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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Since you deleted my friend's review from your Facebook page the next best place to go for a FAIR review would be your own page. I had a friend get married and book her condo with this service. She paid for a condo with the beach front access; however, upon arrival she realized that there was construction that did not allow said beach front access resulting in not ever stepping foot on the property she rented!!

After trying to get a hold of the property manager without success, go figure, she tried once returning home to give them one last chance to rectify the situation and they blew her off, yet again. So, she left a review on their Facebook page which they promptly deleted and then emailed her saying she was no longer eligible to post a review on the page because she was 'blackmailing' and 'attempting to extort' the property managers for money!!

Not telling a renter that they won't get what they paid for and then ignoring them when they are trying to get to the bottom of the situation IS EXTORTION!! She NEVER asked for money, only to speak with someone that could fairly address the situation. Be careful when renting from this company because they do NOT provide what they promised, nor do they want the public to know about it, hence deleting her comment from Facebook. OH DID I MENTION THAT SHE RENTED THE PROPERTY FOR HER WEDDING!!?

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Rating: 2/51

CHESTERTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- Because I mentioned the amount of the security deposit, VRBO won't publish my review, and they refuse to respond to the help request I sent asking them to revise it. My emails go unanswered. Here is my review: We and three other couples rented this house for a long weekend. The PROS: The house is very nice and the kitchen was furnished for cooking. It's got nice rooms, a nice property & I like that we didn't all have to share one bathroom.

The CONS: I was disappointed that after we agreed on a price the owner informed us that the hot tub was broken but didn't offer to give us a discount. I felt that would have been fair, but let it go. After dinner the first night the sink garbage disposal got clogged. When we started to gather in the living room to play games we couldn't get the living room lights on, and found one of the leather sling chair's stitching was loose so that we couldn't use it.

It was late for calling the caretaker, so I called the next morning. I told her about the 3 items & informed the man who came to fix the disposal & the lights that the wood under the sink was rotten & moldy from the disposal having a long term leak. He took care of the lights (circuit breaker issue), took the chair with him & fixed the clog in the disposal. So far so good.

A month later & I still hadn't received my $300 security deposit. I call the owner & he informs me that the chair is being looked at by the insurance adjuster & that he's holding my deposit. I told him that we didn't break the chair -- that the stitching was loose & I was merely letting them know as a courtesy, same as I'd like renters to let me know of anything that needs attention in my own rental. He then proceeds to challenge me: the chair was fine the day before when it was dusted. He hadn't seen it broken the last time he was there, etc.

When I explained that we never even had the opportunity to use the chair, he got a bit heated & insisted that all was well prior to our arrival. (Luckily he didn't accuse us of causing the rotten, mildewed floor under the sink, too, since no one had apparently ever noticed that, either!) He eventually agreed to send my deposit back, but not after basically calling me a liar & getting quite nasty.

We've rented houses for years both in the US & in Europe. I've generally been pleased & often we end up returning to places year after year. One couple we were with was going to rent this home until I told them about the homeowner's behavior, when they decided to steer clear. The whole incident left a very bad taste in my mouth & ruined what otherwise would have been a very nice weekend.

VRBO Owner Withholding Damage Deposit, NO Recourse!
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Rating: 1/51

KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON -- Don't rent through VRBO, if you expect any customer service. If you have a problem, you should expect them to side with the owner. Use a credit card to pay - this is the only way that you have any recourse if the owner wants to withhold your deposit. PayPal considers this a service, so they will not give you the time of day. Recently, June 30 - July 15, 2014, I rented a one bedroom condo, rental ID #421106, in Kirkland, WA, $85/night. I have a dispute with the owner about my 'damage' deposit.

The owner has already withheld part of my damage deposit. I ask that my deposit be returned. The gist of the matter is that the owner is withholding a portion of my "damage" deposit, so that she can clean her carpets, in a vain attempt to remove the smell, the mold and mildew smell, that I did not cause. Here is how I found out that she is withhold my deposit:

PayPal note from owner - Note from Sherrie **: Hello David, Because beyond normal cleaning was required to eliminate the odor and mold due to the piled wet towels, I'm holding $100.00 of your damage deposit to cover professional carpet cleaning.

I am a 50 year old man. I don't need the $100.00. It is simply unfair that she is withholding deposit, especially to deal with something that I suffered with my entire stay. I paid the money that I agreed to, for this cheap crappy place. I complained directly to the owner, and not in a review. She is blaming me for the smell. Obvious to anyone who has been in a few old condos in the Pacific Northwest, this smell is from a long term problem. It was there when I arrived, and it will return soon, after she cleans her carpets.

