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Wachovia liquidated accounts in which I was a beneficiary
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I realize that Wachovia is now Wells Fargo. However when my mother passed away in February 2008, I went inside the Wells Fargo Bank that used to be Wachovia and was told that I was a 50% beneficiary on two of my mother's accounts at that time. Wells Fargo has investigated and did the so called research and Wachovia said there was no signature card on those accounts naming me as a beneficiary. I know that is not true.

In all due respect, Wells Fargo has been cooperated and have provided the accounts numbers and type of accounts. I did call an #800 number and they do not seem to care. I really need help and any legal or any kind of advice would be appreciated. I can not believe that they would not scan a signature care that carries a beneficiary's name and transfer to a bank that bought them and now I am left in the dust. Please help!!!! Thanks.
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trmn8r on 2011-02-21:
We set my mom's CD's and most of her investments set up as transfer on death (TOD), which I highly recommend to others to do in planning transfers in event of death.

Lacking beneficiary data, seems to me this would have to go through probate and be handled in the estate via your mother's will.
Anonymous on 2011-02-21:
Consult an attorney.
Nohandle on 2011-02-21:
TRM, I'm not familiar with TOD but am POD (payable on death). POD's are not available at the credit unions in this area but are at banks. One simply sets up the accounts (CD's) and the individual maintains full control. Change the beneficiary at will. They don't even have to know about it. It does NOT go through probate.

As far as assistance for you Expresso1 I do believe I'd contact an attorney if you are certain your mom named you as a beneficiary and signed the documentation. On another note, some people think if mom told them where the key to the safe deposit box was then they could go down and open that box upon her death. Nope...not unless a card had been completed, with their signature, granting them access.
Slimjim on 2011-02-22:
I agree with the others, depending on how much is a at stake vs legal fees, an attorney may be necessary.
Louie62 on 2011-05-17:
My father passed away in January of 2011, I have all the paperwork naming me as beneficiary, but Wells Fargo will not honor it because they don't have theirs. Unacceptable business practices!!!
If I ran my business like this, I would be out of business.
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Wachovia customer service is the worst in the world
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FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Unfortunately the company that I work for pays all bonuses to a Wachovia direct pay card. As I am in sales, the majority of my paycheck is processed that way. In order to remove funds, I must must ATM withdrawals of the funds. I am unable to make withdrawals inside a Wachovia branch. When my card expired, I called to request a new card which they said would be delivered within 7-10 business days. On the 10th day, I still had not received my card and so I called again. They assured me it was on its way. Several days later, I called again where I was informed that the card had never been ordered. They told me that to have the card within 3 days I could pay an additional fee and would receive the card within 3 business days. On the third day, I still had not received my card so I called again. I was told that the card had only been ordered the day before so to wait 2 more days and I would have my card. The two days passed again no card. I called again to speak with a manager, the representative hung up. I called back and asked again to speak to a manager. They told me a manager would call me back within 2 days. The manager called left a message that my card was on its way. No apologies. Nothing. Now each time I have called I have had to pay $1.50 plus the cost of the expedited card with I still have not received. So in total, I have paid over $30 in fees to get a card I do not have. I called againt to speak to a manager asking for the routing number for my card which they swear is on its way via Fed Ex. As of this moment, I have yet to hear from the manager. This has now been going on for over a month. Imagine basically being unable to access your paycheck for a month. If this is not resolved within the next day or so I plan on complaining to not only the Better Business Bureau but also writing a complaint letter to each member of their Board of Directors which they were kind enough to list on the internet.
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Fufu487 on 2010-10-02:
Sounds ridiculous. I can understand it getting lost once, or some scenario like that. You're experience is just frustrating.
banker123 on 2010-10-18:
That is beyond frustrating. Did they ever verify your address when you called for your card? The 7-10 business day is quoted to allow for the mail and is actually part of the Regulation E for delivery of cards. But typically as Wachovia Cards (as of Sept) are mailed from their Charlotte offices. 3-4 business days is more typically for other locations on the east coast. It sounds like yours might have been returned which is why when you called on the 13th or so day there was one already on it's way to you.

