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Disgusted with Walmart
Posted by Mrs_nasia on 02/29/2004
WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- I was shopping at the Wal-Mart located at Potomac Mills in Woodbridge VA, on the night of Feb 21, 2004. I saw a crib (Graco 3-in-1 Aspen Convertible Sleep System), was priced at 89.50. Since my wife and are having another baby and the price was great for the crib we decided to purchase it. We had it brought to the lay-a-way department so we could continue shopping. After selecting all the items that we wanted, we then headed to lay-a-way to put money down on the 89.50 crib we saw.

After putting the money down we found that we were over charged. While we were discussing with your Customer Service Representative (CRS) Jennifer, another Couple came up with the same compliant. Jennifer then contacted someone in the infants department to come for a price check. Nancy was the CRS that responded to that call. She came and told us that the price was wrong and that she had changed it, to the right price of 114.50. After Nancy came I began to questions the CRS' Nancy and Jennifer to ask them what could be done and they uttered in response " the three dollar rule".

They explained that Wal-Mart policy is only to give three dollars off the wrong price or three dollars towards the right price. They were not very clear on explaining the Wal-Mart three-dollar policy. No resolve came from this exchange so I asked for the Manager, then the CRS the assistant store managers Lisa and Sara were called to the Lay-a-way department. Lisa and Sara came together but Lisa did all the talking. I asked what they could do adjust the price and satisfy our displeasure. The ticket price had 85.50 but the actual price was 114.50.

Now after tax the price of the crib was 120.03. We would have been charged 30.50 more than what the ticket price was. No resolve came from talking to the two assistants’ managers, they were not helpful and they were in decisive in their statements. I believe that the Assistant Store Managers should power and authority to satisfy customers especially when they admit fault. The CSR Nancy admitted the sales price was incorrect, as did the two Assistant Store Managers.
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Posted by brittany1485 on 2004-02-25:
Don't be deceptive. The difference in price was not $30. It would be less than that had you added the tax to the first price just like you did to the second. Also, store policy is store policy. Managers do not, and should not, have to make exceptions for whiny people like you. If I were in your situation I would just accept that the price was wrong and move on with my life. Walmart is not the only place that sells cribs.
Posted by tbarnett41 on 2004-02-26:
To the above poster: The price of this item was wrong on the shelf. That means Wal Mart SHOULD give it to the customer at the marked price and taken the loss........it's Wal Mart's mistake, not the customer's. They fail to correctly price items, they take the loss........simple as that.
Posted by james on 2004-03-09:
Actually, the three dollar rule means you get three dollars off the lower of the disputed prices or you get the item for free if its under three dollars. If you brought this to their attention while it was being rung up, it could have been taken care of as a standard override. You should have been given the item for $85 minus $3.

There are profit incintives for management and employees and that is the only reason that I can think of why they didn't give it to you for the lower price. Sorry guys, I think this is a valid complaint. Find another letter-writer to chew on.
Posted by Zakk on 2004-04-24:
Brittany: Your defense of WalMart not being able to put the right price on the correct item is heartwarming, but insipid nonetheless. If the mistake was made, WalMart should correct it by honoring the price THEY placed on the item. I am sure that you would tantrum out if the next time you got your dye job (blonde I assume) they overcharged you $30.00---or would you even notice?
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2004-05-21:
That is called "false advertising." When a company has the incorrect price on an item, it is against federal law for them to charge you a different price. You should have gotten the advertised price.
Posted by Koana on 2004-06-29:
It is not the employees who should bring up the $3.00 rule!! it was the customer who should bring it up!! And if you are not satisfied with what was done , please speak to a manager who will help!! They have plenty!!
Posted by ledgirl on 2004-08-23:
customers can't bring up a $3 dollar rule if they don't even know about it!!! Walmart has gone down hill the past 5 years. I had a similar incident, it was a $50 difference, I had to suck it up because we needed the item.
Posted by Txspike on 2004-10-04:
what did that tag say? was it the right item? What i have done is if had problem i go back and got the shelf tag and or the sign. and show them.
Most place with give you what the tag/sign says and should. Someplace will say OOPS sorry worng sign, just to get you to the item. Bate and switch thing.

When i worked in Sales, if the tag was wrog they got the FIRST item free ( of that item) then after any item of the same will be at right price.
What you can do is also complain to the BBB, n the Att. Gen. of your State.
Posted by AStone903 on 2004-11-07:
I just went through the same situation tonight with a Christmas tree that was displayed with the wrong price and didn't realize it until asking one of the support managers for help. She immediately ripped the tag off and told me they would take three dollars off..... the tree was marked with a big 8x10 sign $78.96 but was supposed to be $149.95. I called my sister from the store(she was an assistant manager 2 years ago and is now a manager of Hastings)and asked her Walmart's policy. She told me that the three dollar rule only applies when the item rings up wrong... if it is clearly displayed with the wrong price they are supposed to sell it for the displayed price. She also said this is what they(Walmart)calls "price integrity" and if they do not comply they can be reported to weights and measures for false advertising. Weights and measures can do a full investigation and fine them $500 per violation not to mention the hassle. This is also reportable to Bentonville. This is what I will be doing Monday morning after talking to the actual store manager. I talked to the assistant manager who offered me twenty dollars off after asking what his name was. (Who also was not wearing a name tag --- violation of their store policy.)None the less rules are rules... don't advertise what you aren't willing to sell for and know your policies of where you work...and when you make a mistake own it and make it right.
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Being forcefully stopped when leaving.
Posted by Mrs. V on 08/08/2011
I stopped by Mal-Wart yesterday with my best friend to pick up a few items.

I had gotten my items, and was heading out the door. My friend and I were yakking it up (not really paying any attention to anyone/thing else) when someone grabbed my arm and pulled as I walked out the door. Darn near yanked me off my feet.

I turned around and smacked the person with the bags I had and yelled in a very loud voice, "Get your bloody damn hands off me!".

It was a loss prevention person. He started yelling at me that he told me to stop and because I didn't he was allowed to 'detain' me.

He said that he knew that I had not paid for everything (I don't see how that could be since I used a cashier and not the self check out) and that I was in trouble for stealing.

I told him if he did not stop yanking on my arm and let go, I was going to take great pleasure in macing him.

My friend took out her cell phone and called her husband, a local police officer, right then and there.

By the time my friends husband came a manager and the loss prevention person were trying to get me to come into some back room to 'discuss' the situation.

I refused to do that. I figured that I had nothing to hide and I wanted everyone to hear what was being said.

When the manager saw my friends husband show up with lights going, she started to look smug. She stopped looking smug when the officer greeted me by name and asked if I was alright or did I need an EMT (I was rubbing my arm by that point)?

The manager said to just go and to next time stop when told to. I told her I was not leaving with out an apology from her and the person that grabbed my arm OR I was going to press charges.

I got my apology.
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Posted by MRM on 2011-08-08:
Go ahead, Mrs V! I applaud you for standing your ground and causing a ruckus in front of everybody! And you showed the loss prevention he was in the wrong.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-08-08:
Should have pressed illegal detainment and assault charges.
Posted by Ben There on 2011-08-08:
There are a lot of Wal Mart loss prevention issues lately.
Posted by MRM on 2011-08-08:
Its a good thing that you didnt get tackled to the ground after being told to stop and just kept right on walking. Those loss preventions dont play around.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-08-08:
Since you obviously didn't steal anything, I wonder if they just harass random people.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-08:
Are they allowed to grab people like that? I'm happy to hear you got an apology. They were way out of line. Ben's right; there are a lot of similar stories like this lately.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2011-08-08:
The only thing that I can think of is maybe they mixed me up with someone from the self scan area.

I was wondering if Wal-Mart has some new requlations or rules or something with all the new complaints about loss provention.
Posted by Jay on 2011-08-08:
Yes, they CAN physically detain you if they reasonably believe you have stolen items from the store. They must do this outside the store.

If they are wrong they are held accountable for the consequences. This IS a gray area.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-08:
Dang Mrs. V. I am so sorry this happened to you. You know, the Walmart folks are getting pretty ballsy when it comes to searching bags and/or detaining people. They are darn lucky you didn't insist on a police report for assault and unlawfull datainment.

I understand that theft is a real problem but c'mon! This is no doubt excessive!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-08:
Wow Mrs. V. Sorry you had to deal with that, but good for you for holding your ground. I can see if they have to grab someone who is running away from them or doing something to harm others, but grabbing someone who just hasn't heard them is another story.

Posted by MissLeopard83 on 2011-08-08:
Wow, that's ridiculous! I would have pressed charges for harassment and battery. That guy had no right to grab you like that. There is a nicer way to get someone's attention rather than grabbing. I'm glad you got the end result you were looking for.
Posted by oldisgood on 2011-08-08:
Yeah!! My kind of person. Except I don't have a police buddy to call.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-08:
I remember once I was at the mall and was leaving some big dude from big 5 came running out and asked to see my bags, I'm like I have never shopped at Big 5 in my life, he said he saw someone like me just run out of the store. I Told him I was just in game stop how could of I of ran out of your store showed him my game stop bag hes like oh sorry my bad wrong person'

These loss prevention folks needs to make sure they are going after the right person Mrs V could of for sure pressed charges good thing you held your ground.
Posted by Skye on 2011-08-08:
Another reason why people should not shop at Walmart.

Good for you Mrs. V, for standing your ground. Shame on Walmart for putting their hands on you.
Posted by BEJ on 2011-08-08:
While they have a right to prevent loss, they need to do it within the confines of the law. To be shoplifting, I believe that the consumer would have to leave the store with the unpaid item. I am with some of the others and would have pressed charges
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-08:
At my local Target I see LP tackling prob 3 to 4 people each time I shop there.
Posted by MRM on 2011-08-08:
Really, Wally?!? You must be shopping in a bad neighborhood. I have never seen anybody being tackled at my Target or Walmart.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-08:
Yeah MRM its in a not so good area but its close to me so oh well.
Posted by Skye on 2011-08-08:
I wonder if I've ever been followed while shopping?

I still cannot believe how badly they treated Mrs. V, and I wish she would consider pressing charges, but that's up to her. It would teach them a lesson about detaining people, physically.
Posted by Ben There on 2011-08-08:
I am sure that there are many very professional loss prevention people out there, but a few cop wannabees on a power trip give them a bad name.
Posted by Churro on 2011-08-08:
Mrs. V the world needs more people like you!!!

Before one makes a stand or think you can press charges you need to know your local laws. While y'all were watching the shenanigans of rapscallions like that rascal Charlie Sheen merchant associations have successfully lobbied changes into the law which give merchant employees incredible protections and powers. In Oklahoma if a merchant merely *THINKs* (case law) you're shoplifting they are free to physically detain you with full immunity from civil and criminal prosecutions.

"22 O.S. § 1343

Any merchant, his agent or employee, who has reasonable grounds or probable cause to believe that a person has committed or is committing a wrongful taking of merchandise or money from a mercantile establishment, may detain such person in a reasonable manner for a reasonable length of time for all or any of the following purposes:

(a) Conducting an investigation, including reasonable interrogation of the detained person, as to whether there has been a wrongful taking of such merchandise or money;

(b) Informing the police or other law enforcement officials of the facts relevant to such detention;

(c) Performing a reasonable search of the detained person and his belongings when it appears that the merchandise or money may otherwise be lost; and

(d) Recovering the merchandise or money believed to have been taken wrongfully. Any such reasonable detention shall not constitute an unlawful arrest or detention, nor shall it render the merchant, his agent or employee criminally or civilly liable to the person so detained. "
Posted by Fred on 2011-08-08:
Wish some jerk would grab me !!!
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-08-08:
if one has stolen nothing, i do not understand why the hassle for showing the receipt or stopping when requested.
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-08-08:
MC, it was the fact that the LP dude grabbed Mrs V. If they had just walked up to her and POLITELY asked her if they could see her receipt and bags, I'm sure she would have been happy to comply.

