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This company tries to make things very tough on you if you have a claim
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UNIONDALE, NEW YORK -- This company has denied that they have received faxes, delayed payments, and tried not to cover things not on the exclusions list in the contract.

There are better choices out there if you want to put a warranty on your car. 1 thing for certain, you will spend more than the $100 deductible they advertise.

It is pretty sad, as they charge good money for these warranties and will not fulfill even small claims ($160) without a major fight that will take months.
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Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
Those extanded car warranties, or any other extended warranties are nothing but gimmicks. They want you to pay thousands of dollars for these warranties with SO many exclusions, it makes more sense to just put the money in the bank that they charge you for the warranty, and use the money you paid THEM to pay to fix your car. Makes so much more sense than giving these crooks your hard earned money and have them find any little thing they can to deny your claim.
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Careful of their waiting period
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Warranty Direct will not cover your vehicle, till at least 1,000 miles has been reached after paying for their service!

This means you pay them, even though they will not cover your vehicle, till this mileage mark is reached.

So anyone who puts low mileage on their vehicles, stay away from these crooks.

They will take your money, but not cover your vehicle!

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Deuce on 06/18/2009:
OK, so this means if I drive 5,000 miles in a year, or average 400 miles a month, this means I would not be covered for 2-1/2 months. And they are pocketing my money during this 2-1/2 months of non-coverage!

I'll pass on this company. Sounds like this company is just greedy.

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