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Rating: 1/51

During a trip when I had no internet access, my account was logged into and a gift card for $170 was purchased and sent to an e-mail account specifically set up to get the "gift card" (really just an electronic email). To make it seem more like I was the purchaser, a music CD ($2.88) was shipped to the address on file in the account and the thief did not change my password. So, yes, I am at fault for storing a valid credit card with my account. I have deleted my credit card and subsequently deleted my account and made sure I have no other online sites with credit card information.

I disputed this purchase with both my credit card company and at Wal-mart has a policy that gift cards are non-refundable and refused to issue a credit.

My unanswered questions to Wal-mart are:

  1. Why do you allow "gift cards" to be emailed? Or at least make them valid only after a certain period of time so they cannot be used immediately?
  2. Why don't you require the "security code" to the credit card?
  3. Why not ask for a security question if the email address is not on file with the account.

I am positive Wal-mart knows of this scam, as I discovered this has been happening since early 2012. Just do a search on the internet for " account hacked". At a minimum, Wal-mart should have sent an email to all of its customers warning them to remove credit card info from the account.

The worst part of this incident, is that Wal-Mart accused me of lying - said that they were not hacked and I must have fallen for a "phishing" email.

The problem with that accusation is that I was in the IT business for 40 years, and recognize "phishing" when I see it. I have only made two purchases from and my only mistake was storing credit card info.

Walmart in My Opinion Does Not Care About the Disabled
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- My name is Ken. I am a 47 year male and I had a stroke on Dec 27th 2009. Due to the stroke I now deal with chronic fatigue, my right side arm and leg are out of whack, I have back pain and Migraines. I have to use the electric carts when I go to stores like Walmart and others. I have been in a continuous battle for Walmart to keep their carts safe and just charged up for us disabled folks to be able to use. There has been this one cart in particular that I have had the most aggravation with for the past 6 months. It began when I used a cart that slid some when I stood up to get an item on a higher shelf. The carts are supposed to lock in place for safety when you are not pressing the handles to make it move. I told the manager on duty and she promise me she would look into it. To get to the chase this dance went on for 4 more months and then this incident happened to me. I went shopping at Walmart at about 1 am one night and got a few items and went to my car. I sat on the cart and placed the items in my trunk and then with the last bag I had to stand up to place it. I put one foot on the ground between the cart and my car and one foot was still on the cart. Then it slowly began to move and before I could become aware of my situation (for info sake I have comprehension and memory issues so I am slow to get things sometimes) I became wedged under my bumper and the cart in such a way that I could not maneuver my arms or legs to use the handles or push myself up. So I stayed wedged for about 15 minutes until a nice young couple came out and helped me up.

I went inside and spoke to the manager on duty, Shirley, and was promised she would have it fixed. Now also know that she never asked how I was and never asked me to fill out a report. This same dance went on for another month with this same cart and it was never made safe and it was always put back out. I told the managers on duty 3 more times and the last time I threatened to sue Walmart and surprise I got their attention. This time they had me fill out an incident report and the next day I spoke with Billy the stores head whatever. He was kind and supportive and even told me about his daughter being severely disabled and how he would be upset if she was not safe. He promised me that he would see to the matter personally and make sure that the cart was made safe or thrown out. Finally I felt that something would be done to protect us from unsafe carts and I felt sure that this would be resolved soon. I took some time off from Walmart because it just wore me out mentally and physically so a month later I went shopping at Walmart and to my horror what did I see when I walked in the doors, The same cart sitting there but I still thought it had to be fixed so I tried it and to my shock and dismay it was not. It was just as dangerous as it was before as if nothing was done at all. I was mad and hurt and disgusted at Walmart and especially Billy for lying to me and not caring about the disabled and after playing the disabled sympathy card about his daughter.

I went home and fumed and then called billy the next morning. I told him what I thought of him and that I thought that he personally did not care about the disabled at all. He explained that he called the guy that fixes the carts so he did what he said he would do. I told him again what he said to me about making sure it was fixed and again he said he did what he said he would do. I told them that he was a liar because he said that he promised he would make sure it is fixed or thrown out and that he cared about the disabled because of his daughter and again I called him a liar and he just continued to explain that he did what he said he would do so you decide for yourself if he cares about you or someone you know that is disabled in some way.

What I want from this happening to me is for Walmart to care about us and make it safe for us to come to Walmart if we choose. Personally I choose not to any more. I do not believe liars. Thank you for your attention to my situation and I hope that you will make yourself known to Billy at Walmart - 5448 Whittlesey Blvd # B Columbus GA (706) 322-8801.