Posted by Mrs. V on 2011-08-08:
Mad, I never have a problem offering my receipt if asked. But I wasn't asked. I was grabbed and yanked backwards by LP. Then he started yelling at me.
Posted by MRM on 2011-08-08:
Mrs. V, any updates on the incident? Did the police or Walmart called you back? Are you going to let this be by gone, be by gone?
Posted by Mrs. V on 2011-08-08:
I haven't heard anything from Wal-Mart, today. I did submit a complaint to corporate today, so maybe I'll hear something within the next few days.

Thank you so much for asking ^_^
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-08:
Mrs V, I hope they respond. I understand LP has a tough job to do, but your case really ticks me off.
Posted by Skye on 2011-08-08:
Mrs. V, you have a good case of battery against them.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-08-08:
Mad, it's cause everyone is not a sheep and will put up with herding.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-08-08:
integrity and personal accountability.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-08:
Best answer, jkt!
Posted by Starlord on 2011-08-08:
I think there was a lot of erroneous information giuven by armchair lawyers here. FYI, The act of concealment constitutes shoplifting in most jurisdictions I have seen. IT IS STORE POLICY to let them get to the door before interception. that makes it rather stupid to claim they meant to pay for it, as going past the registers is intent. The LPA stated he requested that Mrs. V stop, and she ignored him. I have seen this many times, and IMHO, this constitutes attempted fleeing. The LPA does have the right to detain you, using reasonable force. He can't take you down in a flying NFL tackle, but if you ignore him, he DOES have the right to take you by the arm. He has the right to investigate to determine if you have indeed taken property from the store. He used poor judgement in this case, as I was always told you have to be able to describe what was taken abd where the person placed it. Both sides could have handled this a bit better. BTW, the city police officer was investigating, but should have recused himself as it was, in a manner of speaking, personally related. I am afraid Mrs. V has no cause of action, as the LPA's actions were not egregious.
Posted by raven2010 on 2011-08-08:
Star---are they physically permitted to detain you while you are still inside the store? I think here in Ohio that is illegal Unless they're actually a LEO), but admittedly my information is only hearsay.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-08-08:
In everyplace I have been , technically, they can confront you in the store. Most stores have a policy that requires they be allowed to get to the door. However, concealment of merchandise is, of itself, shoplifting. In Indiana, where I got into Loss Prevention, ANY shoplifting is a felony, regardless of value. Good question, Raven
Posted by raven2010 on 2011-08-08:
I see, thank you for the education. Good to get facts from someone who has actual experience in the profession.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-08-08:
Anytime. I have worked in Loss Prevention, Security, and police work, so I can see all the sides of a question like this. It is good to remember that state and local laws do differ, but I am speaking from my own personal knowledge.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-08:
"Just when I think I'm out...they drag md back in".

You all know where I stand on this issue.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-08:
LOL J4A. Tell us what you really think. >:-)
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-08:
Sorry for the type-o...using my motorola.
Posted by Alain on 2011-08-09:
Good review. I'm thinking an attorney would be interested in this, Mrs. V. They'd know how to proceed with this. Just my opinion, but you were assaulted and that should be addressed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-09:
Mall Cop Mentality at its finest.

I agree with Alain, Mrs V was assaulted. Maybe I'll take some time later to look this up, but my question is....if I have the right to say "No" when asked to stop, yet LP has the right to physically restrain me if they suspect I'm a thief and I don't stop, don't those two conflict?

Posted by Mrs. V on 2011-08-10:
I heard back via email from corprate. They asked for a few days to investigate the situation.

I emailed that that would be fine *BUT* I expect to hear back from them no later than Monday.

I'll update more when the get back to me.
Posted by Old Cop on 2013-05-31:
Mrs. V may be very likely full of crap. She may not have committed a theft. I am skeptical that she was manhandled by Wal Mart loss prevention officer. Yes, they can detain you. I am addressing all of you Harvard law school, wannabees. I have found their personnel to be very professional, even in the most podunk of communities. More than likely, if she knew the police officer, he was a small town cop. As cops, we are not created equally, not even close. Not an insult, just a fact of reality. More than likely, the store loss prevention guy, knew the cop as well. Store manager may have known the cop as well. I assure you, they were not intimidated by a loud mouth and her obvious friendship with one of that town's police officers. Sounds like Podunk City, USA. As for Wal Mart, do you consider the financial wealth and power of the retail monster. And little MIss Loudmouth thinks that she straightened them out and put them in their place. No, I was not there, but I am skeptical that this incident was presented by this lady with full facts.
Posted by Old Cop on 2013-05-31:
Thing called force continuum. Yes, unwanted touching or physical contact is sometimes called assault. Was the intent to cause physical harm? Would it likely cause physical harm? Yes, merchants of all types, have the authority to detain shoplifters, and utilize necesary force. Obviously, a bullet to the head might be excessive. We would begin with physical presence and a verbal command. Uniformed police officers always have "physical presence" because it is understood that the public recognizes and understands the authority of the officer when they see him/her. The loss prevention person would have to verbally identify themself, as they would, most likely, be in street clothes. They would approach and establish their identity and authority verbally. If necessary, a store manager could confirm this, if necessry. Suzy, the cashier, would be available, and just as effective and reliable in confirming the identity of the loss prevention person. If you find yourself in this predicament, do not attempt to tell them to "F and #K OFF" and wander off. If you are the husband of the loudmouth lady, do not swagger in and contribute your own two cents. Most likely, you will be the first knucklehead tasered, and taking a 5 second ride on the lightening.
Posted by Sean LP on 2013-08-14:
If you had nothing to hide why not go discuss it inside? His course of action in the approach was probably not the way to do things but you were under arrest at that point and what you did was resisting arrest. If you were innocent as you claim in your story, then press charges and take the free money. If he didn't do his due diligence than it's his own fault. You acting like like a spoiled child in the middle of a crowd isn't the way to handle things, we ask people to come in and "discuss" things for their sake as well as our safety.
Posted by LOL on 2013-09-07:
Yes, be a good sheep and always listen to some random creep who has no ID tag and says they work at Wal-Mart. Because working at Wal-Mart means they have authority.

To be under arrest one has to be accused of a crime. The word "stop" from an LP is NOT enough. Before laying hands on anyone the LP MUST say that they are accused of theft. Saying stop, grabbing someone and then explaining is NOT legal.
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Sam's Club Terminates Employment of Senior Employees
Posted by Rainman Rob on 01/24/2010
Wal-Mart’s at it AGAIN!

I am/was a loyal Sam’s Club employee for well over 9 yrs. In fact, I wasn't one that went seeking them, I was recruited in Omaha. I was opposed to unions and promoted Sam’s Club to businesses and those I’ve known. I was a solid Wal-Mart employee and kept the company line firm. I cross-trained to almost every job in Sam's Club, have worked in many, managed costs, and kept that friendly smile on my face consistently. I focused my attention on our members looking to resolve any challenges they may have had, as customers are the bed-rock of Sam Walton's legacy. With my manager’s wink of approval, I even worked off the clock and through breaks to ensure things got done. But Buddy, at this point, where's that union representative - sign-me-up !!

Sam's Club, a part of the Wal Mart family is initiating a round of lay-off's across the country today. This is occurring at 8:00 AM meetings on Sunday Jan 24th, today. This is occurring at every Sam’s Club store across th nation. For me, it has occurred at the Columbus, OH stores eliminating at least 30 people per store. In my store, 6308, These are all women/men between the ages of 50 and 70. With well over 500 stores in the US, this amounts to at least 15,000 people. It’s not only the most senior employees that have been targeted and are being given notice that they're being laid-off because their jobs are eliminated. They also selected the outside sales reps and marketing teams to avoid having the issue seen as a discriminatory act against the senior Demo Ladies. This is occurring during a challenging economy when Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club has just come off of a profitable year-end close.

Regardless of my documented outstanding year-over-year performance, or having, been the employee of the month multiple times in multiple clubs, the employee of the year, or having received the highest allowed hourly increase every year since joining Sam’s Club, it's the age that's the key-driver in these current round of actions. I’m a 56 year old, white female, full-time employee. Sam's Clubs has younger employees, with less time (many having been with Sam's from only a few days to a few weeks) and they're carefully selecting the most senior employees. As compensation they’re advising long-term senior employees that they can apply for part-time, starting-pay positions, such as Cart Person, or Maintenance. Can you imagine a 70 year old woman lugging those carts around the parking lot! To get severance I’ve been asked to sign a release form stating that I’ll not file any form of discrimination suit against Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club. I’ve 45 days to sign this form, or lose my 9-week severance package. If I don't sign the agreement, we'll have no income, other than unemployment.

This is a company that’s promoted themselves to be the customer-friendly store and dedicated to their employees. With these actions, they clearly demonstrate that they treat their employees with an absolute lack of caring, and total dis-respect. I’m now a part of a growing number of people supporting litigation against Wal-Mart – baby, count me in!
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Posted by Ytropious on 2010-01-24:
How do you know the ages of everyone in the company being laid off? Even if it were somehow true perhaps there is an alternate reason, like the older employees get paid more, there for they are the first to go.
Posted by Fufu487 on 2010-01-24:
well i think the question is, do you want to pursue this in court?? (I'd contact a few lawyers before deciding on that one, Walmart is a powerful entity). Or do you want to sign the form and get your severance? Either way I would meet with a law professional to look over the form and discuss the issue...
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-01-24:
check with the elder law lawyers
see if they have a legit reason to not hire the elderly
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Didn't Circuit City eliminate the positions of their senior employees as well. Not sure if was senior in age or seniority in the job but we all see how well that worked for them. Their retail stores are gone.

If you feel your job is being eliminated due to age discrimination I would take what fufu said to heart and seek legal advice before you sign anything.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-01-24:
You said you had 45 days to decide whether to sign the waiver of rights (which I believe is illegal). I would strongly recommend seeking out a lawyer well versed in laws concerning the elderly and civil rights.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Just another round of layoffs during this difficult economy. I doubt your reasons are valid as no company would subject themselves to litigation for breaking the labor laws.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
jtf, Walmart has been under the microscope before for bad labor decisions. Maybe you should justcheckthefaxx before you say the complaint has no validity.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
I said that I "doubt" it is valid. I don't know for sure, just hypothesizing on my part.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Funny how people 'wink' do things that they are not supposed to, yet holler for union representation when something happens to piss them off at the company.

Walmart/Sam's has a strict policy about working off the clock. You and your 'wink' manager should both be fired.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
This happened to my mother today. She is 69 years old. My Mom said they kept the two young marketing employees and let the older two employees (in marketing go). Also, another older worker who worked the front doors helped out in demos but was catergorized as demos and let go too! Even though she just helped out with demos over the holidays. The sad thing is, they will get these old people to sign the severence because they need the money. Some of the people that they let go today didn't take it very well physically. This may be the end of some of them with the stress. What a horrible thing to do. HORRIBLE.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
All the older emloyees were crying..it was devastating. I hate WALMART/SAMS. I am not going to patronize them anymore! They did this to not pay health care and to send a bunch of old people to their grave. There were people laid off today that worked for 20 years or more.

Skye..I can understand laying off new workers..but specifically categorizing people and then targeting them. That is a planned action to discriminate.
Posted by Skye on 2010-01-24:
It's sad and devastating, but its happening everywhere. Everyday people are losing jobs, of all ages.

