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Detector Mess
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Rating: 1/51

VERSAILLES, MISSOURI -- On the 22nd of this month I went into this Wal-mart and when my family and myself were walking through the detector and set it off. This was the beginning of a 20 minute complete nightmare. Being a cashier at Wal-mart before I took out the bags with the nonfood items and handed them to the CSM when she pulled aside. She asked us three times if there was more nonfood items and three times I had to answer no. Then she told me none of those items would have set it off. My sister showed a card she'd bought and that was a no.

Then she made us go one by one through the detector, one time without a purse and the other time with it. My mother set it off with something in her purse apparently. The CSM told her that it was her wallet so she got out her wallet and started to go through it. The CSM then took her wallet and said it needed to be deactivated even after we told her we didn't buy the wallet there and it was an ancient wallet that my mother had had with her over a hundred times walking through that same machine.

My mother even opened her wallet to show there wasn't anything in there and she still took said wallet. She did not have permission to take said wallet before taking off with it. Still they took the wallet to 'deactivate' it and then gave it back to her.

I used to work at Wal-mart and I have to say we never ever did this. We looked at the receipt to see if there was something on it that might have not gotten deactivated first. I have never heard of a procedure that allowed a CSM to make lifetime customers of a store walk through a detector like this. Nor have I heard of 'deactivating' a wallet not even sold at their store. She even made me produce my cell phone even though we told her it wasn't bought there and was like ten years old. My question is that is doing all this a violation of our rights in any way?

Customer Check Out
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Rating: 1/51

ROUTE 30, LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- The Walmart Store on Route 30 (Lincoln Highway East), Lancaster, PA. This store does not serve the customers. The clerks talk to their friends while checking out customers (not the one being checked out), added another customer's items on my bill. To top it off yesterday I was in the 20 items or less register line. An obnoxious woman was ahead of me and I thought she was in the line across the aisle as she had 2 full grocery carts of items in the 20 or less line. Unfortunately she was in the 20 or less line and put her items up on the non-rolling counter. The clerk apparently was her friend and checked out 2 full cart loads of items in this 20 item register.

The obnoxious woman said loudly "people should expect to wait in line at Walmart!" Yes, usually there are busy lines but she should not have been in that line. While the clerk slowly, I mean very slowly checked out the numerous items while talking freely with this obnoxious woman, apparently a friend since while checking me out she continued her conversation and told her to call her later. The cashier rang up the next customer's Coke on my bill. She then told me they are required to check out anyone coming to the 20 item or less line, even if they have 2 full carts of items. I checked with a manager and Walmart policy is to check them out.

Meanwhile the rest of us with fewer than 20 items had to wait. All the other registers were busy too since there were only about 4 registers open around noon time on a FRIDAY! Sam Walton must be rolling over in his grave. We certainly cannot count on Walmart to serve the customer who just wants a few items and a quick exit. If I had to return to work, I would have left those items there and walked out. My next shopping trip will be to Target.

I worked at a retail store previously and we had to tell people coming to the Express Line if they were over the number of items, explaining politely that this register was only for 20 items or less and they would need to go to another register. But then we had enough open registers to handle a Friday, not just a few. Walmart better think about improving customer service. No wonder Lancaster County people do not want them to build another store in our County. Now I understand.

Nice Customer Service Style You Got There!
By -

ALGONQUIN, ILLINOIS -- Friday afternoon, Baby Clutzy and I made a Walmart run because she needed new tennis shoes and I needed to get a few things to make for supper that night. We finished quickly (I am a power Walmarter, LOL) and headed for a checkout line that only had one person in it (and they were finishing up). Unfortunately, the woman was having trouble running her LINK card and it took the cashier a while to get it taken care of. Then he had to ring up the rest of her items that couldn't be paid for with the card.

Finally, he came to the customer's case of beer. I'm guessing that the young man was underage (I'm thinking he was maybe 18 tops) because he had to call for a CSM to ring it up for him. We waited and we waited and we waited. Finally, a CSM by the name of B (no I'm not saying her name) wandered over and proceeded to verify and ring up. It took her way longer than I've ever seen anyone ring up alcohol in my life. Meanwhile, we've been in line over 15 minutes and Baby C is getting really really antsy. Finally, I said to her "Honey, I know it's slow but Mommy can't help it." This CSM replied quite audibly "Yes you can!" I looked up at her and said "Excuse me?"

