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Poor service and poor customer service, no security to protect patrons
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- Workers here are subpar. Not only did I ask the check out person if I had all my groceries off the turnstile and was informed I did. I didn't notice till I got home. Called Wal-mart and was informed to come back and get the product I left behind. When I did, I waited in line at the customer service desk and was informed to go and get the product. I was shorted again from the grocery area and return straight to the desk so they could bag them and send me on my way.

When I returned the line was still there and I did as the worker informed me. When a rude customer who just got in line started cursing at me the worker refused to speak up. When I tried to explain the situation the customer threaten to due physical harm to me. I looked at the Wal-mart worker who then shrugged her shoulders and said nothing. This worker told me to come directly back up to the counter and then when she saw some bully bullying me she did nothing. The other customers said "this guy is going to hit you if you don't leave."

I left thinking where is the customer service or security on wal-mart's part. I should have never been threatened from another patron and the Wal-mart employee who is in customer service should have spoken up and informed the patron of my situation but didn't and choose to make me look like the bad guy. I will never ever ever shop here again.

Too bad too because the prices are low but Giant Eagle across the way has the same products a couple of cents more but for safety and service I think Giant Eagle is the way to go. SHAME ON YOU WAL-MART AND YOU NEED TO TRAIN YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE PEOPLE. Don't just throw anyone into that position!

One more thing I know, I am not the only one who hates these new turnstiles the check out persons uses to bag the groceries, every other time I get shorted due to these I am sure Wal-mart likes them. They get to steal from the customer and think if I get shorted every other time the product you pay for goes back on the shelves. We're talking billions of dollars a yr Wal-mart robbing their customers. There should be a law against this.

Wal Mart Pharmacy - Overland - Boise, Id - Stinks Big Time!!!
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Rating: 1/51

BOISE, IDAHO -- Pharmacy associates do not listen to what you tell them such as, "I no longer have health insurance" instead they bill the insurance company for your prescriptions. 3 Months after you tell them, "I do not have insurance. Do not bill the insurance company" And then not to take accountability for their actions. Even when you have paid the full price.

Maybe they are billing the insurance companies to get extra money. But it is absurd to tell the pharmacy associates on more than one occasion that you do not have insurance, to remove it from your file. And then to have them turn around months after you have told them... To bill the insurance company for your prescriptions. The pharmacy staff for the majority is downright rude.

Then to top things off, they filled a prescription. You requested for it to be cancelled and they never did it. So you end up getting billed by an insurance company because of their negligence to listen to your requests, by filling a prescription you requested to be cancelled and never picked up. So how on earth could they bill that prescription if it was not picked up???

Individuals need to be replaced and the pharmacy is the first place I would start in eliminating positions as they simply don't care with the exception of a couple people. Other than that they are airheads who do not think, do not listen, and go against what you tell them.

To _ _ _ _ with Wal-Mart!!! What really gets me is that they have an easy pay spot where you are to go to drop off & pick up prescriptions. Only to go to pick up a prescription and they tell you to go down to the other line to pay when they are standing there doing "nothing". It is not like the easy pay line is backed up. They are just down right "lazy and incompetent" wanting other associates to do their work when you are in the right line.

There is no sense in having an "easy pay" line when they refer you to another line and they are not doing anything at all other than standing there. Then they make you the butt of their jokes by telling other associates what they told you to go to the next line. Wal-mart stinks. Not so much the store as the pharmacy associates and even some of the pharmacists. There are some people who care about but the majority of individuals are airheads and couldn't care less about you as a customer.

Do not, do not, do not go to Wal-Mart pharmacies. Even though they say their prices are the lowest. They are not necessarily so. Picket Walmart pharmacies. I know I will never go to them again as they stink big time!! I sure hope the director of the pharmacy for Idaho reads this as it is so very true. Their mistakes end up costing you as the customer big time money. Because they did not clean the wax out of their ears and listen. Listening is not part of their skills. Do not go there!!!

Random Not Posted Rules Regarding Returns on Certain Products
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS,TX NW HWY & SKILLMAN, TEXAS -- Description of Complaint: Attempted to return several items I'd bought to use on drive to my sister in law's funeral. Ended up flying, stayed 16 or more days. Did not need items. All items returned except one, a $100+ air mattress. I was told that they weren't returnable after 15 days, and not returnable at all if opened. This info is not printed on the receipt. It was pointed out that is printed in very small type, behind the RETURN counter, where one does not go to buy the mattress. When I pointed out the unfairness of such a tactic, they said there were signs posted at the counter in sports goods, which is near where the air mattress are sold.

I went back to that area, there are no signs on the shelves where the mattresses are, and no signs on the counter, register, poles, etc. around the sports goods register. In fact, when I asked the person working the counter if he were aware of a different return policy regarding air mattresses he said no. I walked up and down the aisle and around the sport counter taking pictures to show there was no such signage.

I told the co-manager Rebecca I was recording our conversation and she refused to participate. I said fine. She also refused to show me where the signs supporting the policy were regardless of being recorded or not. (Turns out there were none.) I left the store.

