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Oil Change
By -

VALLEY, ALABAMA -- My husband took my 2006 Dodge durango to Wal-Mart TLE for an oil change last Wednesday, we left going out of town on a trip the next day that we had planned since May. We made it 25 miles from Valley, AL. and my truck began to skip and make terrible noises and the oil light came on, we pulled over at a truck weigh station, turned the truck off, popped the hood and my husband checked the oil. The oil level in my truck was around 1 1/2 inches above the safe level on the dip stick.

We called the store and they sent a manager and a "auto tech" (which is what they call you at Walmart after you watch a video of somebody else changing oil)they checked the oil and took pictures, and after they realized my truck had been overfilled they called a tow truck and told us that my truck had to be parked at the store overnight, and the next morning the store manager would call me by 6:30am and they would have my truck towed to a local shop to be checked. Meanwhile we had to rent a car to go out of town in since we had prepaid tickets for a 2 day event and prepaid hotel rooms.

We had not heard from the manager by 7:30 so I contacted her. ** informed me that they were not going to have my truck towed (after they had it towed to their property the night before) so we had to have it towed from Wal-mart property at our own expense!! The manager informed me that if she had been working the night before that my truck would still be on the side of the road and she might have called us a cab.

Walmart's insurance adjuster called us later Friday and told us that he had determined that Walmart was not liable because the oil pump can only pump so much oil pressure no matter how much oil was in our vehicle. The way the mechanic explained it to us was that to much oil was worse than to little! He said the crack shaft was working like a blender and whipping up the oil and caused the lifters to suck air and not oil.

Walmart's insurance adjuster lied not only to us but the store manager about what the mechanic told him, he denied our claim without even seeing the pictures from the store or waiting until the truck could be broken down by a mechanic to determine the complete problem. After several attempts to contact the district manager of Walmart #733 ** we have received no return phone calls. Never let WALMART tell you that they have respect for all of their customers or that they practice what they preach which is "INTEGRITY"!!!!!

Damage to car following oil change
By -

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My son took my car to Wal-Mart Tire & Lube on July 20, 2010 to have an oil change, on his way home my car stopped in the middle of the road. I went to Walmart asked for the manager and was asked to fill out a complaint. Days pasted before I heard from the claims representative. He told me I would get my rental expenses back, they'd rent me a car and fix my car. He called me a few days later and left a message on my voicemail saying he spoke to the mechanic where my car is and it seems I blew a gasket and something about my camshaft.

I went to the mechanic and asked him what happened. He informed me my car had no oil in it and my engine seized. I let him listen to what ** said and he couldn't believe the lie he told. I called the claims dept. back and asked to speak to ** the manager, he called and said there was a misunderstanding and that he was going to review the tape to see if oil was put in my car. I just received a call from ** not **, telling me my claim was once again denied because it showed them putting oil in my car.

When I asked to speak with ** I was informed he wasn't available. ** couldn't answer any question I asked him about the video. I know they are lying. I'm going to fight this with every once in my body. I have had to rent cars since July 21-present and I'm under so much stress and having panic attacks because of it. I don't have the extra money to buy another car because mine was paid off. Is there a class action suit against Wal-Mart Tire & Lube because something has to be done so they can stop messing up peoples lives. Someone please help me!!!

By -

APPLETON, WISCONSIN -- I have an older car. It's a '91 Olds Toronado. I know what's wrong with it, so I keep it around. But I know it's an older car... I took it to Walmart on the East side of Appleton, Wi on Saturday, March 1st. I wanted my oil changed and my tires rotated. They said it would take roughly 30-40 minutes. I said "that'll be fine" and carried on with my shopping. I never heard my name announced so I went back to the TLE to ask them about my car. They stated they could not get my hood open, so they could not do the oil change.

While knowing there's a trick to opening my hood, I suggested that I open it for them and they can carry on. He stated he already closed out the ticket and I'd have to come back another time as there's a lot of people waiting. I asked them if they looked at my tires, and they said they were fine, but they didn't bill me for anything. I said, okay at least I know my tires are okay.

I drive about 100 or so miles everyday to get to and from work, so tires are important to me. I didn't work Sunday, I worked Monday, I didn't work Tuesday, Wednesday March 5th, on my way to work I had a flat tire. I was told, and I stupidly followed people's orders because I don't know much about cars, that if I put a can of Fixaflat in it, I'd be okay enough to get to Walmart for them to fix my flat. Okay, I did that..

