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Are Spinning Power Toothbrushes Safe?
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- Facts and numbers to support what may be the potential for permanent injury of damage to gum tissue, resulting in one of the most intense forms of pain people are forced to endure of exposed nerves in teeth.

The company’s who distribute these products have included pressure sensors to other similar power toothbrushes to protect this soft tissue.

This safety issue becomes clear after understanding the median speed (7,600 motions per minute) and operating action (spinning-rotating) of these certain types of power toothbrushes without pressure sensors. (Other power toothbrushes operate in a safe manner i.e. pulsating, vibrating motions.)

When used on the top teeth ½ of this operating action will be spinning/pushing back and away where the soft gum tissue tapers down to a very thin layer to meet the teeth, with ½ of these motions spinning/pushing back and away at the thin layer of gum tissue on the bottom set of teeth

If these spinning-rotating toothbrushes are used 2 times daily for a total of 4 minutes it will be the equivalent of using your hand and arm, with a manual toothbrush, a total of 30,400 motions per day. 4 (minutes) x 7,600 (motions per minute) = 30,400

30 (days use) x 30,400 (motions per day) = 912,000

Over 6 month’s (180 days use) x 30,400 (motions per day) = FIVE MILLION FOUR HUNDRED SEVENTY TWO THOUSAND motions spinning/pushing back and away where the soft gun tissue tapers down to a very thin layer to meet the teeth.

Dental professionals have verified that it only takes a small amount of this thin soft layer of gum tissue to be spun/pushed back to expose nerves, and once this damage is done it is permanent with no feasible way to correct or reverse it.

I do not ever recall being taught in school to brush my teeth in an upward motion on the top set or a downward motion on the bottom set of teeth (motions that would push back and away where the soft gum tissue tapers down to a very thin layer to meet the teeth) and this is what is happening when you do not have any control over the spinning/rotating operating action of these type of power toothbrushes.

Any person who may come to the understanding of the potential for a product to cause injury along with related deceptive business practices, can file a complaint for recording purposes only, there is no requirement that you have ever used these certain types of spinning/rotating toothbrushes to file a complain.

After enough complaints are filed these officials in charge of protecting consumers will not be able to justify any further delays in resolving any safety and deceptive business issues. For this reason I ask that you file this on-line complaint.
This online complaint can be found at http://ag/. ca.gov/ click on PROTECTING CONSUMERS link click Consumer info/Complaints to the COMPLAINT FORM page then click
Consumer Complaint Against
Business/Company for online form.

Comment / Complaint Form

Consumer Complaint Against a Business/ Company

Business information (Complaint Against):

Company name: Walt Disney

Company Address: 500 S. Buena Vista Street

Company City: Burbank

Company State: CA

Company Zip Code 91521-6719

Company Phone Number N/A

Comment or Question
Message: (You may copy and paste this in the space below, or use your own comments)

After becoming aware of the high speed and certain operating action of spinning/rotating types of power toothbrushes I understand the potential, with extended use, of how these spinning/rotating nylon bristles may spin/push back and away where the soft gun tissue tapers down to a very thin layer to meet the teeth when contacting this soft gum tissue during the process of brushing teeth. This complaint is only directed to the certain types of power toothbrushes that operate in a spinning/rotating manner and do not have the additional features of pressure sensors.

As the Disney company, along with the federal departments of the USCPSC, FDA, and FTC has been given evidence and information regarding these certain type of products potential for injury and have not taken any action, I am requesting the State of California file a Consumer Protection suit so a jury of citizens will be able to determine any deceptive business practices or potential for injury from extended use of these certain types of power toothbrushes.

Evidence that fully merits a consumer protection lawsuit over deceptive business practices is that these companies install safety devices in other similar power toothbrushes such as pressure sensors to protect the soft gum tissue, proving they are aware of the potential for damage to the gum tissue.

Further evidence is no additional warnings are included on the packaging of models that do not have pressure sensors to protect the soft gum tissue, stating that extended contact of the spinning/rotating nylon bristles, where the soft gum tissue tapers down to a very thin layer to meet the teeth, could result in damaging this tissue. If this warning was included it would inform people of this product’s potential for damage and result in far less profits for these companies, as fewer parents would purchase these certain type tooth brushes for their children to use.

I recommend that the State hire an outside law firm to conduct this suit on contingency, as was done in the State of Alaska’s Consumer Protection Lawsuit against Eli Lilly and the prescription drug Zyprexa, so it will involve few state resources, and cost the taxpayers nothing to resolve these issues.

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User Replies:
GenuineNerd on 05/12/2010:
I have used Crest Spinbrushes for over 10 years now, and have noticed no damage to my gums. I typically change the brush head when I change the batteries-about every 2-3 months. I prefer the Spinbrush over a manual toothbrush, since my teeth do feel cleaner when I use it. Arm & Hammer sells the Spinbrush line now; Procter and Gamble sold the brand when it acquired Gillette, which owns Oral-B, another manufacturer of spinning-head electric toothbrushes. Disney is a licensee of Spinbrush, which sells childrens' versions, with Disney characters. Also, the kids' Spinbrushes are made cheaper than the adult versions...the kids' versions do not have replaceable heads, while the adult versions do.
Sparticus on 05/12/2010:
I have always stayed away from electric brushes. I tried one once and it did seem to beat up on my gums. So I went back to a good old regular brush. I'm sure they work well. But I didn't like it.
spinbrush on 05/13/2010:
To GenuineNerd
I am glad to hear that you have not noticed any damage from your 10 years of using the Crest SpinBrush. As there is no humanly possible way to brush your teeth with a manual toothbrush at a median speed of 7,600 motions per minute your teeth will feel cleaner than using a manual toothbrush.

As the name of the product describes the operating action -spinning you do not have any control over this motion and this is the safety and deceptive business issue.

You may want to consider If these spinning-rotating toothbrushes are used 2 times daily for a total of 4 minutes it will be the equivalent of using your hand and arm, with a manual toothbrush, a total of 30,400 motions per day. 4 (minutes) x 7,600 (motions per minute) = 30,400

Your 10 years of use could equal over 100 million of these motions.

When used on the top teeth ½ of this operating action will be spinning/pushing back and away where the soft gum tissue tapers down to a very thin layer to meet the teeth, with ½ of these motions spinning/pushing back and away at the thin layer of gum tissue on the bottom set of teeth.

Dental professionals have verified that it only takes a small amount of this thin soft layer of gum tissue to be spun/pushed back to expose nerves, and once this damage is done it is permanent with no feasible way to correct or reverse it.