I know it's frustrating to deal with especially when it comes to assess to your money not to mention time spent going to the bank. It's a shame we have to be our our CSR in ensuring they get our address properly. But I know with Wachovia when they change one address on the system it does not take care of them all.
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Attempt at loan Modification
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Back in April of 2009 we began the process of requesting a loan modification. We found the process very complicated BUT did copy and send all of the requested documents in a timely manner. In fact over the months they were sent 3 different times. We are in our 70's and have suffered a severe hardship due to an embezzlement. The business of 48 years was a custom cabinet shop, the former bookkeeper took 258. thousand, from the business and got a good deal of the retirement we had worked for and set aside for these years. The former employee was found guilty and sentenced to jail. All of that paperwork from the District Attorney as well as bank statements & tax returns plus All requested were submitted. In March of 2010 we got one letter stating we did NOT show severe hardship or ANY hardship. The next day we received a phone call stating that we DO NOT have enough money. The Wachovia people do not seem to know from the right hand to the left what is going on. We are barely surviving, however have kept up with our loan commitment. We asked for a lower interest rate and/or (hopefully both) an extension on the mortgage loan. The Home Affordability and two other programs are in fact available. Why are we denied?
We quality and are not an excessive risk. We asked for a second chance, not due to our actions but due to a major theft. Did not ask for something for nothing, but to be able at this age have a bit of peace and continue to have this house, which is our home. Some assistance, we would still pay as we have for years and years. Over the months from April 2009 until May of 2010 we spent lots & lots of time and many dollars getting information requested, say nothing of the mental strain and all of the phone calls and effort, it causes undo stress and should NOT be the way it is. Hoping for some assistance Shirley Pisano
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saj80 on 2010-06-22:
Mortgage loan modifications have become the albatross of the industry. Banks don't like doing them, but the federal government keeps pressuring them to. The issue isn't so much with the banks, but in the fact that the majority of these loans were packaged and sold as investments, which means if the bank makes changes, they are still responsible for their investment rate. In my opinion, many banks purposely stall in this process, hoping that consumers finally get tired of the run-around and give up. The only advice I can offer is to keep on them, but you may never see this come to fruition. You sound like a very responsible person who is now caught up in a very unfortunate situation, and I wish you the best.
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Cash money to no money
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NEWTOWN SQUARE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I opened an account not too long ago because I had a Wachovia written check and they refused to cash it unless I opened an account or waited a few days for the check to clear. First of all it is your friggin check from your bank and you know whether or not the funds are there!!!! So, I break down and open the account just so I can hurry up and get paid. I'm the average American just living hand to mouth and need my money as soon as I get it, there is no cushion. Well, a few deposits later I find out that my account is overdrawn by approximately $300. How could this be? I know exactly what I spent and how much I deposited but a Wachovia employee told me on the downlow that the bank shuffles money around like a shell game until they cause your account to become overdrawn and then they hit you for overdraft charges. On this same day the teller informed me that if I could cash my checks that are written on other banks and then deposit the cash it would immediately clear my account. today I did just that. I deposited $600 cash into my account and received a piece of paper that says my available balance is six and some change. I go home to pay bills online and badda-Bing!!!! No friggin' money has cleared my account. I could've just gone to Western union and purchased a pre-paid debit card and then money would have been readily available!!!!I call the 800 number and the lady tells me it might be a few days. IT"S CASH!!!!!it should've cleared my account 5 seconds after I deposited it!!!By golly! THE LARGE CORPORATIONS CAN SUCK MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT AT 3 A.M. ON A sATURDAY MORNING BUT I HAVE to wait many days to retrieve or have use of my funds that are deposited in cash. I'm sooooo mad. I'm going to shut this account down as soon as I can. Fook this!
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Weedwhacked on 2010-06-11:
That's how banks work, they suck you dry.
NickL11354 on 2010-06-11:
The average American lives 'hand to mouth' and needs money as soon as they get it?? That is new to me especially given how crowded the stores are
PepperElf on 2010-06-11:
I know all about living like that
and that it would take time for a check to clear.