And once I got to Walmart they explained to me since they could not repair my tire because of the Fixaflat, they could easily sell me one for 85 dollars plus tax. I get it, my stupid mistake, but I didn't have 85 dollars on me. So they said they would put the tire back on and pump air in my tire, so I could at least get to work. I thanked them and drove off. My tire went flat again. Long story short...

Neither I, nor my mother could take the tire off and put the spare on. I called a 24 hour repair guy, he said.. Your lug nut is stripped. How could it have been stripped if the last guy to touch it was my local mechanic 3 months ago, but Walmart was easily capable of taking it off? I explained this to them and they said they'd pay for a new lug nut, but not the 30-50 dollars it's going to take to put the new lug nut on.

The lug nut they put back onto my tire didn't even look like the rest of my other lug nuts. I replaced all my lug nuts about a year ago to be the same lug nut... And now I have a different lug nut, stripped, on my flat tire. Yay for more bills due to incompetence!

Resolution Update 03/07/2008:

I was given money back for my lugnut and the installation. They weren't happy and the TLE guys denied it. Whatever, got my money back. :)

$12 oil change turns into $600 nightmare
By -

SEAFORD, DELAWARE -- I brought my 1988 Honda Accord into the Seaford, DE Wal-Mart for an oil change. At the time my car was presented to them, it had no oil leaks. I didn't notice anything when I got back in the car after it was serviced, but I really wasn't looking either. I got home, parked my car and came out an hour or two later to run some errands and there was a huge pool of oil underneath the car. The oil was so low at this point, it didn't register on the dipstick.

I called Wal-Mart to complain and was put on hold until the money I put into the payphone ran out. I couldn't go to Wal-Mart to complain because I couldn't drive the car in this condition, for fear I would damage the engine. I had the car taken to a local shop where they told me that the threads on the drain plug for the oil were so badly stripped, that it appeared the Tire and Lube Tech at Wal-Mart had used an IMPACT WRENCH to tighten it!

It costed me $500, three trips to the garage to have this repaired correctly. When I finally got a hold of Wal-Mart, they passed me on to their insurance company, whom I gave 2 statements to and all relevant paperwork, names and phone numbers of mechanics who repaired Wal-Mart's negligence.

Afterwards, Wal-Mart's insurance called me while I was at work, despite the fact that I gave them ALL OF THE INFORMATION THAT THEY NEEDED. I was working 12 hour shifts, six days a week, at the time. When I did have the opportunity to call them back, no one was ever at their desk. I sent them snail mail letters letting them know my availability and asking them what additional information that they need, yet they never replied. The worst part is that they only contacted me 2 or 3 times by phone and they would not leave me detailed voice mail messages to let me know what they wanted – only a name and a phone number.

Finally, I contacted the Delaware Attorney General regarding the matter. The Attorney General completely blew me off, saying basically I got what was coming to me because I didn't call Wal-Mart's insurance company back IMMEDIATELY the couple of times they called me at work. Well, I'm sorry, but I work in a factory that employs 700 people. I cannot leave the floor to make phone calls to Wal-Mart's insurance company. This situation has infuriated me and I can't get any justice. I never even got the cost of the oil change back!

Rude and Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

BURLESON, TEXAS -- Per service order 485700-44690 on 04-04-2013 at 2:43 pm I had my oil changed in my truck. I was the only one there. The only one! It took them till 3:54 pm to do this simple task. Their excuse was a man went to lunch. The store manager had a " firewall" in place and all I got was a run around and 10 more wasted minutes. Again, no customers were there and a truck came in way after me and he almost got 4 new tires installed before my 10 minute oil change.

Bad Experience - Oil Change
By -

TEXAS -- I did my oil change at Walmart, several months later I had an oil leak. I took it to a trusted mechanic (Has been using his service for more than 10 years), and was told the oil leak was the result of a poor quality oil filter. (my car is only 3 yrs old, with 33 k). Usually I do oil change at other places, and never experienced any problems -- but I thought to give Walmart a try. I am not going back to Walmart for oil change, again.

