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Walmart Money Card - Don't Do It!
By -

I sent the following email to Walmart today:

I opened a prepaid Visa card at your Walmart store located in Mt. Dora, FL 6 months ago. When I spoke with the cashier who sold the card to me, I let her know that I would be having my paycheck direct deposited on the card, and many deposits would be in excess of $5K (I get paid 2 times per month). She assured me this was fine as long as the money was direct deposited, so I bought the card, did the direct deposit, and off I went.

Now, six months later, your company decided that my deposits are too high, and without contacting me, went ahead and closed my account without my knowledge. I was stranded in the middle of nowhere and tried to get gas, the card was declined, so I called your Customer Support number from my cell phone. They explained this ridiculous mess to me (my deposits are too high). Then, they reopened the card for an hour, just long enough for me to remove what was left on the card, and the account was closed. A couple of days later, your Loss Management department called me and said how "sorry" they were, that the account was closed in error, and they offered to re-open the card, which I accepted so I didn't have to cancel my direct deposit, and for my "pain and suffering", they gave me a HUGE $25.00 credit.

Yesterday there was $15.74 on my card. I went to check the balance today, and it was "ZERO". So I called your Customer Service department (and was transferred to Philippines, Pakistan, and Guatemala - I thought this was a US based company???). Ana, ID #10838 informed me the account was closed a second time in error (I was supposed to have a $5K direct deposit on the card at midnight tonight), and she promised it would be re-opened in 10-15 minutes, and the $15.74 would be put back on the card. Four hours later, nothing happened, so I called Loss Management yet AGAIN. I spent better than an hour talking to them, who then informed me that it was tough ****, the account was closed again permanently, and there was nothing I could do. They also informed me that my direct deposit would be DENIED, completely screwing me up royally since I had bills that I paid right off the card, not to mention that the payroll would have to be sent back to ADP, then back to my company before it could be forwarded to me. Thanks Walmart.

Then, the idiot "Claudia" (Supervisor at Loss Management), offered to open me another card! After I was done laughing (why in the name of God would I do THAT???), I told her I wanted nothing more to do with Walmart, and I mean that completely. My sister works for channel 9 News in Boston, and is Diane Sawyer's neighbor on Martha's Vineyard, and they are friends. This will make a WONDERFUL human interest story once it hits the airwaves, don't you agree??? I am going to be SURE that this story is told everywhere. From your idiot cashiers, right down to your incompetent Loss Management group (you get a different story from everyone you speak to), I can't think of ONE good reason why I, or anyone else would want to shop at Walmart. I find it interesting that no one will give you their last name or ID number (except Ana), and they spend the majority of the time putting you on hold so they can pass the buck, all the while telling you how sorry they are!!! In reality, they couldn't care less, they just want to pass you onto someone else so they don't have to deal with you.

Having said all this, Walmart is TRASH and not only will I not get another card, I will no longer patronize your store. I am starting a blog as well, and when my sister speaks with Diane Sawyer (this is happening first thing in the morning), I am sure they will be contacting you for comments (especially the lawyers).

Shockingly Unprofessional Employee at I-35 Round Rock, TX Wal-Mart
By -

While shopping at the Wal-Mart in Round Rock, TX, on May 21, 2009, around 5:00 pm, I was in the self check out when I realized that I had forgotten to pick up three items on the list my sister gave me. I finished with the bagged items and paid for them, then turned and went back into the store. The employee manning the self check aisles came running over to inform me that I had not paid for the soda that I had in the cart. I shop here often and have dealt with this very rude and abrupt woman before, so I just said I wasn't done shopping and headed out.

She informed me that I could leave to soda on an empty checkout and come back and get it. I just frowned at her and continued on and she shouted she was going to call security on me. When I picked up the forgotten items, I went to a teller aisle that had only one person waiting and paid for the items. On my way out, I had to pass the teller who had been so rude to me.

She turned as if to confront me and when I held up both receipts to prove that I had paid for the soda and the forgotten items as well as the items I had paid for at the self check out, she ripped them out of my hand. When I objected that she could at least be polite about it, she said, very loudly, "You steal something every time you come in here." I was absolutely flabbergasted, and could only manage to say "What?" and grab my receipts back from her.