at times I screwed up and overdrafted but not too often.

what I would do with a check, if I needed cash right away from it was deposit most, but keep enough back for what I needed to spend... that way I'd have what I needed right away and could let the rest of it sit for a day or so before touching it.

of course that also meant a lot of planning. Only buying groceries I needed, cooking for myself as much as possible, cutting back on splurges, and remembering when specific bills needed to be paid.

as for why they can't automatically say "this check is 100% good" even though it's written on an account with their bank?

Forgery. Not saying that you would do that but others may do it. that is why they have to ensure that the check wasn't forged etc.
PepperElf on 2010-06-11:
and this is also why it's best to get direct deposit for a job if possible.
it's easier that way and takes less time to process. so you often have the money that same day...unless the company you work for sucks about payroll
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Fraudulent, Unethical Bank!!!
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Wachovia has the worst customer service that I have ever encountered. I would not recommend this bank to any new customers. In fact, I would say to stay away from them as much as possible!

Twice now, they have charged me for overdraft fees that were a bank error. The first time it had occurred, they were able to refund me back my money, however, the second time around they refused to rightfully refund back the money they charged. My paper statement says otherwise from what their customer service "thinks." Not only that but the treatment I had received was concerning on the part of a customer. I was treated with nothing but dis-respect.

Another incident was when there were fraudulent charges on my account from another company that had gotten my card number online. As it was a fraudulent charge, I immediately contacted Wachovia and explained to customer service the problem. I spoke with their Fraudulent Customer Service. They said that their purpose was to handle all accounts that had charges such as that and it was their job to help their customers with what to do to right the problem. Unfortunately, when I spoke with their customer service, they told me to do it all myself and would not even point me in the right direction.

What good is a bank if they cannot even help their customers?

I researched them more online and found that there were many other sites dedicated to showing just how bad of a company they are. Unfortunately for me it was too late.

It seems that they will charge their customers for overdraft fees while they are still in the positive and then because of how many overdraft fees they charge it will bring you into the negative. I am not the first person they have stolen money from in this sense. There seem to be hundreds of other customers as well.

I would recommend choosing a different bank altogether. Clearly, they are unethical and do not believe in treating their customers with respect.
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msnanny on 2010-02-26:
There's really not enough detail here to determine if your overdrafts were due to a bank error or your error but I suspect the later.
Anonymous on 2010-02-26:
"Twice now, they have charged me for overdraft fees that were a bank error."

What was the bank error?
wachoviascorned on 2010-03-01:
The bank error was that I was still in the positive when the overdraft fees were charged. I was actually well into the positive until they charged me five times which then brought me into the negative. Its even on my paper statement. I filed with the Better Business Bureau and they would only give me half of my money back for the inconvenience.
Anonymous on 2010-03-01:
You can be positive and still get NSF fees, if the funds are not collected when the checks or debits hit the account.
Anonymous on 2010-03-01:
"The bank error was that I was still in the positive when the overdraft fees were charged."