The CSM didn't look up at me, didn't acknowledge me, she just walked away. Finally, my turn came and the cashier was apologetic about the wait. I asked him for the name of the CSM's boss and he said I could speak with the store manager. So, after paying for my items and leaving, I called the store (Baby C was not going to cooperate for a face to face). When I finally got to speak with the store manager JW, he was sincerely apologetic (at least he acted that way) and since I was able to give him the name of the CSM, the register number, and the description of the cashier, he stated he would speak with both of them to find out their side of the story.

Yes, I do realize that the CSM's comments may not have necessarily been directed at me but then, why didn't either she or the cashier say so? Too bad I'll never find out what the outcome of her little talking to with the store manager will be.

Refund policies make no sense.

CONWAY, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I am a little confused by walmart's refund policy. I have always had absolutely no trouble returning anything to walmart, well for the exception of today. I am pretty aware of most store's refund policies and try to stay within those guidelines. Today I visited a walmart near my work, the same walmart, mind you, that told me I had to wait 2 1/2 hours to get my flu medication, go figure.

I bought a stick of deodorant at my local walmart, and forgot to redeem my 2 dollar coupon, so I figured I would have no problem redeeming it later. Uh not. I approached the customer service employee who didn't seem to be in a very cheerful mood, with my unopened deodorant, receipt, and coupon. I told her I forgot to use my coupon so either a return of the merchandise so I could repurchase it with the coupon or the 2 dollars would work. She took the receipt and was studying it as if I was trying to return 300 dollars worth of merchandise. About a minute later, she takes the coupon and studies the coupon for another minute.

She rings up the 2 dollar refund, and then asks me for my credit card which I would have happily provided if I had not known my partner used his card that trip. What I don't understand is why they need to see the card to credit the account as if I was trying to steal it to put money back on it. It makes no sense. I've returned things and never had to show the card. I kindly explained it was my partner's card and if she could provide me with a store credit. "No. It's under 5 dollars." "Cash?" "No." "Really?"

"Can you refund the whole deodorant and give me a store credit?" "No. It's under 5 dollars." It makes absolutely no sense. So I grudgingly took my stuff back, told her how ridiculous the rules were and left. She was sure to give me a snippy "have a nice day" which I snippily returned back to her. I have returned items worth 30 times what I was trying to get back today. Do different walmarts have different refund policies? If so, the manager of this store must have a stick up his rear! Oh I will be sure that my partner goes with me back to my local walmart with me this weekend and get my money back. I refuse to give up.

Return Policy not posted - cashiers unaware of correct return policy
By -

REDDING, CALIFORNIA -- On 1/12/2011 I purchased an airbed with my mother at the Walmart in Redding, CA. My mom specifically asked the cashier about the Walmart return policy. We were told that the items could be returned within 90 days, with original box, and original receipt. On 1/31/2011 I went to the same Walmart to return the airbed. I was then told that the airbed must have been returned within 15 days and that I was able to exchange it for an airbed of equally or greater value.

I asked where this policy was written as it was NOT on my receipt and I was not given that information from the cashier. She pointed to a sign on the wall in the return area. I then walked to the check out stations to see if the return policy was posted there. It was not. I then walked to the aisle in the store where the airbeds could be found. There was no return policy posted there

I then found an Assistant Manager, **. I discussed my return issue with her. She looked at my receipt and said, "That cashier is new, well fairly new and she gave you incorrect information." I then stated that the policy was not posted anywhere. She said, "€œIt is posted in the customer service area."€ I reminded her that no customer would ever see that sign as that is not where they go to make purchases. ** then told me that they had recently moved the airbeds from the Sporting Goods department and that they had not yet moved the return policy sign.