As I headed toward the door, she began informing both the employees and the customers at the top of her lungs that I was a thief and that I stole something every time I came into the store. At that point, I began very, very angry and went back to her and demanded to know her name because I was going to her manager about her behavior. She was not wearing a name tag. Three times I had to ask her what her name was, and then she said "**. What's yours?" I told her it was none of her business and headed for Customer Service.

While I was in line waiting to talk to someone at Customer Service, she came in and leaned over the desk and said something to the manager, who looked at me. She was laughing, clearly enjoying herself, as if she knew that nothing would come of my complaint. As if by coincidence, the manager at customer service was not the manager I needed to speak to and the manager I needed to speak to, **, was inexplicably busy with a customer in jewelry and therefore unable to deal with me.

After fifteen minutes waiting for **, I informed the lower manager that I'd merely call the regional manager and then Bentonville in the morning (today.) She suggested that I call 1-800-Wal-Mart. She may as well have told me to call 1-800-Bite-Me. I got the message that no one at the store was going to take me seriously and my business wasn't welcome enough to deal with this lunatic going off on me for no reason.

I did call 1-800-Wal-Mart when I got home. They may as well change the name to 1-800-Patronize-Me. She didn't care that I had been slandered and falsely accused by a Wal-Mart employee. It's obvious that no one at the store is going to do anything about this employee.

I don't know if she has something against me because of the way I look or because I'm handicapped or because of the way I dress, but from the first time I ever saw her at the store she's been rude to me and ever since then she's gotten worse and worse. I don't even know if she told me the truth about her name being ** because she wasn't wearing a nametag. However, I plan to pursue it until she's fired. I won't allow anyone to treat me this way, especially when I am the customer.

Hurry Up and Wait!
By -

US -- I purchase with cash a Walmart Money Card at a Walmart with the help of a cashier and customer service manager. I tendered the money to the cashier. Attempted three times by phone to activate the card and once online. Approximately 4am I remember that I had not completed the activation. (Kept getting disconnected so I said I would go online when I got home.) I attempted to process the activation online at that time. Completed the online form, got a denial response and was directed to call the number provided.

This, I later found out is their loss prevention call center. The first guy answered, very rude to began with. He told me I had an outstanding balance with one of their "partners". He wouldn't say who. He then told me that he would send me a refund of the CASH that I tendered less than 24hrs ago back to me in 7-10 days. I laughed. "I didn't take 7-10 business days to give it to you" I told him. He then wanted to quote me policy. I tired of him quickly. I requested to speak to a supervisor. He took five to ten minutes to do that, never returning to the call to say it would be a few more minutes.

A supervisor came to the phone. She with her broken English thought I was male. (No substantive dialogue with the initial gentleman.) I ask her the same thing I asked the first guy. I explained to her that I read the online agreement. I posed the same questions to her: why, when tendered the funds in cash with two Walmart employees asking about a refund and the qualifications to obtain card, such as being turned down, both said there is no credit check, required bank information, so everyone who gets the card just pays for it and activate the card. Walmart will send the cards in a week or so. I could use the temporary card in the mean time.

Why should a customer wait longer than it takes them to return to the store to get their cash back. I told her it was not acceptable to send me a check, let alone in 7-10 days later. In these economic times every penny counts. Why should Walmart have my cash, collect interest on it, while I can't use my money? Even if it is a penny, I want it. This supervisor in Guatemala has no CLUE.

I asked if they were Walmart employees, employees of GreenDot Prepaid Card, someone who is their partner or an employee of a third party vendor. She stumbled real bad. Then I ask where the corporate offices are... She says California. Please why would I send the complaint to her or want to deal with the call center in Guatemala again. By the way, there is an option to allow you to zero out the card and then cancel the card. I requested that option be done even if I had to return to Walmart to get it done. Both of the employees said there was no such option.

A gentleman spoke of the lack of customer service you receive from some of the Walmarts in GA. You can include Decatur, GA. Let it be known that it happens in not just the Walmarts in the poorer neighborhoods which are frequent by large minority populations, it is also happening in the Targets which are in the poorer neighborhoods. It is sickening how customers at these stores are treated.

