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Wal-Mart Won't Return Air Bed
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Rating: 1/51

BELLIGHAM, WASHINGTON -- I brought two air beds from Wal-mart in Bellingham on July, 2013 for my family. After I got home, I opened one to try, but it is not comfortable, so I packed that one up and did not even open the second one. I put them away so that I can return them during my next visit to the store. I currently live in Vancouver, Canada, thus I only drive to the US for shopping every other month.

When I went to the store on Aug 2013 thinking that I am within the 90 days return period, to my surprise, the store representative told me that I could not return them because I passed the 15 days return day limit. I explained to her why it took so long for me to bring them back, and the fact I was not made aware the 15 day policy at time of sales: 1) there was not any sign at the time of my purchase; 2) my receipt also have not information on the return policy; 3) my cashier also did not said anything to me neither. Thus, I naturally assume I have 90 days to return the items.

I was then referred to one of the managers. She again insisted the 15 days return policy, insisted that the store has sign posted by the air beds aisles and repeatedly told me that there is not she can do to help me; and the computer would not even allow her to return even if she want to. I went into the store and check the aisles; there WAS NOT any sign at all! I took photo as proof, and then I went to another manager, explained to her the situation, and finally got her to take back to un-open air bed, but not the opened one.

During the return, I noticed that the representative does not even need any code to key from the store manager to complete the transaction, unlike the first manager told me. It made me think that I was lied to by the first manager. As a customer, I really feel the Wal-Mart has failed as a reputable store. I am a very un-stratified customer.

Most of the Employees, and Store Manager Have No Customer Service Skills
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Rating: 3/51

RIDGECREST, CALIFORNIA -- Your Walmart Store # 1600 really SUCKS! The older folks that work there are great! They are HAPPY to be working! Where I am having problems times I come in to shop is with the YOUNG FOLKS, and the Store Manager, and assistant manager - these young folks don't have the people customer skills! Make a SURPRISE VISIT, and you will see with your own eyes, and what you hear from the dept area floor workers SAY TO CUSTOMERS IS THIS: "I cannot help you, I'm on my lunch." They don't say... "I will get someone to help you", they just walk away!

What I don't understand, if they are on their lunch, and they are hanging out in their dept, we don't know that if we ask for their help on a question! If you let them know CORPORA is making a visit, then they will behave in a manner WAL-MART EMPLOYEES should conduct themselves at the workplace! SERIOUSLY! I don't have to shop there any more, but you need to investigate this closely. We are in the middle of the Desert, and many fine folks love to shop at WAL-MART, it is a nice store! You really need to change the whole outfit (employees) working there, there are people in Ridgecrest, Ca that would be happy to work at WAL-MART!

I would like to see a BIG CHANGE. I might want to shop there again, but not until Headquarters gets involved to take care of the problems customers put up with some employee's negative attitudes that work at WALMART STORE #1600. Thank you for your time here reading my complaint! Please make your visit for the people of Ridgecrest that like shopping at WAL-MART! I don't need to reply back to me, I rather you not! Just make sure you hire happy folks in your store. They should be happy to have a job too!

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Rating: 1/51

My wife was legitimately injured at a Walmart... Not to bore you, I will explain how at the "end" of this complaint. But here is something you must know... especially if you are "disabled or the elderly"... but this does include EVERYONE who shops at any Walmart. Walmart does not handle insurance claims, a 3rd party, Claims Management Corp does.

After my wife's injury, which wasn't life threatening, but caused pain to continue as she should with her own employment, we let Walmart's Ins Company "Claims Management Corp" know we aren't going to bring them to court, we just expect them to pay the hospital bill... a mere 125.00 to 150.00 dollars.

I received a call today from "Lori" an adjuster at Claims Management Corp, that they weren't going to even pay her medical bill. After I was getting nowhere with this woman who seemed to, in her voice, show self righteousness sarcasm (as if she did not care), I called back their company and spoke to "Chris" who told me, and I will quote him now and challenge him to prove me wrong (for calls they say are recorded)...

Chris said: "ANY customer who shops at Walmart and decides to remove any item from their shelves, is responsible for their own safety if they sustain injury". I challenge Claims Management Corp to bring suit against me for slander, will you say it "wasn't recorded" or decide it's better not to "play the tape".

Warning to all elderly and disabled: Do not shop at WALMART if you do not want to find yourself in debt with your local physician or hospital... OR do as their insurance company implied, do not take anything off of their shelves, not even a candy bar, ask for assistance, because you really will be treated like "crap" even over a 150.00 medical bill. She was removing those plastic pools they keep outside (for our ducks, we already own several), but as you know, these things are sometimes "suction stuck" together, or in bundles in a rack.

