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Watch the Prices That Ring-Up While Cashier Is Scanning All Your Merchandise
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Rating: 1/51

BIXBY, OKLAHOMA -- I've noticed this with the same Wal-Mart store (Bixby Ok) several times since Feb 15th 2015 (four weeks). Wal-Mart will advertise a sale price say $1.00, you get a few of the items. When you get home and look at your receipt you'll notice that the so-called "sale" item advertised as $1.00 actually rang up as $1.50. This exact scenario happened to me this past weekend. I purchased four items advertised as $1.00 but they rang up as $1.50 each. So Wal-Mart made an extra $2.00 off of me that I did not plan on spending. A freak thing? I think not. I've had this exact same thing happen to me four times in the last four weeks.

I now think this is a small scam that Wal-Mart does. They advertise low price, you decide to buy it, it rings up at higher price - you get screwed. Most people will not take the time out of their day to go stand in the long lines of Wal-Mart Customer Service with merchandise and receipt to get $2.00 refunded to them. Who has time and extra gas money to do that? And I am convinced that Wal-Mart knows this. I complained about it to a manager and she did do a price check and match the advertised price on their in-store sign but it made everyone in line behind me wait and hence, get irritated at me, and, the cashier was downright hateful to me.

Wal-mart has gone downhill so much: dirty stores, hateful employees, shelves not restocked, only carrying certain brands that agree to Wal-Mart discount pricing etc. I'm no longer a Wal-Mart shopper. I'll take my money somewhere else.

No PIN Required for Purchase
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Rating: 1/51

MT OLIVE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I stopped this morning to purchase some yogurt, went thru the self checkout line and when I hit the key to finish my purchase and pay for it... it gave me my receipt. Never asked me for my PIN number. I found a store employee and told her she needed to have someone check out their POS machines and she told me that if the purchase is under $50.00 Walmart does not ask for a PIN. So much for security!! Someone could steal a card and stand there all day and as long as the purchase didn't go over $50, they could bleed your account dry.

Rip Off Price on Penn Practice Tennis Balls at
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Walmart sells their Penn Practice/Coach Tennis balls at for $4.99 a can. When I pointed out to them other online retailers sell this product for $1.79 a can the person I spoke to at said it didn't matter and $4.99 was their price. Even the label on the can says these tennis balls have defects and are for practice only. Walmart even sells the real Penn Championship Balls for $2.53 per can. I just point this out to show how unreasonable and ridiculous Walmart can be. I don't think real humans work at -- just hypnotized robots.

Alicia Is a Horrible Associate!!!
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Rating: 1/51

RIDGELAND, MISSISSIPPI -- Alicia is a horrible WalMart associate. She was very rude and unprofessional. I guess she did not want to be bothered because she started telling me that they did not have the product that I was inquiring about before I could finish my sentence... and they did have the product in question. She acted very childish, trying to argue back and forth with me.

Finally, I asked to see the manager who was evidently a friend of hers. Alicia was standing next to the manager smiling while I was describing what happened. I rarely go to WalMart but decided to go in with my family. It was a terrible experience. WalMart needs to do better. Be careful who you hire... your competition has competent people working. After this layaway process, I know I will not be back. As for Alicia... well I am sure she will continue giving bad customer service... and will retire at WalMart!!!:-)

No Fabric or Canning Supplies!
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Rating: 2/51

FRIENDSWOOD, TX -- I recently moved to this area from Gilbert, AZ. I loved my Walmart on Gilbert & Germann, it had everything I needed. The shelves were well stocked, clean store, and friendly employees. That is not the case at the Friendswood, TX store. This store has no fabric department and there are no canning supplies! Not even canning jars. The store is always dirty, and the shelves are not kept stocked. The produce section is the worst, the bins on a lot of what I need are empty. I hate having to go to multiple stores to get my shopping done.

Every week, I go to another chain store to get their sale items and look at the other items on my list. As I stand in the clean, well stocked produce section, but higher prices, I think "I will go to Walmart, it is cheaper there." I get to Walmart, and sure as **, the bins/shelves are not stocked and the produce is lacking quality. I can't remember the last time I saw a 'yellow' banana there. The choices are green and brown. #walmart

Unprofessional People and Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

DOUGLASVILLE, GEORGIA -- I will start off by saying never again will I go to a Walmart for prescriptions. I may take it further and not go to Walmart period. I spend over $1000.00 a month at Walmart. I dropped off my prescription at 7pm and the assistant asked if I want to wait for it to be filled. I stated, "no I would pick it up in the morning." He stated "ok, it will be ready for you. You will get a text."