I wish I knew what the answer was, but I don't.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Skye- Also, Walmart/Sam's club made a good profit this past year. They didn't lose money. These people are in line for profit sharing. If they outsource, then they don't pay: Benefits, profit sharing or anything. Easy fix to be more profitable and powerful. And, to them, who cares if a bunch of old people get sent to their graves over this. You can't sue someone if your dead. They probably hope they die.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Belaine, profit sharing is done store by store, not company wide. If store A profits and store B does not, only store A gets a bonus check.

Companies are cutting back their staff and payroll, not just Walmart. I swear, no matter what any company does, if Walmart does the same Walmart is the evil one.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Ladyscot: Tell me another company that has laid off all the elderly people in their store recently? Ages 50-70. 9% of the Sam's Club store but 99% of the oldest ones.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Lady, I agree with your last comment. It is sad and unfortunate that anyone loses a job. What would make Walmart evil in my eyes is if they are singling out employees based on age. If that is what they are doing then Walmart should be taken to task. If not, then it is like what is happening every where else. I am holding on to my job by the skin of my teeth. Has nothing to do with my age but everything to do with what Obama care would do to the industry I am in, and the economy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Pro, if this is the case, then yes, I would be angry too. However, if the stores cutting back employ mostly older people, exactly WHO is supposed to be cut?

Belane, show me a company who has laid off all the elderly people in their stores. Wally hasn't. We have elderly people working our store. So, you have one Sam's store that is cutting...exactly who should they cut? If they cut the youngest ones, then they are evil. No matter who gets cut someone is out of a job.
Posted by Skye on 2010-01-24:
I agree with LS. It's happening everywhere. Like I posted, people of all ages are losing jobs, and its not going to get any better anytime soon.

Posted by Disaster Worker on 2010-01-24:
Scot, you may be the next one! Didn't you once say you're not exactly a spring chicken? I'll be curious what happens at your store.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Ladyscot: All the 500 Sam's Club stores laid off their demo people today. The majority range in the age of 50-70 years old. The only person I know that is that age at what I used to term as "my" Sam's Club was the pharmacist. I am just stating a fact about the ages of the demo people and what happened today. It sad that the layoffs are hurting all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
"Who is to be cut?" How about the people who get complaints, or are late, or are caught repeatedly not doing their jobs, etc. To fire based on age when so many people are irresponsible workers at any age is ridiculous at best and cruel at worst. In my experience, it's the older workers who have the best work ethic, and those are the people Walfart is getting rid of? Not smart.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Sherdy: That is an excellent point.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Lady I am not arguing that point at all. We are in agreement there. If the percentage of older employees in the store is higher than the younger then the ratio of course would be (unfortunately) against the older employees. I guess what I should have said is if company wide the ratio of older employees being released is not in line with the younger ones, then that is unfair.

Sherdy, you make several good points.

Belaine, as much as I hate to say it, if the demo people were laid off, all of them then that means they are cutting back in that area. It has nothing to do with age although since all of the employees tend to be older, that is the impression that people get. They have done that in my job in the past with the sales and marketing employees. All hard workers, all with the company for quite some time. It doesn't mean that they were discriminating against the older employees, it means they were eliminating those positions because they were unable to bring in the business. Not their fault, the economy is bad but the company cannot put good money out after bad. That said, I might be next and I have to prepare for the worst. Hopefully Obama care is dead and things in my industry will go back to normal.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Maybe I am confused, but I dont see an issue. If I read past the drama and emotion, demo workers are being laid off. It just so happens a lot of these demo workers are long time or senior employees, correct?

IMHO, it makes sense. the company pays these employees and loses money by giving customers samples/demos. Kill two birds with one stone and eliminate all. Does it suck? Yes.

That said, McDonalds, Pananra Bread, Burger King, and a few others are actively hiring senior citizens, moms, and other part timers to bus tables, great people, keep condiment areas clean, etc.....maybe those folks could apply for some of those positions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Disaster, you may be right. It could be. It is a good thing I am trained more than one thing. I have finance, sales and management experience, so I am confident I am still employable.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Lady makes sense. I PURPOSELY moved around at a few different companies when I was younger to ensure my resume was well rounded. I have worked in call centers for 22+ years. MOST in collections management, but also 6-7 years of customer service and/or new accounts management.

When I got poofed out of no where in April of 2008, my interviewing options included both customer service AND collections. Smart people, regardless of age, make themselves marketable in a variety of areas.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Proconsumer, What line of work are you in? Hopefully you won't be next.

I would agree, that they are not targeting the old except for two points in particular. If I walked in to that Walmart this afternoon, I would not be able to find many older people working. Even the lady who always was at the front door, who helped out in the demos area over Christmas. She wasn't a "demo" lady but she's gone too. Why? Because they classified her as a demo lady. Strategic, "taking lambs to slaughter" activity in my opinion.

Great strategy Walmart. I congratulate your ingenious move. Good job you. Be proud. You are not evil and did absolutely nothing wrong..tough times involve tough measures.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Same here Raven. I have been with my current company for 14+ years and have held a few different positions. I am lucky enough that if there is a position available that one of my former bosses would take me back. It's still stressful going through the process but making yourself marketable and not burning any bridges has its pluses.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Raven: They are not taking away Demos..they are outsourcing it to another company that doesn't offer the wages or benefits. The people that work as demonstrators now at 10-16 an hour will be getting paid $7.25 an hour with no health benefits. Same job, if they choose to accept it. Win/Win for Sam's Club for sure. Eliminate expensive older workers and present yourself as being innovative and efficient. Good job Walmart/Sam's..splendid.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
PERZACTLY, Pro. My willingness to take any position in any department back when I was a kid (sometimes taking jobs no one wanted by design) has made me much more marketable as an "over 40-working on but never finished two degrees" person
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Proconsumer: How marketable are you at 70 years old?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Belaine, if Obama care would snatch my job away, I am sure it is pretty simple to figure out what industry I am in. If it happens, I will deal with it. Thankfully, my mom taught me from the school of hard knocks. Save, take out insurance where it matters so the mortgage gets paid. I also have a WONDERFUL support system of friends. Right now we're all single and we've already decided in retirement that we would pool our resources so we all have a comfortable 'golden years' life. We've decided if need be and we were in need, we would start early!

Lets face it. NO one in any industry is safe. I've said it in my previous posts on this complaint, if Walmart is targeting older people simply because of their age, then go at them full force. Contact legal representation and kick butt!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
belaine, no offense, you do not understand how business works. American consumers DEMAND low prices. There is no logical reason for a company to pay 10-16 an hour for someone to use a toaster oven for me to sample the latest frozen product.

$7.25 a hour is fine for a non-skilled, non physically demanding job.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Net Profit Sam's Club 2009: 11 Billion, Net Profit Walmart 2009: 61 Billion
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
ProConsumer: That is good that you did plan ahead. I am not taking it to a personal level. That was a hypothetical question and not directed at you personally. There are many people who planned ahead that will not have all the things happen that need to happen for them..ie: illness, unforeseen events, layoffs, helping other family members, etc. I hope your planning works out well for you. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
You got a source for that belaine? I dont recall seeing 2009 results. Just went looking for them and came up empty. Admittedly, I am worn out today so may just be missing them.

I did find this, which is much different than your post
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Belaine, you are taking this to a personal level with the membership here. Your "be sure to give to Haiti" comment was a sarcastic jab and not appreciated. Your problem is with Walmart and we have done our best to offer suggestions. Seek legal counsel and if you or your mother have a case, sue them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Posted by BlueJay1980 on 2010-01-24:
It's got nothing to do with age, nothing to do with race, or gender. Bottom line is the Demo department at Sam's was supplier/vendor funded, both with product to conduct the demo and payroll for the person conducting it If there were no supplier/vendor demo's then there were no hrs for the demo department anyways. The suppliers/vendors paid for the vast majority of demos and if they were not getting a return in increased sales of a product they were losing money on the program and thus reducing their interest in the program, resulting in less hrs for the department and a downward spiral for everyone. I don't want to see demo's eliminated from my local Sam's and hope they can find a long term solution to keep them in the stores. Bottom line is the economy sucks and when people have less disposable income to spend on items they wouldn't normally buy, like a demo item, they buy less and less, it trickles down and hits everyone in some way in the end.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Hmm, interesting. That site is reporting different numbers than Sam's Club itself. No matter. No laws were broken and what they are doing is anything a freshman in a Business 101 class would learn.

Does it suck? yes. Is it illegal? No.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
I see from looking over posts that most of you know each other. Well, I came here because I found this article interesting and it made a very good point and was well said. I am not taking it to a personal level at all.

Raven: I apologize if you took that personally. Still, you should give to Haiti..it's a good cause. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
That is good info to know BlueJay. I did not know that. If that is how it happens, it doesn't make the reality of it better, but it makes sense.
Posted by Skye on 2010-01-24:

Welcome, and thanks for your postings. The way everyone gets to know one another is by sticking around.

It can be a rough crowd at times, but they are really good people with lots of advice.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
belaine, I dont take anything on the interwebs personally. And yes, I have given to the Red Cross in support of the Haitian victims. Not sure how that is relevant to your "review" though.

And yes, DO, please stick around! many of us love a good debate and are able to keep it focused rather than personal. I promise, if you hang around, you will find many folks you like and respect, even if you strongly disagree with their views.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Well said Skye and Raven.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
*waves to Pro*
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Thanks for the welcome, Skye.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
From a quick Google search: Sam's Club is hiring Shopper Events to demo food and other products. Shopper Events plans to hire roughly the same number of workers that Sam’s Club is firing, according to a memo to employees. Employees can apply for Shopper Events jobs, the memo said.

About 10,000 demonstration employees, most part-time, will lose their jobs when Shopper Events takes over sampling. They are also cutting about 1,200 membership recruiting jobs, or about two in each of the club’s U.S. stores.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
waves back at raven! Where is the wild turkey? :)
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-01-24:
So the demo workers were making 10-16 an hour? LS how much do regular cashiers and greeters make at Wally? 10 dollars is too much to be paying a sample lady IMHO. I get paid less then that, and I've been with my company 4 years in electronics sales, a job that requires much more then standing and asking "would you like to try some?". My original hypothesis was correct, it has nothing to do with age, but wage.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Ytrop: Sample preparation and cleanup (including recipes and cooking) are all a part of the sampling procedure. It isn't just standing their and saying "would you like to try some". The Shopper's Event Company's only client is Walmart. The heads of the Shopper's Event company are the majority Walmart Executives. The older employees were corralled into the "demo" classification. Many of the employees who worked demo worked the cafe, bakery, and other departments and had over MANY years. Why were they not offered a position in another department before being fired? This is a way for Wally to pay less and not give benefits. A perfectly executed execution of the people that by the time a lawsuit would be seen to the end would be dead anyway.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-01-24:
Bottom line, cleaning and putting things in toaster ovens is not a job worth paying 10+ dollars an hour for. You may disagree, but most people are going to agree with that. "Why were they not offered a position in another department before being fired?" Are the 50+ set able to do other jobs? Being a cashier would warrant a pay cut, stocking requires physical skill I'm betting most of the "older" set lack. What other job would even be available? Would the older set even be willing to take a pay cut down to minimum wage cashiering? I doubt that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
Cashiers at Sams don't make minimum wage. There are jobs in floral, bakery, cafe, front desk, front door, exit door and many other locations in the store. The "older set" are a lot more capable than some "younger set" who call in all the time, whine & moan about every little thing and just generally want to "goof off" most of the time. Oh, besides, the "older set" are usually more dependable too..they don't call off for every sunny day or hangover. Also, they understand the meaning of "on time". Bottom line, it could happen to you too when you become the "older set".
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-24:
By no means do I mean every "younger set" does all those things. I just want to clarify that, but anyone who has worked understands what I am saying. And, I would consider myself the "younger set"..for now. I just have the insight to know that when I become older and no one is protected from age discrimination that anyone could become the next victim of this type of activity.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-25:
Yt, between $7.25-8/hour for cashiers. It isn't a high paying job. :)
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-01-25:
Thanks LS, I figured as much since that's my line of work. That IS minimum wage in most states so I was correct. Floral and bakery need experience and training, as does customer service. It's not something they're just going to transfer everyone to on a whim. Also,I know you said that not every young person acts that way, but that still doesn't make it ok to make sweeping generalizations about that. I work with other college age people, and believe it or not, no one has ever called in with a hangover in the 4 years I've been there.
Posted by Inat on 2010-01-25:
kinda got in late on this one... it is a sad state that companies must cut labor in order to succeed. Remember, US unemplyment is above 10% so its not just the elderly being affected. I was just at Sams Club Saturday (happened to be in Columbus, OH too - Morse rd. location) and as I say every time i go "I'm never coming here again!" b/c the lines were RE-DIC-U-LOUS and my line happened to be next to the manager kiosk. As I stood there, the managers were arguing if they should open another line. I looked at them and pointed to the lines and said 'yeah, would be a good idea'. The nthey stood there for another 5 mins arguing about who should go do the work. Perhaps if these stores were better managed, they wouldnt have to lay off staff in order to compete.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-25:
Inat, it might seem simple to you for them to open another lane. But the reason for the debate is not that they don't want to, it is WHO is going to work it. Their schedule is probably done like ours: computerized by the YTD sales/staff of the previous month/year.