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Rating: 1/51

VANCOUVER -- I went into my local Walmart store to print some pictures I had taken with my phone. I used the instant print kiosk. I picked up my pictures and proceeded to pay for them. The boy behind the counter couldn't find the envelopes so he asked another associate for help. She insisted that she see my pictures. I told her that's fine but these four you can't see and that they were of an "embarrassing" nature.

I would not let her see the 4 pictures out of the 286 I printed. The associate said that she MUST see every single picture I printed. I again told her no. She then said she would not sell me my pictures. I put my money on the counter and asked her to ring me up and I will be on my way. Again, she insisted.

She looked at me with disgust and said, "we don't allow nudity to be printed on our machines". I said that they aren't nude pictures but they are of me and they are for my and my fiance's eyes only. Still, she insisted on seeing them. But this time she is screaming at me and there is a crowd gathering. She said once again that nudity isn't allowed and she refuses to sell me my pictures. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity while other shoppers judged me out loud.

The male associate was giggling. I slammed my pictures down on the counter and told her "** off" and walked straight to customer service. I spoke with a manager and the woman insisted I pay for the pictures I printed. I didn't quite understand why I would have to pay for something I didn't even receive. She said that since it was a large quantity, I have to pay for it. I refused and walked out of the store. Security followed me out of the store and watched as I drove off.

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA -- Upon arrival to the photo department there was not any associates. I looked around and found three associates talking and asked for help. None of the three were able to help or were too busy with their personal conversations. I approached another group of three associates to get some help. One of them actually took the time to point me to someone. The person she pointed to was able to help me and was actually very nice. I picked up photos that were sent online and did not check before I left. I did return to get a refund or have them printed correctly.

I returned to the store and spoke with a customer service attendant who told me that this would have to be handled at the photo shop. Upon arrival to the photo area explained the situation and was told I would have to do them again out in the photo area. I explained I had submitted them online. He then looked up my photos and found where the photos had been cropped by Walmart and was unable to correct them. I then asked if I could just get a refund and have them done somewhere else. I was instructed to go back up front. I asked him to call customer service to let them know I had been told to come back to the front.

Upon arrival to the service desk I was instructed to go back to the photo department for my refund. Upon arrival to the photo dept I was told I would have to wait on a manager's approval. I made a comment that it was things like this that caused me to shop other stores. The associate promptly told me not to come back anymore. I made mention that I would gladly do business elsewhere. The manager did come back and worked through the refund. This is not my first bad experience here, so going forward I will shop elsewhere.

Photo Order Not Completed/delivered
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Rating: 2/51

GALLIANO, LOUISIANA -- On June 6th I placed an order for a Collage poster for my father. I was told that I would receive it no later than June 19th and that I would receive a text message letting me know when it was available for pick-up. On the 19th I still had not received any type of message so I called the store designated for pick-up and they told me they had no idea why it wasn't there but to give it a couple more days. Fine. I called back on Fri June 21 to see if it had arrived and they said no. OK.

I again called back today, June 24th, to see if they had it and was told that they had not received it and when I asked who I could speak to about my order they said "I don't know..." So I went online and found the number for Wal-Mart customer service and I spoke with someone about my order. I told her what happened and gave her my order number and she said that she could see where my order was placed but it was not completed and she didn't know what the problem was or why it wasn't completed.

I asked her if she could resend the order and was told that no they could not. She said my only option is to WAIT 3-5 days for my money to be refunded and then I would have to spend my time going back online and redoing the order myself. This is ridiculous. While Wal-Mart does offer lower prices on some things it doesn't mean much when you don't receive what you were promised. I will never use their service again and they should really consider the fact that they are not the only company available to the public and if they expect us to spend our hard earned money with them they need to honor their commitments.

The Malign Tumor That Walmart Calls Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

FISHERS, INDIANA -- Unfortunately, I had the opportunity to experience the worst employee that this Walmart acknowledges as a customer service representative a few mornings ago. As a customer, you may come across questions regarding store policy or regulations, and it's logical to contact the customer service department just as you would for any other business such as Amazon, Fry's, or Target.

You may feel compunction as you ask them trivial questions that they may have encountered thousands of times or as you watch them go out of their way just to help you. But the result is the same whether you received your answer or not: you are treated with respect, professionalism, and proper decorum. Dismally, I was mistaken to expect these qualities from a CUSTOMER SERVICE representative, which is a fundamental flaw in itself and defeats the purpose of what customer service truly represents.

Now, I am not hating because she could not do what I asked (I would never ever encourage an employee to go against policy and risk job security), I am expressing my absolute disgust regarding her condescending and curt behavior that morning. It was as if she was castigating me for not understanding store policy (HELLO! I don't work here, that's why I am asking). I told her that she may have been a little patronizing toward me, but that only developed into a horrendously boorish attitude as she became defensive toward me.

