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I Love Waffle House Ladies!
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Rating: 5/51

HOUSTON, EVERYWHERE, TEXAS -- Every time it's just awesome! These ladies are class infinity! They gotta deal with drunkards, low-rent JA's, country bumpkins who don't know how to tip...they see it all....and still smile, nice & tolerant. God bless!

Pleasantly Surprised by the Service I Received From the Employees at This Location.
By -

WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- At approximately 2:00 AM on the morning of May 17, 2010. I was six hours into a drive home after a weekend spent visiting my relatives in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had just driven over 360 miles, and I was starting to doze off behind the wheel when I exited the interstate and pulled into the Waffle House restaurant located at 980 Millwood Pike in Winchester, Virginia to take a break.

The waitress (I think her name was **) and the cook (I don't recall his name) were extremely friendly, and after spending about a half an hour drinking coffee and engaging in conversation with them, they made sure that I was fully revived before I got back into my car and resumed my trip. I have been to Waffle House locations all over the South, and I must say that the two employees I met at this location were the friendliest ones that I have ever encountered.

Something Disturbing an Employee Told Me

My boyfriend and I were eating at Waffle House one time and we were talking with the waiter. The management is awful. The dishes are supposed to be washed in hot water but to save money, they instruct their employees to wash everything in cold water. Cold water mixed with sanitizer is only supposed to be used at the end after the soaking, scrubbing, and rinsing is complete.

Another disgusting thing they do is this: if you do not use your coffee cream packets, mayo packets, jelly packets, etc., they will rinse them off and serve them to another customer. This may not seem that disgusting to you, but you have to think about what kind of bacteria can get in those packets, especially the jelly and cream ones that are easier to open. I worked at a restaurant before and we were never instructed to do this! In fact, we probably would have been fired if we were seen doing that, that is disgusting! I realize now that you get what you pay for. I would rather pay more for better quality food, properly sanitized dishes and utensils, and unused condiment packets.

I wrote this as an informative bit because I never personally saw the employees do this. I don't have trouble believing it though based on horror stories from friends. Apparently, the health board has been called about this, but Waffle House continues to do it except for the days that health inspectors come in. Very nice.

Since Waffle House cares so little about the health of their patrons, I decided to avoid this restaurant at all costs. The food is too greasy anyway and the dishes served can easily be made at home. Omelettes, hamburgers, and cereal with milk are not complicated to make. This would be an ideal spot to eat when traveling because the food is predictable, but not if you run the risk of contracting diseases.

Corporate Policy Forbids Senior Citizen Discounts
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Rating: 1/51

MOREHEAD CITY, NORTH CAROLINA -- My wife and I started dining at the Waffle House in Morehead City, North Carolina. We inquired about senior citizen discounts. The manager told us that there was none offered. I had read online (Brad's Deals) that Waffle House was listed as offering senior discounts. So I sent messages through the Waffle House website on three different occasions, wanting corporate to verify one way or the other concerning discounts for seniors. I never received any I called corporate headquarters and left a message.

Someone did call me and told me that offering senior discounts was against company policy... Also, I found out from the manager of Waffle House I visited that no newspaper machine is allowed on the premises because corporate does not want to encourage patrons to enjoy that second cup of coffee and they will leave quicker. It is distressing to know that seniors are not appreciated...and that papers are not allowed to be purchased on premises to increase corporate profits.

Dirty Cook at Waffle House
By -

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I always ate at Waffle House but I never watched how they make the food. But now that I paid attention to the cook, I realized they are so dirty. This happened just today around 2 AM on Aug 3. As I came, I saw the cook smoking, then I went to my table and ordered my food. The waitress went to the cook and told him my order, so he went straight to cook the food. I saw that he never used any plastic gloves, or washed his hands because he was smoking, that's so dirty.

When I stood up to my right as a consumer, and I told him that I saw him smoking and he never washed his hands, he got all mad, and said that he won't serve me, and that I was free to walk out the door. I DIDN'T WANT TO ARGUE SO I LEFT, SINCE HE KICKED ME OUT, BUT THIS IS THE LAST TIME I AM GOING THERE. THEY NEVER USE GLOVES, WHO KNOWS WHERE THEIR HANDS WERE?

The Music
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Rating: 1/51

WARRENTON, MISSOURI -- My mother and I went to the Waffle House located in our hometown yesterday which was 3-23-12 at 5:00 pm and could not even hear myself talk, let alone the waitress. The music was so loud, like being at a concert. My mother is blind and I have to read her the menu so I asked the girl if she could turn it down a bit. She came back and said no she couldn't because they don't have a key to get to it to turn it down.