Oil change = Purchase another car
By -

GREENVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- If you go here for service be prepared to purchase another car. I took my car for an oil change. After it started making noise I took it to a mechanic. They said I had less than 2 qts of oil and no leak. I spoke to my atty. He says these guys are big enough to not have to settle. They know it and they don't. I would be looking at a 3 year battle in court to get paid for a $4300 repair. I decided to buy a car and never buy anything (not even gum) from this place. I recommend you take your car and business somewhere else too.

Wal-Mart Lube Center- Castle Rock, CO- Car engine fire/smoke damage
By -

CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO -- Sept. 2010 I asked the Auto repair section manager of the captioned store if they did oil changes on Porsche vehicles. "Yes, all the time" was his reply so I had my wife take her Cayenne in for same. No problem. Then I took my 911 in with my own oil and filter and the mechanic neglected to drain the old oil and added 9 qts. of new oil which resulted in a huge engine smoke fire.

The car was towed by Wal-Mart to the closest Porsche dealership who bid over $12k to replace the damaged parts. Then to a second Porsche dealer who estimated over $8,000 to replace the damaged parts. Wal-Marts in-house claims management company now wants to offer only to clean the car and have the Porsche dealer service the oil change correctly.

Therefore, according to the EPA, PCA and related experts we have no choice but to retain legal representation after our car has been in the shop(s) for over two (2) months already. Don't kid yourself: The sole relationship of Wal-Marts "Claims Management" division is to stall, agitated and harass for a low settlement.

Oil Change Nightmare!
By -

ROANOKE, TEXAS -- My daughter had her oil changed last night on the way home from work. She got home and the car was leaking oil. Walmart was closed by that time. This morning first thing, she called them and told them. They said bring it back and she said I can't come all that way in a car that's leaking oil (the place where she had it done was 30 miles from home, but close to work), so they said take it to the closest store. She started out and it started sputtering, so she went back home and called them.

They sent a tow truck to get it and take it to the Walmart and said they would fix it for her and if they couldn't fix it, they'd take it somewhere and have it fixed. Problem solved, right? Oh no, now they said it wasn't anything they did. They say that gas is getting into her oil somehow and it's not their fault.

Now the dealership is sending a tow truck to Walmart to pick it up and take it to their shop. She's beside herself with fear that it's going to cost money she doesn't have. I told her if the dealership finds out it really was something that Walmart did, they can hopefully talk to them and get something worked out. If not, and it really is something that COINCIDENTALLY went wrong at the very same time the oil was changed, her warranty will cover it. I don't believe for one minute that it is a coincidence. She said they looked under the car and saw where, instead of using a filter gasket, they had used silicone.

The area has to be bone dry and completely free of oil in order for that to work, plus it doesn't set up immediately. If one drop of oil gets between the silicone and the car, there's no seal. Why wouldn't they use a gasket? It's cheap enough. I think either doing that caused a leak, or they stripped the threads or cross-threaded the plug. Either way, oil was pouring out of it within 30 minutes of them changing the oil, and it certainly wasn't leaking when she took it in there. The car is only 10 months old.

Oil Change gone bad
By -

GILBERT, ARIZONA -- I went to WalMart for an oil change as I usually do. In the past they have been quick and done without any problems. This one went bad. After 1 hr 45 min they paged me that the car was ready. I got there and it was still in the bay with the hood up. They then told me the threads were stripped in the oil pan and they tried to put in a larger drain plug to see if that would hold. They wanted to know who did the last oil change and was willing to blame it on them. I gave them the date that they had last changed it...

The car was towed to a local shop where a new oil pan was installed. This all happened on Friday morning... It was 1pm before the tow truck showed up. WalMart did not want to pay for the damage. They expected me to pay for the repairs and then they would send a check from corporate in about 2 or 3 days. After talked to a few managers they decided if the bill was split they could pay it directly at the store since they have a cap on the amount they can pay out.

On Sat at 3:30 they called to say that I could pick up the money, even though they knew the repair shop closed at 3:00 pm that day. I did pick up the money. On Monday the claims adjuster called and I gave him the information thinking that I would be paid for loss of time, inconvenience, etc.. yeah right!! I picked up the car on Monday and the claims administrator called Monday afternoon stating that the claim was denied since they were only responsible for damage done to the car.

They did not care about how inconvenienced I was or if the weekend was completely ruined. I was told that they have powerful attorneys on retainer so if they pay what they think their responsible for there is not much further I can do. Soooooo... All I can do is spread the word and tell everyone I know about my horrible experience. I've written to every newspaper, television station, website I can find.

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