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No problem. Really?
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Rating: 5/51

BUTLER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Yes Really. A tire technician dinged my Porsche rims when mounting new tires (and, yes WalMart can get you the best rated sport tires at the best price). The technician could easily have hidden the damage, only for me to discover in daylight on a dry day, and then they could have denied the cause... but that's not what happened.

The WalMart technician was honest, and ** the store manager, hooked me up with the WalMart insurance company, and I was more than fairly compensated for the repair. Perfectly handled. That was Sam Walton's way, and I see it still is. If WalMart causes damage or injury they make you whole. If they didn't, and you are trying to scam WalMart, expect a fight... and expect to lose. That is the way it should be.

Stay Away From Walmart Auto Service
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Rating: 1/51

FARMVILLE, VIRGINIA -- The Walmart employees at the tire & lube center seem to have been trained by monkeys... I took 2 trailer tires to Walmart. One to be changed and one to be remounted and balanced correctly after they installed it wrong. The (head) tire lube tech proceeded to argue with me as to whether or not the tire was mounted correctly, totally unaware that I am a professionally trained tire tech. After we got that straight he decided to go outside and smoke instead of changing my tires, pawning this off on the other two techs that were there.

I watched them change the tires and its a good thing I did. They had to ask me how much air to put in the tires... Come on!! I also watched as they put air in the tires with them still clamped to the machine, totally unaware of how dangerous that is. These people have never been properly trained to do their job yet they still allow them to work on vehicles. That is a dangerous thing to do. Guess they'll figure it out when they end up killing somebody...

Walmart is just Cheap!
By -

BROOKLYN, OHIO -- The staff at the Tire & Lube Express at the Wal-Mart lost my key bunch, did not let me know about it for a long time, made me wait for more than 3 hours and 15 minutes at the store as opposed to the promised 90 minutes wait, and then offered me a 'solution' that I should go home and forget about the bunch!

I entered the store at 9:35 am. After a short wait, my problem was registered and my key-bunch was taken from me. I was told that my car would be ready in about 90 minutes. When 90 minutes passed and I did not hear from them, I went to the reception to inquire about it. I heard them talking among themselves about some car's keys being lost. When I talked to them, they told me that they were unable to locate my car keys.

I experienced the worst kind of customer service in the following 90 minutes. I was kept in the dark about whether the keys have been found or not, or how long I might have to wait. I was not offered any word of apology. I was getting a severe headache from the mental stress and for having an empty stomach for a long time. My knees were hurting because I had to stand there most of the time since not adequate seating has been provided in that area.

I was feeling dizzy from not having any food for a long time. So I asked them to give me a 'pager' so that I can go inside the store and have some food. Within one minute of my leaving the reception area, they paged me back to offer a ridiculous solution. They told me that I should go back home, bring the spare key, get the service done, and just go back. At most they would make a duplicate key for me for the car. They did not offer me any ride home. They would not make duplicates of the other four keys in the bunch. And they offered NOTHING more than that, NOT EVEN A WORD OF APOLOGY!

When they finally found the keys and got the service done, they offered me $10 in compensation!! My ordeal finally ended at 12:52. I had to wait 3 hours and 15 minutes as opposed to the 90 minutes originally promised, got home with a severe headache, and had to either reschedule or cancel my activities for the day. I have never before experienced such cheap and unprofessional customer service.

Tire center not even good for an oil change
By -

I went to the tire center at Wal-Mart store # 1006 for a standard oil change. When I walked to the counter the clerk was very busy with a conversation she was in with two coworkers and refused to acknowledge me until she finished. Then, as she was getting my info, she kept interrupting me to speak with them. Finally I handed over my keys and watched to see them pull my car up. After that, I walked around for about 15 minutes when I heard my name over the intercom. I thought, that was fast! No such luck.

The rude cashier proceeded to tell me that my oil couldn't be changed because a light was on or something. She actually said "or something" and attempted to give me back my keys. I told her that statement didn't make sense so she went and got the mechanic. He explained that there was a light on in my car saying "check engine oil." I told him yes there was, that's why I brought it in. He said the light indicated that I didn't have any oil in my car. He said the oil was so low there was none on the dipstick and that I probably had an oil leak. I told him that was very odd since I'd seen no e oden e of an oil leak and asked him why couldn't he help me.

According to mr mechanic there is some sort of liability issue since my car was in such a bad state. A nearby customer suggested the mechanic at least put some oil in for me so I could get to another garage. The mechanic ignored the customer and said I needed to take my vehicle elsewhere. The mechanic suggested a local oil change place so off I went.

