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Not Pet Friendly
Posted by on
My only personal review is in the attempt to book the property. They are not pet friendly. In the exact words of the owner, "Our greatest concern with accepting your beloved pet (we have dogs too and adore them) is for our future tenants health, especially when people may be allergic. For that reason we can only accept "non-shedding", hypo-allergenic dogs. I know that your dog is probably a real sweetheart, but the oils from his/her fur can become imbedded in the furniture, or baseboards and create a real problem for some of our tenants. I am so sorry to have to place these limits on our rentals, but I'm sure that you can understand our concerns." It's awesome that they look out for future tenants but just wanted to warn anybody desiring this property with a pet, you'll probably get this same response. I'm sure that they didn't want to rule out any potential tenants without the paw print but they may as well just limit the property to humans and not pets. All dogs shed and all have oils that get imbedded on furniture, etc. It's not restricted to a 15 pound dog. When I told the owner very politely that I wouldn't compromise and continue to be patient in finding a place for my pup and I, she responded with "Good For You!" Ouch. Not only that? Beware. A lot of these places say "steps from the beach" when they are actually a house or two or a block away. This is the case with this property. It sits behind a beachfront home with its' back to it facing in the direction of the street. I'm so sick of being deceived by these beach communities trying to rent their properties. And YES I would pay a cleaning/painting deposit of $1000 or whatever it took to bring my pet along on my trip. I'm just SICK of the deception. My issue here is that they said they are pet friendly and they are not. These places SAY a lot of things but when it comes down to it all it is is bait. And YES it is an owner's property to do as they please with the rules they enforce, etc. but I'M the one paying their mortgage and property taxes on it when I CHOOSE to pay the $3000 grand or more per month. Hate to hit you in the face with reality but it becomes MINE then for the time I'm there. The minute these places forget this is the minute that they need to and should get out of the business of renting out their properties. This forum is for customers protecting customers. You don't go around to any review and stick up for a place when you are on a site that is out there to be informational in order to protect the next guy that comes along.
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User Replies:
momsey on 02/20/2011:
I'm not sure what your complaint is. They told you ahead of time that they're not pet friendly. That's certainly their prerogative.
Mrs.Cole on 02/20/2011:
That is what is nice about Google Street View and satellite images. When I was looking for a vacation rental I Googled the address... HA HA HA... I'm glad I did. At first I thought it was the wrong address but then I zoomed in on the address number on the front of the house. Oh my, four blocks from the beach is not "right on the beach" and having to cross main Blvds. with children and gear is not worth $350.00 a night. We ended up with a very nice condo.. right on the beach. So get out street maps and check then recheck.
madconsumer on 02/20/2011:
it is their property. they can do as pleased.

would YOU be willing to pay a $1000 deposit for cleaning and re-painting?
Basha on 02/20/2011:
I do need to correct myself. The actual listing was VRBO #147333 and not 190794.
trmn8r on 02/20/2011:
I'm having trouble figuring out exactly what your complaint is. I think the main problem has to do with their pet policy, but then the complaint shifted to location relative to the beach.
Critical_level2 on 02/24/2011:
I agree with Mad, their property, their rules.

Even if you rent it form them, it in never "yours" for any amount of time, it is still theirs. If they want to restrict the type of dogs they allow, that is their right as property owners. You either follow their rules or rent somewhere else.
PepperElf on 02/24/2011:
Exactly - the owner sets the rules.
if you don't like it you can rent elsewhere.

you don't have the right to force the owner or rental agent to accept your pet if they already stated "no"
Anonymous on 02/24/2011:
This is plain and simple a case of false advertising. The owner listed the property as pet friendly with cute little paw prints but when the rubber hits the road this is not a pet friendly listing. Although to be fair the owner did have this disclaimer on the listing:

"Pet Friendly: With approval only. MUST be hypo-allergenic, well-behaved and prefer under 15 pounds."

Still I agree with the OP the property should not be listed as pet friendly because it ain't.