At no time did I ever raise my voice, or threaten to do anything other than call the head office. Being done collecting the info I needed, as I was leaving Rebecca asked me to leave. (I was at the front door.) In a move of pure spite, Rebecca had a police officer working at the store "criminal trespass" me, in the middle of the parking lot, 4' from my car, in the Texas Heat.

I am a breast cancer survivor, with all sorts or remaining symptoms and problems, and this was both stressful, embarrassing and physically challenging. And my first issue remains, that it is a deceptive practice to have an "invisible" return policy, that you only find out about when you try to return something.

Desired Outcome Description:

  1. Cash Refund, no questions asked, on the airbed. (They commented on the quality of the box, sort of implying that even if they did returns, they wouldn't do this one! (It had been abused before it ever reached my hands, as is typical of many of their boxes. I never even opened it)

  2. Apology, in person from the Co-Manager Rebecca for a) lying about the location of signs regarding the policy being 'all over the sports service desk".

  3. Apology, in person from the Co-Manager Rebecca for for asking the police officer to intercept me 3 from my car, to cite me with criminal trespass. She asked me to leave, as I was on my way out the door. She then sends an employee and the officer to intercept me at my car door and cite me? When no yelling, cursing, even raised voices, threats, nothing had occurred. This you lady is too young to be in the position she is in. As I was exiting the building I heard her brag to her co-worker (whom she sent out with the policeman) "I got rid of that **."

What I can remember about Walmart
By -

MADISON OHIO -- I go into Madison WalMart SuperCenter sometimes. I'm always waiting for some 'miracle' whether for my life or them. Not color-coordinated or attractive, I see band-aids on the floor, nail polish spills, laundry deterent leaks, cold aisles, no Zone food these days or Boca or raw milk and almost everything's packaged in plastic, some frozen foods don't say on the front what's of their nutrition, only 1 self-check out has a 'computer' that doesn't speak, they still don't offer paper bags these days yet; most of their bags are still small for pizzas, now they have one or two good dog foods, but still: beet pulp. Pillows cost $10.00, some clothes: 13. There's no Campbell bean and ham soup without the smoke flavor, all their gums have aspartame today, they have a sign that indicates that around 51% of their food gets sold everyday by the bathroom in the back of the store but with all the money they have and all the food, whether high or low, I can't believe that percentage. I tasted water from the water fountain once there, and all I could taste was like blue, black or silver floaty metal. Can't find an okay dog food there but see it of cats, don't see the 3 year old Hartz cough drops they should have with herbs and vitamins, men wear watches there and yet I hear that everybody working in the back is sick; they have 2,400 calorie pizzas, they don't have the Almay Nail Polish with fluoride... Honest, I just can't believe anything. And children fall from their siblings especially teenage girls and no one helps them get up or give a band aid. I feel like I'm responsible for all this, yet 3 hours there just a few times each month, and with only $160 on my EBT card isn't enough!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, and they used to have a lemon-lime 1000 mg of co-enzyme Q10 drink I used to buy for just 88 cents by the Centrum Vitamin(s). Sure enough, the shelf is gone too. Not only can I buy it no more, but their delivery time was horrible when they had it and I had to keep reminding them and wait a long time. Also, for a while, none of the Garnier like conditioners (I think they were) were at the same level in the containers and it was going to be 2 weeks before a woman fixed it. I felt so yucky, even coming home. I found an Ensure I might have paid for officially that smelled like old cheese with something floating in it and I gave it to the customer service people to smell. Sure, it only happened once, but I hate it when I feel sick or see something crazy. I worry about others. I see refrigerated food sitting out like eggs, milk, and frozen too. I saw a french onion dip where some dog food was once, and I still feel that many of their prices are too expensive. In fact: Marc's is often cheaper; my mom says Trader Joe's is, and either way, so is Meijer's if you have one!!!!!! Oh, and I had a piece of clothing, I think my nice coat, tough like canvas I thought I could give or start a small business myself, or even just exchange it or something. Really, I sometimes have seen but 1 toy there that has a price tag on it but no more of than 1 or 2 of those toys in the whole rest of the store. Once, it was a dog hand puppet for 5 bucks or more and I see Salvation Army people there sometimes and they have a jar for money for a children's hospital I believe. Either way, so does the inside of Walmart. Was there not something good I could do with my coat or significant other and not have to spend $70 or more on a winter L.L Bean one again??!! Or Land's End?? Oh yeah, and every 2 months or so since its opened, somebody mentions that I need to work there but doesn't lead me anywhere or get me a form or ask for my parents names. They many times ask if I would like to and even say "Oh yeah. I think you SHOULD!!!!!!!" Girls say that to me. One woman worker smells sick and old. 2 kind of do, but I haven't seen them lately. I know that one of them smokes, but that's not what she smells like, of which: I wouldn't mind in this situation. I could indeed smell her at least 2 aisles away and can't breathe it for 2 seconds, so I hardly ever get near her. The food door is far away from where the blood pressure stand is; the middle door they close at 10:50 at night normally, which is over 14 cash registers farther (the other way)and now I see toothpaste and deodorants kind of where the food aisles are and I can't guess if they're the best quality or not. Is there anything to look forward to? "I doubt it." People wrote BLOOD in nailpolish on their low shelf there, but gallons of nail polish have been wasted to this day. Some was on the floor one day, and I saw, but a cleaning man with his 'chemical stand' try to clean it up with nail polish remover. I told him that he could then do the nail polish area and he just laughed saying 'heh' like maybe he didn't work over there. Nothing I could understand. Sometimes cashier's light numbers are on. 2 of them!! But neither's there for over 2 minutes. Oh, and the Rolaids that are hard (no trans fat or aluminum) have been gone for weeks but the prices are still there. Yes, they're still gone!! I still don't know if I should stay there. My prescriptions I would get there, open up the bottles at home and smell a green alcohol that made me sneeze and then my medicines not seeming to work great because of that. Indeed, I tried it on my mom once; she shifted her head and sneezed some too.

