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The WORST auto finance company
By -

OK so I've had my loan for over a year. Six months ago I lost a big contract for my business and have had a terrible time keeping up with my bills. I had to fold my business and get a very low level job. I am slowly building my business back and seeking better employment. I am a professional and like so many others, I lost my income and have had trouble replacing it. Whatever. Anyway, I've been 45 days late on my car payment a couple times.

Wachovia doesn't mess around. They WILL repo you after 30 days. Trust me, they've tried. Which OK, fine. My problem is this, you get fifty million phone calls from all different Wachovia offices who LIE, are RUDE and completely DISRESPECTFUL. Not to mention NONE OF THEM are aware that you have been speaking to other people in the company. I got into it with two collections reps for a half hour one day. I was verbally assaulted the whole time. Naturally, after about ten minutes of that I started verbally assaulting back.

After a very heated conversation I called back and spoke to someone else. They were very nice and checked the notes on my account. There was NO RECORD of the previous conversation. Unbelievable. That is just one example. I could explain everything to you but it would be redundant. The bottom line is, I'm late, I CAN pay and AM PAYING. They don't care. Their attitude is, if you are late AT ALL you get repoed. You can work something out with one representative and the next one you speak to will say no. They are a joke. THIRTY DAYS LATE!!!! THEY DO NOT WORK WITH YOU.

I'm going to take the rims off my car, strip everything valuable out of it and return it to them ON BLOCKS. lol I hope they read this. I disconnected the GPS too. I know that I am in the wrong yet come on, there is all kinds of special deals, stimulus and funding going on in this country due to the economy. Heck didn't THEY get bailed out? So they get bailed out, they were the ones that caused the problems that we are dealing with and now they DON'T have to work with us?

I had CaMax auto finance before. They were wonderful. When I had problems they worked with me. Because they did. I pulled through, built my business and paid my car off EARLY. BECAUSE THEY WORKED WITH ME. Is Wachovia dumb? Do they really think that I will pay them if the destroy my credit? Oooookaaay. Keep thinking that. NEVER. Work with me so I can get caught up and PAY OFF THE WHOLE LOAN. They want to repo you RIGHT AWAY. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Oh and the lying. Ya that's why I want in on any class action lawsuit.

They threaten to repo you when they are not going to. They literally will say that your car is getting repoed tomorrow to threaten you knowing full well that it's not. This is BEFORE being thirty days late. It's funny because I mentioned to the representative all of their bad business practices and how I know a class action will be forthcoming soon. He was speechless because he knew. His eventual response was "I know but what does that have to do with you?" lol

Very Rude And Very Unprofessional! No Wonder They Were Bought Out!
By -

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- I am 22 years old and since I was 19 I have never had a co-signer. I always paid my bills on time if not early and had excellent credit, especially for my age. Just last year I purchased the car of my dreams and Wachovia was first in line to give me a loan for it. Until September I was perfect with all my payments, but I went through some things financially and to add to that I lost my job.

I struggled to make any of my bills and when I contacted Wachovia to ask for a deferred payment due to this job that I lost and no income coming in they said that they couldn't do anything for me and it wasn't their problem. I thought that because my credit was so good and because I had a good standing they would bend a little and they were very rude.

When I finally got a job, I was still behind on my payments and it's hard to come up from behind but I did what I could and sent off money to them every chance I got. Sometime last year I sent off two payments and somehow they "didn't receive" them so they threatened me that I would lose my car if I didn't send another two right away. So I did, and that put me behind on other bills, just recently they claimed I was behind three bills, and hired an investigator to find me, hunt me down and take my car!

I came up with three payments on top of the other two I had sent out and then they came at me saying I'm a liar and I don't live where I say I do, because I'm never at my residence....Duh! I have three jobs, so the only time I'm home is to sleep and even then my house is far from where I work so I stay with friends and my boyfriend.

Wachovia insisted I give them my friends' addresses and boyfriend's but that is none of their business and it isn't my permanent address! So they said that because I won't give it to them, even though it's current, they are going to repossess my car!!!! lol, Are you serious?! So I argued with whoever handled my account, and the investigator because even though the case was closed and he no longer was handling it he was still putting his nose where it didn't belong!