Sometimes when Wally is busy, they have to pull people from an area of the store that may not be so busy to work the registers, thus leaving that area with no help when a customer needs it or a cashier needs them.

Or, whether they should call someone in to work: if they think it will stay busy enough to justify the added payroll. If I were the manager and a customer butted into my conversation I would have ignored you.
Posted by Mad Miles on 2010-01-25:
My mother was terminated from Sam's Club yesterday under the exact same pretense. This absolutely wreaks of age discrimination. This is the only department that is primarily, nationwide, made up of seniors. Now that the work force has younger people available to take these positions - and if you're employer, you know younger people cost less to employ - they are 'outsourcing' to a company with THISCLOSE ties to Walmart. And these seniors are basically being forced to sign these agreements IMMEDIATELY. Everyone on my mother's team did and she did not read the small print so she can't even tell me what the document said. They told everyone it was a document to get their severance pay and if they wanted it, they needed to sign with management present!!! This would not be an issue if they cut staff, or cut costs - but they are FIRING departments full of seniors nationwide and then 'another company' is HIRING people for the same department. I truly hope these people band together to file a class action lawsuit for age discrimination. I am sure that the company has thought this through and tried to hide their actual tracks but it will be interesting to see if the seniors can prevail. I am definitely interested to hear what the Dept of Elderly Affairs has to say on this - and a good attorney... if anyone has consulted yet,please let me know and I will do the same once we consult!
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-01-25:
Sigh, ok, can we reframe this debate? If every company got rid of their CEO, the highest paid person, would it be age discrimination because most CEOs are going to be in their late 40s and 50s? Or would they be doing it because they get paid too much? It's not deliberate discrimination because it just happens to be mostly older people in the demo division. I'm sure it looks bad, but it's one of those "it's not what it looks like" situations. We talked about this in one of my business classes today believe it or not. My professor said a lot of it had to do with the fact that the job of a demo person needs to be filled by a MARKETING individual. And that is exactly what Sams did.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-25:
I think we are missing the point. Sam's Club isn't getting rid of individual people, they are eliminating the position. They are no longer going to do product demos with their own staff, they have outsourced it to a marketing company.

They say they are trying to find and offer other store positions, I can't speak to this.

I don't believe they are downsizing based on age, they are downsizing because it costs them less to have an outside company do the job. That's just a fact of life these days.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-26:
(BA) Ken
Posted by voiceoff on 2010-02-03:
Loyalty to employees is a myth. Your family loves you. Your employer is an entity who could care less. Maybe they do not want you to get health covergae at this age or a pension. The people who decide are 30 ish ...
Posted by JasonJD84 on 2010-04-04:

The "older set" are a lot more capable than some "younger set" who call in all the time, whine & moan about every little thing and just generally want to "goof off" most of the time. Oh, besides, the "older set" are usually more dependable too..they don't call off for every sunny day or hangover.

- Funny, it seems to be members of the 'older set' at the places I've worked that call out all the time, complain constantly, and act like they're entitled to do whatever they want, including taking care of personal business on company time.

"Also, they understand the meaning of "on time"."

- Funny, if they know it, many of the ones I work with sure don't care to follow it. They hit traffic (cause they can't factor that into their plans like the rest of us), they have to stop for coffee, even though they were already 10 minutes late (now 15) meanwhile the 'younger set' can't leave to attend their college classes or meet their obligations because we're waiting for the 'older set' to arrive.

My point is that it really depends on the quality of the individual, not their age bracket, and I've worked with many in the 'older set' that don't meet your romanticized view.
Posted by JezAintRight on 2012-09-25:
They are at it again now. Seem to be clearing out all the full time insured employees at the Chattanooga, TN location.
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Crawfish from China
Posted by DesignerMS on 05/09/2008
GRENADA, MISSISSIPPI -- I purchased a bag of frozen crawfish from Wal Mart, Boudreaux's Brand Crawfish Tail Meat same as I had always bought in the past however wall mart has been out for a long time 6 mo or more. I came home made my roux put the meat in and went upstairs to work. I smelled this sickening smell, worse than rotten seafood more like a sewer. the smell penetrated the whole house. I ran down stairs it was the crawfish I pulled the bag from the garbage can to see if it was spoiled,the date was good then I saw product of China in the left corner but it also had Gulf Marine Products Co., Inc Westweago, LA on the front. I think they have sold their name and endorsed this product from China. This package use to say product of LA. The crawfish growers in the US should be furious to say the least.

I am furious and sickened by wall mart and the pains they go thru trying to deceive the American People. Makes me never want to buy anything at Walmart ever again. I buy very little there now.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-05-10:
just last evening i purchased 4 coffee mugs. i was very careful NOT to choose ones made in china. but i wasn't careful enough, and i did bring home ones made in china. they are being returned. if they put lead paint on childrens toys, i am sure a coffee mug has less priority.

there was a day when walmart was all american made, now it is china.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-05-10:
I agree with Alley...buy food at wally world! never.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-10:
I always look for 'country of origin' on any food product I buy. I don't buy foods produced in countries where I could not safely drink a glass of tapwater. China and Mexico are at the bottom of my food safety list, whether or not the products are sold at Wal Mart or the hoi-poloi gourmet shop down the street. The OP should write to the Louisiana company and scold them for purchasing Louisiana-labelled 'bugs' from China. The practice is borderline deceptive.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-10:
It seems the masses don't want to pay a fair price for groceries. Within six months of the grand opening of our wal*mart supercenter three long time independent grocers went out business. We got three choices... Wal*mart, Homeland (another big corp) or head out of town. I don't blame wal*mart for the decisions of the masses. I shiver to think what food will look like in the 30 years.
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-05-10:
LMD, I think we are already being to see what the food will look like and we don't have to wait 30 years. Two grocery stores located between my home and office also went out of business after the latest Walmart opened. So many were excited and I just looked at them wondering how pleased they would be when Walmart was their only choice. Admittedly, your local grocer is now carrying products they would not have considered a few years back. It's a shame it came to that, in many cases just to stay competitive.

Doc, I've never been to China but have been to Mexico a number of times and not in a resort area. When a visitor is afraid to drink the water knowing what is going to happen that should tell everyone something. We in the U.S. still get recalls on foods produced here, and inspections also leave a lot to be desired, but as long as we still have a choice no imported food products for me from countries that make no attempt at food safety.

Thanks Designer for the refresher course for those who had to learn the hard way.
Posted by CrystalSword on 2008-05-10:
We buy just a few select items from the grocery dept. at wal-mart...I don't care for their meat at all. I do occasionally get eggs there and we have a huge Lay's factory here and that aisle is taken care of by local vendors, so I am reasonably sure that is safe to eat.

If its any indication, I won't even buy dog food at wal-mart, I get that at Petsmart.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-05-10:
I won't eat crawfish from China. Half hour after eating it, I'm hungry again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-10:
A high school buddy of mine divorced his Taiwanese wife due to 'sexual incompatibility' issues. One hour after sex, he was horny again.
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Being A Walmart Associate
Posted by Bleaton on 03/01/2008
TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- I have worked for Walmart going on 5 years now. When I first started, Walmart was fun and management cared about the associates. Now it's awful. The ones that bust there butt everyday, rarely call in,the ones they can always depend on get harassed constantly. While the ones that come to work when it fits there busy schedule, do absolutely nothing when they do come get away with everything. Management don't care so how can they expect the associates too. Sam Walton is doing back flips in his grave. Walmart is no where close to what Sam Walton implemented in the very beginning. They have taken away all of the incentives we use to get: bonuses, good job buttons and now they are cutting peoples hours. Walmart is the only company I have every heard of when you switch positions with in the company they take money away from. The pay scale Walmart has is 1-7, 1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest. If I'm a 3 and going to a 6 you would think you'd get a raise right? Wrong not at Walmart they want to take 30 cents away. Is that even legal?

I am very disappointed as to what Walmart has become in the past few years and I know many others are too. All the things you hear about Walmart being a great place to work is bogus. You only find out the entire truth once you've worked there awhile.
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Posted by Flute726 on 2008-03-01:
I very much agree with you. I worked for them in 2006 and the hours were horrible. The scheduling manager scheduled me on days when I was going to school and wasn't available to work. When I brought this to her attention, she said she would fix it, but it NEVER got fixed. Finally, I just ignored the wrong times, and just came in on the correct times, and she finally got the message and stopped scheduling wrong. I was also there one day and I was scheduled from 11:30-7:00. At 7pm, I sent a message to the CSM asking if I could turn my light off, she didn't respond until 15 minutes later, and said that I couldn't leave. I didn't get to leave until 7:45. Breaks were practically non-existent, unless you reminded the CSMs. I hate Walmart, and I will never work there again.
Posted by bleaton on 2008-03-01:
I know all too well. I want to quit so bad but by me being there for as long as I have I don't want to have to start all over again at the bottom of the todom pole. But I'm glad other ppl have had these experience too. thank you
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-01:
Yep, I hear nothing but bad things about the way Walmart treats their employees. Between this, and the way some customers treat the employees like dirt, I will not be applying for a Walmart job anytime soon!
Posted by Principissa on 2008-03-01:
I don't shop at Wal*Mart for two reasons 1. They treat their employees like garbage and 2. They make me feel like a criminal every time I leave the store. I drive 2.5 hours to go to Costco, and I will never set foot in a Wal*Mart again.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-01:
The reason they cut hours is so they don't have to pay for health insurance. Part time employees=no health benefits. How's that for one of the wealthiest companies in the US? (Or at least they used to be--haven't been keeping track.

I agree with you that Sam Walton is turning over in his grave. The concept of his empire has definitely gone south. I and many others refuse to shop there because of the horrible way they treat their employees.