Walmart Does Walmart Sells Dirty Underwear Panties, Bra and other Clothing????? You are the judge!
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Dear Readers excuse me for my horrible writing because I'm from Spain and I can speak better than I can write this experience happen to me 2 years ago in Las Vegas before I moved back home to NY. I'm a retail expert with more than 10 years of experience never fired from any job and I must say this is the most ridiculous thing happen to me! The point of this review is to tell consumers that it's true you could get stock with used clothing you bought from Walmart or ANY Retail STORE, merchandise without the tag: it's USED! Don't buy it!

I'm a Former CSM a hourly Wal-Mart emploee, they pay me under $10 dollars an hour and I QUIT and have them to laid me off seven months later, because I just couldn't do the job anymore too gross and not enough money to support my child and to put out with dirty, nasty used clothing returned every single day to that store, this situation that may sound for some people like "Crazy, Disgusting and Gross but It's True not joke"

I'm sure Walmart is not the only store that this happen people do return things after they use it with soil or not on it! I'm NOT A WALMART STORE MANAGER they make between 50-80k a year

O.K I don't get to approve nor get to say the last word, that is the Store Manager Job, not mine I'm there to deny the return or approved if the customer is unsatisfied then I have to call the Manager to give the O.K.

This is Walmart in NELLIS BLVD, Las Vegas. Believe it or not I have customer returning dirty underwear that it has been used and you can see the stains of body fluids on it. You do think that Walmart Mgr refuse the return, she even told the CASHIER TO USE GLOVES? Store Manager APPROVE THE RETURN NO QUESTIONS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE the guy went to get his beer and cigarrete with the money he was happy it's all the matter but what about for the rest of us that LINES are LONG and the cashier can't posible take the merchanside put a defective tag and take it to claims? There is not time to waist she must be in that register for 2-3 hours straight before she takes a brake even I helped and tooked the merchandise myself but still I saw a used shirt and multiple items back on the sales floor and fitting room lady very mad.

Yes you are correct Walmart with receipt or not you will get your MONEY BACK for USED panties, man underwear and bra! As long that got the bar code or number on the elastic near the broch or manufaturer tag ,check Walmart under garment bra most of them got a number on it. Because it's Walmart brand you will get the $$$ back CALL HOME OFFICE:

Wal-Mart (Home Office)
702 SW 8th Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72716
Phone: 479-273-4000
Fax: 479-277-1830

YOU WILL SEE I'm not JOKING. Tell them you are a former associate and you want to report that Walmart sells used clothing and undergarment " They'll tell you don't argue with the customer, Wal-Mart offer 100% satisfaction guarantee and your money back" If you didn't like the undergarment or it's too lose or small/large etc, etc.

I was embarrazed when I saw people buying underwear that others try out, at the fitting rooms oh yeah you can try underwear at the fitting rooms go to the fitting rooms any Walmart, any State see it for yourself sit nearby I'm not kidding tongs panties specially!

I have a male customer and a female customer brought me dirty underwear I felt so insulted because I touch it, thinking it was new but guess what I saw the man underwear got feces on it and his girlfriend seems like that have some dirty stains on it.

Please I know how gross it sounds but I SAW that with my very own eyes and I told the cashier NO, NO, NO tell them NO but they wanted to talk to me since I was the boss of that departament. I totaly refuse the return and very politely I even initial the receipt that I deny the return. I told the couple this items are used and unfortunately nothing I can do.

I asked them to please to put the merchandise for me back into the bag and without any warning the customer throw the dirty man underwear with the feces stains on it at me and I told him and his girlfriend no I can't accept this item. "HE Wanted CASH TO BUY BEER AND CIGARRETES HE TOLD ME." (I don't get pay enough to have someone insulting me and asaulting me with dirty underwear I thought.

Even he was so rude to me and trhow me the nasty underwear at me, thanks God didn't touch my skin, I didn't lose my cool but I told the cashier we can't accept dirty underwear if they still unsatisfied they can speak to the store manager in charge so we both call the MGR to handle the dirty clothing and the weird customers.

Guess what CUSTOMER got their way and I saw with my very own eyes the manager in charge approved via phone the cashier tooked the merchanside back order by manager and not only that I saw used merchanside and get re-sold to someone else not the dirty underwear I'm mention in this parragraph other used merchandise without tags, cashiers tying manually the bar code because no new tags on the clothing anymore, the fitting room lady asked me why we allow to have this used merchandise to be return?

