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Bentonville, AR 72716-8611
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Loss of Fabric Department in Wal-Mart stores
By -

FORSYTH, GEORGIA -- I was saddened when the Wal Mart in Forsyth, Ga. discontinued their fabric department. They continue to have sewing machines, but no fabric. Now the nearest place I can purchase fabric is 35 miles from my home. Wal-Mart, would you reconsider and have fabric and notions in your stores?

By -

Please keep the fabric at your stores. I have been buying fabric there for a long time. I got the fabric for my daughters wedding dress there and it was very nice and did not break the bank.

We Need Fabric
By -

RENO, NEVADA -- We who live in Reno Nevada are very upset about Walmart not selling fabric anymore. Here where we live, there are not many, if any true discount fabric stores, which means those of us who are low income are now without an affordable means in which to create the gifts and crafts we envision from time to time. If some of the many Wal-mart stores located around the country sell guns and ammo and clearly find a place for that, why can't we have FABRIC?

Removing Long Time Items From Store That You Are Use To Going There And Purchasing
By -

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- Very disappointed that since you remodel your old stores you take out the fabric department - bad choice. A faithful purchaser, and your fabric was at a great price and now it is pathetic you took it out. And very it is time consuming that I don't have time to do is drive around and look for old stores that haven't remodeled yet to find the patterns I need. I believe you should talk to the purchasers of the departments and put it back - a lot of unhappy crafters!!!

Keep Fabric At Wal-Mart
By -

MONESSEN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I want Wal-Mart to know that we, the quilters of the world want them to keep the fabric department. They have great fabric and great prices and it has to be a good thing.. a woman goes in to buy fabric and says oh I need this and that and by the time she has left Wal-Mart she has gotten her fabric and all the other things. If she had not gone in for fabric who goes to say that she would go to JoAnn's to get fabric and then on home.. no other stops.. she would not have gone in to Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart would not have gotten that sale without the fabric being there.. I for one have done it and if you ask many many other women have done it.

PLEASE KEEP FABRIC IN WAL_MART. You want to keep women happy. Women happy, make happy Wal-Mart buyers.

Walmart to stop selling FABRIC in many stores
By -

FEDERAL WAY, WASHINGTON -- Walmart is closing their fabric sales area in most stores. They will not sell FABRIC or sewing supplies anymore.
FABRIC - and fabric alone is what brings many of us who sew into Walmart. While waiting for prescriptions to be filled, we spend the time looking for fabric. Fabric may not be Walmart's biggest "money maker" but it's the fabric that actually brings us into the store in the first place. We then buy prescriptions & other items. Sewers & Quilters: Please write to Walmart & express your disappointment.

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