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What Is My Right As A Customer In This Situation?
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WILLISTON, VERMONT -- I went to Wal-Mart and was brought by a friend and we walked around buying some things including a bottle of wine. I went to the checkout and he went to the car to pull it to the front by the time I got done. Well during the checkout process the customer service manager grabbed the bottle of wine out of my cart without even telling me anything and I asked the checkout person what was going on and said that they saw me with someone else so I called my friend back to see his ID so I called him back to the store. He came back in showed his ID and said this is my ID are you happy? And the guy from the checkout didn't look and pointed to the customer service manager and said he stopped the sale. Then he showed his ID to him and said the same thing.

Then the customer service manager said he didn't want to sell the wine now. So my friend asked to see the manager and he said with a smirk I am a manager. So my friend said I want to go to the office with you and fill out a paper to what's going on. The customer service manager refused and told my friend he doesn't have what to do which of course pissed him off and said with frustration this is discrimination and the whole time the customer service manager couldn't even look us in the eye.

My friend then said if you really are the manager you are a garbage and a as*hole and I will go over the internet and complain to corporate online. My friend also made the pfft sound in front of him about him saying hes a manager and my friend doesn't have what to do. Then we left without the wine and went to the car and noticed a security guy following us and then speaking in his walkie I got his number I got his number and then my friend asked what the reason for that is and he said I don't need to tell you, you need to speak with the police officer.

We left there was no cops around and didn't see a reason to stay. We tried to resolve this peacefully but obviously he didn't want to be helpful and this isn't the first time I've had a problem with him before he has given me a hard time cashing my pay checks there even though I do it almost every week there. We got home and I sent an email to corporate only to have my friend the very next day get called by the cops and asked to come in and got a citation to go to the court for disorderly conduct and simple assault and a 1 year no trespass order.

The cop said it was because my friend was being loud. Where is my right here we tried to resolve everything nicely and he kept refusing any resolution to the problem which obviously would make you upset I don't see where the crime is. If we charge this just because you voice your displeasure than half the people that shop at these stores would get charged so do we have to shop in fear now knowing that if we are upset and no one will help us we will get called by the cops. I'm sorry I don't see how this is right my friend didn't hurt or threaten anyone he was just a little loud and frustrated which last I checked wasn't a crime. This is really the free country (USA) where you can't voice your frustrations in a non violent way.

So my advice is don't raise your voice in Wal-Mart or you will get a paper to go to court so much for being about the customer and trying to help the customer. Thank You Wal-Mart!!!!!

Walmart Ethics/Respect For Individuals
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PLAISTOW, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I have been a customer at your Plaistow, NH Walmart Store for years. I am also an ex-employee of two of your stores, that one included.

On July 14th, 2012 I had placed an order through to be picked up at the Plaistow, NH Walmart location. I had done this using my boyfriends Rogers account through Paypal. We had been having a troubled relationship so unknown to him I ordered way over my usual limit that he gives me. Paypal withdrew the money from the account and sent it to I have a receipt for this transaction.

When called my boyfriend he had refused the order because it was expensive. had automatically cancelled the order. I had not known this and had gone to pick it up. The employees couldn't find me in their handheld or the register. They thought my order to not have been placed so I had to drive all the way back home to replace the order. The money had already been taking out of the account and there was a limited balance left so I had to revise the order. I replaced it, printed out the order and copies of my Paypal, and waited for Walmart to call. They told tell me this order wasn't ready still. After a couple of hours I checked the website and it said it was cancelled. I said forget it and placed my order with Best Buy instead, ordering all the same merchandise that I had on my Walmart order. I went there instead because it was so frustrating.

On Sept 2nd, I had placed another order for pick up in the Plaistow, NH store. I had gone to again. Once again I get there and they cannot find any record of this order. While I was there I had three associates tell me they couldn't find it, there was no record once again. All these items were in-stock, in-store on the computer. They had given me a million stories and excuses. I said that Paypal had already taken the funds out of my account and I needed to cancel it, so I could go pick up another present someplace else. By then I was there for an hour and a half already. It was very aggravating. This kept happening. Wasting my time and no one was getting me any answers. I still needed a present and all my funds were transferred to on an account that wasn't registering on the computers.