The gentleman who wrote the review in 2007 is correct about the issue with receipts, and leaving through the garden Centers. I did it tonight in a Walmart. It is much easier to get in and out. Even though you are NOT a thief, you just don't want to wait on those long lines. Additionally, you don't get those long, long lines in the better neighborhoods. With respect to your receipts, you don't have to dig in your pocket to show a receipt. Lastly, if you purchase an item and want to return the item for whatever reason, you can return it in a middle to upper income neighborhoods without a receipt. You will be given a gift card. Most of us couldn't care less.

In the poorer minority populated stores, they certain items. Items that you could return if you shopped in a less minority population. Call the Better Business office in you state. Call your States Attorneys off and I assure all this nonsense will stop. Better yet, call the NEWS. If they imply that you have not paid for the items in your bag, SUE for the embarrassment. If customers start to do all of the above, the publicity they get will get the executives attention. Go higher than the STORE MANAGER, go to the regional office to start. I understand loss prevention, do they understand customer services???

Wal-Mart's Electronic Delivery Means Do-It-Yourself
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WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- Nowadays, an extended warranty plan is a necessity when purchasing electronics (and appliances). Evidently, when you purchase the extended service plan for a digital camera online from the Walmart website, it is not sent to you as Walmart indicates.

I purchased a digital camera and a 3-year extended service plan through the Walmart website on 11/28/2008, as well as a few other items that were to be delivered to my local Walmart store for me to pick-up. That evening I received an order confirmation email for my items, which stated that the 3-year extended service plan would be delivered electronically, via e-mail. On 11/30/2008, I received an 'order shipped' confirmation e-mail stating that the digital camera was being mailed to my home, but no word on the extended service plan.

On 12/5/2008, I received an e-mail notifying me that the remaining items in my site-to-store order were ready to be picked-up, but still no word on the extended service plan for the camera. So, I went to the Walmart website to access my account and order history to see what happened to the extended service plan. The purchase history/order detail for the extended service plan showed: “Shipping Method – Electronic Delivery. Order Status – Emailed (Should arrive between 12/1/2008 and 12/2/2008).”

I gave Walmart all reasonable benefit of the doubt. Perhaps their network server was as slow as the USPS. I assumed that I would receive the extended service plan in a few days. Two weeks later, when I had yet to receive the extended service plan information, I decided to email Walmart Customer Service, because from previous experience I knew that telephoning would be much too time consuming and frustrating.

I received no direct reply to my initial e-mail, only an auto-reply stating that they were too busy to read my e-mail and offered some unrelated generic Qs and As. It's understandable that they were busy over the holidays. Who wasn't? I was also busy and having to take time out of my hectic schedule to chase down the extended warranty information that had supposedly already been sent to me.

Reluctantly, over the next couple of weeks, I continued to send Walmart Customer Service several more diplomatic inquiring e-mails, and in turn received only a few generic kiss-off auto-replies. Again, I resisted the urge to telephone Walmart Customer Service. My benefit of the doubt was replaced with a suspicion that Walmart employees are inefficient and possess poor communication skills. "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." - Hanlon's razor.

On 1/3/2009, after one month of e-mail cat-and-mouse, finally, victoriously, I received a direct reply from a Walmart Customer Service representative. Quote: "To view a copy of your 'Product Care Plan', click 'Sign in
to view your Account' at the top right of most pages on our site. Sign in using your email address and password. Go to ''Order History', then 'View Order Details'. The 'Product Care Plan' warranty or the Terms and Conditions are not mailed to you, so you will need to print out or save the following three pages:

  1. The item page from the website.
  2. The Terms and Conditions for the state where you live. (Click the link on the item page labeled 'Click Here for Terms and Conditions for all states'.)
  3. Your order confirmation page. This serves as your proof of purchase, so please keep it for your records."