Regarding her complaint about towels on the floor. I used one towel to dry myself my entire visit. I never put it on the floor, until the morning that I was to leave. I left it and two other towels that I had used to cover the couch, before I would not sit on it without a cover, on the floor so that the manager would know which towels I had used. I put dirty my sheets there too. I did not wet the towels, more than by drying myself after my shower and I wouldn't risk leaving something that I was going to use, on my body, on that carpet. It is not reasonable that these towels, left on the bathroom floor that morning, a half hour before I left, caused the mold and mildew smell.

The problem is that there is mold and mildew in her carpets. Among other issues, her bathroom has little ventilation and the shower curtain doesn't prevent water from getting on the carpeted floor. Over time, this has caused the carpets to smell. If she would check, the carpets not only smell in the bathroom, but they also smell in the living room. I didn't cause this. I am simply the messenger. When I was there, I kept the fan on in this place, full-time, to keep the smell down.

This especially irks me, as the owner already takes $200 for cleaning, which is excessive based on charging $85/night. But fine, I had agreed to that. I have no problem, when treated respectfully. The cleaning fee was spelled out in the list of costs. However, to then withhold my damage deposit, when I did no damage, this is unfair.

The place is already overpriced and low rent. When I arrived there was stolen and trashed car in the parking lot. The towels are cheap and worn, the sheets are cheap and the bottom sheet does not fit properly on the mattress. The comforter was made for bargain basement rayon and worn through in several places (manager says that they replaced that). The highest tech in the place is a VCR.

The parking space is so small, if everyone in the building is parked in their spaces, you have to exit the build to get to your door, because you physically cannot get to the back of the garage to get in. I wrote the owner about all of this, except for the part about the stolen car. I asked manager when got my key to report the car. A couple of days later someone hauled it away. But, there was a trash, abandoned car in the parking lot.

Finally, this place had previously received a bad review on the VRBO site, including mentioning the smell. I previewed the place because of that. At that time, in passing, I mentioned to the owner's manager Cecilia that there was a smell. It wasn't overwhelming and this was just one of many other little issues you might find in a crappy place. We agreed that the place was functional. I was already resigned and really stuck, so had no choice but to take it. When I arrived I also signed some kind of paper indicating that the place was in order, down to counting the spoons. It does not mention smell.

Here is the previous review - Title: Not even close to the 2 reviews I used to book this condo. Content: Local channels only on TV. No dishwasher soap, Half a roll of toilet paper, Not very clean, hamper in bathroom is moldy and smells terrible. Stayed April 2014. Submitted April 24, 2014 - Source VRBO.

I do not agree with the owner's assessment that I caused this smell problem, and I am not willing to bear any part of the cost of fixing it. I simply reported it. Besides, why would I report it, if I had caused it? I also called the owner's manager that morning, mentioned the smell and told her that I had sent an email to Sherri. She called later and told me that Sherri had received my email and was not very happy. She mentioned the towels, but she did not say that I was going to get charged for damages. I just ignored it. Again, I put them there for their convenience.

If I had caused the smell, why would I tell them about it? I didn't cause the worn towels or the comforter. They don't charge me for them, because they know that it's not me. I am simply the messenger here. Don't charge the messenger. I want my money back! I want payment for my wasted time. I already paid an agreed upon amount, to stay in this rental. I shouldn't be wasting my time, defending my actions. I did nothing wrong. If anything, I was a great tenant. I was never there. It was too unpleasant. I slept there only.

VRBO #149919 in Park City, Utah
By -

PARK CITY, UTAH -- We were excited to stay at this rental because the reviews on VRBO all sounded so wonderful. Didn't know at the time that VRBO owners have control over posting their reviews, so potential renters will never see the negative reviews. Our experience turned negative during our stay, and has soured our memories of the trip to the point that we will probably not ever rent another VRBO again.

Two things happened. First, this rental advertises "a secure GARAGE PARKING, which is heated in the winter time, with RESERVED PARKING space (Floor/level 1)". WOW, this is great in theory. The problem we had is that on our 2nd night there, someone else parked in the reserved parking space for our rental. After discussing the situation with the on-site office manager, we were told we could not have a pass to park out in one of the many spaces out front (the easiest solution for all), nor could we park anywhere else BUT our supposedly reserved spot.

She was not very helpful, probably since we were renting from a private condo owner, and the office manager was there to represent condo owners who used HER services to rent their condos vs. VRBO. A towing policy was posted on signs in the parking garage for those who violated, so we had to call a tow truck to remove the offending vehicle, and my husband wasted 2 hours of precious vacation time dealing with the tow truck process so that we could just park our car for the night. The first tow truck was too big to fit through the garage door opening, and we had to wait for a second truck to show up.