Please let him know what you think of his concern for the Disabled. No one should have to wait that long for help.

Company Response 02/10/2015:

My name is James, I am a representative from Walmart. We here at Walmart are sorry about your poor experience in one of our stores, but as you may know, our goal is to sell Mass quantities of product as quick as possible, and as cheap as possible, which is the reason why our customer service is poor. The issue you are having with your cart, I'd recommend getting someone over to your local store to fix it. We will not be shipping any new electric carts and accessories for quite a while, since we have recently upgraded the current ones. I highly recommend that if you do not enjoy our stores, please feel free to shop elsewhere. Thank you for buying our products, we really appreciate it. -James

Real Bad Experience
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- On December 19, 2012. I was making purchases at my local Wal-Mart in Las Vegas. I spent over 1000.00 that evening. I was hit by a pallet jack in operated by an employee. I actually did get hurt badly, after trying not to go to the hospital I finally did. Turns out I have a disk problem from twisting away suddenly when the pallet jack latched onto the back of my ankle as I stood at the jewelry counter. My attempt was to have Wal-Mart pay my copays for treatment. I needed treatment because lifting my bed-bound husband became very difficult and very painful.

The Doctor stated I now need an orthopedic surgeon. Wow I can't believe that Wal-Mart said that nothing happened and I made it all up. I was badgered in the store by the manager to fill my incident report even though I declined at first. All the employees attested to what they saw. I am sure that the jewelry counter does have video. I just can't believe the nerve on Wal-Mart not to live up to protecting customers in their store when something happens.

I reported them to OSHA for a violation of using equipment when customers are in the store, I reported them to BBB, and to the consumer complaint agency. I am awaiting their response. OSHA said they would investigate the matter. I am so injured that my husband had to be placed temporary in a nursing home and be without his wife because I cannot lift him because of what happened to by spine. I feel that Wal-Mart should at least do the right thing instead of just thinking about how much money they can get from consumers. They sure put a huge dent in the now quality of life. Shame on them. I miss my husband.

Accidently Left Items at Store
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Indianapolis, Indiana store on S. Emerson. I get home and I realized that I had left some of my purchase at the store... again! This happened twice in a span of two weeks, so I was extremely annoyed at myself. I went to customer service with my receipt and the lady checked her log. Mind you this was the same lady that had "helped" the last time. So she checks my receipt and walks off and I'm like "Ok?!" She comes back and says to me that her manager said that I should be more diligent with my bags and make sure that I get all of my stuff. This would be the last time that I would be allowed to "do this." She goes on to say that this was the third time that I had done this.

Mind you, yes this was our third encounter, but the first time she "helped" me was for being charged double for two separate items and two other items did not ring up properly. I did not throw a fit or get upset, I just went back to the store so they can fix the mistake. Of course this was not the first or second or third time that I had been ripped off by Walmart, just the first time I decided to do something about it. After being reprimanded, I explained that having to return to the store simply to retrieve items I left there, was not something I enjoy or do on purpose.

When I returned to the counter she still had a "vibe" and as did I, she ended the transaction with a "Have a nice day," I was having a nice day until then. I was so upset that I called the store and complained. I'm sure nothing will be done but it made me feel somewhat better. After waiting in line forever all three times dealing with this lady. Having to go and retrieve the exact flavor of ten cans of cat food (because otherwise it would off their inventory!) and everything else that I had left it just got too much.

I don't know of any other chain store, major or mom and pop where the employees have such an unprofessional sense of familiarity. At other grocery stores I see customers with a full cart when the prices are twice to three times as high as Walmart, I was always flabbergasted, like do they not know about Walmart!?! Well they probably do! You cannot put a price on good customer service. Thanks Walmart! This is an idea I thought I understood but now I know exactly what it means. So now I'll pay more for my groceries (I will watch what I spend more closely) but at least I will not have a sense of dread when I leave.

Customer Service Complaint
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Rating: 2/51

ILLINOIS -- I have been ordering household goods (toiletries, pet food) from for several years and have even suggested to co-workers, family members and friends on many occasions. I have now had two bad experiences with packaging of the shipments to cause damage to carpets. The first time, about a year ago, after getting nowhere with customer service online I went in the Wheeling store and the manager seemed genuinely caring about the situation and stated she didn't want to lose a customer over such a situation and offered me a gift card to use in the store.