You may also want to consider that the Crest SpinBrush you are using does not have the pressure sensors that these companies have added to protect the soft gum tissue. I believe this fact supports the deceptive business issue as they continue to profit from selling these certain power toothbrushes without adding any warnings stating that without a pressure sensor there may damage to the soft gum tissue.

Starlord on 05/13/2010:
I believe the OP has a fixation on this matter, as their response to GN was almost exactly the same as the original posting. Does spinbrush believe that these items could reach full market rollout without being vetted by The FDA, the FTC, and a bunch nore alpahabet soup units, such as the CPSC? They say anyone may sue for anything in the US, and thus they can also file a complaint, even if it is totally frivolous,
spinbrush on 05/14/2010:
To Starlord: yes this is a fixation with me I believe I permanently damaged my gum tissue and I have dental records that support this along with a dental specialist writing that I should discontinue my use of this power toothbrush. I have a letter from Procter & Gamble that recommends me to discontinue using their product, and offer to pay for any treatment that is not covered by my own insurance.

I attempted to have Genuienerd and others understand what is happening while using the SpinBrush it can spin back and away where the soft gum tissue tapers down to a very thin layer to meet the teeth.

Do you honestly think that 50 million of these brush strokes will not push this thin layer of gum tissue back? Do you also understand that dentists will verify that all takes is a very small amount of this thin layer of gum tissue to be pushed back to expose nerves?

I have sent volumes of information to the US CPSC, FDA, and FTC including these dental records, letters from dental specialists recommending that I discontinue using the spinning power toothbrush, and P&G letter to discontinue use and pay for treatment since March of 2005 ant they still have not taken any action.

You are correct in your statement that before any product could reach full market rollout without they are approved or vetted by these federal agencies. Now think back to any consumer product recall you are aware of and apply your logic, that they have been vetted by these and a bunch more alpahabet soup units and realize that thousands of these products after having been on the market for years, and used by millions of consumers, and a person who has been using the product realizes they are unsafe by being injured by the product who can provide fact’s to support this potential for injury.

It then requires enough people to file complaints for a recall of these previously vetted products.
spinbrush on 05/14/2010:

To mrvw: Starlord seems to have an issue of repeating something that attempts to explain the issue in response, so please refer to my reply to him or her to answer to part of your comment.

In your reply you may not have understood I believe I permanently damaged my soft gum tissue and every day, despite using desensitizing toothpaste that these same companies also sell for more money than regular toothpaste, I still feel intense pain if I allow any cold food or liquid to contact my teeth when eating or drinking.

You mention that filing a complaint about something you yourself do not use, and does not affect you is stupid.

You may not be a parent, I believe many parents would become very upset to learn that a company has included pressure sensors to protect the gun tissue and did not include this safety feature in ones that are designed to look like toys and Disney characters to be used by young children.

There may be someone you know and care about including relatives who may be using these certain spinning type toothbrushes, and although you have the right to care only about something that will only affect you, others feel different.

As to a inventing a better toothbrush my complaint specifies that there are other power toothbrushes that operate in a manner that would not spin the thin layer of soft gum tissue back. I like to think that I did have a large part of P&G coming up with the Pulsar power toothbrush.

I began to send P&G information and documentation of how I believe that I injured my soft gum tissue, and suggesting that this may be happing to millions of others, and giving them examples of other types of toothbrushes that operate by vibrating at high speeds along with other built in safety features of pressure sensors.

P&G separated the Crest SpinBrush from the rest of the Crest family of oral care products and sold only the Crest and Kid’s Crest SpinBrush line to Church & Dwight.

Alain on 05/14/2010:
Thank you for the information and your review.
GenuineNerd on 05/16/2010:
Procter and Gamble, prior to selling the Crest Spinbrush line to Church & Dwight, introduced a "Sonic" version of the Spinbrush, which vibrates instead of spins...this is a cheaper alternative to the Philips Sonicare toothbrush and other "sonic" electric toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes, in one form or another, have been around since the 1950's...Broxodent and General Electric had early versions of electric toothbrushes, and one company, I think Colgate, once had a toothpaste that was designed for use with electric toothbrushes. It came out of the tube flat, like a ribbon, instead of round. However, that toothpaste was around for only a couple of years.
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Mickey Mouse Operation
Posted by on
I am very sad and disappointed with my overall experience at Disney in the last five years. Being a Florida resident I frequent Disney at least four times per year. I am a seasonal pass holder and will not make the investment any longer.

I grew frusterated over the years with the excessive increasing prices stepping outside what Walt Disney wanted for the average person to be able to come and enjoy Disney. Although this was a negative I knew I could always rely on Disney to provide a very clean and plush experience I was never disappointed with.

Over the last five years I have watched the quality and attention to detail diminish. Rides having broken parts or not even working for months or years at a time. The shows obviously have had budget cuts and the cleanliness is no longer second to none. The following have been a few observations that is not indicative of the experience I grew used to since I was a child.

1) The renovation of the Living Seas is so poor I would be embarrasssed to call this a new Disney ride.
2) There used to be men continually walking around cleaning anything anyone dropped instantly. Although there is not litter blowing in the streets, there is clearly visual garbage and unclean conditions.
3) The Yeti on the Matterhorn was broken for months. A new ride in the Animal Kingdon is not even given the respect to repair the biggest part of the ride. So bad do they not care that they still left the light on it showing every kid with an immagination that it is fake!
4) I ate in the German Pavilion tonight. There was two of us and a 3 year old and the bill was $127.00 and the food was so bad it was unedible. The sausage was garbage the fried veal was dry and the sauce was gross. The salads were wilted and the employees reflected the food and the poor show.
5) I bought tickets into Epcot at 5PM with the ticket lady telling me that it was open until 9PM. They closed all the rides at 8 PM and the event cost me over $200.00.
6) The 9PM show in Epcot used to have holographic figures and was different all the time never disapponting me. Now they do not even bother to bring the burnt nasty barges off the lake after the show. You can see them anytime you are there....No mystery anymore in Disney.
7) There is an empty ride in Epcot that has not been renovated in years!
8) The Universe of Energy is as old as the Dinosaurs.
9) The Mexican pavilion used to have good food now I would not feed it to my dog.
10) On three occasions now I have been told there was not a table available for the fireworks in the UK PUB. I left disappointed once. The second time a waiter came out after I was turned down and seated me in his section on the water....the best seat in the house. The third time when I was denied I looked for myself and there was two tables available and I left in disgust. The employees clearly did not want to seat me so they could leave as soon as the fireworks were over.