Bleaton--Don't worry about starting over again. You will come out ahead in the end if you ditch this company. Go to a better store like Costco, if you can. They treat their employees very well. I'm sure there are others--search them out.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-02:
Bleaton, I agree with dianec and every one else and can only add that it is like the airline industry, they cut service to there customers and raise the price of the tickets because they think they can and they know we will keep buying whatever they offer. It's more like a sickness going around then business but if we all just look at the "top" we see our Government setting the example for these companies to go by or is it that these companies have bought and paid for the government and tells them what example to set? Either way we the people are the biggest losers.

But like Dianec says, starting over is hard but in the end something better will come along. Good luck to you
Posted by PleasedAsPunch on 2008-03-02:
It's only a matter of time before WalMart folds due their lack of respect for their employees. ...And then some other diabolical corporate conglomerate will come along and do the same thing.
Posted by fazie on 2008-03-02:
my sister has worked for walmart for 15 years and recently had a fall and now they are trying to get her to quit. she is one of those that comes in on time, doesnt call in sick,totally does her job but they dont care they have always treated her like crap. she doesnt have much experience doing anything else but is currently trying to find another job. She's full time but has to pay for her own insurance...
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-03-02:
If you are working for yourself or a mom-and-pop operation you might be appreciated.

If you are working for a big corporation you are nothing more than a warm piece of meat. Expendable. Easily replaceable.

Once an illegal alien gets a credit card from Bank of America to use for ID he will work cheaper and replace you.
Posted by PleasedAsPunch on 2008-03-02:
...and doesn't THAT just make you sick!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-02:
Yes, Yes it does!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-02:
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2008-03-02:
My husband has worked for Walmart for almost 6 years, he works 3rd shift. They are completely ignored as a whole. Every year he gets his review the only complaint they have about him is that he is stagnating. But they won't promote 3rd shift people. They will take a slacker from days before a hard worker from nights. I have heard the compliments about my husband from the Walmart employees, yet time and time again they pass him up for promotions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-03-02:
What?? You mean the commercials I've seen on TV about what a great place Wal-Mart is to work, how much they benefit and help our communities, how employees can have a long, satisfying career there aren't really true?!? Seriously though -I hate Wal-Mart with a passion, for the same reasons Principissa noted, and b/c 95% of the merchandise is nothing but crap. I'd rather pay a little more for higher quality, better service and where I know employees are treated with respect and dignity.
Posted by Rob777 on 2008-03-02:
Unfortunately because walmart is not unionized they can pretty much get away with murder. I love shopping at walmart but I would never work there. Everyone I know that owrks there has a grudge against the company. I think walmart should be unionized. For that matter I think half of all buisnesses should have unions.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-03-02:
As much as I hate wally world:
Fortunately because wally world is not unionized, there are several thousand additional people that have jobs and not a few hundred hollering "casual on the forklift!", with service being even lousier because "that's not my job".
Posted by Nohandle on 2008-03-02:
You know Rob, I don't think a union is the answer. Just give me an employer who appreciates the employees and that's all that's needed. There's a large trucking company in my area that has never been unionized. Why? The employees are treated with respect, paid decent wages plus benefits and there you go. Same with any company even the smaller ones. They might not be able to match wages with the larger companies but they show their appreciation every day of the week. The employees don't forget that.
Posted by Starlord on 2008-03-02:
Rob777, what make you think unionization is so great? I drove taxicabs in Indianapolis, and we were forced to join the Teamster's Union. Have you ever gone to a union meeting with 30-40 cabbies and 750 truckers and try to get anything done for the cabbies? Dream on, little broomstick cowboy. All unions ever did was keep us poor. My dad was killed when I was two, and we had UAW all around us, Ford, Chevy, Caterpillar, you name it. Everytime the auto workers went on strikem the merchants all jacked their prices up, Mom earned sixty-five dolars a week, and you didn't strike and put sick people at risk. I worked for AFSCME at the Arizona State Prison, and the state killed the union by ruling the union had to do for non-members what they did for members. Arizona is a quote, Right To Work State, unquote. Unions suck!
Posted by peachybubbles on 2008-04-03:
thats why wal-mart is put down all the time because everyone thinks we should be a union well why should we have to pay to have someone tell us what to do in a union thats why walmart does not have one and they never will thats why we get all the bad feedback because of all the union people. get over it we are not going union and your not getting our money
Posted by forcomplaintsonly on 2008-05-16:
Walmart does not care about its employees or customers. I knew a guy who worked at one close to headquarters and they would go out of their way, to talk to a customer and treat you like family, because they knew the big shots could and would pop in at anytime. This is not normal for most of the walmarts I have been in, the only normal thing is that the employees will go out of their way, but not to greet you, it is to avoid you. Also I have been to several walmarts in my area, 9 within an hours drive, and they do not train their staff to rotate stock. All stock should be rotated, especially perishables, I have been in several different ones and they are all the same, new stuff in front, old and sometimes outdated stuff in back. Now if walmart was truly worried about profit they would train their staff to rotate all stock. The worse thing about it, walmart is not the one that suffers on most of the outdated stock, it is the companies they send stuff back to, because it is expired, which in turn affects us, because the prices go up. We, as consumers need to take a stand and tell walmart to get their act together, because we are going to take an active role, we need to start watching dates on products and when we see something expired, instead of leaving it for someone else, we need to take it to the service desk and also ask to speak to a manager, if enough of us would do this, they would change. We also need to tell them to quit treating their employees so crappy, this to, would help, if enough of us would voice our concerns to the store managers.
Posted by chow on 2008-07-06:
Me too! Prinsipissa. When a company grown to such a size, it can afford to be arrogance and very much do the way they want without any concern to any insignificant people.
Of course wal-mart is very different from Sam's time, it has grown over the years and so profitable that it has changed.
Posted by Evelyn.A on 2009-01-05:
It seems to me there would be no need for unions if employers would just treat their employees right..

..or if greed wasn't the number one priority?
Posted by jboy on 2013-05-19:
i only been working at walmart for 2 weeks you guys are right they started me out a 9 dollars an hour thats b.s. money if that wasnt enough they want you to break your back for them im trying to figure out how to make a complaint on one of my overnight managers right now thats how i came across this page im still in the process of trying to figure out this jerks last name constantly harrassing when im one of the youngest fastest workers on my shift!!!
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Site to Store Shipping
Posted by K&AMom on 12/15/2007
VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- Walmart's site to store shipping is a terrible service. The 1st time I used it, it was about 15 days before my items where available for pick up. Then no one at the store was trained to get the item for pick up!

The second order I placed on December 9th, the site said the item would arrive at the store in 7-10 days. It was a special Santa surprise for my 2 1/2 year old daughter. Now... December 15th I checked the status of my order and it will not arrive until December 27th - Jan. 3rd! So my daughter will not get her gift from Santa and I can't afford to go buy another item for her before Christmas.

What a Terrible Service! I will not be buying from Walmart after this, I will just pay a little more from a reputable Company that does not make false promises on there website.
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Posted by Principissa on 2007-12-15:
Was it out of stock at the actual store? If it's a popular item it may be on back order and that could explain the delays. It's not an excuse and you should be informed if the items you purchased are on back order.
I suggest for items like this you shop early or go to an actual store to purchase it.
Posted by FoggyOne on 2007-12-16:
Santa can still bring a present, so many times it is getting a gift and unwrapping that is the fun for a 2 1/2 year old. For economizing go to a "Dollar" store and get a doll or truck or both and wrap them up very pretty. Remember to leave cookies and milk (Oreo's will be just fine).
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2007-12-16:
Site to store is a free shipping service. If you wanted to, you could have had the item delivered to your house for a shipping fee.
Posted by K&AMom on 2007-12-16:
The item was not out of stock it said it would arrive at my store location in 7-10 days when I ordered it. I would have paid more for shipping if they had said it would be weeks before it arrived. Now I don't have the option to have it shipped to my house.
Posted by msnanny on 2007-12-17:
Honestly, so much fuss over a gift for a 2 1/2 year old. You have not been charged for the item (until it ships). Cancel your order and go buy the gift someplace else. The stores will be open until 6PM on Christmas Eve. There's still time.
Posted by sukiyakiing on 2007-12-24:
It is irrelevant whether or not the 21/2 year old will remember or appreciate a gift that did or did not come from the dollar store. The point is that there was an item ordered, it was said to be arriving at a said date, and it did not. I have had a similar experience.
Posted by K&AMom on 2007-12-26:
Thank You. That is exactly why I was so irritated! We had a wonderful Christmas regardless.
Posted by SheyShey on 2007-12-28:
Sorry that happend to your little girl. I'll bet a million bucks noone at walmart apologized though huh? I had a similar experience. I ordered an IPOD nano and my only option wass to ship it to the store. So I ordered most of my son's presents site to store. I got there at 9:00 pm. I didn't leave walmart until 1030 pm. The clerk/manager was rude to me. (When I got in my car, he was leaving so I guess he had to stay late ha ha). If they hadn't already charged my card, I would have went somewhere else. I don't think they had a lot of traing and I don't think that site to store will catch on unless they make it mandatory like they did with the nano on some items.
Posted by SheyShey on 2007-12-28:
Oh, to saramkrhystal, like I said in my comment, the ipod nano was not available to ship to my home. I had made several online walmart purchases and shipped those to my work. After the y said the nano was only site to store - I said oh, well I'll ship everything to store and save on shipping. And I can wait till 12/24 to pick up cause I ordered at beginning of december. I had no idea that it would take 7-10 days until after the confirmation e-mail. You are right - shame on us for not reading thourghly - but J&Amom should have been notified that presnet would not be there on time.
Posted by kitty on 2011-12-22:
I ordered a plasma t.v. from walmart this year on black Friday in Nov., I decided to use site to store since the shipping was free. Estimated pick up date was Dec.7-9, on the 11th I got an e-mail saying it was delayed by 2 days, which I was fine with since this was a Christmas gift and I still had plenty of time. Then I decided to track it a few days later on the website and according to that it had arrived on the 7th. So I called the walmart 1-800 number and did the tracking through there, where it said it was still in transit. So I gave it another couple of days and after not getting a phone call or e-mail to pick up my item I called again to speak to a representative. Where come to find out my item was "lost in transit". So, after thinking all of my Christmas shopping was done, I’m still looking for a way to replace that Christmas present, which is hard since it was such a good deal.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND BUYING FROM WALMART.COM ESPECIALLY ON BLACK FRIDAY OR CYBER MONDAY. Since I find it VERY hard for a 50" plasma t.v. to get "lost in transit".
Posted by Patsy Skelton on 2012-08-06:
Humph !!! i just picked up a patio table and chairs and it was damaged. They gave me a telephone number but surprise surprise....no one answers !!! It says open 9 am ....its now 11:30. And no answering machine either. Ha !!
Posted by amgsmom on 2013-07-10:
1-800-966-6546 opt 5
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Is Wal-Mart good for America?
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 11/17/2004
TEXAS -- Is Wal-Mart good for America?