So now I'm extremely aggravated because they can't cancel something they can't find, So I can't get the money put back into my account. So I asked for a manager and the Assistant manager Dixie went out back to find out what was going on. twenty minutes later still no one. And they can't do anything by then . I Told them they should have told me that or at least kept me up to date with what was going on. When I got home there was a message to my boyfriend phone (who also happens to be an assistant manager at that Wal-mart) that I was down there causing a scene and that he should give me a call and take care of it. First of all I said we were working on our problems so he had no idea what was going on in my life right then. She had no rights to tell him where I was and what I was doing ordering and to take care of it. That was very much out of line and my business is personal. When I got home my order was canceled. It had been canceled by

Now doesn't notify me its canceled so I call them. They said there wasn't anyway to verify my payment and how it was made. They already knew it was paid for by PayPal. Well I guess the problem was that since he cancelled the first order they cancelled everyone after thinking it was a bad acct. so they had to refund PayPal for the payments. But because cancels them they don't end up going through their handhelds for processing. And then it seems to take forever to get our money back. So I lose twice over.

Now once again in October My Boyfriend had placed an order through there (but in the mean time he has no idea as to what's going on with my shopping habits. And went to pick it up. It was an in store item.. He was limited for time and in a rush He got the TV gave them his paid receipt and left.

Now me and my boyfriend Roger HAD resolved our issues. And yesterday he was called to the office to be reprimanded because I ordered items off his Paypal acct. Now if they are cancelled orders placed and done at home how does it becomes any of the stores business? Why is my boyfriend Roger held accountable for orders that are placed at home just because he is employed there. Isn't our life personal? The very slanderous AP Associate Matthew that was there told him that I place orders cancel them and pick the merchandise up with fake forms before it can be cancelled in the system. Through experience of many cancelled orders of Walmart if the order was cancelled it disappears right away in the system and there isn't even any time to put the order together. Now he is telling my boyfriend that I take the items and walk out of the store with them. So because of his really poor job skills. And his apparent wanting to make himself look really good for some reason. He spread gossip lies and untrue remarks about me. My boyfriend still had no idea what happened and was blind sided but wanted to take responsibility for something (guilt over or own personal problems prevailed) and was coerced into making a statement. He lost his job. All he knows is that I did have some new stuff but it was stuff purchased at Best Buy when my Walmart order wouldn't go threw. So they are pretty much the same items. Walmart's AP had stated I was a thief and had screwed the system canceling the order and saying I picked up merchandise and walked out of the store without paying for it. I never picked up an order. There would never be an account number a pick up form a signature or anything on Walmart's camera to suggest otherwise. This man is spreading lies gossip and Untrue facts accusing me of something that never happened.

He has totally invaded my privacy embarrassed me by belittling anyone me and saying I'm a criminal. Well if he did his job he would have called and seen that they cancelled the orders and maybe if he did his job and went through the tapes and could point me out in anyone of them being anywhere near merchandise. Instead he has been spreading vicious gossip and lies. He could have at least questioned me since it was my order my cancellations my shopping trips to the store and I could have explained the whole story to him. Now because apparently AP has a personal problem with me in order to degrade me the way he did. My boyfriend isn't sure what happened and what kind of person I am cause he was trapped in a room with co workers where they were filling his head with nothing but bold faced lies.

Attached is the copies of my orders the cancellations the payments threw Paypal and the only merchandise I ever had my hands on was threw Best Buy that is also included. I would really appreciate some help as soon as possible in regards to this matter. Not sure who is accountable Walmart, or

Thank you,
Dawn Phillips Ellison

Bought A Car Stereo And Discovered There Was Only A Rock In The Box
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IOLA, KANSAS -- On September 3rd, 2012 at 9:00 P.M. I entered the Iola Wal-mart located on North State Street, in Iola, Kansas. I was going there to purchase a new car stereo. After entering the store and finding the particular stereo I wanted I started for the checkout lane. While checking out and paying for my item the clerk removes the "spider security device" from my box. I start walking towards the exit and am walking directly next to another white male exiting at the same exact time. While we were going through the door we heard a soft audible sound we both thought to be the security system.