Then we had to worry about having damage done to our rental vehicle, keying or whatever, due to an upset owner of the towed vehicle. It cost this guy $250 to get his car back. So lesson here is (1) definitely don't park in anyone else's reserved spot, and (2) heaven forbid that someone else park in your reserved spot as YOU will get stuck wasting your vacation time to arrange for towing just so you can park your car. I'm not personally blaming the condo owners for this incident at all, but just noting it is a "benefit" of this rental that can quickly turn into an undesirable situation for you.

The second thing that happened concerned the king-size master bed. My husband (6' tall, 190 lbs. - normal weight!) went to lie down, by himself, for a short nap on the afternoon of our last full day. After a few seconds, the side board of the bed collapsed. It was made of some type of softwood, with large grain variations and knotholes galore. The sudden drop actually jarred my husband's back. We called the local property manager immediately and waited 1 1/2 hours for him to show up. He looked at it and we all noted that the weak point seemed to have been a rather large knothole right smack in the middle of this sideboard.

We sent the condo owners a cell phone picture of the damaged board. The condo owner husband quickly texted back that he was sorry for the inconvenience, and that it appeared to him as well that the knothole was a weak point AND stated to us that he was a safety inspector for his career. THEN, the real problem started - the tune changed when the condo owner wife got the news. She called me about 2 hours later, and started making accusations that my husband or I must have stood on the side rail to cause it to fail.

I told her we certainly did not. All we did was sleep in the bed during our stay, nothing else, if you get my drift (and I'm 5'6", 128 lbs. - normal weight, just like my husband). She was wanting us to pay for the damages, claiming we had CAUSED the problem. If we had caused any damages, we certainly would have offered to pay up, in a heartbeat - we are honorable, church-going people. But we had done no harm.

If a 190 lb. person lying on a bed results in the bed collapsing on one side, then one has to question the integrity of the bed. When inspecting the bed after the collapse, while the property manager was still there with us, it was noted that the bed had no vertical supports underneath the mattress and that the bed side rail had an inferior quality wood that was used to support the horizontal slats underneath (at the point where they connected to the side rail).

Most of the weight to support this bed was resting on these side rails. Paired with all the knotholes in the wood, it was clearly an accident waiting to happen. I'll save you the long story of the next few days concerning all the phone calls and e-mails from the condo owner wife seeking payment from us. Her husband seemed to be understanding that an accident had occurred, through no fault of ours, but she wanted to place blame and was unreasonable, in our opinion, to talk to.

Bottom line, she deducted the money from our $400 security deposit to repair this obviously faulty bed. We came away from this experience grateful that something more expensive had not failed during our stay - a heater, a refrigerator.... as we surely would have been blamed if it had quit functioning properly during our stay.

So do yourself a favor. Don't assume, like we did, that just because a VRBO has favorable reviews that you will have an enjoyable experience with that rental. Truth be told, if the condo owner wife had been more sympathetic and understanding, we probably would have offered to pay for some or all of the damage of this unstable bed on our own initiative, just out of human kindness.

But she insisted from the start on falsely accusing us of directly CAUSING the damage (stepping on the side rail - which we did not do), and that does not make for a very conducive environment for reaching a settlement. No one likes to be falsely accused. I would not rent this VRBO again, or any other unit, from these owners.

Used to be a Great Site but No More.
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Rating: 1/51

I have been a homeowner member of VRBO/Homeaway for almost 2 years with a property in Wildwood and wasting time writing this. The changes that are being made to paying customers are unbelievable. My plan is to not renew my membership as I have other ways to list without being given grief and aggravation. This was once a great site but no more.

Vacation Home Owner Controls Reviews
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Rating: 1/51

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Stay away from VRBO rental property #66904 in Tucson, AZ. The owner will demand you sign a contract prohibiting any negative reviews (No wonder he only has all 5-star reviews!). Not only does he not allow negative reviews, but he will fine you $1000 (according to his contract) and threaten you with a lawsuit. Be smart. Spend your vacation dollars elsewhere. You will be glad you did!

Beware of VRBO listing 110390 and its "new" features!
By -

LAKE TAHOE, CALIFORNIA -- We just rented this place from Jan 20-26, 2010, and we feel their property description is misleading regarding several features. First, the master bedroom w/ king does not have an energy efficient window and needs a bigger heater vent because the room temp remained slightly chilly even with thermostat set at 78! Also, since we had to keep the temperature set higher, the rest of the house would get uncomfortably warm.

My father was in the other master bedroom and had to close his vent because it would get too hot in there. There was a broken closet knob, missing handle on one of the dresser drawers, one of the toilet handles broke (which we fixed ourselves rather than having to wait for someone to come out), lots of scrapes & scratches on the walls in the dining area, bedroom, bathroom, as well as doors, railings, and wood floors (which leads me to believe the remodel was done quite some time ago, or one of the previous tenants really banged up the place and the owners have not bothered to fix it yet).