If a check is presented for payment, and it's more than your current balance... you can be charged nsf fees.
For example: If you have $200 dollars in your account and a check for $300 is presented... you don't have the funds to cover the check... therefore, even with a positive balance, you'll still incur an nsf (non sufficient funds) fee for not having enough to cover the check.
wachoviascorned on 2010-03-02:
There was nothing like that that went through the bank. There were just the normal charges to my account that had already been in there to begin with. Even the charges that was pending on the account wasn't enough to bring it into the negative. I had two others (outside of their bank) check through it all twice.
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Banking Thieves
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When someone use online bill pay the amount should automatically be deducted from the account (to be more user friendly). I also changed banks to Wachovia because I heard that you have outstanding customer service. I did not get that experience today when I called to inquire about my account. This is not the first time I have had problems with a representatives at Wachovia. She would not let me complete a sentence and refused to listen to anything I had to say. I was told that a check was written and sent out. I can do this, I have checks. Online means the payment is paid online, this is false advertisement. I was then told by your representative that the company I was trying to pay does not accept electronic payment. This is also a lie because I have made electronic payments this company. I can say my overall customer service experience with you has NOT been outstanding; I have been harassed by your representatives, after I set up a hardship
payment plan. I was still harassed at my job and had to make a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission in order to get them to stop calling. There has been several letters sent and request made to stop the harassment for payment, I did not receive any help until I made my complaint with FTC. I am completely unsatisfied with Wachovia. I tired to hold off closing my account to see if the merger with Wells Fargo would help with the services provided, but it has not. I left Bank of America to come to Wachovia and now I see the grass is NOT greener on the other side. After much research I have found out that there are hundreds of complaints of steeling customer’s money, overdraft charges, and fees for "other" what ever "other" means. Wachovia is a money making scam and I will stop at nothing until the word is out of your lack of integrity, customer service, honesty, and Ethics. The BBB will also get a copy of this letter so that other customers
will know that Wachovia Bank is a law breaking facade that will stop at nothing to make a dollar.

Your very unsatisfied ex customer!!!!!!!
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Anonymous on 2010-01-05:
You simply refuse to understand online bill pay. It is NOT instant UNLESS you pay from the creditors website and use your debit card. When you use your banks bill pay, they send a check out for you, saving you the check and the stamp.
Slimjim on 2010-01-05:
Online bill pay means YOU are paying online. It has nothing to do with the payment delivery method, which I'm not even sure why it matters to you as long as payment is credited on time.
No offense, but I'm guessing you will not be missed by them as a customer as it sounds like a loan(s) you have with them isn't getting paid as agreed.
For the record though, I've had experiences with Wachovia in different scenarios and they do get a failing grade in my book for other reasons. Not a bank I would recommend.
Anonymous on 2010-01-05:
Online billpay still takes a day to process... it's not instantaneous. It even shows you what day the money is going to process when you use online billpay... it's right beside the little box where you enter the amount you're going to pay for your bill. And, it comes out of your account and into the hands of the bill collector in the form of a check. It won't clear your account until the following business day. If you go to Chase, online billpay is the same. It's not instantaneous.
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Wachovia ... Where's My $35.00 Bailout?
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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I am so grateful to have a decent job, but I still live paycheck to paycheck. So a few days before payday I look at my account every day to see what's cleared. This past Thursday, September 24th, I checked my account. Two small transactions, one for $3.96 and one for $1.92, were processing, and I had a $7.01 balance... Not bad for the day before payday. I checked my account the next morning, to make certain my direct deposit went through, which it did, but it was over $100.00 short! I look, and Wachovia had moved a $13.00 transaction that had not even registered the afternoon before the two small transactions, and they charged me $105.00 for transactions totaling less than $18.88! I understand that the $13.00 transaction did exceed the $7.01 that was in my account, but what should have been a $35.00 insufficient funds charge became $105.00.

At first they told me they deduct transactions by the time they were made, NOT when they reach the bank. Then I was told the highest amounts are deducted first!? WTH? I asked them to refund TWO of those charges, not all three, but they have refused to do so. SO, the two transactions totaled $5.88 but cost me an additional $70.00 in penalties?! How is this legal? I could get a better rate from the Mafia. I have no doubt that Wachovia has tons of fine print that says it is legal to do this, but I want to file a formal complaint on behalf of all us hard working Americans that live paycheck to paycheck, have KEPT our homes through this recession, received no bailout, $4.00 a gallon gas, and historic high unemployment rates. For all of us who have to tread water to keep from drowning, ridiculously high fees for small transactions (we're not talking spending sprees here!).