Needless to say I WAS HUNG UP ON! by representative from Wachovia and the investigator which his last words were,"get off my phone line!" So I called back to make a complaint to the manager of the branch and she was just as rude, kept insisting I was a liar, and she too hung up on me!! Called corporate to complain about both and they put me back to the other branch I was complaining about!

Even then, she wouldn't talk to me because I called back multiple times and even though she was there she wouldn't answer. I have never been treated so rudely and unprofessional and customer service means nothing to them!

Wachovia aka Wells Fargo Stay AWAY from them! Predatory Lenders!!!
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I have never had a repo until last Sunday when Wachovia aka Wells Fargo repossessed my car. For what reason did they give, they said I harassed them and I was verbally abusive, but this was not the case. They harassed me and I told them my financial situation at the present time. They told me I had to pay this or else. And I said "or else my car is gone?" They said "yes" and so I tried to work a payment with them. I got cut off and tried to call back, but they were closed..

Called first thing at 8 am the next morning, Saturday and they told me my account was locked up and they could not accept my payment. I told them "How could that be? I had set up a payment with a customer service supervisor day before and go cut off." They told me that didn't know but to call back Monday and that there was a note on my account to repo the car as I did a voluntary repo.. He said it was a mistake and would be dealt with by the supervisor on Monday..

By the way the supervisor didn't put in the repo the **** customer service guy did when he started to lecture me about how I needed to go see a financial planner and I was a bad person for taking out money to by a car.. I felt degraded and wanted to request to talk to a supervisor and asked for his name. He refused to give it to me and I guess well, he didn't like me and so now I am paying the price for dealing with a bad apple customer service person. I am screwed and will have to file for bankruptcy because I know I will owe for the car and cannot pay this.

Anyway. In my case, the lender harassed me 4 days after grace period ended and took the car without any alternatives offered after an agreement was made day before over phone. They said they didn't want to work with me and wanted the total for the car upfront in 10 days. I tried to work with them but this company is not good to do business with. They don't care about you at all and will NOT try to work with you. Plus they use verbally abusive tactics to get you to get mad enough to want to give up your car. I did not have problems when dealing with just Wachovia, but now that they are really Wells Fargo they are impossible to deal with.

So, do not deal with Wachovia Dealer Services aka Wells Fargo. They harass you into saying you will give up the car voluntarily. I had the money to pay (and was trying to make a payment over the phone) and was not behind in payments so I am not sure why this happened. Just don't go anywhere near either one of these banks, they will screw you!!!!

Wachovia Employees Rude Beyond Belief!
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Run, don't walk as far and as fast as you can if ever approached for a loan by Wachovia! Working in the construction industry, my husband and I were not able to make our October and November payments for our Suburban. First time ever (as admitted to by Wachovia personnel). Doesn't matter to them for the last 2 weeks, I have been harassed, belittled and humiliated by this company. Last Monday, I call and speak to ** to make payment arrangements.

I told her that I can make a 1/2 month payment on the 5th, another one the following Friday (the 12th), a full payment by the 19th and since I would have December's payment come up during that time, another full payment by the 26th. This would make my account 100% current by the within 30 days of our call. ** informs me this isn't good enough. I have to pay her immediately.

Being Thanksgiving week, I explain that's just not possible. ** informs me that's not her problem and she won't guarantee the truck won't be picked up. We hang up. I call back to make sure I had her name correct and speak with **, who informs me that it's **'s call as to whether or not the truck gets picked up. On Wednesday, I receive a call from **. I explain to him what happened Monday with ** and he tells me she noted in the computer she spoke with me and he's trying to get a payment arrangement.

After a lengthy conversation with **, we agree to the terms I had attempted to get with **. Then he tells me the checks have to be post dated. I explain the payments are coming from a corporate account (for our dying construction company) and we aren't allowed to post date checks. ** says I'll have to speak with his supervisor.

A ** gets on the phone and I explain all over again. He tells me to get a loan from someone else for the payment and get terms from them. He tells me if I don't post date the checks, he won't help me either. I tell him again I can't post date checks. He says "Guess I can't help you then - your choice" and hangs up on me! I start calling around and am able to get the money together to make a 1/2 payment on the 1st, a 1/2 payment on the 5th another full payment by the 12th (which catches me up 100%) and money for the December 13th payment by the 19th.