I am not complaining even about the pricing but the experience is awful for the amount you pay for what you get is absurd. I am finding a different vacation spot for my family.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/30/2009:
It's a shame when things, especially those that are to be "experiences," fade and fall apart over the years. It does sound like the same care and attention (and dollars) are not being applied in this day of cost cutting, shareholder appeal, and doing more with less.

Of course, you probably remember it as having been better than it really was, but your point is very well made. Fortunately, any children who may have been with you probably didn't notice any of those things, the magic for them is more than likely just as real as it ever was.

As an aside: I arranged for an exhibit of Dr. Seuss artwork sometime within the past year. The curator arranged for a person to come dressed as the Cat in the Hat. I was personally VERY disappointed with how stupid the Cat looked, but the children were absolutely awestruck - wide eyed and nervous and burying their giggling faces in their mother's coats every time the Cat waved to them. It wasn't great for me, but I wasn't the audience.
JR in Orlando on 08/31/2009:
I quit going to disney years ago after I got stuck in "its a small world" exhibit for an hour. The song heard in there is broadcast in phrases as you go through the ride, so you hear the whole song as your boat moves through the ride. When the boat stopped, however, all we heard from the speakers where we at was "its a small world - its a small world" non-stop for an hour. I think I still have that phrase embedded in my memory.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/31/2009:
It's unfortunate that Disney is letting their parks go in disrepair. It's shameful when some families save up for years to visit the park and then are disappointed because rides are broken or closed early.
Anonymous on 08/31/2009:
It's a shame you had such a horrible time.
I went last year, around the 2nd week of September for their Halloween celebration. I had a blast. It was during one of their "off" weeks. It wasn't very crowded. We (my bf at the time and I) stayed in one of their "on campus" hotels so we got to stay in the parks later than everyone else. We got our passes for the Halloween after hours time... had fun trick or treating. There were no lines for the rides; didn't even have to get off of some of them, could ride them over and over. It wasn't quite as hot as going during the summer. Got a fast pass for one of the longer lined rides; rode other things while we waited for the time of the fast pass. We got to be a couple of kids enjoying the park. It took a LOT of planning. Also, reservations for many restaurants there, had to get them months in advance. It was wonderful. Went everywhere except for Universal.
I know, for parents and children, it's hard to go during one of their "off" times. It was surprising to see parents and children when I went because it was when school was in session.
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Robbed at Disney World Florida
Posted on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- On July 3, 2009 my wife and I were on our second day of our four day trip to Disney. We were at Epcot and stopped to have lunch at the Electric Umbrella. As, I was putting condiments on my sandwich, somebody stole our bag which was right beside me. The contents of the bag were video camera, passports, $500 us, my wallet with my drivers license and insurance, car and hotel keys and most importantly my medication which I need to take 3 times a day. We went to customer relations and reported our bag stolen. They called in a security officer who took my statement. We had to contact our bank and credit card companies to report our cards stolen which left us with no money. Then we called the Orange County Sheriff's Dept. The Deputy took my statement and told me I was a victim of grand theft. After I was done with the Deputy, I asked to speak with the manager of customer relations. I told him what had happened to us and he didn't seem to care. I asked the manager if he could refund us the 2 days remaining on our tickets, and he said NO because we had no ID. Hello, our ID was just stolen in your park. The only thing he would do for us was to give us $50, so we could call a locksmith to come and unlock our car so we good get the spare key that was locked in the car. Realizing we had no money and no gas to get us back to our hotel in Daytona Beach, I pulled into a 7-11 to see if I could find the closest Canadian Consulate. With the help of the manager we found the closest one was in Miama, 350 miles away. The manager seeing the predicament that we were in gave us $100 to help us get back to our hotel. This man was our guardian angel and we will never forget his kindness and yes we paid him back the money. Later that night I had to go to the hospital to see a doctor to get a prescription for my medication that was stolen from me. The visit to the hospital costed $246 which I'm hoping will be covered by my insurance. We could not sleep at all that night because the person who stole our bag, had our hotel and car keys and could've came to the hotel to steal the car. We phoned Disney's Lost and Found the next morning and was told our bag that was "LOST NOT STOLEN" was found in a garbage can in a washroom on the other side of the park. I had to drive 85 miles back to Disney to get my bag, which THANK GOD had everything except the video camera and cash. Upon returning to our hotel after getting our bag, I had to phone my brother to wire us some money so we could get back home to Canada. We had to cut our vacation short by a week and drive 24 hours home. I'm still really shakened up by the robbery. I can't believe the way we were treated by the manager of Disney's customer relations. I highy recommend anyone who is thinking off going to Disney World to be very careful of your belongings and don't expect any help from Disney if you are in a crisis. In my opinion Disney doesn't care about you, they care only about the almighty dollar. I know I made a mistake by carrying everything in one bag, but I did not leave it unattended. I guess it was too much to expect a little bit of compassion from a company the size of Disney. After all, Disney claims their number one priority is their cast members and guests. I will never visit Disney World again.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/18/2009:
What do you mean nobody cared? Two different people gave you money.
Anonymous on 07/18/2009:
What exactly did you expect Disney customer relations to do for you? Shut everything down until your stuff was found? Search each and every person on the property? I understand your frustrations and fear but you failed to keep a watch on your belongings. Just because it's Disney doesn't mean there is no crime. The manager of that 7-11 was very kind to give you money. I would hope that by now you've repaid it.
Anonymous on 07/18/2009:
But Disney got you back into your car. I know it's easy to point the finger at Disney because you were there when you were robbed, but it seems they did what was reasonable. I'm not sure what else Disney could have done for you.

I think who you mean to point your accusatory finger at the jerk who stole your stuff. And while you are doing that, kick yourself for not paying attention to your stuff when you were getting your condiments.
Anonymous on 07/18/2009:
Wow! I doubt anybody in Canada would have given you $50 for a locksmith then $100 to get back to your hotel. I would say except for the moron that stole your bag American's stepped up to the plate and helped you out. Lesson learned never leave your valuables lying around.