Good Review.
Sheldonrs on 02/24/2011:
So because YOU don't like the property OWNER'S rules, they should get out of the business? Does that mean because I don't like Taco Bell, they should go out of business?
And BTW, when you rent a place, regardless of how much you pay, it is NOT "your" place. Anymore than a hotel room I may rent makes it MY place.
PepperElf on 02/24/2011:
" I wouldn't compromise and continue to be patient in finding a place for my pup"

What exactly where you expecting when you said this? Were you hoping the threat of taking your business elsewhere would make the owner change his mind?

Sometimes, that trick doesn't work.

As for the other claims about distance from the ocean... how does that apply to this rental? It sounds like an attempt to discredit the owner by lumping all of your rental complaints onto him, regardless of whether or not those specific issues even applied to him.

Trying to paint all rental owners with the same brush doesn't really help your complaint. Although it does make me wonder why you would rent if you feel they're all the same, as you've implied.
Anonymous on 02/24/2011:
I'm assuming by your comment PepperElf you're experience with vacation rentals is pretty limited. The OP is spot on about the exaggerated ocean front claims. I’ve encountered the same many times. Like the time I rented a ‘beach house’ in Destin FL advertised as having an ocean view. I got there I could see no ocean. I asked the owner where’s the ocean view? He said well if you get on the roof and look out yonder you can see the ocean on the horizon. I liked his style so I chose not to make it an issue or kick his ass. A nice old man actually.. Took me out on his boat… Anyway the OP is correct. Exaggeration is pretty common in the vacation rental Biz. You have got to do you homework like the OP did. Also haggling like the OP did is just part of the game. Only a chump goes 100% with the advertised offer.

All that aside the OP was very wise to skip this listing for no other reason than the listing only has one feedback. No WAY NO HOW should you ever rent one that has less than a dozen ‘legit’ feedbacks. I'll let some other sucker find out it’s a trap that ain't my job.

PepperElf on 02/24/2011:
LR - it's not about whether or not the ocean front claims are true.

it's about the fact that he's using complaints about OTHER facilities to make this one look bad.

That's like complaining about business X for one item, and then saying well "all of them do *this other thing* too" whether it's actually true or not for business X...

thus although he didn't specifically say the owner lies about how close it is to the ocean, it's an attempt to stir you up against others who are... so that you take that anger out on the owner for a different complaint.

Anonymous on 02/24/2011:
PepperElf, I guarantee you the OP is correct. Unlike you I've read the listing. It's full of red flags. There's no way in hell I'd rent #147333. When the listing says "just steps to the pristine sand of Seal Beach" you just know you're about a quarter mile away. How do I know this because in the picture section they use canned beach photos.

Unless you've done the VRBO rental thing you just don't know how it is. It's a jungle out there. I for one am thankful the OP is raising the flag on VRBO #147333.
Solumina on 02/24/2011:
"Only a chump goes 100% with the advertised offer." Then I guess every one of the people who rent my family's cottage are chumps because we don't accept anything less than asking price, with the exception of family and friends, and we never have an issue getting booked up.

There are people who aren't totally honest in their rental listing and you should verify the information in them. I also agree that that is not a very pet friendly listing but it also isn't a total lie, they do allow some pets and many places don't allow any so in that regard they are somewhat pet friendly, and I doubt VBRO lets owners select "somewhat pet friendly" as an option. I can sympathize with both sides here.

The part of this review that does get under my skin is all of this talk about how when you are renting the place that it is yours. It isn’t. If you want your own vacation home then you have to buy your own place. When you rent you are enjoying something that someone else is letting you have on a temporary basis and you are to leave it in the same condition it was when you arrived. You don’t get to take anything unless it is specifically marked as a gift and you don’t leave anything, including cigarette residue and pet dander, unless the owner says it’s okay.
Skye on 02/24/2011:
What kind of pets do they accept?
Ytropious on 02/24/2011:
My dogs shed, my mom's dogs don't. There's a huge difference in the quality of our homes. Mine is almost always covered in dog fur even though I vacuum once a week. Her's isn't. I can't blame them for saying no. If a place said they didn't take shedding dogs I'd totally understand because I LIVE IT, they make a mess! A lot of apartments are "pet friendly" but won't allow large dogs. Sure, not all large dogs are destructive but you know what, that's their call to say no. Deal with it OP.
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VRBO #50260 - BEWARE!
Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- In Jan 10, I entered into a rental agreement with the owner (a real estate agent) of a house in Phoenix, AZ, listed under VRBO #50260. The house was normally rented by the month, but with no Jan occupancy of the property she willingly agreed to a “last minute” rental for a one week period commencing 18 Jan 10.