But $70.00 punishment for a two transactions that totaled less than 6 dollars? It's like stealing. Stealing from people who losing $100 from their check means a bill will be late, or groceries will be a sandwich week. I know I was over, and for that I should be charged for Wachovias trouble, but if they think that $35 PER transaction, even a $2 transaction, there's something really wrong with that. Now I know how they are paying for hundreds of thousands in bonuses.
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User Replies:

MaggieMcT on 2009-09-29:
Never mind what it said online -- what did your check register say?
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
Do you keep a register or some other way of keeping track of your balance other than online?

The $35 dollar overdraft fees shouldn't be something new... all this stuff is explained in the paperwork you were given when you opened the account. Those fees are there to deter you from spending money you don't have. It doesn't matter how they line up the transactions... math is math. If you simply deduct the money out of your register as soon as you spend it, then you know what you have in your account. If what it says in your register doesn't match up with what it says online, it means something hasn't cleared yet... don't spend the money. Because, when it does clear, overdrafts are as a result of it.
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
They didn't lie. Pending transactions show by time transacted. Posted transactions show in amount order on the day that they post. If you pay heed to BKK's advice, it won't matter how they post your transactions.
grandma005 on 2009-09-29:
Why are you using your debit card for small transactions? Draw cash out at payday and pay cash for small transactions-no more overdraft fees.
MzDLBrand on 2009-09-29:
Every post that has anything to do with banking has AT LEAST 5 posters who ask about a check register. I am soooooooo sick of reading the same comments over and over...lol
MRM on 2009-09-29:
And it don't stop.
Skye on 2009-09-29:
That "check register" question, does appear to be a very touchy subject around here :)
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
It's so easy.
There's always Quicken or some other computer way of keeping a register since paper is becoming "obsolete." :-) Just save all the receipts, go home, compute them in and viola! Works just the same. :-)
Diabolical on 2009-09-29:
"It's like stealing..."

Spending money you don't have is stealing IMHO!
old fart on 2009-09-29:
The last time I suggested using a check register admin jumped all over me... it might have been how I said it!
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
I use a check register and I managed to overdraw my account this weekend. I'm still doing the math and trying to figure out how it happened
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
At least its not for a grand ehhh little.
Sparticus on 2009-09-29:
I'm the worst. I balance my account probably once a year... I rely on the balance I get from the ATM and I use my own home-made guesswork calculation on what checks may not have been cashed yet.

Banks love me.
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
I've done that before, yaya. A mistake in math, or there was a charge I didn't write down and overdrafted. But, at least you use one.
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
No, it's for $200.
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
At least you don't post complaints blaming the banks for your overdrafts little.
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
I'm not sure who's fault it is. I had no pending transactions over the weekend and then all of a sudden, 12 charges were posted yesterday. Some were from 2 weeks ago that I swear had already posted.
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
Call them up, and find out to make sure its all legit.
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
200 for me would be a huge chunk out of my paycheck to spend on fees
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
I did. They said no bank errors were made. I'm going to go talk to someone in person. I have to pay rent on Friday. $200 is a huge chunk to me too
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
Yeah, I'd suggest taking your register, and whatever it says online to them personally and see what happened. Maybe they can refund some fees.
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
Over the phone they refused to help. Good idea bearkat. I'll print off my online statement and compare that to my check register with someone in person
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
Over the phone, it's a little harder to do. Sure, they could ask verifying questions to make sure you are you but it's all and all just easier to talk to someone in person when it comes to overdrafts and accounts. They'll be able to pull up your account, print out stuff... and then you and teller or you and the manager can compare notes, so to speak, and see what happened and what went wrong.
It's always just easier to do it in person.
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
Very true bearkat. I just hope I can cover my rent
Anonymous on 2009-09-29:
I hope so too, yaya. :-)
MzDLBrand on 2009-09-30:
Oh my goodness! The check register did not work?? The world MUST be coming to an end.