Nothing to do with this post but when at a beach vacation spot NEVER leave your stuff on the beach or around the pool if you go in the water. In places like Mexico some locals make a living off stealing peoples stuff they leave while going in for a dip.
Anonymous on 07/18/2009:
Contacting the Canadian Consulate (not an embassy) in Miami would not have helped. All they can do is help you arrange for a transfer of funds from your financial institution. They won't give you money or replace any official documents like a drivers license.
Anonymous on 07/18/2009:
If your bag was stolen at the grocery store, the store isn't going to give you money to help you out. Be grateful for the 7-11 Manager - Superbowl is right, that never would have happened here in Canada. Passingby, the consulate actually could have provided him with a temporary passport. They wouldn't have given him money, true, but a consulate will always help you obtain documents you need to leave the country.
Eloise on 07/18/2009:
Thanks to all for defending Disney! As a former cast member I concur with the Customer Serivice Manager who did more than you could expect from any other amusement park. You left a bag unattended and then want to blame a theme part that sees several million people a year. What did you think was going to happen? If you had bothered to read any of the park guidlelines they would tell you not to leave bags unattended and that they are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.
Why didn't you split the money between the two of you?
Why wasn't the money in your wallet?
Why did you bring medication bottles when a pill box would have suffices?
Why didn't you have your credit card attached to your room key so you would have had no need to carry cash at all? Who's fault is this?
Not, Walt Disney World!!!!
Anonymous on 07/18/2009:
What bad experience you had Polar, you were very fortunate. Yes, you were at Disney World when this happened but you can't blame them or expect them to cater to your needs like you expected them to. They did find your bag.....
Good luck in the future and for what it's worth, you now own the worst Disney experience on this site!!!
Anonymous on 07/18/2009:
Thank God in Heaven Zz, I have been replaced!
Anonymous on 07/18/2009:
Sounds like Micky wasn't the only rat in the park that day.
It was unfortunate, but with the luck you had finding 2 consecutive people willing to give you money, I'd buy a lottery ticket if I was you.
Anonymous on 07/18/2009:
This is exactly why most people use backpacks or fannypacks. Your belongings are on your person, not on the ground beside you.
i_am_canadian on 07/18/2009:
What the hell did you expect them to do, refund the cost of your entire vacation?
Walt Disney world is not in any way to blame for this. They went above and beyond to assist you, they could have chosen to do nothing. So stop complaining and wherever you vacation next time, keep a closer eye on your bags. [snip]
Eloise on 07/18/2009:
Same here! Western North Carolina has far too may!
Anonymous on 07/18/2009:
We love tourists, they spend money and are fun to laugh at.
SilverWngs71 on 07/19/2009:
I too am a former Cast Member. As Eloise pointed out there are several places as well as the tram ride that says to keep watch on personal belongings. It's like the airport, don't leave bags or personal items unattended. It's not smart and in your case it meant a financial and security loss.

madconsumer on 07/19/2009:
no wonder I don't want to go to disney world.
Eloise on 07/19/2009:
SilverWNGS71, where did you work? I was at the CRC. I loved working for Disney, best employer by far. I miss working there so much!
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Totally Ruined our Vacation
Posted on
We planned our daughter sixteenth birthday party at Disney World. That was the only thing our daughter wanted to do for her Sweet Sixteenth Birthday. We set up our vacation with AAA and saved our money and made our plans to celebrate her birthday. We had dinner reservations for our daughters birthday at Magic Kingdom and they would not let us in for our reservations 1 hour before the park close. We went to guess relations and try everything to get in and they refused. We filed a complaint with the BBB of Florida and it was a bigger joke like guest relations at the Disney Gate. Disney is to big to file a complaint on. They just don't care if they ruined your entire vacation. They've got your money what do they care. We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge which also turned out to be a big waste of money also. It is a overpriced Motel 6.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 06/10/2011:
was the restaurant in the park?
biomajor on 06/11/2011:
Did you have tickets for Magic Kingdom? Or a Park Hopper Pass? Or just reservations at a restaurant?
trmn8r on 06/11/2011:
There must be a detail missing. If you made reservations with them, they should have been open at the time of the reservation. Were you late?
PepperElf on 06/11/2011:
Was the reservation scheduled for one hour before closing or is that when you showed up?
bob93 on 06/11/2011:
Please don't missing one very special meal ruin your whole vacation.
Anonymous on 06/11/2011:
Best answer bob93......

oldisgood on 06/11/2011:
Perhaps I am reading it wrong, but I see it as they had dinner reservations in a restaurant in the park, but did not have an entry ticket to get INTO the park. You need to buy an entry ticket to get in.
raven2010 on 06/11/2011:
It sounds as thought maybe the OP had dining reservation, but no park tickets. it is my understanding you must have park tickets to dine, reservation or not.

Otherwise, anyone could get in to the par for fr just by saying they are only there for dining reservations.
FaFaFhooey on 06/11/2011:
I agree, it sounds as if the party did not have passes for the park and expected to get in free because it was one hour before park closing time. Disney isn't the one who ruined the party.
trmn8r on 06/11/2011:
This is starting to make sense now. Good catch oldisgood.
Anonymous on 06/11/2011:
Maybe the OP choose that name.
Venice09 on 06/11/2011:
Just, it's not the first time.
trmn8r on 06/11/2011:
Is this a non-member who chose the name "consumer"? The name isn't a link, which leads me to believe it is a non-member. As to whether my3c assigned the generic "consumer" or not, I don't know.

I'm rubbing toothpicks together here, trying to make smoke.
Mrs. V on 06/11/2011:
If you arranged your trip through AAA then please call them and explain the problem.

Your AAA agent should have explained that you would need both dinner reservations AND a ticket to the park.

If the AAA agent did NOT do this, then your complaint should be with AAA as this is your travel agent.
trmn8r on 06/11/2011:
That sounds like great advice, Mrs. V. It's amazing the little details various people pick up.
Mrs. V on 06/11/2011:
Thank you, trmn8r ^_^

I really do hope that the OP calls her agent and finds out what happened.
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Disney World: Traveling With Your Pet? Beware Of Pet Kennel Contract
Posted on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- About two years ago, Disney World changed the contract you sign when you board your pets at their kennels. It no longer is the typical kennel agreement that you sign when you board pets. It says that you are "voluntarily" signing it and that you are giving up all your rights if the Disney Kennels NEGLIGENTLY OR INTENTIONALLY HURT, HARM OR EVEN KILL YOUR PET. If you refuse to sign it or try to alter it, they will NOT let you board your pets. At the bottom of the "Release Agreement" it says:


Before making your long trip with your pets, be aware that you should make arrangements to kennel OUTSIDE of Disney World. Before you kennel with Disney World, fully understand the dangers to your beloved pets.
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User Replies:
Ben There on 12/25/2009:
So are there any reports that they have ever hurt or killed an animal in the Disney kennels, or is this just a case of Disney lawyers having a strongly worded waiver to covering their assets?
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/25/2009:
Sounds like just good business practice. Disney has deep pockets and would make an attractive target for a lawsuit. They offer this as a convenience to guests and you have the right to board your critters elsewhere.
bcd on 12/25/2009:

I doubt it reads “intentionally”.
Anonymous on 12/25/2009:
I agree bcd, I doubt the word "intentionally" is in the contract.