Upon arriving at the new place I told the staff what Wal-Mart did and how they said my car was oil bankrupt. The owner didn't think much of this and said all I would've had to do was sign a release for them. Anyway a few minutes later the mechanic at the new place came in and said he just wanted to let me know that my car was full of oil - it just needed to be changed. No one there could figure out why the genius at Wal-Mart decided it was too empty to work on.

I can only suppose that the very terrifying little light in my car caused so much anxiety for the WM mechanic that he freaked out and lost all of his sensibilities. I guess he lied about checking the oil so he wouldn't look so lame - I'm not sure. Moral of the story, there are competent workers at Wal-Mart, but you have to look high and low to find them. The rude one and the liar have sealed the deal for me. No more mechanic work from Wal-Mart!!

Do NOT use this type of ordering for Tires as site to store Policy conflicts with department policy.
By -

DUNNELLON, FLORIDA -- Just had an extremely bad experience at an untimely time. Ordered 2 tires for vehicle as needed to make long road trip. Often, WMT does not carry sufficient stock for my tire size so I felt it would guarantee the tires would be there when promised. I printed out the pickup notice when tires were in. The first two times the tire dept. said they were 'too busy' for the install... come back. The third time I came was on a Sunday A.M. Easter, to be precise at 7:00(dept. opening).

The Minute I handed the printout to the associate, the dept. manager curtly states "YOU HAVE TO GO TO SITE-2-STORE." Instruction no. 2 on The pickup printout, however clearly states "Take this printout along with a photo ID to express lube and tire and we will take of your order"... WRONG says the dept manager. "We don't do it that way. You MUST take this to site to store." Where are the tires I ask? "OH, WE have them back here, but you MUST go there first."

I reluctantly go to site to store where there IS NO ONE THERE. I press buttons on the console to summons an associate... NO one comes. I stop several associates on their way in to work heading towards the stockroom. NO one is interested in accommodating me, but one finally gets on the horn and 10 to 15 min. later a lady from the 'front' shows up... and says "Its going to be a few minutes." Sorry folks, that was the last straw because NOW my status from being delayed, puts me at the back of the line in the tire dept.

Meanwhile, I've attempted to cancel the order and have entered a formal dispute for the charge on the Walmart Discover Card. Yep, they had already charged my account $182 for something I didn't have. Although I formerly have been a long time WMT customer, this experience has caused me to abandon shopping there altogether, and if they don't affect my credit charge with a reversal, the card is gone too. CAVEAT EMPTOR> Don't USE this method of ordering, unless you want problems. It will bring you nothing but grief.

Use Caution
By -

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, PENNSYLVANIA -- After having our oil changed in the tire and lube department in Wilkes-Barre Twp. Penna. Wal-Mart I discovered one of the so called technicians had placed the oil fill cap on the motor in a way that I would ruin it when I took it off. The cap was literally forced on to the point it was ruined.

I showed one of the chucklehead Managers the situation a few days later. He stated "How you know it was this place." Hmmm. It must have been that ring of national oil cap people, wait! Maybe it was someone from the Ford Motor Co. trying to make us buy a Ford product... Anyway! They never made good on the complaint. I could see this getting tossed into the "€œHeck if were gonna do anything pile".€

The person tending the counter had no knowledge of car care; I wonder if she took the bus to work - she didn't look like someone that would operate a motor vehicle, at least I hope she don'€™t. After complaining about the counter person, we see her quite frequently. Does the tale prove itself? Those whom do less and screw up get ahead in life much more? I have seen many employees placed in situations such as this due to the insecurity of the bone head manager. Yes, that'€™s right; hire an idiot to make yourself look so fine!

I am not even going to get into the rest of the stores staffing. You just have to see this one for yourself. Sure they smile, they stop when you question them about something... but try and get a solid answer from them. It's like dealing with a bunch of tools! Yes tools! Where do they get some of these people?

If you would like to see something interesting check out the 35 year old, Mr. G. Q. in electronics. This clown is too much! We were in this department seeking a camera and the idiot was like a dog on heat! Every young girl that come near the counter he would drop what he'€™s doing and put on this act that would turn your stomach! I seen this act. We were there in this department for a half hour while the wife gone through every stupid music CD. I am assuming his act starts at 2-3 P.M. till 10-11 P.M. Better be hot or I could only hope you get service if there is another associate in the area.