Both of us stopped at the door and turned around assuming someone was coming to check our receipts. We stood there for a second, looked around and made eye contact with a couple of Wal-mart employees who didn't indicate for us to stop, turn back, or proceed. After few short seconds and after realizing Wal-mart didn't have any questions or concerns, we continued on to the parking lot.

I entered my vehicle and immediately opened a box that was not taped or secured in a manner that I was accustom to by Wal-mart products. After opening the box I not only didn't find the car stereo I thought I purchased but found a rock. This rock after holding it in my hand it seemed to weigh or felt like it weighed what I thought a car stereo would weigh. At least my attention was not caught simply by handling the box. After realizing this I honestly thought this was some sort of contest or maybe when I re entered the store I would have found that I won a prize?? I had not only not left the Walmart parking lot but only made it a few feet before I exited my vehicle and immediately returned inside the store.

I approached the customer service desk and asked if I won a prize. The clerk was obviously dumbfounded and didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. I spoke with Elenore, the Store manager and I told her of the situation. She told me she would have to review the security tapes and get back with me regarding replacing my item. After over an hour the store manager returned and told me that the security device was placed on the electronic item I purchased which was in the box that I took from the store. I told her that the box was not only contained just a rock but I was in possession of the box from the time I left the store until the few minutes passed and I returned back into the store.

I asked her what she saw on the video. I was certain the video would show any question that she might have of me removing the stereo from the box would be eliminated, She stated " Again, the electronic device you purchased was inside the box when you exited the store or the security system would not have gone off". I told her that simply wasn't the case. I asked her if the security device "if my device was what of one that alerted the system to engage" could have possibly been on the box itself or some other place because the rock was the only contents of the box. I also asked her if the individual next to me could have had an item that made the system go off and why if the system indicated something was wrong why we were not stopped and checked.

She again repeated that device was in the box when I left the store. Having said that and after Wal-Mart's refusal to replace the rock with what I thought I purchased and their refusal to simply provide me what the item I purchased I called the police. As a prior law enforcement officer of 13 years I knew that this matter was somewhat of a civil matter but I wanted record of the incident and the events noted as they transpired. I am demanding that Wal-mart replace my the rock with the item I purchased within 24 hrs of now or I will have no choice but to pursue legal action against Wal-mart, Wal-mart employees, supervisors, and any parties directly involved with this obvioustheft by deception.

IfWal-mart refuses to replace this with the itemI purchased I will file a civilsuit in the District Court ofAllen County, Kansas, for the cost of the item, attorneys fees, and any and all damages incurred from this incident. Finally I will file an official complaint with theBetter Business Bureau indicating the facts of this incident and seek some sort of remedy or punishment throughthose means. Take notice and govern yourselves accordingly. If Wal-mart should decide to remedy this situation within the times limits indicated in this letter, they may contact me at 620-875-2819.

S.D. Dillow

Walmart's Policy On Acceptable ID's Discriminates Against Foreign Non-US Residents
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MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Just a few hours ago I tried to buy alcohol at Walmart and they wanted my wife's ID as well. Since we are recently married she only could offer her Armenian Passport with US Visa which also has an English translation. Of course the ONLY form of ID a foreign born person living in the United States can offer is their birth countries passport. However this Walmart Manager said they would not accept her passport and would only take state issued ID's, Drivers licenses, military ID's, and US Passports. Now mind you, you can only get a US passport if you're US born. So what about the entire population of people legally visiting, living, getting educated, or working in the USA? Walmart won't sell alcohol to them? Isn't that discrimination?