So, the extended service plan was never going to be delivered to me electronically (e-mailed) as previously promised. I had worked long and hard trying to get the extended service plan for my new digital camera, now I only had a little bit more work to do and a few more resources to expend in order to acquire my purchased prize. Geez! Hopefully, this account of my experience will help save someone else the wasted time, trouble and headache of trying to obtain the elusive Walmart extended service plan.

Walmart/Sam's Club Holding Us Hostage
By -

After my experience today this is a letter I sent to Lee Scott, CEO of Walmart. "Mr. Lee Scott, CEO, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., 702 S. W. 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72716. Dear Mr. Scott: Today when I shopped at Walmart (and every other time that I have shopped at either Walmart or Sam's Club) I was held hostage when I tried to leave the store. (A hostage is one who is involuntarily controlled by an outside influence.) Not only have I been held hostage but I have also been treated like a common criminal.

You talk about guest services and how as a Walmart/Sam's Club customer I am your guest and it is a pleasure to service me. Well, I'm sorry, but I don't feel like a guest. Do you treat the guests in your home as hostages and criminals? Do you look to see if they have stolen any silver? I have been drawn in by your low prices. Yes, you do have lower prices than the competitors, but your lack of customer service is painfully obvious.

When I shop at my local grocery store, I can BUY anything, not put it in a bag and walk out the front door without being accosted by a "friendly" greeter. When I go to Target, again I can walk right out the front door with my PURCHASE and my RECEIPT and not be accosted by someone assuming I am stealing something. I am tired of standing in your long lines to PAY for my merchandise then having to stand in another long line to PROVE that I PAID for my merchandise. You are assuming every one of your guests is a thief. I understand loss prevention, but your methods are offensive and wasteful of MY time.

Today I was in a Sam's Club and finally said enough is enough! I took my purchase and walked out the door without waiting to have my receipt verified. I was accosted by two of your employees who told me I could not leave without getting my receipt verified. I was told that is your protocol. Well, Sir, I think the law is on my side here. I paid for my merchandise and I had a receipt... legally I had every right to walk out the door.

I never signed anything on your membership application stating I would have my receipt verified by one of your employees. There are no signs up at Walmart that say I must have my non-bagged purchases verified by your greeter. It has gotten so bad at Walmart that even when my purchases are bagged, the greeter still wants to see my receipt! One of your greeters even touched my daughter's arm and told her that she had to stop and show her receipt.

Low prices are the incentive to shop at your stores but, as of today, that is going to change as far as my shopping is concerned. The economy encourages us to save where we can but, effective today I am taking a stand and refusing to be a hostage and to be treated like a criminal when I shop. I will take my money and spend it where shopping is a pleasant experience, where I am treated with respect and appreciated as a customer.

I am not the only person who feels this way. Unfortunately, the economy forces people to be Walmart/Sam's Club victims. However, hopefully more people will stand up for their rights and boycott your stores. Your Loss Prevention policies are offensive! Enough is enough! While you may not miss my business right now, one day enough people will stand up to your offensive policies and decide to take their business elsewhere, too.

Open Letter To Store Manager
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ACWORTH, GEORGIA -- I have been a loyal customer of your store #3471 for exact 5 years, ever since I moved to Acworth, GA. I like Wal-Mart selection because I can find exactly what I want when I go there. I want to report 3 times I was mistreated at your store:

The year was probably 2008. I had an item to be returned. The greeter, an elderly lady, was having a horrible time scanning the item at the front door. I was in a hurry, on a tight schedule. I had to wait anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes while she tried to scan the item. When I asked the lady to let me just go right through to Customer Service (because I could no longer wait), she said: “If you are not happy, you don't need to come here anymore”. She could have asked for assistance from a fellow co-worker, but chose to be rude, instead.

This past summer, I was trying to print a picture from my vacation overseas. I am a good photographer. After printing the picture, the clerk said it would have to be shredded because “it was a professional picture”. I told her that I was the photographer and that the picture was not taken in this country, even less in a studio. She wouldn't take my word for it and called the store manager. They both inspected the picture very closely and then finally handed it to me. That happened in full view of other customers.