Good luck with getting at least some of your money back littleyaya, in this economy every dollar matters.
old fart on 2009-09-30:
YAYA...The check register works... I'm not trying to preach but if you have used a debit card those devils will put you in the hole instantly.... I'd bet dollars to donuts that you lost track of some receipts before you thought to write them in the checkbook register...
Maybe if you go directly to your bank and kow-tow enough,they might show some mercy.... good luck!
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What has Wachovia become
Posted by on
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I'm a student and in the past years, I have had no problems with Wachovia when I first banked with them in 2005. But ever since wells fargo bought Wachovia it has been downhill for me from there. one of the problems I had was when I went to deposit a work check about 500.00 and had about 200.00 in the checking account already. so I had to pay rent the next day, which was 300.00. I asked the teller when the funds were going to be available and she said tomorrow (Wednesday) since I had deposited the check before 2pm (Tuesday). so I wrote a check to my landlord and put a date for Thursday. Then on Friday, when I checked my account, the funds from my work check still was not in my account! so my landlord calls me the following Monday and charges me a 30.00 return check fee. On top of that Wachovia charges me a 60.00 NSF fee!! So that was 90.00 down the drain. Plus, I was paying for my other bills during those 4 days too so I got 3 overdrafts charges totaling 90.00 (because I only had 200.00 to start with)! so I go talk to them that Monday, and they said that they can't do nothing about it. So now they tell me that it wasn't guaranteed for my funds to be in the next day and the manager tries to give me some tips to prevent me from overdrafting in the future(like it was my fault) and tries to get me to sign up for that stupid save program. So the manager knew that I was pissed and finally said, "I'll refund you 60.00 back into your account." That made me even more furious cause they took 150.00 from me NOT 60. So I was like screw you guys and stormed out the bank. Later that night when I checked my account I got only 60.00 refunded back into my account. And so now I'm calling my bro for money cause they done took all my money, and I still haven't purchased any of my books for classes.
Wachovia just started getting bad after this few past months. I never had check deposits take that long to go through before. all the overdrafts are from their super slow service now. for example cash deposits used to show up the same day, but now sometimes it shows up the next day or later that night. Wachovia is unpredictable now and just trying cheat me money. I used to tell friends about how great of a bank Wachovia was but now I feel like a fool. So I'm changing banks in a few weeks when I've decided where my hard earned money should be kept. (I possibly might fall in the same shiet hole if I go Bank of America....)
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User Replies:

Anonymous on 2009-09-15:
Obviously you are not an English Major.

Get out your copy of your account agreement. There you will find your bank's policies on funds availability, debit transaction processing, cutoff times. Use that as your guide as to when your deposits will become available to draw against. This way you do not have to make assumptions based on past experience which may or may not hold true now.

Also keep in mind that if you do decide to open an account with another bank, deposit hold times will be longer for the first thirty days. You will need to plan accordingly.
tnchuck100 on 2009-09-15:
Robf, did you not see this?

"I asked the teller when the funds were going to be available and she said tomorrow (Wednesday) since I had deposited the check before 2pm (Tuesday)."

Wachovia lied to the OP. They should refund ALL the fees plus what the landlord charged.
jktshff1 on 2009-09-15:
+1 chuck
grandma005 on 2009-09-15:
Never believe what a teller tells you. Most of the time they don't know what they are talking about and will tell you what they know you want to hear. Unless it is in writing don't count on it.
Anonymous on 2009-09-15:
"Most of the time they don't know what they are talking about and will tell you what they know you want to hear."

Not really. Like most jobs you have your tellers that know what they're doing and actually do their job. And then you have your tellers that don't. Just like branches. There's some branches I won't set foot in because the managers and tellers are a bunch of idiots. And then there's branches I like because the team there actually know what they're doing. You've got a 50/50 chance when you walk into a branch, what you're going to expect.