Here is the full story. Now an Armenian Passport is accepted as ID all over the country and like other foreign passports has her US Visa right there as well and is clearly more legit than any driver license would be. Now after they turned us down by saying they wouldn't accept it, I pointed out that refusing to accept a foreigners ID is discrimination and accused her of discriminating against my new bride. (A lot of ignorant people seem to confuse the look with Arabs when actually Armenia was the first country to EVER adopt Christianity) We then left the store without our wine and I called to speak to the store manager. I asked the store manager one simple question... What is an acceptable form of ID to buy alcohol for someone who is not born in the US? Her first response was "well we accept US passports" and I said "a US passport is only for people born in the US." So she said she'd look at Walmart's official policy if I could hold. So I did. At this point I was SURE that she would come back and say they accept all US accepted passports not JUST US Passports and was only hoping that she would then educate the other manager so this kind of thing wouldn't happen again. I was surprised when she came back saying they take state issued ID's, Drivers licenses, military ID's, and US Passports like the other manager said but also included US naturalization papers (which are still only for people who have become Americanized).

So again I pointed out that the ONLY form of ID a foreign born person living in the United States can offer is their birth countries passport with a US issued Visa at the very best. So again I confirmed that Walmart's policy on acceptable forms of ID excludes anyone who is not a current US citizen. WOW! I thought this was the United States of America? I then had nothing left to say accept to ask straight out... "So you're telling me that Walmart won't sell alcohol to anyone who does not have an American issued ID and hence is not American?" She did not respond as I waited in silence for about 20 seconds. I followed up by saying "If this isn't true then you should be able to tell me an accepted form of ID for someone who is NOT a US Citizen, otherwise this policy is discrimination." At that point all she had to say was that if someone already turned you down I can not override that decision. Which simply confirmed to me that she understood exactly where I was coming from and that I had clearly made my point. I then asked "How is Walmart going to make this right?" and she said "There is nothing I can do" and hung up on me.

It just so happens my wife and I know A LOT of foreigners here with valid passports of legal age just like hers. My thought is what if I got multiple foreign born people to consecutively go through and try and buy alcohol with their passports while on film? What if we had a bus full? Is Walmart going to continue to say that they will not accept passports as a valid form of identification? Would they continue to discriminate against foreigners? What would it take to get them to change their discriminatory policy? Should they be sued? Tell me what you think.

Wal-Mart Practices Customer Discrimination.
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CORONA -- Last evening my wife and I visited your Corona Store #1800 (1290 E Ontario Ave, Corona, CA) to purchase some items before my wife left for Germany on vacation. A couple of the items were in the Camera Department. We spend an average of $2000 to $3000 a year in that store.

We went to the Camera Department and asked the associated ** where the disposal cameras and flash memories were. At the time she was alone with no other customers and we were the only customers in that area. She very rudely pointed in the direction of the back wall. I asked her if she come show us and she just pointed again (in other words assist us in finding articles we needed top purchase) and refused to assist us. Keeping in mind there were no other customers in the area for her to assist -€“ we were the only ones. I asked to see a manager for help and she contacted one for us.

This incident occurred at 5:05 PM PST on March 01 2012. A few seconds later a Mexican American family came over and asked her for help -€“ she immediately dropped what she was doing and took them over to an aisle and assisted them and left this White couple to fend for ourselves. Yes, my wife and I are White and she refused to help us and was very happy to help the Mexican American Couple.

When one of the assistant floor managers came over I pointed out what had happened and she witnessed ** (who was white) assisting the Mexican American Couple. At that point I demanded to see the store Manager. She contacted ** who was the Store Manager. I explained to him the incident in great detail. He politely remarked he would talk to her. I demanded he fire her. He was not very helpful or indicated in our conversation he really cared.

Your company has an employee that discriminates against White Customer and goes out of her way to assist Mexican American customers. Is that a new Wal-Mart policy? If it is we will never shop at another Wal-Mart store again and tell all of our friends and family that Wal-Mart practices discrimination against White customers and discourage them from shopping at your stores. Is Wal-Mart looking for another customer discrimination lawsuit?

