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Wal-Mart Tire And Lube Broke A Hose Of My Car While During An Oil Change
By -

CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- On August 25th 2010 I brought my car to Walmart Tire and Lube Store #2671 1175 S Arizona Ave, Chandler AZ. Besides the oil change I asked them to change the oil filter the air filter and to also change 2 tires, balance them. I want to clarify that my car was in perfect conditions before I brought it to Walmart.

After around 2 hours they spent working on my car they called me saying it was ready. I picked it up around 5pm and drove home. On my way though, the light of the coolant on the front console start flashing but as I lived 30 minutes from the store and I was almost arriving my place I decided not to return to the store immediately but to go home, call them and ask them what did they do with my car.

After waiting long minutes on an automatic machine I finally could talk with the person in charge of the Tire and Lube store. He told me they just did what I asked them to do and that they didn't mess with the coolant system at all. As the store was closing soon they asked me to go the next day to have my car checked. That afternoon after visual inspection under the hood I could see that the coolant liquid was lower than usual.

The next day in the morning I opened the hood again just to find out no coolant at all! Obviously there was a leak somewhere. I didn't risk it to go all the way to Walmart, so I went around the corner to Big O Tires where they found out that the upper radiator hose which connects the coolant with the radiator was broken and worst that it had been glued to provide a temporally solution. I went mad and after paying 226.77 dollars for replacing the broken hose and adding new coolant.

I went to Walmart and put a claim, complaining on Walmart breaking the upper radiator hose, gluing it to provide a temporally solution and not telling me what happened - risking the life of my car's motor, not to mention my own life as this incident could lead to a sudden accident on the highway.

The weird misbehavior of Walmart didn't end up there. I put a claim on August 26th 2010 and the person in charge, I believe his name is **, told me that I should receive shortly a letter from Claims Management. After two weeks I went back to Walmart and complained about my claim and that I didn't receive, nor heard about it in 2 weeks. The person in charge checked the claim and just told me "I don't know why but something happened and it didn't go through, let me try it again".

I stayed calm and just told them to please understand my situation, the car was working perfectly before the oil change. The person changing the oil, the oil filter and air filter may had stepped badly on the hose and after breaking it tried to glue it. Anyway, the claim went through this time and after a couple of days I received a letter on September 9th from ** from "CMI, Claims Management, inc. Respect Service Excellence". He took my case and told me he would ask Walmart for the video of that day and revise it for any weird behavior of the workers under the hood.

On October 8th I received another letter from CMI from the case manager **, saying that a decision concerning my claim had been taken. I called him and he just limited his time to tell me that my car was already 10 years old and that that could happened by chance. He added that he didn't need to ask for the video and just limited to ask Walmart for a report on the case.

I tried to make my point on the fact that it is really suspicious that the car has been working perfectly and just after an oil change the radiator hose is broken, appeared to be glued and specially that "no way" I could have been driving the car in that conditions over to Walmart in the first instance. No positive answer regarding my claim came from ** who stopped listening to my complaints and in an impolite and unprofessional way tried to get rid of me on the phone by saying a couple of times "This conversation is over".

Now, the only thing that is left to me is to advise everyone out there to stop buying at Walmart, not only for the bad quality of the products and services but also for the irresponsible behavior they show everyday to their customers. I am not alone. There are plenty of this type of cases complaining against Walmart. I just wish I had listened to them before.

Tire Lube Express
By -

My daughter took her car to our local Wal-Mart to have her oil changed. She shopped while waiting on it. Soon they called her to come get her car. She drove it home, which is 5 or 6 miles from Wal-Mart, then drove it to school the next morning, which is maybe 2 miles from our home. That afternoon she got in it to come home and water started going everywhere, so we knew a hose had busted. So it was a few days before I got my mechanic to come check on it, after all it was in a safe spot at the high school.

When he came I meet him there. He started it and my god it was knocking so bad and smoking - it was unreal. He told me there was no oil in the car. I told him she had just had it changed a few days ago. Sure enough when he pulled the dipstick out, NO OIL was even on it. He added oil to start it to see where the water was coming from, and yes it was a hose. But it did not explain where the oil was. I called the Wal-Mart and a manager came out, took pics and looked under the can. And sure enough no oil under the car. No oil on the filter and the oil plug was OK.

He said he would file a complaint with the home office. Well after a month or more, I called the home office and they said they had closed the case due to no one responding to their calls. Well they were calling a child's phone #1. And the manager failed to give them My number that I had given to him. So my daughter had no clue what it was all about no message was left and when she would call back it said this office is closed.