I explain her and another 2 cashier ladys that I did refuse this return but a higher salaried manager approve it nothing I can do and on the weekends I'm not here to know who accept the returns and what were the condition the merchandise was brought to the store for ten buck an hour what do I care what happen on the weekends I don't own Walmart I do have a life on my own with my husband and son. Everybody is to scare to talk to the MGR afraid to lose their job but not me I couldn't care less, I do speak my mind when I see something I don't like!

Items without tags are used more likely by people and you get to buy used merchandise with body fluids or soil on it. Even this store was very organized and it seems clean. And I won't deny I did have a good time working in that Store because it was very easy since the store is organized and really nice people to work with, in fact I have some good friends they used to work there as well but I won't buy anything there or under garments from any Wal-Mart.

Used stuff that already has been worn and that's not cool and new cashiers that doesn't know how to make a defective tag for the item I'm not the person that train them they have a person in Personal that do all the training and a CSM head manager doing that (It's wasn't me)I work there I don't live there not responsable of handleling someone else dirty clothing, how gross!

Cashiers without training, they just simply put it back on the floor anything from clothing, blankets and other fabric items. I would rather buy my clothing online than regular Wal-Mart stores. I called HOME OFFICE IN ARKANSAS to Report it and They told me AS LONG is Walmart Merchandise we need to accept it back. Feel free to call yourself and you will see this is not a joke used clothing from Wal-Mart back on the sales floor!

Note: Be aware of merchandise without tags any RETAIL STORE not only Wal-mart.

Physically And Verbally Attacked At Walmart
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- On May 5th, my sister, 2 year old twins, their 3 year old sister and I went to the Walmart located at 10411 North Fwy # 45 Houston, TX 77037. We returned a product and then went to the back of the store to look for some contact cement. We did not find it and the 3 year old had to go to the restroom, so we took her. We then went over to the fabrics to look for white fabric for dresses we're making. We went to the kids' clothing section to see if we could find some white dresses before buying the fabric to make them ourselves. We did not see any white dresses so we ended up buying the white fabric we'd picked.

We went to the front of the store to pay and as we were walking out of the store, two women, with no uniform, no name tag, or enough sense to introduce themselves and tell us who they were stopped us, one with a red blouse grabbed my sister's arm, another one stood by the stroller with the twins. Before I continue, I want to make it clear that the woman who had the problem with us was the one in red, the other girl was only following orders, and she was very polite and calm, unlike the other woman. The one in the red, without even telling us who she was, started yelling "give me the black purse, give me my stuff!" The black purse was in the stroller and happens to be mine, not hers. We honestly thought they were trying to either steal the purse or try to take away the girls. We tried calling for help but the lady who was in the door, ignored us and told us to follow them. We asked her to call the police but she turned around and left. Turns out these two work for Walmart.

We still had no idea what they wanted, who they were and why they wanted to take my purse. The one in red kept yelling, as she did the whole time she tried to humiliate us, she wanted what was "hers" and still wouldn't explain why she was all raged. We told her the purse was mine and tried to leave, but she stopped my shopping cart, where the 3 year old was sitting and told me she'd arrest me if I didn't give her "her" stuff. (Let me just remind you that this woman with a red blouse had no uniform on, had no name tag, had no intention of identifying herself, she wasn't a security guard and certainly not a police officer, still, she was going to arrest us and charge us with assault if we didn't giver her "her" things.)

When I saw the twins crying, I just went with what they said and went inside of the security room with the shopping cart and the 3 year old. The woman in red, showing off her lack of social skills, kept yelling at me and again, asking where her stuff was, that I had stolen, telling me to give it back because she had handcuffs and she'd arrest me. I gave her my purse, told her to check me, to check my purse and the she wouldn't find anything. As she was yelling at me, she went outside to get my sister. She told my sister, "give me what you stole, I know you have it!" My sister showed her her purse and dropped everything she had on the floor so she'd see that she had nothing either. She picked up everything my sister had dropped on the floor, threw it back into my sister's purse and called the security guard, who pushed my sister inside of the room with the twins. The woman in red looked at the girls and said THEY had something, she touched them all over just to see where "her" stuff was. My sister yelled at this woman and asked her to stop touching the girls, to do anything to us but not to touch the girls, who were terrified and wouldn't stop sobbing, especially after this employee touched them.

Still not knowing what it was that we'd supposedly stolen, she went through my purse to see what I had, and I'll name all I had in there: a PSP, lip stick, a lip gloss palette for the girls, the 3 year old's sunglasses, snacks for the girls, creams, eyeliner, paper, my id, my credit cards, money, receipts and mints. I asked her to watch the security tapes and show me proof of what she was saying because we hadn't taken anything, only the fabric that we paid for. I asked her what it was that she saw us taking. This woman NEVER answered either of those questions, obviously because there was no answer or proof that would incriminate us.