I found this completely disturbing and I am rethinking about all the products that I buy from now on, they must be American made to save the Americans way of life and jobs. For them to out source industry to China with the Trade Agreement that benefits China more then the USA, that is just plain hideous. The Trade Agreement benefits the greedy Corporations like Wal-mart and not the Americans and the American way of life and our lively hood. Please find American made products to buy and save our way of life; please look for small Mom and Pop stores to shop. Start protesting and going to City and Town meetings to keep out the BIG CHAINS before they destroy us all. The Chinese in China make like a $100.00 USD a month and those people are on the high-end pay scale, wow $1,200.00 in USD a year. That won’t even pay my water bills for a year. Make Wal-Mart and other big chains Corporations hurt this year = don’t shop at their stores for your Thanksgiving items and Christmas items / presents. If you do, please look for Made in America labels or labels with US companies listed on the items. If enough of us boycott them and make them hurt as they are hurting America and Americans this should make them rethink what they are doing to America.
If Five Rivers Electronics Innovations in Greeneville Tennessee http://www.taylorwhite.com/taylorwhite/services.htm stood up to Wal-mart and the unfair Chinese Trade Agreement then so should the rest of us to keep Americans working with decent jobs and with decent pay.
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Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-11-18:
Hate to be the naysayer, but while your intentions are obviously good, this is more work than most people are willing to do. I go out of my way to shop at Target instead of Wal-Mart, but most folks are all about the convenience, not the politics.
Posted by tiger on 2004-11-18:
Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world with $355 billion sales a year while paying employees' low wages and making them pay more towards health care than other companies. The Ceo got $14 million in bonus's last year. A small voice does mean a lot when combined with many others. Boycott Wal Mart!
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-11-19:
Sorry I don’t work at Wal-mart or any of their other companies. I hear a lot from their employees about the poor working conditions, poor pay, poor working conditions and lack of health care. I like to be informed about what’s going on in the USA and around the World and think others should be too. There was something on the news yesterday a Wal-Mart CEO or higher up getting kickbacks from a supplier. Stores and Corporations like Wal-mart affect us all. And if we don’t make a stand sometime, they will keep taking advantage on the uniformed and the naïve public. So get informed, stay informed and try doing something about it. Protesting and boycotts will usually hurt them where they care most = $ money.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-11-19:
When you go shopping look at labels. How many products are made in America by American’s? How many American’s are out of jobs because of out sourcing to third work countries and manufacturers moving overseas or to Mexico to profit off cheap labor and no or little environmental laws? When Levi’s was leaving the US, I bought extra jeans that where made in the US before they went to Mexico to manufacturer – after they went to Mexico and the labels changed - I stopped buying them.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-11-19:
Many people knew what was going on at Enron way before they got caught. If someone had stood up sooner the fraud would have not gone that far and so many people would not have lost jobs, pensions, stocks and etc. California and others would have not been over billed for utilities and etc.
Posted by rich230 on 2004-11-21:
I shop at Wal-Mart because they offer what I want at the best price. Why should I pay more to someone who want's to run an inefficient business, then try to shame me into buying from them. Times change, Wal-Mart is just the leader. The K-mart-Sears merger shows you either get larger, more efficient or fad away. As for paying a living wage, employers pay what they can get an employee for, the job market sets the wages. If you can't live on what Wal-Mart pays, go work somewhere else. I'm sick of 40 year old high school drop outs stocking shelves complaining because they can't have a wonderful life. You made bad decisions now live the life you made for yourself.
Posted by KramNation on 2004-11-25:
Folks America is not losing jobs overseas. What is happening is America’s jobs are moving to high-tech jobs and leaving the less profitable textile jobs to the overseas markets, which allows us to keep prices lower here in America. If America were producing all the goods we buy, then you would have to pay double for most goods. This would have a greater impact on America since most could not afford to even buy the basic necessity items. All these new companies in China that are springing up are using American high-end products for networking, building materials, etc. and the list goes on.
If we were truly losing jobs then our unemployment rate would be increasing. However it is still in the single digits. When I started working 25 years ago the unemployment rate was in the double digits.
Posted by AZJEM on 2004-11-27:
If we boycott these stores, Don't you think the lack of business would put these working Americans out of a job? I do agree, it is sad to hear those who have dropped out of school complaining of their low wage job and for the most part is probably is their fault. But it's better that they work than for them to live off welfare.
Posted by firstrateconsumer on 2005-06-12:
In answers to your guestion in a single word

Posted by BrenL16 on 2006-06-17:
Rich230, My husband is a fourty year college graduate. There were 650 applicants for 1 position open in his field. Jobs in our relatively small town are hard to come by. He works at WM due to lack of options. The insurance, as crappy as it is, is why he works there. I am a contractor and do not get benefits so I rely on him for that. Walmart is not a great place to work!! We stay here for our children and families at this time so we have to put up with all WM's bull***t.
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It's my fault they didn't clean up a mess??
Posted by Sil on 07/21/2004
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- In July 2004, I was shopping at the local Wal-Mart in North Sacramento, CA. The last item I picked up was a bottle of toilet cleaner in the cleaning aisle. But before I could make my way to the cash register I found my self slipping and winding up flat on the floor. I yelled for my boyfriend who was just ahead of me turning the corner. I realized I was on the floor in this sticky clear liquid. I hit my head on a metal rack at the end of the aisle and could barely get up. The back of my shirt, skirt and legs were covered in this gross wax substance. After I got up I noticed there was an open bottle of wax on the ground towards the side of the aisle. My boyfriend went over to the next aisle to call for help. The employee was very rude and kept telling us to calm down and that everything was okay. I told her I wanted to see a manager right away. She told me she was getting the assistant manger. As another employee came over she mentioned that she had "just been down this aisle five minutes ago." Finally the manger came and took pictures of the scene. All while four or five employees gathered around whispering and one of them made a comment insinuating someone had spilled the bottle of wax on purpose. I was angry and insulted by her comment. I told her "yeah right, I poured that on purpose so that I could hurt myself by falling and cause the top of my head to bleed!" I filled out a claim form and was to be contacted in a few days. Not one employee or manager apologized for the incident. My boyfriend took me to the doctor right away. I had two abrasions on my scalp with dried up blood, sprained shoulder and neck. I was given pain medicine and a doctor’s note to take it easy for a few days. Needless to say it's been three weeks and I'm still icing my back. The claims company called take a report from me and informed me that Wal-Mart has no medical insurance and he would call me back after speaking with them and reviewing their video tapes. We'll the claims company called me today and Wal-Mart is not going to take responsibility for their actions. They said the area was kept as clean as possible and there was not a "reasonable" amount of time to clean the mess. I am frustrated because now I'm out a total of $75.00 for my ER bill and damage to my clothes. It's not so much the money but the way it was handled. They take no responsibility for their employee's or customer's actions. Thank goodness for this website because I could not find Wal-Mart’s corporate office information just by searching the web. I am going to write a letter about my concerns about their store safety and about the way my claim was handled. I am also never going to Wal-Mart again and now have to drive an extra 15 to 20 minutes to nearest store of it's kind.
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Posted by mad on 2004-07-21:
If it were me, I would contact a lawyer asap.
Posted by Rhino8 on 2004-07-21:
As a former WM manager, I can say a little bit about your incident. First, It sounds like it was handled wrong by the associates and the management team. Though it has been several years since I worked for WM, I remember handling accidents such as yours many times. One thing that stands out is the fact that you knew that they took pictures of the scene. If I remember correctly, policy states that the pictures should never be taken of the accident victim or in the presence of (that's not word for word, but pretty close). WM takes pictures only to document the accident so that the people at the home office have a better understanding of what happened. Another thing that stands out is the fact that they did not say, "I'm sorry". Well that was another thing that we were told not to do. By saying that, it would have been accepting blame for the accident. WM is going to look out for it's interests, like any other company would do. If you are willing to push this, I would contact a lawyer. Most accident lawyers are chompin' at the bit to get at WM. The thing is, are you willing to give up the time and the money to get satisfaction? Sometimes, WM will give up some money if it means keeping them out of the press.
Posted by melissa.messner.ni1q on 2004-07-22:
I agree with Rhino and mad...call a lawyer and see what they can do. The fact that they're not even willing to take care of the medical bills, or at least talk about them with you, is just sickening. I hope your back feels better soon (I slipped on ice this past winter and still have back problems, I feel ya girl!), and I wish you all the luck on this!!
Posted by terrapin8180 on 2004-07-22:
Oh that's BullS***. You really need to get a lawyer. I mean Walmart is bad enough and this puts the icing on the cake. I wish you the best of luck in suing the pants off of them.
Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-22:
I'm voting for you to contact an attorney. Especially since you're apparently suffering some serious back pain & your medical bills are somewhat costly.
Posted by Sil on 2004-07-22:

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts. Rhino8, they didn’t take pictures of me just the scene. What I don't get, is how they can say it's not their fault even after reviewing the video tapes. I am waiting for their letter to come in the mail with more phone numbers I can contact. Like melissa.messner.ni1q said, do I really want to go through the process of a lawyer if it's going to cost me more than they even owe plus the headache. I mostly wanted to post my story to inform other customers of how they could possibly be treated if something like this happened to them in a Wal-Mart store.

Posted by oneufear on 2004-07-23:
You were on their property and they didn't provide a safe shopping environment.........it's their fault, case closed. Get a Lawyer.
Posted by TXRoadTrip on 2004-07-26:
Call a lawyer and get him to get a copy of the surveillance tapes.
Posted by betti on 2004-08-22:
You should sue them
Posted by kutya on 2004-08-30:
Are you sure they weren't just taking picture up your skirt as you laid there in slime, I thought I saw something like that on the internet.
Posted by dixiegirl3179 on 2004-11-09:
While I don't know that I would say that walmart is guilty of negligance in this situation I do think that they should have at the least paid your medical bills. For all anyone knows that wax could have been spilled mere seconds or minutes before you walked through that aisle. I do think that they should be responsible for your medical bills though. Walmart doesnt have medical insurance? Yea right, there is no way that they don't have insurance to cover incidents such as this. Good Luck.
Posted by myron1 on 2005-01-31:
A similar incident happened to me one day when I was working in my store's hardware department. A customer had dropped a can of oil based paint on the floor and it went everywhere. I called an associate from store standards to help me clean it up. I tried to step around the mess, but wound up slipping and winding up on the floor, injuring my knee in the process. I had to call a manager and tell her that I was hurt, and she called me to the back to fill out a report. She made it seem like it was all my fault, saying "Could you not have just walked around the spill?" Like I didn't try to. Thankfully that particular manager is no longer working at Wal-Mart.
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Posted by Faelynn73 on 11/18/2003
SOUTH CAROLINA -- I'm a cashier at Wal Mart, and I have a few complaints against the customers, since they have so many complaints against us.

We're clocked on our Items Per Hour Scanned. Here are some things that bring it down for us, because they cost us time. We can be fired for not having a good IPH number, btw.

1. 20 items or less means just that,NOT 24 items or 25 items, or a cart full of items. It doesn't mean three people using one cart, each with 20 items. We only have three bags on our carousel, as opposed to 6 on the long aisles. We don't have room for your extra items.

2. If your cart is overloaded, please grab an empty one somewhere and bring it with you to put groceries in while you're still unloading your cart....usually slowly....ever so slowly. And if you are with your spouse, older children, or a friend, please one of you start taking bags off of the carousel so that we don't have to take them off and carry them to the back of the station for you. No, it's not your job, but for heaven's sake, be considerate.

3. All you suburban princesses, with your perfectly manicured nails and fancy clothes, don't stand there expecting us to load your carts so you won't ruin your manicure. And for heaven's sake, get your lazy spoiled kids off of the counter, carousel, or credit machines! I had one kid banging on the machine the other day, and I said "Please don't do that, it's bad." His mother said "Don't use that word with him, please. I never tell him he's bad." Get Real!

4. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Control your kids. The bag carousel is not a fun ride. They can have an eye put out by a spinning spindle if they're playing with or on it. Having screaming kids running around, trying to get under the register behind my back to play hide and seek, and generally creating chaos in the store is not only annoying, it's a health and safety issue.

5. If you pick up something you don't want that is refrigerated or frozen, PLEASE TAKE IT BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT! You don't understand how much food is thrown away because someone left it at the register because they didn't want it once they got there. We don't have time to take those items back, and they end up staying out of refrigeration too long and having to be thrown away by the time someone tries to get them back to their area.