On 18 Jan a major winter storm shut down our transportation hub and we were unable to get to Phoenix without incurring significant alternate transportation costs. I called the owner that morning to discuss options. She agreed to a postponement for a week to be determined later in 2010. She retained our cleaning & refurbishing and rent monies for the later week. So far, so good.

In May I called to arrange for a week in Nov 10 that was convenient for her. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. She reopened negotiations on what I thought was a done deal. After many follow-up calls and e-mails, she indicated we could only rent for a minimum half month even though she had no bookings for Nov. She also said we had to pay an additional $90 for cleaning & refurb, on top of the $90 already paid. We settled on a 12 day agreement. When the contract arrived, it called for 11 days for the price of the 12, and demanded yet another $90 for cleaning & refurb (for a total cleaning bill of $270). So much for the week postponement.

I questioned the additional charges. She realized I was unwilling to enter into an inflated arrangement. She decided to return the rent payment. She said she would be retaining the $90 because it was spent on cleaning and refurbishing in advance of our planned arrival in Jan. Interestingly, the owner was the last to inhabit the house in early Jan.

Three weeks later she decided to renege on her decision to return our rent.

The owner realizes I am prepared not to let this rest. In the interim, I have offered her the opportunity to make things right, which I will report here. Further action is being considered. Until that time, do not trust her to keep her word; in fact, be very careful about entering into a rental arrangement with her unless you are prepared to forfeit some of your funds.
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User Replies:
oldisgood on 08/20/2010:
Hello, I think "small claims court" action is called for. The owner is absolutely wrong in every respect.
trp2hevn on 08/20/2010:
Was there anything in the contract about forfeiting all monies paid if you cancel within a certain amount of time from your arrival date?
Lifemates on 09/02/2010:
Nasty as the owner was at least she gave back the bulk of your money. There are some nasty people that will not let go of your money once they have their hands on it. Maybe she has some other good points.
PaulJ on 09/08/2010:
I am pleased to say that the owner has had third thoughts and chosen to do the right thing. She has returned the rent as initially promised. I appreciate the support provided by the site and the reviewers who submitted their thoughts.
Pat on 01/28/2012:
For information, VRBO 50260 has been de-listed and re-listed as VRBO 350550
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VRBO sucks
Posted by on
They posted my negative review of a property - which two people found useful. Next thing I know I have a note from VRBO saying the review they posted wasn't posted, and an email from the property owner trying to make up by refunding part of a security deposit she withheld from me. VRBO is a disappointment and NOT trustworthy. Do Not Rely On Their Information.

The property is listing # 233549. Here's my review, in case anyone else has the misfortune of renting here. It's a home n Santa Cruz, CA.