For sure Hell will freeze over before we spend another nickel in that store. We walked out of the store with a left shopping cart of merchandise in an aisle and went to Target and purchase all of the same items we needed. They don'€™t discriminate against White customers.

Today 02/02/2012 at approx 9:45 AM PST, I spoke with ** the Store Manager. He mentioned he spoke with ** and she told him she was helping the other customer before we came up. That is a lie. We were the only people in that area. The Mexican American couple came up later. Not only is she a racist - she lied to the Store Manager during their conversation. Is that the new employee model at Wal-Mart?

I suggest Wal-Mart investigate this incident and dismiss ** along with **. They are not the customer centric employees you need in your company. ** came across more like protecting his employees than looking at the FACTS and acting on them appropriately.

Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned - I Went Shopping At Walmart
By -

It was late. It was dark. The roads were deserted. No one was looking. So I put on my sunglasses (yes, I wear my sunglasses at night) and snuck over to the 24-hour Walmart in search of a purple tablecloth. I had exhausted all other options, so Walmart was my last resort.

Since I don't shop there anymore, I was somewhat unfamiliar with the new layout. I had only seen it once or twice before, but I found my way to Housewares quite easily. To my surprise, there was a large selection of tablecloths, but not one with even a hint of purple, as I suspected. The department overall was well stocked, but the prices were not very competitive.

The store wasn't crowded so I decided to walk around. I realized how much I disliked the new layout, and that I really missed the old one. As I tried to picture it in my mind, it brought back a lot of memories. I took my son shopping at Walmart all the time when he was growing up because I knew if he acted up, no one would notice. He bought a lot of stuff there and got great deals back then. His allowance went a long way!

Now the prices aren't so great and neither is the merchandise. I did some comparison shopping with the items I recently purchased from Kohl's. Although the quality of Kohl's clothing has diminished slightly, it's still miles above Walmart's quality. And after all the discounts, I paid less for everything I bought at Kohl's, including shoes.

I breezed through the produce and meat departments just to see if the quality had changed. The meat still looked suspicious, but the produce didn't seem so bad considering it was late at night. The selection wasn't as good as my usual supermarket, and the prices were the same or more.

I moved on to the bakery, and boy did it smell good. Other than the bread, I think this location actually has a decent bakery. The prices were not competitive, but the selection was quite large.

My last stop before leaving the store was the Health and Beauty Department. Again, there was a large selection, and the shelves were fully stocked. But the prices were not competitive enough to bring me into the store.

I didn't go through Electronics because I didn't want to be tempted to buy a movie. That department was expanded when they did away with the Fabric Department and downsized the Crafts Department. I guess there's more money to be made from selling electronics.

As I walked to my car, I came to the conclusion that I wasn't missing anything by not shopping at Walmart. The only thing I missed was the times I shopped there with my son. I have Wal-Mart to thank for those memories.

Great Value? Not So Great If You Ask Me

Please let me preface this review by saying that it was my wife that decided to stop at Wal-Mart out of convenience, since we live relatively close by, and that I wasn't in the car wrestling the steering wheel in the opposite direction.

Recently, I have been ill and have been dealing with full-blown strep throat. Miserable to say the very least. I asked the wife to run to the store and grab some chicken noodle soup. Oops! I didn't specify what brand. My mistake. A mistake that my taste buds, stomach lining, and bowels will be living with for years to come. I'll excuse that oversight and blame it on a feverish disposition.

Well, she gets to Wal-mart and decides to give the local store brand a try. That would be the "Great Value" brand that Wal-mart has been pushing since it revamped its image and product line back in 2009 to include a wider variety of products.

Let me say that there was nothing "great" or any "value" of any kind in that product. I wouldn't wish Great Value Chicken Noodle Soup on my own worst enemy. It tasted putrid. Having never tried dirty dish soap water and kerosene mixed together, I somehow surmise it would be fairly close in taste and likability. A nasty looking thick gooey film immediately began to curdle upon the surface of the broth. The noodles and pretty much the entire soup had a certain alarming brownish hue to it. My wife prepared it, so anyone that's ever been married will understand why I tried at least a few bites.