If a customer tells you he owns the photograph, that should be enough. If you greet me at the door and want to pretend that you're my neighbor, be consistent. That means, take me at my word and don't treat me as a liar. Treating people with respect means assuming they are honest unless their actions suggest otherwise. Last week, I just got an upgrade, a top-of-the-line camera from my husband and am afraid I will run into even more trouble again if I try to print my pictures there.

More recently, I bought a couple of small beauty items. I was already heading out the door with my little plastic bag, when it occurred to me to take a look at a book I wanted to buy. The cashier saw me coming back into the store with my already paid merchandise and followed me all the way to the book department. She stood right by my side like a security guard while I was browsing the books. Then she demanded that I handed my bag to her, saying that I was not allowed to bring a bag with paid merchandise back into the store. I found the request very unusual and said “no”. She then said she was going to call the manager to get the situation resolved.

I felt so humiliated and harassed that I decided to leave the store. Again, if your greeters treat me like I am your neighbor, be consistent and don't treat me as a thief without any serious evidence. I am still wondering if I was singled out and discriminated because I do have an accent (which could be even worse).

If Wal-Mart wants to attract the more affluent and educated customers that are moving into this area (rather than just the typical low income folks I commonly see at your store), it has to learn how to treat customers right in the first place. Now I understand why my husband has always refused to buy at Wal-Mart. He prefers to buy at Publix and Whole Foods, instead. When I got home and told him about the incident, he replied: “It's Wal-Mart! What do you expect?”

Next time I have one of my big-spender relatives over from my country, I am not sure if I am going to take them to Wal-Mart again. They like your variety and selection, but I would be extremely embarrasssed if they got mistreated at your store, just the way I did.

I'm Sticking Up For The Employees
By -

FAIRMONT, WEST VIRGINIA -- As I've grazed throughout this site and recognized the comments that go toward the company that I work for, known as Wal-Mart, I am quite surprised as to how much cold and hateful perceptions are pointed towards the employees that work there. Trust me, from working at Wal-Mart I can sense a pretty good idea of how people view the employees at that these stores. Ignorant, stupid, and not worthy of even being treated like a human being.

I work in the Deli, and no matter how many times I try to smile and be friendly with people (I'm naturally friendly as all hell, and probably can be considered a doormat most of the time) the responses from people are usually muttered utterances under their breath or long glares of impatience. I've noticed that if I'm not in my Wal-Mart uniform people are more apt to being courteous to me during situations where we might run into one another with our buggies on the floor. However, if I'm wearing the blue shirt and khaki pants, people will not even stop and look before nearly running into me (I always stop and make sure that I'm not about to run into someone).

I understand that there are numerous people who work for this company, as well as others, who are not friendly, or capable of doing their job well. Hell, at the Wal-Mart I work at, there used to be a woman cashier, who would glare at you and throw your items across the belt, no matter how fragile it was. I had a lady get smart with me, because I cleared my throat (not to get her attention, I have Tourette's syndrome).

However, based on those instances, as well as a few others, I do not instigate the notion that all employees are unworthy of my understanding and compassion on things. You also have to take into account that some days there are just not having a good day. Now I know that you're supposed to maintain your happy demeanor no matter what, however sometimes it's just too hard when there's so much bad voodoo going on. We try as hard as we can on these things (well at least I do).

I work in the deli, and currently I have been on a 3 week stretch of closing every night, without adequate people to help me close. I am currently off today, however when I come back I will be by myself after 9 at night. Depend on where you're at, I think, the deli closes its cases at 10. Hot and cold case at 9:30, and the meat and cheese case at 10:30. So for approximately 30 minutes,

I will be the only one there to run both cases, which are across the room from one another, and in the event that both cases get busy at the same time, I will not be able to compensate customers for both sides accurately, and more than likely will incur anger from at least a few customers because of this issue. Basically after this rant, I'm saying that, yes I understand, a lot of people who work for Wal-mart are not the brightest crayons in the pack, but you can't put judgment on everyone because you've had a few bad times there.

Oil Change Gone Bad - Ruined Engine - Don't Think There Is Video
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Rating: 1/51

CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA -- My son took his 1997 Honda Accord to Walmart Tire and Lube Express in Cartersville, GA this past Friday, Dec. 5th for an oil change. Upon check out, he was told his tires were due for a rotation, but other than that, all was well. She checked this on the receipt.