"We stayed three nights in May to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The house is cozy and charming, and feels larger than it is. The backyard is also very pretty. It is two blocks from the beach, but this route to the beach is inaccessible during high tide, and you must walk about seven blocks down a busy road to reach a more reliable access point. Beyond that, the home is well equipped and comfortable. It comes with music, wi-fi, movies, plenty of dishes and cooking utensils, and most kitchen Staples. We encountered two drawbacks. The first was the owner, who was intrusive. She sent the gardener over twice to check up on us. It's uncomfortable staying in a house, especially a small one, with a stranger in the backyard. After we left she counted the number of empty bottles of alcohol that we had placed in the outside recycling bin and reported this to us in a letter. We had a dinner party for eight one night to celebrate our wedding anniversary. She charged us $50, ostensibly because my sister and brother stayed over that one night, but in a letter to me she mentioned that she also had to remove bottles from the recycling bin. The owner lists the property as dog friendly but there are a lot of ticks in the area, which was the second drawback. We let our Labradoodle into the back yard once, supervised and on a leash, and pulled 16 ticks off of her. We found three more crawling in the house and one dead on the bedroom floor. The owner also charged us $50 for “trampled” plants – allegedly by our dog, who didn’t go out back unsupervised. I suspect it was more likely a wild animal, raccoon or skunk or whatever brings the ticks in. I want to give the owner the benefit of the doubt, which is why I’m giving this property three stars instead of two. Perhaps she was worried about the dog and in that case should not list this property as pet friendly. Or maybe she likes cataloguing her tenant’s refuse (however if use of recycling bins is not permitted then the contract should make this clear, or steer clear of making assumptions about her renters). But the gardener and the bottle counting lead me to believe that this home might be better if it were owner-occupied. "
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User Replies:
shayen on 06/18/2010:
Nothing you wrote sounded all that bad. RE: the gardener. Was he perhaps doing ummm... gardening? Ticks? How is that the homeowner's fault? High tide? What about it. There's high tide and low tide. Duh! Again, not the HO's fault. I don't know abut the trampled plant except if it was fine until your dog came along, well, I'd suspect your dog. The bottles in the recycle bin? You weren't clear about whether you should have placed them there or not.
Anonymous on 06/19/2010:
I don't understand, shayen. Why provide a recycle bin if it isn't to be used? To call a property pet friendly when there is a tick infestation is a bit misleading, as well.

Though I do agree with the owner assuming that the trampled plants were a result of the dog. It does make sense.
shayen on 06/19/2010:
Yeah, I don't really understand about the recycle thing either. It was not very clear. But the tick thing. If the owner doesn't have pets, she may not know about the ticks. I mean, think about it. If she knew, why would she allow pets to begin with? I know that if I owned a house that I rented out to vacationers, I would have a no pet policy if I was aware that my backyard was full of ticks. I mean, who wants ticks in their house? So, she may not even know. I guess she does now.

BTW: where did everyone go? seems like there used to be a lot more people posting here the previous times I've visited.
Sally on 06/08/2012:
I guess we've been lucky. We've used about a dozen VRBOs and have been delighted with each one.
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Beware of VRBO listing 110390 and its "new" features!
Posted by on
LAKE TAHOE, CALIFORNIA -- We just rented this place from Jan 20-26, 2010, and we feel their property description is misleading regarding several features. First, the master bedroom w/king does not have an energy efficient window and needs a bigger heater vent because the room temp remained slightly chilly even with thermostat set at 78! Also, since we had to keep the temperature set higher, the rest of the house would get uncomfortably warm. My father was in the other master bedroom and had to close his vent because it would get too hot in there. There was a broken closet knob, missing handle on one of the dresser drawers, one of the toilet handles broke (which we fixed ourselves rather than having to wait for someone to come out), lots of scrapes & scratches on the walls in the dining area, bedroom, bathroom, as well as doors, railings, and wood floors (which leads me to believe the remodel was done quite some time ago, or one of the previous tenants really banged up the place and the owners have not bothered to fix it yet). Technically it’s 1.5 bathrooms, since one has a shower only, which really needs an adjustable showerhead (otherwise the water goes right over your head unless you’re over 6 feet tall!). The owners should purchase new pots and pans for the kitchen, as the teflon is all scratched up and flaking off. We didn’t want to use them, but didn’t have a choice. Also, note that the rooms with triple bunk beds are VERY small – only big enough to fit the beds, a dresser, and a closet. Lastly, the cabin was not cleaned before our arrival, which meant having to wash sheets/blankets/towels and clean up the kitchen/bathrooms so we could use them during our first night. The owner refunded our $150 cleaning fee, but pointed out that since we received a discounted rate of $250/night (our original agreement, not because the cabin was dirty), he couldn't take off any more than that. In my opinion, that's not an adequate reason because basically he’s saying that since we paid less than the regular rate, it’s all right to get a less than satisfactory property! We felt we should have gotten back a little more money for the inconvenience of having to clean it ourselves plus wait while it was cleaned the following day (thus cutting into our skiing/boarding time), as well as the needed repairs/improvements listed above. After driving through a snowstorm to get to the place, the last thing we wanted to do was clean! The owner did offer a free night on our next stay of 4 or more nights, but why on earth would we want to stay there again after our experience? Especially receiving his response to my complaints: “Thanks for your detailed summary of things we need attention” and “sorry the place wasn't ready when you arrived.” No apology or concern that his place is no longer in the “pristine” condition described in his listing. This place is definitely NOT worth the regular rate of $300/night -- you can find much nicer places in that area for the same price. We ended up renting this place because we thought we were getting such a great deal. Boy, we were wrong!
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User Replies:
YunkaG on 02/14/2010:
A 'bath' with a shower is consider a 3/4 bath, a 1/2 bath is toilet and basin. Sounds rather disgusting, having to clean up after the previous tenants. At least you did get your cleaning fee back.
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VRBO 214119, ad misleading and "home away guarantee" a lie
Posted by on
This condo I stayed at was much larger than the pic's can display - remodeled, OK, but that's not why you're going on a vacation is it? - - to look at a remodeled condo (or house)?