The language used above is standard indemnification language that is included in most contracts of this type. It is your right not to sign it and it is their right to turn you away if you don't.
Ytropious on 12/25/2009:
Hugh is right, just board them elsewhere if you don't like it. I'd wager it's much cheaper too! Everything at Disney has jacked up prices, I'd avoid the boarding costs by using a different service not affiliated with Disney.
Anonymous on 12/26/2009:
I bet every kennel has a similar contract and I highly doubt they say 'intentionally harm or kill your pet' in them.
SteveWiginowski on 12/26/2009:
Like the other said, the contract is probably like others. Let's say you have your dog, and it attacks and kills another dog or two (God forbid), or even it attacks viciously the employee. They may have to take a quick action. I'm sure they don't anticipate the situation to ever happen, but it's better to be covered by the contract than to not be covered, then be sued by some dog owners.
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Not Magic for my "Make-a-Wish" child
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I had heard over and over how wonderful Walt Disney World treats children who are visiting the park because it was their wish granted by the Make-a-Wish foundation. That is a huge lie. My daughter was given NOTHING special, they did absolutely NOTHING for her that they would do for any other guest who asked. She was made to wait 20 minutes to access the handicapped entrance for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride when the wait time for the regular ride was estimated at 15 minutes. Not one "Cast Member" went out of their way to do anything special for her, she was denied access to the characters she asked to see, she was ignored by staff in favor of pushier people who had more money to spend.

I will definitely recommend to any child, handicapped or not, that they visit Universal Studios instead.
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Anonymous on 02/15/2008:
Was your daughter there as part of Make-a-Wish? Or did you simply show up expecting extra special treatment because she is handicapped? I've seen Cast Members go out of their way to provide assistance to accommodate the handicapped.
Principissa on 02/15/2008:
I agree with PassingBy. Was she there for the the Make-a-Wish foundation or not? You mention it in your post, but you do not give specifics in your post. If so, I would complain to the foundation. If she was there for make-a-wish, I find it shameful and in bad taste that a child's dying wish to see Mickey Mouse and Cinderella couldn't be granted.
r.nickoles on 02/15/2008:
Yes, my child was there for Make-a-Wish. Our entire family were wearing Make-a-Wish T-shirts, she was wearing a Make-a-Wish button, plus a button from the Give Kids The World village. The cast members looked right at our shirts and still did not go to any special lengths.

thensider on 02/15/2008:
generally, when people comlain about not getting special treatment, I just say they are greedy, but it sounds like your daughter really got short changed. Have you contacted Make A Wish?
r.nickoles on 02/15/2008:
I haven't contacted Make-a-Wish yet, but we're still on our trip. I was told there would be a survey at the end of the trip to let Make-a-Wish know how everything went.

Maybe I was expecting too much, but the only thing my daughter received out of the ordinary at any Disney park was free entrance to the "Fast Pass" and/or Handicapped line. At no time was she put in front of other "Fast Pass" users at any ride or attraction. At Universal, where they know how to treat their special guests, my daughter was treated like a Princess. Every single attraction had a guest services member at the entrance to escort her to the front of the line, not just point her to the Express Lane. She was given free face painting, free photos, and discounts off of merchandise and services. None of this was offered at Disney. I had heard how special Disney was going to treat my daughter, but I don't see where it was THAT special, at least compared to Universal.

And before anyone asks: Yes, she was wearing her Guest Assistance Pass, and it was current.
Principissa on 02/15/2008:
That's sad. I am so sorry that your daughters wish was so horrible. I honestly hope they make this right. You should call Make A Wish while you are still there, they should know about this ASAP. This is a dying child, not someone who just wants special treatment. I'm so sorry.
Cindyf on 05/07/2008:
I think the difference you're probably noticing has to do with crowds. Disney World receives significantly more visitors than Universal, and significantly more special needs/ Make-A-Wish guests as well.

Disney can not escort every special needs guest to the front of every line, it would be impossible--especially since the special needs system is completely overloaded now-some valid, some not. There are so many people who rent wheelchairs/scooters to get around Disney because they are either too lazy, too fat, or just want to bypass the lines.

I wish to God that wasn't true, but it is. We go to Disney World probably 4-5 days every month and have seen special needs children turned away from handicapped viewing areas because they were full of people on scooters who would park the scooters then walk to get popcorn and drinks leaving their 5 or 6 family members with the scooter.
There really is no way for Disney to address this problem without making people angry. I personally think they should ban scooters for the same reason they banned segways and stop renting wheelchairs at the gate.

There are plenty of other places to rent those in Orlando and those who truly need them, have their own or can rent them in town. It would at least cut down on the over use.

As far as Make A Wish is concerned, I thought they just paid for all trip expenses, I didn't know there was supposed to be additional provisions.