Technically it's 1.5 bathrooms, since one has a shower only, which really needs an adjustable showerhead (otherwise the water goes right over your head unless you're over 6 feet tall!). The owners should purchase new pots and pans for the kitchen, as the Teflon is all scratched up and flaking off. We didn't want to use them, but didn't have a choice. Also, note that the rooms with triple bunk beds are VERY small – only big enough to fit the beds, a dresser, and a closet. Lastly, the cabin was not cleaned before our arrival, which meant having to wash sheets/blankets/towels and clean up the kitchen/bathrooms so we could use them during our first night.

The owner refunded our $150 cleaning fee, but pointed out that since we received a discounted rate of $250/night (our original agreement, not because the cabin was dirty), he couldn't take off any more than that. In my opinion, that's not an adequate reason because basically he's saying that since we paid less than the regular rate, it's all right to get a less than satisfactory property! We felt we should have gotten back a little more money for the inconvenience of having to clean it ourselves plus wait while it was cleaned the following day (thus cutting into our skiing/boarding time), as well as the needed repairs/improvements listed above.

After driving through a snowstorm to get to the place, the last thing we wanted to do was clean! The owner did offer a free night on our next stay of 4 or more nights, but why on earth would we want to stay there again after our experience? Especially receiving his response to my complaints: “Thanks for your detailed summary of things we need attention” and “sorry the place wasn't ready when you arrived.” No apology or concern that his place is no longer in the “pristine” condition described in his listing.

This place is definitely NOT worth the regular rate of $300/night -- You can find much nicer places in that area for the same price. We ended up renting this place because we thought we were getting such a great deal. Boy, we were wrong!

VRBO 214119, ad misleading and "home away guarantee" a lie
By -

This condo I stayed at was much larger than the pic's can display - remodeled, OK, but that's not why you're going on a vacation is it? To look at a remodeled condo (or house)? Please be warned, I was promised a condo with "A/C, N/S, and a pool, sleeps 4-6 adults". AC was a tiny unit in the "master br", and the other bedroom smells like an ashtray - no amount of airing it out will help. I know because I stayed there for 11 days. "Japanese futon" was a 2" pad no bigger then a 5yo can sleep on. The pool was no larger than a typical hot tub.

So in reality at most this condo could sleep 3 adults. so, I was pretty upset having 4 adults there, one with asthma & the flu who had to go to ER for meds because smoke really exacerbated it (what was she to do, sleep outside, in the car?), and I had no recourse to boot, because VRBO does not stand behind the "home away guarantee" and I was stuck.

To quote, VRBO said, "this is highly unusual and we will contact the owner." Unfortunately you do not qualify for the $5000.00 guarantee." Really, all these lies to sell a condo? What does qualify? (I notice you now have to pay $70 for a $10,000.00 guarantee that I wonder if VRBO will ever pay out) It's not a pretty picture when you've planned a vacation 2 years in advance.

If you are going for an extended stay (21+days) a condo/home might be the way to go in my humble opinion - but there are other sites to help you find a good place to stay that are reliable and worth their salt. If you are going on vacation for a once in a lifetime trip, save up your $$ to make plans with a hotel or resort that will cater to your whims and fix things the second anything goes wrong (if anything goes wrong at all), because they care about their representative - VRBO does not care.

They think they don't have to care about their representative because negative comments like these are screened - any comment does not make it to the website unless the owner approves it! Come on, you have no way of finding out the truth of the condo (or home, cabin, etc), which is bad for the good eggs because now everything on VRBO is tainted.

Think about your trip and what you will do, and what you want to do at the end of your day. You have been sightseeing and you're now exhausted, so there is something extremely depressing about washing your own laundry, taking out the garbage, and doing dishes while on vacation! PS - Do not buy your airline tickets more than 3-5 months in advance - the airline will kill your pocketbook by about $400 extra per ticket, but you'll learn about that if you look at the Dr Mercola article "Roam the World Without Spending A Kings Ransom".

VRBO Website
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Rating: 1/51

I tried to get a negative complaint about a very dirty condo on their site and they kept returning it with a different excuse. They are stalling. I will never deal with VRBO again.

Watch Your Self
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Watch out for post #741411 Orlando for the Wyndham Bonnet Creek. There's an owner, SCOTT **, that takes your money and does not provide a reservation. His voice mail box is full, doesn't respond to emails. He screwed up my family vacation 7 days before I am to arrive on March 26. No reservation, had to scramble to find accommodations a week before spring break in Orlando and double the cost. Never again will I book through VRBO, they don't seem to have any idea or control over these owners.

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