Because of the teller error, yes, they should refund all the fees.
If the branch the OP made the deposit in, isn't going to help. He/she could also call the 800 number and talk to a representative to try to get all his/her money back.
A question for the OP... does your workplace have direct deposit? If so, get direct deposit. It will make things so much better than having to deposit your check and wait for it to clear.
skelly39 on 2009-09-15:
Did you get and keep your receipt from the teller?
Anonymous on 2009-09-15:
Just for future reference, since it seems the teller at your branch has no clue what she's doing... your receipt will tell you when your deposit will be available. Towards the bottom it has; Calendar Date: and Deposit Effective Date:. It also shows the time of your deposit. If she doesn't happen to clue you in that there's a hold on your check or something, your receipt will tell you exactly when your deposit will go into effect. If it shows the same date for both calendar and effective date, that means your check will be available that night at midnight. If the dates are different... well, you get the picture.
Always check your receipt, just in case.
grandma005 on 2009-09-15:
I said most of the time. Sometimes you will get a teller who knows details. The turn over of tellers are great. I see new tellers every time I go in.
Anonymous on 2009-09-15:
"I see new tellers every time I go in."

Cuz they can't handle the job. It's a confrontational job. Most of the time you're getting yelled at for stuff that isn't their fault. Or there's mistakes done by other branches that the tellers take crap for. It's the ever revolving door of tellers. It's a customer service job and if that person has no customer service experience, they're in for a rude awakening.
i_am_canadian on 2009-09-15:
I'd like the hours that come with working in a bank, but not much else.
Anonymous on 2009-09-15:
Lol, canadian.
Get weekends off, unless you work on that Saturday (if your branch is open Saturday). But, only for 4 hours or so. Get federal holidays off.
i_am_canadian on 2009-09-15:
Exactly. It would have been even better when they had traditional 'banker hours' and only had to work Monday to Friday 10-3.
Anonymous on 2009-09-15:
That would be nice, Canadian. If only tellers got paid a lot to only work 25 hours a week and still be able to not live paycheck to paycheck. :-)
But, hey... you get every evening off, federal holidays off, weekends off...
i_am_canadian on 2009-09-15:
I work 50-60 hours a week on average consisting of 12 hour shifts and even though the paycheques are nice, it's even nicer to get paid more and work less.
JR in Orlando on 2009-09-15:
Selective Hearing: My experience is that people listen selectively to hear what they want. "available tomorrow" not the "USUALLY available" or "NORMALLY available" part. Why would any teller guarantee the money would be avaible tomorrow, when the teller has no idea whether there is a problem with the check, e.g. signature wrong, insufficient funds. It is risky to write checks before you know the check you deposit is good and has been posted. If you could check on-line, why didn't you wait until it posted?
Suusan B. on 2009-09-15:
The teller had no way of knowing if your check would clear and find it difficult to believe that she told you without reservation the funds would be available the next day. In my book it was your responsibility to ensure that the check had cleared and posted before you wrote checks off the account. You obviously have Internet access so you could have checked your available balance on-line.
Eloise on 2009-09-15:
I have to wonder if there was a problem with the check itself. If Wachovia has difficulty collecting on the check then the date the funds will be available will change. As JR said there is a difference between 'available' and 'usually available'. The lesson to learned here is that until the deposit shows up in the account balance DON"T write a check.
Anonymous on 2009-09-15:
There is often a difference between what was asked, and what was meant. If the OP asked "when will this be in my account?", The teller would correctly answer "Tomorrow.".
If the question had been "When will these funds be available?", the answer would likely have been different.
Moreover, we aren't getting the whole story. The first $100 is always available on the next business day, so if the OP had $200, she would have had $300 available next day. This seems not to have been the case.
Eloise on 2009-09-15:
That was a great point, Ken!
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Received a Demand of Payment in Full and have paid on time Wachovia
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We have a loan for a multi-use or also referred to as mixed-use property which is our primary residence. We called our lender, Wachovia, to inquire if we could refinance at a lower rate or if we could obtain a loan to complete an interior reconstruction that we started 3 years ago. After being shuffled from one representative to another we were finally put in touch with Craig S. in the North Carolina home office of Wachovia. As of Friday August 21, 2009 (which was the first time that Craig S. spoke to us after we left him a message on Thursday August 20, 2009), he informed us that we were sent a demand letter of payment in full (for our entire loan amount) within 10 days! He sent this letter out without any prior conversation, and he stated that he sent the letter to protect Wachovia if he was unable to contact us. (Please note we called him and left a message as we had been in touch with several other representatives from Wachovia all whom had our contact information). We are not late and have never been late with any payments to Wachovia. In fact we have had 3 loans on different properties with Wachovia over a 5 year period – all of which have been paid in full. Instead of receiving information or assistance we now have to pay for an attorney to protect our investment that we have diligently paid for on a timely basis. Regarding obtaining a revision for a loan on our property; the style of property that we own as our home was not considered when President Obama rewrote the conditions of a loan through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac so we are unable to modify our loan in any way through any bank. Craig S. who is the Wachovia representative told us to go to another bank and have them refinance us. So after doing nothing more than asking several questions we are now paying more money to hire an attorney to protect our interest. What’s next?