please be warned, I was promised a condo with "A/C, N/S, and a pool, sleeps 4-6 adults". AC was a tiny unit in the "master br", and the other bedroom smells like an ashtray -no amount of airing it out will help. I know because I stayed there for 11 days. "Japanese futon" was a 2" pad no bigger then a 5yo can sleep on. the pool was no larger than a typical hot tub.

so in reality at most this condo could sleep 3 adults. so, I was pretty upset having 4 adults there, one with asthma & the flu who had to go to ER for meds because smoke really exacerbated it (what was she to do, sleep outside in the car?), and I had no recourse to boot, because VRBO does not stand beind the "home away guarantee" and I was stuck. to quote, VRBO said "this is highly unusual and we will contact the owner. unfortunately you do not qualify for the $5000.00 guarantee." really, all these lies to sell a condo? what does qualify? (I notice you now have to pay $70 for a $10,000.00 guarantee that I wonder if VRBO will ever pay out) it's not a pretty picture when you've planned a vacation 2years in advance.

If you are going for an extended stay (21+days) a condo/home might be the way to go in my humble opinion-but there are other sites to help you find a good place to stay that are reliable and worth their salt.

IF you are going on vacation for a once in a lifetime trip, save up your $$ to make plans with a hotel or resort that will cater to your whims and fix things the second anything goes wrong (if anything goes wrong at all), because they care about their representative -VRBO does not care -they think they don't have to care about their representative because negative comments like this are screened, any comment does not make it to the website unless the owner approves it! come on, you have no way of finding out the truth of the condo (or home, cabin, etc), which is bad for the good eggs because now everything on VRBO is tainted.

Think about your trip and what you will do, and what you want to do at the end of your day. you have been sightseeing and you're now exhausted, so there is something extremely depressing about washing your own laundry, taking out the garbage, and doing dishes while on vacation!

PS, do not buy your airline tickets more than 3-5 months in advance - the airline will kill your pocketbook by about $400 extra per ticket -but you'll learn about that if you look at the dr mercola article "roam the world without spending a kings ransom"
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/13/2009:
Other than the smell of smoke, it appears you got what the ad promised - it says on the ad that the A/C is in the master bedroom and the pool is a shared pool for the entire condo development.

As far as their guarantee, it's pretty clear on their site that it has to be a major misrepresentation of the property that renders it unusable and you have to vacate the property within 2 hours of checking in.