When I got to speak to ** today he said Wal-Mart was not responsible, that it not having no water must have blown the oil out. LOL, I was like I have driven many years and never have I drove a car that overheated that it blow the oil out. He said he had video showing the mechanic had put oil in the car. I ask to see the video. He refused. He said it was the property of Wal-Mart store. So he said at my expense I could have the car towed to a mechanic shop, and have them call him with a report on what they think cause the problem to begin with, I'll NEVER SHOP ANOTHER WAL-MART.

I will take it to a mechanic, and I will have it seen to and have them call Wal-Mart. But I sure doubt they will do anything about their mistake. They want you to spend your hard earned money at their store's and buy all your wants and needs there, but they sure don't want to own up to anything they do wrong to you.

Buyers Beware...100% Satisfaction NOT Guaranteed
By -

AURORA, INDIANA -- Monday Feb. 11, 2008 I went into Wal-Mart at 12:00pm to get new tires on my car. I asked if they could be done by 1:55pm because I had an appointment I needed to be at. They said no problem. I sat at Wal-Mart for 2 1/2 hours waiting for my tires to be changed. I purchased 4 tires. They finished at 2:30pm. I paid for my purchase, $416.66 and left. I drove home, parked my car and didn't leave again.

Tuesday Feb. 12, 2008 I got up for work, went out and was going to start my car, and realized the 2 of the 4 new tires were flat. I was 1/2 hour late to work because I had to use a different car. I called Wal-Mart at approximately 8:30am. ** answered the phone. I let her know that I just bought new tires the day before and that 2 of the 4 were flat. She told me to bring the car back. I told her that I didn't have any way of airing up the tires. She said I could use a can of fix-a-flat and they would reimburse me when I brought the car down. I told her I was at work and would bring it when I got off.

At 5:30pm I went to Wal-mart. I spoke with a manager on duty, **. He said they would pay to have the car towed from my house to Wal-Mart. I agreed. He then said he could send me home with an air tank and I could fill the tires and drive back down there. That was a better idea. I took the tank home, filled the tires, and drove the car to Wal-Mart.

I got back to Wal-Mart at 6:30pm. When I got there, ** was there with his boss, **. ** and ** said they would figure out what was going on and fix the problem. At around 7:30pm they came and got me and said “This is the problem - your rims are bad. It looked like somebody had pried at the rims.” I was very confused on how the old tires were never flat. ** said they could try grinding them down. I went back inside. At 8pm ** came back in and said he needed to put the spare tire on my car because the tire wasn't holding air. I told ** to put my old tires back on and refund my money.

I have spent a total of 5 hours in the past 2 days down there trying to get my car new tires. ** refused to put my old tires back on. He said he found them, but they were too bald, and it was against the law to put them back on. I told ** that the tires were not bald, and it was my mistake, I didn't know that my boyfriend had just had 2 new tires on the car 1 year ago.

** decided then, that he couldn't find my tires. I asked for a refund. ** said the Tire Center was now closed and that they would put the spare on. He said it was safe to drive my car on the interstate with a spare tire in the sleet, rain, snow, and ice. I was very upset that ** wouldn't help me, that I went up to the Customer Service desk. When I was there, I asked to speak with somebody higher than **. They said to call the Florence Walmart and ask **. My cell phone went dead so I asked to use the phone at the jewelry counter. They called the number for me, and the manager called back, but ** wouldn't let me speak to him.

** threatened to call the cops on me because I told him that I wouldn't leave until I had my $400+ back. He refused. He said that I would have to come back on Wednesday Feb. 13, 2008. I told ** that my 10 month old son was ordered by the Doctor to go have a chest x-ray at Children's Hospital to make sure he doesn't have pneumonia.

I told ** that I haven't been able to take him because my tires are flat, and they won't stay inflated to make it downtown Cincinnati to the hospital. ** still refused to refund my money and give my old tires back. I asked ** to speak with his manager. He said "I don't play that game". He said he was not going to argue with me, and his decision was final.

I told ** that I was going to contact the news, and an atty. He still stuck by his decision. NO REFUND. He said he would refund my money when I came back with the tires. I told ** that I would get a second opinion on the rims, because they held air in my other tires just fine. ** told ** to walk me back to the tire center and let me out and give me my keys. ** did, and apologized for what was going on. He said ** is his boss and couldn't override what decisions ** made.

When I got home, after 9pm, I called the Florence store. I talked to the highest manager there, **. I explained to her everything that had just happened. She apologized sincerely and couldn't believe ** didn't give my money back. The slogan is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I also told ** the slogan, he didn't seem to care. ** was so upset.

She gave me the number to the District manager and said ** just cost their company more money because not only will they refund my money, but they are going to have to make it right with me. She told me to call **. Gave me is direct line and said he would be in at 7am. I called **, but again, they wouldn't let me speak with him. I spoke with a manager under him.