I call ** back and tell him what I can do. He says "Okay. Call us Monday with that payment, OK? I'll tell my supervisor." All's good, right? Nope! This morning, the Friday after Thanksgiving, some lady calls my cellular (I had given the number to ** on Wednesday in good faith to prove I was going to make good on payments) and tells me she wants a payment TODAY! When I tell her I'd already spoken with ** Wednesday and I was making a 1/2 payment Monday, she says (and I quote) "Let's be real **. You and I both know you haven't spoken to anyone here about making a payment."

I lost it. I told her all the people I'd spoken to and the arrangements I was making. I explained that I'd even spoken with a supervisor named ** who'd hung up on me. She says "I'm sitting right next to ** and he says he never talked to you." Well, either the guy I spoke with on Wednesday was a liar or this lady was. Either way, I knew I wasn't lying. She gets nasty and when I ask her why she's being a ** to me, she says I'm not making my payments and I'm asking why she's being a **? I burst into tears not knowing how much more I can take of this company. She tells me clean out my truck, she's sending someone over tomorrow to pick it up. When I get home, I'm sobbing!

My husband takes my cell and calls the place back. He ends up talking with ** (from earlier in the week) who says ** isn't there and they don't show a payment plan in the computer. My husband tells him we're tired of being harassed by Wachovia, come get the truck. He tells him it'll be parked out front with the keys in it. ** says that's not what they want and he wants to work with us. We now have payment arrangements just like we had requested. ** apologizes, says he remembers speaking with me earlier in the week and that if we need to defer a payment, just let him know!

For a bank that's been on the news having financial problems, you'd think that they'd be a little nicer. I will spend the rest of my life making sure people know the reputation of this company! Never, ever, ever do business with Wachovia!!! They employ mean, hateful people. I hope they can all sleep at night.

Very Unprofessional, Rude And Want To Be Intimidators
By -

I have owned the car for over 2 years and never missed a payment since I have my payments set up through my personal bank to go out automatically. I realized a month late that the Wachovia car loan payment didn't go through so I re-set up the payment and had 2 payments going out the next date. I receive a call saying that I am behind 2 months and that they are going to take my car if I do not pay it immediately, I tried to explain that my bank was currently processing the payments and they will be there within 2-3 days, the employee then tells me I have to speak to his supervisor.

The supervisor gets on the line after 10 minutes and is VERY RUDE, trying to be intimidating telling me it is going to cost me a lot to get my car back if the payment is not received RIGHT NOW and he is very accusatory. I then went on to ask for his manager/supervisor and he said "that is me so no you can't talk to anyone else".

We call back to file a complaint and the customer service on the main number from the website told us we had to talk to him again. We tried and we on the phone for over a 1/2 hr and no one ever came on the line. I hope that you read this before you begin a working relationship with Wachovia in any aspect because if you are late even 2 days you are going to be harassed and threatened. I HOPE NO ONE WORKS WITH THEM AGAIN.

Customer Service
By -

Recently the engine on my wife's car seized. I took it to the mechanic and was told that I would need a new engine costing me $6000.00. I still owe around $12,000 on it. I called Wachovia and told them that I might be late on this months payment because of the mechanic bill. Also called to see if they would be able to help me out in any way shape or form. Instead I got a manager on the phone lecturing me about how it's my signature on the contract and I need to "man up" and pay the bill. If they couldn't help me that's all I needed to hear. I do not need to be scolded about what my responsibilities are. Customer service really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They Drag You A Long And Don't Follow Through
By -

HAMPTON ROADS, VIRGINIA -- They will jerk you around and play games. There are so many different people to go through. It's just crazy. I WILL NEVER GET A LOAN FROM WACHOVIA AGAIN. They are the only creditor that has given me so much problems and a huge headache.

Called them four months ago and stated was have some difficulty with the payments. Not a problem they say and are happy to help. I called them back a week after getting a message to call them and they state that I have to start all over because I didn't call them back soon enough. This happened again the next month and the next month. No matter how soon I called them back they still stated it was not soon enough.

Each time they needed a payment before proceeding. Talked to a manager and he assures me all will be just fine and connects me to a person to take all my info again AND of course another payment. Over the next month, I called and checked status. Never got a return call with an answer. Then I get a call wanting the mileage again. The two days later we had a phone call to state we were denied the refinance to lower the payments. We have paid over half of the loan and only have about two years left.

Oh, and then told we owe for last month and this month. If not paid, the truck will be, might be, can be... repossessed.

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