Did you contact the on-site management about the smell in the 2nd room? If it was that bad, they needed to address it and bill the person that smoked it up.
MyNameIsBrandon on 12/16/2009:
I'm so sorry to hear about your recent experience. You can seek assistance from VRBO regarding this issue at: http://help.vrbo.com/help/RequestForAssistance.aspx
myvoiceheardnow on 12/26/2009:
hello Hugh,
FYI, at the time I signed the contract, the ad for the condo stated simply "A/C". it was only after I complained the owner changed the ad on VRBO. as far as the smell of smoke -the condo's windows and doors -all of them! were open the evening night of my arrival. did you know Hawaii has trade winds this time of year? 30+mph winds blowing in the condo, so there was no smell of smoke or anything else for that matter. now, Hawaii may look like paradise but it still has crime, so before bed I do have to shut and lock the doors. I also shut the windows also, for two reasons, 1.loud city noise and 2. I was optimistic the A/C unit would help the entire condo, as I am familiar with the type.
It was not until I woke up the next morning hacking and wheezing to the stench of old smoke. tricky huh?
so, your solution, how I am to bill the person that smoked it up? the condo owner denies any problem, even if I could for certainty find out who his previous customer was that smoked, that customer would have no legal obligation to pay a bill I send him. All the condo owner could do for that person is deny the customer to return his deposit and bill him for any cost of cleaning, and then inturn clean the room (which he did not do).
and Brandon,
thank you for the link to VRBO, I will follow up.
Nancy on 02/09/2013:
I empathize with you. I am convinced VRBO allows owners to edit and/or delete negative reviews. I am currently in a VRBO rental and it's a nightmare for me.
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VRBO is a huge risk for renters
Posted by on
I recently decided to rent a cottage in a Florida beachside development for a few days between Christmas and New Years. I contacted an owner through the site VRBO.com and the owner and I agreed on a price for my stay and he assured me he would be in touch. This was before Thanksgiving. I then attempted to contact him several times after the holiday to attempt to send my deposit and pay for the unit. Each time he would say he was really busy but he would get back to me. His last response was yesterday when he notified me he had rented the unit out long term to another couple that he had been negotiating with. This is two weeks before our trip. VRBO says there is nothing they can do and will not even ban him from the site or pay the difference between our former rate and the rate we are being forced to pay now for another unit.
Basically VRBO is siding with the landlord that acted in bad faith. When you Rent VRBO you are renting at your own risk.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/11/2009:
Money talks!
Nancy on 02/09/2013:
I totally agree that renting from VRBO is a huge risk. I am currently in a small, noisy and dirty room that was advertised as a luxury 1 bedroom condo. I realize that many people have low expectations when they travel, but it's impossible to accept that every review has 5 stars and nobody complained about anything. The owner lied to me and said if I were unhappy, she would refund my money and prorate the rent. I called her and received a reply by email with a charge that was more than 50% of the monthly rent for only 4 nights. She also wanted to add a "cleaning fee" which is a joke, since there was burned food in the stove and oven. The drip pans and oven rack are covered in grease. I even had to wipe out the microwave. However, now that I've been able to clean enough to make this place bearable, if I could get some rest, this nightmare would end. I can't afford to lose an entire month's rent.
Lynne on 07/16/2013:
You were foolish to think you had a place when he hadn't taken the deposit. The deposit secures the reservation. There was no rental contract entered into and that's why VRBO doesn't care...what you had was an agreement to negotiate, that's it.
vlmelendez on 07/17/2013:
We have a property on VRBO and present ours fairly but have had renters negotiate a deal, assuring us they are sending deposit and signed contract only to delsy, delay delay until they advise us they have rented elsewhere. We learned not to take it off the market until deposit is received.
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VRBO Sucks
Posted by on
RHINEBECK, NEW YORK -- VRBO stands for Vacation Rentals By Owner and it is just that-- a website geared to helping owners rent their properties NOT helping travelers have a nice vacation. I rented vrbo.com/182419 "Secluded 1770 House and Cottage..." and the owner stole my deposit. It is almost a year later and VRBO has done nothing to help. Don't trust the VRBO guestbooks. Although a traveler can post a comment on the guestbook of a property, the owner of the property can delete negative comments so prospective travelers only get to read the good comments. Be especially aware that if a property has 0 comments in the guestbook, it is either because it is new to VRBO and never been rented or the owner has deleted all comments because they were not favorable. In either case, do not rent from an owner with 0 comments in the guestbook. Do not rent from the owner of 182419 at 474 Field Road in Milan, NY USA. The VRBO listing says Rhinebeck but it is not in Rhinebeck.
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User Replies:
zepp on 07/23/2009:
I agree. I didn't know this and booked. Bad experience, wrote a review and owner did not approve it, nothing I can do. Plus they can reset the guestbook, so the whole thing is ridiculous.
jj3177 on 09/06/2010:
Very bad experience on both sides. VRBO might have gotten some notoriety with that silly Cameron Diaz - Drew Barrymore movie but I got to tell you - there's a free alternative especially for people who need to list their homes for rent at http://rentalspot.com. Worth checking out because it has an interesting map-search functionality with wicked photo galleries. Bottom line: you don't have to pay to list your home anymore.
Linda on 07/04/2013:
2060 Huston Ave, Whitefish MT
Owner has cats claims to have cleaned it, bad smells and cat dander,. I got very sick and was told to bad my wife is a lawyer. Old home, lots not working, no airconditing, paid $5,500 a week and had to sleep abovevthe garage. They pretended to be nice until we tried to discuss the house problems. I would not recommend this home for rental.
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VRBO Falsely Advertising the Security of Renting Homes Through Their Website
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA -- What a joke! VRBO advertises they guarantee their rentals, but read the fine print, its all subject to their interpretation, and they completely side with the owner. We rented a house and paid $608 toward the reservation. The owner canceled, and still hasn't refunded us the money. We asked VRBO to take action and refund the money, since it was done through their Homeaway payment system. They said they are only an advertising site and refused to help. Eventually, they contacted the owner and said he promised to pay us back in 30 days... right, still waiting. They wouldn't provide us with owner information so we could proceed with criminal or civil action. Our only hope is we paid through Visa card and we submitted a billing dispute claim, hopefully we get the money back eventually. Don't rent through VRBO, most of the owners are honest and its a shame there are some real creeps out there who ruin it for others, but VRBO doesn't stand behind their advertisements.
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Failure to return security department
Posted by on
Rating: 3/51
STOWE, VERMONT -- My family rented VRBO 240500 in Stowe Vermont. We were asked to provide a separate check for the (very large) security deposit of $750. Prior to our arrival I wrote the owner and asked if we could bring our dog.