I went to Aurora Tire Center and asked if they could help me. They said they could. They took the Wal-mart tires off, and put their tires on. They said my rims are not bad at all, they just needed cleaned. They cleaned my rims, put on 4 new tires. Loaded the Wal-Mart tires for me and sent me on my way in 15 minutes. They even charged me $70.00 less than Wal-Mart.

I drove down to Wal-Mart, went inside and got my refund. That was it! I called 1-800-WALMART. They said somebody would be in touch with me to make this right. Nobody ever called back. So, BUYERS BEWARE. If you want to purchase tires… Do NOT get them done at the Wal-Mart Tire lube and express. They need to change their name too.

When I was in Wal-Mart, a manager, NO NAME listed to protect them, let me know that this is NOT the first incident with **. I quit shopping at Wal-Mart for a few weeks. Now when I go in there, ** makes sure he makes an appearance. I guess to let me know, HE WON. It's OK though. He will run more business out of the place. I don't go there as often as I used to. I go out of my way to make purchases that I once just drove there to get. I am very unhappy with Wal-Mart, and I feel now that the Customer is NOT always right in their eyes. They aren't looking out for their customers. It's a shame. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed? Not in my case!!

Wal-Mart Such Skill an Grace
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Rating: 1/51

WEST JEFFERSON, NORTH CAROLINA -- So yeah I got some tires at Walmart. Thought I'd get an oil change due to convenience. Mistake. They stripped my oil plug. Looks like they hit it with an air gun going the wrong way. I have always changed my oil by hand myself and never had a problem. They need to just offer tire only if they can't even put an oil plug in right. Stay away from Wal-Mart Auto unless you buying cheap tires.

Viva Tires
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Rating: 1/51

ADRIAN, MICHIGAN -- Bought 4 tires and with only 5,000 miles on them was told they could not rotate them. Was told by service that car was out of alignment. That is why tire was bad but other front tire is fine. Took my car back after getting a mechanic's view-point on the tire which he said the tire looked defective. Employee of Wal-Mart said upper management said there is nothing they could do. No replacement, no discount to purchase another tire, nothing.

Incredibly Slow and Unresponsive
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Rating: 1/51

OAKLAND, TENNESSEE -- Called at 2pm and asked how long to mount and balance 4 new tires. Told, "1 hour." Arrived at 2:30pm. It is now 5pm and my truck remains hostage for more than one hour in the maintenance bay on the rack. Unbelievable. I will never do this again with Walmart and I will actively advocate to avoid this Walmart in the future.

Refused To Be Accountable
By -

WILES BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been a good customer of Walmart, since I moved into the Wilkes Barre area. April 13th, 201: I bought new tires and had them installed on my 1998 Volvo at the Walmart Wilkes Barre Supercenter. There were no other cars being serviced at the time. I left my car in front of the service bay and handed the key to the serviceman at the counter. When I returned to pick up my car, I was told the key was stuck in the ignition lock and couldn't be removed. I tried everything I could think of to get the key out but it was absolutely stuck. The servicemen (2) trying to figure out what they'd done and to get the key out said "this is beyond their skill level and training." I was told to get a written estimate from a Volvo dealer for the repairs. The problem for me was not only having my key stuck in the ignition; that in turn caused the car security to disable the locking system, because the key was still in the car. I had a car that couldn't be locked with the key in the ignition. It was an invitation to being stolen by anyone. I couldn't use the car unless I was prepared to leave it completely unprotected and ready to drive.

When I tried to reach any of the managers I was told I should contact two days later, no one would speak to me (telephoned all day and was left on hold). When I finally got to speak to someone, the final word was the Assistant Manager would telephone me. I never received a call from that manager. I went online and wrote an email to Walmart, which I believe was sent to the Wilkes Barre store customer service department. I got a telephone call that day from "Frank" who listened to the story and said he would file a claim for me. I was contacted by Claims Management (CMI, a wholly owned company of Walmart to handle claims) representative who asked many questions and said he would get back to me.

When CMI finally called me back a week later, "Joe" denied responsibility and required that I get the Volvo dealer to write a finding that Walmart had been negligent and caused the damage to the ignition cylinder where the key was stuck and not just ordinary wear and age. I asked if Joe had taken his car in for service and was returned a car that was disabled and unable for use that he would think it was the car's fault for being worn and old? He denied the claim.

I think Walmart refused to be accountable for the acts of its employees. There is no other conclusion to the facts, unless you believe it was the car's fault.

Tire Lube Express
By -

Thank you for all the people putting their complaints on here, it reminds me why I think people are so stupid. First of all have common sense. It is common knowledge that the technicians that perform service are NOT certified. As is the case in 90% of of quick lube/oil change locations. They are not allowed to check brake fluid, or coolant as you have to be state certified to do so.