Wal-Mart destroyed my transmission
By -

MERCED, CALIFORNIA -- I am writing to inform you of the problem I have had with my vehicle following service at the Merced Walmart on 02/27/2009. I have a 2006 Toyota Tacoma V6 4.0 L automatic. Not long after this oil change, I began to experience a “lag” in my transmission. I took it to a local mechanic for the next oil change and asked him to also check my transmission. He informed me that my transmission was “sealed” and could only be worked on by the dealer. I was trying to save the money to take my truck to the dealer when, last week, the transmission totally stopped working.
When the dealer inspected my transmission, they discovered that it had been over-filled with too much fluid, and what was drained was a “mixture” of the required “WS ATF” and another unidentifiable fluid. They drained and refilled with the correct fluid, however my transmission still is not working. They told me they suspected that the transmission drain plug was opened in error and whoever did this overfilled it with the wrong fluid. The only choice is to replace the transmission.
I have invoices from the last 3 oil changes done at this facility. The first 2 (dated 7/19/2008 and 11/21/2008) state that the transmission fluid check was “declined” and then a note stating it is a sealed transmission. The most recent invoice states that the transmission fluid was “checked”. This is impossible as there is no dipstick, and the only way to get to the transmission is through the drain plug, losing the fluid in the process.
In light of the fact that nobody else has worked on my vehicle and the documentation that shows this facility checked my transmission fluid, I can reasonably ascertain that the last mechanic to change my oil, also inadvertently drained my transmission fluid. In addition, I feel that upon realizing the error, they attempted to “hide” the error by attempting to replace whatever fluid was lost with some other fluid. I need a new transmission, do not have the money to buy it and feel that WalMart owes me a new transmission.

UPDATE: Walmart called and agreed to replace my transmission at their cost! I am impressed how quickly they responded after I posted my story everywhere I could find on the internet!

Wal-Mart Automotive Sucks
By -

CLINTON, TENNESSEE -- We took our car a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer to Walmart for its regular oil change and vehicle checkup. During the checkup it came to our attention that the transmission dipstick had been broken off and they could not check the fluid in the transmission. They said they did not do it and that it most likely happened the oil change before which was also at a Walmart. At that time we ask Barry Byrd if it was okay to drive the vehicle and he said yes. One week later the transmission locked up and had to be towed to a transmission specialist who said the failure was due to lack of fluid in the transmission. We feel that in fact the dipstick was broke off at the previous oil change by a Walmart employee and he simply got rid of that part of the dipstick and signed off on the transmission to relieve himself of blame not telling us the stick had been broken and unable to check the fluid. If he would have informed us of this issue it could have been solved without the $2900 cost for a transmission rebuild. We filed a claim with CMI (Claims Management Inc.)Phone # 888-213-7534 (we dealt with a Barb there who was rude talked down to us and even called the mechanic at the transmission shop a liar and that the transmission had to have a leakage issue and she would have to deny the claim he explained to her that there were no leaks and it was a Walmart topping off issue.

When CMI received the statements from the Walmart fluid checkers not mechanics (which barb at CMI called them) they had changed the statements made and told her that they never told us it was okay to drive the vehicle and did not recall placing blame on the previous Walmart oil change. We went to our Attorney's office on 2-27-09 and are in the process of suing Walmart and CMI. Please take our advice and never let Walmart fluid checkers touch your vehicle as the internet shows that they have more complaints than praises. This will be taken to the next level and will make it a life long goal to expose Walmart Automotive.We would love to start a class action suit against Walmart and CMI.If anyone reading this has had a problem with Walmart Automotive would like to join this class action please notify us at wholesaledirect@comcast.net as we have a attorney that would love to do it.

Consequences. Describe the economic or physical damage that resulted.

Transmission cost $2900
3 weeks without the vehicle
Treated like a idiot and lied to.

Wal-Mart Gave My Car Away to A Complete Stranger
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I entrusted Wal-Mart @ 7075 1960 West Houston TX 77069 with my vehicle which I took in for a tire replacement which I had warranty for. A Wal-Mart Associate released my vehicle to a stranger off the street. Wal-Mart is now saying that they are not responsible for my losses. Not only did Wal-Mart release my vehicle, but my house keys which were on the same key ring. There was mail in the car which in turn had my address. This in turn put me in an unsafe situation resulting in me having to move. Wal-Mart is refusing to accept responsibility for their negligence. They refused to show me the surveillance on that day. It is my job to make the general public aware Wal-mart is capable of, and as easy as it happened to me it could happen to anyone. For more details on my story you can find my story on abc13.com ( go to archives) telemundo.com and houstonchronicle.com( story titled " Wal-Mart is unlike Oprah") I protested this store this past weekend and my story will be out in 2 other newspapers. I came to this website to make the public aware so it won't happen again to someone else.