6. One of my pet peeves....people who rebag groceries after you've bagged them. DO NOT stand on the other side of the carousel rearranging items in the bags. We need those carousels free so that we can move them around to put like items into bags. I don't care if you want to put your frozen food in with your toiletries, but tell me, don't get that "OMG, you're so stupid." look and start doing it yourself. We're taught to bag by not putting cold or wet items in with dry items, or toiletries and general merchandise in with food. And PLEASE don't put your pool chemicals in with ANYTHING else. Those are toxic chemicals and should be kept separated.

7. We're trying to protect you by asking for your i.d. when you use your credit card. Comments like "Nobody else ever asks for it" doesn't mean jack sh1t to us. We are required to do it, and we can lose our jobs if someone comes to the store and says we didn't check i.d.'s when their card was stolen. And PLEASE don't stand mesmerized staring at the items being rung up and THEN dig for your card. If you know you have "SEE I.D." on the back of your card, have it out. You wouldn't believe how much time I spend waiting for people to find their i.d.'s.

8. When you KNOW you're going to be using a check, PLEASE...WHILE YOUR ITEMS ARE BEING SCANNED, START MAKING OUT YOUR CHECK. At least get it out of the bottom of your very big purse so we and all the people behind you don't have to wait for 5 minutes for you to find it and write it. Our registers will write checks for you. If you're not comfortable with that, fine, but please be prepared before you get to us.

9. If there are 5 people in line behind you. DON'T DIG FOR CORRECT CHANGE. Save it for when no one is behind you.

10. Check the conveyor for wet spots BEFORE you put your items down on it. Don't start complaining about something getting wet because you didn't bother to look. When it's busy, we don't always have time to wipe down the belts, because they're always full.

11. And last, but certainly not least, STAY OFF YOUR DAM*ED CELL PHONE! If someone calls you, just say "I'm at the cash register at Wal-Mart, I'll call you back". We don't want to hear your life stories while you're trying to juggle your phone in your ear and dig money out of your purse, or worse yet, when you act like your call is more important than paying your bill and getting out of the way of the 5 people behind you.

Sometimes I have someone with three screaming, wild kids who is talking on a cell phone and expects me not only to keep their kids from trashing the store, but to wait on them while they're finishing their call.

Be considerate of us, and we'll be much better to you.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-18:
It is our job as a consumer to make your life difficult. We know what pisses you off and that is why we do it. Since you did not get past the fifth grade and must find some kind of white trash work you should be happy you have a job at all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-18:
I've been on both sides of the counter and I can honestly say I much rather prefer being the customer. Cashiering is thankless and I don't know that I could ever go back to it unless I absolutely had to. You see a person's REAL character in how they deal with folks in retail jobs.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-22:
The above poster must be an idiot. I don't work at Wal-Mart but I do know it's not my "job" to make an employee's life miserable. I treat people as I want to be treated. Sounds like the first person who replied to this didn't make it out of the FIRST grade!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-23:
Gee, maybe you all should shop at our Walmart in Winnemucca NV. No one smiles or asks how you are, but you sure can see all the employees standing around and talking to one another. Gossip Gossip Gossip is their topic. As a customer, I do not have to hurry and unload my cart as fast as I can. If you do not like how fast I unload it, unload it your dang self. I am the paying customer and you are the employee providing service so "I" the customer will return and spend my money in your store. With this employee's attitude, she should have her butt fired. No wonder I shop on the internet and drive 2.5 hours to Reno, NV to do my shopping. The walmart here sucks!

To all employees who where that smock that says "How can I help you." Try helping someone with a smile and without gossip or complaining.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-11-25:
You go person! OOh my God I defintely agree with this article so much. i have worked at Walmart for 1 1/2 years and I have seen all that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-01:
I have a degree in business, and I work as a cashier for Wal-Mart. I started at the bottom for a reason, so I could relate to the people I was going to supervise when I get to that position, and I will get to that position. For those of you who think we're all uneducated, let me just tell you that educated people do NOT post the hateful things that you did. You think that someone being paid just above minimum wage because they want a career with a good company and has to start at entry level to get there should wait on you hand and foot? You're full of it! Nobody in this world, no matter how rich you are or how educated you are, has the right to treat someone like the employees at Wal-Mart are treated.

To top it all off, the company treats us just as badly as you do. I thought it was a good company and wanted to be a part of it until I got into it and started reading about it, and now I'm not even sure I want a career with this company.
Most of my customers are great, but to be honest, the rest are represented by the people who posted nasty replies on this board.

As soon as Sam Walton Sr. died, the benefits and good treatment at Wal-Mart died too. Used to be that people who worked 28 hours got benefits. In the last two years it's gone up to 34 hours. They got sued for hiring people part time, so now they call them temporary employees, and work them 40 hours during peak times of the year, yet don't give them benefits. Most companies make you wait 90 days for insurance, Wal-Mart makes you wait 6 months, and the insurance SUCKS! They will fire you if you even KNOW anyone associated with a union. Know how they get those low prices? By threatening suppliers that they will go to China and get the stuff if they don't sell it to them for what they want.

I've seen children abused right in front of me, and management wouldn't let me call security because they didn't want to lose a customer. I've had a spoiled b!tch DEMAND that I check out her 500 items at an express lane. She threatened to turn me in to my manager if I didn't, and I turned on my light and said "I'll call him for you". She backed down. I've been cursed because I wouldn't break the law by selling liquor to minors or people who were obviously already drunk. I've found people trying to steal items by hiding them in their kid's clothes. I've had people hide their dogs in their purses and bring them into the store, and raise unholy he!! when we asked them to take them out because it's illegal to have any but service animals in a grocery store. I've had people refuse to show me their i.d. to prove they didn't steal that platinum card they're waving around. I've had men make crude comments to me and even had one wait for me until I got off. I had to get a security guard to walk me to my car. I've seen people buy things, keep them for a year or two, then get really nasty when we won't take them back. I've had to BEG people to PLEASE keep their kids away from the carousels, or to keep them from climbing on the shelves, etc. They give me dirty looks, like they have the right to destroy store property, or have their children injured just because it's Wal-Mart.

Still, I'm polite to every customer who comes through my line. I greet them with a smile, and even chat with some of them if I'm not too busy. I don't complain when some teenager with a baby she doesn't need ties up my line with WIC checks then buys $80 worth of junk food. I don't snap back when someone snaps at me. I just turn on my light and call my manager. Usually, they see that light go on, and they just walk away. They know they're wrong, they just think they have the right to abuse people they consider to be under them.