The next morning, I still had not received a text and I had to go pick up the prescription and start taking it prior to surgery. Well I went to pick it up, and they did not have the prescription ready. They also stated that they had the “real” brand, but not the “generic.” The pharmacist stated that it would be later on that evening or maybe the next day before they would have that in stock. If did not start taking the medication that day, I would not be able to start the surgery. The pharmacist stated he was “sorry.” There was nothing he could do.

I stated that he could give me the “real” brand for the same cost of the “generic” brand since they were out of stock and it was over 12 hours that they knew this issue. The pharmacist stated he was “sorry." I took the “real” brand for $75 difference out of my pocket for their incompetence of having drugs on hand or getting them to the store. I stated that the pharmacist said they were sorry for not compensating for their mistake or mis-management of the pharmacy and not trying to make the situation better for the customer. NEVER AGAIN...

Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

GALENA, ILLINOIS -- On 05/14/14 I went into the photo dept. to see about taking a recent photo from my Canon camera and getting a print. I had never used the machine to do this. I'm really bad at that stuff! Anyhow, almost immediately a young Lady asked if I needed any help... Well to make this quick; She walked me through the whole process, helping with the size etc. Even printing on the photo itself what I wanted to say, even picking a "font style". I could go on but I think you get my drift. I then left the dept. but quickly returned to look at her name tag. Deven; Great Employee.

What Is My Right As A Customer In This Situation?
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Rating: 1/51

WILLISTON, VERMONT -- I went to Wal-Mart and was brought by a friend and we walked around buying some things including a bottle of wine. I went to the checkout and he went to the car to pull it to the front by the time I got done. Well during the checkout process the customer service manager grabbed the bottle of wine out of my cart without even telling me anything and I asked the checkout person what was going on and said that they saw me with someone else so I called my friend back to see his ID so I called him back to the store. He came back in showed his ID and said this is my ID are you happy? And the guy from the checkout didn't look and pointed to the customer service manager and said he stopped the sale. Then he showed his ID to him and said the same thing.

Then the customer service manager said he didn't want to sell the wine now. So my friend asked to see the manager and he said with a smirk I am a manager. So my friend said I want to go to the office with you and fill out a paper to what's going on. The customer service manager refused and told my friend he doesn't have what to do which of course pissed him off and said with frustration this is discrimination and the whole time the customer service manager couldn't even look us in the eye.

My friend then said if you really are the manager you are a garbage and a as*hole and I will go over the internet and complain to corporate online. My friend also made the pfft sound in front of him about him saying hes a manager and my friend doesn't have what to do. Then we left without the wine and went to the car and noticed a security guy following us and then speaking in his walkie I got his number I got his number and then my friend asked what the reason for that is and he said I don't need to tell you, you need to speak with the police officer.

We left there was no cops around and didn't see a reason to stay. We tried to resolve this peacefully but obviously he didn't want to be helpful and this isn't the first time I've had a problem with him before he has given me a hard time cashing my pay checks there even though I do it almost every week there. We got home and I sent an email to corporate only to have my friend the very next day get called by the cops and asked to come in and got a citation to go to the court for disorderly conduct and simple assault and a 1 year no trespass order.

The cop said it was because my friend was being loud. Where is my right here we tried to resolve everything nicely and he kept refusing any resolution to the problem which obviously would make you upset I don't see where the crime is. If we charge this just because you voice your displeasure than half the people that shop at these stores would get charged so do we have to shop in fear now knowing that if we are upset and no one will help us we will get called by the cops. I'm sorry I don't see how this is right my friend didn't hurt or threaten anyone he was just a little loud and frustrated which last I checked wasn't a crime. This is really the free country (USA) where you can't voice your frustrations in a non violent way.

So my advice is don't raise your voice in Wal-Mart or you will get a paper to go to court so much for being about the customer and trying to help the customer. Thank You Wal-Mart!!!!!

Walmart Ethics/Respect For Individuals
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Rating: 1/51

PLAISTOW, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I have been a customer at your Plaistow, NH Walmart Store for years. I am also an ex-employee of two of your stores, that one included.