Aside from refunding the damaged goods, the online customer service reps will only offer replacement or refund. That is fine until you have carpet damage from spilled liquids like in my case. I needed to spend $120 to have carpets cleaned due to soap that leaked through the box and into the carpet and padding. Again, a week ago, I had the same experience. I followed their protocol and again I received a refund but feel after dealing with a box of products covered in liquid soap and cat litter that has to be cleaned off carpets that someone would actually care and feel that I am due something other than "we are very sorry" and a refund!

I no longer will order from and even have decided not to shop at their stores. I will now shop in other stores and even pay a few more cents per item; a small thing by comparison to the emotions and time I have wasted with Walmart. Shopping online and having those items shipped to my home (free) was a savings of time, gas and even money as I wasn't purchasing other items that I was putting in my cart as I walked the aisles. I feel that should re-think their customer service procedures.

Customer Service attitude and intelligence
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA -- Bought a twin air mattress to take on vacation to the same family condo we stayed at last year. Got there and realized we still had the mattress from the previous year and it was in good shape. Had thrown the receipt away for the new mattress but didn't think there would be a problem getting the thirty dollars back at our friendly Wal-Mart which we spend hundreds of dollars at every month. Surprise, surprise the front end management is beyond lame.

We were advised that after 14 days mattresses could not be returned. Talked to front end "management" and was advised the same thing. It was obvious this mattress had not been used, it was in the box and the box still sealed with sticky whatever. Why are people so ignorant? I mean it's not like we were trying to take it back used or anything. And there is no way anyone couldn't tell that that box had never been opened. Believe me I've worked at Wal-Mart in the past and saw what some people DO bring back and it's just crazy.

Anyway called another Wal-Mart with much smarter people who did not give us a problem at all. Got a gift card and we were on our way. I think some people just really let their power go to their head so much that they can't see anything else.

It's just like they have no common sense whatsoever and are out to make it as hard on the honest person as possible but now if a troublemaker would have went in that store demanding they take it back, I've got a feeling things would have been worked out much differently. You know what they say about karma, I hope that "manager" gets it twofold. Just know there are exceptions to every rule and good employees know when to make those exceptions using their common sense.

Dirty, Unhelpful / Lazy All Around Bad Customer Service) and Inconvenient
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Rating: 1/51

POTTSTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- EVERY time I think I should just suck it up and go to Wal-Mart for a possible better price (I'm a Target shopper), I'm reminded why I don't EVERY time! There is NEVER anyone on the floor for help and when there are 9 out of 10 are too LAZY to actually be helpful. If they don't know the answer to your question... Instead of find out for you, they say sorry and walk away. Now, when I'm at other stores I frequent, if that sales associate does not know the answer, they fire up their walkie talkie and FIND OUT.

THEN... There's the attitude. It's like dealing with snotty teenagers, only these are adults and know better. They are rarely pleasant, god forbid they crack a smile. AND another reason I shop at Target... Wal-Mart is never as organized or clean. It's like shopping at a warehouse. I guess to buy low price you have to buy low quality in all aspects. My most recent adventure took me to Wal-Mart because I desperately needed an air mattress fast and they carried the one we wanted and it was in stock. So... We go to use it and find out it has a leak.

I go back to Wal-Mart WITH the receipt. At this point I'm looking for a refund as we had to replace this new air mattress and did not need an "extra" one, so I didn't want a replacement. I was then told that because it was opened, they would not return it. I wasn't too bothered by that as I then asked for store credit... While I don't like Wal-Mart, it's not like I couldn't find something we needed to buy for our family of 5.

I was then told they do not do store credit either. Apparently for an air mattress, if the box is opened, and I do mean just even tape ripped... They do NOT do returns. I then asked how is it to know if the items is faulty if it is not opened??? They said it was Wal-Mart's policy.

So, needless to say I was OUT ALL OUR MONEY and had to accept an exact replacement of the mattress, which we DID NOT need nor want. At this point, we are just going to sell it and try to get our money back! I hate Wal-Mart. And sadly, any employee I have ever met (including ones I know well) feel the same way more and more. I will NEVER shop at a Wal-Mart if I can help it, as it only frustrates and annoys me every time.

Horrifying Experience Trying To Order Using PayPal
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Rating: 1/51

DO NOT ORDER FROM WALMART.COM USING A PAYPAL DEBIT CARD OR YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Neither of these options works on their website. First, I tried using my PayPal debit card to place an order and an hour later, I received an email that the order was cancelled "because your payment could not be verified"... So I tried placing the order using the PayPal option instead, and the same thing happened.