Well needless to say, we got up and left. We have been in there before and never has the music been so loud, you can't hear anyone talk. Now I don't know if she was telling me true or not but if she was, I am telling you that they are a number of restaurants in Warrenton, and that's what we did got up and went to Denny's.

Poor Service and Dirty Facility
By -

HOUMA, LOUISIANA -- I have on several occasions eaten at the Waffle House on Martin Luther King Blvd. in Houma, Louisiana. Many times I was deeply disappointed and disturbed with the cleanliness and service in this establishment. My husband and I made a final attempt on Saturday, July 25th to have supper there around 8:30 or so.

When we walked in there were egg shells in the middle of the floor. The floors are always extremely dirty and yucky. The service is sometimes O.K. but the other night, your cook was obviously not in a good mood. We ended up leaving and I don't think I will be back there until someone does something about this. It didn't just happen and I'm surprised someone else didn't complain. Thanks.

Very Bad Service and Food
By -

TUNICA, MISSISSIPPI -- Entered Waffle House in Tunica, MS and found a booth. Every one greeted us as we entered, the service went downhill after that. Took 20 minutes for our server to come over to take our order. Got our drinks, then set there another twenty to twenty five minutes waiting on our food.

Husband finally received a waffle (had ordered the meal with waffle, eggs, bacon, grits toast). Then we waited another fifteen minutes and I finally received my order of bacon egg and cheese biscuit. The sandwich came without an egg on it, so sent it back, took another 10 minutes to get it back. In the meantime, husband was still waiting for his additional food. Finally received his plate and they had put potatoes instead of grits on his plate.

We never received an apology for anything regarding the mix up in food or the food being late. Worse service we have every received in a Waffle House. The staff was too interested in telling jokes and talking with each other to handle the customers.

Also the floor was horrible. Had food all over it mixed with used napkins. Had the place been busy, we might have understood the mix up in the orders, however it was not busy at the time. Several patrons had left the restaurant while we were there, without receiving their orders. We started to leave, just as some of our food came. Will never try this place again...

Appalling Sanitation
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Two or so weeks ago, I went to a concert with my boyfriend and one of our mutual friends (who is male) and Carowinds in NC/SC. The concert ended around midnight, and we were all starved afterwards. While trying to decide where to eat, we debated about going to a few places, and then the other male friend suggested that we go to the Waffle House a few miles from where we were. I had previously never been there, so I didn't ask if we could go somewhere else. God, I wish I had.

We get there, and the place is swarming with flies and some sort of unknown crawling insects. Being guys, they were happily ordering hash browns and grilled cheeses, while I hesitated to touch anything. Our waiter was sneezing and coughing everywhere, and muttered something about having the flu but having to come into work anyway. After that, I was already VERY hesitant to eat anything. Then, I watched as a female employee opened boxes of raw meat and picked up countless bloody hamburger patties and strips of bacon with no gloves and shove them into a refrigeration device.

After she was finished, she just left all the blood and boxes sitting there, walked over to a bucket of dirty water, swished her hands around for literally three seconds, and proceeded to make my waffle right next to all the hamburger remnants. You know that there's something seriously wrong when the hygiene in a restaurant makes a sixteen year old freak out. I wouldn't suggest eating here under any circumstances, let alone bringing your kids here.

Customer Service
By -

BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI -- On Memorial Day I had guest from California staying with me and I took them to breakfast at the Waffle House on Cedar Lake Road in Biloxi, MS. I had eaten there the day before and on several occasions before then. ** the waitress was excellent and the food good.

The problem I had was there was another employee (a girl with several tattoos on her neck) who was obviously having a "BAD DAY". She was slamming dish racks and making loud noises with the dishes she was handling. She was also making several loud comments as she worked, this continues the entire time we were there and I had a headache when I left.

I also expressed my dissatisfaction about that employee with **, she told the other employee that I had said, "if she were having such a bad day, she should go home." From then on that employee stared at me with malice in her eyes, as I was paying the ticket at the register, she looked at me and started slamming racks of silverware and dishes, I suppose as a last non-verbal comment.

As I said I have eaten at many Waffle Houses across the country and have never experienced anything like that and hope to never again have to. I don't know who the manager was that day, but being in public service myself, I would have addressed the problem with the employee. Many of the other customers were also aware of the problem from the looks they were given each other. Thank you for listening to my concerns. Customer service always comes first. This was disruption in the workplace and I'm sure I will eat again at other waffle Houses but not at that one. Thank you.

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