She did, however, tell me where I'd "stolen" from, the hardware section. I hope and believe you do have more logic than this employee. If women or kids were to take anything from a Walmart store, what would it be? Anything in the Walmart store, no matter how big, how expensive. Let me just guess a couple of things a woman or a kid would take from Walmart stores: Makeup, candy, food, a toy, hair products, electronics, music, maybe clothes even. But apparently your employee can't think or make up lies very well, she accused us of stealing from the hardware section... because who wouldn't kill to have some paint brushes and Gorilla Glue?!? My sarcasm will shine throughout this email because this was ridiculous and this woman was just looking for an excuse to humiliate us.

So she was looking through my purse, swearing that we stole stuff from the hardware section. I asked her to show me a security tape showing the exact moment when she saw me put something in my purse. She said, "you stole something, I know, give it back to me, we're just trying to help you right now, because you're going to get arrested for assault if you don't." Let's go back to questioning your employee's mental capacities, because from what I know, assault would be causing bodily harm to another person, not being accused of stealing something. The nonsense continued when she looked through my purse for a second time, this time unzipping the bag with cosmetics. The moment she saw this black box, she said "here it is right here!" I just looked at my sister and tried not to laugh at her pathetic attempt to blame me for something I didn't do. She flipped the black box and saw that it was the lip gloss palette. The lip gloss palette from the hardware section, mind you.

She didn't find anything in my purse so she asked my sister for her purse, of course, with her bad attitude and catty ways. This is an employee, not the security guard. The security guard is just looking at this woman yell and toss our stuff. My sister gives her the purse and tries to call her boyfriend or 911 for help because we didn't know what to do. The woman in red took the cell phone away from her and when we told her to check the camera's tapes she told us to "shut up because you're pissing me off." Or just trying to prove that she is lying so we could go home. She looked through my sister's purse and saw some jewelry we'd bought the day before at a boutique. Immediately, she picked it up and was getting ready to say that was what we'd stolen (from the hardware section!!!) but the other lady who was with her told her Walmart didn't sell them.

When she didn't find anything in the purses, she got angrier and started yelling more stuff, she wanted to know where the stuff was. We told her the truth, that we never took anything, we never stole anything, we just bought some fabric to make dresses for the girls for my sister's wedding. My sister yelled back at her, shaking, trying to ask her what she was looking for because we didn't have anything. The woman got so close to my sister's face that when she spoke she spit on my sister's face, less than an inch away from her face. She grabbed my sister's arm and tried to get physical with her (now wouldn't THIS be assault???) because we kept asking her to prove what she was accusing us of doing. She told my sister she had handcuffs and that she'd arrest her for assault even if she didn't have the stuff. This is a Walmart employee, not a police officer.

She ended up saying we'd dropped whatever we stole, she must've said it like around 9 times, because she seemed furious. I understand, not finding anything that she could say we'd stolen must've been extremely frustrating. she assured the security guard, who was just staring at her, that we had stolen something and that we'd dropped it. So she saw us stealing from the hardware section, but she didn't see us drop the stuff we were stealing... She never stopped accusing us, and kicked us out of the room and the store, telling us to leave and not say or do anything because she'd get us arrested.

The two women went back inside of the store, probably to the back because we never saw them again, and the security guard walked inside too but he didn't hide. The girls were still crying and this situation was so unfair and humiliating that my sister and I started crying. My sister went back inside of the store to find the manager and the security guard to get their names. My sister explained the situation to the manager, who was with the security guard, and she told my sister to get out of the store and that she'd call the police on my sister. The security guard laughed at my sister because she was crying. She asked the security guard for his name, the women's names and he kept laughing and saying "no, I don't want to, I don't care." The manager said she was "sorry" for what had happened. Sorry isn't enough, there was physical and verbal abuse.

We were going to call the police, but a woman stopped us and told us to please not call the police because the people at that same Walmart store had done the same thing to her son. That employee said he had stolen a plasma TV and that he had it. He called the police and when he got to the store, he went to the security guard and started laughing, joking around, and ended up arresting this lady's son, who had not stolen a thing.

My sister and her boyfriend did go back to Walmart on May 6, 2009 to get these people's names and talk to the store manager. At first no one wanted to come out and talk to her but the manager of security, [snip] later did and gave out some names. The security guard's name is [snip] and the lady at the door is Renate. They did have a problem naming the "security undercover" because they only gave out one name, [snip]. Hopefully that's the one with the red blouse but I'm not sure.

We'll never know why this woman did this or why she accused us of stealing but that was a horrible experience. Before even telling us who she was, she told me to give her my purse. She scared the girls, she scared us. All we get from the store is laughter, mocking and "I'm sorry." I believe that if I can afford a $1000+ Chanel purse, I can also afford whatever little s*** they have in their hardware section. I don't have the need to shoplift, neither does my sister or the girls. The girls were always seated.

Since I can't call the police, because hopefully only that location has a deal with cops, I decided to write to you because it would be right for people to read about this woman who is still there working at Walmart because she was really just trying to either take the purse and thought I wouldn't say anything because of the scene she was making or she was just trying to humiliate us.