A few hours later, still hungry, I opened the cupboard to see another can of the same soup. Hmmm? Maybe it was just the one can, and not the product itself? Wow, the lies and tricks one's mind can play on you when you are ill and under the weather. So I heated it up myself, and as I sat down to eat it, I immediately noticed the same gross curdling on the surface of the broth. I stirred it away, and took one bite, and mumbled "Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, and shame on me." Hungry, ill, and shamed... what a day?

Not sure about the rest of the Great Value chain of products in Wal-Mart, but from my experience, I would NEVER recommend trying this Great Value Chicken Noodle soup.

Grade: F

Walmart Great Value Mild Italian Sausage full of WORMS
By -

ST.MARY'S, PENNSYLVANIA -- I'm still gagging on Walmart 'Great Value' Mild Italian Sausage, cooked up, took a slice, tasted like Pine-Sol. So I thought, I better be sure, doubting my own taste buds, assuming the sausage was good since we just bought it and it had an expiration date of 7/14 and this was only the 8th. So I cut & tasted a different piece from another sausage that also had a soapy Pine-Sol type taste, but was clearly gamier, so spit it out. Then I looked closely at the sausages I had removed from the frying pan and placed on a plate. It was FULL OF WORM, 100'S OF WORMS springing out all over the encasement - long white strings.

So disgustingly GROSS!!! Recapping my actions in shock and totally grossed out!!! Since I had steam/boiled them in a frying pan, I didn't see all those long thin white thread like worms that had broken through their encasement and were hanging out cooked (as they tried to escape being parboiled), since the fat that was boiled out frothed the water.

I always parboil/steam sausage, then take them out cut them up to add to sauce. Not this time!!! I took off a small piece while cutting them and popped into my mouth to taste. Tasted like Pine-Sol smells. So I forced it down, thinking 'agh', just some different seasonings or maybe the frying pan was a bit soapy(?), so I decide to test another bite from another sausage to see if they were good or not, expecting the next piece to taste right...stronger yucky taste! What the heck??

This piece I spit out immediately...I couldn't believe that I got 2 items of bad meat from the St. Mary's Pennsylvania Walmart! The 5-lb roll of 80/20 hamburger that I had just opened earlier made a popping sound when I cut the tube open and it let out a smelly gas, so it was bad and now the sausage was full of worms!!

Earlier, before cooking their sausage, I had opened a new 5-lb tube of the 80/20 hamburger, which let out a gas hiss and had a slight odor. I wrapped that back up planning to return it to Walmart. It wasn't supposed to expire 'til 7/14 & we only bought it the night before! So I had my son, James smell it to confirm it was funky and put it back it the bag, tied it and placed it in the freezer so I could return it next trip to Walmart. Because the hamburger was 'bad', I had decided to make spaghetti & sausage. Yuck!

I am glad I cook sausage separately before adding to sauce to cut down on the grease, but since I steam/boil it to get all the fat out, the water gets frothy a bit, so I didn't see that each sausage had these long thin white threads popped perpendicularly through the encasement! I had cut off a chunk from the end of one sausage (before seeing the worms) and had eaten a piece that tasted kind of like soap or Pine-Sol, thinking my taste buds were 'off'. Then I figured I needed confirmation, so I cut another piece off another sausage and it tasted even worse so I spit that one out...

I took them out of the water, put them on a plate and then saw the little stringy things. I called James to see and initially he said it looked like it was just the encasement breaking down from boiling them, but as we looked closer we then realized that there were more. As I turned the sausages over to look at the little strings, we then realized that they were long stringy white worms!!!!!