I'm sorry your daughter didn't have a good time and I hope you let Make A Wish know about your experience.
LCasey on 06/30/2008:
We just got back from my son’s Make A Wish trip to Disney World and it was a disaster. Due to poor planning he never got to fulfill his wish. He spent the majority his 5 days in Orlando at the villa hunting for lizards and blowing bubbles. On the few occasions we did manage to get him out - nobody honored his tee shirt or badge. The worse part was arriving back home and being stranded at the airport with no ride home. We could not just get a cab or call someone to come get us because my son is in a wheelchair. My child is so disappointed and I have never been so stressed out in my life. It was the most horrible distressing experience ever. According to our local Make A Wish chapter in PA, they were sorry his trip was a disaster but explained that most of their wishes are successful and that their track record speaks for itself. This may sound good on paper if you are trying to gain donations or funds, but for my son, who was the one percent they didn't plan properly for, it was heartbreaking.
Anonymous on 04/03/2010:
I hope you don't find this insensitive, but I don't understand. Isn't the wish to attend Disney World? If that's the case, didn't the child get to go? I'm not getting what it is you were expecting above and beyond.
Wesly on 07/02/2011:
I sorta feel your pain here. My son is disabled but it is not life threatening. I contacted Disney through email prior to our arrival for minor accommodations for his movement impairments and was told they don't offer any for his "type" and yes I have this in email. When we called we were told we would have to carry around his medical binder and take it to guests services to see if they would do anything for him. He has brain injury and his general movements are affected and he has other troubles. We just asked some simple questions and got the run around. It's sad. I know a lot of cast members do not even mention the birthday or anniversary or first visit buttons either as we had that last year in California. I can say though my niece who has hypoplastic right heart syndrom or CHD just got back from Make A Wish and they could not say enough good things about it. I did not see many character photos but they did not attend the entire day either as she got too tired. they did enjoy their time at Disney, Universal, Sea World and at the village. They went out of their way to get spongebob and patrick to visit her (those are her favorites) but I guess they came from Universal. It's really a nice gift to receive with the first class travel and the limo rides and rental car. This was a huge deal for them. I think they were just appreciative they got all these wonderful things including the bon voyage party and things. They also brought a lot of presents when visiting the family and setting up the trip. I think that is the most wonderful program and you do get a lot for nothing.
Irose on 04/09/2013:
I complete understand what you are saying! Just to let you know MOM its the chapter of Make A Wish that is horrible not Disney.The Make A Wish Scranton PA chapter is the worst and they are so rude to the parents. Definitely not what you would expect representing Make A Wish. Write a letter to corporate in Arizona and let the CEO know what's going on. Your daughter should have shined on her trip and provisions should have been made by the PLANNERS!
anonymous on 07/05/2013:
I don't quite understand the problem here we visit disneyworld in September with my disabled sister through the Make A Wish foundation, people are saying that disney 'did not honor the t shirt' what exactly were you expecting?? I have never seen disney refuse to allow a child to meet a character but they do have to queue up whether in a wheelchair or not and as most of the meet and greets are inside or undercover I don't understand the problem here and it has nothing to do with how much money people have. It sounds to me like you were expecting her to have special treatment!! while it is nice universal studios could do this there are a lot more people who go to disney! it sounds like your problem is she wasn't given freebies at disney like she was at universal studios and access to the rides is always given to the disabled at the fast pass entrance but also sometimes you have to wait for a specific ride vehicle that can take a wheelchair. when we visited we had to wait sometimes in longer queues than 20 minutes but so does everyone else who visits the parks we did not expect special treatment just because we visit with Make A Wish.
wish mom on 07/17/2014:
Just got back from my 4 year old's wish trip to Disney and completely agree!!! Disney was just ordinary. They did NOTHING to make my daughter feel special.
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Want to have fun at Walt Disney World?
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I am listing a few tips so that you can enjoy yourself while at the happiest place on earth!

1. First of all please remember that Walt Disney World is a huge place with a lot of people from all around the world visiting it - so PLEASE know your limitations.

For example - children under the age of 4 will not only not remember ever being there but because there are so many things to do and see as well as the size of the park it is highly unlikely they will enjoy themselves. A stroller is a very good idea for children even as old as 6. You can reserve a stroller or wheel chair for your entire stay. Ask the person at the rental area for details.

2. Stay on the Disney site. I have stayed both on and off the site and will never stay off site again. I will not give advice as to where to stay as it really is a personal taste as to what is appealing to you. We have stayed all over the park and have enjoyed it all.

3. Use the dining plan and make your table service reservations BEFORE you leave home. It really is worth the price. One note here - The dining plan is connected to the number of nights you stay at the park and not the number of days you have the ticket. So if you are staying there 6 nights you will have the dining plan for 6 days. We always plan our trip so that we are staying there the same number of nights as days. This way we have the flexibility to rest the day we arrive or before we leave.

4. Go during their off season! Not only are the hotels cheaper but the park is less crowded, the staff is less stressed and there are little to no lines. My favorite times are late September and early May.

5. Carry as little as possible!

6. Disney stuff is so expensive. We tell our children exactly how much money they have to spend. Last time we went we gave each child an envelope with their money in it. It was truly amazing how much they do not want when they are spending their own money! LOL

7. Pace yourself - We have stayed there for 10 days and still did not get to do it all. It is far more important to have fun and not kill yourself than to see it all. Use the fast passes.

8. Unless you are planning to go somewhere else you do not need a car at Walt Disney World. Disney will pick you up and drop you off at the airport.

9. Have fun!!!! Be a child again. Let your children dress in their costumes to eat with the Princesses, Pirates or the Toy story people. My little girl wore hers all day and had a party! Bring a bathing suit for your little ones during the really hot weather to the Magic Kingdom. There are water splash areas in Donald's boat, Arial's area and Pooh's play area.

Once you get there remember to play! Your food, room, transportation, and admission are all taken care of. So just have fun!!!!!!
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jenjenn on 07/27/2007:
Good information! I'm sure this will come in handy.
heaven17 on 07/27/2007:
Very nice advice!
I hope to get to Disney at one point in my life!
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/27/2007:
Good info - the only thing I disagree on is where to stay. On property is nice and convenient, but expensive and limited. The last four times we have gone we have rented our own condo or house - each time less than ten minutes drive from WDW and fully equipped with linens, dishes, etc. It's nice to come home after a full day at one of the parks and sit in a real living room while the kids swim in your private pool and you eat a real dinner at your own kitchen. We end up paying less than we would for rooms at Disney.
DarkProwler on 07/27/2007:
Just an addendum to point #8. They'll pick you up/drop you off only if you're staying on site. And if you fly out using a participating airline, they'll take care of your bags for you.

yoke on 07/27/2007:
If anyone is military (active or retired) Shades of Green is great!
Starlord on 07/27/2007:
Excellent post if you are planning on visitng Disney World. Thank you for the info.
Slimjim on 07/27/2007:
We have taken the kids a few times there and they can't get enough of the happiest place on earth. I can't debate any of these tips, however, we like to go in November as September can still be pretty hot in Florida (so can November, but not 90's) Nice review iamme. I give it the helpful thumbs up.
Pomona Guy on 07/27/2007:
I prefer Disneyland in California which is 20 minutes from my house. When my kids were young we had annual passes. We loved California Soaring in the California Adventure Park.

That said thanks for the good advice. I am sure some people will take your words to heart when they go there.
Anonymous on 07/27/2007:
PG,remember the tickets you used to have to buy for the rides? E ticket.
We come done to SoCAl every year to go to Disneyland.My three year old loves it,and always asks "are we going to Disneyland next week?"
When she gets a little older we want to do the Disney World/Cruise thing
Anonymous on 07/27/2007:
The meal plan can be expensive or a waste depending on which locations you use. Then again most food at Disney is a bit overpriced. Another good tip is to go to the left side of a park when entering. A study showed that most people go to the right. I have tried that a few times and found that lines towards the left are shorter. The best time to go are the two weeks right after Thanksgiving. Still warm and less people.
Disney stopped taking reservations some years ago. They now call it Priority Seating. You can still make a reservation for Character Breakfasts and the more expensive restaurants.

