can't re-start it for at least another week. What a crock !! I think I'd be better off with two cans and a string than either one of these lousy (so-called) phone companies.
Posted by justsaynotothieves on 2009-03-13:
i experienced a horrible nightmare when i tried Vonage. Fraud and no Customer Service to correct it.

Here is the name of the person who finally got results on my behalf at Vonage. Believe me when I say it was not an easy task getting her information. I filed a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau first.

Regina Evaslin
Executive Response Team
VONAGE 23 Main Street Holmdel, NJ 07733
M-F 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST
Tel: 888-580-4020 Ext 22776 f: 732-231-6783
UK Callback #01618706995 x22776
W: www.vonage.com
Posted by justsaynotothieves on 2009-03-21:
I filed a complaint against Vonage with the BBB. Go to this website to see the results. it did help a little and you should do the same.

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Never Honored Request to Cancel Account, Found Out 3 Years Later
Posted by Jameskellard on 05/17/2012
HOLMDEL, NEW JERSEY -- I was a Vonage customer in 2009. After deciding that I no longer needed a home phone, I called to cancel my service. Having heard nothing from them since I assumed the matter was finished. Now, three years later, I received a letter from a collection agency claiming that I owed Vonage $99.67. I contacted the agency and was told to call Vonage. In calling Vonage I was told that they had never honored my request to cancel my account. I asked several times why I was never informed of their claims that I owed them money or even that my account was still active. They claimed to have called (the phone that I assumed was deactivated and no longer used), and e-mailed (an old e-mail that I hadn't updated because, again, I thought my Vonage account was closed). I further questioned why, as they obviously have my name and address, they never sent me anything in the mail expressing their claims. The only response was that they, "...don't do that..."

I felt the need to inform them that I in fact was not psychic and had no idea that my account was still active after I had requested cancellation. After filing a report with the Better Business Bureau and the FCC, I searched the internet and discovered that apparently Vonage is known for not honoring customer's requests to cancel services. Vonage has the most bizarre business practices of any company I have ever dealt with. There is absolutely not way possible I would ever associate with this corrupt company again. If I could give them a negative star rating I would.

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Posted by Alain on 2012-05-19:
You may want to contact the NJ consumer office via http://www.njconsumeraffairs.gov/ocp and also file a complaint via http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/index.shtml Additionally, check to see if this has effected your credit rating. If it has, it may be time for you to contact an attorney for a free consultation regarding further action.
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Greed Greed
Posted by Chrl378 on 07/13/2012
REDDING, CALIFORNIA -- I 1 week ago connected to Vonage in thought of saving money, not thinking at the time of the stress I would endure through this company, The order process went well I guess when you want money that is when everything is in order, I did not understand a lot that was said however was told not to worry that I could use my land line with the service, they also let me keep my old number for Charter, I got the modem and connected trying to use my land phone and only got a message that I need to check my internet connection.

So I called them thanks to a neighbor letting me have use of a cell phone. I was then walked through form a lady on making sure that I had the right connection and told me to see if I could log onto CNN on the internet. I am disabled and under doctors care for medical issues. Cannot be without my phone service. I was told that the lady would get back to me in the morning to see if I had service. Seems to me I will be getting the run around here.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-13:
If you can't be without a phone, I would suggest the dependability of a land line (which you evidently dropped to get Vonage).

I assume you are connecting to the internet via cable, since you mentioned "Charter". Or perhaps you have what is called "dry loop" - a DSL connection via you land line copper wires. Either of those solutions means you no longer have a dial tone line. Your old line line phone connects through your computer to the internet.

Sounds to me like there is simply an issue getting it set up right. Good luck.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-07-13:
As a disabled person you may also be eligible for discounted basic phone services. You can find more information at www.californialifeline.com
Posted by JISCal2 on 2012-07-13:
Vonage is the last phone service you would want if you need reliable phone service. The connection to your internet service will often times drop and you wont know it till you pick up the phone to make a call.

Also,being disabled you should have also been made aware that Vonage's 911 service does not work the same as typical 911 services do. Another thing to take into consideration if you decide to stick with this company.
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Vonage - Fraud Company
Posted by Pawanverma on 11/26/2010
I am having real issues with the company advertisement and customer service.

Summarizing the case, Vonage signed me with false and misleading advertisement of unlimited international calling. After a while, their usage department sent an email saying that I need to check my minutes as my usage was more than permissible usage which is 3000 mins. I tried to search everywhere this 3000 in their original contract but could not find and they also fail to explain where is it mentioned on their website. They just told that they have sole right to change the usage minutes.

One fine day, my plan has been upgraded to double the original plan and I have been told that if I check my usage minutes for two months then I can switch back to my original world plan. To avoid all the hassle of new connection, I continued with Vonage and bring my minutes to 2800 for continuous two months.

After that I contacted Vonage again to change my plan. Customer service doesn't have any authority to change the plans. After 4th customer service call, some sane representative told me directly that they can't do anything and I need to respond to email that I got from usage management department. They don't have any phone no.

I replied to Vonage usage department email, asking them to revert my plan to original plan. I have got a quick reply that my plan can't be reverted back because their normal usage average is 1500 minutes and my usage is still 2800 and I need to wait for another two months and bring my usage to average limit.

This is heights of dissipating misleading information and false advertising. You can't compare unlimited minutes with 1500 minutes a month. And if 1500 minutes is the limit then that should have been told the first time. They impart incomplete and wrong information.

- A former Vonage customer
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Posted by leet60 on 2010-11-26:
Unfortunately they are able to do this as their terms of service have a caveat that if your usage exceeds what "they" consider normal residential usage for a regular customer on your plan, they will charge you at a higher rate or restrict/terminate your service.

You do agree with the service that they can change terms at any time: " Unless otherwise prohibited by applicable law, we can also change the terms and conditions of your service plan (such as features and prices) at any time, with or without notice. "

Posted by nauk on 2011-02-18:
Hello, I totally understand your frustration, I had almost the same problems, really what a waste of time. thanks for sharing. I found another small company that has been doing great! i really love the way they treat me and how much they want to earn your business. Cheaper than Vonage BTW. take a look! www.eplines.com
Posted by nauk on 2011-02-18:

I totally understand your frustration, I had almost the same problems, really what a waste of time. thanks for sharing. I found another small company that has been doing great! i really love the way they treat me and how much they want to earn your business. Cheaper than Vonage BTW. take a look! www.eplines.com
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