Shortly after leaving the service center, he heard a loud knocking coming from under the hood and then noticed the oil light was on. He pulled over and called me. I told him to check the oil and he said it wouldn't even register, the stick was dry. I told him to wait and I would call Walmart. The Walmart service manager said he would go check it out. After waiting 2 hours, my 17 year old son decided to walk to a truck stop and purchased 2 quarts of oil. He put them in the oil reservoir thinking maybe the man wasn't coming.

When he turned on the car, he realized the knocking was still there so he called me again. I told him to be patient the man was almost there. Upon arrival (2 hours after I called), the service manager told my son to back the car closer to a ditch so he could get a better look underneath the car. He told my son he really didn't know what was wrong with it and called me. He told me that Walmart would have it towed by Martin's Garage to my home, and that Walmart would pay for the tow and then file a claim. He told my son, "Evidently we forgot to put all the oil in the car. Don't worry we'll get you back on the road as soon as possible and we'll pay for everything." He took pictures of the car, the engine, the 2 empty oil containers, and the receipt. He never gave the receipt back to my son. Two hours later, the tow truck showed up and brought my son and his car to our home. He went all the way to Walmart first to get paid and then brought him home - which means my son was stranded from approximately 3:30-7:30 PM.

On Monday, Dec 8th, I received a call from the insurance agent. The insurance agent, Joshua, told me that Walmart had a video showing oil was added, and after reviewing the receipt, it appeared that the car had a knocking when we brought it in, a leak in the transmission, and a cracked windshield. Therefore, Walmart nor the insurance company would be able to help us or pay for any repairs. This was never verbally mentioned at all while at the service center or while stuck on the road. The car does have a crack in the windshield, but prior to this service visit, we never heard any knocking or saw any leaks. We had no trouble with the car at all prior to the service visit.

In addition, I called the service manager back and discussed further with him. Since he clearly heard the knocking sound when he made the road visit, I asked him, "Considering the loud knocking sound you heard, would you have changed the oil or serviced the car?" His answer was an emphatic, "No not me personally. I would not have serviced that car with it sounding like that." We are at a loss for words and completely stunned. I can only assume that the paperwork may have been changed since the only copy we had was taken back to Walmart. We have not seen a copy of the video but plan to request one.

I'm not really even sure what to ask other than we plead for you to help us try to get some kind of repair help and/or compensation for my son's car. This is his only mode of transportation to school. He was seeking a job, but without a car, is now at a standstill. We also would appreciate your help in investigating this service center to see if this has happened before or is just common practice. We are just so disappointed and in disbelief. We had a great running car, took it in for an oil change, and now the car is not drivable. We believe the engine is ruined.

Goodyear Viva2 Tires
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BELEN, NEW MEXICO -- OK so here is the deal. I purchased 5 Goodyear Viva 2 TIRES from a tire shop in Albuquerque. The tires were practically new they only had about 1000 miles on them and were never really used much. I purchased them and they did give me a 3 month warranty and I was on my way. The thing is when I purchased the tires, I brought the rims because my truck was on jack stands waiting for the tires at home. So anyway I purchase the tires come home put them on and didn't even go anywhere in the truck until the next morning. The next morning I get ready to run errands and then go out there and one tire is flat. Since then I had flats now and then as the tires get more use. Now recently I had a blowout and yes the tire was patched I believe by Walmart, if I am not mistaken it was fixed there. Even if I didn't buy them at Walmart I still took them there for repairs. Anyway the belts are coming apart from the inside.

What I find happening not only with these Goodyears but years ago I had where they give a good smooth ride when new and seem to be nice for a year or so then the sidewall bubbles out or the inner belts start coming apart. The walls are too soft as the tire wears and comes apart. This is why the ride is smooth on those tires. Yet they have no durability at all for a 2WD Toyota Truck which is very dangerous at high speeds. I had many cars in my life and many used tires as well as new. I know tires are not made the same and are probably outsourced in some way but I can say this: STAY AWAY FROM GOODYEAR PRODUCTS.