She could not explain what she was looking for and would not show us security tapes showing us stealing whatever she said we stole. Apologizing doesn't cut it because saying they're sorry doesn't mean that we can go to the store that is less than 5 minutes away from my house and shop safely. The next time we might even get tasered or shot because of some woman who is making up lies to humiliate customers.

The lady who told us not to call the police asked us what had happened because she saw me crying outside of the security room. I don't think she was making the story up because this happens all the time at that Wal-Mart. There was someone tasered there last year and that person died, nothing was done about that either.

We did try to call the police at the beginning but they told us not to because WE'd get arrested. Turns out the cops tend to go on the big company's side, according to a lot of people who were talking to us after this incident.

When my sister tried to call someone for help, but this woman tried to take away her cell phone.

Someone said they would've sent her straight to an ambulance if she'd touched a child, but there were three people in that room, one of them armed, and we had the three girls in there. I don't think there was much to do there, and if there was, we couldn't do anything because most cops would go on about any little thing we'd tried to do to get out of the situation just to incriminate us, probably because we're foreign.

-This is part of the complaint I sent to Wal-Mart and I didn't edit all the YOUR EMPLOYEE to THE EMPLOYEE or YOU to THE COMPANY...

Here is the receipt from the day this happened, for all of those who say this is a fabricated story. I don't have the time to make up stories, I'm helping my sister plan her wedding, it's really not the time to hang out online and make up stories about a store we shop at every week.


Store Does Not Honor Posted Return Policy
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CHIPLEY, FLORIDA -- I had purchased a number of items for a church event. Our participation was unusually low and I tried to return several of the items at the end of the weekend. These were several bags of chips, a bulk can of cheeses sauce, a case of sodas, and two boxes of multiparty large candy bars. The value was less than $150 for everything. I was told by the lady at customer service that they do not accept return of food items. I asked for a manager.

Two assistant managers came and explained they did not accept returns of food items. I explained these were only purchased a day or two before, I had the receipts, and I had returned items at other Walmart stores. I was told this is the policy. I asked if it was a national policy, I was not given an answer. I asked if there were signs posted saying there are no returns for food. They said no. I said I would like to see their policy. They did not answer. They then asked if there was anything else I needed.

I asked about media ads saying they accept returns and the sign in the service area explaining the policy. They said this was their policy at the Mariana and Chipley Florida stores. They said it was due to safety concerns. I asked if someone could buy clothes, contaminate them and return them, they said this was the policy and asked of anything else that I needed. I explained that I did not feel this was right due to no notification and it being contrary to signs in the store and national advertising. They again asked very sternly if there was anything else I needed. I said I would not argue, rather would take it up with corporate.

I then asked the lady at the desk if I brought back a case of beer, if she would take it back, She said no. I told her she needs to read the sign behind her, that it listed the return policy for alcohol. She said she would not discuss this with me.

My first concern is that the assistant managers gave no flexibility, even for the canned items. They did not answer my question about the origination of the policy or about the corporate and advertised policy. They gave nothing of consideration other than to listen, state their policy and end the conversation. Note, I had not raised my voice or gotten disruptive.

I am also concerned that the advertisements, signs and store past precedent is that Walmart takes back items as long as you have a receipt and do so within the correct time period and state policy, yet I was not able to make a return. These items (not fresh perishables) were bought by me for a church event and now I am out of pocket for things I do not need, based on making purchases under their stated policy. I am also concerned that this is a store policy and goes against the corporate policy. I might also note I help with several events a year and we purchase from our local Walmart instead of buying from a commercial service.

I registered a complaint on the Walmart website and it said an email was sent to the store manager. I also registered a complaint with the Florida Department of Consumer Affairs. I have never received any reply from Walmart, not even a letter saying too bad. The state tried to mediate but sent me a letter saying the store refused to participate.

Having worked in retail and grocery sales, I understand and could even agree that returns of grocery items should be limited. My concern is I was not told the truth by the posted policy and advertisements about returns. The local store has a policy that contradicts the national policy and does not state this at the store. I am also concerned that the store did not reply to my complaint in any way.

I have been a fan of Walmart, met Sam Walton several times and defended Walmart and the retailing ideas Sam Walton established. One time I refused to walk a picket line in front of a Walmart while a member of a meat cutter's union. This is not the Walmart I want to shop at.

Walmart Great Value Mild Italian Sausage full of WORMS
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ST.MARY'S, PENNSYLVANIA -- I'm still gagging on Walmart 'Great Value' Mild Italian Sausage, cooked up, took a slice, tasted like Pine-Sol. So I thought, I better be sure, doubting my own taste buds, assuming the sausage was good since we just bought it and it had an expiration date of 7/14 and this was only the 8th. So I cut & tasted a different piece from another sausage that also had a soapy Pine-Sol type taste, but was clearly gamier, so spit it out. Then I looked closely at the sausages I had removed from the frying pan and placed on a plate. It was FULL OF WORM, 100'S OF WORMS springing out all over the encasement - long white strings.

So disgustingly GROSS!!! Recapping my actions in shock and totally grossed out!!! Since I had steam/boiled them in a frying pan, I didn't see all those long thin white thread like worms that had broken through their encasement and were hanging out cooked (as they tried to escape being parboiled), since the fat that was boiled out frothed the water.