GROSSED OUT AND OUTRAGED, I IMMEDIATELY PUT MY FINGER DOWN MY THROAT to try to vomit out the piece I had already swallowed. My stomach still remains queasy today! James called up Walmart immediate and they apologized and said to bring them back. We decided to take the ride 15 miles to them and show them so they could put out a recall. So we took them back to Walmart - grossed them out too. Told them they better recall their crap. They said they get it all pre-made, pre-frozen and even though it had the label and UPC, that they weren't saying whether or not they would send in a recall. Come on!! If it was like that in my package, it had to be in others!!

They gave me a $20 gift certificate (big deal!) but I can still feel that lump in my throat. Although I know the worms were dead, its still grossing me out! Thinking about it makes me wonder if at the meat plant perhaps when cleaning up and scraping away scraps, that someone must have put them into the vat and processed them into sausages since they had a soapy, Pine-Sol type taste...sick! Disgusting. How many other packages will be like this??? Who else will be affected???

I normally love sausage, but now can't consider eating any...especially their brand. James and I then went to buy some non-meat food products, but I stopped by their sausage, seeing some packages still icy from being just brought out. They had a 7/18 expiration date - so they either sold out all the 7/14 or maybe did know about it and removed them all.

Out of curiosity I started looking real close at their new packages and could see that under the encasement, that those too looked like there were little white stringy things...that if boiled will most certainly pop through. Wherever this pork sausage was processed at needs to have the FDA go in and inspect their plant and make them get rid of all their wormy meat!! DON'T BUY GREAT VALUE ITALIAN SAUSAGE!!! DON'T BUY ANY 'GREAT VALUE SAUSAGES' AS THEY ALL LOOK LIKE THEY COME FROM THE SAME PLACE!!

Beware of the Wal-Mart Money Card
By -

When you purchase the card, you have to pay $3 to put money on it and you are given a card at the register, but you cannot use it until you go online and activate it with the activation code provided at the bottom of your receipt. I only needed to use the card twice, so I went online and activated it... should have run from it as soon as I started registering, but they say hindsight is twenty-twenty.

When you go online to activate the card, you are asked questions about signing up for daily emails, given offers for free fill-ups on the card as long as you set up a recurring direct deposit from your bank account, etc. I skipped the direct deposit and everything else but did sign up for the free daily emails giving me my card balance. You MUST sign up for a permanent card to be sent to you that has your name on it when you register. I didn't understand it but since I couldn't use the card without doing it, I signed up for that as well.

After I filled everything out and printed out the paperwork, as requested, I noticed in the fine print that you are charged a monthly maintenance fee of $3. I thought not a problem since I was going to use it twice and shut it down. I received the emails daily after the first bill was paid and every one of them stated my remaining balance was $5.32 (from January 3 through February 5).

I went to the local Wal-Mart today (February 5) to purchase a re-loader card (another $3) and after I arrived home I tried to add it to the current balance. I had to input the information about the permanent card and then they transferred everything from the temp card to this permanent card. That was when I found out that I didn't have $5.32, I had $2.32.

I called customer service to find out why I wasn't charged the $3 fee AFTER having the permanent card for 30 days and according to the agent, the fee isn't charged after having the account or permanent card for 30 days, the first fee is charged 10 days after you open the account (which coincidentally coincides with the arrival of your pretty permanent card).

I told them they had misled me for the past month as to the balance on the card and I wanted to speak to a supervisor about the fact the company had misled me on daily emails for the past month. The gentleman put me on hold for almost 10 minutes and then I was suddenly transferred to a customer service survey asking me to rate that particular representative, his knowledge, and his ability to help me.

I promptly hung up and called back and was able to connect to another representative. She also gave me the song and dance about the fact that yes there is a fee... in essence the same spiel the other guy had said. I again asked to speak to a supervisor about getting the fee refunded because of being misled for the last month... She puts me on hold and comes back to say she can refund the fee, but I have to wait two business days for it to be processed through.

I tell her that will not happen because I refuse to drive back to Wal-Mart to pay another $3 to put $3 on the card to pay the bill so I ask a third time for the supervisor and after being put on hold again, I still don't get to speak to a supervisor but suddenly they are able to refund the fee immediately. Trust me, these cards are not worth the heartache or the hassle.