I told her that when I made the purchase I was unaware of the 15 day return policy and that had I known I would have returned the airbed long ago. She said she was sorry and that this one time she would make an exception. ** said, "You can return the airbed for another one of equal or greater value."€ I asked what exception she was making as that was the policy, her reply, "I have to follow the policy."

How is a customer able to follow and properly return items when they are misinformed and unable to even seek out the information prior to making a purchase? My mother and I asked questions to assure we understood the return policy. We did everything reasonably possible to assure we understood the return policy so that we could make an informed purchase. Walmart should have upheld the policy which was told to us as we had no other way of being properly informed.

Customer Service? What for?
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MCDONOUGH, GEORGIA -- I am a dedicated customer to Walmart Store #3201 in McDonough Ga. I spend $150-$350 every single week. Since I moved here two years ago I have been very disappointed in the way this store represents Walmart's customer service dedication. This store has the worst customer service I have ever seen. I have filled out numerous surveys, talked to managers, even the cashier manager. Nothing has happened. In fact it has gotten worse. To me customer service is THE most important aspect of any business.

At a grocery store the cashiers are the people that make or break how a consumer views their shopping experience. At this store the cashiers are dirty, unfriendly, and look like they would rather be anywhere else in the world but where they are. I have applied to Walmart in the past and in fact have an application in right now, as does my mother. Yet we cannot even get an interview. We both have numerous experience in customer service, cashiering, and managing. Yet you would rather have people that make the consumer feel that they hate their job working there.

I understand that businesses get tax breaks for hiring students and disabled and people of low income. I am all for giving them the chance at a decent job. But that doesn't mean that they shouldn't work hard or live up to the standards that are expected. I know that Walmart as a company wants people to have a good experience when they shop there.. that is what brings people back.

I have had cashiers that have to have every product an inch from their eyes because they cannot see, cashiers leave their register to go help a friend without even acknowledging I am right in front of them, cashiers that do not even say hello as I am checking out, cashiers that are so old (I know that sounds mean and I'm sorry) that they move at a snail's pace. This makes it all very difficult to come back.

Also today I went in to buy xmas presents and there were no less than 8 people in each line, 12 people in each self serve line (with FULL carts) and only a handful of registers open. With employees standing around! Why not put a cashier on for 2 hours and then have them stock if not needed at a register?? I am so disappointed that people who really want to work for your company cannot even get an interview but people who do not even bathe or do their laundry are always working at your stores. Why can you only work for Walmart if you are low income, elderly, disabled or a student??

Refused My Money!
By -

SOMERSWORTH, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- When I walked into Wal-mart I heard over the intercom it would be 20 minutes until closing. (Our local store closes at midnight.) I knew I had to hurry. I am 8 months pregnant so walking fast is even harder to do. Anyway I sped through the store and filled my cart with groceries. I was so proud of myself for being so quick. A manager then yelled down the aisle to me "We close in 10 min." I said "I know." She seemed annoyed by my comment. Just as they announced the 5 min warning I was done. My friend was in the store so I went down an aisle and didn't see her.

I knew I didn't have time left so I started towards the front and remembered I forgot an item so I grabbed it and hurried to the front. When I arrived there were no register lights on but I saw a girl still standing at her register. I just stood in the main aisle looking for a register. I heard the cashier say "What do I do?" Then I heard the annoyed manager that spoke to me earlier start saying to the cashier "No, no we're not going to help her. She knew." And then said to me "Ah we're closed. I don't know what you're going to do but you can't buy anything. You knew we closed at midnight."

Then a guy manager said "She's right. We're closed that's why we give the warnings." In total shock I said "I'm sorry I only had 20 min to buy my groceries. I hurried." I tried so hard not to cry. I was there with my 3 year old son and very pregnant with no food at home. I started to ask the guy a question and he interrupted me and said very slowly like I was stupid "ma'am you can't buy anything tonight." I continued to ask him why when it's midnight and there is a line they still wait on people. He said "The registers shut down." There is still a way they can wait on you (I used to work at Wal-mart years ago).