She replied IF I was willing to pay for additional cleaning costs. However, I was able to find another place for my dog while we were traveling and did not bring it.

The homeowner met us at the house and took us around for about 30 minutes, telling us to take off our shoes, how to open and close the windows and window coverings, how to work the TV, etc.

She could clearly see we did not have a dog with us, did not ask to see a dog, did not ask about a dog, and was there when the rest of the group finished emptying the car.

When it came time to get my security deposit back, she had cashed and KEPT the check, saying she was keeping it because we brought a dog.

The terms of the contract say that after the property is found to be in good condition, the deposit would be returned. I have contact the owner, as well as VRBO, but the owner refuses to return the deposit. Further, she has not even documented what her "additional expenses" were, but simply kept the entire amount.

VRBO does not stand behind the contracts, and the owner certainly did not comply with hers.

In addition, the property was noisy with 3 different construction projects going on around it, starting at 7AM 6 days a week.
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VRBO Are Useless in Helping Travelers
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VRBO are useless when it comes to helping travelers get a refund of charges paid. We booked a condo through VRBO - it was not a cheap condo - and two weeks after we confirmed the booking and paid over $3100 deposit the owner turned around and cancelled the booking on us. They told us we would get a "full refund" but they did not process it.

we called VRBO to ask for help in getting our money back and they basically told us we were on our own and all they could do was "send them an email asking them to refund the money".

Eventually, after a lot of hard work, we got a portion of the deposit back, but we are still waiting on $510 which were the "fees" paid (I thought the owner paid the fees, not the traveler, but it seems that the owner is able to pass through the fees to the owner).

In any case, we are still waiting on the fee portion to be refunded. I have initiated complaints with VRBO and have started a chargeback on my credit card. The next step is to file a theft report with the police in the city in which the condo is located.

I would not rely on VRBO to be of any help if you have a dispute with the owners of a property. Just be warned that you are on your own. I would NEVER pay for anything like this through Paypal. ALWAYS use a credit card so you have a modicom of protection.
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