And you think I should kiss YOUR tail? You kiss mine!
Posted by karen_spankie on 2003-12-05:
Before you make a comment on this issue read "Educated Cashier (12/01/2003)" first it is a well founded article.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-07:
get a life or another job where you dont deal with people its cashiers just like you whose line i go through who expect everyone else to share your shi$$y day.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-10:
I'll give an amen on this article. No, I've never been a cashier but I do have good commen sense and the Lord in my life. We should ALL treat each other with respect. And always treat others the way we would want to be treated, even if they are unruly or rude.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-13:
I've been an employee for about a year, and I pretty much worked in the ghetto wal mart. Now sure I had them customers that werent the brightest ppl, but at the same time i never let it botherd me. My advice to you is to quiet your complaining, and do sum work....OMG!!! how your going to die by lifting the customers bags into thier carts. YOUR just a very lazy, and irogant Cashier like all the others. "IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN QUIT"
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-12-25:
Be nicer to you and you will be nicer to us??? This shows the lack of customer service that Wal-Mart provides! Just because 10% of the people are idiots you take it out on ALL customers. I will never shop at a Walmart as long as I live because of the poor customer service!
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-02:
I think the person makes some very good points. My favorite is the cell phone one. God I hate people on thier cell phones.I have one but never use it unless I have to.
Those that made a negative commment toward this person, walk a day in thier shoes and see how you feel.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-03:
People like "wal-mart sucks," militarywife, and Rob need proctologists to find their heads. Respect is a two-way street. I completely agree with whoever wrote this complaint. Just because they're supposed to "serve" you gives you NO RIGHT to treat them like trash. Seems like the people I just mentioned (and others of their kind) never made it past KINDERGARTEN! I have a high school diploma, a decent 3.354 GPA, and I've worked at Wal-Mart. At least it's a legitimate job!
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-07:
Complaint from WM employee to the customers??? Sooooooo funny!!! I do agree with mutual respect, and kindness. However, the point that didn't seem to get mentioned in your "complaint" is that "You are paid to be at WM & the customers are not paid". Yes they should be kind to you & you in turn the same to them, but come now really... the customers pay your wages by supporting the company you work for. I'm sorry there are some rude customers out there, but don't take it out on everyone!
Posted by sarahnkrystal on 2004-02-15:
I won't let people in my store use a cellphone. I tell them it can cause very bad things to people with pacemakers, and my store sells primarily to the elderly. I agree with everything written. I hate people who think that I have nothing better to do than baby-sit their kids. I don't expect anyone to watch my kids at the store. I've actually said something because some woman on her cell phone was letting her son play on the shelves and one fell. If he had been hurt my company would be at fault. She had the nerve to tell me I should watch her child. Unbelievable.
Posted by tabatha on 2004-02-24:
I just read the list of eleven complaints that a cashier has about Wal-mart customers, but believe me I've had my share of experiences at Wal-mart as well. Your first complaint was the 20 items or less. What is it going to hurt for you to scan four or five more items? When I go to Wal-mart, customers tend to go in the express lanes with a basketful of groceries because Wal-mart does not open enough check out lanes. This store expects to check out 300+ customers with five lanes open and believe me the express lanes aren't even that quick. Your second complaint was carts that were overloaded. It is common sense to have another cart waiting at your carousel after you check out a customer. If my cart is overloaded are you there to help me unload it? NO! Then you can be considerate and place my groceries in the cart since I unloaded them for you to check out. Your third and fourth complaints about kids just don't make sense. Haven't you heard the phrase kids will always be kids. I'm pretty sure you had your share of sitting your lazy ass on the counter, yelling, and running in the store causing chaos when you were a kid. Complaint number five is just bull. When I don't want something when I check out, cashiers automatically put in right next to the machine that prints out the reciepts. If food tends to spoil because it is not taken back to its original place, it is not my fault. I see plenty of Wal-mart employees standing around and chatting, instead of taking items back to thier original places. People who rebag groceries do it for a reason. I do it because most cashiers at Wal-mart don't know how to bag groceries. I've had my share of bags busting because there is ten canned goods in one bag with my loaf of bread. Compaint number seven is the biggest pet peeve I have. The I.D. when you use a credit card. I have my picture on my credit cards and employees at Wal-mart still ask me for my I.D. What else do you need DNA? When I write a check at Wal-mart I usually don't have a pen in my purse. If you want customers to be quick about writing a check you should offer them a pen when you see them pull out that checkbook. Who cares if people dig through thier purses, pockets for the exact change. I would rather dig through my purse and give the cashier the exact change than have to wait in line for a manager to see the flashing red light and come over to get change. If I get a call on my cell phone while I'm at the checkout, I'm not going to get off the phone to watch you check out groceries. Who died and made you queen cashier? If my phone rings it is definitely important. Thank you for your time and I'll see you at the checkout line.
Posted by Thunderhead on 2004-05-18:
You are obviously an uneducated, trailer park dweller of low self esteem. You worship a company that has literally destroyed small town America. And shattered the Great American dreams of many a small buisiness person. Get your prioritys straight.
Posted by redrebel on 2004-09-14:
Thunderhead I am in total agreement with you. Sam Walton did not start these stores out this way. It used to advertise made in America. Look what GREED does to our country and to its' employees. Very few even care anymore.Thank you for bringing it up.
Posted by notalwaysright on 2004-10-08:
AMEN!!!Especially the cell phone part!!!! You're at the counter, which means the cashier is GOING to be asking you questions, so HANG UP THE D#MN PHONE!!!!
Posted by synnep on 2004-10-11:
Look sweetie, just because you work at WM and can't afford to get manicured nails, dont cry to the ones that can afford it. Go back to school, get a degree and you wont have to work at WM and complain about women like me.
Posted by djb on 2004-10-19:
i agree im am a Cashier also. most custmers are ok but some of u think our job is super ezey, think agen believe me we handle more money in a day then you make in a year! also to you 25% of customers that are the way you are, we aren't not ass kissing machines to the other 75% THANK YOU!!! SO MUCH FOR BEING KIND!!!!!!!!
with the 20 items or less lane, if you have 20 fine, 30 maybe but go to a register with a belt and 6 bags if you have more, we say 20 even when we can handle about 30 because if we said 30 some of you would bring 60, the only register you should bring more is the smoking reg, 10 or less, we understand you need your cigs, but if everyone pays stemson to 10 or less no one would ever, ever have to would more then a minute to get their cigs.
and its not our falt if your credit or debit card don't go thru, pay your bill! and we don't care if no one else checks your id, those other people don't care about you that's why they don't.
and if you want chemicals mixed with your food tell us and you can bag it your self, because we cant do that.
for those of you who think our job is ezey apply 4 it 80% of people hired as a cashier quit before training is even done once the see a day from the cashier said of the register.
and once agene to the nice customers we do have, thank you so much for shopping your local wal-mart. we aplogize in advance if a customer mantle abuses us before you reach us and we may not be in the best mood we try our best not to do that but some customers are so bad we all at time start to shake and or cry.
Posted by sweetcakes on 2004-12-26:
If you think that is bad try writing a work order for someone and their phone goes off and they walk away with the phone to their ear and you are left hanging. There are 5 or more customers waiting to get their cars worked on and they don't care what your problem is. Cancel the phonecall person and do the other customers and then the phonecall person wants to know how come it is going to be so much longer to work on their car. DA!!!! Didn't finish the order had to go to the next. Courtsy works both ways.
Posted by CashierofWalmart on 2005-01-13:
I agree to everythin u said, ive only been with walmart for 4 months bein a cashier, but also ive worked at winndixie for 4 n half years and u deal with the same stuff, but i guess i ask for it, cuz i do enjoy my job, its just those customers that make u think twice about ur job, but i have a comment to what one of u replied to about the 20 items or less comment and us havin to only scan 4 items more if u have more, see if another customer sees u have more then 20 items they think its ok to bring thier 30 items through and then so on, also we have to listen to the other customers behind u complain to me that u had more then 20 items....Im goin to add my own complaints, which r: if our light is off, it means were closed, so what if were waitin on other customers, what happen is that i was told to turn my light off to go on a break or to go home so plz go to the next register and also if we r standin at a register and our light is off doesnt mean were open, if light is on were open if its off were not, OK? and also dont complain cuz i closed my register cuz its time for me to go home, im sorry but i do have a life to, and ive been there for 7 hours or more and tired and want to go home, so plz dont complain that im closin......
Posted by yoke on 2005-11-18:
The comment about the customer loading the bags into the cart off the carosuel irked me. Sorry cashier that is your job, why should I break a nail doing YOUR job! the cashiers at our Wal-mart refuse to put things into the cart, so do I. Eventulay they do it "for you". sorry, it is YOUR job, not mine. My job is to purchase the items YOUR job is to ring them up, bag them and put them in the cart. Oh yeah a THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY would be nice.
Posted by disgruntled on 2006-07-13:
Poor baby, why don't you quit. Or better yet, how about all of us consumers finding another store to purchase from then you won't have to deal with such difficulties.
Posted by Bohizzle on 2006-09-25:
What cracks me up about the Credit Card part is that the idiots ( Cashiers @ Walmart ) wait until you put the card back in your wallet. They see you scan the card put back in your wallet and then they ask to see it. Sometimes I will have my Credit Card and ID out and they don't even ask to see it. In all honesty, I feel sorry for the cashiers at Walmart because if you go to a unionized store such as Fry's, Safeyway, Albertson's etc very rarely do you see the cashiers having to worry about bagging because well they all have courtesy clerks. The fact of the matter is ... Walmart is all about the money ... and they wouldn't be making all the money if they weren't cutting corners ... No courtesy clerks ... Pharmacy not open 24 hours ... Photo Department not open 24 hours ... Garden department not open 24 hours ... Lay-a-away not open 24 hours ... starting to get the picture ??? Walmart is supposedly open 24 hours but all you can do is shop for food and clothes .. heck .. you can't even try your clothes on after 9PM .. its like why bother going to Walmart after 8-9PM ? By shopping / working @ Walmart you have to take what's handed to you. They are cutting corners to make that $$$ if you wan't a better work environment and better shopping experience then go to another store .. but if you want to save $$$ then shut-up and suck it up and shop at Walmart.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-18:
Bo, we don't ask to see the card or ID unless the register prompts us to. THAT my friend means you have a security issue set with your bank. We can't read minds to know your personal business. Also, we don't run your card, YOU do, so while you are playing with your wallet and such we are paying attention to your items that we are scanning.

You want department store service at Walmart prices but you aren't going to get it. IF we gave you everything you wanted, the next complaint out of your mouth would be too high prices.

I love Walmart. But I do not have to put up with idiots. The first smart remark out of your mouth will make me shut off my light and walk away until a manager can check you out. You want courtesy, then give it. You want respect, then give it.

All I want is to check you out and get you out. And if Tabatha was a customer in my line, I would leave her to find herself another checkout.
Posted by CBUSER on 2010-04-07:
Wal Mart has the best prices, but Really, grading the cashier on items scanned is not right. Ive lost count on how many times I have left the store, only to realize that one of my items purchased is still on that stupid bag carousel. Maybe I should inventory all of my items after the cashier places them into the cart before paying. YES that is what I will do.
Posted by walmartassociate on 2013-03-18:
To the people who say "5-10 items isn't hurting you". It hurts us because cashiers are now getting written up for having less than 915 scans per hour. When a speedy checkout lane only has 3 spots on a carousel it slows down the scans per hour for the cashier. When people are digging for "correct change" (even after the total is hit it drops our sph. Cashiering is now like a factory line. This is what the person who wrote the article is getting at. We no longer have time to smile and chit chat. Because of sph. We can scan as fast as humanly possible, but when the customer is inconsiderate and lazy our sph drop and we have no way to fix it. I am no longer a cashier because of this policy. The ONLY time the clock stops on the sph is when the the transaction is paid for. If you don't like the service contact 1800-walmart and tell them that their cashiering grading system is crap. Don't blame the cashier. Blame the company for caring more about scan quota than customer service.
Posted by Rick on 2013-05-03:
I am a cashier at Wal-Mart and agree with the person who posted their rant about customers - but lets be fair about it - without the customer we wouldn't have a job. If they are talking on their cell phone over charge them for something because it is likely they aren't paying attention anyway.
Posted by Smiling Cashier on 2013-05-04:
I am a Wal-Mart associate (Cashier) and am familiar with the SPH system. Though many of the problems are caused by slow customers who don't give a rip, ultimately the SPH policy is a Wal-Mart corporate problem.
As for the customers who rudely use their cell phone while in line, just overcharge them. I have never had a customer complaint that they have been overcharged in spite of using this very tactic a number of times.
If the customer decides they do not want a refrigerated item, cheerfully take the item and make sure it has time to spoil before placing the item in claims. Wal-Mart is all about costing the consumer and employee money so turn the table.
Many Wal-Mart employees can't make ends meet on their part time hourly salary alone often resorting to public assistance. Guess who is paying the bill Mr. or Mrs. Customer? I earn $9.70 per hour and have been with Wal-Mart for almost four years. Some Wal-Mart associates are disabled and actually earn more working part-time for the company combined with disability benefits than they would working full time for the company. Most non-management employees of Wal-Mart are only offered part-time employment (32 hours or less per week - full time is considered 34 hours per week) by the company.
When you see waste or a customer who takes an electric cart into the rain keep your mouth shut. If you want to keep your job, part of the solution is learning to turn a blind eye to problems caused by customers.
Offer maximum service to the customer as this is a ruse actually intended to separate them from their money. Become an expert in the art of deception and you will become a successful company man or woman.
Notice most of the items we are selling in the store are no longer made in America? Notice your taxes increasing? Thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart. We are here for you, the customer!
By the way, did I mention that I am disabled, work 20 hours per week, am a single parent and am a broadcast engineer? Not every employee you encounter at Wal-Mart is a loser...
Posted by Walmart Cashier on 2013-07-21:
I recently got hired at WalMart and I've read quite a few comments about cashiers being uneducated but that's not true at all! I graduated on June 5th and I must working at walmart until its time for me to leave for college on August 21st
Posted by Cwall on 2014-02-04:
My my how telling is it when I read responses that immediately determine the intelligence of a Walmart employee, Trailer trash, fifth grade education, etc, etc? The boy mentioned in the post and the mom said "I never tell him he's doing something bad"....well this is what they grow up to be" Bullies transformed into self entitled over blown ego's like some of them posting here. Common sense like it or not says with the job market as is, many Walmart employees do come from higher backgrounds or are in process of higher studies. Likewise people do understand that much of what these employees posted is true in how they are treated by some. And your proof of how you regarded these people in these downgrading posts that you are likely to be those people who treat retail employees like they are there to be your personal whipping post. Not saying there aren't those who give poor service but there are also bad behavior customers who expect to be rewarded for there bad behavior and lack of consideration. Someone going into a 20 or less express lane with a cart full of groceries? Where is the respect to those other customers behind you holding two or five items? Never mind the cashier, yes she can scan whatever you give her and get over it....But do you care about the elderly persons behind you who can barely walk much less stand while holding heavy items in hand? Are they basically uneducated with one foot in the grave anyway that should appreciate how important you are? If you don't think the employee personnel is deserving of any respect, how about the customers behind you? It doesn't appear from some of the responses other people matter enough to show respect and consideration of anybody but yourselves. I applaud your education and how important you've made yourself to be. Unfortunately it shows how you missed the courses on respect, consideration, understanding, and human decency. Your behavior doesn't just affect the cashier...it effects the customers behind you too.
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Posted by on 08/30/2003
BREMEN, GEORGIA -- I have been working for Wal-Mart only about 3 months. They preach how good and friendly they are, "NOT" our night manager who's name is Jan has broken every rule in the hand book. She is suppose to speak and listen to every assoiate, well it's fact she doesn't even know about half of us work there. I was told by a friend, I might even be fired because she doesn't like me . There have not been 20 words passed between she and I, all I have done is work. It's not a good thing knowing you could loose everything you have because someone doesn't like your looks.
Tell me' is this Wal-Marts way ?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-01:
the managers at wal mart are moraless they have no compassion
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-10-07:
YES. Unfortunately. It's the same way at the Walmart I work at #2358. The night 'managers' (I use the term as loosely as possible!!) are two of the most paranoid, egotistical, neurotic nutbags you'd NEVER want to meet, much less work 'for.' If they don't like you, you get fired. Forget the facts: you show up on time, you do your work and you do it well, and heaven forbid you should actually be liked by the other associates! Night 'management' is nothing more than a charade put on by two people who think they're all that, when in fact, they are a couple of NOTHINGS.
Posted by jayboy on 2004-11-18:
sadly thats the way of wal*mart. I have been there for about a year. and if they do not like you they will fire you for no reason at all
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