Then... Trying to get these people to remove the authorizations from my PayPal account was like trying to explain stocks and bonds to a toddler. I kept getting responses that made no sense (yes, some were 'canned' responses). One representative understood with no problem and removed the authorization immediately, but that was on my second order attempt. Then I contacted them to request they remove the authorization on the order placed 2 days earlier, and they didn't understand what I was asking, responses made no sense, and they told me to wait 14 days for it to "disappear automatically". We went back and forth at least 10 times, and the issue was never taken care of.

PayPal has a policy whereby if the seller contacts them they can remove that authorization and release the funds back into your account, just like any other credit card company. But Walmart doesn't know what that means, or just doesn't want to be bothered.

Regarding the verification process, they never told me exactly what the problem was. I have had a PayPal account for about 15 years now, and never had a problem, except with Walmart. For some reason, even ordering directly using the PayPal option, caused the same error - they can't seem to verify PayPal for some reason. I was able to order the same product for a few dollars more through Amazon anyway, using the same card, with no issues whatsoever. is not programmed properly, so be careful if you order from them. Better yet, just spend the few extra dollars and order from somewhere else to be safe.

Prepaid Cellphones
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Rating: 2/51

I just want customers who buy pre-paid cellphones from Walmart to be aware of a few things. The 2yr warranty I bought for exchanges of broken/damaged electronics goes through a contractor of Walmart and not Walmart itself. In other words, you will have to send your phone back to receive a replacement in 2-4 days.

If you return your pre-paid cellphone and purchase a new one, it may take 2 days for you to have your new phone working. You may lose your number in the meantime. The only way you can do this is to have the old and the new phones in hand and switch to the new one and then return the old one but wow... that could mean purchases greater than $1000 at one time especially if you get one of the better phones like iPhone or galaxy 3 etc.

The customer service in the main branch was clueless. They had no access to the box of the phone which was not available in the stores. The information online was not sufficient to make my decision on which phone to get but it is on the box but the customer service representative has no access to the box and since the phone is only available online and does not have much information, it's a guessing game. Pretty tough to buy a $500 phone and return and wait for 48 hrs to receive the reimbursement on my card to purchase another phone.

In the meantime, I may lose my number and it then takes 48 hrs for them to get my new phone working with my old number, that is only if that number has not been given to anyone else. Customer service reps state that there will be an immediate credit but this is absolutely not true. Once I placed a regular shipping order and wanted to change it I was told I have to cancel and wait 48 hrs for the money to be back in my account... this was 5 min after I placed the order. LOL. So then I had to re-order in 2 days and pay expedited shipping.

I mean the whole reason why I cancelled in the first place was so I could order again and get the item with standard shipping quicker than saver shipping. There has to be a better system than tying up people's money so long especially when it's an expensive product and you need the money soon to re-purchase it with quicker shipping. Furthermore, the representatives for online purchase customer service were either rude or clueless or both.

Sorry Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

ROCKWOOD, TENNESSEE -- This review concerns only the Walmart in Rockwood TN. I have not had this experience in other Walmarts but have had similar experiences at this particular Walmart several times. I went to this Walmart with money in my pocket intending to purchase a shotgun before I left. First, why does Walmart put people in the Sporting Goods section that know nothing about hunting gear (firearms) or equipment, but that is not my complaint today. I spent about 30 minutes looking at the shotguns, spinning the carousel around and around and no one ever once asked me if I needed help.

What agitated this is that the lady working there went back to stocking items out of a cart onto the shelves when a man walked up to look at the shotgun shells. He hadn't been there 5 seconds and the same lady asked him if there was something he needed. He said yes and showed her the shells he wanted to buy. She got them for him and he was in and out in less than 2 minutes. This is during the time that I had been looking at the shotguns for 30 minutes. The cart she was working out of was right against the shotguns so I know she saw me.

Finally, when no one else was around but me and her I asked her "Is this all the shotguns you have right now?" Her answer was "Pretty much." She never even looked up as she answered but just kept working out of the cart. I then said "I was in here about a month ago and there were a couple of brown ones in here that I was interested in. I was just wondering if you still had any of them." Again, she never even looked up and didn't even answer me. She just kept putting up stock.

I said to myself, "Forget this mess! If they don't want to make a sale, I'll just go somewhere that does!" I walked off and let her keep working. Apparently putting stuff on the shelf was more important than making a $400 sale! I get so tired of this kind of treatment at this particular Walmart. I am the customer and they are the seller. I would expect a seller to pay attention to the customer when he comes in the store intending to make a big purchase.

Since I was ignored and she didn't seem interested in selling anything I just left. I did not get the lady's name but just for management's sake at that store, she was working the sporting goods register between 12:00-12:30 PM on Saturday 10/26/13. Please get someone who wants to make a sale and doesn't ignore customers to work in her place!!

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