Jessica and Gordon
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User Replies:

BokiBean on 2009-08-25:
Maybe they spooked when they reviewed your finances?
moneybags on 2009-08-25:
Sounds like Craig S. and/or Wachovia are idiots!
Eloise on 2009-08-25:
Maybe the bank was concerned because the OP wanted a second loan to complete the remodling work. (Which was the purpose of the first loan)
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Customer service and handling of unavailable funds charges & deposit holds
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I wanted to take a moment to write and express my great disappointment in the Wachovia's customer service and handling of unavailable funds charges & deposit holds. I have had several banks in my lifetime and like most people have had issues from time to time but never have I been so outraged or disgusted by one as I am in Wachovia. I have also filed a complaint with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency to try to prompt a Congressional investigation and I hope others will follow my lead. I am have repeatedly been charged fees for items that were paid for with my debit Visa card and the funds were there and immediately taken out of my available balance. Their processing of transactions is handled to make the most money they can and in no way for the benefit of their customers. This past weekend we went away and as always I lived via my debit Visa card and as always the funds were there and immediately taken out of my available balance. My fault but I completely forgot about an car insurance payment that was to hit on Monday. Wachovia decided to pay the car insurance payment even though the funds were not in my available balance and charge my $490 in fees for all my transactions from over the weekend. I spoke to customer service and asked for them to explain to me why if the available funds were not there to cover the car insurance payment would they pay it and not simply return it and charge me the $35 fee and then I would never have been charged the $490 in fees. heir response was because I was a valued customer!!!!!! Are they kidding with that????? They also gave me back their customary 20% of fees back, what a gift. I highly suggest everyone run not walk away from this bank and open an account anywhere else. I am sure the devil has a better bank available in hell.
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Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-31:
Unfortunately this is becoming a common practice of all banks - to rearrange transactions to maximize fees.

Opening an account with a small local bank or a credit union is a good idea, they are less predatory and more consumer oriented.
MaggieMcT on 2009-07-31:
Yes, credit unions are much better. BUT -- they will still charge you if you overdraw your account. They just won't rearrange everything to make it as awful as possible for you.
Anonymous on 2009-08-01:
You made a wrong assumption. If you read your account agreement you will find that they can post transactions in any order they choose. You may also find other clauses and waived rights you may not be aware of.
MzDLBrand on 2009-08-17:
I have had that happen as well, Wachovia processes charges from highest amount to lowest amount regardless of when the transaction occurred. What a rip off!
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