I always parboil/steam sausage, then take them out cut them up to add to sauce. Not this time!!! I took off a small piece while cutting them and popped into my mouth to taste. Tasted like Pine-Sol smells. So I forced it down, thinking 'agh', just some different seasonings or maybe the frying pan was a bit soapy(?), so I decide to test another bite from another sausage to see if they were good or not, expecting the next piece to taste right...stronger yucky taste! What the heck??

This piece I spit out immediately...I couldn't believe that I got 2 items of bad meat from the St. Mary's Pennsylvania Walmart! The 5-lb roll of 80/20 hamburger that I had just opened earlier made a popping sound when I cut the tube open and it let out a smelly gas, so it was bad and now the sausage was full of worms!!

Earlier, before cooking their sausage, I had opened a new 5-lb tube of the 80/20 hamburger, which let out a gas hiss and had a slight odor. I wrapped that back up planning to return it to Walmart. It wasn't supposed to expire 'til 7/14 & we only bought it the night before! So I had my son, James smell it to confirm it was funky and put it back it the bag, tied it and placed it in the freezer so I could return it next trip to Walmart. Because the hamburger was 'bad', I had decided to make spaghetti & sausage. Yuck!

I am glad I cook sausage separately before adding to sauce to cut down on the grease, but since I steam/boil it to get all the fat out, the water gets frothy a bit, so I didn't see that each sausage had these long thin white threads popped perpendicularly through the encasement! I had cut off a chunk from the end of one sausage (before seeing the worms) and had eaten a piece that tasted kind of like soap or Pine-Sol, thinking my taste buds were 'off'. Then I figured I needed confirmation, so I cut another piece off another sausage and it tasted even worse so I spit that one out...

I took them out of the water, put them on a plate and then saw the little stringy things. I called James to see and initially he said it looked like it was just the encasement breaking down from boiling them, but as we looked closer we then realized that there were more. As I turned the sausages over to look at the little strings, we then realized that they were long stringy white worms!!!!!

GROSSED OUT AND OUTRAGED, I IMMEDIATELY PUT MY FINGER DOWN MY THROAT to try to vomit out the piece I had already swallowed. My stomach still remains queasy today! James called up Walmart immediate and they apologized and said to bring them back. We decided to take the ride 15 miles to them and show them so they could put out a recall. So we took them back to Walmart - grossed them out too. Told them they better recall their crap. They said they get it all pre-made, pre-frozen and even though it had the label and UPC, that they weren't saying whether or not they would send in a recall. Come on!! If it was like that in my package, it had to be in others!!

They gave me a $20 gift certificate (big deal!) but I can still feel that lump in my throat. Although I know the worms were dead, its still grossing me out! Thinking about it makes me wonder if at the meat plant perhaps when cleaning up and scraping away scraps, that someone must have put them into the vat and processed them into sausages since they had a soapy, Pine-Sol type taste...sick! Disgusting. How many other packages will be like this??? Who else will be affected???

I normally love sausage, but now can't consider eating any...especially their brand. James and I then went to buy some non-meat food products, but I stopped by their sausage, seeing some packages still icy from being just brought out. They had a 7/18 expiration date - so they either sold out all the 7/14 or maybe did know about it and removed them all.

Out of curiosity I started looking real close at their new packages and could see that under the encasement, they those too looked like there were little white stringy things...that if boiled will most certainly pop through. Wherever this pork sausage was processed at needs to have the FDA go in and inspect their plant and make them get rid of all their wormy meat!! DON'T BUY GREAT VALUE ITALIAN SAUSAGE!!! DON'T BUY ANY 'GREAT VALUE SAUSAGES' AS THEY ALL LOOK LIKE THEY COME FROM THE SAME PLACE!!

Beware of the Wal-Mart Money Card
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When you purchase the card, you have to pay $3 to put money on it and you are given a card at the register, but you cannot use it until you go online and activate it with the activation code provided at the bottom of your receipt. I only needed to use the card twice, so I went online and activated it... should have run from it as soon as I started registering, but they say hindsight is twenty-twenty.

When you go online to activate the card, you are asked questions about signing up for daily emails, given offers for free fill-ups on the card as long as you set up a recurring direct deposit from your bank account, etc. I skipped the direct deposit and everything else but did sign up for the free daily emails giving me my card balance. You MUST sign up for a permanent card to be sent to you that has your name on it when you register. I didn't understand it but since I couldn't use the card without doing it, I signed up for that as well.

After I filled everything out and printed out the paperwork, as requested, I noticed in the fine print that you are charged a monthly maintenance fee of $3. I thought not a problem since I was going to use it twice and shut it down. I received the emails daily after the first bill was paid and every one of them stated my remaining balance was $5.32 (from January 3 through February 5).

I went to the local Wal-Mart today (February 5) to purchase a re-loader card (another $3) and after I arrived home I tried to add it to the current balance. I had to input the information about the permanent card and then they transferred everything from the temp card to this permanent card. That was when I found out that I didn't have $5.32, I had $2.32.