I have also stayed on and off the property. Yes staying on the property costs more but you get many advantages such as free use of all internal transportation, priority seating at certain food areas and one hour early entry to a park.

One other tip that's always overlooked is to make a complaint to a supervisor(called a Lead)if you feel that you have been wronged or truly treated badly by a employee (Cast Member). Disney really does try to keep guests (that's you) as happy as possible. I had a major complaint last year about some old tickets that were still valid. Guest Services told me the tickets were expired. I had to purchase new tickets to cover my visit. When I wrote a complaint to Disney management they not only sent a letter of apology but refunded my costs and sent me three multi day park-hopper everything included passes that expire December of 2030. Now that made me happy.
Slimjim on 07/27/2007:
Nice easter egg Passer. We would tend to go right as well, at least at Magic Kingdom. Epcot, MGM and Aaimal Kingdom a little different layouts. I remember the A-E tickets steve. We went to Disney World when I was kid when they first opened. I still have that park map and it's a trip opening it up to today's Magic Kingdom map.
IamMe on 07/27/2007:
Disney still does take reservations for all sit down restaurant through (407) WDW-DINE (939-3463).
BrianDGriffin on 07/31/2007:
I worked in travel for about 6 years and the slowest 2 weeks for travel are the first two in December, and this is for pretty much anywhere not just Disney. Basically because its right after Thanksgiving and right before Christmas.
aimmelou on 05/06/2009:
In the Magic Kingdom, either go to the right (as previously stated) or head left through Frontierland, get a fast pass for Pirates or Haunted Mansion, then head straight back to Fantasyland. We find we are able to get through the classic rides with children in record time. This way if your kids get tired or overheated you don't feel bad about leaving.
aimmelou on 05/06/2009:
I disagree about carrying as little as possible. I say take a bag with a bottle of water and some small snacks to significantly decrease money spent in the park. You can always refill your water bottle at a drinking fountain.

Plan a trip to Downtown Disney for souvenirs. This discourages a one souvenir per park cost, prevents you from having to carry souvenirs (and children) through and out of the park, and they have a discount store where we were able to get mugs and such for half the price.

Also, if you can get tickets to dine at Cinderella's Castle just once in a lifetime, it is well worth it. You should call for reservations as soon as you know the dates you'll be in the area. I managed to call right after a cancellation last year and was able to experience this character dinner with my child for the first time in my life. It was everything we hoped it would be and I would readily spend the money again. We happened to have dinner reservations at the time fireworks went off and were able to watch them out the castle window while we dined. It was truly awesome!
aimmelou on 05/06/2009:
aimmelou on 05/06/2009:
They have what they call "value resorts" on Disney property where you can stay with prices starting at $82 per night. This saves both gas and parking prices to and from the parks. It also saves you the hassle of finding your car in the lots and driving in traffic.
i_am_canadian on 07/21/2009:
That's all great advice. But personally, I would never visit Disney World or take my child there. I think it's nothing but a giant overpriced tourist trap.
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Disney world debacle
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Last year my wife and I stayed at a Disney resort. We had heard so much about how great the Disney experience was. We ponied up the $160 to go into the Wild Kingdom Animal Park (Totally not worth the money). We purchased the tickets at the resort and headed to the park. We arrived as they were letting people into the park. They scanned our ticket and it did not read for some reason. They rudely told us to go over to the customer service line and figure out what was wrong with our tickets. They did not take us their or tell us where to go. They just said get out of line. So we found the customer service desk and they checked the ticket and said they did not issue the ticket and we would have to go back to the resort and figure out the problem. At this point my wife and I were getting upset because it was not a short trip back to the resort. I asked to speak with someone and the guy basically told me no. He then went on to make a smarta$$ comment which really infuriated me. We had to go back to the resort and have them reissue the tickets. By the time we got back to the park the day was half gone and we did not even want to be there. It was the worst customer experience I have ever had. I would not recommend Disney to anyone. Save your money and go someplace that will treat you with respect. All Disney wants is your money. I will never step foot in another Disney park and I will tell everyone of my experience.
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FlShopper on 08/04/2010:
Sounds like your beef should be with the resort that issued the tickets.
Anonymous on 08/04/2010:
Which resort did you stay at?
BEJ on 08/04/2010:
I agree with FlS--I think your problem is with the resort and not DisneyWorld. They were the ones who issued the tickets incorrectly. What did the resort say about the tickets when you went back to be reissued?
Ytropious on 08/04/2010:
The whole time I kept thinking how it's all the resorts fault. Disney can't really do anything for you if they didn't issue the tickets and they aren't scanning. People try to pass off fake tickets every day, they really have little tolerance for people with tickets who don't scan because they can't do anything about it. Your beef is with the resort that messed up the first time.
Slimjim on 08/04/2010:
Yes, I too would be curious to hear how the resort resolved the issues. It would help determined an opinion on how much really was their fault in this to start with considering what they originally gave you as tickets, which clearly were bad ones.
Weedwhacked on 08/04/2010:
If the tickets were bad how were they supposed to let you enter? I know it wasn't your fault but it wasn't theirs either. Animal Kingdom is just like a big zoo, I wouldn't pay to enter that park again.
MDSasquatch on 08/04/2010:
That's two people who won't be going back, now if I can get the other 1,000,000,000 people to stay away, maybe I can enjoy the park.

We usually stay at the Shades of Green and have never had any bad experiences with the resort or the parks.
Ytropious on 08/04/2010:
"now if I can get the other 1,000,000,000 people to stay away, maybe I can enjoy the park." LOL I agree!
yoke on 08/04/2010:
MD, I love the Shades of Green. We stayed there last year. Never had a problem with them.
momsey on 08/04/2010:
Yeah, I'm with the others. How is this Disney World's fault? You presented tickets that weren't valid. Disney World didn't issue the tickets. Should they have just let you in for good will?

I enjoyed Animal Kingdom a lot. I especially enjoyed the fake safari with the strategically placed animals. I know it was all set up, but it was fun.
bargod on 08/04/2010:
Clearly it wasn't Disneys fault but lets just agree that their staff could certainly use a brush up on their customer service skills.
Anonymous on 08/04/2010:
This may not be Disney's fault per se, but someone at Disney customer service should have looked into the matter for the OP.