After my conversation with them I thought to look at the time on my phone it said 12:01 am. So I was there in time! When I left Wal-mart my friend called me and told me when she was checking out she heard the manager lady keep saying to others "If that girl isn't here in three min do not wait on her. And I don't know what she's thinking but we are not cashing her out!" The only satisfaction I have is knowing they have to put all those groceries away. But I plan on going back at midnight when there is a line and prove my point! It's frustrating because you want to yell at them but they don't care!!! And when I call to complain I'm sure they won't care either

Cashier Accused My Husband and I of Having Fake ID
By -

ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA -- After finishing our lunch and leaving a restaurant, my husband decided to buy a pack of cigarettes before heading home. We stopped at a WalMart. We've been to this Walmart before, several times actually.. So no big deal. We buy the cigarettes and go home.. Right? Heh, I wish! In our WalMart, only one cashier lane sells cigarettes, so we headed over to that particular lane and waited in line. When it was our turn, my husband asked for his pack of cigarettes. She asked to see ID, which was a first.. Considering my husband is nearing 30. Well, no big deal.. He pulls out his driver's license. 'This ID is expired, I need to see something else.'

Expired?!?! My husband was driving with an expired license?! We look at the Driver's License, and view the 'Expired Date.' Phew, turns out.. The cashier was viewing the 'ISSUED' date. We explained this to her, and she gives us a weird look. 'No, this license is EXPIRED, see? Look at the old date.. EXPIRED.. You see it? It's an old date!' It's an old date because that's when the license was issued, but she obviously doesn't understand that. We ask to speak to a manager, wait about five minutes.. When no one comes, I decided to buy the cigarettes!

I show her MY Driver's License, and she says.. Basically so everyone else in line can hear.. That my Driver's License is fake. Yup. I'm married, and can legally smoke, drink, AND drive.. But feel the need to have a fake ID. Yup. The manager finally comes.. Asks to see my husband's ID.. Then looks at my ID.. And tells her these IDs are perfectly legal, and gives the go ahead to sell my husband his stupid cigarettes already. Problem solved, right? Nope. She tells her manager that he's wrong, and our IDs are INDEED fake ones, and she's not going to sell minors cigarettes.. Sigh.

She's basically arguing with her manager, right there at register.. Her manager sells my husband his cigarettes, with the cashier in full protest.. We get the cigarettes, and go home. This is why I have never smoked! LOL. Fun times that experience was.

Cashiers Are the Rudest.
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Rating: 2/51

RED WING, MINNESOTA -- Each and every time we go to the Wal-Mart in Red Wing, we see what the true meaning of rude is. The cashiers are so unhappy with their jobs, they don't even look up at you to say hi. And if you want a fish? You have to go search for an employee. The attitudes show, and they make a person who woke up in a cheerful mood, not so cheerful. Yesterday we purchased $158.00 worth of goods and one of the nose spray boxes were opened, we asked if the cashier had a piece of tape, and she said "Honey, I don't have no tape". I could go on, but I won't. The reason we go back is there is not a large variety of low cost stores in Red Wing.

Checking Out
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Rating: 1/51

RUSTON, LOUISIANA -- Tonight I visited the Walmart Store (#0023) in Ruston, Louisiana as I have done for the 1,000th time. Upon check out, I explained to the cashier that my mother would be checking out behind me and she would be writing a check. She is 87 years old and lives in a nursing home and did not have her I.D. with her and my name was on her checks as well so could they just take my I.D.

They said that was fine BUT when I went to check out with my purchases my driver's Lic. has my first name, middle initial, and last name on it. The cashier refused to accept my I.D. because the driver's Lic had my first name and my checks have my middle name on them. I showed two picture I.D.'s, (Dr. Lic. and Concealed Weapon Permit) and he refused to accept. (I suppose I stole some ladies purse who looks EXACTLY like me.) My master card had the same name on it as my checks.

I have NEVER been treated like that at a Walmart store before. I had to use one of my mother's checks and when I signed the electronic device, I signed with my middle name and guess what??? He accepted a different signature but wouldn't take TWO not ONE but TWO picture I.D.s. If Walmart offers a health plan, I would highly suggest that they send this employee to get a lobotomy as soon as possible... If you're not going to use your brain, you might as well have it removed.

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