Amazingly it is helpful if you know what the hell you are driving. "Uh, it's the purple car out there." OK, so I can write it up as a purple 2003 Cavalier when actually it is a purple 98 Caravan. Don't be dumb. Yes I can change that later via VIN scan. BUT it doesn't help when we try to help you with tires, oil weight, etc.

Some people drive ghetto pieces of junk. If you have a gas leak NO THEY AREN'T GOING TO WORK ON IT! Moron. Your tie rod is duct-taped on. Yeah that's safe. You have no lift points left due to rust. So therefore they would crush through your floorboard, crush line etc. If you drive the car, at all... You need to know what it is. Do you know how to drive it? It is a machine that needs to be taken care of. Just an oil change every 4,000 miles ain't going to cut it.

Sometimes when you bring your car in, there is a wait. No duh. Now you need to keep in mind, that maybe your car is fine, but there could be an 88 Civic in front of you whose hood won't open. Well, they have to page them back (if the customer even hears it) and wait for them to return. Meanwhile this extends your wait. It happens! A lot of times there may only be one person even available to work on your car. IT IS NOT THE ASSOCIATE'S FAULT. Yelling at them about the wait is not going to make it go faster. Let me come to your job everyday and scream and yell at you and call you incompetent. Would you like that? Neither do they.

There are always unforeseen situations. And yes there are always policy changes, which is beyond their control. GET OVER YOURSELF! If you want your ghetto rigged car serviced take it to a private ghetto-ran shop. They have liabilities! ** happens everyday. So get over yourselves and get on with your life.

Tires Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

WAUSEON, OHIO -- Deliberately bad service at the Auto Center in Wauseon, Ohio. Totally unprofessional and backwards country bumpkin service! I have always been a good customer to Walmart before yesterday when I came to Walmart to get a new tire on my truck. The tire that I had on was a spare that was in bad shape and I needed a new one put onto my main rim. The spare was going flat but he didn't care. He just told his service tech to throw some air into it, so he did.

The man went to look at my truck and he asked me why it was leaning a little. I told him its nothing to worry about, please just mount and put on my new tire onto my main rim that I had in my truck bed because this spare is dangerous to drive on and I have my kids in the car with me. I was planning to have the lean repaired, but he refused to jack it up and only mounted my tire. He said this is a liability for us very nervously. I said to him, "What is the matter with you people!? This is a liability to me." I told him that I am just asking you to put it on because I only have a scissor jack and it will be tough to get off and the spare is bad, but he kept insisting it was a liability to them.

Even the manager came in and weirdly stared me down for about 5 minutes not saying anything. So I left without saying thanks and I was really upset. I only drove about 2 miles and my spare blew out on a busy road so I had to call my friend. He came out and helped with change it laying halfway in the roadway because we couldn't jack it up in the grass. I had to direct traffic around him due to where we were. I nor none of my friends or family will ever go back there again!!

Walmart is just Cheap!
By -

BROOKLYN, OHIO -- The staff at the Tire & Lube Express at the Wal-Mart lost my key bunch, did not let me know about it for a long time, made me wait for more than 3 hours and 15 minutes at the store as opposed to the promised 90 minutes wait, and then offered me a 'solution' that I should go home and forget about the bunch!

I entered the store at 9:35 am. After a short wait, my problem was registered and my key bunch was taken from me. I was told that my car would be ready in about 90 minutes. When 90 minutes passed and I did not hear from them, I went to the reception to inquire about it. I heard them talking among themselves about some car's keys being lost. When I talked to them, they told me that they were unable to locate my car keys.

I experienced the worst kind of customer service in the following 90 minutes. I was kept in the dark about whether the keys have been found or not, or how long I might have to wait. I was not offered any word of apology. I was getting a severe headache from the mental stress and for having an empty stomach for a long time. My knees were hurting because I had to stand there most of the time since not adequate seating has been provided in that area.

I was feeling dizzy from not having any food for a long time. So I asked them to give me a 'pager' so that I can go inside the store and have some food. Within one minute of my leaving the reception area, they paged me back to offer a ridiculous solution. They told me that I should go back home, bring the spare key, get the service done, and just go back. At most they would make a duplicate key for me for the car. They did not offer me any ride home. They would not make duplicates of the other four keys in the bunch. And they offered NOTHING more than that, NOT EVEN A WORD OF APOLOGY!

When they finally found the keys and got the service done, they offered me $10 in compensation!! My ordeal finally ended at 12:52. I had to wait 3 hours and 15 minutes as opposed to the 90 minutes originally promised, got home with a severe headache, and had to either reschedule or cancel my activities for the day. I have never before experienced such cheap and unprofessional customer service.

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