On July 14th, 2012 I had placed an order through to be picked up at the Plaistow, NH Walmart location. I had done this using my boyfriends Rogers account through Paypal. We had been having a troubled relationship so unknown to him I ordered way over my usual limit that he gives me. Paypal withdrew the money from the account and sent it to I have a receipt for this transaction.

When called my boyfriend he had refused the order because it was expensive. had automatically cancelled the order. I had not known this and had gone to pick it up. The employees couldn't find me in their handheld or the register. They thought my order to not have been placed so I had to drive all the way back home to replace the order. The money had already been taking out of the account and there was a limited balance left so I had to revise the order. I replaced it, printed out the order and copies of my Paypal, and waited for Walmart to call. They told tell me this order wasn't ready still. After a couple of hours I checked the website and it said it was cancelled. I said forget it and placed my order with Best Buy instead, ordering all the same merchandise that I had on my Walmart order. I went there instead because it was so frustrating.

On Sept 2nd, I had placed another order for pick up in the Plaistow, NH store. I had gone to again. Once again I get there and they cannot find any record of this order. While I was there I had three associates tell me they couldn't find it, there was no record once again. All these items were in-stock, in-store on the computer. They had given me a million stories and excuses. I said that Paypal had already taken the funds out of my account and I needed to cancel it, so I could go pick up another present someplace else. By then I was there for an hour and a half already. It was very aggravating. This kept happening. Wasting my time and no one was getting me any answers. I still needed a present and all my funds were transferred to on an account that wasn't registering on the computers.

So now I'm extremely aggravated because they can't cancel something they can't find, So I can't get the money put back into my account. So I asked for a manager and the Assistant manager Dixie went out back to find out what was going on. twenty minutes later still no one. And they can't do anything by then . I Told them they should have told me that or at least kept me up to date with what was going on. When I got home there was a message to my boyfriend phone (who also happens to be an assistant manager at that Wal-mart) that I was down there causing a scene and that he should give me a call and take care of it. First of all I said we were working on our problems so he had no idea what was going on in my life right then. She had no rights to tell him where I was and what I was doing ordering and to take care of it. That was very much out of line and my business is personal. When I got home my order was canceled. It had been canceled by

Now doesn't notify me its canceled so I call them. They said there wasn't anyway to verify my payment and how it was made. They already knew it was paid for by PayPal. Well I guess the problem was that since he cancelled the first order they cancelled everyone after thinking it was a bad acct. so they had to refund PayPal for the payments. But because cancels them they don't end up going through their handhelds for processing. And then it seems to take forever to get our money back. So I lose twice over.

Now once again in October My Boyfriend had placed an order through there (but in the mean time he has no idea as to what's going on with my shopping habits. And went to pick it up. It was an in store item.. He was limited for time and in a rush He got the TV gave them his paid receipt and left.

Now me and my boyfriend Roger HAD resolved our issues. And yesterday he was called to the office to be reprimanded because I ordered items off his Paypal acct. Now if they are cancelled orders placed and done at home how does it becomes any of the stores business? Why is my boyfriend Roger held accountable for orders that are placed at home just because he is employed there. Isn't our life personal? The very slanderous AP Associate Matthew that was there told him that I place orders cancel them and pick the merchandise up with fake forms before it can be cancelled in the system. Through experience of many cancelled orders of Walmart if the order was cancelled it disappears right away in the system and there isn't even any time to put the order together. Now he is telling my boyfriend that I take the items and walk out of the store with them. So because of his really poor job skills. And his apparent wanting to make himself look really good for some reason. He spread gossip lies and untrue remarks about me. My boyfriend still had no idea what happened and was blind sided but wanted to take responsibility for something (guilt over or own personal problems prevailed) and was coerced into making a statement. He lost his job. All he knows is that I did have some new stuff but it was stuff purchased at Best Buy when my Walmart order wouldn't go threw. So they are pretty much the same items. Walmart's AP had stated I was a thief and had screwed the system canceling the order and saying I picked up merchandise and walked out of the store without paying for it. I never picked up an order. There would never be an account number a pick up form a signature or anything on Walmart's camera to suggest otherwise. This man is spreading lies gossip and Untrue facts accusing me of something that never happened.