I also have a pair of boots which are made by Goodyear and they are comfortable to wear but are looking so ugly being that I have worn them indoors on carpet more than outside at all. They were never work boots but sure look like they have been run over by Goodyear Tires. I have also had Goodyear Belts on that same truck I had to remove because they squealed so badly I had to take them off and put GATES. The problem with GOODYEAR is they spent more on making the Blimp Safe that they IGNORE the Quality Control of these tires and DO NOT CARE about CUSTOMER COMPLAINTS. This is where it gets very tricky. I had a representative by the name of LAURA handle my claim and I explained to her that I did not purchase the tires at Walmart and she still sent me there and they told me since I didn't buy the tires from them that they can't do anything. On one hand I understand, HOWEVER those tires were still new when I purchased them and they are defective.

My advice is hold out if you can and DO NOT BUY ANYTHING UNDER A MICHELIN. TOYO, YOKOHAMA, MICHELIN are just simply better tires if you can find or get them. Discount tire is a better place to buy the tires because they hire better technicians in the shop and though I have no complaints with the service techs at Walmart now. I have in the past had a problem where they broke my lug nut and said NOTHING to me. Instead he clocked out and left but that was on a vehicle years back. Walmart is not a place to buy tires or even many Electronics I plan to make a Video and Pictures soon. They are dangerous tires and now even though I plan to get them more than likely at discount I may bet used ones until I can afford to purchase Michelin's. Also whatever model you guys choose to purchase. GET THE MODEL NUMBER AND DO YOUR RESEARCH. Just because its a Michelin does not mean its not an outsourced one or one made poorly. Make sure its high rated with a consistent reputation.

No Electronic Wheelchairs Were On Floor And No Foot Rests On Any Wheelchairs
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BECKLEY, WEST VIRGINIA -- A few days ago, for the third time in past two months, I took my 92 year old father to WalMart in Beckley, WV. Yes, it would be much easier and quicker for me to just pick the items up for him and I would prefer that, however, he enjoys the trip out and likes to pick out his own groceries. At any rate, there was no electric wheelchair available during either of the three trips and there was not a foot rest on any of the wheelchairs.

The first trip, I was able to place his cane across the wheelchair and he was for a while able to put his legs over top the cane so that they didn't drag the floor. However, that is uncomfortable for him and he couldn't do that for long. So he either has to hold his legs up (again that can't be done for long) or walk his feet on the floor in front of the wheelchair. So third time I thought enough was enough, I mean REALLY - WALMART not providing decent wheelchairs!!!

So, while my father was getting his hair cut in the WalMart salon, I went in search of a wheelchair with foot rests. None to be found. A WalMart Associate asked if he would like to use an electric wheelchair. I said that would be wonderful. I was then advised that all electric wheelchairs were in the 'back' being repaired. (And I was informed by an Associate that management had already been made aware that the electric wheelchairs had not been available for quite some time). So I asked to speak to a manager.

I was told to go to Customer Service and ask for a manager. That assistant manager, after listening to my requests for a wheelchair with footrests, called for another manager. That assistant manager ** gave me to understand in no uncertain terms that it was not mandatory for WalMart to provide wheelchairs, that they were provided as a COURTESY only and that the reason they were all broke and/or being repaired was because customers were so abusive with them.

So, instead of leaving WalMart as we should have, we got creative: I put the shopping cart in front of the wheelchair and he propped his feet on the lower part of the shopping cart and pushed the cart in front of the wheelchair. It worked out quite nice. AND would you believe that as we were checking out an hour and half later, the motorized wheelchairs that had been in the back getting repaired were getting plugged up!!! All of a sudden, the motorized wheelchairs were fixed!!!

However, principle is: A billion-dollar company like WalMart should be bending over backwards to make sure that there are decent wheelchairs available for disabled customers. I am not talking about the motorized wheelchairs - we would have been more than happy with a regular wheelchair if it had footrests. I do not think for one minute that abusive customers stole footrests from wheelchairs and it would take some heavy-duty abuse to break a footrest!!! Does not speak well for WalMart at all. So back to Krogers we will go!!

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