If you think that is bad, the way they handle formal complaints is impractical. The process is entirely verbal and you express your grievances to an apathetic and nonchalant customer service "manager". This Walmart is huge, and filing a complaint is futile. So, if you do happen to get mistreated I suggest that you address all your issues to corporate. Hopefully, they'll have the integrity and the moral scruple to do something about it. ** Other than that, try out their competitors like Fry's, Marsh, Meijer, Target, Kroger and Staples. They're pretty good.

Unacceptable Wait Time at Registers
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- I was at the Gateway store last evening. I waited in line for OVER 30 minutes at register 12 between 6:30 & 7:00 while the cashier waited on ONLY TWO customers. My 13-year-old granddaughter could do a better job. During this time I observed associates walking around like they were lost & standing around having personal conversations in the wireless area as well as other areas around the checkout.

I called the store while in line asking to speak with management and held for 5 minutes before hanging up and calling again. This time I told the lady that answered what the issue was. After the 2nd call, in less than 5 minutes there were 4 additional cashiers on the registers.

The lady that checked me out had a badge showing she was the assistant manager. She commented that while the traffic had grown at the store her budget had not. I understand the budget issue; however, if the associates were doing what they are being paid to do...WORK...there would have been more registers open during this peak time and this has been happening consistently over the past few months.

I found it pretty amazing that they all appeared about the same time with NO announcement being made that cashiers were needed. Perhaps that proves that they were all chatting together around the area where the phone is answered because I NEVER did get to speak with management on the phone.

I was so disgusted when the press release came out concerning there would be THREE Walmarts opening within 7 minutes of my home. The Whittlesey Road and Airport Thruway stores are disgusting. I WAS proud to see the Gateway store was always clean and had adequate staff that could assist customers in a timely and professional manner. I suppose everyone else in Columbus was tired of the other 2 stores and started coming to Gateway also. Trust me...I won't be back.

I have spent well over $2500 in the past 4 weeks in the Gateway store and that's not much to Walmart but word of mouth travels fast and I will post this on every website I can find. It probably won't hurt Walmart but it sure will make me feel better.

Advertisement Does Not Have a Secure Website
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Rating: 1/51

I called on a Sunday and talked with customer service about returning a sheet set that they sent the wrong size. I did not feel I should pay the return shipping. The girl said someone would call me and take care of the problem. I have never heard anything like this from any other website, but I said OK. I did not hear from anyone from Walmart, but I did get an email. The email thanked me for ordering a $100.00 gift card and the order was being processed.

WOW... I did not order any such card. I looked up my account and reviewed the information. My Visa debit card was used, the $100.00 was gone from my bank acct. Walmart sent the gift card to an email address that used my user name but the .Com was different. I got this email late in the evening, so there was nobody to contact. I called them first thing in the am. Boy, that was a conversation!!!

I was basically told, it's my problem, "We will forward the information to the correct department, but you have to get your money back from your bank." I told them that they were not protecting the customers and it was really strange that I called with a problem and then this charge popped up!! They said they understood, BUT. I asked If they stopped the use of the gift card does that mean they keep the $100.00. They did not answer that question. Stating all they could do is to tell me to contact my bank. Just think a company as large as Walmart keeping $100.00 from someone on Social Security. I guess that's how they make their money!!!

I wonder how many people out there in internet land trust their credit card information at Watch out ordering at the Walmart website. Be very, very careful. But while I was complaining, they did say they would pay my return postage on the sheets and ship the correct size out. I wonder how that will end.

Harassed by one of the employees
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Rating: 2/51

MOUNT PLEASANT, SOUTH CAROLINA -- The night of March 14, 2013, at about 8:15 pm, my husband went shopping for a toy with my 5 y.o. son at Walmart. At check out, my husband tried to checked out at one of the newly installed self-served cashier. The light turned on one of the end pole meaning it is on. One of the cashier employee was sitting at Mc Donald section across from where the cashier check out and started yelling out to my husband that it does not work.

My husband tried to rationalize that how come it was lit. Walmart employee rolled her eyes out in front of my husband. My husband told the employee "there is no reason to act like that, it's disrespectful." The employee started yelling at my husband. My husband told her to shut up. My husband walked away with my 5 y.o. to another open cashier. The employee followed him to the queue and started yelling at him and pointing finger at him across from him.

Other people at the queue started leaving because she was too loud and very aggressive. My 5 y.o. started getting scared of all the yelling. One of the staff, Kim (floor manager), wrapped her arms around the employee to stop her. Manager Kim never came to see my husband to apologized.

My husband seek out the manager Kim to complain about the behavior and that he was told that this is her first offense and that she will not reprimanding her about what happened and that she needed to examined the camera feed prior to talking to her. My husband did not go to Walmart and be yelled at by one of the employees. My 5 y.o. went home and said to me that he does not want to go back to Walmart to buy toys!!!

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