I called customer service to find out why I wasn't charged the $3 fee AFTER having the permanent card for 30 days and according to the agent, the fee isn't charged after having the account or permanent card for 30 days, the first fee is charged 10 days after you open the account (which coincidentally coincides with the arrival of your pretty permanent card).

I told them they had misled me for the past month as to the balance on the card and I wanted to speak to a supervisor about the fact the company had misled me on daily emails for the past month. The gentleman put me on hold for almost 10 minutes and then I was suddenly transferred to a customer service survey asking me to rate that particular representative, his knowledge, and his ability to help me.

I promptly hung up and called back and was able to connect to another representative. She also gave me the song and dance about the fact that yes there is a fee... in essence the same spiel the other guy had said. I again asked to speak to a supervisor about getting the fee refunded because of being misled for the last month... She puts me on hold and comes back to say she can refund the fee, but I have to wait two business days for it to be processed through.

I tell her that will not happen because I refuse to drive back to Wal-Mart to pay another $3 to put $3 on the card to pay the bill so I ask a third time for the supervisor and after being put on hold again, I still don't get to speak to a supervisor but suddenly they are able to refund the fee immediately. Trust me, these cards are not worth the heartache or the hassle.

The only reason I took out the card was because the bill collector wanted an account number to pay off the bill and I refuse to let them near my bank account, momma didn't raise any fools there.So for anyone reading these reviews, be very leery of these cards. I have learned they are not all they are cracked up to be and you will way more in fees than what you expect.

Refusing to Give In

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- First of all, let me start by saying that I notice in a lot of these compliment/complaint forums that some Americans have the audacity to actually say "Well, if you don't like it, then just shop somewhere else". Or, my personal favorite, "Just do what they ask and there wouldn't be any hassle"! Are these people completely delusional and oblivious to everything our forefathers and ancestors have fought for throughout their lifetimes, just so that I have the right to stand up for myself? This is the United States of America, and not some third world country where talking back or saying what you believe in gets you imprisoned or placed in front of a firing squad. One moral that I've instilled in my children, now in young adults in their own right, is to stand up for what you believe in, no matter how minuscule or trivial it may seem. Never, ever, feel that you must "accept" something just out of convenience. I apologize for the digression, but alas my story...I was shopping at Wal-Mart with my family and we had just finished checking out and completing our transaction with the cashier, when we approached the exit. An older woman, in her 40's or 50's, approached my family and I and asked for a receipt to check against the merchandise in the shopping cart. I realize that it is just another step towards theft deterrent, but instead of harassing the honest customers at the door, how about placing these employees throughout the store for increased surveillance (as if the 5,000 cameras in the aisles weren't enough). But to insult my integrity, in front of my children, by asking for me to prove myself by producing a receipt is just unacceptable. Had my father been alive and with us at the time, he would've said F-off. I try and be a little more subtle and polite. I told her politely, "Ma'am, I just paid for that", and pointed in the direction of the teller that took my money. She insisted on seeing my receipt. I insisted on telling her that once I gave them my hard earned money, that merchandise belongs to ME, and they have no right to search my bags. I said if you're accusing me of shoplifting, then call the police and I'll be glad to wait. But if the police find out that no shoplifting occurred, then be prepared for a civil lawsuit. I proceeded to walk past her, and she LITERALLY, God as my witness, snatched the receipt from my hand as I walked by. My wife and kids were absolutely stunned and appalled. I reached out towards her and grabbed it right back, saying "that belongs to me". She started screaming as though I had just assaulted her. In a matter of seconds, 6 security guards surrounded my family and I. At this time, was I not only inconvenienced, but fairly irate. I yelled, loud enough for everyone in the front half of the store to hear, "Get your damn manager, NOW". One arrived within seconds. I explained to him that the door greeter grabbed MY receipt from my hands, and publicly humiliated my family and I. The best part of the whole situation was that it happened right at the entrance, so the whole thing was videotaped on the little t. v.'s that you can always see yourself on when entering a store. I demanded an apology immediately. Now, in reference to my opening statement, yes it would have just been easier to show her my receipt and proceed on quietly into the night. The next time you order a hamburger without onions, and it comes loaded with them, are you going to go quietly into the night and just accept it and eat it that way or scrape them off to the side. Or are you going to take it back to the counter and say, "Excuse me, but this isn't what I ordered". There are two kinds of people in the world. Those that accept it and eat it, or those that stand up for themselves and the hard earned money that they've spent on a service that they expect to be correct and accurate. I'm sure you can guess which type I am! But as the country song so eloquently puts it, "You've got to stand for something, or you'll fall for anything". As I explained to my kids later, it's about principle and not allowing these monopolies and corporations to trample on our rights. For all the condescending idiots who want to post a reply and say, what a jerk this guy was, you can email me your address and I'd be happy to mail you some airfare out of this great nation of ours, and into one that doesn't allow you to speak your mind, one that doesn't allow women in certain public areas, frowns upon making eye contact with its political leaders, etc...And just as a side note, for all those that attribute this type of harassment to racial profiling...I'm white. It happens to all of us!

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