The only reason I took out the card was because the bill collector wanted an account number to pay off the bill and I refuse to let them near my bank account, momma didn't raise any fools there.So for anyone reading these reviews, be very leery of these cards. I have learned they are not all they are cracked up to be and you will way more in fees than what you expect.

Refusing to Give In

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- First of all, let me start by saying that I notice in a lot of these compliment/complaint forums that some Americans have the audacity to actually say "Well, if you don't like it, then just shop somewhere else". Or, my personal favorite, "Just do what they ask and there wouldn't be any hassle"! Are these people completely delusional and oblivious to everything our forefathers and ancestors have fought for throughout their lifetimes, just so that I have the right to stand up for myself? This is the United States of America, and not some third world country where talking back or saying what you believe in gets you imprisoned or placed in front of a firing squad.

One moral that I've instilled in my children, now in young adults in their own right, is to stand up for what you believe in, no matter how minuscule or trivial it may seem. Never, ever, feel that you must "accept" something just out of convenience. I apologize for the digression, but alas my story. I was shopping at Wal-Mart with my family and we had just finished checking out and completing our transaction with the cashier, when we approached the exit. An older woman, in her 40's or 50's, approached my family and I and asked for a receipt to check against the merchandise in the shopping cart.

I realize that it is just another step towards theft deterrent, but instead of harassing the honest customers at the door, how about placing these employees throughout the store for increased surveillance (as if the 5,000 cameras in the aisles weren't enough). But to insult my integrity, in front of my children, by asking for me to prove myself by producing a receipt is just unacceptable. Had my father been alive and with us at the time, he would've said F-off. I try and be a little more subtle and polite. I told her politely, "Ma'am, I just paid for that", and pointed in the direction of the teller that took my money. She insisted on seeing my receipt.

I insisted on telling her that once I gave them my hard earned money, that merchandise belongs to ME, and they have no right to search my bags. I said if you're accusing me of shoplifting, then call the police and I'll be glad to wait. But if the police find out that no shoplifting occurred, then be prepared for a civil lawsuit. I proceeded to walk past her, and she LITERALLY, God as my witness, snatched the receipt from my hand as I walked by. My wife and kids were absolutely stunned and appalled. I reached out towards her and grabbed it right back, saying "that belongs to me". She started screaming as though I had just assaulted her.

In a matter of seconds, 6 security guards surrounded my family and I. At this time, was I not only inconvenienced, but fairly irate. I yelled, loud enough for everyone in the front half of the store to hear, "Get your damn manager, NOW". One arrived within seconds. I explained to him that the door greeter grabbed MY receipt from my hands, and publicly humiliated my family and I. The best part of the whole situation was that it happened right at the entrance, so the whole thing was videotaped on the little t. v.'s that you can always see yourself on when entering a store. I demanded an apology immediately.

Now, in reference to my opening statement, yes it would have just been easier to show her my receipt and proceed on quietly into the night. The next time you order a hamburger without onions, and it comes loaded with them, are you going to go quietly into the night and just accept it and eat it that way or scrape them off to the side. Or are you going to take it back to the counter and say, "Excuse me, but this isn't what I ordered".

There are two kinds of people in the world. Those that accept it and eat it, or those that stand up for themselves and the hard earned money that they've spent on a service that they expect to be correct and accurate. I'm sure you can guess which type I am! But as the country song so eloquently puts it, "You've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything". As I explained to my kids later, it's about principle and not allowing these monopolies and corporations to trample on our rights.

For all the condescending idiots who want to post a reply and say, what a jerk this guy was, you can email me your address and I'd be happy to mail you some airfare out of this great nation of ours, and into one that doesn't allow you to speak your mind, one that doesn't allow women in certain public areas, frowns upon making eye contact with its political leaders, etc. And just as a side note, for all those that attribute this type of harassment to racial profiling. I'm white. It happens to all of us!

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