Obviously the problem came from the resort that issued the tickets, maybe there were other guests that had the same thing happen to them when they tried to use their tickets. How would Disney know this if they tell every customer to take care of it themselves?

I see this as a dual complaint against Disney and whatever resort issued the tickets.
Venice09 on 08/04/2010:
They stayed at a Disney resort. Isn't that part of Disney? Why wouldn't Disney be responsible for the invalid tickets? Are Disney resorts and parks separate entities?
leet60 on 08/04/2010:
I agree with just cause. While Disney was not wrong to refuse a ticket that did not scan, it would have been a simple matter to contact the resort via telephone, verify the tickets were indeed purchased and issued, and then allow entry. You can bet that Disney collected their money for the full day, and they have an agreement of some sort with the resort.

Disney's customer service, or lack thereof, in this instance is simply appalling. While in the scheme of things one family is not more than a mere 'drop in the bucket', word of mouth can be powerful and exponential.
Helpful on 08/05/2010:
Trying to complain and get people to not support Disney is kind of like trying to hold back the Pacific ocean with a toothpick.
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Magic Kingdom
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Took my 5 yr old son to Magic Kingdom yesterday for his birthday, since he's never been there before. While it was terribly humid, the lines weren't too long.

We went on the Jungle Cruise and the cast member, let him steer the boat (totally by chance that he got to do this), but it made him feel so special. (I didn't let him wear his "Happy Birthday" pin since it had his name on it -safety issue).

We also went to Mickey's Toon Town where you can meet Mickey & Minnie. I like this since you don't have to be at a certain location at a certain time. They also have where you can meet Disney Princess' or Disney Fairies. I took him to both since my little man loves the pretty ladies. And at each one, the Princess/Fairy actually carried on a little conversation with him, calling him a Prince and giving him a kiss on the cheek (where her lipstick makes a kiss print). He was in Heaven. He felt very special.

At each of the meetings they have a Disney photographer that will also take pictures and then scans a "Disney Photopass". You keep the card with you so that at any time they take any photos they can scan the card and you can later view and order prints online. I think they stay there for only like 30 days, but I thought it was so cool that they have this service. Of course along with everything else Disney, the print prices are astronomical. But I can share them by e-mail link with other people for free.
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Anonymous on 07/02/2009:
Happy to hear that you and the little guy had a "SUPER" time at Disney World! (VH)
Btw, do you think the Princeses will kiss an old guy like me?

About 2 years ago a now well liked and respected member here had an issue with those "Disney Fairies". I forgot what it was about but ALL of us here are glad that you didn't have any problems with them. Thanks again!

Anonymous on 07/02/2009:
Zz, I have made peace with Walt. Oh' and Elvis says Hello.
Slimjim on 07/02/2009:
It's been years since I've been to Disney World were there have been unbearable long lines. The secret is just don't go on spring break weeks or holidays if you can help it. Even in the middle of summer, the lines are reasonable compared to years ago when an hour to two wait per was the norm. The Fast Pass gig they came up with is a big contributor to the solution too.
Anonymous on 07/02/2009:
What's up Supes!
Tell that darn Elvis to drop me a line sometimes or at least write!
BokiBean on 07/02/2009:
I just detest Disneyworld, but for a sweet little 5 year old I'd probably suffer through it. Glad he had a great time..good review.
Anonymous on 07/02/2009:
Haven't been to DW,I am a fan of Disneyland(fairie day and all,but then again I'm secure in my manhood),generally the cast members are very nice and will go out of their way to make a child happy..Great Job DW
SilverWngs71 on 07/02/2009:
Every time I get to go home we make a trip to WDW. It's not only a former employer of mine but where I have fond memories of spending time with family and friends. I told my hubby if we ever move back to Orlando, I'm going back to work there. They have tight rules but the guests (not consumers) are what matters the most to the Disney Dream.
Anonymous on 07/02/2009:
Anonymous on 07/02/2009:
Zz, I passed your message on. Stay out of any haunted houses Walt may have built.
Anonymous on 07/02/2009:
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Such A Disappointment
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- After watching my grand daughters eagerly await the month of March....we were finally headed to Disney World in Florida. Since the previous August they watched the commercials with anticipation and excitement when they see the children shake Mickey's hand or hug Cinderella. Every commercial..."I want to do that Nana!!" at ages 3 and 5 all they wanted to do was touch or see a princess. We saw a Donald duck and a Goofey. Unfortunately we were too far along in the 75 minute line to get out to enjoy those 2 characters. Cinderella went by in her coach during the parade @ 8:15pm. Followed by the 7 dwarfs who were alone. No Snow White!!??
I was disappointed as I was herded like cattle between the hours of 7-8:15 when the parade begins. We were not allowed to stop and figure out where we were or where we were going. Just those blue sticks in my face with people hollering - "keep going, can't stop here, can't stop on the sidewalk, get in the ropes, keep going... blah, blah, blah. After $400 and 9 hours of walking, I would think I could stop, but there was someone lurking with that darn blue stick.

No Disney characters around was the BIGGEST disappointment for my babies... don't know what I'll do now, But I don't think I'll ever waste my money on a $2,000.00 dream vacation to Disney World. What a joke.
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Anonymous on 03/28/2009:
I don't know about Disneyworld, but at Disneyland the only way to see the princesses is to stand in a long, long line.
dan gordon on 03/28/2009:
if you had bought a pkg many of them; come with a brkfst with a character. If you expected to go to Disneyland at spring break and have Mickey just waiting to say hi I think you set your expectations a bit too high. Too bad you didn't investigate one of the character meetings that are pre arranged.
Ben There on 03/28/2009:
Yeah, I have heard that the only way to guarantee that you will see a character is to pay extra for the reserved meals where you know one will be. My brother and his wife took my niece to Disney last November and spent more for a week long car trip than I have for flights and hotels in Europe.
cpinkyboo on 04/03/2009:
I had heard about meals with a character but had to book 90 days in advance, booked 40 days in advance. Spring break is exactly when I would have expected the park to be in full gear and character.
Slimjim on 04/03/2009:
I don't get it. We visit WDW regularly and those characters are everywhere. You can go in and have any meal with characters if you go to the right spots, which I know are around in The Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. The wait was about an hour to get into the Kingdom's Character Buffet and they gave us a beeper so we didn't even stand around last time we went in November. Honestly though, targeting a specific character like a princess is really threading a needle.
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