He has totally invaded my privacy embarrassed me by belittling anyone me and saying I'm a criminal. Well if he did his job he would have called and seen that they cancelled the orders and maybe if he did his job and went through the tapes and could point me out in anyone of them being anywhere near merchandise. Instead he has been spreading vicious gossip and lies. He could have at least questioned me since it was my order my cancellations my shopping trips to the store and I could have explained the whole story to him. Now because apparently AP has a personal problem with me in order to degrade me the way he did. My boyfriend isn't sure what happened and what kind of person I am cause he was trapped in a room with co workers where they were filling his head with nothing but bold faced lies.

Attached is the copies of my orders the cancellations the payments threw Paypal and the only merchandise I ever had my hands on was threw Best Buy that is also included. I would really appreciate some help as soon as possible in regards to this matter. Not sure who is accountable Walmart, or

Thank you,
Dawn Phillips Ellison

Bought A Car Stereo And Discovered There Was Only A Rock In The Box
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Rating: 1/51

IOLA, KANSAS -- On September 3rd, 2012 at 9:00 P.M. I entered the Iola Wal-mart located on North State Street, in Iola, Kansas. I was going there to purchase a new car stereo. After entering the store and finding the particular stereo I wanted I started for the checkout lane. While checking out and paying for my item the clerk removes the "spider security device" from my box. I start walking towards the exit and am walking directly next to another white male exiting at the same exact time. While we were going through the door we heard a soft audible sound we both thought to be the security system.

Both of us stopped at the door and turned around assuming someone was coming to check our receipts. We stood there for a second, looked around and made eye contact with a couple of Wal-mart employees who didn't indicate for us to stop, turn back, or proceed. After few short seconds and after realizing Wal-mart didn't have any questions or concerns, we continued on to the parking lot.

I entered my vehicle and immediately opened a box that was not taped or secured in a manner that I was accustom to by Wal-mart products. After opening the box I not only didn't find the car stereo I thought I purchased but found a rock. This rock after holding it in my hand it seemed to weigh or felt like it weighed what I thought a car stereo would weigh. At least my attention was not caught simply by handling the box. After realizing this I honestly thought this was some sort of contest or maybe when I re entered the store I would have found that I won a prize?? I had not only not left the Walmart parking lot but only made it a few feet before I exited my vehicle and immediately returned inside the store.

I approached the customer service desk and asked if I won a prize. The clerk was obviously dumbfounded and didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. I spoke with Elenore, the Store manager and I told her of the situation. She told me she would have to review the security tapes and get back with me regarding replacing my item. After over an hour the store manager returned and told me that the security device was placed on the electronic item I purchased which was in the box that I took from the store. I told her that the box was not only contained just a rock but I was in possession of the box from the time I left the store until the few minutes passed and I returned back into the store.

I asked her what she saw on the video. I was certain the video would show any question that she might have of me removing the stereo from the box would be eliminated, She stated " Again, the electronic device you purchased was inside the box when you exited the store or the security system would not have gone off". I told her that simply wasn't the case. I asked her if the security device "if my device was what of one that alerted the system to engage" could have possibly been on the box itself or some other place because the rock was the only contents of the box. I also asked her if the individual next to me could have had an item that made the system go off and why if the system indicated something was wrong why we were not stopped and checked.

She again repeated that device was in the box when I left the store. Having said that and after Wal-Mart's refusal to replace the rock with what I thought I purchased and their refusal to simply provide me what the item I purchased I called the police. As a prior law enforcement officer of 13 years I knew that this matter was somewhat of a civil matter but I wanted record of the incident and the events noted as they transpired. I am demanding that Wal-mart replace my the rock with the item I purchased within 24 hrs of now or I will have no choice but to pursue legal action against Wal-mart, Wal-mart employees, supervisors, and any parties directly involved with this obvioustheft by deception.

IfWal-mart refuses to replace this with the itemI purchased I will file a civilsuit in the District Court ofAllen County, Kansas, for the cost of the item, attorneys fees, and any and all damages incurred from this incident. Finally I will file an official complaint with theBetter Business Bureau indicating the facts of this incident and seek some sort of remedy or punishment throughthose means. Take notice and govern yourselves accordingly. If Wal-mart should decide to remedy this situation within the times limits indicated in this letter, they may contact me at 620-875-2819.

S.D. Dillow

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