I am adding this to my post for all the people that don't understand why I moved. I came on here to make people aware and instead I have people that are doubting me and my story and in some ways criticizing me. The reason I went to the extent of moving was because of how my car was recovered.

2hrs after my story aired on abc I received a phone call from someone who claimed to be a tow truck guy. When I asked how he got my phone # is said from inside the car. When I asked if HPD was there he hung up on me. I called him back and said he had lost signal. He was unable to give me a physical address. He only gave cross streets. To make a long story short he had me and the police on a wild goose chase giving me 3 different addresses. The whole time he continued calling me asking me if I had called the police. When I asked why he said that he would get in trouble because he should've towed my vehicle. He had no idea I was following the police to each address he was giving me. The 3rd address was a fake but was close to a park. On a hunch the police decided to drive by the park. This park was a dark secluded park with no lighting and was in a very bad area of Houston Called Acres Homes. This is where my car was found. After my car was recovered who ever this individual was continued to call my phone and not say anything. I made a second police report for harassment and fear of safety. I had already changed my locks but because of this and finding out that my mail, personal belongings, amongest other things were gone and this guy had them is why I moved.

This story is a fact and it happened to me I'm here to warn people. I have TV, newspapers, and radio coverage. These reporters do their homework. I also have support from Al from sprawlbusters and the people over at wakeupwalmart & walmartwatch!!!!

Bicycle Tire Air Pressure
By -

CLARKSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- On 26 April, 2006, I went to Walmart on Fort Campbell Blvd in Clarksville, TN to purchase an inexpensive multi-speed bicycle in response to the surge in gas prices (currently 2.87 in Clarksville, TN). I had to have them page twice for someone to assist me. Rocky, a Hispanic male, came and got the bicycle I selected out of the rack. I asked him to air it up, since the sign on the rack says "free assembly" and I figured air is part of the assembly process. The tire clearly states "Inflate to 50 PSI", yet he only put 32 PSI in the tire. When I asked why, he said "That's what you put in your tire on your car." I pointed out that this was not a car and asked for a manager. The other salesman there, an early 20s male, said that he didn't know anything about bikes. The manager came and I explained to her that the tire pressure is listed on the tire and that the assembly person would not inflate it to the proper pressure and I stated that I wanted it at 50 PSI. She escorted me to the auto service center where they aired up the tire, or so I thought. I purchased the bicycle along with a helmet, lock and speedometer; the total came to $103. I rode the bike home (6 miles) and checked the air pressure with a tire gauge from my van; the tire pressure was 40 PSI, not 50. I called and spoke to one of the managers on duty. I asked her if the employees there were too stupid to read the tire pressure rating and follow it. She assured me that if I came back they would take care of it. When I got there, I went to customer service, who called for a manager. The previous manager, the second manager, a third woman (who I believe is who I talked to on the phone), Rocky, and the auto service tech all came to the customer service desk. The auto tech said that if I wanted the pressure at 50 that I would have to do that myself. I had my tire gauge with me and showed him the pressure was at 40. He said "you lose air pressure every time you use that thing". Not 10 pounds of pressure you don't! They refused to tell me why they could not put the proper amount of air in the tires and escorted me to the auto service bay where the tech handed me the air hose and I topped off the air myself.

I agree with those on this site and others that Walmart service is lower than whale excrement. I, too, am no longer shopping at Walmart and will spend my money elsewhere.

One more thing. While waiting for the assembly tech and the auto service tech, the manager told me that it was their policy to put the tire pressure at the midpoint between the minimum and maximum ratings. She said that changes in the weather make the tire pressure change. Despite the fact that I told her how many bikes and how many miles I had ridden, she kept to her story that they didn't inflate them to the recommended pressure because "the tire could blow out". I've never had a bicycle tire blow out on me.

The store manager is always off and I got only the answering machine when I called the district manager's number listed on the sign that brags about "customer satisfaction is #1". BullSh@t!!

Ten thousand Phillistines were killed with the jawbone of an ass. Ten thousand sales are killed daily using the same method. This is especially true at Walmart!

Jim in Clarksville, TN

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